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Full text of "Spanish-English and English-Spanish commercial dictionary of the words and terms used in commercial correspondence which are not given in the dictionaries in ordinary use; compound phrases, idiomatic and technical expressions, etc"

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and translations in English. Crown 8vo, cloth, 90 pp.. 
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Calvert. Cloth, 6| in. by 3J in., 56 pp.. Is. net. 

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Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1 Amen Corner, E.C, 

Bath, New York and Melbourne 

Printed by Sir Isaac Titman 

& Sons, Ltd., London, Bath, 

New York and Melbourne 


In compiling this commercial dictionary, the aim has been 
to include all the words and expressions which are generally 
used in commerce, excluding those which do not come under 
this category. That the work is thoroughly up to date will 
be readily seen by reference to such words as " wireless tele- 
graphy, Marconigram, aeroplane, typist, taxi-cab, under- 
ground railway, etc.," which are not to be found in most 
Spanish-Enghsh dictionaries pubhshed hitherto. 

Many difficulties have been encountered in the preparation 
of this work, and the greatest of these was that constituted 
by words of doubtful etymology, or words borrowed from 
other languages. Some words are used in commerce, par- 
ticularly with the Spanish Americas, which are not recog- 
nised by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. 
If such words were excluded entirely from a commercial 
dictionary, this would lose much of its practical utihty and 
value as a reference. Moreover, it frequently happens that 
words which are first introduced by commercial men are 
admitted into the language in course of time. In the pre- 
sent work it has been deemed expedient to include many such 
important words ; and in cases where they are purely local, 
or South-American, a note to that effect has been given. 

Like ourselves, the Spaniards employ many words which 
they have borrowed or adapted from the French, such as : 
garage, chauffeur, bon marché, debut, buffet, grippe, etc. ; and 
many others relating to articles of dress, such as crepe 
(Spanish version : crepe), moire, etc. From the Enghsh 
language the Spaniards have also borrowed many words, 
such as " bar (in a pubhc-house), club, detective, inch, jersey, 
sweater (garment), lock-out (in trade disputes), etc., record, 
reporter, trust (an industrial combine), hall, arrowroot, etc., 
etc." They have, of course, their own versions of many of 
these words (e.g., bufete, bar ; círculo or equipo, club ; pulgada, 
inch ; salón, hall ; etc.). There are also certain coined or 


adapted versions of English words, such as boicotar (or boi- 
cotear), to boycott ; interviú, interview ; interviuvar, to inter- 
view ; mitin, meeting ; etc. The EngUsh word " stock " 
is extensively used by Spaniards in commerce, and is some- 
times spelt stok ; but their own word existencia is more 
general. Many of these adapted words are included in the 
present work and, in most cases, are italicised to show that 
they are not recognised Spanish words. 

Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but atten- 
tion might be called to words beginning with the preñxes : 
trans, ob and sub. The " n" of trans, and the " b" of ob 
and sub, are often dropped, and thus one may write trans- 
porte or trasporte, obscuro or oscuro, subscribir or suscribir ; 
etc. There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes 
" ex " and " es," and one often meets with estraño for 
extraño, estranjero for extranjero, etc. 

The use of the dash and brackets may be briefly explained. 
The dash represents the key- word, or the word in heavy 
type, and means : " repeat." The brackets are used in 
some instances to contain the preposition which is required 
by a certain verb or adverb ; in other cases they contain an 
alternative or additional rendering ; and sometimes they 
contain words explanatory to the type. 

List of Abbreviations 

used in this work 


. adjective 

Lat. . 



. adverb 


masculine (gender) 

A mer. . 

. American 

Mech. . 


anat. . 

. anatomy 

Mex. . . 



. article 

Mil. . . 


aug. . 

. augmentative 

n. . . . 


Bol. . 

. Bolivia 


noun masculine 


. botany 

n.f. . . 

noun feminine 

c. . 

. conjunction 


carp. . 

. carpentry 

(or Nav. 

nautical or naval 

chem. . 

. chemistry 

Nic. . . 


coll. . 

. colloquial 

part. . 


com. . 

. common (gender) 


,, adjective 


. comparative 

pi. . . 

plural number 

defec. . 

. defective 

p.p. . . 

past participle 


. diminutive 

prep. . 


Eng. . 

. English 

pron. . 


f. . . 

. feminine (gender) 



fig- ■ 

. figurative 


reflexive verb 

Fr. . 

. French 

S.A. . . 

South America 

geog. . 

. geography 

S.E. . . 

Stock exchange 

geom. . 

. geometry 

sing. . 

singular number 

imp. . 

. impersonal 

subj. . 



. interjection 

Typ. . . 



. irregular verb 



i.r.v. . 

reflexive verb 

V. imp. 

impersonal verb 


























Acoger. For " i. v." read " v." 

For "Cénit" read " Cenit." 

Contrafianza. For " indemnity, bond " 
read " indemnity-bond." 

For " Ercanio " read " Escarnio." 

Resistir. Omit " (a)." 

Arithmetic. For " arithmético " read 
" aritmética " 

Arithmetic. For " arithmética " read 
" aritmética." 

Bake. For "i.v." read "v." 

Coin. For " española " read " española." 



2nd Penultimate 

line . Leer, i.v., to read. 


A, pyep., to, in, at. — pie, on 
foot. — la francesa, in the 
French fashion. — las seis, at 
six o'clock. — la vista, at 
sight. — bordo, on board 
— • cargo de, to the charge of. 
Uno — uno, one by one.^ 

Abacá , tn., Manilla hemp. 

Abacería, /., grocery. 

Abacero, m., grocer. 

Abajo, adv., under, below, under- 

Abalanzar, v., to balance. — se a, 
to rush at, or upon. 

Abadejo, )«., cod-ñsh. 

Abalorio, m., bead, bugle. 

Abandonado, a., abandoned, given 

Abandonamiento, m., abandon- 
ment, cession. 

Abandonar, v., to abandon, to 
give up, to leave, to desert. 

Abandono, m., abandonment, 

Abanicar, v., to fan. 

Abanico, m., fan. 

Abaratamiento, m., cheapening, 
making cheaper. 

Abaratar, v., to cheapen, to 
become cheaper, to beat down 
the price. 

Abarcar, v., to embrace, to con- 
tain, to undertake. 

Abarrotamiento, m., glut. 

Abarrotar, u., to tie down, (Naut.) 
to stow the cargo ; to overstock, 
to pack, to glut. 

Abarrote, m., broken stowage, 
small parcel, wines, oils, liquors, 
etc., in small casks or packages. 

Abastecedor, m., provider, sup- 
plier, purveyor. 

1 There are many expressions with a, 
such as, a prueba, a sabiendas, etc., but 
these will be found under the respective 
word, i.e., prueba, sabiendas, etc. 

Abastecer, i.v., to provide, to 
supply, to find ; r.v., to supply 
or provide oneself. 

Abastecimiento, m., provision, 

Abasto, »«., supply-, provision. 

Abatido, a., dejected, depressed, 

Abatimiento, >«., depression, dull- 
ness ; leeway. 

Abatir, v., to throw down, to 
deject, to depress. 

Abecedario, m., the alphabet, 

Abedul, m., birch-tree, birch- 

.4beja, /., bee. 

.4bertiira, /., opening, aperture. 

Abiertamente, adv., openly, 
frankly, plainly. 

Abierto, a., open, free, sincere, 
frank ; p.p. of Abrir. 

Abigarrado, a., variegated, motley. 

Abintestate, ?«., (Lat.), intestate. 

Abismo, m., abyss, gulf. 

Ablandar, v., to soften, to mellow, 
to soothe, to assuage. 

Ablano, w., hazel-tree. 

Abocar, v., to take or catch -with 
the mouth ; r.v. , to meet by agree- 
ment, to have an interview. 

Abogado, m., lawyer, barrister, 

Abogar, v., to advocate, to plead. 

Abolición, /., abohtion. 

Abolir, i.v., to abolish. 

Abolladura, /., indent, dent. 

Abollar, v., to emboss ; to dent. 

Abominable, a., abominable. 

Abominar, v., to abominate. 

Abonado, a., respectable, rich ; 
7n., subscriber. 

Abonanzar, v., to become calm, to 
clear up (the weather). 

Abonar, v., to make good, to allow, 
to credit ; to subscribe, to 





stand for ; to indemnify, to 
compensate ; to manure. — se, 
to subscribe to a work ; to pay 
in advance. — en cuenta, to 
pass to one's credit. 

Abonaré, m., promissory note. 

Abono, m., allowance, security, 
credit, receipt ; subscription ; 
season-ticket ; dimg, manure. 

Abordaje, m., boarding a ship. 

Abordar, v. (a), to board (a ship), 
to run into, to come up to. 

Abordo, see A bordo. 

Aborrecimiento, m., abhorrence. 

Abotonador, m., button-hook. 

Abotonar, v., to button. 

Abrasar, v., to burn. 

Abrazar, v., to embrace, to com- 
prise, to contain. 

Abrazo, m., embrace. 

Abreviación, /., abbreviation. 

Abreviar, v., to abbreviate, to 
abridge, to curtail, to shorten, 
to lessen, to condense. 

Abrigar, v., to shelter, to protect, 
to patronise ; to entertain, to 

Abrigo, m., shelter, protection ; 
overcoat. Estar al — de, to be 
guarded against. Poner al — 
de, to save from, to obviate. 

Abril, m., April. 

Abrir, v., to open. — una in- 
formación, to open an inquiry. 

Abrochador, m., button-hook. 

Abrochar, v., to button, to fasten, 
to lace. 

Abrogación, /., abrogation, repeal. 

Abro2;ar, v., to abrogate, to 
annul, to cancel. 

Abrumado, a., overwhelmed, 
weary; glutted. — de, over- 
stocked with. 

Abrumador, a., overwhelming. 

Abrumar, v., to crush, to over- 
whelm ; to glut. 
Absolutamente, adv., absolutely. 
Absoluto, a., absolute. En — , 

Absolver, i. v., to absolve, to 

Absorber, v., to absorb, to 

Absorto, a., amazed, absorbed in 

Abstemio, a., abstemious. 

Abstenerse, i.r.v., to abstain, to 
refrain. — de pedir, not to 
order (or ask), to refrain from 

Abstinencia, /., abstinence, for- 

Abstraer, i. v., to abstract. 

Absurdo, a., absurd ; ni., ab- 
surdity, nonsense. 

Abuela, /., grandmother. 

Abuelo, m., grandfather, ancestor. 

Abultado, a., bulky, large. 

Abultar, i'., to increase, to enlarge. 

Abundamiento, m. See Abundan- 

Abundancia, /., abundance. A 
mayor — , into the bargain, 

Abundante, a., abundant. 

Abundar, v., to abound, to be 
abundant. — en, to share. 

Aburrido, a., weary, bored. 

Aburrimiento, m., weariness, bore- 

Aburrir, v., to weary, to bore. 

Abusar, v., to abuse. — de la 
bondad de . . . , to trespass on 
the kindness of, to impose 
upon, to take advantage of. 

Abuso, m., abuse, breach. 

Acá, adv., here, hither, this way. 
¿ De cuándo — ? Since when .-' 
— y allá, here and there. De 
poco — , of late. 

Acabado, a., finished, accom- 
plished ; in., finish. 

Acabamiento, m., completion, 

Acabar, v., to finish, to complete, 
to end. — de llegar, to have 
just arrived. Es cosa de nunca 
— , it is an endless affair. 
Acabe usted, have done. — 
con, to do away with, to get 
rid of. 

Academia, /., academy. 




Acaecer, i. v., to happen, to take 

Acallar, v., to silence, to quieten. 

Acalorar, v., to warm, to heat. 

Acampamento, «., encampment, 

Acampar, v., to encamp. 

Acanalado, a., fluted. Hierro — , 
corrugated iron. 

Acanalar, v., to make a groove, to 
ñute, to corrugate. 

Acaparador, m., monopolist. 

Acaparar, v., to monopolize, to 
corner, to buy up. 

Acaparamiento, m., buying up, 
monopoly, corner. 

Acarreador, m., carrier, porter. 

Acarrear, v., to carry, to convey, 
to forward ; to bring about, to 

Acarreo, m., carriage, conveyance. 
— s, supplies. Industria de — , 
carrying trade. 

Acarreto, m., pack thread. 

Acaso, ni., chance, adv., by 
chance, perhaps. Por — , by 
accident. Por si — , if per 

Acatar, v., to respect, to revere. 

Acaudalado, a., rich, wealthy. 

Acaudalar, v., to hoard up riches. 

Acceder, v., to accede. 

Acceso, m., access ; fit, seizure. 

Accesorio, a., accessory, addi- 
tional ; m., accessory. Gastos 
— s, incidental expenses, addi- 
tional charges. 

Accidente, m., accident, attack. 
Ley de — s del trabajo, com- 
pensation act. 

Acción, /., action, act, feat ; stock, 
share. — • librada, paid up share. 
— as del Banco, bank-stocks. 
— as privilegiadas, preferential 

Accionista, m., shareholder. 

Acechar, v., to lie in ambush, to 
lurk, to watch for. 

Acecho, m., waylaying, lurking. 
En — , in wait, in ambush. 

Aceite, m., oil. — de almendras, 

almond oil. — de comer, salad 
oil. — de pescado, train oil. 

— de hígado de bacalao, cod- 
liver oil. — de linaza, linseed 
oil. — de ricino, castor oil. — 
de trementina, oil of turpentine. 

— de espliego, lavender oil. 
Aceitera, /., oil-cruet, oil-can. 
Aceitero, a., oil ; m., oil-man, 

Aceituna, /., olive, olive-oil. 
Acelerar, v., to accelerate, to 

hasten, to expedite. 
Acelga, /., beet. 

Acémila, /., mule, beast of burden. 
Acendrar, v., to purify, to refine. 
Acento, m., accent. 
Acentuar, v., to accentuate. 
Acepción, /., acceptation. 
Acepilladura, /., shaving (of wood). 
Acepillar, v., to plane ; to brush 

Aceptable, a., acceptable. 
Aceptación, a., acceptance. Tener 

(buena) — , to take (well), to 

find a good sale. 
Aceptador, in., acceptor. 
Aceptar, v., to accept. 
Acequia, /., canal, trench, drain. 
Acera, /., sidewalk, footpath. 
Acerbo, a., rough, harsh, severe ; 

Acerca, prep., about. — de, with 

regard to, relating to. 
Acercar, v., to approach, to bring 

near. — se, to approach, to 

come near. 
Acerico {or Acerillo), m., pin- 
cushion ; small pillow. 
Acero, m., steel. — colado, cast 

steel. Plancha de — steel plate. 

— niquelado, nickel plate (d). 

— templado [or — de resorte), 
tempered steel. 

Acérrimo, a., very strong, vigor- 

Acertadamente, adv., opportunely, 

Acertado, a., fit, proper. 

Acertar, i.v., to hit the mark, to 
guess, to succeed. 




Acetato, n>., acetate. ■ — de 
plomo, acetate of lead, sugar 
of lead. — de cobre, acetate of 
copper, verdigris. 

Achacar, z^., to impute, to ascribe. 

Achaflanar, v., to bevel. 

Achaque, m., failing, accusation, 
passion, weakness. 

Achicar, v., to diminish, to lessen ; 
tóbale (Naut.). 

Aciago, a., unfortunate, melan- 
choly, sad. 

Acicalar, v., to polish, to burnish. 

Ácido, m., acid. — carbólico, 
carbolic acid. • — priisico, prus- 
sic acid. — tartárico, tartaric 
acid. — nítrico, nitric acid. 

Ácido, a., acid, sour. 

Acierto, m., chance, dexterity, 
skill, effect. 

Acitrón, m., candied lemon ; lemon 

Aclamación, /., acclamation. 

Aclamar,!'., to acclaim, to applaud. 

Aclaración, v., explanation, illus- 

Aclarar, v., to explain, to make 
clear, to clear up. 

Aclimatar, v., to acclimatise. 

Acodillar, v., to bend to an angle. 

Acoger, i.v., to admit, to receive, 
to accept, to protect, to honour. 
— un giro, to honour (or to 
meet) a draft. 

Acogida, /., reception, welcome. 
Dar — a una letra, to honour 
a bill. Reservar buena — a, 
to protect, to meet. 

Acolchado, m., quilting. 

Acometer, v., to attack, to assault. 

Acometida, /., attack, assault. 

Acomodamiento, m., accommoda- 
tion, composition. 

Acomodado, a., comfortable, con- 
venient ; rich, well-oft. 

Acomodar, v., to accommodate. 

Acomodo, ni., accommodation, 
employ, situation. 

Acompañar, v., to accompany, to 

Acondicionado, a., in (good or bad) 

condition. Géneros bien — s, 
goods in good condition. 

Acondicionar, v., to dispose, to 

Aconsejar, v., to advise, to coun- 
sel. — se, to take advice. 

Acontecer, i.v., to happen. 

Acontecimiento, m., event, occur- 

Acoplador, m., monopolist. 

Acopiamiento, m., monopoly. 

Acopiar, v., to buy up goods, to 
gather, to forestall. 

Acopio, m., gathering, buying-up, 
storing, store. — usurario, illicit 
buying up of goods ; rigging 
the market. 

Acoplar, v., to join, to couple. 

Acorazado, m., ironclad (battle- 
ship) . 

Acordar, i.v., to resolve, to ar- 
range, to agree. ■ — se, to agree. 
— se de, to remember, to keep 
in mind. 

Acorde, a . , comfortable, coinciding, 
in agreement. Estar — con, to 
be consistent (or to agree) with. 

Acordonado, a., corded. Tela 
acordonada, cords (textiles). 

Acordonar, w., to cord, to surround; 
to mill a coin. 

Acorralar, v., to shut up cattle, 
etc., in pens ; to silence, to 

Acortar, v., to shorten, to lessen. 
— la marcha, to reduce (the) 

Acosar, v., to pursue closely, to 
vex, to harass. 

Acostar, i.v., to lay down. ■ — se, 
to lie down, to go to bed. 

Acostumbrar, v., to accustom ; to 
be accustomed, to be in the 

Acotillo, m., sledge-hammer. 

Acre, a., sour, bitter, acrid. 

Acrecentar, i.v., to increase. 

Acrecer, i.v., to increase. 

Acreditado, a., accredited, distin- 
guished, established, respect- 
able, well known. 




Acreditar, v., to credit, to assure, 
to prove, to establish ; r.v., to 
gain credit. — en cuenta, to 
pass to one's credit. 

Acreedor, m., creditor. — hipote- 
cario, mortgagee. Ser ■ — a, 
to be worthy of, to deserve. 

Acribillar, v., to pierce ; to wound, 
to torment. 

Acrisolar, v., to refine, to purify 
gold, to cleanse, to verify. 

Acta, /., act, record, deed. — de 
sociedad, articles of partnership. 

Actitud, /., attitude. 

Activar, v., to hasten, to push 
forward, to render brisk. 

Actividad, /., activity. Llevar a 
la — , to keep up to the mark. 
En plena — , in full swing. 

Activo, a., active, nimble ; m., 
assets, outstanding claims. — y 
pasivo, assets and liabilities. 

Acto, m., act, action. En el — , at 
once. ■ — ■ seguido, then, forth- 
with. — continuo, immediately 

Actor, m., actor. 

Actuación, /., actuation, opera- 

Actual, a., actual, present. El 2 
del — , the 2nd instant. 

Actualidad, /., actuality, present 
time, chief topic. En la — , 
just at present. 

Actualmente, adv., actually, now, 
at present. 

Actuar, v., to act, to put in action. 

Actuario, ni., actuary. 

Acuarela, /., water-colour. 

Acudir, v.(sí), to assist, to support, 
to run, to repair (to), to have 

Acueducto, m., aqueduct. 

Acuerdo, m., agreement, resolu- 
tion, accordance, consent, ac- 
cord. De — , unanimously, 
agreed. De común — , by 
common consent, with joint 
consent. Estar (or ponerse) de 
— , to agree. Llegar a un — , 
to come to an agreement. De 

su propio — , of one's own 
accord. De — con, in accord- 
ance with. 

Acullá, adv., yonder, there. 

Acumulación, /., accumulation. 

Acumulador, m., accumulator. 

Acumular, v., to accumulate, to 
heap up. 

Acuñar, v., to coin, to mint. 

Acusar, v., to accuse, to charge ; 
to show. — recibo, to acknow- 
ledge receipt. 

Acuse, m., acknowledgment. — 
de recibo, acknowledgment of 

Ad-valorem, (Lat.) ad valorem. 

Adamascado, a., damasked, da- 
mask-like ; damask table-linen. 
Seda adamascada, embossed 

Adamascar, v., to damask. 

Adaptación, /., adaptation. 

Adarme, m., half a drachm, the 
16th part of an ounce. 

Adecuado, a., adequate, fit. 

Adelantado, a., anticipated, be- 
forehand, advanced, forward, 
early. Pagar — -, to pay in 
advance. Por — , beforehand, 
in advance. 

Adelantamiento, m., progress, im- 
provement, anticipation. 

Adelantar, v., to advance, to push 
forward, to anticipate, to pay 
beforehand. — se, to advance, 
to progress. 

Adelante, adv., forward, onward, 
upward. En — , henceforth, in 
future ; upwards. \ Adelante ! 
Go on ! Proceed ! Pase usted 
— , step forward, come this 

Adelanto, m., advance, progress ; 
advance payment. 

Adelgazar, v., to attenuate, to 
make thin, to lessen. 

Ademán, m., gesture, motion. 

Además, adv., moreover, besides. 
— de eso, besides that, moreover. 

Adentro, adv., within, inside ; 




Adepto, m., adept, member (of a 

Aderezar, v., to dress, to adorn, to 

Aderezo, m., adorning, finery, 
service, furniture, finish, dress- 
ing. ■ — de diamantes, set of 
diamonds. , — de mesa, table- 

Adeudar, v., to pay (duty or 
freight) ; to debit, to charge. 
— se, to incur (or get into) debt. 

Adeudo, m., charge, debit. 

Adherir, i.v., to adhere ; r.v., to 
hold, to stick. 

Adición, /., addition, advance, 
increase ; postscript. 

Adicional, a., additional, contin- 

Adinerado, a., wealthy, rich, 

Adiós, int., good-bye, adieu. 

Adivinar, v., to foretell, to guess. 

Adjudicación, /., adjudication, 
knocking-down (at an auction). 

Adjudicar, v., to allot, to adjudge, 
to sell at auction. — una 
medalla, to award a medal. 

Adjunta, /., (letter) enclosure. 

Adjunto, a., enclosed, annexed, 

Administración, /., administration, 
management. — de una socie- 
dad, board of directors. — de 
correos, general post office. 

Administrador, m., administrator, 
manager, superintendent. — 
de correos, postmaster. 

Administrar, v., to administer, to 

Administrativo, a., administrative. 

Admirable, a., admirable. 

Admiración, /., admiration, won- 
der, surprise. 

Admirar, v., to admire, to wonder ; 
r.v., to be surprised. 

Admisible, a., admissible. 

Admisión, /., admission, accept- 

Admitir, v., to admit, to receive, 
to permit, to concede, to accept. 

Admonición, /., warning. 

Adobado, a., pickled, curried, 
dressed ; m., pickled meat. 

Adobar, v., to dress, to tan; to 

Adobo, ni., dressing (of hides, etc.). 

Adolecer, i.v., to suffer, to labour 
under (a misapprehension, etc.). 

Adonde, adv., whither, where. 

Adopción, /., adoption. 

Adoquín, m., paving-stone. 

Adormidera, /., poppy. 

Adornar, v., to adorn, to ornament. 

Adorno, m., adorning, ornament, 
adornment. — s, adornments, 

Adquiridor,w., acquirer, purchaser. 

Adquirir, v., to acquire. 

Adquisición, /., acquisition, ac- 

Adrede, Adredemente, adv., pur- 
posely, knowingly, on purpose. 

Aduana, /., Custom-house. En la 
— , in bond. Derechos de — , 
Custom-house duties. 

Aduanal, a. See Aduanero. 

Aduanar, v., to enter goods at the 
Custom-house, to put in bond. 

Aduanero, a., pertaining to the 
Custom-house ; m., Custom- 
house officer. Derechos — ^s, 
Customs' duties. 

Aducir, i.v., to adduce, to bring 

Adueñarse (de), r.v., to take pos- 
session (of). 

Adulteración, /., adulteration. 

Adulterar, v., to adulterate. 

Adulto, a., adult, grown-up. 

Advenedizo, a., foreign ; m., up- 

Adversario, ni., adversary, oppo- 
nent, antagonist. 

Adverso, a., adverse, opposite. 

Advertencia, /., advice, remark, 

Advertido, a., noticed, informed, 
warned, prudent. 

Advertir, i.v., to notice, to observe, 
to perceive, to instruct, to warn, 
to point out. 




Adyacente, a. .adjacent, contiguous. 
Aeración, /., aeration, ventilation 

of air. 
Aéreo, a., aerial. 
Aeródromo, m., aerodrome. 
Aerómetro, m., aerometer. 
Aeronauta, m., aeronaut. 
Aeronáutica, /., aeronautics. 
Aeronáutico, a., aeronautic 
Aeroplano, yn., aei-oplane. 
Aeróstato, m., air-ship. 
Afabilidad, /., affability, kindness. 
Afable, a., affable, kind. 
Afamado, a., celebrated, noted, 

Afán, m., anxiety, eagerness, soli- 
Afanar, v., Afanarse, r.v., to toil, 

to labour. 
Afanoso, a., eager, solicitous, 

Afear, v., to deform, to deface, to 

make ugly. 
Afección, /., affection. 
Afectación, /., affectation. 
Afectar, v., to affect, to feign, to 

Afecto, a., affectionate, inclined. 
Afeitar, v., to shave, to trim. 
Afeite, m., paint, rouge, cosmetic. 
Afelpado, a., plush-like, shaggy; 

raised (cloth). 
Aferrar, v., to grapple, to seize ; 

(Naut.) to moor. 
Afianzador, m., fastener. — de 

goma, elastic band. 
Afianzar, v., to become bail, to 

guarantee ; to prop, to make 

fast, to clinch. 
Afición, /., affection, liking. 
Aficionado, a., fond, affectionate ; 

m., amateur, devotee, patron. 

— a, fond of. 
Aficionar, v., to affect. — se a, 

to take a liking for. 
Afilado, a., sharp, keen. 
Afilar, i;., to sharpen, to whet, to 

make keen. 
Afinar, v., to complete, to polish, 

to refine, to tune. — los precios, 

to cut (or reduce) the prices. 

Afirmar, v., to affirm, to secure, to 

Afirmativo, a., affirmative. 
Aflicción, /., affliction, sorrow, 

Afligir, v., to afflict, to grieve. 

— se, to be troubled, grieved. 
Aflojar, v., to slacken, to loosen ; 

to grow weak, to ease (the 

market or prices). 
Afluencia, /., affluence, abundance. 
Afluir, i. v., to now in ; to be 

Aforamiento, m., gauging; duty 

on foreign goods. 
Aforar, v., to gauge, to measure 

(vessels), to examine (goods for 

purposes of duty) ; to appraise. 
Aforo, m., gauging, examination 

of goods for customs' purposes. 
Aforrar, v., to line, to sheathe. 
Aforro, m., lining ; (Naut.) 

Afortunado, a., fortunate, lucky. 
Afrenta, /., affront, dishonour, 

Afrentar, v., to affront, to insult. 
Afrontar, v., to face. 
Afuera, adv., abroad, outside ; 

besides, moreover. 
Afueras,, environs. 
Agarradero, /., anchoring-ground ; 

handle, haft. 
Agarrar, v., to grasp, to seize, to 

lay hold of. — se de, to grasp at. 
Agasajar, v., to receive kindly,. to 

treat well, to make a fuss of. 
Agasajo, m., kind reception. 
Agata, /., agate. 
Agenda, /., agency. 
Agenciar, v., to solicit ; r.v., to 

raise, to find, to supply. 
Agenda, /., agenda, note-book. 
Agente, m., agent. — de cambios, 

stock-broker. — expedidor, for- 
warding agent. — viajero, 

commercial traveller. 
Ágil, a., agile, nimble. 
Agio, ni., stock-jobbing, premium. 
Agiotador, m., bill-broker, stock- 
broker, jobber. 




Agiotaje, m., stock-jobbing, ring 
(stock exchange) ; premium. 

Agiotista, ni., money-changer, bill- 
broker, stock-jobber, money- 

Agitación, /., agitation, excite- 

Agitado, a., agitated, excited. 

Agitar, v., to agitate, to excite, to 
shake, to stir, to wave. 

Aglomeración, /., agglomeration, 
congestion, heaping up. 

Aglomerar, v., to heap up, to 

Agobiar, i»., to oppress, to grind. 

Agolparse, r.v., to crowd, to rush. 

Agosto, m., August, harvest. 
Hacer su — , to make one's 

Agotable, a., exhaustible. 

Agotar, v., to exhaust, to clear 
away. — se, to sell out, to be 
sold out. — sele, to runout (of). 

Agraciar, v., to adorn, to embel- 
lish, to grant a favour. 

Agradable, a., agreeable, pleasant, 
pleasing. Ser — , to oblige, to 

Agradar, v., to please, to humour, 
to like. 

Agradecer, i. v., to thank, to 
acknowledge, to be obliged. 

Agradecido, a., grateful, obliged, 

Agradecimiento, m., gratefulness, 

Agrado, tn., liking, pleasure. Ser 
de (su) ■ — , to please, to be to 
one's liking. 

Aeramar, v., to dress flax or hemp. 

Agrandar, v., to enlarge. 

Agrario, a., agrarian, rustic. 

Agravar, v., to aggravate, to 
oppress, to burden (with taxes), 
to aggrieve. — se, to grow worse. 

Agraviar, v., to wrong, to harm, 
to grieve. ■ — se, to be aggrieved. 

Agravio, m., offence, grievance, 

Agredir, i.v., to assault, to attack. 

Agregado, m., aggregate. 

Agregar, v., to aggregate, to 
collect, to add. 

Agriar, v., to sour ; r.v., to grow 

Agrícola, a., agricultural ; m., 

Agricultor, m., agriculturist, far- 
mer. ,. 

Agricultura, /., agriculture. 

Agrimensor, >«., surveyor (of 

Agrimensura, /., survej-ing (of 

Agrio, a., sour, acrid, rough. 

Agrupar, v., to group, to cluster. 

Agua, /., water. — llovediza, rain 
water. — de Colonia, Cologne- 
water, eau-de-Cologne. — 
dulce, fresh water. — del mar, 
sea-water. ■ — ■ de pantoque, 
bilge water. • — fuerte, aqua- 
fortis, nitric acid. — mineral, 
mineral water. — potable, 
drinking water. — salada, salt 
water. — de lavanda, lavender 
water. — abajo, down the 
stream. — arriba, up the 

Aguacero, m., heavy shower of 

Aguachirle, /., inferior wine. 

Aguada, /., water on board a ship ; 
water-colour. Hacer — , (Naut.) 
to water. 

Aguadero, m., watering-place for 
cattle ; watering-place for ships. 

Aguado, a., watered. 

Aguador, m., water-carrier. 

Aguantar, v., to sustain, to bear, 
to stand, to endure, to abide. 

Aguar, v., to water. — la fiesta, 
to upset (or spoil) the affair. 

Aguardar, v., to expect, to await. 

Aguardiente, >«., brandy, whisky. 

Aguarrás, m., spirit of turpentine. 

Agudamente, adv., sharply, lively, 

Agudeza, /., acuteness, sharpness, 
witty saying, smartness. 

Agudo, a., sharp, smart, witty, 





Aguijar, v., to prick, to spur, to 

Aguijón, m., sting, prick, spur. 

Aguijonear, v., to spur on, to 

Águila, /., eagle ; a gold coin. 

Aguinaldo, m., New Year's gift, 

Aguja, /., needle ; point, switch 
(Rail.), hand (of a watch or 
clock). — de hacer media (or 
■ — - de malla), knitting needle. 

— de marear, compass needle. 

— imanada, magnetic needle, 
compass needle. — de ensalmar, 
pack needle. — de zurcir, 
darning needle. — ■ de coser, 
sewing needle. 

Agujereado, a., full of holes, 

Agujerear, v., to pierce, to bore, 

to make holes. 
Agujero, m., hole ; needle-maker, 

Agur, adv., good-bye. 
Aguzar, v., to sharpen, to whet. 
Ahí, adv., there, in that place. 

De — , hence. 
Ahilarse, r.v., to grow sour [or 

weak), to turn rop}' (wine).- 
Ahinco, w., earnestness, ardour. 

Con — , earnestly. 
Ahogado, a., stifled, suffocated ; 

overwhelmed, drowned. Pere- 
cer — , to be drowned. 
Ahogar, v., to smother, to suffo- 
cate, to drown. — se, to be 

Ahogo, m., affliction, anguish, 

pain, oppression. 
Ahora, adv., now, at present. 

— ■ mismo, this very moment. 

Por — , for the present. Hasta 

— , hitherto. — bien, well ; 

well then. 
Ahorcar, v., to hang. 
Ahorrar, v., to economise, to save, 

to avoid. 
Ahorrativo, a., saving, thrifty. 
Ahorro, m., saving, thrift. Caja 

de — s, savings bank. 

lA — (i6r)6) 

Ahuecar, f., to excavate, to hollow. 

Ahumado, a., smoked. Tocino — , 
smoked bacon. 

Ahumar, v., to smoke, to cure 
(in smoke) ; to fume. 

Ahuyentar, v., to drive away, 
to put to flight. 

Aire, ni., air, wind, aspect. Tomar 
el — •, to take a walk. Al — 
libre, in the open air. — 
caliente, hot air. 

Airearse, r.v., to take the air. 

Airoso, a., airy, graceful, success- 
ful. Poco — , unpleasant. 

Aislado, a., isolated ; odd. 

Aislador, m., insulator. 

Aislar, v., to isolate. 

Ajar, v., to spoil, to mar, to 

Ajedrez, m., chess. 

Ajenjo, m., wormwood ; absinthe. 

Ajeno, a., foreign, strange, con- 
trary. — a, outside, foreign to. 

— de, void of. — a mi voluntad, 
beyond my control. El dinero 
— , other people's money. 

Ajo, m., garlic. 

Ajuar, ni., household furniture. 

Ajustado, a., exact, right, well 

Ajustar, v., to adjust, to regulate, 
to settle, to arrange, to fit ; r.v., 
to come to an agreement, to 
combine, to conform. — 

cuentas, to settle accounts. 

Ajuste, m., agreement, settlement. 

— de cuentas, settling. 

Al, contraction of a el, to the, 

at the ; on, when.^ 
Ala, /., wing, brim (of a hat), fin, 

leaf of a table. Cortar las — s, 

to take down a peg. 
Alabanza, /., praise. 
Alabar, v., to praise, to extol. 

1 Used with the infinitive, al has the 
meaning of "at," "on," "when" or 
" if," e.g., al amanecer, at day-break, at 
dawn ; al saberlo, on knowing it ; al no 
recibir, if we do not receive ; al remitirlo, 
when -sending it. Al is employed with 
many words, as : al frente, al menos, al 
fiado, etc., but these will be found under 
the other word. 





Alabastro, m., alabaster. 
Alabearse, r.v., to warp, to grow 

Alacena, /., sideboard, bufiet, 

cupboard ; locker, box. 
Alacrán, m., scorpion ; ring of the 

bit of a bridge, swivel. 
Alambicado, a., distilled, curtailed, 

far-fetched. Precios — s, keen 

(or cut) prices. 
Alambicar, v., to distil, to curtail, 

to cut (prices). — los sesos, lo 

cudgel one's \\its. 
Alambique, m., still. 
Alambre, m., wire. — de latón, 

brass wire. Por — , by wire. 

— para cercas, fencing wire. 

— de puntas, barbed wire. 
Alameda, /., grove, public walk. 
Álamo, m., poplar. 
Alaqueca, /., blood-stone. 
Alarde, m., review, parade, show. 

Hacer — de, to boast or brag of. 

Alargar, v., to lengthen, to extend, 
to increase. 

Alarido, m., shout, outcry. 

Alarma, /., alarm. 

Alarmante, a., alarming. 

Alarmar, v., to alarm, to call to 

• arms. 

Alba, /., dawn of day. Al rayar 
el — , at day-break. 

Albacea, m., executor ; /., execu- 

Albaceazgo, m., executorship. 

Albafial, m., sewer, sink. 

Albañil, m., mason, bricklayer. 

Albañilería, /., masonry. 

Albarda, /., pack-saddle. 

Albareque, m., trawl. 

Albaricoque, vi., apricot. 

Albayalde, ¡n., white lead. 

Albedrio, m., freedom of will. 
Libre — , liberty. 

Albéitar, m., farrier, veterinary 
surgeon, horse-doctor. 

Albérchigo, m., peach. 

Albergar, v., to lodge, to harbour, 
to shelter. 

Albergue, m., lodging, lodging- 
house, shelter. 

Albor, m., whiteness, dawn. Los 
primeros — es de la vida, the 
first dawnings of the mind. 

Alborotado, a., upset, turbulent ; 
rough (weather). 

Alborotar, v., to disturb, to vex. 

Alboroto, m., tumult, riot, dis- 

Alborozo, m., merriment, gaiety. 

Albricias,, reward given for 
good news. 

Albúmina, /., albumen. 

Alcabala, /., excise. 

Alcachofa, /., artichoke. 

Alcalde, »«., mayor, justice of the 

Alcaldía, /., office of an alcalde. 

Álcali, >»., alkali. 

Alcance, m., balance of an ac- 
count, deficit ; supplement ; 
odd money, capacity, reach, 
extension, range. Dar — a, 
to catch, to arrest. Ir a 
I los — s, to be at one's heels. 
Hombre de pocos — s, narrow- 
minded man. A su — , in one's 
power. Al — de, within the 
reach of. 

Alcancía, /., money-box, cash-box. 

Alcanfor, >«., camphor. 

Alcantarilla, /., small bridge, 
culvert, drain, sewer, sink. 

Alcantarillado, m., sewer. 

Alcanzar, v., to follow or pursue, 
to overtake, to catch, to reach, 
to acquire, to obtain. Poco 
se le alcanza, he understands 
little (of it). — a ver, to descry. 
No — con mucho, to fall short. 

Alcaparra, /., Alcaparrón, m., 

Alcaravea, /., caraway-seed. 

Alcázar, m., castle, fortress ; 
(Naut.) quarter-deck. 

Alcista, m., bull (Stock Exchange), 
speculator for a rise. 

Alcoba, /., bedroom. 

Alcohol, ni., alcohol, antimony. 

Alcoholímetro, m., alcoholmeter. 

Alcohómetro, m. See Alcoholí- 





Alcornoque, ni., cork-tree. 

Alcurnia, /., family, lineage, race. 

Alcuza, /., oil-can. 

Aldaba, /., knocker, latch. 

Aldea, /., village. 

Aldeano, m., villager, countryman. 

Alegación, /., allegation, argu- 

Alegar, v., to allege, to affirm, to 
maintain, to plead. 

Alegato, »i., allegation. 

Alegrar, v., to make merry, to 
gladden. — se (de), to rejoice, to 
be glad, to be delighted. 

Alegre, a., merry, content, glad, 


Alegremente, adv., merrily, gladly. 

Alegría, /., mirth, gaiety, glee. 

Alejar, v., to remove, to separate. 

Alemán, a. & m., German. 

Alemanisco, m., damask, tabling. 

Alentado, a., spirited, valiant. 

Alentar, i. v., to breathe ; to 
animate, to encourage. 

Alepín, m., a kind of bombasin. 

Alerta, a., alert, vigilant. Estar 
■ — , to be on the watch. 

Aleta, /., small wng, fin of a fish. 
— s (Naut.), fashion pieces. 

Alfabético, a., alphabetical. Por 
orden — , in alphabetical order. 

Alfabeto, m., alphabet. 

Alfarería, /., pottery. 

Altarero, m., potter. 

Alférez, m., ensign. 

Alfiler, m., pin. — es, pin-money, 
pocket-money. — de gancho, 
hair-pin. — de pechera, breast- 
pin. — de seguridad, safety-pin. 

Alfiletero, m., pin-case, pin- 

Alfombra, /., carpet. — de 
Bruselas, Brussels carpet. Gé- 
nero para — s, carpeting. 

Alfombrero, m., carpet-maker. 

Alforja, /., saddle-bag. 

Alga, /., sea-weed. ■ — ■ marina, 
sea- weed. 

Algo, adv., somewhat, rather ; 
m., something. — es — , it 
is always something. 

Algodón, Mí., cotton. — en rama, 
raw cotton. — pólvora, gun- 
cotton. Géneros de — , cotton 
goods. Comercio de — , cotton 

Algodonal, m., cotton-plant. 

Algodonero, a., cotton, of cotton ; 
m., cotton-plant. Mercado — , 
cotton market. 

Alguacil, m., constable, bailiff, 

Alguien, pron., somebody, some- 

Alguno, a., some, somebody, any, 
anybody. Algún tiempo, some- 
time. Algún tanto, a little, 

Alhaja, /. , jewel. 

Alianza, /., alliance, league. 

Alias, adv., alias, by another name, 

Alicates,, pincers, pliers, 

Aliciente, >«., attraction, incite- 
ment, inducement. 

Aliento, m., breath, spirit. 

Aligeramiento, m., lightening, alle- 

Aligerar, v., to lighten, to alle- 
viate ; r.v., to free oneself. 

Alijamiento, m.. jettison. 

Alijar, v., (Naut.) to lighten. 

Alijo, m., lightening of a ship ; 
tender (of an engine). Embar- 
cación de — , lighter. 

Alimentación, /.. feeding. 

Alimentar, v., to feed. 

Alimenticio, a., nutritious. Sub- 
stancias alimenticias, food- 
stuffs. — s, provisions. 

Alimento, m., food, incentive. 

Aliño, m., dress, cleanliness. 

Alisador, m., polisher, smoothing- 

Alisadura, /., smoothing, polish- 

Alisar, v., to plane, to make 
smooth, to polish. 

Alistado, a., striped ; enlisted. 

Alistar, v., to get ready, to show ; 
to enlist, to enrol, to recruit. 





Aliviar, v., to lighten, to help, to 

Alivio, m., alleviation, ease. 

Aljibe, m., cistern, reservoir, tank. 

Aljofaina, /., an earthen jug, 

Allá, adv., there, in that place, 
thither. Más — de, beyond. 

Allanar, v., to level, to make 
even ; to surmount, to arrange, 
to settle. — se a, to conform to, 
to acquiesce, to tall in with, to 

Allegar, v., to collect, to gather. 

Allende, adv., on the other side, 

Allí, adv., there, in that place. 
De — , thence. 

Alma, /., soul, human being, 
energy. Es el — del negocio, 
he is the soul of the business. 
Con toda mi — ■, with all my 
heart. Sentir en el — , to regret 
very much. 

Almacén, m., warehouse, store ; 
stock. En • — •, in stock. 

Almacenaje, m., warehousing, 
storing, warehouse rent. 

Almacenar, v., to store, to ware- 

Almacenista, rn., store-keeper, 

Almadía, /., canoe, raft. 

Almadreña, /., clog, wooden shoe. 

Almagre, >«., red ochre. 

Almanaque, m., almanac 

Almarra, m., cotton-gin. 

Almendra, /., kernel ; almond. 

— descascarada, shelled al- 
mond. Aceite de — s, almond 
oil. Pasta de — s, almond paste. 
— s bañadas, burnt almonds. 

— amarga, bitter almond. 
Almíbar, m., syTup. — es, pre- 
served fruit. 

Almidón, m., starch. — de 

maranto, arrowroot. 
Almidonar, i^., to starch. 
Almirantazgo, m.. Admiralty, 

Board of Admiralty. 
Almirante, m., admiral. 

Almirez, m., brass mortar. 

Almizcle, ni., musk. 

Almohada, /., pillow, cushion, 

Almohadilla, /., pillow ; pad. 
Almohadón, m., large cushion. 
Almoneda, /., auction. 
Almorzar, i. v., to breakfast. 
Almud, m., measure of grain and 

dry fruit. 
Almuerzo, m., breakfast. 
Aloe, ni., aloes-tree, aloes. 
Alojamiento, m., lodging ; (Naut.) 

Alojar, v., to lodge, to let lodgings, 

to dwell ; r.v., to lodge. — se 

en, to put up at. 
Alondra, /., lark (bird). 
Alpaca, /., alpaca. 
Alpargata, /., sandal or shoe made 

from hemp. 
Alpargatero, m., manufacturer of _ 

hempen shoes. 
Alpiste, m., canary-seed. 
Alquería, /., farm-house. 
Alquilar, v., to let, to hire, to rent. 

Por — , to let. 
Alquiler, m., wages or hire, hiring, ' 

Alquitrán, m., tar, liquid pitch. 

— de hulla, coal tar. 
Alquitranado, m., tarpaulin. 
Alquitranar, v., to tar. 
Alrededor, adv., around. — de, 

Alrededores, m.pL, environs, 

neighbourhood, outskirts. En 

los — de, in the neighbourhood 

of, about. 
Alta, /., discharge from hospital. 
Altamente, adv., highly. 
Altanería, /., haughtiness, lofti- 
Altanero, a., soaring, haughty, 

Alteración, /., alteration, disturb- 
Alterar, t;., to alter, to change, to 

disturb, to stir up. 
Altercación, /., contest, quarrel. 
Alternar, v., to alternate. 





Alternativa, /., alternative. 

Alternativo, a., alternate, alter- 

Alteza, /., elevation, highness. 

Altibajo, m., vicissitude. - — s, ups 
and downs. 

Altitud, /., altitude, elevation. 

Altivo, a., haughty, proud, lofty. 

Alto, a., high, elevated; m., height, 
high ground; int., halt; adv., 
loud. En alta mar, on the high 
sea. ■ — -ahí, stop there. — de 
aquí, move off. Pasar por — , 
to overlook ; Se me pasó por 
— , I forgot (it). ¡ — ahí ! stop ! 

Altura, /., height, elevation ; 
(Naut.), latitude, bearings. Ala 
■ — ■ del Cabo, off the Cape. 
Estar a la — ^ de esta tarea, 
to be up to (or capable of) this 

Alubia, /., French bean. 

Alucinar, v., to deceive, to delude. 

Alud, m., avalanche. 

Aludir, v., to allude, to refer to. 
La carta aludida, the letter 
referred to. 

Alumbrado, m., lighting, illumina- 
tion. — eléctrico, electric 

Alumbramiento, m., child-birth. 

Alumbrar, v., to light, to enlighten, 
to bring forth. 

Alumbre, m., alum. 

Aluminio, m., aluminium. 

Alumno, m., disciple, pupil. 

Alusión, /., allusion, hint. 

Alza, /., advance, rise. En — , 
rising, on th^ rise. 

Alzada, /., height ; appeal. 

Alzamiento, m., raising, lifting. 

Alzaprima, /., lever, (Mech.) ful- 

Alzar, v., to raise, to lift, to carr^^ 
off ; r.v., to rise ; to make a 
fraudulent bankruptcy. — de 
obra, to cease (or to knock off) 
work. ■ — se con, to run away 

Ama, /.,. mistress of a house, land- 
lady. — de Haves, housekeeper. 

Amable, a., amiable, pleasing. 
Amacena, /., damson plum. 
Amaestrado, a., taught, tutored, 

broken in. 
Amaestrar, v., to instruct, to 

break in. 
Amainar, v., to relax, to abate. 
Amalgama, /., amalgam. 
Amalgamación, /., amalgamation. 
Amalgamar, v.. to amalgamate. 
Amancillar, v., to .stain, to pollute, 

to tarnish. 
Amanecer, i. v., to dawn. Al — , at 

Amansar, v., to tame, to subdue, 

to soften. 
Amante, m. & /., lover, sweet- 
heart. Ser — de, to be fond of. 
Amanuense, m., amanuensis, 

Amapola, /., poppy. 
Amar, v., to love, to like. 
Amargar, v., to make bitter, to 

Amargo, a., bitter. 
Amargura, /., 
Amarillo, a., yellow. 
Amarra, /., cable, mooring, binder. 

— s, moorings. 
Amarradura, /., moorings. 
Amarrar, v., to tie, to fasten, to 

lash, to moor. 
Amartillar, v., to hammer. 
Amasar, v., to knead, to mould, 

to mash. 
Amasijo, m., dough, kneading, 

mortar or plaster, mash. 
Amazona, /., amazon, riding-skirt 

or habit. 
Ambajes, m.pL, circumlocution. 

Sin — , without beating about 

the bush. 
Ámbar, m., amber. 
Ambición, /., ambition. 
Ambicioso, a., ambitious. 
Ambiente, m., ambient air. 
Ambigüedad,/., ambiguity, doubt. 
Ambiguo, a., ambiguous. 
Ambos, a., both. 
Amedrentar, v., to frighten, to 

deter, to intimidate. 





Amén, m., amen, so be it. ■ — de, 

besides, over and above. 
Amenaza, /., threat, menace. 
Amenazar, v., to threaten, to 

Amenizar, v., to render pleasant 

or agreeable. 
Ameno, a., pleasant, delicious. 
Americana, /., coat, jacket, lounge 

Ametralladora, /., rapid-firing gun, 

Amianto, m., amianthus ; asbestos. 
Amigable, a., amicable. 
Amigo, in., friend, comrade. Un 

— íntimo, a particular friend. 
Ser — de, to be fond of. 

Amilanar, v., to frighten, to 
terrify. ■ — se, to be overcome 
(or discouraged), to flag. 

Amillaramiento m., assessment 
of a tax. 

Amillarar, v., to assess a tax. 

Aminorar, v., to lessen, to dimi- 

Amistad, /., amity, friendship, 
friend. Hacer las — es, to make 
friends. Romper las — es, to 
fall out, to quarrel. 

Amistosamente, adv., in a friendly 
manner, amicably. 

Amistoso, a., friendly, amicable. 

Amo, >»., master, proprietor. 

— de casa, householder. 
Amoladera, /., whetstone, grind- 

Amolar, i.v., to whet, to grind, to 

Amoldar, v., to cast in a mould, 
to fashion. 

Amonedar, i., to coin. 

Amonestación, /., advice, admo- 
nition, warning. 

Amonestar, v., to advise, to 
admonish, to warn. 

Amoníaco, w., ammonia; ammo- 

Amontonar, v., to heap up, to 
accumulate, to gather, to con- 

Anior, »«., love. Por — de Dios, 

for God's sake. Por — de Vd., 
for your sake. — propio, self- 
love. De mil — es, with all (my) 

Amoratado, a., livid. 

Amortiguar, v., to mortify, to 

Amortizable, a., inalienable, re- 
deemable, payable. El — , the 
Redeemable Loan (or Debt). 

Amortización, /., redemption (or 
payment) of debts. Caja {or 
fondo) de — , sinking fund. 

Amortizar, v., to pay, to pay off, to 
fund, to provide a sinking fund, 
to redeem. 

Amoscarse, r.v., to become irrita- 

Amotinado, a., in a tumult. 

Amotinar, v., to excite rebellion. 

Amparar, v., to shelter, to protect, 
to help, to support ; to enclose, 

Amparo, m., favour, protection, 

Ampliación, /., enlargement, am- 

Ampliamente, adv., largely, co- 
piously, fully. 

Ampliar, v., to amplif}', to enlarge. 

Amplificar, /., to amplify, to 
enlarge, to extend. 

Amplio, a., ample, extensive, full. 

Amplitud, /., extent, largeness. 

Ampolla, /., blister ; cruet, bulb. 
— eléctrica, electric bulb. 

Ampolleta, /., cruet ; hour-glass. 

Amueblar, v., to furnish. 

Amura, /. (Naut.), tack. 

Ánade, m. & /., duck. 

Anales,, annals. 

Análisis, m. & /., analysis. 

Analizador, m., analyst. 

Analizar, z^., to analyse. 

Analogía, /., analogy. 

Análogo, a., analogous. 

Anana, /., pine-apple. 

Anaquel, ni., shelf or board. 

Anaranjado, «., orange-coloured. 

Anarquía, /., anarchy. 

Ancheta, /., venture. 

Ancho, a., broad, wide. 





Ancho, m., width, breadth. Tres 

pies de — , three feet wide. 
Anchura, /., -vvadth. 
Anciano, a., old, ancient ; m., 
old man. 

Ancla, /., anchor. Le\ar — s, to 
weigh anchor. 

Ancladero, m., anchorage, anchor- 
ing-place, moorage. 

Anclaje, m., anchoring, anchor- 
ground. Derecho de — , 

Anclar, v., to anchor. 

Andada, /., track, haunt. Volver 
a las — s, to lapse back into vice 
(or one's old haunts). 

Andamio, m., scaliold, stage. 

Andana, /., row, line. Llamarse 
— , to back out, to retract (what 
one has said). 

Andanada, /., (Naut.) broadside. 

Andante, «., going, strolling. 

Andanza, /., fortune, luck. 

Andar, i.v., to go, to walk ; m., 
speed, way. Todo se andará, 
everything will be arranged. 
— con el tiempo, to conform 
to the times. A poco — , slowly. 
A mejor — , at best. A peor — , 
at worst. A más — , at full 
speed. Andando el tiempo, in 
time, in course of time. See 

Andén, m., shelf, path; platform. 

Andrajo, m., rag, tatter. 

Anécdota, /., anecdote. 

Anegado, a., overflowed, sub- 
merged, (Naut.) water-logged. 

Anegar, v., to inundate, to sub- 

Anejo, a., annexed, joined. 

Anexar, w., to annex. 

Angarillas,, hand-barrow; 

Angola, /., moleskin. 

Angosto, a., narrow, close. 

Angostura, /., narrowness; dis- 

Anguila, /., eel. 

Ángulo, m., angle, corner. 

Angustia, /., anguish, affliction. 

Anhelar, v., to breathe with 
difficultv, to desire anxiously, 
to long for. 

Anhelo, m., vehement desire, 

Anheloso, a., anxious, desirous. 

Anieblar, v., to darken, to obscure. 

Anillo, m., finger, ring. Venir 
como — al dedo, to come in the 
very nick of time, to suit. 

Animación, /., animation, excite- 

Animado, a., animated, encou- 
raged, brisk, bold, excited. 

Animadversión, /., animadversion, 

Animar, v., to animate, to enliven, 
to encourage, to revive, to 

Animo, m., spirit, courage, mind, 
intention. Hacer — de, to 
intend to. 

Animosidad, /., animosity, bold- 

Animoso, a., brave, spirited, cou- 

Aniquilar, v., to annihilate, to 

Anís, m., aniseed. 

Anisete, m., aniseed-oil. 

Aniversario, m., anniversary, holi- 

Anoche, adv., last night. 

Anochecer, ¿.v., to grow dark. 
Al — , at nightfall. Amanecí 
en Madrid y anochecí en 
Barcelona, I was in Madrid at 
dawn, and in Barcelona at dusk. 

Anónimo, a., anonymous. Socie- 
dad anónima, joint-stock com- 

Anormal, a., abnormal. 

Anotación, /., annotation, note, 
notation, notice. 

Anotar, v., to note, to make notes, 
to take note of, to book. 

Ansia, /., anxiety, eagerness. 

Ansiar, v., to desire anxiously, 
to long, to hanker. 

Ansiedad, /., anxiety. 

Ansioso, a., anxious, eager. 





Antagonista, m., antagonist, oppo- 

Antana. See Andana. 

Antaño, adv., last year, formerly. 

Ante, m., bufíalo-skin, buckskin ; 
bun (colour) ; prep., before, in 
view of. — todo, before all 
things, above all. 

Anteanoche, adv., the night before 

Anteayer, adv., the daj^ before 

Antebrazo, m., fore-arm. 

Antecámara, /., ante-chamber ; 
(Naut.) steerage. 

Antecedente, m., antecedent. 
Buenos — s, good character. 

Anteceder, v., to precede, to go 

Antecesor, m., predecessor, fore- 
father. — es, ancestors. 

Antedecir, i.v.. to predict, to fore- 

Antedicho, a., aforesaid. 

Antefechar, v., to anticipate the 
date (of). 

Antefirma, /., style of address. 

Antelación, /., precedence in order 
of time. Con — , beforehand. 

Antemano, adv., de — , before- 

Anteojo, m., spy-glass, eye-glass. 

— de puño {or de teatro), 
opera-glass. ■ — s, spectacles, 


Anteponer, i.v., 
Antepuerto, m. 

Anterior, a., anterior, previous. 
Anteriormente, adv., previously. 
Antes, prep., before, beforehand ; 

adv., first, rather, before, sooner. 

— de {or que) before. — bien, 
rather. — con — , as soon as 
possible. Cuanto — , as soon as 

Antesala, /., antechamber. 
Anticipación, /., anticipation. Con 
— , beforehand., ancestors. 

to prefer. 
, anteport. 


Anticipadamente, adv., in advance, 

Anticipar, v., to anticipate ; to 

forestall, to advance. — se a, 

to forestall. 
Anticipo, m., advance, advance 

Anticuado, a., antiquated. 
Antídoto, m., antidote. 
Antiguamente, adv., anciently, 

Antigüedad, /., antiquity, old- 

Antiguo, a., antiquated. 
Antípodas,, antipodes. 
Antítesis, /., antithesis. 
Antojarse, r.v., to long, to desire 

earnestly. • — sele, to fancy, to 

take it into one's head. 
Antojo, ni., whim, longing, fancy. 

A su — , at will. 
Antorcha, /., torch. 
Anual, a., annual. Balance — , 

annual balance. Memoria — , 

annual report. 
Anualidad, /., annuity. 
Anualmente, adv., annually. 
Anuario, m., year-book. 
Anublado, a., overcast, clouded. 
Anublar, v., to cloud, to obscure. 
Anudar, v., to knot. 
Anuencia, /., compliance, consent. 
.Anulación, /., cessation, cancel- 
ling, annulment. 
Anular, v., to annul, to make void, 

to cancel. 
Anunciar, v., to announce, to 

advise, to advertise. 
Anuncio, m., announcement, ad- 
vice, advertisement. 
Anzuelo, m., fish-hook, bait. 
Añadidura, /., addition. Por {or 

de) — , over and above, into the 

Añadir, z;., to add. 
Añal, a., annual. 
Añejar, v., to make old. — se, to 

become old, to grow stale. 
Añejo, a., old, stale, musty. 
Añicos,, bits. Hacerse — ■, 

to be smashed into atoms. 





Añinos,, fleecy skins of year- 
ling Iambs ; lamb-skins. 

Año, m., year. — bisiesto, leap 
year. Celebrar los ■ — s, to keep 
one's birthday. Al — , per 
annum. — nuevo, new year. 

Apacentar, i. v., to graze, to feed 

Apacible, a., affable, meek, calm, 
serene, pleasant. 

Apaciguar, v., to appease, to 

Apadrinar, v., to support, to 
favour, to patronise, to protect. 

Apagador, m., extinguisher, dam- 

Apagar, v., to quench, to extin- 
guish, to put out. — la sed, to 
quench the thirst. — se (la luz, 
el fuego, etc.), to go out (the 
light, fire, etc.). 

Apalabrar, v., to appoint, to 
engage, to book. 

Apandillar, v., to form a league, 
party or faction. 

Apañar, v., to grasp, to pilfer, to 
set off. ■ — se, to submit. 

Aparador, m., buffet, sideboard, 

Aparato, m., apparatus, gear ; 
pomp, show, indication. • — ra- 
diotelegráñco, wireless appa- 

Aparear, v., to match, to mate. 

Aparecer, i.v., to appear, to make 
an appearance. 

Aparejado, a., prepared, fit, ready. 

Aparejar, v., to prepare, to get 
ready ; to rig, to equip (a ship). 
— se, to get ready. 

Aparejo, »«., preparation, disposi- 
tion, harness, gear ; tackle, 

Aparentar, v., to feign, to affect, 
to show. 

Aparente, a., apparent, convenient. 

Aparición, /., apparition, appear- 

Apariencia, /., appearance, look, 

Apartadero, vi., siding. 

Apartado, a., separated, distant. 
Apartado, m., distant or separate 

room. — del correo, post office 

Apartamiento, m., separation. 
Apartar, v., to part, to separate, to 

sort. — se, to move, to budge. 
Aparte, adv., apart, separately. 

Dejar — , to lay aside. — • de, 

Apatía, /., apathy. 
Apático, a., apathetic. 
Apeadero, m., house or seat, 

temporary residence. 
Apeador, m., land surveyor. 
Apear, v., to alight ; to measure, 

to survey. — se, to alight, to 

get do'WTi. 
Apegar, v., to adhere. — se, to 

be much taken with a thing. 
Apego, 7n., attachment, fondness. 
Apelación, /., appeal. 
Apelante, m., appellant, appealer. 
Apelar, v., to appeal, to have 

recourse to, to match. — de la 

sentencia, to appeal against the 

Apellidado, a., named. 
Apellidar, v., to call one by his 

name, to name, to proclaim. 
Apellido, ill., surname, family 

name ; nickname, epithet. 
Apenado, «., sorry. 
Apenas, adv., scarcely, hardly ; 

no sooner than, as soon as. 
Apéndice, m., appendix, supple- 
Apeo, m., survey, frame or 

Aperador, m., wheelwright, farmer. 
Apercibido, a., ready, prepared, 

Apercibimiento, m., providing, 

getting ready, arrangement, 

order, summons. 
Apercibir, v., to prepare, to pro- 
Aperitivo, a., aperitive. 
Apero, m., tool, instrument ; 

sheep-cot or sheep-fold. 
Apertura, /., opening. 





Apesadumbrado, a., concerned, 
vexed, mournful. 

Apesadumbrar, v., to vex, to cause 
trouble and affliction ; r.v., to 

Apestado, a., pestered. Estar — 
de alguna cosa, to have too 
much of a thing. La plaza está 
apestada de verduras, the mar- 
ket is full of greens. 

Apestar, v., to infect with the 
plague, to pester, to sicken. 
— el mercado, to overstock the 

Apetecer, i. v., to long for, to desire 
earnestly, to covet. 

Apetecible, a., desirable. 

Apetencia, /., appetite, hunger. 

Apetito, m., appetite. 

Apiadarse, r.v., to pity, to com- 
miserate, to treat with com- 

Ápice, m., apex, summit. 

Apilado, a. & p.p., on stillage. 

Apilar, v., to pile or heap up. 

Apiñado, a., pyramidal, pine- 
shaped, crowded. 

Apiñar, v., to press things close 
together, to join, to unite ; 
r.v., to crowd. 

Apio, m., (Bot.) celery. 

Aplacable, «., placable, meek. 

Aplacar, v., to pacify, to appease. 

Aplanadera, /., roller. 

Aplanar, v., to roll, to level, to 

Aplanchar, v., to iron linen. 

Aplanchadora, /., laundress, wo- 
man who irons and gets up linen. 

Aplastado, a., caked ; dispirited, 
flattened, crushed. 

Aplastar, v., to flatten, to crush, 
to smash. 

Aplaudir, v., to applaud. 

Aplauso, ni . .applause, approbation . 

Aplazamiento, m., convocation, 
postponement, adjournment, 
stay of execution. 

Aplazar, v., to convene, to defer, 
to adjourn, to postpone, to 
stay execution. 

Aplicable, a., applicable. 

Aplicación, /., application, assi- 
duity ; act of adjudging. 

Aplicado, a., studious, ciiligent. 

Aplicar, v., to apply. — se, to 
study, to devote oneself to 
a thing ; to be applicable. 

Aplomado, a., leaden, lead 
colourecl : heavy, dull. 

Aplomar, v., to use a plummet. 
— se, to tumble, to fall to the 
ground (a building). 

Aplomo, m., tact, prudence, self- 
possession ; plumb-line. 

Apocado, a., pusillanimous, cow- 
ardh', mean-spirited. 

Apocar, v., to lessen, to cramp. 

Apodar, v., to give nicknames. 

Apoderado, a., empowered, au- 
thorised ; m., prox\-, attor- 
ney, agent, holder of power. 

Apoderar, v., to empower, to grant 
a power of attorney. — se de, 
to take possession of. 

Apodo, m., nickname. 

Apogeo, m., apogee. Estar en 
(todo) su — , to be at the 
highest pitch. 

Apolillado, a., moth-eaten, worm- 

Apolillar, v., to eat clothes, etc. 
• — se, to be moth-eaten. 

Apologia, /., apology, excuse. 

Aportar, v., to bring ; (Naut.) 
to make a port. 

Aposento, m., room or apart- 

Aposesionar, w., to give possession. 
— se, to take possession. 

Apostadero, m., military or naval 

Apostar, i. v., to bet, to hold a 
wager ; to post soldiers. 

Apostilla, /., marginal note, anno- 

Apóstol, m., apostle. 

Apostrofe, /., apostrophe. 

Apoyar, v., to favour, to back up, 
to support, to assist, to second, 
to protect ; to rest on. — se en, 
to lean upon. 





Apoyo, m., support, stay, protec- 
tion, patronage, help. 

Apreciable, a., respectable, valua- 
ble, esteemed. 

Apreciación, /., appreciation, esti- 
mation, valuation. 

Apreciador, tn., appraiser, esti- 

Apreciar, v., to appreciate, to 
appraise, to estimate. 

Aprecio, m., appraisement, appre- 
ciation, esteem, regard. 

Aprehender, v., to apprehend, to 

Aprehensión, /., apprehension, 
perception, acuteness, fear. 

Aprehensivo, a., apprehensive. 

Apremiante, a., urgent, pressing. 

Apremiar, v., to press, to urge, 
to compel. 

Apremio, m., pressure, constric- 
tion, constraint, force, com- 

Aprender, v., to learn. 

Aprendiz, m., apprentice. 

Aprendizaje, m., apprenticeship. 
Contrato de — , indentures. 

Aprensador, m., presser or calen- 

Aprensar, v., to press, to calender ; 
to vex, to crush. 

Aprensión, /., apprehension, mis- 
trust, suspicion. 

Apresamiento, m., capture, clutch, 

Apresar, v., to seize, to grasp ; 
(Naut.) to take or capture an 
enemy's ship. 

Aprestador, m., finisher. 

Aprestar, v., to prepare, to make 
ready, to finish (goods) ; to 
equip (Naut.). — se a, to be 
inclined to. 

Apresto, m., preparation, finish ; 
equipage. (Naut.) — s navales, 
naval preparations. 

Apresuradamente, adv., hastily. 

Apresurado, a., hasty, hurried. 

Apresurar, v., to hasten, to acce- 
lerate, to hurry. — se, to hurry, 
to hasten. 

Apretadamente, adv., tightly, 
closely ; close, fast. 

Apretado, a., mean, close ; hard, 

Apretamiento, m., crowd, con- 

Apretar, i.v., to tighten, to squeeze, 
to compress, to crowd, to 
clutch. — la mano, to keep a 
firm hand on (a person). — el 
paso, to quicken one's step. 

Apretón, m., pressure, struggle, 

Apretura, /., crowd, distress, 
anguish, narrowness. 

Apriesa, adv., in haste, in a hurry. 

Aprieta-papeles, m., clip (for 

Aprieto, ni., crowd, conflict, exi- 
gency. Estar en un — , to be in 
a fix, a tight corner. 

Aprisa, adv., swiftly, fast. 

Aprisionar, y., to imprison. 

Aprobación, /., approval, consent, 

Aprobar, v., to approve (of), to 
like, to be pleased with, to pass. 

Aprontar, v., to prepare, to get 

Apropiación, /., appropriation, 

Apropiadamente, adv.. conve- 
niently, fitly, properly. 

Apropiado, a., appropriate, fit ; 

Apropiar, v., to appropriate, to 
assume ; r.v., to appropriate to 
oneself, to appropriate. 

Aprovechado, a., improved, 
availed, taken advantage of ; 

Aprovechamiento, m., profit, util- 
ity, advantage. 

Aprovechar, v., to make progress ; 
to become useful, to come (or 
get) forward ; to profit by, to 
employ. — se de, to avail one- 
self of a thing, to profit by. 

Aprovisionamiento, tn., supply. 

Aproximación, /., approximation, 





Aproximadamente, adv., nearly, 
approximatel}^ about. 

Aproximado, a., approximate. 

Aproximar, v , to approximate, to 

Aproxima tivo, a., approximate. 

Aptamente, adv., aptly, conve- 
niently, fitly. 

Aptitud, /., aptitude, fitness, abil- 
ity, expediency. 

Apto, a., apt, fit, competent, con- 
venient. — para, qualified for. 

Apuesta, /., bet, wager. Ir de — , 
to emulate, to compete. 

Apuesto, a., elegant, genteel. 

Apuntación, /., annotation. 

Apuntado, a., pointed, marked ; 

Apuntador, m., observer, (thea- 
tre) prompter, gunner. 

Apuntamiento, m., observation, 
remark, abstract. 

Apuntar, v., to aim, to point out, 
to indicate, to write down, to 
abstract, to quote, to prompt. 

Apunte, m., annotation, note, 
abstract, bill. — de cambios, 
exchange list. Libro de — s, 

Apuradamente, adv., in the nick 
of time, punctually, just. 

Apurado, a., poor, hard up, 
destitute of means, in a fix, in 

Apurar, v., to purifj^ to clear up, 
to investigate; to consume, to 
drain, to exhaust; to tease, 
to press, to urge. 
— se, to grieve, to be afíiicted. 
— se mucho, to be hard at work. 

Apuro, m., want, anguish, afflic- 
tion, exigency, fix, scrape. En 
un — , at a pinch. 

Aquejar, v., to complain, to 
lament, to afflict. ¿ Qué le 
aqueja ? ^Yhat ails you ? 

Aquel, pron., that, he. Aquellos, 
those, they. 

Aqui, ad., here, in this place. 
He — , look here, behold. Henos 
— , here we are. De — , hence. 

De — adelante, or de — en 
adelante, henceforth. — dentro, 
herein. Hasta — , hitherto. 
De — a ocho días, a week from 
now. De — allá, by that time. 

Aquiescencia, /., acquiescence. 

Aquietar, i)., to quiet, to appease, 
to lull ; v.r., to be quiet, to 
grow calm. 

Aquilatar, v., to assay gold and 
silver ; to examine closely. 

Aquilón, m., due north wind ; the 
north point. 

Arabesco, m., arabesque. 

Arado, m., plough. 

Arador, m., ploughman. 

Aradura, /., ploughing. 

Arancel, »«., Customs' tariff. 

Arancelario, a., pertaining to the 
tariff. Derechos — s. Custom- 
house duties. 

Arandela, /., pan of socket, washer. 

Araña, /., spider ; chandelier. 

Arañar, v., to scratch, to scrape. 

Arañazo, m., deep scratch. 

Araño, m., scratch. 

Arañón, m., sloe. 

Arañuelo, small spider, net. 

Arar, v., to plough. 

Arbitración, /., arbitration. 

Arbitrador, m., arbitrator, umpire, 

Arbitraje, Arbitramento {or Arbi- 
tramiento), m., arbitration, 

Arbitrar, v., to arbitrate, to 
adjudge, to award ; — recursos, 
to raise (or collect) monej'. 

Arbitrariamente, adv., arbitrarily. 

Arbitrariedad, /.. arbitrariness. 

Arbitrario (or arbitrativo), a., arbi- 

Arbitrio, m., free \\dll ; means, 
expedient ; arbitration, com- 
promise. — s, taxes imposed on 
provisions exposed for sale. 
Propios y — s, waj's and means. 
Lo dejo a su — , I leave it to you. 

Arbitro, m., arbitrator, referee. 

Arbol, m., tree, (Naut.) mast, 
(Mech.) shaft, wheel spindle, 





axle. — de cigüeña, crank shaft. 

— motor, driving shaft, main 
shaft. — de trasmisión, trans- 
mission shaft. 

Arbolado, a., wooded, planted with 
trees ; mastered ; m., wood- 

Arboladura, /. (Naut.), masts and 

Arbolar, v., to hoist, to set upright, 
(Naut.) to mast. 

Arboleda, /., plantation of trees. 

Arbollón, m., floodgate, sluice, 

Arboricultura, /., cultivation of 

Arbusto, m., shrub. 

Area, /., chest. — fuerte, safe. 

— de fuego (Naut.), fire-chest. 

— de agua, reservoir, cistern. 
Arcaduz, m., conduit or pipe for 

the conveyance of water ; 

(ñg.) channel. 
Arce, m., maple-tree. 
Archiducado, m., archdukedom, 

Archiduque, m., archduke. 
Archipiélago, m., archipelago. 
Archivar, v., to file away, to keep 

in an archive, to register. 
Archivero, m., keeper of records ; 

Archivo, m., archives, register, 

Arcilla, /., clay. 
Arco, m., arc, arch, bow, hoop, 

(Naut.) bow of a ship. — Iris, 

Arcén, m., a large chest, bin, 

Arder, v., to burn, to blaze, to 

glow, to heat, to kindle. 
Ardid, ni., stratagem, trick. 
Ardiendo, part., burning, on fire. 
Ardiente, a., ardent, burning. 
Ardientemente, adv., ardently, fer- 
Ardilla, /., squirrel. 
Ardite, m., ancient Spanish coin 

of small value. No vale un — , 

it is not worth a rap. 

Ardor, w., ardour, valour, mettle, 
heat, warmth. 

.4rduamente, adv., arduously. 

.\rduo, a., arduous, difficult. 

Area, /., area, a square deca- 

Arena, /., sand, arena. — move- 
diza, quicksand. 

Arenga, /., harangue, speech, 

Arengar, v., to harangue, to hold 

Arenque, m., herring. — ahumado, 
red (or smoked) herring. — es- 
cabechado [or salado), pickled 

Areómetro, m., areometer. 

Arete, m., ear-loop. See Zarcillo. 

Argamasa, /., mortar, cement for 

Árgana, /., crane. 

Argentar, v., to plate or cover with 

Argentería, /., embroidery in gold 
or silver. 

Argentino, a., of silver, silvery. 

Argolla, /., large iron ring, buckle, 
collar ; staple. — s, pillory. 

Argüe, ni., wndlass ; machine 
for drawing fine gold wire. 

Argüir, i.v., to argue, to dispute. 

Argumentar, v., to argue, to 
dispute, to conclude. 

Argumento, w., argument. 

Aria, /., tune or air. 

Arido, a., arid, dry. 

Ariete, m., battering-ram. 

Arisco, a., fierce, rude, wild, 
stubborn, harsh, unpolished. 

Aristocracia, /., aristocracj'. 

Aristócrata, m., aristocrat. 

Aristocrático, a., aristocratic 

Aritmética, /., arithmetic. — mer- 
cantil, commercial arithmetic. 

Aritmético, m., arithmetician, ac- 

Arma, /., arm, weapon. A las — s, 
to arms. — arrojadiza, missile, 
weapon. — • de fuego, fire arms ; 
gun. — blanca, side-arms, cold 
steel. — s, arms, armour. 





armies. Maestro de — s, fencing- 

Armada, /., nav}-, fleet, squadron. 

Armadía, /., raft. 

Armadillo, m., armadillo, small 
animal covered with hard scales. 

Armador, m., shipowner, out- 
fitter. La casa — a, the owners, 

Armadura, /., armour, framework, 

Armamento, ni., armament. — s, 
fitting-out, equipment of ships. 

Armar, v., to arm, to man ; to 
furnish, to fit up ; (Mech.) to 
mount, to adjust, to set, to put 
together. • — navio, to fit out a 
ship. — pleito (o»' pendencia), 
to kick up a row. ■ — ■ una 
máquina, to fit or set up a 
machine. — se de paciencia, to 
prepare to suffer ; to possess 
one's soul with patience. 

Armario, m., cabinet, cupboard, 
commode, clothes-press. — fri- 
gorífico, cold store, refrigerator. 

Armatoste, m., hulk. 

Armazón, m., frame, skeleton ; /., 
frame, framework. 

Armella, /., staple or ring. 

Armería, /., armoury, arsenal. 

Armero, m., armourer, gunsmith. 

Armiño, m., ermine. 

Armisticio, m., armistice. 

Armonía, /., harmon3% concord. 

Armonio, m., harmonium. 

Armonioso, a., harmonious, sonor- 

Armonizar, v., to harmonise. 

Arnés, >«., harness, gear, trapping, 

Aro, m., hoop, staple. 

Aroma, m., aroma, flavour, per- 
fume, scent. 

Aromático, a., aromatic, fragrant. 

Arpa, /., harp, lyre. 

Arpar, z^., to tear clothes to pieces, 
to claw. 

Arpeo, m. (Naut.), grappling-iron. 

Arpillera, /., sack-cloth, pack- 
cloth, hessian. 

Arpón, ni., harpoon. 

Arponero, 7n., harpooner. 

Arqueador, di., ship-gauger. 

Arqueaje, ni., gauging of a ship. 

Arquear, v., to arch ; (Naut.) to 
gauge or measure the dimen- 
sions of ships. — las cejas, to 
arch the eyebrows, to frown. 

Arqueo, m., arching ; (Naut.) gaug- 
ing the dimensions or burden 
of a ship. 

Arquilla, /., little chest or coffer. 

Arquitecto, m , architect. 

Arrabal, m., suburb. — es, sub- 
urbs or outskirts. 

Arracada, /., ear-ring. 

Arracimado, a., clustered. 

Arracimarse, r.v., to cluster. 

Arraigar, v., to root, to fix the 
root. — se, to establish oneself 
in a place. 

Arraigo, m., landed property. 
Hombre de — , man of consider- 
able landed property. 

Arrancar, v., to pull up, to 
snatch, to tear out, to draw out, 
to extract ; to carry oft' ; to 
start (horses, engines, etc.), to 
unsheath (a sword). Arran- 
cársele a uno el alma, to die 

Arranciarse, r.v., to grow rancid. 

Arrancharse, r.v., to mess together. 

Arranque, m., wrench, pull, tug, 
burst, start. — del caballo 
{or del tren), start of a horse 
(or of a train). 

Arras, fpl-, earnest money ; 
(Naut.) — de la bodega, ^vings 
of the hold. 

Arrasado, >«., silk stun', satin face ; 

Arrasado, a. or /)./>., razed, demol- 

Arrasamiento, m., demolition. 

Arrasar, v., to level, to make 
smooth, to raze, to destroy, to 
demolish, r.v., to clear up, to 
grow fine (weather), to fill with 

Arrastradero, »«., careening-place. 





Arrastrar, v., to creep, to crawl, 
to drag, to carry (or drag) away. 
— se, to crawl. 

Arrastre, m., dragging, haulage. 

Arrate, m., a pound of 16 ounces. 

Arrear, v., to drive horses, 
mules, etc. 

Arrebatado, a., rapid, violent, 
precipitate, rash, sudden ; 
carried away. 

Arrebatamiento, m., carrying 
away ; fury, rage, rapture, 

Arrebatar, v., to carry off, to 
take away by violence, to 
snatch, to seize. — se, to be 
led away by passion. 

Arrebato, m., surprise, start, sud- 
den burst or fit (of passion, etc.). 

Arrebol, m., rouge, cosmetic 

Arrebozarse, r.v., to muffle or 
wrap oneself up ; to swarm (bees, 

Arrebozo. See Rebozo. 

Arrebujar, v., to gather up, to 
throw together, to huddle. 

Arreciar, v., to increase. — se, 
to grow stronger (rain or 

Arrecife, m., causeway, road 
paved with stones; (Naut.) reef. 

Arrecirse, r.v., to be benumbed 
with cold. 

Arredrar, v., to terrify, to cause 
dread. — se, to be daunted. 

Arregazar, v., to truss, to turn up, 
to tuck up the skirts. 

Arreglado, a., regular, moderate ; 

Arreglador, m., surveyor, valuer, 
adjuster (of averages). 

Arreglar, v., to regulate, to ar- 
range, to compound, to settle, 
to adjust. — se, to conform to 
law. — se para, to manage (or 
arrange) to. 

Arreglo, m., rule, order, arrange- 
ment, settlement. Con — a, 
conformably, according to. Con 
■ — ■ al valor, ad valorem, accord- 
ing to value. 

Arremangado, a., lifted upward, 
turned up. 

Arremangar, v., to turn up, to 
tuck up (sleeves, trousers, etc.). 
— se, to be fully resolved. 

Arremeter, v., to assail, to attack. 

Arremetida, /., attack, assault. 

Arremolinar, v., to eddy. — se, to 
gather together, to form a 

Arrendador, m., landlord, tenant, 
lessee, holder, farmer. 

Arrendamiento, m., renting, let- 
ting or hiring, lease, lease-rent. 

Arrendar, i.v., to rent, to lease, to 
hire, to bridle a horse. 

Arrendatario, m., tenant farmer, 

Arreo, wz., dress, ornament, deco- 
ration. — s, appendages, trap- 
pings of a horse. 

Arrepentimiento, m., repentance, 

Arrepentirse (de), i.r.v., to repent, 
to regret. 

Arrestado, a., intrepid, bold, auda- 
cious ; arrested. 

Arrestar, v., to arrest. — se, to 
be bold and enterprising. 

Arresto, m., spirit, boldness ; 
detention, arrest. 

Arriar, v. (Naut.), to lower, to 
strike. — la bandera, to strike 
the colours. — ■ un cabo, to 
pay out the cable. 

Arriba, adv., above, over, on top. 
— dicho, above mentioned. 
De — abajo, from top to bot- 
tom. — de 10 metros (Coll.), 
over 10 metres. Agua — , up 
the stream. De 60 pesetas — , 
(or para — ), upwards of 60 

Arribada, /. (Naut.), arrival of a 
vessel in port. Llegó de — 
(forzosa), she (a boat) put into 
port (through stress of weather) . 

Arribaje, m., arrival. 

Arribar, v., to arrive, (Naut.) to 
put into a harbour in distress. 

Arribo, m., arrival. — s, supplies. 





Arriendo, m., lease, rental. En — , 
on lease. 

Arriero, m., muleteer. 

Arriesgado, a., perilous, risky, 
daring, dangerous ; risked. 

Arriesgar, v., to risk, to stake, to 
hazard. — se, to dare, to ven- 
ture, to be exposed to danger. 

Arrimar, v., to approach, to draw 
near ; r.v., to join, to lean upon. 
— se al punto de la dificultad, 
to come to the point. 

Arrimo, m., joining, staff, crutch ; 
protection, help. 

Arrinconar, v., to put in a corner, 
to lay aside, to reject. 

Arriscado, a., forward, bold, auda- 
cious ; brisk, high-mettled 
(horse, etc.), broken (ground). 

Arriscar, v., to risk ; v.r., to be 
proud, haughty. 

Arrizar, v. (Naut.)^ to reef, to stow, 
to house. 

Arroba, /., Spanish weight of 25 
lbs., a quarter = 11.5 kilos; 
Spanish measure of 32 pints, 
about 4 gallons. 

Arrobamiento, m., rapture, ec- 
stasy, amazement, ravishment. 

Arrobar, v., to be in a state of 

Arrocero, m., rice-grower, rice- 

Arrodillar, v., to bend the knee. 
— se, to kneel. 

Arrogancia, /., arrogance. 

Arrogante, a., high-minded, arro- 
gant, haughty, stately. 

Arrogar, v., to arrogate, to claim. 
— se, to appropriate or to arro- 
gate to oneself. 

Arrojado, a. or p.p., rash, lorward, 
bold, intrepid ; thrown. 

Arrojar, v., to dart, to throw, to 
throw away, to hurl. — un 
saldo, to show a balance. 

Arrojo, m., boldness, intrepi- 

Arrollador, m., roller. 

Arrollar, v., to roll, to roll up; to 
run over. 

Arropado, a., mixed with must 
(wine) ; ropy. 

Arropar, v., to cover with clothes, 
to dress ; r.v., to cover oneself 

Arrope, m., a kind of syrup. 

Arrostrar, v., to encounter, to face. 

Arroyo, m., rivulet, current ; gut- 
ter of a street. 

Arroz, m., rice. 

Arruga, /., wrinkle, rumple, crease, 

Arrugar, y., to wrinkle, to crumple, 
to gather, to crease. — la fren- 
te, to knit the brow, to frown. 

Arruinar, v., to ruin, to crush, to 

Arrullar, v., to lull. 

Arrumaje, m., stowage. 

Arrumar, v. (Naut.), to stow the 

Arrumbador, m., stower, packer ; 

Arrumbar, v., to stow ; to steer. 

Arsenal, m., dockyard, shipyard, 

Arte, m. & /., art. No tener — 
ni parte en alguna cosa, to have 
had nothing to do with an 
affair. ■ — s mecánicas, mechan- 
ical arts. Las bellas — s, the 
fine arts. 

Artefacto, m., manufacture. 

Arteria, /., artery. 

Artería, /., artifice. 

Artesa, /., trough or bowl for 

Artesano, m., artisan, artificer. 

Artesón, m., kitchen trough ; 
panelled ceiling. — de lavar, 

Artesonado, m., panelling. 

Ártico, a., arctic, northern. 

Articulación, /., articulation, joint. 

Articular, v., to articulate. 

Artículo, m., article, line. Estar 
en el — de la muerte, to be on 
the point of death. — de fondo, 
(newspaper) leader, leading ar- 

Artifice, m., artificer, artisan. 





Artíñcial, a., artificial. Fuegos 
■ — es, fireworks. 

Artificio, ni., artifice. 

Artillería, /., artillery, gunnery. 

Artillero, m., gunner, artillery- 

Artimaña, /., trap, snare, strata- 

Artimóii, m. (Naut.), mizzen- 

Artista, m., artist, artisan. 

Arzobispo, m., archbishop. 

Arzón, «/., fore and hind bow of a 

As, tn., ace (at cards). 

Asa, /., handle, haft, hold. - — 
fétida, asafoetida, a gum resin. 
Amigo del — , bosom friend. 
En — s, akimbo. 

Asado, a. or p.p., roasted ; m., 
roast ; roast meat. Carne asada, 
roast meat. 

Asador, m., spit. — de vuelta, 
Dutch oven. 

Asalariar, v., to give a fixed 

Asaltar, v., to assault, to attack. 

Asalto, m., assault, attack. 

Asamblea, /., assembly, meeting, 

Asar, f., to roast. 

Asargado, a., serge-like ; twilled. 

Asbesto, m., asbestos. 

Ascendente, part., ascending ; up ; 
m., ascendant. 

Ascender, i.v., to ascend, to rise, 
to be promoted ; to raise, to 
promote. — a, to amount to. 

Ascensión, /., ascension, ascent, 

Ascenso, m., rise, promotion. 

Ascensor, m., lift, elevator. 

Asco, m., disgust, nausea. 

Ascua, /., red-hot coal. Estar en 
• — s, to be on thorns. 

Asear, v., to set off, to adorn. 

Asediar, v., to besiege. 

Asedio, m., siege. 

Aseguración, /., insurance, assur- 

Asegurable, a., insurable. 

Asegurado, a., insured ; m., 
insured party. 

Asegurador, m., insurer, under- 
writer ; a., insuring, insurance. 
Casa {or Compañía) asegura- 
dora, insurance company. 

Asegurar, v., to insure, to assure, 
to secure, to ensure ; to fasten, 
to fix. — se de, to ascertain, 
to make sure of. — - contra 
incendio, to insure against fire. 
— contra los riesgos marítimos, 
to insure against sea-risks. 

Asemejar, v., to assimilate, to 
resemble ; r.v., to resemble. 

Asenso, m., a.ssent, consent. 

Asentador, m., razor-strop. 

Asentar, i.v., to seat, to suppose, 
to affirm, to adjust, to note, to 
register, to post, to book, to 
enter. — al crédito de, to pass 
to one's credit. 

Asentimiento, m., assent. 

Asentir, i.v., to assent, to ac- 
quiesce, to yield. 

Asentista, m., contractor. 

Aseo, m., cleanliness, neatness. 

Asequible, a., attainable, obtain- 

Aserción, /., assertion. 

Aserradero, m., sawpit. 

Aserrado, a., serrated, sawn. 

Aserrador, m., sawyer. 

Aserradura, /., sawing. — s, 

Aserrar, i.v., to saw. 

Aserrín, m., sawdust. 

Asertivo, a., assertive. 

Aserto, m., assertion. 

Asesor, m., counsellor, adviser, 

Asesorarse, r.v., to take the 
assistance of counsel. 

Asestar, i.v., to aim, to point, to 

Aseverar, v., to asseverate, to 
affirm, to assure. 

Asfalto, m., asphaltum, asphalt. 

Así, adv., so, thus, in this manner ; 

therefore, so that. , so-so, 

middling. — que. as soon as. 





— como — , no matter, anyhow. 

— me estoy, it makes no 
difterence to me. 

Asido, a., seized, grasped, fast- 
ened, tied. 

Asiduidad, /., assiduity. 

Asiduo, a., assiduous. 

Asiento, m., seat, chair ; entry 
(in books). — s, books. Tomar 
— , to take a seat. — principal, 
head office. 

Asignación, /., assignation, distri- 

Asignar, w., to assign. 

Asignatura, /., course of instruc- 
tion, subject. 

Asilo, m., asylum. 

Asimilar, v., to resemble, to be 
like ; to assimilate. 

Asimismo, a., just as, likewise, 
exactly so. 

Asir, i.v., to grasp or seize. — se de, 
to grasp, to avail oneself of. 

Asistencia, /., assistance, presence, 

Asistente, p.a., m., assistant ser- 
vant, orderly. 

Asistir, v., to be present, to assist, 
to attend. 

Asno, m., ass. 

Asociación, /., association, co- 
partnership, company. 

Asociado, a., in partnership, asso- 
ciated ; m., associate, part- 
ner, member. 

Asociar, v., to associate, to take 
into partnership ; r.v., to asso- 
ciate with another, to form a 

Asolar, i.v., to level, to destroy, 
to lay waste. 

Asolear, v., to sun. — se, to be 

Asomar, v., to begin to appear, to 
become visible, to loom ; to 
show, to display ; r.v., to show 
oneself (at a window, etc.). 

Asombrar, v., to frighten, to 
amaze, to astonish. 

Asombro, m., amazement, aston- 
ishment, fear. 

Asombroso, a., wonderful, aston- 
ishing, astounding. 

Asomo, m., mark, sign, indication ; 
supposition. Ni por — , not in 
the least, by no means. 

Aspa, /., cross, reel (yarn) ; wing 
(of a windmill). 

Aspar, v., to reel. 

Aspecto, m., aspect, appearance, 
sight, look. A (or al) primer — , 
at first sight, at the first 

Aspereza, /., asperity, harshness, 

Áspero, a., rough, harsh, severe. 

Asperón, m., sand-stone. 

Aspiración, /., aspiration ; suction. 

Aspirante, m., aspirant. See 

Aspirar, v., to inspire the air, to 

Asta, /., lance; horn (of animals). 

Asterisco, m., asterisk. 

Astilla, /., chip, splinter. Hacer 
— s, to smash to splinters. 

Astillero, m., dockyard, timber- 
yard, ship-yard. — de con- 
strucción, shipAvright's yard, 

Astro, m., star, heavenly body. 

Astucia, /., cunning, craft, slyness, 

Astuto, a., cunning, sly, crafty. 

Asueto, ni., holiday, vacation. 

Asumir, v., to assume. 

Asunción, /., assumption. 

Asunto, m., subject, matter, affair, 
business. Sobre este — , on this 
matter. — s, effects, business, 

Asustar, v., to frighten, to terrify. 
— se de, to be frightened by. 

Atacado, a., irresolute, close, 

Atacar, w., to attack, to assault, to 
fit clothes tight to the body. 

Atadero, m., cord or rope. 

Atado, ni., bundle, parcel, bunch ; 
p.p., tied. 

Atajar, v., to take a short cut ; to 
intercept, to stop. — - la tierra. 





to reconnoitre the ground. 

— se, to be confounded with 

Atajo, m., short cut. No hay — 

sin trabajo, no gains without 

pains. SaUr al — -, to interrupt, 

to cut in. 
Atalajar, v., to harness. 
Atalaje, m., harness. 
Atalaya, /., watch-tower ; m., 

guard of a watch-tower. 
Atañer, v. imp., to appertain, to 

belong, to concern. Que atañe 

a, concerning. 
Ataque, m., attack, fit. 
Atar, v., to tie, to fasten, to bind. 

— -se a la letra, to stick to the 

letter of the text. 
Ataracea, /., inlaid-work. 
Ataracear, v., to inlay. 
Atareado, a., busied, occupied. 

— de trabajo (de pedidos), full 

up with work (orders). 
Atarear, v., to task, to give a task. 

— se, to work very hard, to 

overwork oneself. 
Atasajar, v., to cut meat into 

pieces and dry it in the sun. 
Atascado, a., stopped up, over- 
whelmed. — - de pedidos, full of 

Atascamiento, >n., congestion. 
Atascar, ü. (Naut.), to stop a leak, 

to make difficult ; r.v., to get 

stopped up, to be stuck. 
Ataúd, m., coffin. 
Ataviado, a., ornamented, decora- 
Ataviar, v., to dress out, to trim, 

to adorn. 
Atavío, m., dress, ornament, 

Ateísmo, m., atheism. 
Ateísta, m., atheist. 
Atemorizar, v., to terrify, to daunt. 
Atemperar, v., to temper (metals, 

etc.), to soften, to modify. 
Atención, /., attention, kindness. 

En — a, considering, in con- 
sideration of. 
Atender, i.v., to attend, to look 

after. — a sus necesidades, to 

meet one's requirements. 
Ateneo, m., athenaeum. 
Atener, i.u., to observe. — se a, to 

take into account, to abide by, 

to adhere to. No saber a qué 

atenerse, not to know how to 

act, which way to turn, what 

to do. 
Atenta, /., letter. Su — , your 

Atentado, a., discreet, moderate ; 

m., attempt, offence. 
Atentamente, adv., attentively, 

Atentar, i>., to attempt (a crime), 

to try. 
Atento, a., attentive, polite. — a, 

attentive to. — con, kind or 

considerate towards. 

, attenuation, 
attenuating, exten- 

to attenuate, to 

Atenuación, /. 
Atenuante, a., 


Atenuar, v., 

Aterido, a. stiff with cold. 

Aterirse, >'.w., to grow stiff with cold. 

Aterrador, a., terrible, frightful. 

Aterramiento, m., landing, land- 

Aterrar, i'.i;., to pull down, to des- 
troy; to terrify. — se (Naut.), 
to stand inshore, to get near 
the land. 

Aterrizar, v., to alight, to descend, 
to land. 

Atesorar, v., to hoard up riches, 
to treasure. 

Atestación, /., attestation, testi- 
mony, evidence. 

Atestado, a., attested, witnessed ; 
full, crammed, overstocked. — - 
de, packed (or crowded) with. 

Atestados,, certificates, tes- 

Atestar, i.i;., to cram, to stuff, to 
crowd ; to attest, to testify, to 
witness, to certify. 

Atestiguar, v., to depose, to wit- 
ness, to attest, to vouch for, to 
bear testimony. — con alguno. 





to cite or summon one as a 

Atesto, m., certificate, paper. 
Átieo, a., attic, elegant. Testigo 

— , irrefragable witness. 
Atildar, v., to put a dash or stroke 

over a letter, to censure ; to 

deck, to adorn. 
Atinadamente, adv., judiciously, 

Atinar, v., to touch the mark, to 

hit upon. 
Atisbar, v., to scrutinise, to pry, 

to peep. 
Atizar, f., to stir or poke the ñre ; 

to stir up or incite. 
Atizonar, v., to join bricks and 

stones together. ■ — se, to be 

smutted (applied to grain). 
Atlas, m., atlas. 
Atleta, m., athlete. 
Atlético, a., athletic. 
Atmósfera, /., atmosphere. 
Atoaje, m., towage. 
Atoar, v., to tow. 
Atolladero, m., deep miry place, 

quagmire ; obstacle, impedi- 
ment. Dejar en el — , to leave 

one in the lurch. 
Atolondrado, a., hair-brained, 

Atolondrar, v., to stun, to stupefy. 
Átomo, m., atom. 
Atónito, a., astonished, amazed. 
Atontar, v., to stun, to stupefy. 
Atormentar, v., to torment, to 

tease, to vex. 
Atracar, v. (Naut.), to overtake 

another ship ; to cram, to glut. 

— se, to stuff oneself with food, 

etc. ■ — se al costado (Naut.), 

to come alongside of a ship. 
Atracción, /., attraction. 
Atractivo, a., attractive ; m., 

attraction, charm. 
Atraer, i.v., to attract, to allure. 
Atrancar, t;., to bar a door. 
Atrapar, v., to overtake, to catch. 
Atrás, adv., backwards, past. 

Dos días — , two days back 

(or ago). Hacerse — , to fall 

back. Quedarse — , to remain 
behind. Volverse — , to retract, 
to go back on one's word. 

Atrasado, a., delayed, late, over- 
due, in arrear. — • de medios, 
short of means. 

Atrasados, m.pL, arrears. 

Atrasar, v., to retard, to postpone, 
to leave in arrear. ■ — se, to 
remain behind, to be in debt. 

Atraso, m., backwardness, delay. 
— -s, arrears. 

Atravesado, a., oblique, crossed. 

Atravesaño, m., cross-timber, 

Atravesar, i.v., to cross, to pass 
over, to run over, to traverse, 
to lay a beam athwart a place ; 
■ — por, to undergo, to go 
through, to weather, to experi- 

Atreverse, r.v. (a), to dare, to 

Atrevidamente, adv., daringlv, 

Atrevido, a., bold, audacious, 
daring, forward. 

Atrevimiento, m., boldness, dar- 
ing, confidence. 

Atribuir, i.v., to attribute, to 

Atributo, m., attribute, quality, 

Atril, m., reading-desk, music- 
stand or holder, rest. 

Atrio, m., porch, portico. 

Atrocidad, /., atrocity. 

Atropar, v., to assemble in groups. 

Atropellado, a., precipitate ; tram- 
pled upon. 

Atrepellar, v., to trample, to run 
over. — las leyes, to act in 
defiance of the laws, to outrage 
the laws. 

Atropello, m., upset, running- 
over ; outrage. 

Atroz, a., atrocious, cruel, out- 
rageous, enormous. 

Atrozmente, adv., atrociously. 

Atufar, v., to vex, to plague. — ^se, 
to be angrj'. 




[A va 

Atún, m., tunny-fish. Pedazo 
de ■ — ; stupid fellow. Por — y 
ver al duque, to kill two birds 
with one stone. 

Aturdido, a., hare-brained, wild, 
stupid ; stupefied. 

Aturdimiento, in., perturbation of 
mind, consternation. 

Aturdir, v., to perturb, to stupefy, 
to confuse, to stun. — se, to be 
out of one's wits. 

Audacia, /., audacity. 

Audaz, a., audacious, bold. 

Audiencia, /., audience, hearing. 

Auditor, m., auditor, hearer, judge. 

Auditorio, m., auditory, audience. 

Auge, m., meridian. Estar en su 
— , to be at its highest point. 

Augurar, v., to augur. 

Aula, /., hall, lecture-class. 

Aumentación, /., augmentation, 

Aumentar, v., to augment, to 
increase, to advance, to enlarge. 
— se, to increase. 

Aumento, m., augmentation, ad- 
vance, increase. Ir en — , to 
be on the increase. — s, promo- 
tion, advancement. 

Aun, adv., yet, still, nevertheless ; 
even. Y — , nay. — que, 
though, notwithstanding. 

Aunar, v., to unite. 

Áureo, a., golden. 

Auriga, m., coachman, charioteer. 

Aurora, /., aurora, dawn. — bo- 
real, aurora borealis, or north- 
ern lights. 

Ausencia, /., absence. 

Ausentarse, r.v., to absent oneself. 

Ausente, a., absent. 

Auspicio, m., auspice. Bajo los 
— s, under the auspices, at the 

Auténtica, /., attestation, certifi- 

Autenticar, v., to authenticate. 

Autenticidad, /., authenticity. 

Auténtico, a., authentic, genuine. 

Auto, m., act, judicial decree, 
legal document, writ, warrant. 

— de fe, sentence given by the 
Inquisition. — s, judicial pro- 
ceedings. Estar en — s, to know 
well, (Coll.) to be in the know. 
El día de — s, the day in ques- 
tion. — • de prisión, warrant. 

Autobús, m., motor-bus. 

Autocracia, /., autocracy. 

Autócrata, m., autocrat. 

Autógrafo, m., autograph. 

Autómata, m., automaton. 

Automático, a., automatic. 

Automóvil, m., automobile, motor- 

Autonomía, /., autonomy, home 

Autopiano, m., autopiano, pianola. 

Autopsia, /., autopsy, post-mor- 
tem examination. 

Autor, m., author. 

Autoridad, /., authority. 

Autoritativo, a., authoritative, 

Autorización, /., authorisation, 

Autorizar, v. (a or para), to 

Auxiliar, v., to aid, to help. 

Auxiliar, a., auxiliary; m., 

Auxilio, m., aid, help, assistance. 

Aval, m., security (for bill of 
exchange), guarantee, endorse- 
ment (of exchange). 

Avalancha. See Alud. 

Avalorar, v., to estimate, to 
appraise, to value. 

Avaluación, /., valuation, assess- 

Avaluador, ni., appraiser. 

Avaluar, v., to appraise, to esti- 
mate, to value. 

Avalúo, m., appraisement, valua- 
tion, estimate. 

Avance, m., advance, balance in 
one's favour. 

Avanzado, a., advanced, onward. 

— de edad, advanced in years. 
Avanzar, v., to advance, to come 

forward ; to push forward. 
Avanzo. See Avance. 





Avaricia, /., avarice. 

Avariento, a., avaricious, miserly. 

Avaro, m., miser. 

Avasallador, a., predominating. 

Avasallar, v., to subdue, to domi- 

Ave, /., bird, fowl. 

Avecinarse, r.v., to come near, to 

Avellana, /., filbert, hazel-nut. 

Avellanado, a., nut-brown. 

Avellano, m., hazel-nut tree, fil- 

Avena, /., oats. — silvestre, \Á\á 
oat. Harina de — , oatmeal. 

Avenencia, /., agreement, com- 
pact, composition, bargain. 

Avenida, /., avenue. 

Avenido, a. agreed. 

Avenir, i.v., to accommodate, to 
reconcile. ■ — se (a), to agree, to 
unite, to come together, to 
consent, to accommodate one- 
self (to). 

Aventador, m., fanner, winnower. 

Aventajado, a., advantageous, pro- 
fitable, convenient, excellent. 

Aventajar, v., to acquire, to cut 
out, to surpass, to excel. 

Aventar, Í. I'., to move, to blow, to 
fan, to winnow. — se, to be 
filled with wdnd, to escape. 

Aventura, /., adventure, event, 
chance ; venture. 

Aventurado, a., ventured, pre- 
sumptuous. Bien — , fortunate. 
Mai — , unfortunate. 

Aventurar, v., to venture, to risk, 
to hazard. Quien no se aven- 
tura, no pasa la mar, nothing 
venture, nothing win. 

Aventurero, m., adventurer. 

Avergonzar, i.v., to shame. — se, 
to be ashamed. 

Avería, /., average, damage to 
goods. — gruesa {or común), 
general average. • — particular 
(or simple), particular average. 
— ordinaria, usual average. 
Tener — de tierra, to be country- 

damaged. Franco de — , free 
of average. 

Averiado, a., averaged, damaged. 

Averiarse, r.v., to become damaged. 

Averiguación, /., investigation. 
— - judicial, judicial inquiry, 

Averiguar, v., to inquire, to inves- 
tigate, to ascertain, to look into. 
— se con alguno, to bring one to 

Aversión, /., aversion, dislike. 

Avestruz, m., ostrich. 

Anación, /., aviation. 

Aviador, m., aviator, provider. 

Aviar, v., to provide pro\ásions, to 
accoutre. — se, to get ready, 
to prepare oneself. 

Avidez, /., covetousness, avidity. 

Avieso, a., fortuitous, irregular. 

Avigorar, v., to invigorate, to 
animate, to revive. 

Avío, m., preparation, provision. 

Avión, m., airman. 

Avisado, a., prudent, cautious, 
skilful ; informed, advised. 

Avisar, v., to inform, to advise, to 
acquaint, to warn. 

Aviso, m., advice, information, 
communication, warning, no- 
tice, hint ; (Naut.) advice-boat. 
Estar {or andar) sobre ■ — , to be 
on one's guard. Dar — , to give 
notice. Plazo de — acostum- 
brado, usual notice. 

Avispa, /., wasp. 

Avispero, m., wasps' nest. 

Avispón, m., hornet. 

Avistar, v., to descry, to see far off. 
— se con, to have an interview 
with, to go to see someone. 

Avituallamiento, m., victualling. 

Avituallar, v., to victual. 

Avivar, w., to quicken, to enliven, 
to hasten ; to revive, to cheer 
up. — el paso, to hasten the 

Axioma, nt., axiom, maxim. 

Aya, /., governess. 

Ayer, adv., j-esterday. De — acá, 
since yeste rday. 





Ayo, ni., tutor, teacher. 

Ayuda, /., help, aid, assistance. 
— de cámara, valet-de-chambre. 

Ayudante, m. (Mil.), adjutant ; 
aide-de-camp ; assistant. 

Ayudar, v., to aid, to help, to 

Ayunar, v., to fast. 

Ayunas, en, adv., fasting. Quedar 
en — , to be ignorant of an 

Ayuno, m., fast, abstinence ; 
a., fasting. Estoy — ■, I am 
(still) fasting ; I am ignorant 
of the affair. 

Ayuntamiento, m., municipal go- 
vernment. Casa de — , town- 

Ayustar, to bend, to splice. 

Azabache, m., jet. 

Azada, /., spade, hoe. 

Azadón, m., pickaxe, hoe. 

Azafrán, m., saffron. 

Azahar, m., orange (or lemon) 

Azar, w., hazard, chance. Al — , 
at random. 

Azarcón, m., red lead. 

Azargado (S. A.). See Asargado. 

Azaroso, a., unlucky, unfortunate. 

Azogado, a., restless, trembling. 

Azogar, v., to overlay with quick- 
silver, to coat a mirror. — se, 
to be in a state of agitation. 

Azogue, m., mercury, quick- 

Ázoe, m., azote or nitrogen. 

Azoico, a., nitric. 

Azoraiuiento, m., trepidation, con- 

Azorar, v., to terrify, to confound. 
— se, to be restless. 

Azotar, v., to whip, to lash. 

Azote, m., whip, lash. 

Azotea, /., flat roof, platform, 

Azúcar, m., sugar. — de pilón, 
loaf sugar. — quebrado, yellow 
or brown sugar. — terciado 
[or moreno), brown sugar. — en 
panes, loaf sugar, — en 

terrones, lump sugar. — prieto 
{or negro), coarse brown sugar. 

— bruto, raw (or moist) sugar. 

— piedra {or cande), sugar- 
candy. — de remolacha, beet- 
root sugar. — en polvo, castor 
sugar. — refinado {or refino), 
refined sugar. — ■ mascabado, 
coarse (or inferior) sugar. 

Azucarar, v., to sugar, to sweeten. 

Azucarero, m., sugar-basin, sugar- 

Azucena, /., white lily. 

Azuela, /., adze. 

Azuire, m., sulphur. 

Azul, a., blue ; m., lapis lazuli : 
a mineral. — celeste, sky-blue. 
— • de Prusia, Prussian blue. 
— ■ subido, bright blue. — 
turquí, Turkish or deep blue. 

Azulado, a., bluish. — claro, 

Azulejo, m., glazed tile, Dutch 

Azulino, a., bluish. 

Azumbre, /., measure of liquids, 
containing about half an 
English gallon, 2 litres. 

Babor, m. (Naut,), larboard. 

Babucha, /., a kind of slipper. 

Bacalao, m., Aceite de 
hígado de — •, cod-liver oil. 

Bachiller, m., bachelor (degree). 

Bacía, a., metal basin, wash-pot. 

Bacín, m., basin. 

Bacina {or Bacinica), /. See Orinal. 

Báculo, m., walking-stick, staff. 

Badana, /., dressed sheep-skin. 
Zurrar la — , to dress a sheep- 
skin ; (Fig.) to give one a 

Badila, /., fire-shovel. 

Bagaje, m., baggage, luggage. 

Bagatela, /., bagatelle, trifle. 

Bahía, /., bay. 

Bailador, m., dancer. 

Bailar, v., to dance. — el agua 
delante, to dance attendance. 

Bailarín, m., dancer. 





Baile, "?., ball, dance. 

Bajá, ni., pasha, bashaw. 

Baja, /., íall, depreciation, dimi- 
nution in price ; (Mil.) admis- 
sion to a hospital. — s (Mil.), 

Bajado, a., descended, fallen, 

Bajamar, /., low tide, low water. 

Bajar, v., to fall, to decline, to 
descend, to go down, to lessen, 
to diminish, to drop ; to lower, 
to reduce ; r.v., to lessen. 

Bajel, m., A'essel. 

Bajeza, /., lowness, meanness. 

Bajista, m., bear, broker who 
speculates on the fall of prices 
or stocks. 

Bajo, a., low, base, dull (colour) ; 
adv., under, below ; m., bass. 
Cuarto — , ground floor. Por lo 
— , in a prudent manner. • — 
mano, underhand, secretly. — 
sobre cerrado, under sealed 
cover. — relieve, bas-relief. 

Bajuno, a., \ile, low. 

Bala, /., ball, bullet, shot ; bale. 
■ — -s de metralla, grape-shot. 

Baladi, a., trifling. 

Balance, m., balance, balance- 
sheet. — de comercio, balance 
of trade. 

Balancear, v., to balance ; to 
weigh, to examine ; to settle 

Balancín, m., balance-beam 

Balandra, /., sloop. 

Balandro, m., yacht. 

Balanza, /., scale, balance, pair of 

Balaustrada, /., balustrade, stair- 

Balaustre, m., baluster, head -rail. 

Balazo, m., shot, ball. 

Balcón, m., balcony. 

Baldar, v., to cripple, to overcome. 

Balde, m., bucket. De — , gratis. 
En — , in vain. 

Baldío, a., uncultivated, unfilled, 
waste (land, etc.). 

Baldosa, /., slab, square tile, flag- 
stone, paving-stone. 

Balduque, m., narrow red-tape. 

Baleta, /., small bale of goods. 

Balija. See Valija. 

Ballena, /., whale, whalebone ; 
train oil. 

Ballenera, /., whaler, whale-boat. 

Ballestero, m., archer, cross- 

Balneario, a., bathing, pertaining 
to baths or bathing ; m., 
health resort, watering-place. 

Balompié, w., football. 

Balón, m., football ; large bale 
(of goods). 

Balsa, /., pool, lake ; raft, float. 
Estar como una — de aceite, 
to be as calm as a mill pond. 

Balsámico, a., balsamic, balmy. 

Bálsamo, w., balsam, balm. 

Baluarte, m., bastion, bulwark, 

Bambolear, v., to reel, to totter. 

Bamboleo, m., reeling, staggering. 

Bambú, m., bamboo, bamboo- 

Banasta, /., basket. 

Banasto, tn., large basket. 

Banca, /., form, bench ; broker- 
age, bank. Casa de — , banking 
house. Negocios de — -, banking, 
banking business. 

Bancario, a., banking. Casa ban- 
caria, banking house. 

Bancarrota, /., bankruptcy, fail- 

Bancaza, /. {oy Bancazo, m.), 
bench, bed-plate. 

Banco, m., bench, form ; bank. 

— de ahorros, savings bank. 

— por acciones, joint- stock 
bank. — de arena, sand bank. 

— de hielo, field of ice, iceberg. 
Razón de pie de — , absurd 

Banda, /., band, sash, scarf ; band 

(of music). 
Bandada, /., covey, flock of birds. 
Bandazo, m., rolling (of a ship). 
Bandeja, /., tray. 





Bandera, /., banner, standard, flag, 
ensign, colours. Arriar la — , to 
strike the colours. Salir con — s 
desplegadas, to come off with 
flying colours. Bajo — neutral, 
under neutral colours. 
Bandido, m., bandit. 
Bando, m., proclamation, edict, 

Bandola, /., jury-mast. 
Bandolero, m., highwayman, rob- 
Banquero, m., banker. 
Banqueta, /., stool. 
Banquete, m., banquet. 
Bañadero, m., bathing place. 
Bañar, v., to water, to bathe ; 
r.v., to take the waters, to bathe. 
Bañera, /., bath ; bath-tub. 
Baño, m., bath, bathing ; coat 
(of paint or varnish). Tomar 
los — s, to take the waters. 
Bao, m, (Naut.), beam. 
Baqueta, /., ramrod, switch. 
Baraja, /., pack of cards. Meterse 

en — ^s, to seek a quarrel. 
Barajar, v., to shuffle the cards ; 

to jumble. 
Baranda, /., railing of timber, 

iron, etc. 
Barata,/. (Coll.), barter, exchange. 

See Baratura. 
Baratar, v., to barter, to undersell. 
Baratear, v., to cheapen, to sell 

Baratería, /., barratry, fraud, 

Baratillero, m., pedlar. 
Baratillo, m., cheap store. 
Baratista, m., barterer. 
Barato, a., cheap. De — , gratis ; 
easy. Dar de — , to concede 
readily, to give into the bargain, 
to agree for the sake of peace. 
Lo — es caro, the cheapest 
goods are dearest. 
Baratura, /., cheapness. 
Baraúnda, /., noise, hurly-burly. 
Barba, /., beard, chin. Tanto por 
— , so much a (or per) head, 
so much a piece. — a — , face 

to face. A la — , to one's face. 
- — s de ballena, whalebone. 
Hacer la — , to shave. Tener 
pocas — s, to be young or 
without experience. Hacerse 
la — , to shave oneself. 
Barbaridad, /., barbarity. 
Barbarie, /., barbarousness. 
Bárbaro, a., barbarous. 
Barbecho, m., fallow (land). 
Barbero, tn., barber. 

Barca, /., boat, bark. — pesquera, 

Barcada, /., boat-load. 

Barcaza, /., lighter, barge. 

Barco, m., boat, barge, lighter, 

Bardana, /., burdock, burr. 

Barita, /., baryta. 

Barlovento, m. (Naut.), weather- 
gauge, weather-side. 

Barniz, m., varnish, polish. 

Barnizar, v., to varnish, to gloss, 
to lacquer. 

Barómetro, m., barometer. 

Barquero, m., boatman, lighter- 
man, skipper. 

Barqueta, Barquilla, /., small boat. 

Barra, /., bar. A — s derechas, 
fairly. Estaño en — s, tin in 
bars. Pararse en — s, to be 

Barrena, /., auger, bit. 

Barrenar, v., to bore, to pierce, 
to drill ; to blast. 

Barrendero, m., sweeper, dustman. 

Barreno, m., auger ; blast-hole. 

Barrer, v., to sweep, to clean with 
a broom. Al — , on an average. 

Barrera, /., barrier. 

Barriada, /., suburb, ward. 

Barrica, /., keg, smaU barrel. 

Barriga, /., belly. 

Barril, m., barrel, hogshead. 

Barrilla, /., bar ; barilla. 

Barrio, m., district or ward, 

Barriquita, /., cask. 

Barrizal, m., clay-pit, mudhole. 

Barro, m., clay, mud ; (Fig.) 


2 (1696) 




money, lucre. Tener — a mano, 
to have money available. 

Barrote, m., iron bar. 

Barrotines,, carlines. 

Barruntar, v., to conjecture. 

Barrunto, m., conjecture. 

Basar, v., to base. — se en, to be 
based on. 

Báscula, /., lever, platform-scale. 

Base, /., base, basis. Sobre la — 
de, on the basis of. 

Bastante, a., sufficient, enough. 

Bastantemente, adv., sufficiently. 

Bastar, v., to be enough, to suffice. 
Basta, that is enough, that will 

Bastardilla, /., Italic type. De — , 
in italics. 

Bastidor, m., frame, sash, panel ; 
plate - holder ; embroidery- 

frame. — es, scenery (on the 
stage). Entre — es, behind the 

Bastilla, /., hem. 

Bastillar, i»., to hem. 

Bastimento, m., supply of pro- 
visions ; vessel. — s, provisions. 

Bastión, m., bastion. 

Basto, m., pack-saddle, ace of 
clubs ; a., coarse, unpolished ; 
home-spun. — s, clubs (at 

Bastón, m., cane, stick ; roller of 
a silk-frame. 

Basura, /., sweepings, filth, dung. 

Basurero, m., dust-man, crossing- 
sweeper, scavenger. 

Bata, /., gown, dressing-gown, 
wrapper. — de cama, night- 

Batalla, /., battle. Artículo de — , 
competing line. 

Batallar, v., to battle, to fight. 

Batallón, m., battalion. 

Batán, m., fulling-mill. 

Batea, /., tray. 

Batería, /., battery. — de cocina, 
kitchen furniture, kitchen uten- 

Batido, a., beaten ; changeable, 
shotj (colour). 

Batidor, m., scout, ranger, beatc:» 

— de cáñamo, hemp-dresser. 

— de oro, gold-beater. 
Batiente, m., jamb, post or leaf 

of a door. 

Batihoja, m., gold-beater. 

Batir, v., to beat, to dash. — el 
campo (Mil.), to reconnoitre the 
ground. — se, to fight. 

Batista, /., batiste, cambric, lawn. 

Batuta, /., conductor's baton. 

Baúl, m., trunk, chest. 

Bauprés, m. (Naut.), bowsprit. 

Bautismo, m., baptism. 

Bautizar, v., to baptise, to 
christen. — ■ el vino, to mix 
water with wine. 

Baya, /., berry. 

Bayeta, /., baize. — fina, swan- 
skin. — tajuela, Lancashire 

Bayetón, m., baize, coating. — 
común, coarse baize. — rayado, 
striped coating. 

Bayo, a., bay (colour of a horse). 

Bayoneta, /., iaayonet. — calada, 
fixed bayonet. 

Baza, /., trick at cards. No dejar 
meter — , not to allow one to 
put in a word. 

Bazar, m., bazaar. 

Bazo, a., brown. Pan — , brown 

Beato, a., happy, blessed. 

Bebedero, m., drinking - vessel, 

Bebedero, Bebedizo, a., potable, 

Bebedor, m., drinker, toper. 

Beber, v., to drink. — como una 
cuba, to drink like a fish. — 
los aires (por), to desire ar- 
dently, to long for. 

Bebida, /., drink, drinking, bever- 

Beca, /., tipper, fellow or member 
of a college. — de merced, 

Becada, /., woodcock. 

Becerrillo, m., calf leather, calf- 





Becerro, m., a yearling calf ; calf 
leather, calf-skin. — marino, 
sea-calf, seal. 

Bedel, m., beadle, warden. 

Befa, /., jeer, taunt. 

Befar, v., to mock, to scoff, to 

Behetría, /., confusion, disorder. 

Beldad, /., beauty. Una — , a 
beauty, a beautiful woman. 

Bélico, a., warlike, martial. 

Belicoso, a., warlike, military, 

Beligerante, a., belliger- nt. 

Bellaco, m., rogue, knave, villain. 

Belladama, Belladona, /. (Bot.), 
deadly nightshade, belladonna. 

Bellaquería, /., knavery, roguery. 

Belleza, /., beauty, fairness. 

Bello, a., beautiful, handsome. 
De su bella gracia, of one's own 

Bellota, /., acorn. 

Bencina, /., benzine. 

Beneflciar, v., to benefit. 

Beneficiario, m., beneficiary. 

Beneficio, m., benefit, favour ; 
utilit^^ profit. No tener oficio 
ni — , to have neither profession 
nor property. — bruto, neto, 
gross, clear profit. 

Beneficioso, a., beneficial, advan- 
tageous, profitable. 

Benemérito, a., meritorious, wor- 
thy. La benemérita, name 
given to the Spanish police or 
civil guards. 

Beneplácito, m., approbation, good 
will, consent. 

Benevolencia, /., benevolence, 

Benévolo, a., benevolent, kind. 

Bengala, /., cane. 

Benignidad, /., benignity, kind- 

Benigno, a., benign, kind, cour- 

Benjuí, m., benzoin. 

Beodo, a., drunk, drunken. 

Berengenal, m., a difficulty. 

Bergantín, m., brig, brigantine. 

Berlina, /., landau, wagonette. 

Bermejizo, a., reddish. 

Bermejo, a., bright reddish colour. 

Bermellón, in., vermilion. 

Berrinche, m., anger, rage, passion, 

Berro, m., water-cress. — s, cress. 

Berza, /., cabbage. — lombarda, 
red cabbage. 

Bestia, /., beast ; idiot, ill-bred 

Besugo, m., sea-bream, fish. 

Betún, m., bitumen, cement, shoe- 
blacking, wax, polish. — ■ 
francés, French polish. 

Biblia, /., Bible. 

Biblioteca, /., library. 

Bibliotecario, m., librarian. 

Bicarbonato, m., bicarbonate. — 
de sosa, bicarbonate of soda. 

Bichero, m., boat-hook. 

Bicho, m., insect or grub. 

Bicicleta, /., bicycle. 

Biciclista, m. & /., bicyclist, 

Biela, /., brace strut ; axle-tree, 

Bieldo, m., winnowing-fork. 

Bien, m., goodness, utility, wel- 
fare, good. — es, property, 
goods. — es muebles, goods, 
personal estate. • — ■ raíces, lan- 
ded property. — social, part- 
nership funds. 

Bien, adv., well, right ; easily ; 
very. • — • que, although. No — 
había venido, no sooner had he 
come. Ahora — -, now ; well 
now. — • está, very well, all 
right. Más — , rather, sooner. 
Tener a — -, to be good (or kind) 
enough. — dice esto, — dice 
eso, whether he says this or 
whether he says that. Si — , 

Bienandanza, /., prosperity, 

Bienestar, m., well-being. 

Bienhechor, m., benefactor. 

Bienio, m., term or space of two 





Bienvenida, /., welcome. 

Biftec, m., beef steak. 

Bifurcación, /., branch. 

Bifurcamiento, m., branch, junc- 

Bifurcarse, r.v., to branch off. 

Bigornia, /., anvil. 

Bigote, m., moustache, whisker. 

Billete, m., note, label, ticket, bill. 
- — • de banco, bank note. — - de 
ida y vuelta, return ticket. 
— de favor, pass. — sencillo, 
single ticket. — de estación, 
season ticket. — del Tesoro, 
treasury note. — directo, 
through ticket. 

Bimestre, a., of two months' 

Binóculo, m., binocle. 

Binocular, a., binocular, having 
two eyes. 

Biografía, /., biography. 

Biombo, >«., screen. 

Bípedo, m., biped. 

Biplano, m., biplane. 

Birlocho, m., open carriage, wagon- 

Birrete, m., cap. 

Bisabuelo, tn., great grandfather. 

Bisagra, /., hinge. 

Bisiesto. See Año. 

Bismuto, m., bismuth. 

Bisoño, a., raw, undisciplined ; 

Bisturí, tn., surgical instrument. 

Bisutería, /., jewellery. 

Bitácora,/. (Naut.), binnacle. Cua- 
derno de ■ — , log book. 

Bitas, (Xaut.), bits. 

Bivalvo, a., bivalve. 

Bizarría, /., gallantry, mettle, 

Bizarro, m., gallant, brave, liberal, 

Bizcocho, m., biscuit, fancy bis- 

Biznieto, m., great grandson. 

Blanca, /., copper coin of small 
value ; mite. 

Blanco, a., white ; m., target, 
mark, object ; blank. — • de 

estuco, stucco whiting. En — , 
in blank, blank. No hacer — , 
to miss, not to take effect. Dar 
en el — ,to hit the mark. De 
punta en — , point blank. — de 
ballena, spermaceti. - — ■ de 
plomo, white lead. — de 
España, Spanish white, whiten- 
ing. — de cine, zinc white. 
• — de Meudon, French chalk. 

Blancor, m., blancura, /., white- 

Blandamente, adv., softly, mildly. 

Blandear, v., to soften, to make 
mild ; to brandish, to flourish. 

Blandir, v., to brandish, to flourish 
a sword. 

Blando, a., soft, pliant, mild, 

Blandón, m., taper. 

Blandura, /., softness, mildness. 

Blanqueador, m., bleacher. 

Blanqueadura, /., whitening, 

Blanquear, v., to bleach, to whiten ; 
to whitewash. 

Blanqueo, m., bleaching, whiten- 
ing, whitewash. 

Blanquizco, a., whitish. 

Blasfemar, v., to blaspheme, to 

Blasfemia, /., blaspheming, blas- 

Blasón, m., heraldry, honour, 

Blasonar, v., to blazon, to boast. 

Bledo, m., straw, rush. No me 
importa {or no se me da) un — , 
I don't care a straw. No vale 
un — , it is not worth a rap. 

Blindado, a. & m., iron-clad, 
armoured. Tren — , an ar- 
moured train. 

Blindaje, m., blind, armour-plate. 

Blindar, v., to armour, to apply 
plates of armour. 

Blonda, /., blond lace, silk lace. 
Cortina de — , lace curtain. 

Blondo, a., flaxen, fair, light. 

Bloque, m., block. 

Bloquear, v., to blockade. 





Bloqueo, m., blockade. 

Blusa, /., blouse. 

Boato, m., ostentation, pompous 
show ; shout of acclamation. 

Bobamente, adv., foolishly, stu- 

Boberia, /., foolish speech or 

Bóbisis, adv. De — — (Coll.), 
without pains or merit. 

Bobina, /., bobbin. 

Bobo, m., fool, dolt, booby. 

Boca, /., mouth, muzzle ; opening. 
— , de la escotilla, hatchway. 
Andar de — en — , to be the 
talk of the town. Tapar a uno 
la — , to stop one's mouth. 
A — de jarro, point blank, 
suddenly. Ofrecer con la — 
chica, to offer for form's sake. 
No decir esta — es mía, not to 
say a word, to be mum. Punto 
en — , mum, not a word. A — 
de noche, at nightfall. A — de 
costal, profusely. A pedir de — , 
according to one's desire ; splen- 
didly, first rate. De manos a — , 
unexpectedly. De — , verbally, 
by word of mouth. 

Bocacalle, /., entry, opening of a 

Bocado, m., morsel, mouthful, 
bite, tit-bit. — sin hueso, 
sinecure, easy post. 

Bocal, m., pitcher, mouth-piece. 

Bocarte, m., ore-crusher, stamp, 

Boceto, m., sketch. 

Bochorno, m., hot, sultry weather ; 
blush, shame. 

Bochornoso, a., shameful, re- 

Bocina, /., horn, bugle-horn, ear- 

Bocoy, m., hogshead. 

Boda, t., marriage, wedding. De 
tales — s, tales costras (or 
tortas), a bad beginning a bad 

Bode, m., he-goat. 

Bodega, /., wine-vault, cellar, 

store-room, warehouse, gro- 
cery ; (Naut.) hold of a ship. 
— de popa, after-hold. — de 
proa, forehold. 

Bodegón, m., eating-house. 

Bodeguero, m., butler ; owner of 
a bodega ; grocer (Cuba). 

Bofetada, /., buffet, blow, slap. 

Boga, /., rowing ; vogue, fashion. 
Estar en — , to be fashionable. 
Ponerse en (oy alcanzar) — , to 
become fasliionable (or popular). 

Bogar, y., to row. 

Bogotana, /., (Central Amer.), 
shirting. — ■ rayada, striped 

Boina, /., cap. 

Boj, m., box-tree, box-wood. 

Bola, /., ball, globe, bolus ; (Coll.) 
lie, falsehood, hoax, fib. — de 
billar, billiard ball. No poder 
sacar pie con — , to be unable 
to make it out. 

Boleta, /., ticket. 

Boletín, m., ticket, warrant, list, 
statement, slip, bulletin ; offi- 
cial notice. — de precios (de 
cambio), price-list (list of ex- 
changes) . 

Boleto, m., ticket. 

Bolillo, m. {from Bolo), jack, 
small ball, bobbin. — s, paste 
nuts, small balls made of sugar 

Bolín, Mí., jack, small ball. 

Bolina, /. (Naut.), bowline. 

Bolita, /. (dim.), ball, spot (on 

Bollo, m., small loaf or roll, biscuit 
or cake. 

Bolo, m., pin in game of ninepins. 

Bolsa, /., purse, bag ; exchange, 
para tobacco, tobacco- 
pouch. Castigar en la — , to 
fine. — ■ del trabajo, labour 
exchange. En la — , on 'Change. 

Bolsillo, m., purse, pocket. Dic- 
cionario de — , pocket diction- 
ary. Pañuelo de — , pocket 





Bolsín, m., gathering of brokers 
outside the exchange. 

Bolso, m., money-bag, purse of 

Bomba, /., pump, bomb-shell, 
bomb. — de cadena, chain 
pump. — de carena, bilge- 
pump. Dar a la — , to pump 
(ship). La — está atascada, 
the pump is foul (or choked). 
— de incendios, fire engine. 
Estar a prueba de — , to be 
bomb-proof. — aspirante, 

suction pump. — alimenticia, 
feed pump. 

Bombardear, v., to bombard. 

Bombardeo, m., bombardment. 

Bombasí, w., bombasin, dimity or 

Bombero, m., fireman. Servicio 
{or Cuerpo) de — s, fire brigade. 

Bombilla, /., bulb or lamp. — 
eléctrica, electric lamp 

Bombo, ni., large drum ; puff 
(advertisement). Hacer — , to 
pufí, to advertise. 

Bonachón, a., good-natured, free 
and easy. 

Bonancible, a., moderate, calm, 
fair (weather). 

Bonanza, /., fair weather at sea ; 
prosperity, success. 

Bondad, /., goodness, kindness. 

Bondadoso, a., kind, generous. 

Bonete, m., bonnet or cap worn by 
clergymen, professors, doctors, 

Bonetería, /., shop where bonnets 
are made or sold. 

Bonico (Dim. of Bueno), a., pretty 
good, passable. 

Bonificación, /., allowance, dis- 
count, bonus. 

Bonificar, v., to credit, to place to 
one's credit, to allow. 

Bonito (Dim. of Bueno), a., pretty 
good, passable, pretty, nice. 

Bono, tn., bond, certificate. — 
del Tesoro, exchequer bill. 

Boquete, m., gap, narrow entrance, 

Boquilla, /., little mouth ; open- 
ing, mouth-piece ; cigarette- 

Bórax, m., borax. 

Borbollar, v., to bubble out, to 
gush, to flash. 

Borbollón, Borbotón, m., bubbling. 
A — ^es, in bubbling or impe- 
tuous manner, in hurry and 
confusion ; at random. Hir- 
viendo a — ^es, boiling hot. 

Borceguí, m., buskin, laced-up 

Bordada, /. (Naut.), board, tack. 
Dar una — , to tack. 

Bordado, m., embroidery ; a., 
or p.p., embroidered. ■ — -s, em- 
broidery. — a máquina, 
machine embroidered. — amano, 
hand embroidered. 

Bordador, m., embroiderer. 

Bordadura, /., embroidery. 

Bordar, v., to embroider. — a 
tambor, to tambour. 

Borde, m., border, edge, margin, 
hem, brim. 

Bordo, m., board, ship or vessel. 
A — , on board. — con — , 
alongside, side by side. 

Borgoña, /., Burgundy ; Burgundy 

Borla, /., tassel, bunch of silk, 
gold or silver lace. 

Bornear, v., to bend, to turn, to 
twist ; to warp. 

Borneo, m., turning or winding 

Borra, /., yearling ewe, nap on 
cloth, hair, wad, floss, lees. 

— de algodón, cotton waste. 

— de lana, flock wool, waste 
wool. — de seda, flock silk, 
waste silk. 

Borracha, /. (Coll.), leather bag or 
bottle for wine. 

Borrachera, /., drunkenness. 

Borracho, a., drunk, intoxicated. 

Borrador, m., rough draft, waste- 
book, blotter, rough copy, 
journal. En — , in rough, a 
rough draft or sketch. 





Borraj, m., borax. 

Borrar, v., to cross out, to erase, 
to blur. 

Borrasca, /., storm, tempest. 

Borrascoso, a., stormy, boisterous, 
rough (weather). 

Borrego, m., lamb ; simpleton. 
No hay tales — s (Coll.), there 
is no such thing. 

Borrico, m., ass. 

Borrón, m., blot, blur, rough 
draft, blepiish, stigma. 

Borroso, a., blotted, blotchy, 

Bosque, m., wood, forest, grove. 

Bosquejar, v., to sketch, to make 
a rough model. 

Bosquejo, m., sketch, rough 

Bostezar, v., to yawn, to gape. 

Bostezo, m., yawn, yawning. 

Bota, /., wine-bag, butt or pipe ; 
boot. — s de montar, riding- 
boots. Estar con las — s 
puestas, to be ready to perform 
a journey, or some undertaking. 

Botador, m., driver, punch, bolt- 

Botadura, /., launching (of a ship). 

Botalón, m. (Naut.), boom. — del 
foque, jib-boom. — de mesana, 

Botánico, a., botanic, botanical. 

Botar, v., to throw, to throw away, 
to launch. — al agua, to launch 
(a ship). 

Bote, m., boat ; rebound ; can, 
canister, tin, tin case. — - de 
pasaje (or de trasporte), ferry 
boat. — de pescar, fishing- 
boat. Estar de — ■ en — -, to be 
full (of people). — salvavidas, 
lifeboat. — ■ automóvil, motor- 

Botella, /., bottle, ñask. 

Botero, m., boatman. 

Botica, /., apothecary's shop, 
chemist's shop. 

Boticario, m., apothecary, chemist. 

Botija, /., earthen jar. 

Botijo, m., earthen jar. See Tren. 

Botín, m., buskin, legging, boot ; 

Botina, /., gaiter. 

Botiquín, m., travelling medicine- 

Boto, a., blunt, dull. 

Botón, m., bud, sprout ; button. 
— es, links, cuff-links. De — es 
adentro, internally, at heart. 

Botonadura, /., set of buttons or 

Bóveda, /., arch, vault. 

Boya, /., buoy. 

Boyante, a., buoyant, floating. 

Bozal, ni., muzzle. 

Bozo, m., down (light hair) ; 

Bracear, v., to brace. 

Bracero, m., day labourer, hand. 

Braga, /., diaper. — s, breeches, 

Bragazas,, wide breeches. 

Braguero, m., truss, bandage, 

Bramante, m., pack-thread ; linen; 
string. — para sábanas, sheet- 
ing. (Mexico and Cent. Amer.) 

Bramar, v., to roar, to bellow, to 

Brasa, /., live coal, red-hot coal. 
Estar en — -s, to be uneasy. 

Brasero, m., brasier, fire-pan. 

Bravamente, adv., bravely, gal- 
lantly, cruelly ; plentifully. 

Bravata, /., boast. 

Bravio, a., ferocious, wild, savage. 

Bravo, a., brave, valiant, savage, 
wild, bullying. 

Bravura, /., ferocity, courage. 

Braza, /., fathom, six feet ; (Naut.) 

Brazada, /., stroke or movement 
of the arms. 

Brazal, m., bracelet, pendant 

Brazo, m., arm. Con los — s 
abiertos, with open arms. Ser 
el — derecho de alguno, to be 
one's right-hand man. Dar su 
— a torcer, to allow oneself to 





be imposed upon. Del — , on 
arm. — s, hands, workmen.- 

Brea, /., pitch, tar ; canvas, 
sackcloth, tarpaulin. — mineral, 
mineral tar. 

Brecha, /., breach, opening. 

Brega, /., strife, afíra}-. 

Bretaña, /., Brittany ; linen, white 
calico ; Gran — , Great Britain. 

Breva, /., early fruit of the com- 
mon fig-tree, early large acorn. 

Breve, a., brief, short. En ■ — , 
shortly, in a little while. 

Brevedad, /., brevit^^ briefness, 
shortness. A la mayor — 
(posible), as soon as (ever) 

Brevemente, adv., briefly, con- 
cisely, shortly, soon. 

Breviario, m., brevier (type). 

Brezal, m., heath. 

Bribón, m., rascal, rogue, scoun- 
drel, knave, vagrant. 

Bribonada, /., knavery. 

Brida, /., bridle. 

Bridar, v., to bridle, to curb. 

Brigada, /., brigade. 

Brillante, a., brilliant, bright, 
glossy, lustrous. 

Brillante, »»., brilliant, diamond. 

Brillar, v., to shine, to sparkle, to 
glitter. — por su ausencia, to 
be conspicuous by one's ab- 

Brillo, m., brilliance, brightness, 
lustre, polish. 

Brin, m., sail-cloth, linen drill, 

Brincar, v., to leap, to jump, to 

Brinco, »/., leap, jump. A — s, 
b}' fits and starts. 

Brindar, v., to drink one's 
health ; to ofíer cheerfully, to 

Brindis, m., sing, and pi., health, 
toast. — por, to toast, to 
drink to. 

Brio, m., strength, vigour, cou- 
rage, valour, resolution. Hombre 
de — s, man of mettle. Yo le 

bajaré los — s, I \\'ill take him 
down a peg. 
Brioso, a., vigorous, spirited ; 

courageous, lively. 
Brisa, /., breeze. 
Broca, /., reel or bobbin ; tack ; 

Brocado, >«., brocade. 
Brocha, /., brush, pencil. 
Brochado, m., brocade. 
Brochado, a., relating to brocade; 

Brochadura, /., set of hooks and 

Broche, m., brooch, locket, clasp ; 

Brocheta, /., skewer. 
Broma, /., joke, jest. No estar 
para — s, not to be in a joking 
mood. Tomar la cosa a — , to 
pass the matter ofí as a joke. 
Bromear, v., to jest. 
Bronca, /., row, disturbance. 
Bronce, m., bronze, brass. Ser un 

— , to be indefatigable 
Broncear, v., to bronze. 
Broncista, m., worker in bronze. 
Bronco, a., rough, coarse, morose, 

rude, hoarse. 
Brotar, v., to bud, to germinate, 
to come forth, to issue, to 
Broza, /., thicket, underwood, 


Brucero, m., brush-maker. 

Bruces, adv., a — or de — , with 

the face downward. Caer de — , 

to fall headlong to the ground. 

Brújula, /., sea-compass. Perder 

la — , to lose one's beai"ings. 
Bruma, /., mist, haziness, haze. 
Brumoso, a., foggj^ hazy. 
Bruno, a., dark-brown colour. 
Bruñido, m., polish, burnish, 

Bruñidor, m., polisher, burnisher. 
Bruñimiento, m., burnishing, po- 
Bruñir, v., to burnish, to polish. 
Bruscamente, adv., abruptly. 
Brusco, a., rude, abrupt, forward. 





Brutal, a., brutal. 

Brutalidad, /., brutality. 

Bruto, a., coarse, unpolished, 
rough, raw, uncut. En — , in 
the rough, raw. Diamante en 
— , a rough (or uncut) diamond. 
Peso — , gross weight. 

Bruza, /., brush. 

Bucear, v., to dive. 

Buceo, m., diving. 

Bucle, m., curl, ringlet. 

Buco, m., buck ; opening, aper- 

Buen. See Bueno. 

Buenamente, adv., freely, spon- 
taneously, conveniently, easily. 
Cuando — les convenga, just 
when it suits them. 

Buenaventura, /., fortune, good 

Bueno, a., good, well. Estoy — 
I am well. Lo — es, the best 
of it is, the joke is. — s días, 
good day, good morning. Bue- 
nas tardes, good afternoon, 
good evening. Buenas noches, 
good night. De buenas a buenas, 
freely, willingly, in a friendly 
spirit. De buenas a primeras, 
without more ado. De buena se 
ha librado, he has had a narrow 
escape. ¡ En buena nos hemos 
metido ! Now we are in for 
it 1 

Buey, n., ox. 

Bufanda, /., muffler, comforter. 

Bufete, m., desk, ^vriting-table ; 
bureau, sideboard. 

Bufo, m., harlequin, buffoon ; 
a., comic. Opera bufa, comic 

Bufón, m., buffoon, harlequin. 

Buharda, /., garret-window, sky- 
light ; garret. 

Bubo, m., owl. 

Buhonería, /., peddlery, pedlar's 

Buhonero, m., pedlar, hawker. 

Buitre, m., vulture. 

Bujería, /., trinket, knick-knack. 

Bujía, /., wax-candle ; candle- 
ax — (1696) 

stick. A . . . bujías, . . . candle 

Bulbo, m., bulb. 

Bulla, /., noise, clatter. Meter — , 
to make a noise. 

Bullicio, m., bustle, noise, tumult. 

Bullicioso, a., lively, noisy, tur- 

Bullir, i.v., to boil ; to bustle. 

Bulto, m., bulk, bale, package, 
parcel. A — , indistinctly, 
confusedly. Comprar a — , to 
buy in the lump. Escurrir el — , 
to decamp, to hop it. 

Buñuelo, m., bun, cake, pan-cake. 

Buque, m., vessel, ship ; tonnage, 
burden, room. — de vela, 
sailing vessel. — velero, swift- 
sailing vessel ; sailer. — de 
guerra, man-of-war. — mer- 
cante, merchantman, merchant 

Burato, m.., Canton crape ; (Ecua- 
dor) a low-class fancy cloth. 

Burdo, a., coarse, ordinary. 

Buriel, a., reddish, dark red ; 
w., kersey. 

Buril, m., burine, graver. 

Burjaca, /., satchel. 

Burla, /., scoff, joke, jest, hoax. 
Hablar de — s, to speak in jest. 
Dejadas las — s, joking apart. 
— pesada, shabby trick, prac- 
tical joke. 

Burlar, v., to ridicule, to mock ; 
to frustrate. — se de, to laugh 
at, to make fun of, to mock. 

Burlete, m., kersey. 

Burlesco, a., burlesque, comic. 

Burra, /., she-ass. 

Burro, >«., ass. Ser un — en el 
trabajo, to be a drudge. 

Busca, /., search. Ir en — de, 
to go in search of, to seek. 

Buscado, a., searched, looked for, 
in demand. 

Buscar, v., to seek, to look for, to 
search. — por todos lados, 
to hunt up and down. 

Busilis, m., difficulty. Dar en el 
— , to hit the mark. 





Basto, m., bust. 

Butaca, /., easy-chair, arm-chair ; 

fauteuil, seat in a theatre. 
Buzo, m., diver. 
Buiíón, m., pillar-box, letter-box, 


Cabal, a., just, exact ; perfect, 

Cabalgadura, /., sumpter, beast 
of burden, horse. 

Cabalgar, v., to ride, to mount: 

Cabalmente, adv., exactly, com- 
pletely, perfectly. 

Caballería, /., cavalry, chivalry, 
knight-errantry ; riding-horse, 

Caballeriza, /., stable, stud of 

Caballero, m., knight, cavalier, 
gentleman. — andante, knight 
errant. — de industria, knave. 

Caballerosidad, /., nobleness, ge- 
nerosity, worthy behaviour. 

Caballeroso, a., noble, genteel, 

Caballete, m., ridge, trestle, easel. 

Caballo, m., horse. — de montar, 
saddle horse. — de tiro, 
draught-horse. — de carrera 
{or corredor), racer, race-horse. 
— de caza, hunter. — de coche, 

Cabana, /., hut, cabin, hovel. 

Cabecear, v., to nod with sleep, to 
shake the head ; (Naut.) to 
pitch ; to lurch. 

Cabecera, /., head, head of a bed 
(or table). 

Cabecilla, /., leader of rebels, ring- 

Cabellera, /., long hair, head of 

Cabello, m., hair of the head. 
Asirse de un — , to catch at a 
hair (or any pretext). Estar 
colgado de los — s, to be in 
anxious expectation of the 
issue of some affair. Tomar la 
ocasión por los — s, to seize time 
by the forelock. 

Caber, i.v., to be able to contain, 
to be contained ; to have room. 
No — ^ de go2o, to be overjoyed. 
No — ' en si, not to be able to 
contain oneself, to be beyond 
oneself. Todo cabe, it is all 
possible. No cabe duda, there 
is no doubt. Si cabe, if any- 
thing. ¿ Cabe hombre más 
leal ? Is there (possible) a more 
loyal man ? Todo cabe en él, 
he is capable of anything. 

Cabestrillo, m., sling (for the arm). 

Cabestro, m., halter ; bell-ox. 

Cabeza, /., head. Tanto por — , so 
much per head. De pies a — , 
from head to foot. No tener 
{or no llevar) pies ni cabeza, 
to have neither head nor tail, 
írsele la — , to feel giddy. 
Metérsele en la — , to take it 
into one's head. — abajo, 
upside down. 

Cabezada, /., headshake, nod, 
pitching (of a ship). Dar — s, 
to nod, to fall asleep. Darse de 
— s, to screw one's wits without 

Cabezal, m., head-stock. 

Cabida, /., space, room, capacitv, 
tonnage (of a vessel). 

Cabildo, m., chapter of a cathedral ; 
corporation of a town. 

Cabilla, /., dowel ; tree-nail, be- 
laying-pin. — de madera, tree- 

Cabizbajo, a., crestfallen, down in 
the mouth, melancholy. 

Cable, ni., cable. — de alambre, 
wire cable. — submarino, 
submarine cable. — telegráfico, 
telegraphic cable. 

Cablear, w., to cable. 

Cablegrafiar, v., to cable. 

Cablegrama, m., cablegram. 

Cabo, m., end, extremity, cape, 
promontory ; rope ; corporal. 
Atar — s, to sift the evidence. 
Al — , at last. De — a rabo, 
from head to tail, from begin- 
ning to end. Dar — a, to 





finish, to complete. Llevar a — , 

to carry out. — s, cordage. Al 

fin y al — , at length, after all, 

in the long run. 
Cabotaje, m., coasting, coasting- 
trade ; pilotage. 
Cabra, /., goat. Piel de — , goat- 
Cabria, /., hoist crane, wheel and 

axle, windlass, axle-tree, winch, 

Cabrio, m., rafter, beam. 
Cabrío, a., pertaining to goats. 

JMacho — , he-goat. 
Cabriola, /., jump, hop, caper. 
Cabritilla, /., kid-skin. See Guante. 
Cabrón, m., buck, he-goat. 
Caballero, m., ship chandler. 
Cabullería, /., ship's chandler}'. 
Cacao, m., cocoa. 
Cacería, /., hunting-party. 
Cacerola, /., saucepan. 
Cacha, /., handle of a razor. 

Hasta las — s, full to the brim, 

over head and ears. 
Cachalote, m., sperm-whale. 
Cacharro, m., coarse earthen pot, 

Cachaza, /., tardiness, inactivity. 
Cachazudo, a., cool, calm, slow, 

Cachemir, m., See Cachemira. 
Cachemira, /., Cashmere. 
Cachimba, /., (Cuba) pipe. 
Cachiporra, /., cudgel, stick, club. 
Cachivache, m., broken crockery, 

rubbish ; knick-knack. 
Cacho, m., slice, piece. Botones 

de — , horn buttons. 
Cachorrillo, m., small cub or 

whelp ; little pistol. 
Cachorro, m., whelp or puppy, cub, 

kitten ; pocket pistol. 
Cacique, m., principal inhabitant 

of a small town or village. 
Cada, pron., every, each. — uno 

or — cual, each one. — vez, 

every time. 
Cadalso, m., scaffold. 
Cadarzo, m.. coarse (or waste) 


Cadáver, m., corpse, body. 

Cadena, /., chain, link. 

Cadencia, /., cadence, measure. 

Cadeneta, /.; chain-stitch. 

Cadenilla, /., dim., small chain. 

Cadera, /., hip. 

Cadete, m., cadet. 

Caducar, v., to be worn out, to 
fall into disuse, to lapse, to 
become superannuated. 

Caduco, a., senile, worn out, 

Caer, i.v., to fall, to tumble down. 

— a plomo, to fall flat. Mis 
ventanas caen al río, my 
windows overlook the river. 

— de espaldas, to fall back- 
ward. — en ello, to understand. 

— en la cuenta, to see the point, 
to understand, to bethink one- 
self. — bien, to suit, to fit in, 
to match. Ya caigo en ello, 
ah, I see ; now I understand. 
La fiesta cae en Abril, the feast 
(or holiday) is in April. See 
Cama, Gracia, Peso. 

Café, m., coffee, coffee-tree; coffee- 
house or café. ]Molinillo de — , 
coffee-mill. Grano de — , 

coffee-bean or berry. — en 
bayas, coffee in berries. — 
lavado, washed coffee. — 
rojizo, foxy coffee. 

Cafetal, m., coffee-plantation. 

Cafetera, /., coffee-pot, coffee- 

Cafetero, m., coffee-tree ; coffee- 

Cafeto m., coffee-tree. 

Cafre, m., Kaffir, savage, hooli- 

Cahiz, m., measure equal to about 
12 fanegas or 12 English 

Caída, /., fall. A la — de la tarda, 
at the close of evening (or day). 
A la — del sol, at sunset. ¡ Qué 
— -s tiene ! How droll he is ! 

Caimán, m., cayman, alligator, 

Caja, /., box, chest, case ; coffin ; 





exchequer, cash-box or cash, 
cashier's office. Libro de — , 
cash book. — fuerte, strong 
box, safe. — registradora, cash 
register. — de cartón, card- 
board box. ■ — de sebo {or 
grasa), (Mech.), journal-box. 
Tener la — , to keep the cash. 
Metálico en — -, cash in hand. 
Echar con — s destempladas, to 
dismiss from service, to turn 
away in a harsh manner. 

Cajero, ni., cashier. 

Cajista, m., compositor (in a 

Cajón, m., box, chest, locker. 
Ser de — , to be a matter of 
course. Es un — de sastre, 
he knows something of every- 

Cal, /., lime. — apagada, slaked 
lime. — viva, quick lime. Ser 
de — y canto, to be very firm 
and strong. 

Calabaza, /., pumpkin, gourd, 
calabash. Dar — s, to reprove, 
to censure ; to reject. 

Calabazada, /., knock with the 
head, bump. 

Cala, /., creek, small bay. 

Calabozo, m., dungeon, prison. 

Calabrote, m., stream-cable. 

Calado, a., open-worked ; m., 
open-work. ■ — - hasta los huesos, 
wet through. 

Calafate, Calafateador, m., calker. 

Calafatear, v. (Naut.), to calk 
(a ship). 

Calafateo, m., calking (a ship). 

Calambre, m., cramp, spasm. 

Calamidad, /., calamity, misfor- 

Calamiua, /., calamine, zinc ore, 
brass ore, tin. 

Calamitoso, a., calamitous, unfor- 

Calandria, /., calender, rolling- 
press ; mangle. 

Calaña, /., character, quality, kind. 

Calar, v., to penetrate, to pierce ; 
to put, to place. — (tantos 

pies), (Naut.), to draw (so many 
feet of water). — se, to intro- 
duce oneself ; to be wet through ; 
to dart upon. 

Calavera, /., skull ; madcap, hot- 
brained fellow. 

Calaverada, /., foolish, ill-judged 

Calcañar, m., heel-bone. 

Calcar, v., to trace (a drawing, 
etc.). Papel de — , tracing 

Calce, m., t\Te ; wedge. Al — 
(Amer.), at foot, below. 

Calceta, /., under-stocking. Hacer 
— , to knit. 

Calcetín, m., sock. 

Calco, m., tracing. 

Calculador, m., calculator, ac- 
countant ; calculating machine. 

Calculista, com., calculator. 

Cálculo, m., calculation, estimate. 

Caldear, v., to weld iron, to heat, 
to warm. 

Caldera, /., kettle, boiler. 

Calderilla, /., brass money, copper 
coin, copper. En — , in copper. 

Calderón, m., copper, caldron, 
boiler, or kettle. 

Caldo, m., broth. — s, wine, oil 
and all spirituous liquors. 

Calefacción, /., calef action, heat- 
ing. — a vapor, steam heating. 

Calendario, m., almanac, calender. 

Calentador, m., warming-pan, 

Calentar, i. v., to warm, to heat. 

Calentura, /., fever. 

Calesa, /., calash, Spanish chaise, 


Calesero, m., driver of a calash. 

Calibre, m., calibre ; sort, kind. 

Calicó, m., calico. 

Calidad, /., quality, capacity. En 
— de mozo, as a waiter. 

Cálido, a., hot, warm, piquant. 

Caliente, a., warm, hot. Hierro — , 
red-hot iron. 

Calíflcación, /., qualification. 

Calificar, í»., to qualify, to author- 
ise, to certify, to attest. — de 





injusto, to qualify (or describe) 
as unjust. 

Caligrafía, /., caligraphy, penman- 
ship, hand^vriting. 

Calígrafo, m., penman, good 

Cáliz, m., chalice. 

Caliza. See Piedra. 

Callada, /., silence. A las — s {or 
de — ), on the quiet, secretly. 

Calladamente, adv., silently, se- 
cretly, privately. 

Callado, a., silent, reserved. 

Callar, v., to be silent, to conceal, 
to hush, to keep quiet ; r.v., 
to be silent. — su pico, to hold 
one's tongue. — la boca, to be 
silent. Quien calla otorga, 
silence implies consent. 

Calle, /., street, lane. 

Callejero, a., loitering. 

Callejón, n., lane, narrow street. 

Callejuela,/., lane, narrow passage. 

Callo, m., corn (on the foot, etc.). 

Calma, /., calm, calmness, tran- 
quillity, lull. - — muerta {or 
chicha), dead calm. 

Calmar, v., to calm, to quiet, to 
pacify, to soothe ; r.v., to grow 

Caló, m., cant, jargon, slang. 

Calofrío, m., shivering fit. 

Calor, m., heat, warmth. Eso no 
me da ni frío ni — , I am quite 
indifferent to that. 

Calorífero, m., heater, heating 

Calumnia, /., calumny. 

Calumniar, v., to calumniate. 

Calumnioso, a., calumnious. 

Caluroso, a., warm, hot. 

Calvicie, /., baldness. 

Calvo, a., bald, barren. 

Calza, /., trousers ; generally used 
in plural : calzas. Tomar (las) 
— • de Villadiego, to make a 
hurried escape. 

Calzada, /., causeway, high road. 

Calzado, «., footwear, footgear ; 
boots (or shoes) and stockings. 

El — , the stockings and shoes. 
— de color, brown shoes. 

Calzador, m., shoe-horn. 

Calzar, v., to put on shoes ; to 
wedge, to put on. 

Calzo, m., block ; wedge ; shoe. 

Calzón, m. (used in plural), 
Calzones, breeches. 

Calzoncillos,, drawers, 

Cama, /., bed, layer. Hacer — , to 
keep one's bed. Hacer la — , to 
make the bed. Caer en — , to 
fall sick. Guardar — , to keep 
to one's bed. — y mesa, board 
and lodging. 

Camafeo, m., cameo. 

Camaleón, m., chameleon. 

Cámara, /., hall, chamber ; ca- 
mera ; cabin (of a ship). — 
plegadiza, folding camera. — 
de mano, hand camera. — de 
los comunes. House of 
Commons. — de los pares {or 
los lores). House of Lords. 
— • de comercio, Chamber of 

Camarada, m., conu^ade. 

Camarera, /., waitress, stewardess, 

Camarero, m., waiter, steward. 

Camarón, m., shrimp. 

Camarote, m., berth, cabin, state- 
room. — de lujo, first-class 

Cambalache, m., barter. 

Cambiador. See Cambista. 

Cambial, m., bill of exchange. 

Cambiamano, /., railroad switch. 

Cambiamiento, m., change, altera- 

Cambiante, a., bartering, exchang- 
ing. — de letras, exchanger. 

Cambiar, v., to barter, to change, 
to exchange, to alter. 

Cambiavía, /., switch (railway). 

Cambio, m., barter, exchange, 
rate of exchange, change. Libre 
— , free trade. A — de, in 
exchange for. En — , on the 
other hand. — manual, note of 


Cam J 



hand. Letra de — , bill of 
exchange. Al — de, at the 
rate of exchange of. — s 
oficiales de cierre, official closing 

Cambista, m., broker, changer ; 
money-exchange ofhce. — de 
dinero {or moneda), money- 

Cambray (or Cambrai). ;»., cam- 
bric, fine linen. 

CamoUo, vi., camel. 

Camilla, /., small bed, cot, 
stretcher, litter. 

Camiuante, >»., traveller, 

Caminar, v., to travel, to walk, to 
go, to march. 

Caminata, /., walk, excursion. 

Camino, m., road, way, high road, 
journey ; carpet (walk or run- 
ner). De — -, on one's way, on 
the way ; en route. En — , on 
the wa)'. — de J\I., on the (or 
his) way to M. Ponerse en — , 
to start off. — de hierro, 

Camion, ;»., truck, dra3^ van. 
— de mudanzas, furniture (or 
remoNal) van. 

Camionaje, m., cartage. 

Camisa, /., shirt, shift, chemise ; 
jacket, case, casing (in steam- 
engines). — de agua, water- 
chamber. — de fuerza, strait- 
jacket, strait-waistcoat. 

Camiseta, /., shirt, undershirt, 
vest ; chemisette. 

Camisola, /., ruffled shirt, under- 
bodice, singlet. — de fuerza. 
See Camisa de fnerza. 

Camorra, /., quarrel, dispute. 

Campamento, »¡., encampment, 

Campana, /., bell. — de rebato, 

Campanada, /., sound of a bell. 

Campanario, ;»., belfry. 

Campanilla, small bell, bell. 

Campanndo, a., bell-shaped, wide, 
lofty, pompous. 

Campaña, /., campaign, level 

Campar, i;., to encamp. 

Campear, v., to be in the field ; 
to excel. ■ — sobre, to surpass. 

Campeche, >»., campeachy-wood. 
Palo de — , log wood. 

Campeón, nt., champion. 

Campeonato, m., championship. 

Campesino, a., rural, rustic ; m., 
countryman, peasant. 

Campiña, /., land, field, campaign. 

Campo, HI., country, field, camp, 
room. Dar — a, to gi^'e room 
to. Dejar el — ■ libre, to leave 
(one) a clear field. — santo, 
burial-ground, cemetery. 

Camuesa, /., pippin, apple. 

Can, »;., dog ; trigger of a gun. 

Cana, /., grey hair. Echar una — 
al aire, to amuse oneself. 

Canal, i»., channel, canal. — • de la 
^Mancha, English Channel. 

Canalete, »/., paddle, small oar. 

Canalla, /., mob, rabble, populace. 

Canalón, »;., pantile, gutter, spout. 

Canapé, »/., couch, settee, lounge. 

Canario, »«., canary. 

Canasta, /., basket, hamper. 

Canastero, ;;;., basket-maker. 

Canastilla, /. (dim.), small basket ; 
bride's trousseau. 

Canasto, Canastro, >«., basket. 

Cancelación, /., cancellation, an- 
nulment ; closing up, settle- 
ment (of account). 

Cancelar, v., to cancel, to annul ; 
to pay, to close up, to settle. 

Canciller, ¡n., chancellor. 

Canción, /., song. 

Candado, »i., padlock. 

Cande, a., sugar-candy. See 

Candeal, a., Trigo — , white wheat. 

Candela, /., candle, candlestick. 

Candelabro, tn., candlestick. 

Candelaria, /., Candlemas. 

Candelero, in., candlestick, chan- 

Candente, a., incandescent, red 





Candi. See Cande. 

Candidato, ni., candidate, aspirant, 

Candidez, /., whiteness, candour, 

sincerity, simplicity. 
Cándido, «., white, candid, simple. 
Candil, m., lamp. 
Candilejas, /., pi., footlights in 

a theatre. 
Candonga, /., merry trick. 
Candor, m., candour, frankness, 

Canela, /., cinnamon. 
Cangilón, m., earthen jar, pitcher ; 

Cangrejo, m., crab, craw-fish; 

Canilla, /., bone ; bobbin, reel, 

spool ; quill ; stop cock, faucet, 

Canino, a., canine. 
Canje, m., exchange. 
Canoa, /., canoe, boat. — de 

salvamento, life-boat. 
Canoso,»., hoary, grey-headed, old. 
Cansado, a., tired, fatigued, weary, 

worn out. 
Cansancio, m., weariness, fatigue, 

tiredness, lassitude. 
Cansar, v., to weary, to tire, to 

fatigue ; r.v., to tire oneself, to 

grow weary. 
Cantar, v., to sing. Ese es otro — , 

that is another kind of speech 

(another tune). 
Cántara, /., pitcher. 
Cantárida, /., cantharides, Spanish 

fly ; blister. 
Cántaro, m., pitcher, vessel. 

Llover a — s, to rain in torrents, 

to pour. 
Cantera, /., quarry. 
Cantero, m., stone-cutter. — de 

pan, crust of bread. 
Cantidad, /., quantity, sum, 

amount, supply. 
Cantina, /., canteen. 
Cantinela, /., ballad, song. 
Canto, m., stone ; singing ; edge, 

border, end, extremity, corner. 

See Cal. 

Cantor, m., singer. 

Caña, /., cane, reed, stem, stalk. 

— de azúcar, sugar-cane. — de 
la media, leg of a stocking. 

— del timón (Naut.), tiller. 

— de pescar, fishing rod. 
Cañada, /., glen, glade. 
Cañalistula, /., cassia. 
Cañamazo, m., canvas. 
Cáñamo, m., hemp. — agramado, 

dressed hemp. — sin peinar, 
raw hemp. — en rama, un- 
dressed hemp. 

Cañamón, m., hemp seed. 

Cañería, /., pipe, piping, tube ; 

Caño, m., tube, pipe. — de 
hierro, iron pipe. — de pipa, 
pipe stem. 

Cañón, m., tube, pipe ; cannon, 
gun ; gorge, canyon. — de 
campaña, field piece. — de 
vidrio para lámparas, glass 
chimney. — de fusil, gun 
barrel. Metal de — , gun metal. 

Cañonazo, m., cannon-shot. 

Cañonera, /., gun-port ; gun-boat. 

Cañonero, m., gun-boat. 

Cañutillo, m., small tube or pipe ; 

Cañuto, m., pipe, pin-case, cylin- 

Caoba, /., mahogany. 

Caos, m., chaos. 

Capa, /., cloak, layer, coat, coat- 
ing, cover, pretence, bed ; 
(Naut.) primage ; hat money. 
Andar {or ir) de — caida, to be 
crestfallen, down in the mouth. 
Gente de — parda, common 
country people. So — de, under 
pretext of. 

Capacidad, /., capacity, capability; 
burden of a ship. 

Caparrosa, /., copperas. — azul, 
blue vitriol, copper sulphate. 
— blanca, white vitriol, zinc 
sulphate. — verde, green 
vitriol, copperas. 

Capataz, w., overseer, foreman, 





Capaz, a., capable, capacious, fit, 
apt. — para, qualified for. 

Caperuza, /., hood ; mantle (of a 
chimney) . 

Capilla, /., chapel ; hood, cowl. 
Estar en — , to prepare for 
death (spoken of criminals) ; 
(Coll.) to await anxiously the 
result of an affair. 

Capillo, m., child's cap, tax or fee. 

Capirote, m., hood, cap, go\vn. 
Tonto de — , blockhead, arrant 

Capitación, /., poll-tax, head- 

Capital, m., capital, money ; /., 
capital, chief cit^^ — pagado, 
paid-up capital. — total, joint 

Capital, a., capital. Pena — , 
capital punishment. 

Capitalista, m., capitalist. 

Capitalizar, v., to capitalise. 

Capitán, ?«., captain. — de puerto, 

Capitanía, /., captaincy. 

Capitulación, /., capitulation. 

Capitular, v., to capitulate, to 

Capítulo, m., chapter. 

Capón, m., capon. 

Capota, /., bonnet, leather top ; 

Capote, m., cloak. 

Capricho, m., caprice, whim. 

Caprichoso, a., capricious, fanciful. 

Cápsula, /., capsule ; cartridge. 

Captar, v., to captivate, to mn. 

Capucha, /., {or Capucho, w.), 
cowl, hood. 

Capullo, m., cocoon, germ or bud 
of flowers. 

Caqui, a. khaki. 

Cara, /., face, visage, countenance. 
A — descubierta, openly. — 
a — , face to face. Dar en — , 
to reproach. Echar en — , to 
reproach, to throw in one's 
teeth. Sacar la — por uno, to 
defend one, to take one's part. 
De — , opposite. Escribir por 

una sola cara, to -wTite on one 
side only. 

Carabela, /., caravel, three-masted 
vessel. [bine. 

Carabina, /., fowling-piece, car- 

Caracol, m., snail ; \vinding stair- 

Carácter, m., character, letter, 
condition, t3'pe. — de im- 
prenta, printing type. 

Característica, /., characteristic, 
chief feature. 

Característico, a. & m, character- 

¡ Caramba ! int., Good gracious ! 

Carambola, /., cannon at billiards. 

Caramelo, m., caramel. 

Caramillo, >«., flageolet, small 

Carátula, /., mask of pasteboard ; 
title-page ; ticket or mark on 

Caravana, /., caravan. 

Caravanera, /., caravansary. 

Carbón, m., charcoal, coal ; car- 
bon. — de piedra, coal, pit coal. 
— de vapor, steam coal. — 
animal, animal charcoal. — 
vegetal, vegetable charcoal. 
Copia al — , carbon copy. 

Carbonada, /., broiled chop or 
steak ; pancake. 

Carbonato, m., carbonate. — de 
amoníaco, potasa, soda {or sosa), 
carbonate of ammoniac, potash, 

Carbonera, /., coal-house, coal- 
cellar ; coal-pit, colliery ; ship's 

Carbonería,/ , coal-yard, coal-shed; 

Carbonífero, a., coal, pertaining 
to coal. 

Carbonero, m., charcoal-maker ; 
collier, coal-miner, coal- 

merchant ; (Naut.) coal-ship, 
collier. Barco {or bote) — , 
collier (ship). 

Carbónico, a., carbonic 

Carbonizar, v., to char, to burn to 
a cinder. 





Carbunclo, m., carbuncle. 

Carburador, m., carburator. 

Carburo, m., carburet. 

Carcajada, /., loud laughter. 

Cárcel, /., prison, gaol. 

Carcelaria, /., imprisonment. 

Carcelero, m., gaoler. Fiador — , 
bail or surety for a prisoner. 

Careóla, /., treadle of a loom. 

Carcoma, /., wood-house ; dry 

Carcomer, v., to gnaw, to corrode, 
to consume by degrees. 

Carcomido, a., worm-eaten, con- 
sumed ; decayed, impaired. 

Carda, /., card (for combing wool). 

Cardador, m., carder, comber. 

Cardadura, /., carding, combing 

Cardar, v., to card, or comb wool. 

Cardenal, m., cardinal ; a., red 

Cardenillo, m., verdigris. 

Cardero, m., card-maker. 

Cardillo, m., golden thistle. 

Cardinal, a., cardinal, principal, 

Cardo, m., thistle. 

Cardume, m., shoal of fishes. 

Carear, v., to confront criminals, 

to compare. 
•Carecer, i.v., to want, to lack, to be 

• in want of. — de, to be 

Carena, /., careening or repairing 
of a ship. 

Carenar, v., to careen a sliip. 

Carencia, /., lack, want, need. 

Careo, m., confrontation, com- 

Carestía, /., scarcity, dearth, dear- 
ness, want. 

Careta, /., mask. 

Carey, m., tortoise-shell. 

Carga, /., load, cargo, freight, 
burden ; charge^ — cerrada, 
voUey. A — cerrada, boister- 
ously, inconsiderately. A la — , 
on berth (Naut.), loading. Echar 
a uno la — , to throw the blame 
on one. 

Cargado, a., loaded, full ; strong 

(tea, etc.). — de deudas, 

heavily in debt. 
Cargador, m., freighter, loader, 

porter, shipper. See Vapor. 
Cargamento, in., cargo. — de 

salida, outward cargo. 
Cargar, v., to load, to charge, to 

freight ; to charge, to debit. 

— con, to carry, to take. — se 
de, to take charge of, to assume. 

Cargo, m., burden, charge, loading 
load ; employment, post office. 
Hacerse — ■ de, to take over, to 
take into consideration, to take 
upon oneself ; to realise. A — 
de, at (or to) the charge of. 

Carguío, m., cargo of merchandise, 

Caricatura, /., caricature. 

Caricia, /., caress. 

Caridad, /., charity. 

Cariño, m.,, affection, love, fond- 
ness, tenderness. 

Cariñoso, a., affectionate, kind, 
loving, good-natured. 

Caritativo, a., charitable. 

Cariz, m., face, aspect, turn. 
Tomar ■ — , to take a turn (an 
aspect) . 

Carmelita, m. & /., Carmelite ; 
brown colour. 

Carmesí, a., crimson. 

Carmín, m., carmine. 

Carnaval, m., carnival. 

Carne, /., flesh, meat. — fiambre, 
cold meat. — asada, roast meat. 
Cobrar {or echar) — s, to grow 
fat. — ■ fresca, fresh meat. 

— curada [or salada), preserved 
meat. Ser ■ — y uña, to be hand 
and glove, bosom friends. - — s 
en conserva, preserved meat. 
• — en latas, tinned meat. — 
picada, mincemeat. 

Carnero, m., sheep, mutton. 

Carnestolendas, Martes de — , 
Shrove Tuesday. 

Carnicería, /., carnage, slaugh- 
ter-house, butchery. 

Carnicero, m., butcher. 





Carnoso, a., fleshy. 

Caro, a., dear, high-priced, costly, 

Caro, adv., dearly, at a high price. 

Carona, /., inward part of the 

Carpa, /., carp. 

Carpeta, /., table-carpet, portfolio, 
letter-case, cover of a letter. 

Carpintería, /., carpentry. 

Carpintero, m., carpenter, joiner. 
— de ribera, shipwright. 

Carraspera, /., hoarseness. 

Carrera, /., career, race, course, 
profession ; girder, wall-plate. 
De — , swiftly, rashl3\ Hacer 
— , to get on. Estar en — , to be 
in the way of earning a liveli- 
hood. Seguir una — , to qualify 
for a profession. 

Carreta, /., cart. See Carrete. 

Carretada, /., cart-load. 

Carretaje, ni., cartage. 

Carrete, m., spool, bobbin, reel. 

Carretel, m. See Carrete. 

Carretera, /., high road. 

Carretero, m., carter ; cartwright. 

Carretilla, /., small cart, wheel- 
barrow. De — , by custom. 

Carretón, m., small cart, go-cart, 
wheelbarrow, truck. 

Carril, m., rut, furrow ; rail (of 
railwa}') . 

Carrillo, m., small cart ; cheek. 

Carrito, m., small carriage. ■ — • 
para chiquillos, baby carriage. 

Carro, jh., cart, carriage ; camlet 
(textile) ; lasting. — correo, 

Carroza, /., large coach, gala coach, 
state coach. 

Carruaje, m., carriage, vehicle. 

Carta, /., letter, map, charter. 
■ — - blanca, carte-blanche ; full 
powers to act. — certificada, 
registered letter. — de colores, 
shade-card. — franqueada, 
prepaid letter. — de crédito, 
letter of credit. — de recomen- 
dación, letter of introduction. 
Caja para — s, letter-box. Co- 

piador de — s, letter-copying 
book ; letter-copier. Papel 
para — s, letter paper. — canta, 
I (or we or he) can show written 
proof. — orden, order (to pay), 
bill. — partida, charter-party ; 
indenture. — de pésame, letter 
of condolence. ■ — • de fletamento, 
charter party. ■ — - de portes, 
booking-ticket. ■ — de sanidad, 
bill of health. — de vuelta, 
dead letter. — en lista, letter 
to be left till called for ; poste 
restante. Tomar — s en el 
asunto, to take a part (or an 
interest) in the affair. See 

Cartearse, r.v., to correspond by 
letter, to write to one another. 

Cartel, m., placard, poster, hand- 

Cartera, /., portfolio, ^vriting-case, 
pocket-book, pocket-wallet ; 
letter-case, letter-box ; note- 
book. Letras en — , bills in hand. 

Cartero, m., postman. 

Cartilla, /., small letter ; first 
book, primer. 

Cartón, m., pasteboard, cardboard ; 
cartoon. — grueso, mill-board. 
Libro en — , book in boards. 

Cartuchera, /., cartridge-box or 

Cartucho, ni., cartridge. 

Cartulina, /., card-board, card (for 
samples) ; mill-board. 

Casa, /., house, home ; firm. — - de 
campo, country-house. — ■ de 
moneda, mint. — de posada 
{or de huéspedes) , lodging-house. 
• — - de pupilos, boarding-house. 
Poner — , to set up housekeep- 
ing. Guardar (la) — , to stay 
at home. — y comida, board 
and lodging. — ayuntamiento, 
town hall. - — ■ matriz, head 
office. En — , at home. — 
banquera, banking company. 
— exportadora, export house. 

Casaca, /., coat, dress coat, jacket. 
Género para — s, coatings. 





Casación, /., abrogation. 
Casamiento, m., marriage. 
Casar, v., to marry, to match, to 

mate ; to repeal, to abrogate ; 

r.v., to marr^', to get married. 

— con, to match. 

Casca, /., grape-skin ; bark for 
tanning leather. 

Cascabel, m., bell used for ani- 
mals, rattlesnake. 

Cascada, /., cascade, waterfall. 

Cascado, a., broken, infirm, crazy. 

Cascajo, m., gravel. 

Cascanueces, m., nut-cracker. 

Cascar, v., to crack, to burst. 

Cascara, /., rind, husk, peel, bark. 

— de cacao, cocoa-shell. 
Cascarilla, /., Peruvian bark ; 

Cascarón, m., egg-shell, shell. 
Cascarrón, a., rough, harsh, rude. 
Casco, ni., skull, helmet, cask, 

crown (of a hat), hoof (of a 

horse). — de un navio, hull of 

a ship, hulk. — y quilla, 

Cascote, m., rubbish. 
Caseína, /., casein. 
Casería, /., country house. 
Caserío, m., houses, village, or 

small town. 
Casero, a., domestic, homely, 

home-bred, home-made. Pan 

— , home-made bread. Lienzo 

— , home-spun linen. 
Casero, m., landlord of a house. 
Caserón, m., large house. 
Casi, adv., almost, nearly. 
Casia, /., cassia. 
Casilla, /., ticket-office, post-office 

box (in South America). 
Casillas,, pigeon-holes, ruled 

columns. Sacarle a uno de sus 

— to upset, to tease. 
Casillero, m., pigeon-holes. 
Casimir, m., kerseymere, suiting. 

— para pantalón, trouserings. 

— para abrigos, overcoatings. 
Casinete (S. & Central A.), suit- 

Casino, m., casino, club. 

Caso, m., case, instance, event. 
En todo — , anyhow, at all 
events, at any rate. Hacer — 
de, to respect, to take notice of. 
Esto no hace al — , it is imma- 
terial (or irrelevant). No es 
[or no viene) al — , it is not 
to the point. Vamos al — , let us 
come to the point. Dado — que, 
supposing that. Ser del — , to 
be necessary. El — es, the 
question (or fact) is. Hacer — 
omiso de, to ignore. Verse en 
el ■ — ■ de, to be compelled to. 
Darse el — •, to happen. 

Casquete, m., casque, helmet, cap. 

Casquillo, m., tip, ferrule, cap, 

Casquivano, a., inconsiderate, 
light-headed, impudent. 

Casta, /., caste, race. 

Castaña, /., chestnut. 

Castañeta, /., castanet. 

Castaño, m., chestnut-tree ; chest- 
nut (wood) ; a., chestnut 

Castañuela, /., castanet. 

Castellano, a., Castilian, Spanish. 

Castidad, /., chastity. 

Castigar, v., to chastise, to punish, 
to castigate. — los gastos, to 
keep do\\Ti expenses. See Bolsa. 

Castigo, ni., chastisement, punish- 

Castillo, m., castle. 

Castizo, a., pure-blooded, chaste, 
pure. Caballo — , blood horse. 

Casto, a., pure, chaste, modest. 

Castor, m., castor, beaver. 
I Casual, a., casual, accidental, 

Casualidad, /., casualty, accident, 
chance. Por — , by chance, 
by accident. Por — me 
encontraba allí, I happened to 
be there. 

Casualmente, adv., casually, by 
chance, accidentally. 

Casucha, /., hut, hovel. 

Cata, /., trial, taste, proof. 

Catador, m., taster. 




Catálogo, m., catalogue. 

Catar, v., to taste, to try, to inves- 
tigate ; to esteem, to respect ; 
to bear in mind. Cuando no se 
cata (or cuando menos se cata), 
when least expecting, or sus- 

Catarata, /., cataract, waterfall. 

Catarro, m., catarrh, cold. 

Catástrofe, /., catastrophe. 

Catecismo, m., catechism. 

Cátedra, /., seat or chair of a 
professor ; professorship. 

Catedral, /., cathedral. 

Catedrático, m., professor in a 

Categoría, /., category. Hombre 
de — , man of good qualities or 
talents, man of rank. 

Categórico, a., categoric (al). 

Catequizar, v., to catechise. 

Catre, m., small bedstead, bed. 

Catrecofre, m., press-bed, folding- 

Cauce, m., bed of a river. 

Caucho, m., india-rubber. 

Caudal, >«., fortune, property, 
means ; capital, stock. 

Caudaloso, a., flowing. Un río 
— , a rich and flowing river. 

Causa, /., cause, motive, reason ; 
case, lawsuit, trial. — pública, 
public good. Hacer — común 
con, to join, to make common 
cause with, to go in with, to 
join forces \vith. A — de, on 
account of, considering. 

Causante, a, causing ; m., causer, 
principal. La parte — , the 
party at fault. Ser — de, to be 
to blame for. 

Causar, v., to cause, to make, to 

Cáustico, a. & m., caustic. 

Cautamente, adv.. cautiously. 

Cautela, /., caution, prudence. 

Cauterizar, v., to cauterise. 

Cautivar, v., to capture, to 

Cautivo, a. iV- m., captive. 

Cauto, a., cautious. 

Cava, /., digging, cellar. 

Cavar, v., to dig. 

Caverna, /., cavern, cave. 

Cavidad, /.. ca\ity. 

Cavilar, v., to ca\dl. 

Caviloso, a., captious, ca\'illous. 

Cayado, m., shepherd's crook, 
crozier of a bishop. 

Caza, /., chase, hunt, hunting, 
sport, game. Andar a — , to 
hunt. Andar a — de novedades, 
to be looking out for novelties. 

Cazador, m., hunter, huntsman ; 
chasseur (Mil.). 

Cazar, v., to chase, to hunt, to 

Cazatorpedero, m., torpedo boat 

Cazo, m., copper saucepan wdth 
an iron handle ; ladle ; copper 
kettle or boiler. — para leche, 
milk pan. 

Cazuela, /., stew-pan, earthen pan, 

Cebada, /., barley. — perlada (or 
perla), pearl barley. 

Cebadero, m., place where game 
or fowls are fed ; dealer in 

Cebar, v., to feed, to stuff, to 
fatten (animals, fowls, etc.), 
to prime or to bait. 

Cebellina, /., sable. 

Cebo, m., food, fodder, fattening, 
bait. — de pescar, bait for 
fishing. — fulminante, per- 

Cebolla, /., onion. 

Cebra, /., zebra. 

Cedacito, m., a small broom. 

Cedazo, m., sieve. 

Cedente, p.a., ceding, granting ; 
m., assigner, conveyer, trans- 

Ceder, v., to cede, to grant, to 
j-ield, to make over, to transfer, 
to give up ; to give way, to 

Cedro, m., cedar. 

Cédula, /., schedule, warrant, 
scrip, share. — de dividendo. 





dividend warrant. — de 
Aduana, a permit. — real, 
Royal letters patent. 

Céfiro, m., zephyr. 

Cegar, i.v., to blind, to make 
blind ; to darken, to stop up. 

Cegarrita, a — s {or a ojos — s), 

Ceguera, /., blindness. 

Ceja, /., eyebrow. Quemarse las 
— s, to study intensely. 

Cejar, v., to relax, to slacken, to 

Celada, /., helm, helmet ; ambus- 
cade, ambush ; artful trick. 

Celador, tn., curator, warden, over- 

Celaje, m., small cloud, scud ; skv- 

Celar, v., to watch, to conceal, to 

Celda, /.. cell. 

Celebración, /., celebration. 

Celebrar, v., to celebrate, to ap- 
plaud, to be glad, to perform, 
to hold. — se (una reunión), to 
take place (a meeting). — una 
entre\dsta con, to inteT\dew. 

Célebre, a., celebrated, famous. 

Celebridad, /., celebrity. 

Celebro, m., brain. 

Celemín, in., 12th part of a 
fanega, about an English peck. 

Celeridad, /., celerity. 

Celeste, a., celestial ; sky-blue. 

Celo, m., zeal, ardour. — s, jea- 

Celosía, /., Venetian blind. 

Celoso, a., jealous, zealous. 

Cementerio, m., cemetery. 

Cemento, m., cement. 

Cena, /., supper. 

Cenagal, m., quagmire. Meterse 
en un — , to get into a difficulty. 

Cenar, v., to sup. 

Cencerro, m., bell worn by a mule 
or wether. A — s tapados, by 

Cenefa, a., border, fringe, valance, 

Cenicero, m., ash-pit, ash-pan. 

Ceniciento, a., ash-coloured. 

Cénit, ;»., zenith. 

Ceniza, /., ashes. Día de (or 
miércoles de) — , Ash Wednes- 
day. Reducirse a — s, to be 
burnt to the ground, to be 

Censo, m., census. 

Censura, /., censure, reproach. 

Censurar, v., to censure, to blame, 
to reproach, to criticize. 

Centella, /., spark, flash, lightning. 

Centellear {oy Centellar), v., to 

Centelleo, tn., spark, scintillation. 

Centena, /., hundred, centenary. 

Centenada. See Centena. 

Centenar, m., hundred. A — es, 
by hundreds. 

Centenario, m., centenary. 

Centeno, m., rye. 

Céntimo, m., centime, 100th part 
of a peseta. 

Centinela, m.&f., sentry, sentinel. 

Céntrico, a., central, focal. 

Centrífugo, a., centrifugal. 

Centro, m., centre, middle. — 
informativo, information bu- 

Céntuplo, a., centuple, a hundred- 

Ceñido, a., moderate, to the point. 

Ceñir, i.v., to gird, to reduce, to 
contract. — se a, to keep to. 

Ceño, m., frown. 

Ceñudo, a., frowning, grim, gruff. 

Cepa, /., stock, root, foundation. 

Cepillar. See Acepillar. 

Cepillo, m., plane, brush. — de 
dientes, tooth-brush. ■ — • de 
ropa, clothes brush. 

Cepo, m., block, reel, clamp, trap. 
— s quedos (Coll.), no more of 

Cera, /., wax, bees' wg,x. 

Cerca, /., enclosure, fence, fencing. 

Cerca, adv., near. — de, near, 
close (to). — de veinte, about 
twenty. Tocar de — , to con- 
cern closely. 

Cercado, m., enclosure. 





Cercanía, /., neighbourhood, vicin- 
ity. — s, environs, neighbour- 

Cercar, f., to enclose, to environ, to 

Cercenar, v., to pare, to curtail, 
to cut away, to clip, to lessen 
(expenses, etc.). 

Cercha, /., tip, rule for measuring. 

Cerciorar, v., to assure, to affirm. 
— se de, to ascertain, to assure 
oneself of. 

Cerco, ni., hoop or ring, circle, 
frame ; blockade. Poner — a, 
to invest, to besiege. 

Cerda, /., bristle ; sow. 

Cerdo, m., hog, pig. 

Cerdoso, a., bristly. 

Cereal, a., cereal. — es,, 

Cerebro, tu., brain. 

Ceremonia, /., ceremony. 

Cereza, /., cherry. 

Cerezal, m., plantation of cherry- 
trees ; cherry orchard. 

Cerezo, m., cherry-tree, cherry- 

Cerilla, /., wax-taper, wax-light, 

Cerner, i. v., to sift, to bolt ; to 
bud and blossom ; to drizzle, 
to filter through. 

Cero, ni., zero, cypher. Ser un — • 
(a la izquierda), to be a mere 

Cerquita, adv., near. Aqu í — , j ust by. 

Cerote, m., shoemaker's wax. 

Cerrado, a., close, reserved, con- 
cealed ; closed. A ojos — s, 
without examination. A puerta 
cerrada, privately, secretly. 

Cerradero, m., staple. 

Cerradura, /., lock, closure. • — de 
muehe {or de golpe), spring- 
lock. — embutida (o;' encajada), 

Cerraja, /., lock of a door ; com- 
mon thistle. Agua de — s, good 
for nothing; empty words. 

Cerrajería, /., locksmith's shop, 

Cerrajero, m., locksmith. 

Cerramiento, m., closure, locking 

Cerrar, i.v., to close, to lock, to 
fasten, to include, to contain. 
r.v., to be closed or locked, to 
remain firm in one's opinion, 
to grow cloudy or overcast. 

— el negocio, to close (or 
arrange) the business. 

Cerrazón, /., darkness. 

Cerril, a., mountainous, rough, 

Cerro, m., hill, mountain ; neck 
or nape of an animal. 

Cerrojo, m., bolt. 

Certamen, m., controversy, dis- 
putation ; competition. 

Certero, m., sharp-shooter ; a., 
well-aimed, excellent (shot). 

Certeza, /., certainly. 

Certidumbre, /., certainty. 

Certificación, /., certificate, certi- 

Certificado, m., certificate. • — s, 
testimonials. — de origen, 
certificate of origin. • — de 
sanidad, certificate of health. 

— notarial, notarial certificate. 
Certificado, a., certified, registered 

(a letter). Bajo sobre — , 

under registered cover. 

Certificar, v., to certify, to register 
(a letter or packet). 

Cerusa, /., white lead. 

Cervato, m., fawn. 

Cervecería, /., brewery. 

Cervecero, m., brewer, beer-seller. 

Cerveza, /., beer, ale. 

Cerviz, /., nape of the neck. 

Cesación, /., cessation, ceasing, 
pause, discontinuance. 

Cesante, p.a., ceasing ; m., a 
retired ofticial. Dejar — , to 
dismiss, to discharge ; to do 
away with. 

Cesantía, /., pension. 

Cesar, v., to cease. 

Cesión, /., cession, transfer, giving- 
up. — de bienes, surrender of 
the estate of a bankrupt. 





Cesionario, m., cessionary, trans- 
Cesionista, com., transferer, as- 

Césped, m., sod, grass-plot. 
Cesta, /., basket, pannier. 
Cestería, /., basket-making, 

Cestero, w., basket-maker or 

Cesto, m., basket, hamper. — 

para papeles, waste-paper bas- 
Cestón, m., large basket or pannier. 
Cetáceo, a., cetaceous, of the 

whale kind. 
Cetro, m., sceptre. 
Chabacano, m. (Mex.), kind of 

Chabeta, /. See Chaveta. 
Chacona, m. (or Chaconada), /., 

Chacota, /., noisy mirth, fun. 

Hacer — de, to ridicule, to 

make fun of. 
Chafar, v., to crush, to crease, to 

rumple ; to cut one short. 
Chai, rn., shawl. — de cachemira. 

Cashmere shawl. 
Chalán, m., hawker, huckster. 
Chaleco, m., waistcoat, vest. Cortes 

{or género) para — s, vestings. 
Chalina, /., cravat, scarf. 
Chalupa, /., launch, long-boat. 
Chamarra, /., garment made of 

sheepskin or coarse frieze ; 

blanket (Nicaragua) . 
Chamorro, a., shorn, bald. 
Champaña, /., Champagne. Vino 

de — , champagne (wine). 
Chamuscar, v., to singe, to scorch. 
Chamusquina, /., scorching, singe- 
Chancaca, /., azúcar de — , coarse 

or raw sugar (refuse of sugar). 
Chancear, v., to jest, to joke. 
Chancero, a., jesting, jocose. 
Chancleta, /., slipper. Andar en 

— s, to go slipshod. 
Chanclo, m., patten, clog. — s, 

galoshes, overshoes. 

Chanza, /., joke, jest, fun. De — , 

in jest. 
Chapa, /., metal plate. 
Chaparrón, m., violent shower of 

Chapeado, a., plated. — en oro, 

Chapear, v., to plate. 
Chapeta, /., small metal plate. 
Chapin, m., clog with a cork sole. 
Chapotear, v., to splash. 
Chapucear, v., to botch, to bungle. 
Chapurrar, v., to speak gibberish. 

Chapurra el español, he speaks 

broken Spanish. 
Chaqueta, /., jacket. 
Charco, m., pool. Pasar el — , to 

cross the seas. 
Charla, /., gossip, talk, chit-chat, 

Charlar, v., to gabble, to gossip, 

to chatter. 
Charlatán, tn., gabbler, charlatan, 

Charnela, /., hinge, hinge-joint. 
Charol, m., varnish, japan-work ; 

japanned leather, patent lea- 
Charolar, v., to varnish, to japan. 
Charque, m., salt beef, jerked beef. 
Charretera, /., epaulette. 
Charro, a., gaudy, tawdry. 
Chasco, m., joke, fun, trick. Dar 

— , to disappoint, to frustrate. 

Llevarse (un) — -, to be disap- 
Chasquear, v., to crack with a 

whip ; to crack, to snap, to 

fool, to disappoint, to fail. 
Chasquido, m., crack of a whip ; 

crack (noise). 
Chata, /., flat-bottomed boat. 

— alijadora, lighter. 
Chato, a., flat. 
Chaveta, /., forelock-key. 
Chelín, m., shilling. 
Cheviot, m., tweed. ^ 
Chica, /., little girl, girl. 

1 Cheviot is not really a Spanish word, 
but it is used by Spanish Americans for 
" tweed suitings." 





Chicha, /. Sec Calma. 

Chico, a., little, small ; in., boy. 

Chifla, /., whistle. 

Chiflado, a., silly, crazy. 

Chifladura, /., hobby. 

Chiflar, w., to whistle, to mock. 

Chilla,/., call (for game). Tablas 

de ■ — -, thin boards. 
Chillar, v., to scream, to shriek ; 

to creak ; to hiss. 
Chillido, m., squeak, shriek. 
Chillón, a., loud, showy, glaring 

(colour, etc.) ; m., bawler, 

crier ; nail, tack. 
Chimenea, /., chimney, fire-place ; 

China, /., china, porcelain. Tinta 

de — , Indian ink. 
Chinche, /., bug. 
Chinchilla, /., chinchilla (a kind 

of squirrel). 
Chinela, /., slipper. 
Chiquillo [dim.), m., small child. 
Chiquito, a., small, little. 
Chiripa, /., fortunate chance ; 

windfall, bargain. 
Chirriar, v., to hiss, to creak. 
Chirrido, ni., chirp, chatter. 
Chisme, m., misrepresentation, 

Chismear, v., to tattle, to carry 

Chismoso, a., tale-bearing. 
Chispa, /., spark. Ser una — , to 

be very lively. Echar — s, to be 

in a violent passion. 
Chispear, v., to sparkle, to emit 

Chistar, v., to mutter, to mumble. 

No chistó (palabra), he did not 

open his lips. Nadie chistó, 

no one spoke. 
Chiste, m., joke, jest. Dar en 

el — , to hit the nail on the head. 
Chistera, /., ñsh-basket ; (Coll.) 

silk hat. 
Chistoso, a., witty, lively, funny. 
Chita, /., ankle-bone in sheep and 

bullocks. Tirar a dos — s, to 

have two strings to one's bow. 

A la — callando, on the quiet. 

Chito, Chiton, int., Hush ! Si- 
lence ! 

Chivo, m. (Cuba), fraud, faking. 

Chocar, v., to strike, to collide, to 
jostle, to encounter ; to shock, 
to disgust. — con, to strike, 
to interfere with. 
j Chocolate, m., chocolate. 
¡ Chofeta, /., chafing-dish, fire-pan. 
j Choleta, /., dyed cotton twill for 

Choque, m., collision, shock, clash. 

Chorizo, w., pork-sausage. 

Chorlito, ni., curlew. 

Chorrear, v., to gush, to outpour, 
to spout. 

Chorrillo, m., outpour. 

Chorro, m., water, gush. A — s, 

Choza, /., hut, hovel, cottage. 

Chuchería, /., knick-knack, trin- 

Chucho, »«., owl ; (Cuba) whip ; 
switch ; railway siding. 

Chufa, /., boast. 

Chufleta, /., jeer. 

Chuleta, /., chop, cutlet. 

Chulo, ni., punster, assistant, 
young man. 

Chumacera, /., row-lock ; (Mech.) 
bearing, cushion. 

Chumbo {or higo • — ), m., Indian 

Chunga, /., jest, joke. 
Chupar, v., to suck, to imbibe, 

to sponge. 
Churla, /. (or Churlo, m.), bag or 

bale. See Lana. 
Churro, a., applied to sheep that 

have coarse wool, and to their 

Chusco, a., pleasant, droll. 
Chuzo, m., pike. A — s, abun- 
dantly, copiously. Llover a — s, 

to rain in bucketfuls. 
Cicatriz, /., cicatrice, gash, scar. 
Cicatrizar, v., to heal: 
Ciclismo, m., cycling. 
Ciclista, m., cyclist. 
Ciclo, m., cycle, round of time. 
Cidra, /., citron. 





Cidro, ni., citron-tree. 

Ciegamente, adv., blindly. 

Ciego, a., blind. A ciegas, blindly, 
thoughtlessly, carelessly. 

Cielo, w., sky, heaven, heavens. 
Mudar (de) — , to change the 
air, to have a change of air. 

— de la boca, roof of the mouth. 
— raso, ceiling. Dormir a — raso, 
to sleep in the open air. 

Cien, a., one hundred. — por — , 
100 per cent. 

Ciénaga, /., marsh. 

Ciencia, /., science. Saber a — 
cierta, to know for certain. 
A — y paciencia de, with the 
knowledge and permission 

Cieno, m., mud, mire. 

Cientfflco, a., scientific. 

Ciento, a.&m., one hundred. 

Cierre, m., closing, closure. 

Ciertamente, adv., certainly. 

Cierto, a., certain, true. — 
hombre, a certain man. Por — , 
de — , certainly. Estar en lo — , 
to be quite right, to liit the nail 
on the head. 

Ciervo, m., deer, hart, stag. 

Cierzo, m., northerly vnnd. 

Cifra, /., cipher, figure. En — , in 
short, briefly. 

Cifrar, v., to cipher, to abridge. 
— se en, to depend on. 

Cigarrera, /., cigar-case ; cigar- 

Cigarrero, m., cigar seller. 

Cigarrillo, m., cigarette. 

Cigarro, m., cigar. — puro, cigar. 

— de papel, cigarette. 
Cigoñal, m., windlass. 
Cigüeña, a., crank. 
Cigüeñal, »;., winch, crank. 
Cilicio, m., hair-cloth. 
Cilindrador, w., cylinderer. 
Cilindrico, a., cylindrical. 
Cilindrar, v., to cylinder, to roll. 
Cilindro, m., cylinder, roller. 
Cima, /., summit, top. Dar — a, 

to conclude. 
Címbalo, m., cymbal. 

Cimentar, i.v., to found, to lay 
the foundation of a building. 

Cimento, m. See Cemento. 

Cimiento, m., foundation. Echar 
los — s, to lay the foundation. 

Cinabrio, w., cinnabar ; vermil- 

Cine, m., zinc. 

Cincel, m., chisel. 

Cincelador, m., engraver, sculptor, 

Cincelar, v., to chisel, to engrave. 

Cincha, /., girth, cingle. 

Cinchar, v., to gird. 

Cincho, m., belt, girdle ; tyre, 

Cinco, a., five. 

Cincuenta, a., fifty. 

Cinematógrafo, m., cinematograph, 

Cínico, a., cynical ; m., cynic. 

Cinta, /., ribbon, tape, reel. — 
cinematógrafa, cinematograph 
reel. — para medir, tape mea- 
sure. — de hiladillo, linen tape. 

Cintería, /., ribbon-trade. 

Cintilla, /., small ribbon, narrow 

Cintillo, ni., hat-band. 

Cinto, m., belt, girdle. — ■ salvavi- 
das, life-belt. 

Cintura, /., waist. 

Cinturón, wz., belt. — salvavidas, 
life-belt. — de salvamento, 

Ciprés, m., cypress-tree. 

Circo, m., circus. 

Circuito, m., circuit. 

Circulación, /., circulation, cur- 
rency, traffic. — de moneda, 
currenc}'^. Poner en — , to issue, 
to put into circulation. 

Circulante, a., circulating. Biblio- 
teca — , circulating library. 

Circular, a., circular ; /., circular 
letter. Carta — -, circular letter. 
Carta — de crédito, circular let- 
ter of credit. 

Circular, v., to circulate, to be 
abroad, to spread ; to be in 
circulation : to move on. 





Círculo, in., circle. 

Circundar, v., to surround, to 

Circunferencia, /., circumference. 

Circunnavegación, /., circumnavi- 

Circunnavegar, v., to circumna- 

Circunscribir, v., to circumscribe. 

Circunscripción, /., circumscrip- 

Circunspección, /., circumspection, 

Circunspecto, a., circumspect, cau- 
tious, reserved. 

Circunstancia, /., circumstance, 
incident, case. En las — s 
actuales, under the present 

Circunstanciado, a., circumstan- 
tial, minute. 

Circunvecino, a., neighbouring. 

Cirial, m., candlestick. 

Cirio, m., wax-candle. 

Ciruela, /., plum, prune. — pasa, 
dried plum, prune. — ■ verdal, 

Ciruelo, m., plum-tree. 

Cirugía, /., surgery. 

Cirujano, m., surgeon. 

Cisco, in., coal-dust, broken coal, 

Cisne, in., swan. 

Cisterna, /., cistern, reservoir. 

Cita, /., appointment, engagement ; 
citation, quotation. Darse — , 
to make an appointment, to 
meet. Acudir a la — , to go to 
meet ; to keep an appointment. 

Citación, /., citation, c^uotation ; 

Citar, v., to quote, to cite ; to 
summon, to subpoena. — en 
falso, to misquote. 

Citrato, m., citrate. 

Ciudad, /., cit}', town. — ■ jardín, 

Ciudadanía, /., citizenship. 

Ciudadano, in., citizen. 

Civil, a., ci\dl, polite. 

Civilidad, /., civilit3^ politeness. 

Civilización, /., civilisation. 

Civilizar, v., to civilise. 

Civilmente, adv., civilly, cour- 

Cizalla, /., filings, clippings (of 
metal). — s, shears, pliers. 

Cizallar, v., to cut wire or metal 
with shears. 

Cizaña, /., discord. 

Clamar, v., to cry out (for). 

Clamor, m., clamour, outcry. 

Clamorear, v., to clamour. 

Clamoreo, m., knell. 

Clamoroso, a., clamorous. 

Clandestino, a., clandestine, se- 
cret, private. 

Clara, /., a fine interval on a rainy 
day. — de huevo, white of an 
egg. A las — ^s, clearly, evi- 
dently. Decir cuatro — s, to 
give a piece of one's mind. 

Claraboya, /., sky -light, bull's-eye. 

Claramente, adv., cleaxly, openly. 

Clarear, z;., to grow light ; r.v., to 
be cleared up. 

Clarete, m., claret. Vino — , claret 

Claridad, /., clearness, brightness, 

Clarificar, v., to clarify. 

Clarín, m., clarion, trumpet. Olán 
• — •, fine cambric. 

Clarinete, m., clarinet. 

Clarión, m., crayon. 

Claro, a., clear, light, bright. Azul 
— ■, light blue. Es — {or — está), 
it is clear (or obvious) . 

Claro, w., clearness. Por lo — , 
evidently. Poner en — , to 
explain, to clear up. — 
obscuro, chiaroscuro, light 
and shade in paintings. 

Clase, /., class, kind, sort, descrip- 
tion, qualit}'. De primera — , 

Clásico, a., classic(al). Autores 
— s, classics. 

Clasificación, /., classification. 

Clasificar, v., to class, to classify, 
to sort. 

Claustro, m., cloister. 





Cláusula, /., clause, condition, 

Clausura, /., cloister ; clausure, 
confinement ; closure. 

Clavador, m., nail-driver. 

Clavar, v., to nail, to stick, to 
fasten, to prick. Me clavé una 
espina, I pricked myself with 
a thorn. — ■ los ojos, to stare. 

Clavazón, m., set of nails. 

Clave, /., key, key-stone. ■ — ■ tele- 
gráfica, cipher code, telegraphic 
code. ■ — ■ en uso, code used. 

Clavel, m., pink (flower). 

Clavete, m., tack, small nail. 

Clavija, /., pin, peg. 

Clavillo, m., small nail, rivet. 
— de especia, clove. 

Clavo, m., nail ; boil ; clove ; 
(Amer.) damaged or unsaleable 
goods. — de herradura, hob- 
nail. ■ — ■ de especia, clove. 

Clavito, m., dim., tack, small nail. 

Clemencia, /., clemency, leniency. 

Clérigo, m., clergyman, cleric, 

Clero, m., clergy. 

Cliente, m., client, customer. 

Clientela, /., clientele, customers ; 
clientship, custom. 

Clima, m., climate. 

Clínica, /., clinic, clinical hospital 
or surgery. 

Clínico, a., clinical. 

Clisé, m., matrix, stereotype plate, 

Cloaca, /., sewer. 

Clorato, m., chlorate. 

Clorhidrato, m., hydrochlorate, 

Clorhídrico, m., hydrochloric. 

Clórico, a., chloric. 

Cloro, m., chlorine. 

Cloroformo, m., chloroform. 

Cloruro, m., chloride. 

Coacción, /., coercion. 

Coactivo, a., compulsory. 

Coadjutor, m., coadjutor, a.ssist- 

Coadjutoría, /., coadjuvancy, as- 

Coadyuvante, a. or p.a., coadju- 
tant, assistant. 

Coadyuvar, v., to help, to assist. 

Coartada, /., alibi. Probar la — , 
to prove an alibi. 

Coartar, v., to restrict, to limit, 
to restrain. 

Cobalto, m., cobalt. 

Cobarde, Í7., cowardly; m., coward. 

Cobardía, /., cowardice. 

Cobertizo, m., cover, shelter, shed. 
— ■ de aviación, hangar. 

Cobertor, m., coverlet, quilt, coun- 

Cobertura, /., cover, covering, 

Cobija, /., gutter-tile, blanket. 

Cobijar, v., to cover, to shelter. 

Cobradero, a., recoverable. 

Cobrado, a. & p.p., recovered, 
received, collected. 

Cobrador, m., collector, receiver. 

Cobranza, /., collection, recovery, 

Cobrar, v., to collect, to recover, 
to receive ; to charge. — 
ánimo, to take courage, 
fuerzas, to gather strength. 

Cobre, m., copper. 

Cobro, m., collection, payment. 
See Cobranza. 

Cocear, v., to kick. 

Cocer, i.v., to boil, to bake. 

Coche, ni., coach, carriage. — de 
alquiler, — simón, hackney 
coach. — de punto, licensed 
hack, cab. — cama, sleeping- 
compartment, sleeper. 

Cochecito, m., small carriage. — 
de mano, bath-chair. — ■ correo, 
mail carriage. 

Cochera, /., coach-house ; coach- 
man's wife. 

Cochecillo, in. (dim.), small carri- 
age. — ■ de niño, perambulator. 

Cochero, m., coachman. 

Cochina, /., sow. 

Cochinilla, /., cochineal. 

Cochino, tn., pig. 

Cocido, a., boiled, baked ; expe- 





Cociente, m. See Cuociente. 

Cocina, /., kitchen. 
Cocinar, v., to cook or dress food. 
Cocinero, m. (Cocinera, /.), cook. 
Cocinilla, /. (dim.) small kitchen. 

— de gas, cooking stove. 
Coco, m., cocoa-nut, cocoa-nut 

tree. — para piso(s), cocoa-nut 

Cocodrilo, m., crocodile. 
Cocotero, m., cocoa-tree. 
Codear, v., to elbow. — se con, 

to mix with. 
Codicia, /., covetousness, cupidit}', 

Codiciar, v., to covet. 
Codicilo, m., codicil. 
Codicioso, a., greedy, covetous. 
Código, m., code. — cifrado, 

cipher code. 
Codo, m., elbow. Dar de - — -, to 

elbow, to treat \vith contempt. 
Codorniz, /., quail. 
Coercion, /., coercion. 
Coetáneo, a., contemporary. 
Cofrade, m. & /., member of a 

Cofradía, /., confraternity. 
Cofre, m., trunk, chest. — fuerte, 

safe, strong box. 
Cofrero, m., trunk-maker. 
Coger, v., to catch, to seize, to 

take, to gather, to occupy, to 

take up. 
Cogida, /., catching, gathering, 

Cogucho, m., raw sugar, moist 

Cohechar, v., to bribe, to fee. 
Cohecho, m., bribery. 
Coheredero, m., co-heir, joint-heir. 
Cohete, m., rocket. 
Cohombro, m., cucumber. 
Coincidir, v., to coincide, to concur, 

to agree. 
Cojín, m., cushion, pad. 
Cojinete, m., cushion ; bearing. 

— de bolas, ball bearing. 
Cojinillo, m. (dim.), small cushion. 
Cojo, a., lame. 

Col, /., cabbage. 

Cola, /., tail, train ; glue. — de 

pescado, isinglass. — de retazo, 

size used bj^ painters. 
Colaboración, /., collaboration. 
Colaborador, m., collaborator, 

Colación, /., collation, repast. 

Traer a — , to produce, to bring 

forward ; to introduce (in the 

Colada, /., washing or cleansing 

of clothes. Todo saldrá en la 

— , in time everything will be 

brought to light. 
Coladero, m., colander, sieve for 

liquors, strainer. 
Colador, m., colander ; strainer. 
Colar, v., to strain, to buck linen, 

to filter. — se, to be strained, to 

creep in by stealth. See Hierro. 
Colateral, a., collateral. 
Colcha, /., coverlet, counterpane, 

Colchar, v., to quilt. 
Colchero, m., quilt-maker. 
Colchón, m., mattress. — de 

pluma, feather bed. 
Colchoneta, /. (Cuba), mattress. 
Colección, /., collection, range, set. 
Colectivo, a., collective. 
Colega, m., colleague. 
Colegial, a., coUegial, relating to 

a college. 
Colegio, m., college. 
Colegir, i.v., to gather, to deduce. 
Cólera, /., anger, fury ; m., 

cholera. Montar en — , to 

become angr3^ 
Colérico, a., choleric, angry. 
Coleta, /., cue, tail of hair tied 

with a ribbon ; linen or union 

Coleto, m., doublet, jacket. 
Colgadizo, a., pendant, suspended. 
Colgado, a., suspended, hung. 
Colgadura, /., tapestry, hanging, 

or drapery. — - de cama, bed- 
Colgante, a., hanging, pending. 
Colgar, i.v., to hang up, to suspend ; 

to hang, to be suspended. 





Coliflor, /., cauliflower. 

Colilla, /., small tail, train of a 
gown ; stump or end of a cigar 
or cigarette. 

Colina, /., hill. 

Colindante, a., contiguous, adja- 

Colindar, v., to be contiguous (or 

Coliseo, m., coliseum, opera-house. 

Colisión, /., collision. 

Colitigante, m., co-litigant. 

Collar, ni., necklace, collar. 

Collera, /., collar, horse collar. 

Colmar, t^., to heap up, to fill, to 
fulfil, to bestow. 

Colmena, /., bee-hive. 

Colmenar, m., apiary. 

Colmillo, m., eye-tooth, canine 
tooth ; fang. 

Colmo, ni., heap, completion, 
height, summit. Llegar al — 
de sus deseos, to attain the 
summit of one's desires. No 
llegar a — , not to come to 
perfection. A — , abundantly. 
Para ■ — ■ de desgracia, to make 
matters worse. 

Colocación, /., placement, situa- 
tion, employment, position. 

Colocar, v., to place, to arrange, to 
sell ; r.v., to be sold ; to get a 

Colodra, /., milk-pail. 

Colón, m., point, colon. 

Colonia, /., colony, settlement. 

Colono, m., colonist, settler. 

Coloquio, w., colloquy, conversa- 
tion, talk. 

Color, m., colour, shade. So — de, 
under pretext of. De — entero, 
self-colour. — claro, light 

Colorado, a., coloured, red. Po- 
nerse — , to blush. 

Colorar, v., to colour. 

Colosal, a., colossal, large. 

Columbrar, v., to discern, to see 
afar off. 

Columna, /., column, pillar. 

Columpiar, v., to swing. 

Columpio, m., swing. 

Colusión, /., collusion. 

Colza, /., colza, rape, rape-seed. 
Aceite de — , rape-oil. 

Coma, /., comma. 

Comandancia, /., command. 
— general de Marina, High 
Court of Admiralty. 

Comandante, m., commander. 

Comandar, v., to command, to 

Comandita, /., co-partnery, part- 
nership. Sociedad en — , 
company with a sleeping part- 
ner (or partners). 

Comanditario, m., sleeping partner. 

Comarca, /., district, territory, 

Comba, /., bend, curvature. 

Combar, v., to bend, to curve, to 

Combate, m., combat, conflict. 

Combatiente, m., combatant, 

Combés, m., waist of a ship. 

Combinación, /., combination. 

Combinar, v., to combine, to join. 

Combustible, a., combustible ; 
m., combustible, fuel. 

Combustión, /., combustion. 

Comedero, a., eatable ; m., 
dining-room ; feeding-trough. 

Comedia, /., comedy, play. 

Comediante, m., player, actor. 

Comedido, a., civil, polite, kind, 

Comedimiento, m., civility, polite- 
ness, urbanity. 

Comedor, m., dining-room. Coche 
— , dining-car. 

Comensal, m., fellow-diner or 
guest at table. 

Comentar, v., to comment. 

Comentario, m., commentary. 

Comento, m., comment. No exige 
— s, it goes mthout sajing, 
comment is needless. 

Comenzar, i.v., to commence, to 

Comer, v., to eat, to dine. Tiene 
que — , he has enough to live on. 





Comerciable, a., merchantable, 

Comercial, a., commercial. 

Comerciante, m., merchant, trader, 
dealer. — detallista, retail 
dealer. — en general, wholesale 
dealer. — de víveres, provision 

Comerciar, v., to trade, to do 
business. — al menudeo, to do 
a retail business. 

Comercio, m., trade, commerce, 
traffic. — de buques, shipping 
business. De este — , of this 
place. — colonial, colonial 
trade. — exterior (or extran- 
jero), foreign trade. ■ — - de 
exportación, export trade. — 
de importación, import trade. 

— interior, home (or inland) 
trade. — al por menor, retail 
trade. — al por mayor, whole- 
sale trade. — de comestibles, 
provision trade. — interme- 
diario, intermediate trade. 

Comestible, a., eatable. — s,, 
comestibles, food, eatables, 
food-stuffs, provisions. 

Cometa, m., comet ; /., kite. 

Cometer, v., to commit, to order. 

Cometido, m., commission, charge. 

Cómico, a., comic (al), funny ; 
m., actor, comedian. 

Comida, /., eating, meal, dinner. 

— y cama, bed and board. 
Comienzo, m., beginning. De ■ — , 

from the beginning. Dar — a, 
to start. 

Comino, m., cumin-plant or seed. 
No vale un — , it is not worth 
a rush. Partir un — , (fig.) to 
split a hair. 

Comisar, v., to confiscate, to seize, 
to attach, to sequestrate. 

Comisaría, /., Comisariato, m., 
commissaryship ; commissariat. 

Comisaría (de policía), police 

Comisario, m., commissary, dele- 
gate, deputy. 

Comisión,/., commission, discount. 

order, trust ; committee. A — 

[or a la — ), on commission. 
Comisionado, a. & p.p., commis- 

sional, commissioned ; m., 

commissioner, agent, proxy. 
Comisionar, v., to commission, to 

Comisionista, m., commissioner, 

commission agent or merchant. 
Comiso, m., confiscation, seizure, 

Comité, m., committee. 
Comitente, m., constituent, client, 

he who gives an order, principal. 
Comitiva, /., suite, retinue. 
Como, adv., how ; why ; if ; as. 

¿ Cómo no ha venido antes ? 

Why did you not come before ? 

¿ A cómo es eso ? What is the 

price of that ? ¿ Cómo ? What ? 

— quiera que sea, however, at 
any rate. — quiera, however, 
notwithstanding, nevertheless, 
5'et. — quiera que, although, 
notwithstanding that. 

Cómoda, /., chest of drawers, 

Cómodamente, adv., conveniently, 

Comodidad, /., comfort, conve- 
nience, accommodation, leisure, 

Cómodo, m., profit, convenience. 

Cómodo, a., comfortable, conve- 
nient, handy. 

Compacto, a., compact. 

Compadecerse (de), i.r.v., to pity, 
to be sorry for. 

Compadre, m., godfather, pro- 
tector, friend ; mate. 

Compaginar, v., to join, to unite. 

Compañero, m., companion, fel- 
low, comrade, associate, part- 
ner, fellow-worker. 

Compañía, /., company, partner- 
ship, society. — ferroviaria, 
railway company. — por 
acciones, joint-stock company. 

— anónima, joint-stock com- 
pany. Promover [or establecer) 
una — , to promote a company. 





Comparable, a., comparable. 

Comparación, /., comparison. 

Comparar, v., to compare. 

Comparativo, a., comparative. 

Comparecencia, /., appearance be- 
fore a judge. - — en persona, 
personal appearance. 

Comparecer, i. v., to appear before 
a judge. 

Comparsa, /., company of players. 

Compartimiento, m., compartment, 

Compartir, v., to divide, to share. 

Compás, m., pair of compasses. 

Compasar, v., to measure with a 
rule and compass, to regulate. 

Compasión, /., compassion. 

Compasivo, a., compassionate. 

Compatibilidad, /., compatibility. 

Compatriota, com., countr}'- 
man, countrywoman, compa- 

Compendiar, v., to abridge, to 
shorten, to cut short, to con- 

Compendio, m., compendium, 
abridgement, summary. 

Compendioso, a., brief, abridged. 

Compensación, /., compensation, 

Compensar, v., to compensate, to 
make up, to recompense. — de 
to compensate for. 

Competencia, /., competition ; 
competence, aptitude, compe- 

Competente, a., competent, ade- 

Competer, v., to be due to one. 

Competición, /., competition. 

Competidor, m., competitor, rival. 

Competir, i.v., to compete, to 

Compilación, /., compilation. 

Compilador, m., compiler. 

Compilar, v., to compile. 

Complacencia, /., complacency, 
compliance, pleasure. 

Complacer, i.v., to please, to 
oblige, to humour, to accom- 

Complaciente, a., ])leasing, oblig- 
ing, easy. 

Complejo, a., complex. 

Complementario, a., compliment- 

Complemento, m., complement, 
completion, accomplishment. 

Completamente, adv., completely, 

Completar, v., to complete, to 
perfect, to make up. 

Completo, a., complete, full. Por 
— , completely. 

Complexion, /., complexion, con- 

Complexo, a., complex, difficult. 

Complicación, /., complication. 

Complicado a., complicate. 

Complicar, v., to complicate. 

Cómplice, com., accomplice, 

Complicidad, /., complicity. 

Complot, m.; plot, conspiracy. 

Componedor, m,., composer, arbi- 

Componer, i.v., to compose, to 
mend, to repair ; to arrange, 
to strengthen ; to accommo-, 
date, to compound, to adjust, 
to make up, to settle. — se de, 
to be composed of, to consist of. 
Componérselas, to arrange, to 

Comportamiento, m., behaviour. 

Comportarse, r.v., to behave one- 

Composición, /., composition, ad- 
justment, amicable arrange- 

Compositor, m., composer ; com- 
positor (printing). 

Compostura, /., composition, com- 
posure ; circumspection. 

Compota, /., jam, preserves. 

Compotera, /., jam-dish. 

Compra, /., purchase. 

Comprador, m., buyer, purchaser. 

Comprar, v., to buy, to purchase. 

— al fiado, to buy on credit. 

— al contado, to buy for cash. 
— • al día, to buy from hand 





to mouth. — al por mayor, 
to buy wholesale. — en remate, 
to purchase in auction. 

Comprender, v., to comprehend, to 
understand ; to comprise, to 

Comprensible, a., comprehensible. 

Comprensión, /., comprehension, 

Comprensivo, a., comprehensive. 

Compresión, /., compression. 

Comprimir, v., to compress, to 
constrain, to condense. 

Comprobación, /., comprobation. 

Comprobante, p.a., proving ; in., 
proof, voucher, receipt. 

Comprobar, v., to verify, to prove. 

Comprometer, v., to compromise, 
to engage, to book, to expose, 
to affect. — se, to become 
engaged, to bind oneself. 

Compromisario, m., arbitrator. 

Compromiso, m., compromise, en- 
gagement. Sin — , without 
engagement, without liability. 

Compuerta, /., lock, sluice, flood- 

Compuesto, a., composed, com- 
pound, complex, made up. 

Compuesto, m., compound, com- 
mixture, composition. 

Compulsa, /., authentic copy. 

Compulsión, /., compulsion, con- 

Compulsorio, a., compulsory. 

Computación, /., computation. 

Computar, v., to compute. 

Computista, m., computer, ac- 
countant, teller. 

Cómputo, m., computation, cal- 
culation, estimate. 

Común, a., common, ordinary, 
usual, general. Por lo — , in 
general, usually. 

Comunicación, /., communication, 

Comunicar, v., to communicate, 
to impart ; r.v., to be joined, 
to communicate with one an- 

Comunidad, /., community. 

Comunión, /., communion. 

Comúnmente, adv., commonly, 
usually, generally. 

Con, prep., with, by. — tal que, 
providing, provided that. — 
que, then, therefore, well then, 
so. ¡ — que adiós ! Well, good- 
bye ! — todo (or — todo eso) , 
nevertheless, notwithstanding, 

Conato, m., endeavour, effort, 
exertion, attempt. 

Concausa, /., joint (or secondary) 

Concavidad, /., concavity. 

Cóncavo, a., concave, hollow. 

Concebible, a., conceivable. 

Concebir, i.v., to conceive, to 
imagine. Concebido, conceived, 
expressed, couched. 

Conceder, v., to grant, to con- 
cede, to give, to allow, to admit. 

Concedido, a. & p.p., conceded, 

Concejal, m., member of a board 
or council, councillor. 

Concentración, /., concentration. 

Concepción, /., conception, idea, 

Concepto, m., conceit, judgment, 
opinion, estimation. 

Conceptuar, v., to conceive, to 
judge, to think, to be of 

Concerniente, p.a., concerning. 
Por lo — , concerning. 

Concernir, i.v. imp., to concern, to 
regard, to appertain to. 

Concertar, i.v., to concert, to 
arrange, to regulate, to settle, 
to bargain, to conclude an 
agreement ; to accord. 

Concesión, /., concession. 

Concesionario, m., grantee, con- 

Concha, /., shell ; tortoise-shell. 
— de nácar, mother-of-pearl. 

Conciencia, /., conscience. A — , 
conscientiously. En — , in good 
earnest, honestly. 

Concienzudo, a., conscientious. 







Concierto, m., concert 

ment. De — , by 

Conciliación, /., conciliation. 
Conciliar, v., to conciliate. 

sueño, to induce sleep. 
Concilio, m., council. 
Concisamente, adv., concisely, 

Concisión, /., conciseness, brevity. 
Conciso, a., concise, brief, laconic. 
Conciudadano, m., fellow-citizen. 
Concluir, i.v., to conclude, to 

terminate, to finish, to close. 

— un contrato (or negocio), to 
make a contract or bargain. 

Conclusión, /., conclusion, end, 

Conclusivo, a., conclusive. 

Concluyente, p.a., concluding. 

Concordancia, /., concordance, 
concord, agreement, harmony. 

Concordar, i.v., to accord, to 
regulate, to compromise ; 
to accord, to agree, to concord. 

Concordato, m., concordat, agree- 
ment, arrangement. 

Concorde, a., agreeable. 

Concordia, /., concord, agreement. 

Concretar, v., to concrete, to 
combine ; r.v., to be limited (to). 

Concreto, a., concrete. 

Concurrencia, /., convention, con- 
currence, coincidence ; competi- 
tion, attendance. Hasta la — 
de, to the amount of. 

Concurrente, m., competitor ; per- 
son present. 

Concurrir, v., to concur, to 
attend, to assist ; to compete. 

— en, to agree. 

Concurso, m., concourse, crowd, 
assembly, contest ; aid, assist- 
ance. — de acreedores, meeting 
of creditors. 

Condado, m., county. 

Conde, m., count, earl. 

Condenable, a., blamable, culpable. 

Condenación, /., condemnation. 
Es una — ■, it is unbearable, 

3— (1696) 

Condenado, a., condemned, sen- 
tenced. — en costas, sentenced 
to pay the costs. 

Condenar, v., to condemn, to 

Condensación, /., condensation, 

Condensador, m., condenser. 

Condensado, a., condensed. Leche 
condensada, condensed milk. 

Condensar, v., to condense. 

Condescendencia, /., condescen- 
sion, compliance. 

Condescender, i.v., to condescend, 
to comply. 

Condición, /., condition, state, 
rank. — es, conditions, terms. 
Estar en — es, to be fit, all 
right. A — que, on condition 

Condicionado, a., conditioned. 
Bien — , in good condition. 

Condicional, a., conditional. 

Condicionalmente, adv., condition- 

Condicionar, v., to condition, to 

Condimentar, v., to dress or season 

Condimento, m., condiment, .sea- 

Condiscípulo, m., fellow-student, 

Conducción, /., conveyance, car- 
riage, porterage, conduct. 

Conducente, a., conducive. 

Conducir, i.v., to convey, to carry, 
to conduct, to lead ; to direct, 
to manage, to conduce ; r.v., 
to behave, to conduct oneself. 

Conducta, /., conduct, behaviour. 

Conducto, m., conduct, channel ; 
conduit, sewer, drain. Por — 
de, through, tlirough the me- 
diation of. 

Conductor, m., conductor, con- 
veyer, guide, driver ; guard. 

Condueño, m., joint-o-wmer, part- 

Conejo, m., rabbit. 

Conexión, /., connection. 





Confección, /., confection, making, 
preparation, make-up. — de 
prendas, dressmaking. 

Confeccionador, m., confectioner. 

Confeccionar, v., to make, to 
prepare, to complete ; to make 

Confederación, /., confederation. 

Confederado, m., confederate. 

Confederar, v., to confederate ; 
r.v., to confederate, to league. 

Conferencia, /., conference, lec- 

Conferenciante, m., lecturer. 

Conferenciar, v., to confer ; to 
hold a conference. 

Conferir, i.v., to confer, to bestow, 
to deliberate. 

Confesar, i.v., to confess, to ac- 
knowledge. — de piano, to 
confess openly. 

Confesión, /., confession, acknow- 

Confiado, a., confident, secure, 
presumptuous ; entrusted. 

Confianza, /., confidence, trust, 
reliance. En — , in confidence, 

Confiar, v., to confide, to entrust, 
to commit ; to be confident, 
to trust. 

Confidencial, a., confidential. 

Confidente, m., confident, intimate. 

Confín, m., boundary, border, 

Confinar, v., to confine, to border 

Confirmación, /., confirmation. 

Confirmante, p.a., confirmer, con- 

Confirmar, v., to confirm. 

Confirmativo (Confirmatorio), a., 

Confiscación, /., confiscation, for- 

Confiscar, v., to confiscate. 

Confitar, v., to confect. 

Confite, m., comfit. — s, dainties. 

Confitero, m., confectioner. 

Confitería, /., confectionery. 

Confitura, /., confiture, confection. 

Conflagración, /., conñagration. 

Conflicto, ni., conflict, struggle. 

Conformación, /., conformation. 

Conformar, v., to conform ; to 
comply with, to agree ; r.v., to 
accommodate, to agree. — se 
con, to accommodate oneself to, 
to comply with. 

Conforme, a., conformable, cor- 
rect, in agreement. — con, in 
conformity with. 

Conforme, adv., as, just as, agree- 
ably, according to. — a su 
deseo, in accordance with your 
desire, as requested. — los 
reciba, as you receive them. 

Conformemente, adv., conform- 

Conformidad, /., conformity, 
agreement, concord. De — , by 
common consent. En — , agree- 
ably, according to. De (or en) 
— con, in accordance with. 

Confortar, v., to comfort, to con- 

Confraternidad, /., confraternity. 

Confrontación, /., confrontation, 
comparison, comparing. 

Confrontar, v., to confront, to 

Confundir, v., to confound, to 
confuse ; r.v., to be perplexed, 
or confused. 

Confusamente, adv., confusedly. 

Confusión, /., confusion, perplex- 
ity. Sufrir una — -, to make a 
mistake, to be under a misun- 

Confuso, a., confused, confounded, 
mixed. En — , confusedly. 

Confutación, /., confutation. 

Confutar, v., to confute. 

Congelación, /., congelation, freez- 

Congelar, v., to congeal, to freeze ; 
r.v., to congeal. 

Congestión, /., congestion. 

Conglomeración, /., conglomera- 

Congoja, /., anguish, anxiety of 





Congratulación, /., congratulation. 

Congratular, v., to congratulate. 

Congregación, /., congregation. 

Congregar, v.. to congregate, to 

Congreso, m., congress. 

Cónico, a., conical. 

Conjetura, /., conjecture. 

Conjeturar, v., to conjecture. 

Conjunción, /., conjunction, union 

Conjunto, a., connected ; m., 
whole, aggregate, entirety. En 
— , on the whole, altogether, 
in all. 

Conjuntura, /. See Coyuntura and 

Conjuración, /., conspiracy, plot. 

Conjurar, v., to conjure, to con- 
spire, to summon. 

Conllevar, v., to aid or help one to 
bear, to stand in with. 

Conmemoración, /., commemora- 
tion, remembrance. 

Conmensal, nu, messmate, fellow- 

Conmensurativo, a., commensurate. 

Conmigo, pt'on., with me. 

Conmilitón, m., fellow-soldier, 

Conmoción, /., commotion, con- 
vulsion, concussion. 

Conmover, »>., to move, to disturb, 
to affect. 

Conmutación, /., commutation. 

Conmutador, m., electric switch. 

Conmutar, v., to commute, to 
change, to barter. 

Connivencia, /., connivance. 

Conocedor, m., connoisseur, judge, 

Conocer, i.v., to know, to recog- 
nise, to be acquainted with. 
Darse a — -, to make oneself 

Conocido, m., acquaintance. 

Conocimiento, m., knowledge, ac- 
quaintance, cognisance. - — • de 
embarque, bill of lading. — • 
directo, through bill of lading. 
Poner en su — , to bring to one's 
knowledge, to inform one. — s. 

knowledge. Tomar — ■ de, to 
take notice of. 

Conquista, /., conquest. 

Conquistador, m., conqueror. 

Conquistar, v., to conquer, to 

Consabido, a., already known ; 
above-named, in question, 
alluded to. 

Consagrar, v., to consecrate, to 
devote, to dedicate. 

Consanguíneo, a., consanguineous, 

Consanguinidad, /., consanguinity. 

Conscripción, /., conscription. 

Conscripto, m., conscript. 

Consecución, /., attainment. 

Consecuencia, /., consequence. 
Por — , therefore. En ■ — -, con- 
sequently, therefore. A — de, 
owing to, on account of. 

Consecuente, a., consequent, con- 

Consecuentemente, adv., conse- 
quently, necessarily. 

Consecutivamente, adv., consecu- 

Consecutivo, a., consecutive. 

Conseguir, i.v., to attain, to get, 
to obtain. 

Consejero, m., counsellor, adviser. 

Consejo, m., counsel, advice ; 
council, court. — de guerra, 
court martial. — de adminis- 
tración, board of directors. 

— privado. Privy Council. 
Consentimiento, m., consent, ac- 

Consentir, «.w., to consent, to agree, 

to acquiesce. — en, to agree to. 

Conserva, /., conserve, preserve. 

— de frutas, preserved fruits. 

— alimenticia, preserve, tinned 

Conservación, /., conservation, 

Conservador, a. & m., conservator, 
preserver, conservative. 

Conservar, v., to conserve, to pre- 
serve, to keep. — se bien, to 
keep well. 





Conservatorio, m., conservatory. 
Considerable, a., considerable. 
Considerablemente, adv., consider- 
Consideración, /., consideration, 
importance. Ser de — , to be 
of importance. En — , consi- 
dering, in consideration. Tomar 
en — , to entertain. 

Considerado, a., considerate, pru- 
dent ; considered. 

Considerar, v., to consider, to look 
at, to take into account. 

Consigna, /. (Mil.), watchword. 

Consignación, /., consignation, 
consignment. En — , on con- 

Consignador, m., sender. 

Consignar, v., to consign, to 
assign, to deliver, to address ; 
to mention, to record. 

Consignatario, m., consignee, trus- 
tee, mortgagee. 

Consigo, pron., with oneself, with 
himself, with yourself. 

Consiguiente, a., consequent, con- 
sequential. Por {or de) • — -, 

Consiguientemente, adv., conse- 

Consistencia, /., consistency, firm- 

Consistente, a., consistent, solid, 

Consistir, v., to consist, to be 
composed. — en, to be due to, 
to consist of. 

Consocio, m., partner, fellow- 

Consolable, a., consolable. 

Consolación, /., consolation. 

Consolador (or Consolante), a., 
consolatory, consoling. 

Consolar, v., to console. 

Consolidación, /., consolidation. 

Consolidado, a., consolidated. — s, 
consolidated funds or annuities ; 

Consolidar, v., to consolidate. 

Consonancia, /., consonance, har- 

Consonante, a. & m., consonant, 
agreeable, consistent. 

Consonar, v., to agree. 

Consorte, com., consort, com- 

Conspicuo, a., conspicuous. 

Conspiración, /., conspiracy, plot. 

Conspirar, v., to conspire, to plot. 

Constancia, /., constancy. 

Constante, a., constant, firm, 
steady. — de, consisting of. 

Constantemente, adv., constantly, 

Constar, v. imp., to be clear, evi- 
dent. Nos consta, it is clear 
to us, we are aware ; to our 
knowledge. Hacer — , to make 
(it) appear, to state. — ■ de, 
to consist of. 

Constelación, /., constellation. 

Consternación, /., consternation. 

Constipación, /., constipation, cold 

Constipado, m., cold ; a., having 
a cold. 

Constipar, v., to cause a cold ; 
r.v., to catch cold. 

Constitución, /., constitution. 

Constitucional, a., constitutional. 

Constituir, ¡.v., to constitute, to 
establish, to appoint. — se 
responsable, to hold oneself 
(or to become) responsible. 

Constreñir, i.v., to constrain. 

Constricción, /., constriction. 

Construcción, /., construction, 
building. En — , in course of 
construction. — de buques 
[or ■ — - naval), shipbuilding. 
Materiales de — , shipbuilding 

Constructor, m., constructor, 
builder. — de buques (or 
navios)," shipbuilder. — de 
molinos, milh\TÍght. 
Construir, i.v., to build, to con- 
struct, to frame, to construe. 
Consuelo, m., consolation, com- 
fort, relief. Gastar (or beber) 
sin — , to spend (or to drink) 
to excess. 
Cónsul, m., consul. 





Consulado, m., consulate, consul- 

Consular, a., consular. Factura 
■ — -, consular invoice. Derechos 

— es, consular fees. 
Consulta, /., consultation, con- 

Consultación, /., consultation. 

Consultante, p. a., consulting; m., 

Consultar, v., to consult. — con 
el bolsillo, (fig.) to cut one's 
coat according to one's cloth. 

Consumación, /., consummation, 
accomplishment, end. 

Consumado, a., consummate, ac- 
complished, perfect. 

Consumado, m., consommé (kind 
of soup). 

Consumar, v., to consummate, 
to finish, to perfect. 

Consumidor, m., consumer. 

Consumir, v., to consume, to use, 
to absorb, to run away with, to 
exhaust ; r.v., to be spent, to be 
exhausted ; to wear away. 

Consumo, m., consumption, sale. 
Articulo de — , staple. — s, 
consumption of naval stores ; 
a Spanish tax upon provisions. 

Consunción, /., consumption, 

Contabilidad, /., accounts, keeping 
of accounts. 

Contable, m., book-keeper, ac- 

Contacto, m., contact, touch. 

Contadero, a., countable. 

Contado, a., rare, infrequent, 
few ; De — , instantly. Al — , 
for cash, cash. Por de — , of 

Contador, m., accountant ; coun- 
ter, auditor, numerator, teller. 

— de marina, purser (in the 
navy). • — de gas, gas meter. 

Contaduría, /., accountant's 
office, auditship, box-office (at 
a theatre, etc.). 

Contagio, m., contagion. 

Contagioso, a., contagious. 

Contante, m., ready money, cash. 

Contar, i.v., to count, to reckon, 
to relate. — con, to depend on, 
to rely upon, to rest assured, 
to possess, to enjoy. — 20 años, 
to be twenty years of age. 

Contemplación, /., contemplation. 

Contemplar, v., to contemplate. 

Contemporáneo, a., contemporary. 

Contemporizar, v., to temporize. 

Contención, /., contention. 

Contencioso, a., contentious, quar- 
relsome, litigious ; in dispute. 

Contender, i.v., to contend. 

Contendiente, tn., contender. 

Contener, i.v., to contain, to hold ; 
to restrain, to repress ; r.v., to 
keep one's temper, to contain 

Contenido, m., contents, context. 

Contentadizo, a., easy to please. 
Bien — •, easily pleased. Mai — , 
hard to please. 

Contentamiento, m., contentment. 

Contentar, v., to content, to satis- 
fy ; r.v., to be contented. Ser 
de mal — , to be hard to please. 

Contento, a., content, glad. 

Contento, m., contentment, satis- 
faction, content. 

Conteo, m., count (of threads). 

Contera, /., button, prelude, metal 
tip, ferrule. Por — , finally. 

Contestable, a., contestable, con- 

Contestación, /., reply, answer. 

Contestar, v., (a) to answer, to 

Contexto, m., context. 

Contextura, /., context, contex- 
ture, frame, texture. 

Contienda, /., dispute, contest, 

Contigo, pron., with thee. 

Contigiiedad, /., contiguity, close- 

Contiguo, a., contiguous. 

Continencia, /., continence, mo- 

Continental, a., continental, [air. 

Continente, m., continent; mien, 





Contingencia, /., contingency. 

Contingente, a., contingent. 

Continuación, /., continuation. 
A • — , below. 

Continuamente, adv., continually. 

Continuar, v., to continue. 

Continuidad, /., continuity. 

Continuo, a., continuous. 

Contorno, m., vicinity, contour, 

Contra, prep., against, contrary to. 
En — •, against. 

Contraalmirante, m. (or Contral- 
mirante), rear-admiral. 

Contrabandista, /., smuggler, con- 

Contrabando, m., contraband, 

Contracambio, m., re-exchange. 

Contracción, /., contraction. 

Contraflanza, /., indemnity, bond. 

Contradicción, /., contradiction. 

Contradictorio, a., contradictory. 

Contraer, i.v., to contract. — 
deudas, to run into debt. 
— matrimonio, to get married. 

Contradecir, i.v., to contradict. 

Contrahacer, i.v., to counterfeit. 

Contrahecho, a., counterfeit, de- 

Contralmirante, m., rear-admiral. 

Contralor, m., inspector, control- 

Contramaestre, m., boatswain ; 
mate ; foreman. 

Contramandar,!'., to countermand. 

Contramarca, /., countermark. 

Contra-muestra, /., counter- 

Contraoferta, /., counter-offer. 

Contraorden, /., countermand, 
contrary or counter order. 

Contraparte, /., counterpart. 

Contrapelo, »«., wrong way of hair. 
A — , against the grain. 

Contrapesar, v., to counterpoise, 
to be equivalent to. 

Contrapeso, m., counterpoise. 

Contrariamente, adv., contrarily. 

Contrariar, v., to contradict, to 
oppose, to disappoint, to annoy. 

Contrariedad, /., contrariety, vex- 
ation, annoyance, disappoint- 

Contrario, a., contrary, opposite. 
Al [or por el) — , on the con- 

Contrarrestar, v., to check, to 
resist, to oppose, to arrest. 

Contrasentido, m., counter-sense. 

Contraseña, /., countersign, check. 

Contrastado, a., hall-marked. 

Contrastar, v., to contrast, to 
resist ; to assay metals ; to 
examine measures and weights. 

Contraste, m., contrast ; assayer 
of the mint ; assayer's office ; 

Contrata, /., contract. — a la 
gruesa, bottomry bond. ■ — ■ de 
fletamento, charter-party. 

Contratación, /., business, trade. 

Contratante, a., contracting ; WÍ. & 
/., contracting party, contractor. 
Partes — s, contracting 


Contratar, v., to contract, to bar- 
gain, to trade, to engage. 

Contratiempo, m., trouble, mishap, 

Contratipo, m., counter-sample, 

Contratista, m., contractor. 

Contrato, m., contract, agreement, 
bargain, deed. — de aprendi- 
zaje, indenture of apprentice- 
ship. — de arriendo {or arren- 
damiento), lease, leasehold. 
For — reservado, by private 
contract (or treaty). 

Contratorpedero. See Cazator- 

Contravalor, m., counter-value, 

Contravención, /., contravention, 

Contravenir, i.v., to counter vene, 
to violate, to infringe. 

Contraventana, /., window-shutter. 

Contribución, /., contribution, tax, 
rate. • — es, rates, taxes. 

Contribuir, i.v., to contribute. — 





a, to contribute to, to be instru- 

Contributario, m., contributor, 
tax-payer, rate-payer. 

Contribuyente, a., contributing, 
instrumental ; m. & /., contri- 
butor, contributory, tax-payer. 

Contrincante, m., opponent, ad- 

Controversia, /., controversy. 

Controvertir, i. v., to controvert, 
to dispute. 

Contumacia, /., contumacy, con- 
tempt of court. 

Contumaz, a., contumacious. 

Contundente, a., crushing, weighty. 

Contundir, v., to bruise. 

Contusión, /., contusion, bruise. 

Contuso, a., bruised, hurt. 

Convalecencia, /., convalescence. 

Convecino, a., neighbouring. 

Convencer, i.v., to convince, to 
satisfy. • — se (de), to be con- 
vinced or assured. 

Convención, /., convention, con- 
tract, agreement. 

Convencional, a., conventional. 

Convenido, a., agreed upon, set- 

Conveniencia, /., convenience, 
suitability, fitness, advantage, 
advisability; situation. 

Conveniente, a., convenient, suit- 
able, fit, agreeable, advisable. 

Convenientemente, adv., conve- 
niently, suitably. 

Convenio, m., convention, agree- 
ment, consent, arrangement. 

Convenir, i.v., to suit, to agree ; 
to fit. — en, to settle, to 
agree, to accede. Conviene 
que . . ., it is well (advisable) 
that .... 

Convento, m., convent. 

Convergir, i.v., to converge. 

Conversación, /., conversation. 

Conversar, v., to converse. 

Conversión, /., conversion, change. 

Convertible, a., convertible. 

Convertir, i.v., to convert, to 

Convicción, /., conviction, con- 

Convidado, p.p., invited, m., guest. 

Convidar, v., to invite. 

Convincente, a., convincing, per- 

Convite, m., invitation, feast, ban- 

Convocar, v., to convene, to con- 
voke, to call together, to call 
a meeting. 

Convocatoria, /., letter of convoca- 
tion, edict, call. 

Convocación, /., meeting, calling 
of a meeting. — de acreedores, 
meeting of creditors. 

Convoy, m., convoy, train. 

Convulsión, /., convulsion. 

Cooperación, /., co-operation. 

Cooperador, m., co-operator. 

Cooperativo, a., co-operative. 

Copa, /., cup, wine-glass ; gill ; 
crown (of a hat). 

Copete, m., crest, tuft. 

Copetudo, a., high, lofty. 

Copia, /., copy ; abundance. Sacar 
una — , to take a copy. 

Copiador, m., copier, copying- 
book. — de cartas, letter- 
copying book. — múltiple, 
manifold writer. 

Copiante, m., copying clerk. 

Copiar, v., to copy. 

Copilar, v., to compile. 

Copioso, a., copious. 

Copista, m., coppst. 

Copla, /., couplet, ballad. 

Copo, m., flake, bundle. 

Copra, /., pith of the cocoa-nut ; 

Copropietario, a., jointly owning ; 

Copulativo, a., copulative, joining 

Coquina, /., shell-fish, cockle. 

Coraje, m., courage, valour. 

Coral, m., coral. 

Corambre, /., hides of animals, 

Coraza, /., cuirass. 

Corazón, m., heart, spirit, courage, 





Corbata, /., cravat, neck-cloth. 

Corbeta, /.. corvette (Naut.). 

Corcel, m., horse, steed, charger. 

Corcheta, /., eye of a hook or 

Corchete, m., clasp. — s, hooks 
and eyes. Entre • — s, in brackets. 

Corcho, ni., cork. Nadar sin — , 
to paddle one's own canoe. 

Corcova, /., hump, protuberance. 

Corcovado, a., hump-backed. 

Cordaje, w., cordage. 

Cordel, m., cord, rope. Mozo de 
— , porter. 

Cordelería, /., cordage, all sorts 
of ropes ; (Naut.) rigging. 

Cordelero, m., rope-maker, cord- 

Cordero, m., lamb. 

Cordial, a., cordial, affectionate. 

Cordialidad, /., cordiality. 

Cordialmente, adv., cordially. 

Cordillera, /., ridge or chain of 

Cordón, m., cord, string, lace. 

Cordoncillo, m., twisted cord, 
braid ; milling (on a coin). 

Cordonero, m., lace-maker, rope- 

Cordura, /., prudence, judgment, 

Corneta, /., cornet, horn. 

Cornete. See Corneta. 

Coro, m., choir, chorus. Saber de 
— , to know by heart. 

Corona, /., crown ; wreath. 

Coronación, /., coronation. 

Coronamiento, m. See Coronación. 

Coronar, v., to croAvn, to com- 
plete, to perfect, to finish. El 
fin corona la obra, all is well 
that ends well. 

Coronel, m., colonel. 

Corpino, m., waist, bodice. 

Corporación, /., corporation. 

Corporal, a., corporal. 

Corpudo, a., corpulent, bulky. 

Corpulencia, /., corpulence. 

Corpulento, a., corpulent, fat. 

Corral, m., yard, court. — de 
madera, timber-yard. 

Correa, /., leather strap, leash. 
Tener mucha — , not to be 

Correaje, m., belting. 

Corrección, /., correction, amend- 

Correctamente, adv., correctly. 

Correctivo, m., corrective. 

Correcto, a., exact, correct. 

Corrector, m., corrector, amender ; 

Corredera, /., runner, (Naut.) log, 
log-line ; track, rail. 

Corredizo, a., running. Nudo — , 
running knot. 

Corredor, m., runner, race-horse ; 
corridor ; broker. — de cam- 
bios, exchange broker. 

Corregidor, w., corrector, Spanish 
magistrate, mayor. 

Corregimiento, m., place or oflice 
of a Corregidor. 

Corregir, i. v., to correct, to amend. 

Correlativo, a., correlative. 

Correo, m., post, post-ofiice, mail 
or bag of letters. A vuelta de 
— , by return of post. A — 
seguido, by return. 

Correr, v., to run. — la cortina, 
to draw the curtain. Corre la 
voz, it is reported, it is said. 
— se, to be ashamed or con- 
fused ; to run, to run away, to 
shift. — con el negocio, to have 
charge of the business. 

Correspondencia, /., correspond- 

Corresponder, v., to correspond, to 
answer, to regard ; to recipro- 
cate, to agree. Pagar a quien 
corresponda, to pay to whom 
it may concern. 

Correspondiente, a., correspondent, 
agreeable, suitable. 

Corresponsal, m., correspondent. 

Corretaje, m., brokerage. 

Corrida, /., course, race, career. 
— de toros, bull-fight. De — , at 
full speed. 

Corrido, a., expert ; abashed, 





Corriente, a., current, plain ; easy, 
common, ordinar}', general, fair, 
fluent, running ; merchantable. 
■ — •, all right. Géneros de con- 
sumo — , staple commodities. 
16 del ■ — • (mes), 16th instant. 
Lo — , the right thing. See 

Corriente, /., current, stream, m., 
course, current. Estar al — de, 
to be conversant with. — de 
aire, current of air, draught. 

Corrientemente, adv., currently, 

Corrillo, m. (dim.). See Corro. 

Corro, m., circle of people. 

Corroboración, /., corroboration. 

Corroborante, a. & m., corro- 
borative, corroborant. 

Corroborar, v., to corroborate, to 
strengthen, to fortify. 

Corroer, w., to corrode. 

Corromper, v., to corrupt. 

Corrosivo, a., corrosive. 

Corrugación, /., corrugation. 

Corrupción, /., corruption. 

Corsario, m., corsair, privateer, 

Corsé, m., corset, stays. 

Corso, m., cruise. 

Cortadillo, m., drinking-glass, 

Cortadura, /., cut, cutting. 

Cortamente, adv., scantily. 

Cortante, a., cutting, edged, sharp. 

Cortaplumas, m., penknife. 

Cortar, v., to cut, to cut off, to 
shorten, to abash. — se, to be 

Corte, m., cut, cutting, edge (of 
leaves). — de vestido, dress 
length. — s jaspeados, marbled 
edges. — -s dorados, gilt edges. 

Corte, /., court, courtship. Hacer 
la — , to court. La — , the court, 
i.e., Madrid. Las — s, the Senate 
and Congress ; Houses of Par- 

Cortedad, /., smallness, shortness ; 
dryness, curtness. [homage. 

Cortejar, v., to court, to pay 

3 A— (1696) 

Cortejo, tn., court. 

Cortés, a., courteous, polite. 

Cortesano, a., courteous, courtly. 

Cortesano, m., courtier. 

Cortesía, /., courtesy. Días de — , 
days of grace. [politely. 

Cortésmente, adv., courteously. 

Corteza, /., bark, peel, crust. 

Cortijo, tn., farmhouse, manse. 

Cortina, /., curtain. 

Corto, a., short, small, little. — 
de vista, short-sighted. A la 
corta o a la larga, sooner or 

Corvadura, /., curv^ature. 

Corveta, /., curvet ; (Naut.) 
corvette, sloop of war. 

Corvillo, Mi., bill, pruning-knife. 

Corvo, a., bent, crooked. 

Corzo, m., roe-deer, fallow-deer. 

Cosa, /., thing, matter. Ser — de 
ver, to be a thing worth seeing. 
No as — , it does not matter. 
— de, about. A ^ — ^ de las seis, 
at about six o'clock. Eso ya es 
otra cosa, that is quite another 

Cosecha, /., crop, harvest, gather- 
ing ; invention or imagination. 

Cosechar, v., to crop, to gather the 
harvest or crop ; to reap, to 

Cosechero, m., harvester, harvest- 
man, grower, wine-cultivator. 

Coser, v., to sew, to seam. 

Cosmético, m., cosmetic. 

Cosmografía, /., cosmography. 

Cosmopolita, a. & m., cosmo- 

Cosquillas,, tickling. No 
sufrir — , not to stand a joke. 

Cosquilloso, a., ticklish, easily 

Costa, /., coast, shore ; cost, 
expense. A — de, at the ex- 
pense of. Condenar en — s, to 
sentence (a person) to pay the 
costs. A toda — , at all costs. 

Costado, m., side, flank. Al — , 
alongside. Puesto al — del 
buque, free alongside. 





Costal, m., sack, bag. 

Costanero, a., coasting, coaster. 

Costar, i.v., to cost. — dificultad 
{or trabajo), to be very hard 
or difficult. 

Coste, m., cost. A — y costas, at 
prime cost. 

Costear, v., to pay the cost, to 
defray, to pay for. 

Costera, /., side, outside. 

Costilla, /., rib, stave. 

Costo, Mí., cost price. A — ^ y 
costas, at prime cost. — flete y 
seguro, cost, freight, and insur- 
ance ; c.i.f . 

Costoso, a., costh', expensive. 

Costumbre, /., habit, custom. 

Costura, /., seam, needlework, 
sewing. — s, seams (of a ship). 

Costurera, /., seamstress. 

Cota, /., coat of mail. 

Cotejar, v., to compare, to con- 

Cotejo, m., comparison. 

Cotense, m. (Amer.), coarse browTi 
linen, canvas. 

Cotí. See Cotin. 

Cotidiano, a., daily. 

Cotilla, /., stays. 

Cotin, m., bed-ticking, hammock- 

Cotizable, a., quotable. 

Cotización, /., quotation. 

Cotizar, v., to quote (prices). 

Coto, m., land-mark. Poner — a, 
to put a stop to. 

Cotonada, /., cotton cloth, prints. 

Cotorrear, v., to chatter. 

Cotufa, /., Jerusalem artichoke. 

Coy, m. (Naut.), hammock. 

Coyuntura, /., joint, articulation ; 
occasion, juncture. 

Coz, /., kick. Dar coces, to kick. 

Cráneo, m., skull, cranium. 

Craso, a., thick, gross, crass. 

Crea, /., linen, crea, white calico. 
— ^para sábanas (S. A.), sheetings. 

Creación, /., creation. 

Creador, m., founder. 

Crear, v., to create, to make. 

Crecer, i.v., to grow, to increase. 

Creces,, increase. Con — , 
with interest (fig.). 

Crecido, p.p., grown, incresised ; a., 

Creciente, p.a., growing, increasing. 

Crecimiento, m., increase, growth. 

Credencial, a., credential. Carta 
— , credential letter. — es, 

Credibilidad, /., credibility. 

Crédito, m., credit, reputation, 
credence. Dar — a, to give 
credence to, to believe, to 
credit. — en bianco, blank 
credit. — activo, running cre- 
dit. — s activos, assets. — s 
pasivos, liabilities. Carta de — , 
letter of credit. Abrir un — , to 
open a credit. — a descubierto, 
open credit. 

Credo, m., creed. En un — , in a 
trice, in a moment. 

Credulidad, /., credulity. 

Crédulo, a., credulous. 

Creencia, /., credence, belief, cre- 
dit. Cartas de — , credentials. 
Existe la — de que, a feeling 
is abroad that. 

Creer, v., to believe, to think. 

Cregiiela, Crehuela,/., linen, osna- 

Creíble, a., credible, likely. 

Crema, /., cream ; diaeresis. 

Cremallera, /., rack. Ferrocarril 
de — , rack railway. 

Crémor, — tártaro, cream of 

Creosota, /., creosote. 

Crepé, m. See Crespón. 

Crepúsculo, m., twilight. 

Crespo, a., crisp, curled. 

Crespón, m., crape. 

Cresta, /., crest, comb. 

Creta, /., chalk. 

Cretáceo, a., chalky. 

Cretona, /., cretonne. [believer. 

Creyente, p.a., believing ; ni. & /., 

Cría, /., brood, rearing. 

Criada, /., female servant, maid. 

Criadero, m., plantation, place for 
breeding, cocoon-bed. 





Criado, m., man-servant, groom. 

Criador, m., breeder. 

Crianza, /., creation, breeding, 

Criar, v., to create, to breed, to 
nurse, to nourish, to rear. 

Criatura, /., creature, baby, child. 

Criba, /., crib, riddle, sieve, screen. 

Cribar, v., to sift, to screen. 

Cribo, m. See Criba. 

Cric, m., jack-screw ; lifting-jack. 

Crimi'U, m., crime. 

Criminal, a. & m., criminal. 

Crin, /., horse-hair. 

Crinolina, /., crinoline. 

Crisis, /., crisis. 

Crisma, m., chrism, consecrated 
oil ; /., head. 

Crisol, m., crucible. 

Crispar, v., to twitch or contract. 

Cristal, m., crj'stal, glass ; flint- 
glass. — de roca, rock crystal. 
— tallado, cut glass. — tártaro, 
cream of tartar. 

Cristalería, /., glassware. 

Cristalero, m., glass-worker. 

Cristalino, a., crystalline. 

Cristalizar, v., to crystallise. 

Criterio, m., criterion, judgment, 

Crítica, /., criticism, critique. 

Criticar, v., to criticise, to judge. 

Crítico, m., critic. 

Crítico, a., critical. 

Croase, m., cotton twills. 

Cromático, a., chromatic. 

Cromato, m., chromate. 

Cromo, ni., chromo, chromium. 

Cromolitografía, /., chromo litho- 

Crónica, /., chronicle. 

Cronista, m., chronicler. 

Cronografía, chronography. 

Cronología, /., chronology. 

Cronológico, a., chronological. 

Cronometría, /., chronometry. 

Cronómetro, m., chronometer. 

Croquis, m. {sing. & pi.), 
sketch, rough draft. 

Cruce, m., crossing ; wing — s de 
via (rail.), crossings. 

Crucero, tn., cross-bar ; cruise, 
cruiser, cruising-ground. 

Cruceta, /., cross-piece, head-stick. 

Crucifijo, ni., crucifix. 

Crudeza, /., crudeness, crudity, 
unripeness ; severity. 

Crudo, m., grey cloth, packing 
cloth, bagging. 

Crudo, a., crude, raw. Lienzo — , 
unbleached linen. Tela cruda, 
grey cloth. En — , in the 
grey (or raw) state. 

Cruel, a., cruel. 

Crueldad, /., cruelty. 

Crujido, m., crack, crackling, 

Crujir, v., to crackle, to rustle. 

Cruz, /., cross ; trial. Cruces, 
wings of a reel. 

Cruzada, /., crusade. 

Cruzado, a., crossed, trans- 
verse. Estarse con los brazos 
— s, to be idle, to do nothing. 

Cruzamiento, m., cross. — de 
razas, cross-breeding. 

Cruzar, v., to cross, to cruise. 
— se, to cross. 

Cuaderna, /., frame, timber-work 

Cuaderno, m., memorandum book, 
copy-book. ■ — de escritura, 
writing-book. — de apuntes, 

Cuadra, m., hall, saloon ; stable ; 
square. — de babor, larboard 

Cuadrado, a. & m., square. 

Cuadrante, m., quadrant, frame. 

Cuadrar, v., to square, to fit, to 
suit, to adjust, to please. 

Cuadrilla, /., gang, crew, band of 

Cuadro, m., square, picture, paint- 
ing, frame of a window. Dis- 
poner en — s, to tabulate. 
En forma de — , in tabular 

Cuadruplo, a., quadruple, fourfold. 

Cuajar, v., to coagulate, to curd ; 
to adorn too much ; to succeed, 
to have the desired effect; to 





please ; r.v., to coagulate, to 

fill up. 
Cual, a., which ; as, like. Cada — , 

each one. Tal • — , just as it is ; 

all faults. 
Cualidad, /., quality. 
Cualquier, Cualquiera, a., an}', 

Cuan, how, as (used only before 

an adjective, not before a verb). 
Cuando, ad., when, if, even, though. 

De — en — , from time to time, 

now and then. — más, at most. 

— menos, at least. ¿ Hasta — ? 
Until when ? ¿ De cuándo acá ? 
Since when ? (How is that ?) 

'Cuantía, /., quantity, rank, dis- 

Cuantioso, «., numerous, copious, 
large, great. 

Cuanto, a., how much, as many, as 
much. — más rico es, tanto 
más quiere ser, the richer he is, 
the richer he wishes to be. 

— antes, as soon as possible. 
En — a, with regard to. Por 
— , inasmuch as. 

Cuarenta, a., forty. 

Cuarentena, /., forty days ; Lent ; 
(Naut.) quarantine. Hacer — , 
to perform (or to go into) qua- 
rantine. Poner en — , to put 
into quarantine. 

Cuaresma, /., Lent. 

Cuarta, /., fourth, fourth part ; 
quarter, quart. 

Cuartal, m., quarter, dry measure, 
fourth part of a fanega ; bread 
weighing fourth part of a loaf. 

Cuartear, v., to quarter, to divide 
into four. 

Cuartel, m., quarter, barracks. 
Sin - — , without quarter. — 
general, headquarters. 

Cuarterola, /., quarter cask of 
liquors or fluids ; firkin. 

Cuarterón, m., quartern, quarter, 
quarter of a pound ; panel. 

Cuartilla, /., fourth part of an 
arroba ; fourth part of a sheet 
of paper. 

Cuartillo, m., pint ; quarter of a 

real ; quarter of a peck. 
Cuarto, m., quarter, room. De 

tres al — , of no moment. — ■ 

principal, first floor. No tener 

un — •, not to possess a farthing. 

En — , in quarto. 
Cuartón, tn., quarter, joist, beam, 

girder ; measure of liquids. 
Cuarzo, m., quartz. 
Cuatro, a. & m., four, a few. Más 

de — , a good many. 
Cuatrocientos, a., four hundred. 
Cuba, /., cask for wine, tub. 
Cúbico, a., cubic (al). 
Cubierta, /., cover, pretext ; funds 

in hand, covering, envelope. 

— principal, lower deck ; deck ; 

Bajo — de ésta, enclosed. 
Cubiertamente, adv., privately, 

Cubierto, m., cover, place at the 

table. A — , safe. Ponerse a — , 

to shelter. 
Cubil, m., lair, couch. 
Cubilete, m., pan, mug. 
Cubo, tn., cube, bucket, pail. — de 

rueda, hub (of a wheel). 
Cubrimiento, m., covering. 
Cubrir, v., to cover, to pay or 

balance. • — se, to cover oneself, 

to reimburse oneself, to recover. 
Cuchara, /., spoon, ladle. — de 

palo, wooden spoon. • — de mesa, 

table spoon. 
Cucharada, /., spoonful, ladleful. 

Meter su — , to have a finger in 

the pie. 
Cucharón, m., ladle, soup-spoon. 
Cuchichear, v., to whisper. 
Cuchilla, /., knife, large kitchen- 
Cuchillada, /., cut or slash with 

a knife, gash. 
Cuchillería, /., cutlery. 
Cuchillo, m., knife. — de mesa, 

table knife. Pasar a — , to put 

to the sword. 
Cuello, m., neck ; collar. 
Cuenca, /., bowl, socket (of the 

eye) ; basin (of a river). 





Cuenco, m., bowl. 
Cuenta, /., account, count. — 
corriente, account current. A 

— {or a buena — ), on account. 
Dar — de, to account for, to 
relate, to report. Caer en la — , 
to bethink oneself. Corre de 
mi — , leave it to me ; I \vill look 
after that. ■ — ■ a mitad, joint 
account. A esa — , at that rate. 
Darse - — de, to notice, to 
realise. — en descubierto, 
overdrawn account. Pedir — s, 
to call to account. ■ — de resaca 
{or de recambio), return ac- 
count. Tener en — , to bear in 
mind, to take into account. 

— simulada, pro forma account. 
Por mi — , on my account. No 
me tiene — , it does not pay me. 
En resumidas — s, in short, to 
make a long story short. Vamos 
a — s, let us see how things (or 
matters) stand. — nueva, new 
account. Revisar las — s, to 
audit accounts. 

Cuentacorrentista, m. & /., account- 
current holder. 

Cuenta-hilos, m., counting-glass 
(for threads). 

Cuento, m., story, narrative, tale. 

Cuerda, /., cord, rope. — métrica, 
tape measure. Dar — a, to 
wind up (a watch or clock). ■ — 
de plomada, plumb-line. Por 
debajo de — , underhand, pri- 
vately', [visedly. 

Cuerdamente, adv., prudently, ad- 

Cuerdo, a., prudent, discreet. 

Cuerna, /., horn vessel, horn. 

Cuerno, m., horn. — de ciervo, 

Cuero, m., hide, pelt, leather, skin. 
• — s al pelo, raw hides, un- 
dressed hides. — salado, 
brined hide. — adobado {or 
curtido), dressed hide. ■ — 
tafilete, morocco leather. 

Cuerpo, m., body. — a — , hand 
to hand (conflict). Vino de — , 
full-bodied wine. 

Cuerva, /., crow, rook. 

Cuervo, m., raven, crow. 

Cuesta, /., hill, slope. — abajo, 
down hill; with ease, easy. 
— • arriba, up hill ; with great 
difficulty. A — -s, on one's 

Cuestión, /., question, dispute, 

Cuestionable, a., questionable. 

Cuestionar, v., to question, to 

Cueva, /., cave, cellar. 

Cuévano, m., basket, hamper. 

Cuidado, m., care, attention, cau- 
tion, anxiety. Tener — , to be 
careful, to take care. Perder 
— , not to trouble (or worry). 
Estar de — , to be in great 
danger, or very ill. Dar — , to 
cause anxiety. Con — , care- 

Cuidadosamente, adv., carefully. 

Cuidadoso, a., careful. 

Cuidar, v., to care, to take care, to 
look after, to mind, to heed, to 
attend to. — se de enviar, to be 
careful (or to trouble) to send. 

Cuita, /., trouble, care, grief. 

Culata, /., breech or butt-end of 
a gun. 

Culebra, /., snake. 

Culinario, a., culinary. 

Culminar, v., to culminate. 

Culpa, /., fault, blame. Echar la 
— a, to lay the blame on, to 

Culpabilidad, /., culpability, guilt. 

Culpable, a., culpable, guilty, 

Culpar, v., to blame. 

Cultivación, /., cultivation, cul- 

Cultivador, m., cultivator. 

Cultivar, v., to cultivate. 

Cultivo, m., cultivation, culture. 

Culto, a., cultured, polished; 
m., worship. 

Cultura, /., culture. 

Cumbre, /., summit, top. 

Cumpleaños, m., birthday. 





Cumplidamente, adv., completely. 

Cumplido, a., large, full, complete, 
accomplished, perfect. 

Cumplido, m., compliment, fulfil- 

Cumplimentar, v., to compliment, 
to carry out. 

Cumplimentero, a., complimentar3\ 

Cumplimiento, m., compliment, 
accomplishment, perfection, i 
expiration. Dar — a, to fulfil. 
Andarse en - — s, to stand on 

Cumplir, v., to fulfil, to execute, 
to discharge, to comply, to 
accomplish. — años, to reach 
one's birthday. — con, to carry 
out. Nos cumple añadir, we 
have (yet) to add. 

Cumulative, a., cumulative. 

Cuna, /., cradle. [increase. 

Cundir, v., to spread, to grow, to 

Cuña, /., wedge. 

Cuñado, m.. Cuñada, /., bro- 
ther-in-law and sister-in-law. 

Cuneiforme, a , cuneiform, wedge- 

Cuñete, m., keg. 

Cuño, m., die for coining money. 

Cuoeiente, m., quotient. 

Cuota, /., quota, fixed share, 

Cupé, m., landau. 

Cupón, Mí., coupon, dividend 

Cura, /., cure ; rn., priest, curate. 

Curación, /., cure, healing. 

Curador, m., overseer, guardian, 
curator, trustee. 

Curaduría, /., guardianship. 

Curandero, m., quack (doctor). 

Curar, i»., to cure, to heal ; to salt, 
to cure. • — se en salud, preven- 
tion is better than cure. 

Cureña, /., gun-carriage. 

Curia, /., court, tribunal ; care, 

Curiosidad, /., curiosity, sight. 

Curioso, a., curious, strange, fine. 

Cursado, a., accustomed, habit- 

Cursante, p.a., frequenting; m., 
student, scholar. 

Cursar, v., to frequent, to take a 
course of studies in a school or 
college. — leyes, to study law 
(or to study for the Bar) . 

Cursivo, a., italic. 

Curso, m., course, direction ; 
career ; school course, course 
of lectures or classes ; rate, 
price. Ultimo — de la bolsa, 
closing price. — al cerrarse la 
bolsa, closing price. Primer — 
de la bolsa, opening price. - 

Curtido, a., accustomed, weather- 
beaten ; tanned. 

Curtidor, m., tanner, currier, 

Curtidos,, tanned leather. 

Curtiduría, /., tan-yard. 

Curtimiento, m., tanning. 

Curtir, i'., to tan leather, to inure. 

Curva, /., curve ; (Naut.) knee. 

Curvatura, /., curvature. 

Curvo, a., curved, bent. 

Cúspide, /., peak, sharp point. 

Custodia, /., custody. 

Custodio, m., guard, keeper, 

Cutí, m. See Cotin. 

Cutis, m. skin. 

Cuyo, pron., of which, whose. 

Dable, a., easy, possible. 
Dactilografía, /., typewriting. 
Dactilógrafo, m., typist. 
Dactilógrafa, /., lady-typist. 
Dádiva, /., gift, present. 
Dadivoso, a., generous, liberal. 
Dado, m., die ; pL, dice ; p.p. 

given. — el consumo, in view 

of the consumption. 
Dador, m., bearer. 
Daga, /., dagger. 
Dama, /., lady, dame. Juego de 

— s, game of draughts. 
Damascena, /., damson. 
Damasco, m., damask. 
Danza, /., dance. 
Danzante, m. & /., dancer. 




Danzar, v., to dance. 

Dañar, v., to hurt, to harm, to 
damage ; r.v., to be damaged. 

Dañino, a., hurtful, harmful. 

Daño, m., harm, damage, hurt. 
Hacer • — •, to harm, to hurt. 

Dañoso, a., harmful, injurious. 

Dar, I, v., to give ; to hit, to strike, 
to beat, to knock. — de comer, 
to feed. — en el bianco {or en 
ello), to hit the nail on the head. 
— - fiado, to give credit. — 
prestado, to lend. • — ■ con, to 
meet, to come across. — de si, 
to stretch. — ■ a la calle, to 
overlook the street. — de 
barato, to allow for the sake of 
peace. • — • memorias, to give 
one's regards (or respects). 

— en manias, to be foolish. 

— de mano, to depreciate. 

— a luz, to give birth ; to 
print, to publish. 

Darse, i.r.v., to yield, to give in. 

— a, to begin. No se me da 
nada, I don't care. — por 
vencido, to surrender. iNIe doy 
por vencido, I give it up. — • las 
manos, to shake hands. — 
maña, to contrive. — prisa 
{or priesa), to make haste. 

Dardo, m., dart. 

Dársena, /., dock, wet-dock, grav- 
ing-dock, basin. 

Data, /., date. 

Datar, v., to date. 

Dátil, m., date (fruit). 

Dato, m., datum. — s, data, 

De, prep., of, from. — día, by 
day. — noche, by night. — 
día en día, from day to day. 

— intento, on purpose. 
Debajo, adv. & prep., below, 

underneath. - — de, under. • — 
de mano, underhand, privately. 

Debate, m., debate, discussion. 

Debatir, v., to debate, to dis- 

Debe, m., debtor, debit. Dr. — y 
haber, debit and credit, 

Deber, v., to owe (must, ought, 
etc.). Yd. debe de haber reci- 
bido, you must have received. 

Deber, m., duty. Creer de su — , 
to think it one's duty. 

Debidamente, adv., duly. 
Debido, a. or p.p., due, o^v^ng. 
Debiente, p.a., owing : m. & /., 

Débil, a., weak, feeble. 
Debilidad, /., debility, weakness, 

feebleness, languor. 
Debilitación, /., debilitation. 
Debilitar, v., to debilitate, to 

Débilmente, adv., weakly, feebly. 
Débito, m., debit, debt. Cuenta 

de — , debit-account, debit-note. 
Década, decade, /. 
Decadencia, /., decay, decline. 

Ir en — ■, to be on the decline. 
Decadente, p.a., declining, decay- 
Decaer, i.v., to decay, to decline, to 

languish, to grow weak. 
Decagramo, m., decagramme, 

weight of ten grammes. 
Decámetro, m., decametre, length 

of ten metres. 
Decampar, v., to decamp. 
Decantar, v., to decant, to draw 

otl ; to cry up, to exaggerate. 
Decatizar. See Dicatizar. 
Decena, /., number of ten. 
Decencia, /., decency. 
Decentar, i.v., to commence, to tap. 
Decente, a., decent, convenient, 

Decentemente, adv., decently, 

Decepción, /., deception. 
Dechado, m., sample, pattern, 

design, model, standard. 
Decible, a., expressible. 
Decidir, v., to decide, to determine, 

to resolve. — se (a), to decide, 

to be determined. 
Deci^amo, m., decigramme, 

1-lOth of a gramme. 
Decilitro, m., decilitre, 1-lOth 

of a litre 





Decimal, a., decimal. 

Decímetro, m., decimetre, 1-lOth 
of a metre. 

Decir, i.v., to say, to tell. Es — , 
that is to sa-y. Por mejor — , 
rather, that is. — por — , to 
talk for the sake of talking. A 
— verdad, to tell the truth, if 
the truth must be told. 

Decir, ni., saying. — es, rumours, 

Decisión, /., decision, determina- 
tion, resolution. 

Decisivo, a., decisive, final. 

Declamación, /., declamation, dis- 

Declamar, v., to declaim, to 

Declaración, /., declaration, mani- 
fest. — consular, consular 

Declarado, a., declared, plain, 

Declarante, m., declarer. 

Declarar, v., to declare, to mani- 

Declinación, /., dechnation, des- 
cent, fall ; declension (of nouns). 

Declinar, t^., to decline, to descend, 
to fall. 

Decoloración, /., discolouration, 
loss of colour. 

Decolorar, v., to discolour, to lose 

Decomisar, v., to confiscate, to 
seize, to forfeit. 

Decomiso, m. .confiscation, seizure. 

Decoración, /., decoration, orna- 

Decorador, m., decorator. 

Decorar, v., to decorate, to adorn. 

Decoro, m., decorum, decency, 

Decoroso, a., decorous, decent. 

Decrecer, i.v., to decrease, to 

Decremento, m., decrement, de- 

Decrépito, a., decrepit. 

Decretar, v., to decree, to resolve. 

Decreto, m., decree, resolution. 

Dedal, m., thimble. 
Dedicación, /., dedication. 
Dedicar, v., to dedicate, to devote. 

— se a, to devote oneself, to 

apph^ oneself to, to be engaged 

Dedicatoria, /., dedication. 
Dedillo, m. (dim.), a little finger. 

Saber al — , to know by heart. 
Dedo, m., finger. — del pie, toe. 

A dos — s de, at the brink of. 

— meñique, little finger. — 

pulgar, thumb. — del corazón, 

middle finger. 
Deducción, /., deduction. Bajo 

(or con) — de, deducting, on 

deduction of. 
Deducir, i.v., to deduce, to infer ; 

to deduct. 
Defecto, m., defect, failing, fault. 
Defectuoso, a., defective, imper- 
fect, faulty. 
Defender, i.i'.,to defend, to protect. 
Defendible, a., defensible, tenable. 
Defensa, /., defence, protection. 
Defensable, a., defensible. 
Defensiva, /., defensive. A la — , 

on the defensive. 
Defensivo, a., defensive. 
Defensor, m., defender, supporter, 

Deferencia, /., deference. 
Deferente, a., deferent. 
Deferir, i.v., to defer. 
Deficiencia, /., deficiency. 
Deficiente, a., deficient, defective, 

Déficit, m., deficit, deficienc3\ 
Definición, /., definition. 
Definido, a., definite. 
Definir, v., to define, to describe, 

to determine. 
Definitivamente, adv., definitive]}'. 
Definitivo, a., definite, definitive, 

Deformar, v., to deform. 
Deforme, a., deformed. 
Defraudación, /., defraudation, 

Defraudador, m., defrauder, de- 





Defraudar, i^., to defraud, to cheat, 
to disappoint. 

Defunción, /., death. Certificado 
de — , death certificate. 

Deg:encrar, v., to degenerate. 

Degollar, i.v., to behead, to decapi- 

Degradación, /., degradation. 

Degradar, v., to degrade. 

Dehesa, /., pasture-ground. 

Dejación, /., leaving or giving up, 
resignation, rehnquishing. 

Dejar, v., to leave, to let, to allow. 

— dicho, to leave word. — de 
hacer, to fail to do. No puedo 

— de escribir, I cannot help 
writing. No deja de ser .... 
it is rather . . . — ajuicio de.., 
to leave to . . . discretion. 

— acreditado {or cargado), to 
credit (or debit). 

Dejo, m., end, taste, result, 

Delación, /., accusation, delation. 
Delantal, m., apron. 
Delante, adv., before, in front of. 
Delantera, /., front, advantage, 

start. Coger (tomar or llevar) 

la — , to get the start of, to 

have an advantage over. 
Delantero, a., foremost, first, 

forward . 
Delatable, a., blamable. 
Delatante, p.a. & m., accuser. 
Delatar, v., to accuse, to denounce, 

to inform. 
Delator, m., accuser, informer. 
Del credere, m., del credere. 
Delegación, /., delegation. 
Delegado, n., delegate, deputy. 
Delegar, v., to depute, to delegate. 
Deleitable, a., delightful. 
Deleitar, v., to delight. 
Deleite, m., delight. 
Deleitoso, a., delightful. 
Deletrear, v., to spell. — se, to 

spell, to be spelt. 
Deletreo, ni., spelling. 
Deleznable, a., brittle, fragile. 
Delgadez, /., thinness, slenderness. 
Delgado, a., thin, light, delicate. 

Deliberación, /., deliberation. 

Deliberar, v., to deliberate. 

Delicadez, /., delicacy, tenderness. 

Delicadeza, /., delicateness, ten- 
derness, delicacy. 

Delicado, a., delicate, tender, weak, 
thin, slender. 

Delicia, /., delight. 

Delicioso, a., delightful. 

Delincuente, p.a. & m., delinquent, 

Delincación,/., delineation. 

Delinear, v., to delineate. 

Delinquir, v., to offend, to trans- 
gress the law. 

Delirar, v., to delirate, to rave. 

Delirio, m., delirium. 

Delito, m., fault, crime, guilt. 

Delusivo, a., delusive. 

Delusorio, a., deceitful, fallacious, 

Demagogo, ni., demagogue. 

Demanda, /., demand, claim, 
inquiry. — judicial, action at 
law, legal proceedings. Entablar 
— , to take (legal) proceedings. 

Demandado, m. defendant. 

Demandador, m. See Deman- 

Demandante, m. & /., claimant, 
appellant, plaintiff. 

Demandar, v., to demand, to ask, 
to claim ; to prosecute. 

Demarcación, /., demarcation. 

Demarcar, v., to mark out limits. 

Demás, a., remaining, remainder. 
Lo — , the rest. Los (or las) • — •, 
the rest, the others. Y así de 
lo — , and so on. Estar — , to be 
superñuous, to be over and 
above. No estar — , not to be 
amiss. Por lo — , moreover. 

Demasía, / , excess, abundance. 
En — -, excessively, too much. 

Demasiadamente, adv., exces- 
sively, too. 

Demasiado, a. & adv., excessive ; 
enough, too much, excessivel3\ 
Eso ya es — , that is too bad. 

Demencia, /., dementia, madness. 

Demente, a., mad, frantic. 





Demérito, m., demerit. 
Demeritorio, a., without merit. 
Democraoia, /., democracy. 
Demócrata, m., democrat. 
Democrático, a., democratic. 
Demoler, i.v., to demolish, to level 

with the ground. 
Demolición, /., demolition. 
Demonio, m., demon. 
Demora, /., delay, demurrage. 

Sin • — , wthout delay. 
Demorar, v., to delay, to remain. 
Demostrable, a., demonstrable. 
Demostración, /., demonstration. 
Demostrar, i.v., to demonstrate, to 

Demostrativo, a., demonstrative. 
Denario, a., tenth. 
Denegación, /., denial, refusal. 
Denegar, i.v., to deny, to refuse. 
Denegrecer, i.v., to blacken, to 

Denigrar, v., to blacken. 
Denodadamente, adv., boldly, re- 

Denodado, a., bold, intrepid, 

Denominación, /., denomination. 
Denominar, v., to denominate. 
Denostar, i.v., to insult. 
Denotar, v., to denote. 
Densamente, adv., densely, closely. 
Densidad, /., density, closeness, 

Denso, a., dense, thick. 
Dentado, a., dentated, indented, 

Dentadura, /., set of teeth. 
Dentellado, a. dented. 
Dentera, /., pain or sensation in 

the teeth. Dar — , to set one's 

teeth on edge. 
Dentífrico, a. & m., dentifrice, 

tooth powder. Polvos — s, 

tooth powder. 
Dentista, m., dentist. 
Dentro, adv., within. — ■ de dos 

meses, in the course of two 

months. — de poco, shortly. 
Denuesto, m., insult, afíront. 
Denuncia, /., denunciation. 

Denunciación, /., denunciation, 

Denunciar, v., to denounce, to 
advise, to give notice, to pro- 

Deparar, v., to offer, to present. 

Departamento, m., department, 

Departir, v., to divide, to separate; 
to dispute, to converse. 

Dependencia, /., dependence, busi- 
ness, affair. 

Depender, v., to depend. — - de, to 
depend on. 

Dependiente, a., dependent, de- 
pending ; m., clerk, assistant. 

Deplorable, a., deplorable, lament- 

Deplorar, v., to deplore, to lament, 
to mourn. 

Deponente, a. & m., deponent, 

Deponer, i.v., to depose, to declare 

Deportación,/., deportation, trans- 

Deportar, v., to transport, to 

Deporte, m., diversion, pastime, 

Deposición, /., deposition, declara- 
tion, testimon}'. 

Depositador, m., depositor, 

Depositante, a. & m., depositing; 
depositor, pledger. 

Depositaría, /., depository. 

Depositario, m., depositary, depo- 
sitor, trustee, receiver. 

Depósito, m., deposit, depository, 
warehouse, depot ; tank, reser- 
voir. En - — •, in bond. — de 
maderas, timber-yard. 

Deprecar, v., to deprecate. 

Deprecativo, Deprecatorio, a., 

Depreciación, /., depreciation, de- 
crease in price, depression. 
Sufrir — , to depreciate. 

Depresión, /., depression. 

Depresivo, a., depressive. 





Deprimir, v., to depress. 

Depuración, /., purification, clear- 
ing up. 

Depurar, v., to cleanse, to purity, 
to clear up. 

Derecha, /., right hand, right side. 
A la — , to the right, on the 
right hand. A — s, (or a las — s,) 
right, well done. A tuertas 
o a — s, right or wrong. A las 
— s, to the backbone. 

Derechamente, adv., rightly, di- 

Derecho, a., right, straight ; m. 
right, justice, law, claim, title 
— s, dues, fees. — s aduaneros, 
Customs' duties. ■ — s consulares, 
consular fees. — de entrada, 
Customs' duties. • — s de co- 
mercio, trade dues. — s de faro, 
lighthouse charges (or dues). 

— comercial, commercial law. 

— de gentes, law of nations. 
- — -s de puerto, harbour dues. 

— marítimo, maritime law. 
Dar — a, to entitle to. ■ — -s de 
dique y de puerto, dock and 
town dues. Tener — a, to have 
a right to, to be entitled to. 

Derechura, /., right way, rectitude. 
En ■ — , straight, directly. 

Deriva, /., ship's course. Ir a la 
- — •, to be adrift. 

Derivación, /., derivation. 

Derivar, v., to derive. — • de, to 
be derived from, to be due to. 

Derogación, /., derogation, dete- 

Derogar, v., to derogate, to annul, 
to reform. 

Derogatorio, a., derogatory. 

Derramamiento, m., effusion, 
waste, spilling. 

Derramar, v., to leak, to waste, to 
spill, to spread, to scatter, to 

Derrame, m., leaking, leakage. 

Derredor, m., circumference, cir- 
cuit. Al [or en) — , round about. 

Derretimiento, m., thaw, melting, 

Derretir, i.v., to liquefy, to melt, 
to dissolve, to fuse. — se, to 
melt, to become liquid. 

Derribar, v., to demolish, to knock 
down, to throw down. 

Derrochador, m., spendthrift. 

Derrochar, v., to waste, to squan- 

Derroche, m., waste, dissipation. 

Derrota, /., ship's course ; rout, 
overthrow, defeat. — estimada, 
dead reckoning. 

Derrotar, v., to rout, to defeat. 

Derrotero, m., ship's course ; 
course, conduct, action. 

Derruir, v., to demolish, to des- 
troy, to ruin. 

Derrumbamiento, m., precipita- 
tion, collapse. 

Derrumbar, v., to precipitate, to 
throw down. — se, to sink 
down, to tumble down. 

Desabono, m., prejudice, discredit, 

Desabor, m., insipidity, dejection. 

Desabotonar, v., to unbutton. 

Desabrido, a., tasteless, insipid, 
sour, hard, bleak, sharp, dis- 

Desabrigar, v., to uncover, to 
strip, to deprive of shelter. 

Desabrigo, m., destitution, naked- 

Desabrimiento, m., insipidity, se- 
verity, dejection. 

Desabrochar, v., to unclasp, to 

Desacato, m., disrespect, incivility. 

Desacertado, a., inconsiderate, im- 

Desacertar, i.v., to make a mis- 
take, to err. 

Desacierto, m., mistake, error. 

Desacomodado, a., destitute, out 
of employment. 

Desacomodar, v., to incommode, 
to molest. 

Desacomodo, m., loss of a place or 

Desacordar, i.v., to untune. — se, 
to be forgetful, to disagree. 





Desacorde, a., discordant. 

Desacostumbrado, a., unusual, 

Desacostumbrar, v., to disuse, to 
lose the custom. 

Desacreditar, v., to discredit. 

Desacuerdo, m., disagreement, 
discordance, error. 

Desafecto, a., disaffected. 

Desaferrar, v., to raise, weigh 

Desafianzar, v., to withdraw the 

Desafiar, v., to defy, to dare, to 

Desafición, /., disaffection. 

Desafío, m., challenge, duel. 

Desaforado, a., disorderly, very 
large, impudent, outrageous. 

Desaforar, i. v., to deprive of one's 
rights, to redeem a property. 

Desaforo, m., redeeming a per- 
petual lease. 

Desafortunado, a., unfortunate, 

Desafuero, w., excess, outrage, 
open violence. 

Desagradable, a., disagreeable, 

Desagradar, v., to displease, to 
offend, not to suit. 

Desagradecido, a., ungrateful. 

Desagrado, >«., discord, displea- 
sure, harshness. 

Desagraviar, v., to give satisfac- 
tion, to repair an injury, to 
relieve, to vindicate. 

Desagravio, m., relief, satisfaction, 
vindication, justice, vengeance. 

Desagregar, v., to separate. 

Desaguadero, m., channel, drain. 

Desaguador, m., channel, conduit, 

Desaguar, v., to drain, to draw off 
water, to now into the sea. 

Desagüe, m., drain, drainage, 

Desaliogado, a., free, easy, impu- 

Desahogar, v., to ease pain. — se, 
to give vent to one's feelings. 

Desahogo, m.., ease, freedom, vent, 

Desahuciar, v., to despair, to give 
up, to dismiss, to e\áct. 

Desahucio, w., eviction. 

Desairado, a., disregarded, 
slighted ; graceless ; dishon- 
oured (bill or draft). 

Desairar, v., to slight, to disre- 
spect, to dishonour (a draft), to 

Desaire, m., slight, rebuff, dis- 
respect, snub. 

Desajustar, v., to unfit. — se, not 
to fit, to disagree. 

Desajuste, m., disagreement. 

Desalentar, i.v., to discourage. 

Desaliento, m., discouragement, 
dismay, faintness. 

Desaliñar, v., to disarrange, to 
make sloven or dirty. 

Desaliño, w., carelessness, sloven- 
liness, negligence of dress. 

Desalmado, a., inhuman, pro- 

Desalojar, v., to dislodge. 

Desamarrar, v., to unmoor a ship, 
to untie ; r.v., to break adrift 
from the moorings. 

Desamortizar, v., to disentail. 

Desamparar, v., to abandon, to 
forsake, to leave, to desert. 

Desamparo, m., abandonment, 

Desamueblado, a., unfurnished. 

Desamueblar, v., to unfurnish. 

Desanclar, v., to weigh anchor. 

Desandar, v., to undo, to go back 
by the same way. 

Desanimado, a., dull, flat ; dis- 

Desanimar, v., to discourage, to 

Desanudar, v., to untie, to loosen. 

Desapacible,a., sharp, rough, harsh. 

Desaparecer, i.v., to disappear. 

Desaparejar, v., to unharness, to 
unrig.^ ., 

Desaparición, /., disappearance. 

Desapego, m., coolness, indiffer- 





Desapercibido, a., unprovided, un- 
prepared, unnoticed. Pasar — , 
to overlook. 

Desapiadado, a., merciless. 

Desapreciar, v., to depreciate. 

Desaprobación, /., disapprobation. 

Desaprobar, i.v., to disapprove 
(of), to reprove. 

Desapropiación, /., alienation. 

Desapropiar, v., to deprive. — se, 
to expropriate. 

Desapropio, m., alienation, trans- 
fer of property. 

Desaprovechar, v., to waste, to 

Desapuntar, v., to unstitch, to 
rip up. 

Desarbolar, v., to unmast a ship. 

Desarmamiento, m., disarmament. 

Desarmar, v., to disarm. 

Desarme, m., disarming of ships 
or troops. Paga de — , paving 

Desarraigar, v., to eradicate, to 

Desarraigo, m., eradication. 

Desarreglado, a., immoderate, 
extravagant, lawless, out of 

Desarreglar, v., to disorder, to put 
out of order, to discompose. 

Desarreglo, m., disorder, derange- 
ment, confusion, irregularity. 

Desarrollar, v., to develop. 

Desarrollo, m., development. 

Desasir, i.v., to loosen, to give up. 
■ — se, to extricate oneself. 

Desasosegar, i.v., to disquiet, to 

Desasosiego, m., restlessness. 

Desastre, m., disaster, misfortune. 

Desatado, a., loose, untied. 

Desatar, /., to untie, to loosen. 
■ — se, to give way, to give rein to. 

Desatención, /., want of attention. 

Desatender, i.v., to disregard, to 
pay no attention to. 

Desatentado, a., inconsiderate, 

Desatento, a., inattentive, care- 
less, rude. 

Desatinadamente, adv., inconsi- 
derately, indiscreetly, wildly. 

Desatinado, a., extravagant, fool- 
ish, irregular, wild. 

Desatinar, v., to wander, to talk 

Desatino, m., extravagance, irre- 
gularity, wildness, nonsense. 

Desavenencia,/., discord, disagree- 
ment, misunderstanding. 

Desavenido, a., not in agreement. 

Desavenir, i.v., to disconcert, to 
discompose. — se, to disagree. 

Desaventajado, a., disadvantage- 

Desayunarse, v., to breakfast. 

Desayuno, m., breakfast. 

Desazón, m., insipidity, disgust, 

Desazonado, a., unfit, peevish, 
impertinent, ill-humoured. 

Desazonar, v., to disgust, to vex. 

Desbancar, v., to circumvent, to 
cut out, to supplant. 

Desbaratar, v., to defeat, to break, 
to interrupt, to upset (a plan). 

Desbarajuste, m., derangement, 
disorder, confusion. 

Desbastar, v., to plane, to smooth, 
to polish, to waste. 

Desbocado, a., with the mouth 
broken, wild (horse). 

Desbocar, v., to break the brim 
of a mug, etc. — se, to be 
wild, hard-mouthed (applied to 
horses) . 

Desbordar, v., to overflow. — se, 
to overflow. 

Descabalgar, v., to dismount, to 

Descabellado, a., dishevelled, dis- 
orderly ■ wild, rash. 

Descabezado, a., beheaded, light- 

Descabezar, v., to behead, to 

Descalabrado, a., injured. 

Descalabrar, v., to break the head, 
to hurt, to disable (Naut.). 

Descalabro, m., misfortune, con- 
siderable loss. 





Descalzar, v., to pull ofí the shoes 
and stockings ; to remove or 
take away. — se, to take off 
one's shoes and stockings. — se 
los guantes, to pull ofí one's 

Descalzo, a., barefoot, barefooted. 

Descaminado, a., misguided, 

Descaminar, v., to mislead, to lead 
astray. — se, to go astray. 

Descamino, m., seizure of smug- 
gled goods ; deviation, error. 

Descansadamente, adv., easily, 
without trouble. 

Descansado, a., quiet, eas}-. 

Descansar, v., to rest, to repose, 
to sleep. 

Descanso, m., rest, repose, quiet ; 
landing (of stairs). 

Descaradamente, adv., boldly, im- 
pudently, in a barefaced man- 

Descarado, a., bold, impudent. 

Descarga, /., unloading, volley, 
discharge, clearing (of a ship). 
— de Aduana, clearance at the 
Custom-house. — general del 
costado del navio, broadside 
of a man-of-war. 

Descargadero, m., wharf, unload- 
ing place. 

Descargador, m., discharger, un- 

Descargar, v., to discharge, to 
unload, to unship ; to fire ; to 
acquit, to take up (a draft). 

Descargo, m., discharge, acquittal, 
acquittance, receipt. 

Descaro, m., impudence, forward- 

Descarriar, v., to lead astray, to 
mislead. — se, to go astray, 
to lose one's way. 

Descarrilar, v., to derail, to leave 
the rails (Rail.). 

Descarrilamiento, m., derailment. 

Descartar, v., to discard, to dis- 
miss, to reject, to put aside. 
— se (de), to discard, to get 
rid of. 

Descascarar, v., to decorticate, to 

Descendencia, /., descent. 

Descendente, a., descending. 

Descender, i.v., to descend, to go 
down, to let do\vn. 

Descendiente, p.a., descending ; 
m., descendant. 

Descensión,/., descensión, descent. 

Descenso, m., descent, decline, 
fall. En — , on the decline. 

Descerrajar, v., to take off the 
lock, to discharge (firearms). 

Descifrar,^ .,to decipher,to unravel. 

Desclavar, v., to unnail, to draw 
out nails. 

Descobijar, v., to uncover. 

Descolgar, i.v., to unhang, to take 
down ; r.v., to come down 
gently, to glide down. 

Descollar, i.v., to excel ; r.v., to 
exceed. — sobre, to surpass. 

Descolorar, v., to discolour ; r.v., 
to lose colour, to fade. 

Descolorido, a., discoloured, pale. 

Descolorir, v., to discolour, to lose 

Descomedido, a., rude, haughty, 

Descomedirse, r.v., to be rude or 

Descómodo, a., inconvenient, in- 

Descomodidad, /., inconvenience, 

Descompasado, a., excessive, dis- 
propor tionable . 

Descomponer, i.v., to discompose ; 
to decompose ; r.v., to be 
indisposed, to be out of order, 
to break down (machinery). 

Descomposición, /., discomposi- 
tion, disagreement, disorder ; 

Descompostura, /., discomposition, 
discomposure, confusion, slo- 

Descompuesto, a., audacious, im- 
modest ; out of order. 

Descomunal, a., uncommon, im- 





Desconcertado, a., disorderly, dis- 
arranged, disconcerted. 

Desconcertar, i. v., to discompose, 
to disconcert ; r.v., to disagree. 

Desconcierto, m., discomposure, 

Desconcordar, i.v., to discord, to 

Desconfiado, a., diffident, distrust- 

Desconfianza, /., diffidence, dis- 
trust, want of confidence. 

Desconfiar, v., to distrust, to 
mistrust, to suspect ; r.v., to 
doubt. — de, to beware of. 

Desconformar, v., to dissent, to 
differ ; r.v., to discord, to 

Desconiorme, a., disagreeing, dis- 
cordant, unlike. 

Desconformidad, /., disagreement, 

Desconocer, i v., to disown, not to 
know, to be unacquainted with. 

Desconocido, a., ungrateful, un- 
known ; m., stranger. 

Desconocimiento, m., ungrateful- 

Desconsiderado, a., inconsiderate, 
imprudent, thoughtless. 

Desconsolación, /., disconsolation. 

Desconsolado, a., disconsolate. 

Desconsolar, i.v., to afflict. 

Desconsuelo, m., affliction, trou- 
ble, disconsolation. 

Descontar, i.v., to discount, to 
abate, to lessen, to detract. 

Descontentadizo, a., particular, 
discontented, hard to please. 

Descontentar, v., to discontent, to 

Descontento, m., discontent. 

Descontento, a., discontent, dis- 

Descontinuar, v., to discontinue. 

Desconvenir, i.v., to disagree. 

Descortés, a., impolite, uncivil. 

Descortesía, /.< discourtesy. 

Descoser, v., to unseam. 

Descolado, a., opened, cut away ; 
decollete (Ft.). 


Descotar, v., to remove. 

Descote, m., opening of a dress at 
the neck. 

Descoyuntamiento, m., disloca- 
tion, luxation. 

Descoyuntar, v., to dislocate ; to 
vex, to molest. 

Descrecencia, /., decrement. 

Descrecer, i.v., to decrease. 

Descrecimiento, m., decrease. 

Descrédito, m., discredit. Caer 
en — , to become discredited. 

Descreer, v., to disbelieve. 

Describir, v., to describe, to draw. 

Descripción, /., description. 

Descriptivo, a., descriptive, des- 

Descripto, p.p., described. 

Descuadernar, v., to unbind (a 

Descuajar, v., to dissolve, to 
liquefy, to eradicate ; to 

Descuajo, m., eradication. 

Descuartizar, v., to quarter, 

Descubierta, /., recognition. A la 
— , openly, clearly. 

Descubierto, a., uncovered ; m., 
uncovered part, part discovered ; 
balance of accounts. A — , in 
blank. Al — , openly, mani- 
festly. En — , without funds in 
hand, unpaid, overdrawn (an 
account). Letra en — , bill 
unprovided for. 

Descubridor, m., discoverer. 

Descubrimiento, m., discovery. 

Descubrir, v., to discover, to 
disclose, to make visible ; r.v., 
to take off one's hat. 

Descuello, m., excessive stature 
or height ; pre-eminence, su- 
periority, loftiness. 

Descuento, m., discount, decrease, 
allowance. A — , below par. 

Descuidadamente, adv., carelessly. 

Descuidado, a., careless, negligent, 
unaware (s). 

Descuidar, u., to neglect, to over- 
look, to forget, to lay aside ; 





r.v., to make oneself easy, to 
be forgetful. 

Descuido, m., carelessness, negli- 
gence, omission, oversight. 

Desde, prep., since, after, from. 
— luego, from hence, imme- 
diately. — entonces, from that 
time forward. — niño, from 
childhood. — aquí, from this 

Desdecir, i.v., to give the lie to, to 
differ, to disagree ; r.v., to 
gainsay, to retract, to go back 
on one's word. 

Desdén, m., disdain, scorn. 

Desdeñar, v., to disdain, to scorn, 
to despise. 

Desdeñoso, a., disdainful, con- 

Desdicha, /., misfortune, calamity, 

Desdichadamente, adv., unhappily, 

Desdichado, a., unfortunate, un- 
happy, wretched. 

Desdorar, v., to take off the gild- 
ing ; to sully, to tarnish. 

Desdoro, tn., dishonour, blemish. 

Deseable, a., desirable. 

Desear, v., to desire, to wish. Ser 
de ■ — , to be desirable. 

Desecar, v., to dry. 

Desechado, a., refused, rejected. 

Desechar, v., to refuse, to reject, 
to throw away, to depreciate. 

Desecho, m., residue, refuse, re- 
mainder ; disrespect, contempt. 

Desembalar, v., to unpack, to 
open a bale. 

Desembarazar, v., to free, to dis- 
engage, to clear. 

Desembarazo, m., freedom, dis- 

Desembarcación, /., disembarka- 
tion, landing. 

Desembarcadero, >«., landing- 
place, quay. 

Desembarcar, v., to disembark, to 
land, to go on shore, to clear. 

Desembarco, m., landing, disem- 

Desembargar, v., to raise (or take 
off) an embargo, to remove an 

Desembargo, m., raising an em- 
bargo, removal of an attach- 

Desembarque, m., landing, coming 
on shore, clearing, clearance. 

Desembarrancar, v., to get (a ship) 
oft the shore. 

Desembaular, v., to empty a trunk. 

Desembocadero, m., mouth of a 
river or canal. 

Desembocar, to flow into, to 
empty into, to enter. 

Desembolsar, v., to disburse, to 

Desembolso, m., disbursement, 
expenditure. Estar en — , to be 
out of pocket. [face. 

Desembozar, v., to uncover the 

Desembozo, m., uncovering the 

Desemejante, a., dissimilar, un- 

Desemejanza, /., unlikeness, dif- 

Desemejar, v., to be dissimilar or 

Desempacar, v., to unpack, to 
unbale ; r.v., to grow calm. 

Desempaquetar, v., to unpack. 

Desemparejar, v., to unmatch, to 
part, to be separated. 

Desempeñado, a., free from debts, 
clear of debt. 

Desempeñar, v., to redeem, to 
clear from debts ; to perform, 
to accomplish, to carry out ; 
r.v., to clear oneself from debts. 
— un encargo, to discharge 
(or execute) an order. 

Desempeño, m., performance, func- 
tion, execution, completion, dis- 
engagement, redeeming a 

Desencadenar, v., to unchain, to 
break the chain ; r.v., to break 

Desencajar, v., to disjoint, to 





Desencajonar, v., to unpack, to 
take out of a case. 

Desencallar, v., to get off or set 
afloat (a vessel which has struck) . 

Desencapotar, v., to uncover, to 
make clear ; r.v., to clear up 
(the sky). 

Desenclavijar, v., to unpin, to 
take out pins. 

Desenfadado, a., free, spacious. 

Desenfado, m., ease, facility, calm- 

Desenfardar, Desenfardelar, v., to 
unpack (a bale). 

Desenfardelamiento, m., unpack- 
ing (of a bale). 

Desenfrenado, a., unbridled, un- 

Desenfrenar, v., to unbridle ; r.v., 
to give vent to one's passions, to 
be wild. 

Desenganchar, v., to unhook, to 

Desengañado, a., undeceived. 

Desengañar, v., to undeceive, to 

Desengaño, m., undeceiving, cen- 

Desenlace, m., conclusion, end, 

Desenredar, v., to disentangle, to 

Desenredo, m., disentanglement. 

Desentendido, a., ignorant, un- 
aware. Hacerse el — , to feign 
ignorance, to pretend not to 

Desentornillar, v., to unscrew. 

Desentrañar v. to penetrate, to 

Desenvoltura, v., cheerfulness, 
effrontery, sprightliness. 

Desenvolver, i.v., to unfold, to 

Desenvolvimiento, m., develop- 

Deseo, m., desire, wish. 

Deseoso, a., desirous. 

Deserción, /., desertion. 

Desertar, t.v., to desert, to aban- i 

Desesperación, /., despair, des- 
peration, anger. [less. 

Desesperado, a., desperate, hope- 

Desesperar, v., to despair. 

Desespigar, v., to thrash corn. 

Desestimación, /., disesteem, dis- 

Desestimar, v., to disregard. 

Desfachatez, /., impudence, ef- 

Desfalcar, v., to defalcate, to 

Desfalco, m., defalcation. 

Destallecer, i.v., to fall away, to 

Desfallecimiento, m., fainting, de- 

Desfavor, m., disfavour. 

Desfavorable, a., unfavourable, 

Desfavorecer, i.v., to disfavour. 

Desfigurar, v., to disfigure. 

Desfilar, v., to defile. 

Desfile, m., defiling (off). 

Desfogar, v., to vent, to give rein 
to ; r.v., to vent one's anger. 

Desfondar, v., to stave in. 

Desgarrar, v., to rend, to tear. 

Desgarro, m., rent, looseness. 

Desgastar, v., to consume, to 
waste, to wear away. 

Desgaste, m., wear and tear. 

Desgobernar, i.v., to disturb, to 

Desgobierno, m., misgovernment, 

Desgracia, /., misfortune, mishap. 
Por — , unfortunately. 

Desgraciado, a., unfortunate un- 
happy, unlucky. 

Desguarnecer, i.v., to strip, to de- 
prive, to take away. 

Deshacer, i.v., to undo ; r.v., to 
break, to burst, to remove, to 
transfer. — se de, to get rid of, 
to dispose of. 

Deshebrar, Ü., to unthread. 

Deshecho, a., undone, in pieces, 

Deshelar, i.v., to thaw ; r.v., to 
melt, to thaw. 





Desheredación, /., disinheritance. 
Desheredar, v., to disinherit. 
Deshielo, n¡., thaw. 
Deshilacliar, v., to ravel ; r.v., 

to fray. 
Deshilado, m., open-work ; p.p. 

of Deshilar. 
Desbiladura, /., ravelling. 
Deshilar, v., to ravel, to fray. 
Deshojar, v., to strip on leaves. 
Deshollinador, tn., chimney-sweep. 
Deshollinar, v., to sweep chimneys. 
Deshonestidad, /., immodesty. 
Deshonesto, a., immodest, dis- 
Deshonor, m., dishonour, disgrace. 
Deshonra, /., dishonour. Tener a 

— , to consider it beneath one ; 

to be above (a certain action). 
Deshonrar, v., to dishonour, to 

disgrace, to insult. 
Deshonroso, a., dishonourable, 

Deshora, /., inconvenient time. 

A — , at irregular hours. 
Desierto, a., deserted, solitary. 
Desierto, m., desert, wilderness. 
Designación, /., designation. 
Designar, v., to design, to appoint, 

to express, to name, to desig- 
Designio, m., design, purpose, 

Desigual, a., unequal, unlike, 

Desigualar, i'., to make unequal. 
Desigualdad, /., inequality, un- 

Desigualmente, adv., unequally, 

Desinclinar, v., to disincline. 
Desinterés, >«., disinterestedness, 

Desinteresado, a., disinterested. 
Desistir, v., to desist, to cease, to 

waive, to abandon, to give up. 
Deslastrar, v., to unballast, to 

take out the ballast. 
Deslastre, m., clearing of ballast. 
Deslazar, v., to unlace, to untie a 


Desleal, a., disloyal. 

Deslealtad, /., disloj'alty. 

Desligar, v., to loosen, to untie. 

Deslindar, v., to mark the limits 
and bounds of a place ; to sur- 

Deslinde, m., demarcation, mark- 
ing boundaries. 

Desliz, m., slip, lapse. 

Deslizar, v., to slip, to slide. 

Deslomar, v., to break the back. 

Deslucido, a., unadorned, useless. 

Deslucir, i. v., to tarnish. 

Deslumbramiento, m., glare, daz- 

Deslumhrar, v., to dazzle, to glare. 

Deslustrador, m., tarnisher, shrin- 

Deslustrar, v., to tarnish, to 
obscure, to impeach. 

Deslustre, w., spot or stain, dis- 

Desmán, m., misfortune, disaster, 
mishap, slip, error. 

Desmandar, v., to repeal an order, 
to revoke an offer. 

Desmantelar, v., to dismantle. 

Desmaña, /., awkwardness, clum- 

Desmayado, a., pale, faint, dis- 

Desmayar, v., to dismay, to 
dispirit ; r.v., to faint. 

Desmayo, m., swoon, faint, dis- 

Desmedido, a., out of proportion. 

Desmedrar, v., to decay, to de- 
crease, to impair. 

Desmejoramiento, >«., wear and 

Desmejorar, v., to debase, to 
impair, to make worse ; r.v., 
to decay, to decline, to grow 

Desmembrar, i.v., to dismember, to 

Desmentir, i.v., to deny, to give 
the lie. — rotundamente, to 
give a flat denial. 

Desmenuzar, v., to crumble, to 
sift, to examine minutely ; 





r.v., to crumble, to fall to 

Desmerecer, i.v., to demerit, to 
become undeserving ; to grow 
worse, to deteriorate. 

Desmesura, /., excess, want of 

Desmesurado, a., out of measure, 

Desmesurar, v., to discompose, to 
put out of order. 

Desmontable, a., detachable. 

Desmontar, v., to remove, to dis- 

Desmoralización, /., demoralisa- 

Desmoralizado, a., demoralised. 

Desmoralizar, v., to demoralise. 

Desmoronar, v., to destroy, to 
ruin ; r.v., to fall into decay, 
to moulder. 

Desmotar, v., to cleanse, to gin. 
— el algodón, to gin cotton. 

Desmotadura, /., ginning. 

Desmugrar, v., to clean wool or 
cloth (of grease). 

Desnatar, v., to skim milk, to 
remove the cream. 

Desnaturalizar, z;., to disnaturalise. 

Desnivel, m., unevenness. 

Desnivelar, v., to make uneven. 

Desnudar, v., to denude, to strip ; 
r.v., to take off one's clothes. 

Desnudez, /., nakedness, nudity. 

Desnudo, a., naked, bare, unco- 

Desobedecer, i.v., to disobey. 

Desobediencia, /., disobedience. 

Desobediente, a., disobedient. 

Desobligar, v., to disoblige, to 
release from an obligation. 

Desocupación, /., leisure, want of 

Desocupado, a., disengaged, out 
of work. 

Desocupar, v., to quit, to empty, 
to evacuate, to disengage. 

Desoir, i.v., to pretend not to hear. 

Desolación, /., desolation. 

Desolado, a., desolate, disconso- 

Desolar, v., to desolate, to lay 


Desollar, i.v., to flay, to skin ; to 

Desorden, m., disorder, confusion. 

Desordenar, v., to disorder, to 

Desorganización, /., disorganisa- 

Desorganizar, v., to disorganise. 

Desorientado, a., astray. 

Desorientar, v., to lead astray. 

Despabiladeras,, snuffers. 

Despabilado, a., watchful, wide- 

Despabilar, v., to snufí a candle ; 
to rouse, to sharpen ; r.v., to 
rouse oneself, to waken up. 

Despachado, a., dispatched, clear ; 
duty paid. 

Despachador, m., dispatcher. 

Despachar, v., to dispatch, to 
forward, to send oft, to expe- 
dite ; to clear (at Custom 
House) ; r.v., to make haste. 
Sin ■ — ■, in bond. — se billetes, 
to sell tickets. 

Despacho, m., dispatch, expedi- 
tion, commission, office. — de 
billetes, ticket office. Ser de 
pronto — , to command a ready 

Despacio, adv., slowly, gently. 

Despampanar, v.. to prune the 
shoots of vines. 

Desparecer, i.v., to disappear. 
See Desaparecer. 

Desparejar, v., to make unequal. 

Desparramar, v., to scatter, to 
squander, to lavish. 

Despechar, v., to enrage ; r.v., to 

Despecho, m., spite, defiance, 
indignation. A — de, in spite of . 

Despedazar, v., to cut into bits. 

Despedida, /, farewell, leave, 

Despedir, i.v., to discharge, to dis- 
miss, to refuse ; r.v., to take leave. 

Despegar, v., to unglue, to sepa- 
rate, to disjoin. 





Despego, m., asperity, displeasure, 

Despejado, a., sprightly, quick. 

Despejar, v., to remove or clear 
away ; r.v., to cheer up, to 
clear up (the weather). 

Despejo, >«., vivacity, liveliness. 

Despellejar, v., to skin, to strip off 
the skin. 

Despender, v., to spend, to expend, 
to waste. 

Despensa, /., pantry, larder, prb- 

Despensero, m., butler, steward 
(on a ship), dispenser. 

Desperdiciado, a., wasted, squan- 

Desperdiciador, a. & m., spend- 

Desperdiciar, v., to squander, to 

Desperdicio, m., prodigality, pro- 
fusion. — s, waste. — s de yute, 
jute waste. 

Desperfecto, m., deterioration, 
slight damage. 

Despertador, m., awakener ; alarm- 

Despertamiento, m., awakening. 

Despertar, i.v., to awake, to 
awaken, to rouse, to re^'ive. 

Despido, rn., dismissal, dispatch. 

Despierto, a., awake, vigilant, 

Despilfarrado, a., ragged, in tat- 

Despilfarrar, v.. to wciste, to 

Despilfarro, »«., slovenliness, 

Desplacer, m., displeasure ; i.v., to 

Desplantar, v., to eradicate. 

Desplazamiento, m., displacement 
(of a ship). 

Desplegar, i.v., to unfold, to 
expand, to display, to unfurl. 
— la bandera, to hoist the flag. 

Desplomar, v., to make a wall 
bulge ; r.v., to bulge ; to fall 
flat to the ground. 

Desplumar, v., to deplume, to 
despoil, to strip. 

Despoblación, /., depopulation. 

Despoblado, a., depopulated ; 
m., desert. 

Despoblar, i.v., to depopulate. 

Despojar, v., to despoil, to strip, 
to deprive of, to dismiss ; r.v., 
to undress, to strip, to relinquish. 

Despojo, m., despoliation, spoils, 
plunder. — s, giblets, etc., of 

Desposeer, v., to dispossess. 

Desposeimiento, m., dispossession. 

Despótico, a., despotic. 

Despotismo, m., despotism. 

Despreciable, a., contemptible. 

Despreciar, v., to depreciate, to 
despise, to scorn. 

Desprecio, m., despisal, contempt, 

Desprender, v., to unfasten, to 
loose ; r.v., to extricate oneself. 

Desprendimiento, m., disinterest- 
edness, alienation. 

Desprevención, /., improvidence, 
want of foresight. 

Desprevenido, a., unprovided, un- 

Desproporción, f., disproportion. 

Desproporcionado, a., dispropor- 

Desproporcionar, r., to dispropor- 

Despropósito, m., absurdity. 

Desproveer, t^., to deprive (of). 

Desproveído, a., unprovided, un- 

Desproveimiento, m., want or lack 
of necessaries, po.erty. 

Desprovisto, a., bare. See Des- 

Después, adv., after, afterwards, 

Despuntar, v., to advance, 
to sprout ; to dawn.] 

Desquiciar, v., to unhinge. 

Desquitar, v., to retrieve ; r.v., to 
take revenge, to retaliate. 

Desquite, m., recovery, revenge, 





Desrazonable, a., unreasonable. 

Destacamento, m., detachment. 

Destacar, v., to detach ; r.v., to 
stand out (clearly). 

Destajar, v., to do piece-work. 

Destajista, com., piece-worker. 

Destajo, m., piece-work. A — , by 
the lump, by the piece. Hablar 
a — , to talk at random. 

Destapar, v., to uncover. 

Destarar, v., to diminish the tare, 
to take away the tare. 

Destejar, v., to untile. 

Destejer, v., to unweave, to ravel. 

Destello, m., sparkle. 

Destemplado, a., inharmonious, 

Destemplanza, /., intemperance, 
disorder, distemper. 

Destemplar, v., to distemper ; 
r.v., to be out of order. 

Desteñir, i.v., to discolour ; r.v., 
to come off (a colour). 

Desterrado, a., banished, outcast, 

Desterrar, i.v., to banish, to expel, 
to exile. 

Destiempo, m., unseasonable time. 
A — , untimely. 

Destierro, m., exile, banishment. 

Destilación, /., distillation. 

Destiladera, /., still (vessel for 

Destilar, v., to distil, to still. 

Destilatorio, m., distillery. 

Destinación, /., destination, des- 

Destinado para, bound for ; in- 
tended for. 

Destinar, v., to destine, to intend, 
to design, to appoint. 

Destino, m., destination, destiny ; 
appointment, post. Con — a, 
bound for. 

Destitución, /., destitution, dismis- 
sal, abandonment. 

Destituir, i.v., to deprive, to make 
destitute, to remove. 

Destorcer, t.v., to untwist. 

Destornillar, v., to unscrew. 

Destramar, v., to unweave. 

Destreza, /., skill, dexterity, cle- 

Destronar, v., to dethrone. 

Destroncar, v., to lop off, to cut 
short, to detruncate. 

Destrozar, v., to destroy, to smash 
or crush, to break into pieces. 

Destrozo, m., destruction, ruin. 
— s, remains, wreck. 

Destrucción, /., destruction. 

Destructivo, a., destructive. 

Destruir, i.v., to destroy, to de- 
struct, to ruin. 

Desuello, m., ña3^ng, fleecing, 

Desunión, /., separation, dis- 

Desunir, v., to separate, to dis- 
unite ; r.v., to loosen, to 
become separated. 

Desusado, a., disused, out of use. 

Desusar, v., to disuse ; to become 

Desuso, m., disuse. 

Desvainar, v., to unsheath, to husk. 

Desvalido, a., helpless, destitute. 

Desván, m., garret, loft. 

Desvanecer, i.v., to remove, to 
cause to vanish ; r.v., to vanish. 

Desvanecimiento, m., pride, giddi- 

Desvarío, m., delirium, raving. 

Desvedar, v., to remove a prohi- 

Desvelado, a., watchful, vigilant. 

Desvelar, v., to keep awake, to 
be watchful or vigilant. 

Desvelo, m., watch, watching, 

Desvencijar, v., to weaken, to 

Desventaja, /., disadvantage, da- 
mage, disfavour. 

Desventajoso, a., disadvantageous, 

Desventura, v., misfortune, cala- 

Desventurado, a., unfortunate, 

Desvergonzado, a., impudent, 





Desvergüenza, impudence, assur- 

Desviación,/., deviation, deflection 

Desviadero, m., siding, side-track. 

Desviado, a., devious. 

Desviar, v., to divert, to turn 
aside ; r.v., to deviate, to turn 
awaj^. — de, to interfere \vith. 

Desvío, m., de^'iation, turning 
away, coldness. 

Detal, >w., detail. En {or al) . — ■, 
in detail. 

Detail, m., detail, account. Al — , 

Detallar, v., to detail, to enu- 

Detalle, m., detail, retail. 

Detallista, nt., retailer. 

Detención, /., detention, arrest, 
delay, demurrage. 

Detener, i.v., to detain, to hold, to 
stop, to arrest, to keep, to keep 
back ; r.v., to be detained, to 

Detenidamente, adv., attentively, 

Detentación, /., detention. 

Detentar, i.v., to detain, to retain. 

Detentor, »«., holder. 

Deterioración, /., deterioration. 

Deteriorar, v., to deteriorate, to 

Deterioro, m., deterioration. 

Determinación, /., determination, 

Determinado, a., determinate, set- 
tled, fixed ; certain. 

Determinar, v., to determine, to 
resolve, to decide ; r.v., to come 
to a decision. 

Detestable, a., detestable. 

Detestar, v., to detest. 

Detonación, /., detonation, report. 

Detracción, /., detraction. 

Detractar, v., to detract. 

Detractor, m., detractor. 

Detraer, i.v., to detract, to remove, 
to slander. 

Detrás, adv., behind. — de la 
casa, behind the house. Por — , 
by the rear. 

Deuda, /., debt. — incobrable, 
bad debt. — del Estado, public 

Deudo, m., parent, kindred. 

Deudor, m., debtor. ■ — - hipote- 
cario, mortgager. Ser — a, to 
be indebted to. 

Devanadera,/., reel, turning frame. 

Devanador, m., winder. 

Devanar, z;., to reel, to wTap. — se 
los sesos, to rack (or cudgel) 
one's brains. 

Devantal, m., apron. 

Devastar, v., to desolate. 

Devengar, v., to acquire, to obtain. 

— derechos, to pay (or bear) 

Devoción, /., devotion. 

Devolución, /., devolution, desti- 
tution, return. — de prima, 
return premium. 

Devolutivo (or Devolutorio), a., 
which ma}- be returned. 

Devolver, ¡.v., to return, to restore. 

Devorar, v., to devour. 

Devuelto, a. or p.p., returned. 

Día, nt., da}'. — laborable, clear 
day. — útil, working day. De 
— , by day. De — en — (or de 
un — al otro), from day to day. 
Un — si y otro no {or cada 
tercer - — •), every other day. 

— festivo, holiday. El ■ — ■ de 
hoy {or — en día), to-day, 
nowadays. El mejor — , when 
least expected, some fine day. 
De hoy en ocho — s, this 
day week. - — s de gracia, days 
of grace. — de ajuste de 
cuentas, settling-day. Al — , 
up to date (an account, etc.). 
See Ponerse, Comprar. 

Diadema, /., diadem. 

Diáfano, a., transparent, clear, 

Diagonal, a., diagonal. 

Diagrama, m., diagram. 

Dialecto, m., dialect. 

Diálogo, m., dialogue. 

Diamante, »«., diamond. — cor- 
tado, cut diamond. — en bruto. 

, 94 




rough (or uncut) diamond. — 
falso, paste diamond. — de 
primera agua, diamond of the 
first water. 

Diamantista, com., diamond- 

Diámetro, m., diameter. 

Diapasón, m., diapason ; tuning- 
fork ; measure, compass. — 
de voz, pitch-pipe. 

Diariamente, adv., daih'. 

Diario, a., daily. A — , daily. 

Diario, w., journal, .diarj', news- 

Dibujador, m., delineator, graver. 

Dibujante,^.»., delineating, sketch- 
ing ; m., designer. 

Dibujar, v., to draw, to design, to 

Dibujista, m., designer. 

Dicatizar, v., to shrink. Dica- 
tizado a lo sastre, tailor shrunk. 

Dicción, /., diction, style, lan- 
^guage. _ 

Diccionario, m., dictionary. 

Dicha, /., happiness, good luck. 
Por — , fortunately. 

Dicho, ni., saying ; p.p., said. 

— y hecho, no sooner said than 
done. Dejar — , to leave word. 

— se está que, of course, a^ a 
matter of course. Lo dicho 
dicho, what is said cannot be 
recalled. O, mejor — , or, 
rather. Del ■ — • al hecho hay un 
gran trecho, it is easier said than 

Dichosamente, adv., fortunately, 
happily, luckily. 

Dichoso, a., fortunate, happy, 

Dictamen, m., opinion, judgment, 
mind, dictate. 

Dictar, v., to dictate. 

Diente, m., tooth, tusk. - — s de 
elefante, elephant's tusks. — s 
postizos, false teeth. 

Diestra, /., right hand; favour. 

Diestramente, adv., skilfully, cle- 

Diestro, a., right, skilful, clever. 

sly. A — y siniestro, right or 

Dicta, /., diet. 

Diezmal, a., decimal. 

Diezmar, v., to decimate, to tithe. 

Difamar, v., to defame. 

Difamatorio, a., defamatory. 

Diferencia, /., difference. A — 
de, \vith the exception of. 

Diferencial, a., differential, differ- 

Diferenciar, v., to differ, to differ- 
entiate, to dissent ; r.v., to 
differ from. 

Diferente, a., different. 

Diferentemente, adv., differently. 

Diferir, i.v., to defer, to delay, to 
put off ; to differ, to be differ- 

Difícil, a., difficult, hard, particu- 
lar, hard to please. 

Difícilmente, adv., difficultly, 

Dificultad, /., difficulty. 

Dificultar, v., to make difficult. 

Dificultoso, a., difficult, hard, 
hard to please, troublesome. 

Difidencia, /., distrust. 

Difidente, a., disloyal, distrustful. 

Difundido, a., diffuse, scattered, 

Difundir, v., to diffuse, to extend, 
to divulge. 

Difunto, a., dead, defunct, late, 

Difusamente, adv., diffusely. 

Difusión, /., diffusion. 

Difusivo, a., diffusive. 

Difuso, a., diffuse. 

Digerir, i.v., to digest. 

Digesto, ni., digest. 

Dignamente, adv., worthily. 

Dignarse, r.v., to condescend, to 
deign, to vouchsafe. 

Dignidad, /., dignity, rank. 

Digno, a., worthy. 

Dije, ni., trinket. 

Dilación, /., delay, procrastina- 

Dilapidación, /., dilapidation. 

Dilapidar,!'., to dilapidate, to waste. 





Dilatación,/., dilatation, extension. 

Dilatado, a., prolix, extensive. 

Dilatar, v., to dilate, to expand, 
to lengthen, to delay, to put on. 

Dilatoria, /., term granted, respite. 

Dilatorio, a., dilatory. 

Dilema, m., dilemma. 

Diligencia, /., diligence, affair, 
appointment, business ; stage- 
coach. Hacer — s, to take steps. 

Dili2;ente, a., diligent, active. 

Dilución, /., dilution. 

Diluir, i.v., to dilute. 

Diluviar, v., to rain heavily, to 

Diluvio, m., deluge, flood. 

Dimanar, v., to emanate, to origin- 
ate, to flow. — de, to originate 

Dimensión, /., dimension. 

Dimes, Ander en — y diretes, 
to quibble, to squabble. 

Diminución, /., diminution. 

Diminuir, i.v., to diminish. 

Diminutivo, a., diminutive. 

Dimisión, /., resignation. 

Dimitir, v., to resign, to give up. 

Dinámica, /., dynamics. 

Dinamita, /., dynamite. 

Dinamo, /., dynamo. 

Dineral, m., large sum of money. 

Dinero, m., money, coin. — con- 
tante, a — - contante, in ready 
money, cash, ready money, 
hard cash, money in hand. 

— al contado, ready money. 
Diploma, m., diploma, patent. 
Diplomacia, /., diplomacy. 
Diplomático, a., diplomatic; m., 

diplomatist, diplomat. 
Diptongo, ni., diphthong. 
Diputación, /., deputation. 
Diputado, p.p., deputed ; m., 

deputy, assignee ; member of 

Diputar, v., to depute, to empower. 
Dique, m., dock, dike, dam. 

— seco, dry dock, graving dock. 
Dirección, /., direction, adminis- 
tration, directorate, manage- 
ment, address, leadership. 

Directamente, adv., directly, direct. 

Directivo, a., directive. 

Directo, a., direct, straight. 

Director, m., director, adminis- 
trator, manager, principal. — 
general de comunicaciones, post 
office master. 

Directorio, m., directory, direc- 
toryship, management. 

Dirigible, m., dirigible balloon, 

Dirigir, v., to direct, to aim, to 
drive, to guide, to conduct, to 
address ; r.v., to address. — se 
a, to apply to. 

Dirimir, v., to dissolve, to adjust, 
to settle (a dispute). 

Discernimiento, m., discernment. 

Discernir, i.v., to discern, to dis- 
tinguish, to judge. 

Disciplina, /., discipline. 

Discípulo, disciple, scholar, pupil. 

Disco, m., disk, lens (of a teles- 

Discoloro, a., of different colour(s); 

Disconformidad, /., disconformity. 

Discontinuar, v., to discontinue. 

Discontinuo, a., discontinued, 
separated, discontinuous. 

Discordancia, /., discordance, dis- 

Discordante, a., discordant. 

Discordar, i.v., to disagree, to 

Discorde, a., discordant, contrary. 

Discordia, /., discord, disagree- 

Discreción, /., discretion, prudence, 

Discrepar, v., to differ, to disagree. 

Discretamente, adv., discreetly. 

Discreto, a., discreet. 

Disculpa, /., apology, excuse. 

Disculpable, a., excusable, par- 

Disculpar, v., to excuse. 

Discurrir, v., to ramble, to dis- 
course, to discuss, to invent. 

Discurso, m., discourse, speech. 

Discusión, /., discussion. 


I) is J 



Discutir, Í'., to discuss. 

Disecar, v., to dissect, to preserve 
(birds, etc.). 

Disección, /., dissection. 

Diseminar, v., to disseminate, to 

Disensión, dissension. 

Disentimiento, m., dissent. 

Disentir, i.v., to dissent. 

Diseñador, m., designer. 

Diseño, )«., design, drawing, sketch. 

Disertar, v., to argue, to debate. 

Disfavor, m., disfavour, disregard. 

Disforme, a., deformed. 

Disfraz, ;«., disguise, mask. 

Disfrazar, v., to disguise. 

Disfrutar, v. (dc), to enjoy. 

Disfrute, >n., enjoyment. 

Disgustado, a., disgusted, dis- 
pleased, annoyed. 

Disgustar, v., to displease, to 
disgust, to annoy ; r.v., to fall 
out, to be displeased. 

Disgusto, m., disgust, displeasure. 

Disidente, a., dissident; m. & /., 

Disimilar, a., dissimilar. 

Disimilitud, /., dissimilitude. 

Disimulación, /., dissimulation. 

Disimulado, a., dissembled, re- 
served, sly. 

Disimular, v., to dissemble, to 
tolerate, to excuse. 

Disipación, /., dissipation. 

Disipar, v., to dissipate. 

Dislocar, v., to dislocate. 

Disminución, /., diminution. 

Disminuir, i.v., to diminish, to 
lessen, to reduce. 

Disolución, /., dissolution. 

Disolver, i.v., to dissolve, to melt. 

Disparar, v., to shoot, to discharge. 

Disparate, m., nonsense, blunder. 

Disparidad, /., disparity. 

Disparo, m., discharge, shot. 

Dispendio, m., expenditure, exces- 
sive expense. 

Dispendioso, a., costly, very ex- 

Dispensa, /., dispense, diploma, 

Dispensación, /., dispensation. 

Dispensar, v., to dispense, to 
exempt, to e.xcuse, to pardon. 

Disperso, a., dispersed. 

Displicencia, /., displeasure, dis- 

Displicente, a., displeasing, angry, 

Disponer, i.v., to dispose, to ar- 
range, to direct, to order, to 
prepare, to command ; r.v., to 
prepare oneself, to get ready, 
— de, to have at one's disposal, 
to command. 

Disponible, a., disposable, avail- 
able. El — , the available 
supply, spot (market). 

Disposición, /., disposition, ar- 
rangement, disposal, way, order, 
command, inclination. A la — , 
at the disposal. 

Dispositivo, a., dispositive. 

Dispuesto, a., disposed, fit, ready, 

Disputa, /., dispute, contest. 

Disputar, v., to dispute, to ques- 
tion, to contend. 

Disquisición, /., disquisition. 

Distancia, /., distance. 

Distante, a., distant. 

Distar, v., to be distant, to be far. 

Distinción, /., distinction, differ- 

Distinguido, a., distinguished, con- 

Distinguir, v., to distinguish, to 

Distintivo, a., distinctive. 

Distinto, a., distinct, difterent. 

Distracción, /., distraction, over- 

Distraer, i.v., to distract. 

Distraído, a., distracted, absent, 
heedless, inattentive. 

Distribución, /., distribution. 

Distribuidor, m., distributer, divi- 

Distribuir, i.v., to distribute, to 
divide, to allot, to ineasure. 

Distributivo, a., distributive. 

Distrito, m., district, region. 


4— (1696) 




Disturbar, v., to disturb. 

Disturbio, m., disturbance. 

Disuadir, v., to dissuade. 

Disuasión, /., dissuasion. 

Disuasivo, a., dissuasive. 

Disuelto, a. or p.p., dissolved, 

Disyunción, /., disjunction. 

Disyuntivo, a., disjunctive. 

Diurno, a., daily. [duration. 

Diuturno, a., lasting, of long 

Diván, m., divan, sofa. 

Divergencia, /., divergence, diver- 

Divergente, a., divergent, dissent- 

Diversidad, /., diversity. 

Diversión, /., diversion, amuse- 
ment . 

Diverso, a., diverse, various. — s, 
several, sundrj^ ; sundries. 

Divertido, a., amused, amusing. 

Divertir, i. v., to divert, to amuse, 
to entertain ; r.v., to amuse 

Dividendo, m., dividend. 

Dividir, v., to divide, to separate, 
to distribute. 

Divisa, /., device, motto. 

Divisar, v., to descrj-, to perceive. 

Divisibilidad, /., divisibility. 

Divisible, a., divisible. 

División, /., division. 

Divulaar, v., to publish, to divulge. 

Dobladillar, v., to hem. 

Dobladillo, m., hem. — ciego, 
hem. — de ojo, hemstitch. 

Doblaje, m., fold. 

Doblado, a., folded ; m., fold. — 
al lomo, book-fold. — a lo largo, 
longfold. ■ — a todo el ancho, 
full-wdth fold. 

Dobladura, /., fold. 

Doblar, v., to double, to fold, to 
bend ; r.v., to bend, to stoop. 

Doble, a., double, duplicate ; 
m., fold, crease. 

Doblez, m., crease, fold. — al 
lomo, book-fold. 

Doblón, m., doubloon, a Spanish 
gold coin. 

Docena, /., dozen. 

Dócil, a., docile, mild, gentle. 

Docilidad, /., docility. 

Doctamente, adv., learnedly. 

Docto, a., learned. 

Doctor, m., doctor. 

Doctrina, /., doctrine. 

Documentación, /., documenta- 
tion, documents. 

Documento, m., document. 

Dogal, m., rope, halter. 

Dólar, m., dollar. 

Dolencia, /., disease, affliction. 

Doler, i.v., to ache, to cause pain, 
to grieve, to lament. Me duele, 
I am sorry. !\Ie duele la cabeza, 
my head aches. 

Doliente, a., suffering. 

Dolor, ni., pain, ache, sorrow. 
— de inuelas, tooth-ache. 

Doloroso, a., sorrowful, painful, 
afflicted, sad. 

Domador, m., tamer. 

Domar, v., to tame, to subdue. 

Doméstico, a., domestic. See Uso. 

Doméstico, m., domestic. 

Domiciliado, a., domiciled, domi- 
ciliated. Letra domiciliada, 
domiciled bill. 

Domiciliar, v., to domicile, to 
make payable. 

Domiciliario, a. ¡k m., domiciliar}-. 

Domiciliarse, r.v., to establish 
oneself, to take up one's abode. 

Domicilio, m., domicile, residence. 
A — , at home. 

Dominación, /., domination, do- 

Dominante, «., dominant, prevail- 

Dominar, v., to domineer, to rule, 
to prevail. — la situación, to 
be master of the situation. 

Dominio, >«., dominion. 

Don, m., don (title) ; gift, present. 

Donación, /., donation. 

Donaire, m., grace, elegance. 

Donar, v., to bestow. 

Donatario, m., donee, grantee. 

Donativo, m., gift. 

Doncella, /., maid, lass, 





Donde, adv., where. 

Donoso, a., gay, witty, pleasant. 

Donosura, /., gracefulness, grace. 

Doña, lady, mistress. 

Dorado, a. gilt, gilded. 

Dorado, m., gilding. 

Dorador, m., gilder. 

Doradura, /., gilding. 

Dorar, v., to gild. 

Dormir, i.v., to sleep, to be slow or 
stagnant. — la siesta, to have 
a nap after dinner. — a pierna 
suelta, to sleep soundly. 

Dormitorio, m., dormitory, bed- 

Dornajo, n/., trough. 

Dorso, )»., back. Al — , on the 

Dos, two. — a — , two b}' two. 
Los — , both. 

Dosel, m., canopy. 

Dosis, /., dose. 

Dotación, /., dotation, munition, 
endowment. — de un buque, 
complement of a crew. 

Dotado, a. or p.p., endowed. — 
de, endowed with. 

Dotal, a., dotal, endowment. See 
Póliza, Seguro. 

Dotar, v., to endow, to give, to 

Dote, m. & /., dower, dowry ;, gifts, talents, endow- 

Dracma, m., drachm, eighth part 
of an ounce. 

Draga, /., dredge, dredger. 

Dragar, v., to dredge. 

Dragón, >«., dragon, dragoon. 

Drama, m., drama, play. 

Dramático, a., dramatic. 

Dramaturgo, m., dramatist. 

Drástico, a., drastic. 

Dril, ni., drill, drilling. — crudo, 
unbleached drill. 

Droga, /., drug. 

Droguero, m., druggist. 

Droguista, w., druggist ; impostor. 

Ducado, m., duchy, dukedom ; 

Dacho, a., dexterous, skilful. 

Dúctil, a., ductile. 

Duda, /., doubt. Sin — , doubtless, 

Avithout doubt. Poner en — , to 

Dudar, v., to doubt, to hesitate. 

— • cíe algo, to doubt anything. 
Dudoso, a., doubtful. 
Duela, /., stave. — s para toneles, 

hogshead staves. 
Duelo, m., duel ; sorrow. 
Duende, m., fairy, ghost. 
Dueña, /'., owner, proprietress, 

mistress, duenna. 
Dueño, m., o\\'ner, master. Ser 

— de, to own, to be welcome to, 

to be at liberty to. 
Dulce, a., sweet, mild, soft, gentle. 
Dulcemente, adv., gently, sweetly, 

Dulcificar, v.. to sweeten. 
Dulzura, /., sweetness, meekness, 

Dunas,, downs, dunes. 
Duplicado, a., duplicate, doubled ; 

m., duplicate. — de prensa, 

press copy. 
Duplicar, v., to double, to dupli- 
Duplicidad, /., duphcity, deceit. 
Duplo, m., double, twice as much. 
Duque, m., duke. 
Duquesa, /., duchess. 
Durable, a., durable, lasting. 
Duración, /., duration. 
Duradera, /. (cloth), lasting. 
Duradero, a., lasting. [oush'. 

Duramente, adv., hardly, rigor- 
Durante, adv., during. 
Durar, v., to last, to continue. 
Dureza, /., hardness, durity, solid- 
ity, harshness. 
Durmiente, p.a., sleeping ; m., 

sleeper (piece of timber). 
Duro, a., hard, solid, rigorous, 

stubborn. A duras penas, with 

great difñculty. 
Duro, m., dollar. 

Ebanista, m., cabinet-maker. 
Ebanistería, /., cabinet-work, 





ÉbailO, m., ebony. 

Ebrio, a., inebriated. 

Echar, v., to throw, to cast, to 
eject, to start. — al agua, to 
launch. — a reir {or correr), to 
start (burst out) laughing (or 
running). - — de menos, to miss. 

— a perder, to spoil. — la de 
artista, to pose as an artist. 

— coche, to set up a coach. 

— de manga, to make a cat's 
paw. — suertes, to cast lots. 

— en cara, to reproach to one's 
face. ■ — mano a, to arrest. 

— mano de, to laj' hold of. 

— raíces, to take root. — de 
ver, to notice, to perceive. — el 
resto, to strain every nerve, to 
stake one's all. — se, to rest ; 
to fall (the ■\\'ind). — se de ver, 
to be evident. See Culpa, 
Olvido, Multa, Saco, Tierra. 

Echazón, /., jettison. 

Eclipsar, v., to eclipse, to outshine. 

Eclipse, m., eclipse. 

Eclisa, /., rail coupling, fish-plate. 

Eco, echo. Hacer — , to agree, to 

Economía, /., economy. 

Económica, /., economics. 

Económico, a., economical. 

Economista, m., economist. 

Economizar, v., to economize, to 

Ecuador, m., equator. 

Edad, /., age. Menor — , minority. 

Edecán, »i., aide-de-camp. 

Edición, /., edition. 

Edicto, m., edict. 

Edificación, /., edification, con- 

Edificar, v., to edify, to build, to 

Edificio, »»., edifice, building. 

Editor, m., publisher, editor. 

Editorial, a. & m., editorial. 
Casa — , publishing house. 

Edredón, vi., eider-down. 

Educación, /., education, breed- 
ing, training. 

Educador, m., instructor, educator. 

Educar, f., to educate, to bring up. 

Efectivamente, adv., effectually, 
certainly, actually, in fact. 

Efectivo, a., effective, certain ; 
cash. — en caja, cash in hand. 
Hacer — , to cash. 

Efecto, »«., effect, consequence ; 
pL, effects, assets, goods, drafts. 
— s en cartera, bills in hand. 
— ^s a pagar, bills paj^able. — s a 
recibir, bills receivable. — s 
públicos, public securities. En 
— , in fact, indeed. Con ■ — , in 
fact. Al — , for the purpose. 
Dar — a, to carry out. Quedar 
sin — , to remain void (or null). 

Efectualmente, adv., effectively, 
effectually. [about. 

Efectuar, v., to effect, to bring 

Efervescencia, /., effervescence, 
fervour, excitement. 

Eficacia, /., efficacy'. 

Eficaz, a., efficacious, effective. 

Eficazmente, adv., efficaciously, 

Eficiencia, /., efficiencj-. 

Eficiente, a., efficient. 

Efigie, /., effigy. 

Efluvio, m., effluvium. 

Efugio, in., subterfuge, evasion. 

Efusión, /., effusion. 

Egoísmo, rn., egoism, selfishness. 

Egoísta, a. & in., selfish; egoist. 

Egregio, a., egregious, eminent. 

Eje, m., axis ; axle-tree, axle, 
centre. — cigüeñal, crank shaft. 
— s, shafting. 

Ejecución, /., execution. 

Ejecutable, a., e.xecutablc, prac- 

Ejecutar, v., to execute, to carry 
out, to perform. 

Ejecutivo, a., executive. 

Ejecutor, in., executor, execution- 
er ; operator. 

Ejecutoria, /., decree or wTit of 
execution ; executorship. 

Ejecutorio, a., executory. 

Ejemplar, a., exemplary ; nt., 
exemplar, example, copy, spe- 
cimen, model. 





Ejoiuplo, m., example, instance. 
Por — , for instance. 

Ejercer, i. v., to exercise, to per- 

Ejercicio, m., exercise, employ- 
ment, office. 

Ejercitar, v., to exercise. • — se, to 

Ejército, m., army. 

El, art. m., the. 

Él, proH., he. 

Elaboración, /., elaboration, work- 
manship, finish. 

Elaborado, a., elaborate. 

Elaborar, v., to elaborate. 

Elasticidad, /., elasticity. 

Elástico, a., elastic. 

Elección, /., election, choice. 

Electo, a., elect, chosen. 

Elector, m., elector. 

Electorado, m., electorate. 

Electricidad, /., electricity. 

Electricista, m., electrician. 

Eléctrico, a., electric. Luz eléc- 
trica, electric light. 

Electrizar, v., to electrify. 

Electroimán, m., electro-magnet. 

Electromagnetismo, electro-mag- 

Electrómetro, m., electro-meter. 

Electromotor, m., electromotor. 

Electroplata, /., electro-plate. 

Electrotipia, /., electrotyping. 

Electrotipo, m., electrotype. 

Elefante, m. & /., elephant. 

Elegancia, /., elegance. 

Elegante, a., elegant. 

Elegible, a., eligible. 

Elegir, I.V., to choose, to elect, to 

Elemental, a., elementary. 

Elemento, m., element. 

Elenco, m., table, index, 

Elevación, /., elevation, height ; 

Elevado, a., elevated, high. 

Elevador, m., elevator, lift (.Amer.), 
hoist (Spain) . 

Elevar, v., to elevate, to raise. 

Eliminar, v., to eliminate. 

Ella, pron., she. 

Ello, pron., it. — es que, the fact 
is that. 

Elocución, /., elocution. 

Elocuencia, /., eloquence. 

Jjlocucnte, a., eloquent. 

Elogiar, v., to praise, to extol, to 

Elogio, m., praise, eulogj'. 

Eludir, v., to elude, to escape. 

Emanar, i\, to emanate. 

Emancipar, v., to emancipate. 

Embajada, /., emba.ssy. 

Embajador, m., ambassador. 

Embalador, m., packer. 

Embalar, v., to pack, to put in 

Embalaje, m., packing. Franco 
de — , packed free. 

Embaldosar, v., to pave with tiles 
or nags. 

Embarazar, v., to embarrass, to 
perplex, to obstruct. 

Embarazo, m., embarrassment, 
impediment, obstacle. 

Embarazoso, a., difficult, trouble- 
some, awkward. 

Embarcación, /., embarkation, 
vessel, ship. 

Embarcadero, m., quay, wharf, 
port, harbour, landing-stage. 

Embarcar, v., to ship, to embark, 
to go on board. 

Embargar, v., to distrain, to seize, 
to attach, to lay an embargo on. 

Embargo, m., embargo, distraint, 
seizure. Sin — , notwithstand- 
ing, however. 

Embarnizadura, /., varnishing. 

Embarnizar, v., to varnish. 

Embarque, m., shipment. 

Embarrar, v., to daub, to plaster. 

Embastar, v., to baste, to sew 

Embaste, tn., basting. 

Embate, m., beating of the waves 
on the shore. 

Embaucar, v., to deceive, to im- 
pose upon. 

Embaular, v., to pack in a trunk. 

Embebecer, i.v., to amuse, to 
entertain, to astonish. 





Embobi'i', v., to imbibe, to drench. 
Euibclosar, v., to astonish, to 

Embeleso, m., amazement, aston- 
Embellecer, i.v., to embelUsh, to 

Embellecimieuto, m., embelHsh- 

Embestida, /., attack, assault. 
Embestir, i.v., to attack, to assault. 
Emblandecer, i.v., to moisten, to 

Emblanquecer, ¡.v., to whiten. 
Emblema, m., emblem. 
Embobar, v., to amuse, to amaze. 
Embobecer, i.v., to stupefy. 
Embocadero, m., mouth of a river 

or channel. 
Embocadura, /., mouthpiece, 

mouth of a river. 
Embocar, v., to enter by the 

mouth, to cram. 
Émbolo, m., piston, plunger. 
Embolsar, v., to put money into 

a purse, to reimburse ; r.v., to 

Embolso, t)!., reimbursement. 
Emborrachar, v., to intoxicate ; 

r.v., to get drunk. 
Emborrar, v., to card wool a 

second time, to stuff. 
Emboscada, /., ambuscade, am- 
Emboscar, v., to place in ambush ; 

to emboss. 
Embotado, a., dull, blunt. 
Embotamiento, ni.,, ob- 

Embotar, v., to blunt, to dull the 

edge ; r.v., to become dull, to 

put on boots. 
Embotellar, v., to bottle. 
Embotijar, v., to fill jars ; to fly 

into a passion. 
Embozar, v., to cover one's face, 

to dissemble ; to muzzle. 
Embozo, m., muflling, disguise. 
Embravecer, i.v., to enrage. 
Embreado, ni., tarpaulin. 
Embrear, v., to tar, to coat with 

pitch, to pitch. Tela embreada, 
pitch linen. 

Phnbriagado, a., intoxicated, 

Embriagar, v., to intoxicate ; r.v., 
to get drunk. 

Embriaguez, /., intoxication, 

Embridar, w., to bridle. 

Embrión, m., embr\'0, beginning, 

Embrocación, /., embrocation. 

Embrocar, v., to pour from one 
vessel into another ; to thread 
upon quills. 

Embrollar, v., to embroil, to en- 
tangle, to twist. 

Embrollo, m., fraud, deception, 

Embrollón, m., impostor. 

Embromar, v., to cajole, to whee- 

Embrutecer, i.v., to brutify, to 

Embuchado, m., a sort of sausage. 

Embudo, m., funnel ; fraud, arti- 

Embuste, m., fraud, imposition. 
— s, trinkets. 

Embustero, m., impostor, cheat. 

Embutido, m., inlaid work, inser- 
tion. — s, large sausages. 

Embutir, v., to inlay ; to cram. 

Emendable, a., amendable. 

Emergencia, /., emergency, acci- 

Emético, a., emetic. 

Emigración, /., emigration. 

Emigrado, nj., emigrant, immi- 

Emigrante, m., emigrant. 

Emigrar, v., to emigrate, to immi- 

Eminencia, /., eminence, height, 

Eminente, a., eminent, high. 
Emisario, ni., emissary. 
Emisión, /., emission, vent, issue. 
Emitir, v., to emit, to issue, to 
show. ■ — acciones, to issue 





Emoción, /., emotion. 

Emolumcnio, in., emolument, fee, 

Empacador, m., packer. 

Empacar, v., to pack. 

Empachado, a., timid, overloaded. 

Empachar, v., to impede, to em- 
barrass, to overload ; r.v., to be 
ashamed, embarrassed. 

Empacho, m., timidity, embar- 
rassment, surfeit. 

Empadronamiento, tn., list, regis- 

Empadronar, v., to register (per- 
sons liable to pay taxes). 

Empahir, v., to empale. 

Empalizada, /., palisade, paling. 

Empalmar, v., to dovetail, to 

Empalme, m., joining, connection, 
junction (Rail.) ; splice. 

Empalmo, »i.. shank. 

Empanada, /., meat-pie. 

Empanar, v., to cover with paste, 
to sow grain ; to be choked 
(seed) . 

Empañar, v., to swaddle ; to soil, 
to darken, to tarnish. 

Empapar, If., to imbibe, to drench ; 
r.v., to be soaked, drenched ; to 

Empapelar, z;., to wrap up in paper. 

Empaque, m., packing. 

Empaquetado, m., packing. 

Empaquetador, m., packer. 

Empaquetar, v.. to pack, to packet. 

Emparedado, m., sandwich. 

Emparedar, v., to enclose between 

Emparejar, v., to level, to match, 
to fit, to equal. 

Emparentado, a., related by 

Emparrado, ui., arbour, bower. 

Empastar, v., to paste; to bind 
(books) ; to fill (a tooth). 

Empaste, m., paste, binding. 

Empatar, v., to equal, to make 
equal, to tie, to draw. 

Empate, m., equality, equal num- 
ber of votes, tie, draw. 

Empavesar, v., to adorn with 

Empavonar, v. See Pavonar. 

Empedernir, i v., to harden. 

Empedrado, m., pavement, pav- 

Empedrar, i.v., to pave. 

Empegar, v., to pitch, to cover 
with pitch. 

Empeine, m., groin, instep, hoof 
of a beast. 

Empellón, m., push. 

Empeñar, v., to pawn, to pledge, 
to engage, to oblige. — la 
palabra, to engage (or pledge) 
one's word. — se, to persist, to 
bind oneself. 

Empeño, m., obligation, engage- 
ment, perseverance, constancy, 
courage. Tener — en, to be 
bent on. 

Empeorar, v., to impair, to make 
worse, to grow worse. 

Emperador, m., emperor. 

Emperatriz, /., empress. 

Empero, conj., yet, however. 

Empezar, ¿.v., to begin, to com- 

Empinado, a., elevated. 

Empiuar, v., to raise ; r.v., to 
stand on tiptoe. 

Empírico, a., empiric(al) ; m., 

Empizarrado, m., slates which 
cover a building. 

Empizarrar, v., to slate, to roof 
with slates. 

Emplastadura, /., plastering. 

Emplastar, v., to plaster. 

Emplasto, m., plaster. 

Emplazamiento, m., summons. 

Emplazar, v., to summon, to 

Empleado, a., employed ; ni., 
employee, clerk. — ■ de banca, 
bank clerk. 

Emplear, v., to employ, to occupj', 
to invest, to lay out, to spend. 

Empleo, m., employ, employment,, occupation. — ■ de 
fondos, investment. 





Emplomado, a., leaden, leaded. 

Emplomar, w., to lead, to fit with 

Emplumar, v., to feather. 

Empobrecer, i. v., to impoverish ; 
r.v., to become poor. 

Empobrecimiento, m., impover- 

Empodrecer, i.v., to corrupt ; r.v., 
to become corrupt, or putrid. 

Empollar, v., to brood, to hatch. 

Empolvar, v., to powder. 

Emponzoñar, v., to poison. 

Emporcar, v., to soil, to dirty. 

Emporio, in., emporium. 

Empotrar, v., to mortise, to scarf, 
to splice. 

Emprendedor, a., enterprising ; 
m., enterpriser, undertaker. — 
de pompas fúnebres, funeral 

Emprender, v., to undertake, to 
attempt, to set about, to take 
up ; to go about. 

Empresa, /., enterprise, under- 
taking, concern, company. 

Empresario, m., manager of a 
theatre ; undertaker. 

Empréstito, m., lending, loan, tax, 

Empujar, v., to push. 

Empuje, m., push, pushing, im- 

Empujón, m., push. 

Empuñadura, /., hilt of a sword. 

Empuñar, v., to grasp, to clutch. 

Emulación, /., emulation. 

Emular, v., to emulate. 

Emulsión, /., emulsion. 

En, pyep., in, on, at. 

EuasfUilS,, petticoat. 

Enajenable, a., alienable. 

Enajenación, /., alienation, ex- 
propriation, disposal. 

Enajenar, v., to alienate, to trans- 
fer ; r.v., to be transferred, to 
change hands. 

Enamorado, a., in love, enam- 
oured ; m., lover. 

Enano, m., dwarf ; a., dwarfish. 

Enarbolar, v., to hoist, to raise. 

Enardecer, i.v., to kindle, to in- 

Encabezamiento, m., heading, list, 

Encabezar, v., to register, to 
enroll, to head. 

Encadenamiento, m., chaining, 
linking together. 

Encadenar, v., to chain, to link, to 

Encajar, v., to drive in, to en- 
chase, to enclose, to fit in ; to 
gear. — bien, to be to the 

Encaje, m., enchasing, inlaid 
work ; lace ; gearing. — de 
oro, proportion of gold. — 
metálico, proportion in coin. 

Encajera, /., lacewoman. 

Encajero, m., lace-maker. 

Encajonar, v., to box, to put in 
a case, to pack. 

Encalar, v., to whiten with lime. 

Encallar, v., to run ashore, to run 

Encallecido, a., hardened. 

Encalmado, a., quiet, calm, be- 

Encalmarse, r.v., to be becalmed. 

Encamarse, r.v., to keep to one's 
bed, to be lodged. 

Encaminar, v., to guide, to for- 
ward, to direct, to put in the 
right road ; r.v., to proceed, to 
go to, to start on a journey. 

Encandilar, v., to dazzle, to cock 
(a hat). 

Encanecer, iv., to grow grey. 

Encanillar, v., to wind (silk, etc.) 
on a quill or cane. 

Encantado, a., enchanted, charmed, 

Encantador, a., charming; m., 

Encantar, v., to enchant, to charm. 

Encanto, m., charm, enchantment. 

Encañar, v., to convey through 
pipes ; to wind on quills. 

Encapado, a., wearing a cloak. 

Encapotar, v., to cloak, to cover ; 
r.v., to become cloudy (the sky). 





Encapuchar, v., to cover with a 

Encarado, a., faced. Bien — , 

good-looking. Mai — , ugly. 
Encarar, v., to face. 
Encarcelación, /. (o>' Encarcela- 
miento, m.), imprisonment. 
Encarcelar, v., to imprison. 
Encarecer, i.v., to raise the price, 

to overrate, to exaggerate. 
Encarecidamente, adv., exceed- 
ingly, highly, earnestly. 
Encarecimiento, m., enhancement, 

exaggeration ; rise, advance 
Encargado, ?«., man in charge, 

Encargar, v., to recommend, to 

charge, to commit. — se de, to 

take charge of, to undertake, to 

take upon oneself. 
Encargo, tn., charge, command, 

commission, order, employ, 

Encarnado, a., incarnate, red. 
Encarnizar, v., to provoke ; r.v., 

to be furious. 
Encartonado, a., bound in boards. 
Encartonar, v., to bind in boards. 
Encarnar, v., to incarnate ; to 

entice, to incite. 
Encauchado, m., india-rubber 

Encausar, v., to take proceedings 

against a person. 
Encauzar, v., to open a trench ; 

(fig.) to direct, to give a direction 

Encender, i.v., to kindle, to light, 

to enrage ; r.v., to become 

Encendido, a., inflamed. — ■ de 

color, high-coloured. 
Encendimiento, m., inflammation. 
Encerado, m., oil-cloth, tarpaulin. 
Encerar, v., to rub or to smear 

with wax. 
Encerrar, i.v., to close in, to shut 

Enchapar, v., to veneer, to inlay, 

to plate. 
Encía, /., gum. 

Enciclieo, a., encyclic. 
Enciclopedia, /., encyclopaedia. 
Encierro, ;«., enclosure, prison. 
Encima, adv., above, on top, on. 

— de, over. 
Encina, /., evergreen oak. 
Encintar,!'., to adorn with ribbons. 
Enclavar, v., to nail, to spike. 

Enclavijar, v., to join closely, to 

Encoger, v., to shrink, to con- 
tract ; r.v., to shrink, to be 
depressed. — se de hombros, 
to shrug one's shoulders. 

Encogido, a., timid, shrunk. 

Encogimiento, m., contraction, 
shrinkage, lowness of spirits. 

Encolar, v., to glue. 

Encolerizar, v., to anger, to irri- 
tate ; r.v., to become angry. 

Encomendar, i.v., to recommend, 
to commend, to commit, to 
charge ; to praise, to extol ; 
r.v., to commit (or recommend) 

Encomienda, /., commission, 
charge. — s, compliments, res- 
pects. Por — postal (Amer.), by 
parcels post. 

Encomio, m., praise, eulogy. 

Enconar, v., to inflame, to irritate. 

Encono, m., malevolence, irrita- 

Encontrar, i.v., to meet, to encoun- 
ter, to find ; r.v., to meet, to 
find oneself, to be. 

Encorajar, v., to animate, to in- 
flame ; r.v., to be furious. 

Encordar, i.v., to string, to cord. 

Encordelar, v., to tie or bind with 

Encordonar, v., to lace, to tie with 

Encorvadura, /., crookedness. 

Encorvar, v., to bend, to crook ; 
r.v., to bend, to go crooked. 

Encrespador, m., curling-iron. 

Encrespar, v., to curl, to frizzle, 
to crimp ; r.v., to become rough 
or boisterous. 

Encrucijada, /., cross-road (s). 


4A — (1696) 




Encrudecer, i.v., to make raw or 
worse, to irritate. 

Encuademación, /., binding, book- 

Encuadernador, m., bookbinder. 

Encuadernar, v., to bind books. 

Encubar, v., to put liquid into 
casks, barrels, etc. 

Encubiertamente, adv., secretly, 

Encubridor, m., concealer, receiver 
of stolen goods. 

Encubrimiento, m., concealment, 

Encubrir, v., to conceal, to hide, 
to palliate. 

Encuentro, m., meeting, encoun- 
ter. Ir {or salir) al — de, to go 
to meet. 

Encumbrado, a., high, lofty, ele- 

Encumbramiento, m., height, em- 

Encumbrar, v., to raise, to elevate. 

Encurtido, a., pickled. — s,, 

Encurtir, v., to pickle. 

Endeble, a., feeble. 

Enderezar, v., to guide, to direct, 
to set right. 

Endibia, /., endive. 

Endosado, a., endorsed ; m., en- 

Endosador. See Endosante. 

Endosante, m., endorser. 

Endosar, v., to endorse a bill of 

Endoso, Mi., endorsement. Sin — , 

Endulzar, v., to sweeten. 

Endurecer, i.v., to harden, to make 
hard ; r.v., to harden, to 
become hard. 

Endurecido, a., hard, hardy, hard- 
ened, inured. 

Endurecimiento, m., hardness, 

Enebro, m. (Bot.), common juni- 

Euemi^o, a., inimical, hostile. 

Enemigo, m., enemy, antagonist. 

Enemistad, /., enmity. 

Enemistar, v., to make an enemy. 

Energía, /., energy. 

Enérgico, a., energetic. 

Enero, m., January. 

Enervar, v., to enervate. 

Enfadadizo, a., irritable. 

Enfadar, v., to vex, to annoy, to 
anger, to offend ; r.v., to be- 
come angry. 

Enfado, m., trouble, vexation, 

Enfadoso, a., vexatious, trouble- 
some, tedious. 

Enfardador, m., packer. 

Enfardar, w., to pack, to bale, to 
put into bales. 

Enfardelador, m. See Enfardador. 

Enfardeladura, /., packing. 

Enfardelaje, m., packing. 

Enfardelar, v. See Enfardar. 

Énfasis, m., emphasis. 

Enfático, a., emphatic. 

Enfermar, v., to fall ill, to weaken, 
to enervate. 

Enfermedad, /., infirmity, illness, 
complaint, malady. 

Enfermería, /., infirmary. 

Enfermero, tn., Enfermera, /., 
male and female nurse. 

Enfermizo, a., infirm, sickly. 

Enfermo, a., ill, sick, diseased, 
infirm, weak. 

Enfervorizar, v., to inflame. 

Enflaquecer, i.v., to weaken, to 
make thin, to attenuate ; r.v., 
to become thin, to fall away. 

Enflaquecimiento, m., attenua- 

Enfocar, v., to focus. 

Enfrascar, v., to put liquid in a 
flask or bottle. 

Enfrenar, v., to bridle, to curb, to 

Enfrente, adv., opposite, in front. 
— de, opposite to. 

Enfriador, m., cooling-place, refri- 

Enfriamiento, m., refrigeration. 

Enfriar, v., to cool, to make 





Enfurecer, i.v., to irritate, to en- 
rage, to make furious ; r.v., to 
rage, to become furious. 

Engalanar, v., to adorn, to deck. 

Enganchamiento. See Enganche. 

Enganchar, v., to hook, to entrap, 
to decoy. 

Enganche, m., enlistment ; coup- 
ling, connecting-link. 

Engañadizo, a., easily deceived. 

Engañado, a., mistaken, deceived. 

Engañador, m., impostor, cheat, 

Engañar, v., to deceive, to cheat, 
to hoax ; r.v., to be deceived, 
to be mistaken. 

Engaño, m., mistake, deception, 
deceit, fraud. Llamarse a — , 
not to allow oneself to be 
deceived, to be undeceived. 

Engañoso, a., deceitful, false. 

Engarce, m., link, union ; setting. 

Engarzar, v., to enchain, to link, 
to set (stones). 

Engastar, v., to enchase, to set 
(stones, etc.). 

Engaste, m., setting of precious 

Engendrar, v., to beget, to engen- 
der ; to produce, to create. 

Englobar, v., io comprise, to add 

Engolfar, v., to enter a gulf ; r.v., 
to be lost in thought, to be 
engaged in diíñcult work. 

Engomado, a., gummed, stiff. 

Engomadura, /., gumming. 

Engomar, v., to stiffen vnth. gum. 

Engordar, v., to fatten, to grow fat. 

Engorro, m., embarrassment, ob- 

Engorroso, a., troublesome, tire- 
some, vexatious. 

Engranaje, m., gearing, gear. 

Engranar, v., to gear, to tooth, to 

Engrandecer, i.v., to augment, to 
greaten, to magnify, to ag- 

Engrandecimiento, m., increase, 

Engrasar, v., to grease, to lubri- 
cate, to oil, to stain with 
grease ; to manure. 

Engreimiento, m., elation, vanity. 

Engreir, i.v., to lift, to make proud 
or haughty. 

Engrosar, i.v., to make fat, to 
increase, to grow strong ; r.v., 
to fatten, to increase in size. 

Engrudar, v., to paste. 

Engrudo, m., paste. 

Enguirnaldar, v., to adorn with 
garlands. [up. 

Engullir, v., to gobble, to swallow 

Enhebra-cartas, m., letter-file. 

Enhebrar, v., to thread a needle ; 
to link, to unite. 

Enhiesto, a., erect, upright. 

Enhilar, v., to thread, to direct, 
to tend. 

Enhorabuena, /., congratulation, 

Enigma, m., enigma, riddle. 

Enigmático, a., enigmatical. 

Enjabonar, v., to soap. 

Enjaezar, v., to caparison, to 

Enjalbegar, v., to whitewash. 

Enjalma, /., kind of pack-saddle. 

Enjambrar, v., to swarm. 

Enjambre, m., swarm of bees, 

Enjaular, v., to cage, to imprison. 

Enjoyar, v., to adorn wth jewels, 
to set with diamonds. 

Enjuagar, v., to cleanse, to rinse 
the mouth and teeth. 

Enjugador, m., drier, wringer, 

Enjugar, v., to dr^', to wipe off 

Enjuiciar, v. (Law), to prepare a 
case ; to pass judgment. 

Enjuto, a., dried, sparing. A pie 
— , without pain or labour. 

Enlace, m., connection, link, kin- 
dred, marriage. 

Enladrillado, m., brickwork, pave- 
ment of bricks. 

Enladrillar, v., to pave with 





Enlazar, v., to join, to bind, to 
unite, to connect ; to knit, to 

Enloquecer, i.v., to enrage, to 
madden ; r.v., to go mad, to 
become enraged. 

P^nlosar, v., to Isiv a floor w-ith 

Enlutar, v., to put in mourning; 
to veil. 

Enmaderamiento, »»., woodwork, 

Enmarañar, v., to entangle, to 

Enmantar, v., to cover with a 

Enmendación, /., emendation, cor- 

Enmendar, i.v., to correct, to 
reform, to amend, to compen- 

Enmienda, /., emendation, cor- 
rection, amendment, alteration, 

Enmollecer, i.v., to mould, to make 
mouldy ; r.v., to grow mouldy, 
to rust. 

Enmohecido, a., musty, mouldj^ 

Enmollecer, i.v., to soften. 

Enmudecer, i.v., to grow dumb, 
to be silent. 

Ennegrecer, i.v., to blacken. 

Ennoblecer, i.v., to ennoble. 

p]nnol)lecimicnto, ni., ennoble- 

Enojadizo, a., angry, fretful, 

Enojado, a., angr\^ fretful. 

Enojar, v., to vex, to irritate, to 
anger ; r.v., to be angry. 

Enojo, m., anger, passion, fretful- 

Enojoso, a., oftensive, vexatious. 

Enorme, a., enormous, vast, huge. 

Enormemente, adv., enormously, 

Enormidad, /., enormity, enor- 

Enranciarse, r.v., to grow rancid, 
to go stale. 

Enrasar, v., to smooth, to plane, 
to make even. 

Enredado, a., entangled, compli- 

Enredar, v., to entangle, to com- 
plicate, to perplex. 

Enredo, m., entanglement, per- 
plexity, complication, fix. 

Enrejado, m., trellis, grate ; rack. 

Enriquecer, i.v., to enrich ; r.v., 
to grow rich. 

Enriscado, a., mountainous, 

Enrojecer, i.v., to make red. 

Enroscar, v., to t^váne, to twist. 

Ensacar, v., to put in a sack. 

Ensalada, /., salad. 

Ensaladera, /., salad-bowl. 

Ensalzar, v., to extol, to exalt, to 
magnify, to exaggerate. 

Ensamblador, )«., joiner. 

Ensambladura, /., joinery. 

Ensamblar, v., to join pieces of 
wood, to dovetail. 

Ensanchamiento, m., widening, 

Ensanchar, v., to widen, to extend, 
to enlarge ; r.v., to extend. 

Ensanche, m., widening, exten- 
sion, development. 

Ensartar, v., to string, to put on a 

Ensayador, m., assayer. 

Ensayar, v., to assay, to instruct, 
to teach ; to try, to prove, to 
test. — se, to practise. 

Ensaye, m., assay, trial, proof. 

Ensayo, m., assay, trial, proof ; 
rehearsal ; experiment, essay. 

Ensebar, v., to grease. 

Ensenada, /., creek. 

Enseña, /., standard. 

Enseñanza, /., teaching, instruc- 

Enseñar, v., to teach, to instruct, 
to show. 

Enseñorear, v., to lord, to domi- 
neer ; r.v., (de) to take posses- 
sion (of). 

Enseres, m.pL, chattels, fixtures, 





Ensillar, w., to saddle. 

Ensimismado, a., selfish, absorbed 
in thought. 

Ensordecer, i.v., to deafen, to grow 

Ensordecimiento, m., deafness. 

Ensuciar, v., to dirty, to soil. 

Entablado, p.p., brought forward ; 
m., ñoor made of boards. 

Entablar, v., to cover with boards, 
to plank ; to bring (or put) 
forward, to claim ; to open 
(relations, etc.). ■ — -demanda, to 
institute proceedings. ■ — • re- 
clamación, to lodge a claim. 

Entallador, m., engraver, sculptor. 

Entalladura, /., engraving, sculp- 

Entallar, v., to engrave, to carve, 
to sculpture. 

Entapizar, v., to hang with 

Entarimado, m., inlaid ñoor, par- 

Ente, m., entity, being. 

Entender, i.v., to understand, to 
comprehend, to hear ; r.v., to 
arrange, to agree. — de, to 
know about, to be a judge of. 

— en, to attend to, to investi- 
gate, to look after. EI se enti- 
ende, he knows what he is about. 
— se con, to arrange with. 

Entenada, /., step-daughter. 

Entenado, m., step-son. 

Entendido, a., learned, knowing. 
Tener — , to understand. Según 
tenemos — , as far as we know 
{oy can gather). [quite. 

Enteramente, adv., entirely, fully, 

Entendimiento, m., understanding. 

JjUterar, v., to inform, to acquaint. 

— se de, to inform oneself about. 
Entereza, /., entireness, integrity ; 

uprightness, fortitude. 
Enternecer, i.v., to soften, to 

affect, to melt. 
Entero, a., entire, perfect, sound, 

whole; w., point (market). 
Enterrador, m., grave-digger. 
Enterrar, i.v., to inter, to bury. 

Entibiar, v., to cool, to moderate, 
to temper. 

Entidad, /., entity ; consideration, 
import, moment, importance. 

Entintar, v., to ink, to mark with 

Entoldado, m., awning. 

Entoldar, v., to cover with an 

Entonado, a., haughty ; harmon- 
ised, toned ; ni., toning (photo- 
graphy) . 

Entonar, v., to tune, to tone ; r.v., 
to look big, to grow haughty. 

Entonces, aííf., then. En aquel — , 
at that time. 

Entonelar, v., to barrel. 

Entorpecer, i.v., to benumb, to 
stupefy, to hinder. 

Entorpecimiento, wz., torpor, dull- 
ness, stupidity. 

Entrada, /., entrance, entry. — s, 
returns. Derechos de — , 

import dut}'. Dar — a, to enter. 
— libre, admission free. — 
furtiva en una casa, forzán- 
dola para robar, burglary. 

Entramado, m., framework. 

Entrambos, pron., both. 

Entrante, «., entering. La se- 
mana — , next week. 

Entraña, /., entrail. — s, entrails, 

Entrañable, a., intimate, affec- 

Entrar, v., to enter, to come in, to 
go in. — de arribada forzosa, 
to put into a port in distress. 

Entre, prep., between. — tanto, 
meanwhile. — ■ manos, in hand. 

Entredicho, m., interdiction, pro- 

Entredós, m., long primer type. 

Entretino, a., middling fine, mid- 

Entrega, /., delivery, part (of a 
paper), payment. • — s remotas, 
futures. A la — , on delivery. 
Pronta — , prompt deliver3^ 

Entreisable, a., deliverable. 

Entregar, v., to deliver, to hand 





over, to transfer, to pay ; r.v., 
to give oneself up. A (or para) 
■ — , to be supplied, on delivery. 

Entrelazar, v., to interlace. 

Entrelistado, a., striped. 

Entremeter, v., to put one thing 
between others ; r.v., to inter- 
meddle, to meddle. 

Entremetido, m., meddler, busy- 

Entremetimiento, in., interposi- 
tion, interference. 

Entremezclar, v., to intermix. 

Entrenar, v., to train. 

Entrepaño, m., panel. 

Entreponer, i.v., to interpose. 

Entresuelo, m., floor or apartment 
between the ground floor and 
the first floor ; entresol. 

Entretanto, adv., meanwhile. 

Entretejer, v., to tissue, to inter- 

Entretela, /., buckram, interlining. 

Entretener, i.v., to entertain, to 
put off, to delay ; r.v., to amuse 

Entretenimiento, m., entertain- 
ment, amusement. 

Entrever, i.v.. to have a glimpse 

Entrevia, /., railway gauge. 

Entrevista, /., interview. 

Entristecer, i.v., to sadden, to 
grieve ; r.v., to grieve, to fret. 

Entumecer, i.v., to swell, to 
benumb ; to swell. 

Enturbiar, v., to muddle, to make 

Entusiasmar, v., to transport ; 
r.v., to become enthusiastic. 

Entusiasmo, m., enthusiasm. 

Entusiasta, a. & com., enthu- 

Entusiástico, a., enthusiastic 

Enumeración, /., enumeration. 

Enumerar, v., to enumerate. 

Enunciar, v., to enunciate, to 

Envainar, v., to sheathe. 

Envanecer, i.v., to make vain ; 
r.v., to become proud. 

Envasador, m., filter, funnel. 

Envasar, v., to barrel, to put into 
sacks or barrels, to pack. 

Envase, m., packing. 

Envejecer, i.v., to make old, to 
grow old ; r.v., to grow out of 

Envejecido, a., looking old ; ex- 

Envenenar, v., to envenom, to 

Enverdecer, i.v., to become green. 

Envestir, i.v., to invest, to adorn. 

Enviado, m., envoy ; p.p., sent. 

Enviar, v., to send. 

Enviciar, v., to vitiate. 

Envidar, v., to stake. — el resto, 
to stake one's all. 

Envidia, /., envy. 

Envidiable, a., enviable. 

Envidiar, v., to envy, to grudge, 
to covet. 

Envidioso, a., envious. 

Envilecer, i.v., to vilify. 

Envío, m., sending, consignment. 

Envoltorio, m., bundle, \\Tapper. 

Envolver, i.v., to Avrap up, to 

Envolvimiento, m., envelopment. 

Envuelto, a., involved. 

Enyesar, v., to plaster. 

Enyugar, v., to yoke. 

Epidemia, /., epidemic disease. 

Epidémico, a., epidemic(al). 

Epidermis, /., epidermis. 

Epigrama, m., epigram. 

Epílogo, tn., epilogue. 

Episodio, m., episode. 

Epístola, /., epistle, letter. 

Epistolar, a., epistolary. 

Epitafio, m., epitaph. 

Epíteto, m., epithet. 

Epitomar, v., to epitomise. 

Epitome, m., epitome, abridg- 
ment, summary. 

Época, /., epoch, period, time. 

Equidad, /., equity, impartiaUty, 

Equilátero, a., equilateral. 

Equilibrar, v., to equilibrate, to 
l)alance, to counterpoise. 





Equilibrio, m., equilibrium, ba- 

Equipaje, m. baggage, luggage. 
Depósito (or cuarto), de — s, 
cloak-room, luggage office. 

Equipamento, m., fitting out. 

Equipar, v., to equip, to fit out, to 

Equipo, m., fitting out, equip- 
ment ; club. 

Equitación, /., horsemanship ; rid- 

Equitativo, a., equitable, just, 

Equivalencia, /., equivalence. 

Equivalente, a. & m., equivalent. 

Equivaler, i.v., to be equal or 

Equivocación, /., mistake, error, 
oversight, blunder. 

Equivocado, a., mistaken, wrong. 

Equivocar, v., to mistake ; r.v., 
to be mistaken, to make a 
mistake, to be wrong. — se de 
medio a medio, to be quite 

a., equivocal, 
n., equivocation 


exchequer, public 

to be 

Equívoco, a 

guous ; in 

take. 1 
Era, /., era ; 
Erario, m., 

Erección, /., erection. 
Erguir, i.v., to erect ; r.v 

elated (with pride). 
Erigir, v., to erect, to raise, to 

Erizar, v., to set on end ; r.v., 

to stand on end (the hair), to 

Ermita, /., hermitage. 
Ermitaño, m., hermit. 
Erogar, t;., to distribute, to divide. 
Erradamente, adv., erroneously, 

faultily, wrongl}'. 
Erradicación, /., eradication. 
Erradicar, v., to eradicate. 
Errado, a., mistaken, wrong. 

1 In the latter sense this word is some- 
times written equivoco (t.c, equi-vo'-co), 
especially in South Ame ri ca. 

Errante, a., errant, wandering. 
Errar, i.v., to err, to wander, to 

Errata, /., error, erratum. 
Errático, a., erratic, wandering. 
I]rroneamente, adv., erroneously, 

Erróneo, a., erroneous, mistaken. 
Error, ni., error, mistake. — • de 

pluma, clerical error, penslip. 

— de tecla, typing error. — de 

imprenta, printer's error. 
Erudición, /., erudition, learning. 
Erudito, a., erudite, learned. 
Erupción, /., eruption. 
Esa, /., pron., that. En — , in 

that place, in your town. 
Esbelto, a., tall, genteel, elegant 

Esbirro, »?., baihfí. 
Esbozo, m., sketch, rough draft, 

Escabechar, v., to pickle, to souse. 
Escabeche, m., pickle. 
Escabel, m., footstool. 
Escabroso, a., rough, 

Escala, /., ladder, scale. 

en, to call or touch at 

■ — , on a large scale. 
Escalafón, m., list. 

navy list. 
Escalar, v., to scale. 
Escaldar, v., to scald. 
Escalera, /., stair, staircase ; 

ladder. — de caracol, winding 

Escalfar, v., to poach eggs. 
Escalofrío, m., shivering fit. 
Escalón, m., step of a stair. 
Escalonado, a., scaled, divided. 

Embarques — s, shipments at 

Escalonar, v., to scale out, to 

Escama, /., scale or coat. 
Escamado, a., tutored by experi- 
Escamar, v., to scale ; to offend, 

to irritate ; r.v., to be tutored 

by experience, to resent. 


Hacer • — ■ 
En gran 

de marina, 





Escampar, v., to cease raining; to 
clean or clear out. 

Escandalizar, v., to scandalise. 

Escándalo, m., scandal ; tumult, 

Escandaloso, a., scandalous. 

Escapar, v., to escape ; r.v., to 
escape, to flee. 

Escaparate, m., press, cupboard ; 
show-window of a shop. 

Escapatoria, /., escape, flight ; 
pretext, excuse. 

Escape, m., escape, flight ; escape- 
ment (of a watch). A todo — , 
at full gallop. 

Escaramuza, /., skirmish. 

Escarbar, v., to scrape or scratch 
the ground. 

Escarcha, /., hoar frost. 

Escarchar, v., to be frozen or 
congealed, to put frost-work on 

Escardar, v., to weed. 

Escarlata, /., scarlet. 

Escarlatina, /., scarlatina ; scar- 

Escarmentar, i.v.,to be tutored by 
experience, to take warning, to 
correct severely. 

Escarmiento, jn., warning, cau- 
tion, chastisement. 

Escarnecer, i.v., to scoff, to mock, 
to jeer. 

Ercarnio, m., scoff, jeer. 

Escarola, /., endive. 

Escarpa, /., declivity. 

Escarpado, a., sloped, craggy. 

Escarpar, v., to scarf or join 

Escarpia, /., tenter-hook, hook, 

Escarpín, m., .sock, shoe, pump. 

Escasamente, adv., scantily, 
scarcel}^, hardly. 

Escasear, v., to spare, to be scarce, 
to grow less. [lack. 

Escasez, /., scantiness, scarcit}^ 

Escaso, a., short, small, scanty, 

Escatimado, a., little, scanty, cur- 
tailed, cut. 

Escatimar, v., to curtail ; to 
lessen, to haggle, to stint, to 

Escena, /., scene, stage. 

Escénico, a., scenic 

Escéptico, a., sceptical. 

Esclarecer, i.v., to lighten, to illus- 
trate, to clear up, to look into. 

Esclarecido, a., illustrious, emi- 

Esclarecimiento, m., dawn, illus- 
triousness, elucidation. 

Esclavina, /., robe ; cape, collar. 

Esclavitud, /., slavery. 

Esclavizar, v., to enslave. 

Esclavo, m., slave. 

Escoba, /., broom. 

Escobar, v., to sweep with a 

Escobilla, /., brush, small cloth 
brush, besom. 

Escocer, ¡.v., to irritate, to pain, to 

Escofina, /., rasp ; wire-brush. 

Escog:er, v., to select, to choose. 

Escocido, a., chosen, choice, select. 

Escogimiento, m., choice, selec- 

Escolar, ni., scholar, student. 

Escolástico, a., scholastic. 

Escollo, m., reef, breaker, danger, 

Escolta, /., escort. 

Escoltar, w., to escort. 

Escombro, m., rubbish ; mackerel. 

Esconce, m., corner, angle. 

Esconder, v., to hide, to conceal ; 
r.v., to be liidden. 

Escondidas, a — , adv., privately, 
in a secret manner. 

Escondite, m., concealment, hid- 

Escopeta, /., ñrelock, gun. — de 
viento, air-gun. 

Escopetero, m., gunsmith, mus- 
keteer, armourer. 

Escopleadura, /., mortise-hole. 

Escoplear, v., to chisel, to cut with 
a chisel. Máquina de — , 
mortise, mortising machine. 

Escoplo, m., chisel. 





Escorar, v. (Naut.), to heel over. 

Escoria, /., dross, slags. 

Escorpión, m., scorpion. 

Escota, /., mattock or axe ; 
(Naut.) sheet. 

Escotar, v., to cut out, to hollow. 

Escote, m., sloping, tucker ; scot 
or reckoning. 

p]scotcra, /. (Naut.), sheet-hole. 

Escotero, a., free, disengaged. 

Escotilla, /. (Naut.), hatchway. 

Escotillón, w., trap-door. 

Escribanía, /., notary's office ; 
notaryship ; secretaire, writing- 
case, writing-desk. 

Escribano, m., notar\^ writer. 

Escribiente, m., clerk. 

Escribir, v., to write. — ■ a máqui- 
na, to typewrite. 

Escrito, a., written ; m., com- 
munication. Por — , in writing, 
in black and white. 

Escritor, );;., writer, author. 

Escritorio, m., writing-desk ; 
counting-house, office. 

Escritura, /., writing, scripture, 
deed, instrument, bond, con- 
tract. ■ — • a máquina, type- 

Escriturar, v., to bind one by a 
public instrument. Estar escri- 
turado, to be under articles. 

Escrúpulo, m., scruple, doubt, 

Escrupulosidad, /., scrupulosity, 

Escrupuloso, a., scrupulous. 

Escrutador, m., examiner, search- 
er ; teller (at an election) . 

Escrutar, v., to search, to pry into, 
to scrutinise ; to count votes. 

Escrutinio, m., scrutiny, inquiry, 
close examination. 

Escuadra, /., square ; squadron. 
Jefe de — , rear admiral. 

Escuadrar, f., to square. [horse. 

Escuadrón, w., squadron, troop of 

Escualidez, /., squalor. 

Escuálido, a., squalid, filthy. 

Escuchar, v., to li.sten, to attend ; 
r.v., to indulge oneself. 

Escudero, m., shield-bearer or 
shield-maker, squire, page. 

Escudo, m., shield ; crown (coin). 

Escudriñar, w., to search, to scru- 
tinise, to pry into. 

Escuela, /., school. 

Escueto, a., disengaged, free, un- 

Esculpir, v., to sculpture. 

Escultor, m., sculptor, carver. 

Escultura, /., sculpture. 

Escupir, y., to spit. 

Escurrir, 7'., to drain off, to slip, 
to lapse ; r.v., to slip away. 

Esencia, /., essence. 

Esencial, a., essential. 

Esencialmente, adv., essentially. 

Esiera, /., sphere, rank, character, 
line. Está fuera de mi — ■, it is 
out of my reach (or line) . 

Esíérico, a., spherical. 

Esfinge, /., sphinx. 

Esforzadamente, adv., vigorously. 

Esforzado, a., strong, vigorous. 

Esforzar, i v., to strengthen, to 
invigorate, to force, to enforce ; 
r.v., to exert oneself, to make 
efforts, to strive. 

Esfuerzo, m., effort, vigour, en- 
deavour, exertion. 

Esfumar, v., to shade over the 
outline of a picture. 

Esgrima, /., fencing. 

Esgrimir, v., to fence. 

Eslabón, m., link of a chain, 

Eslabonar, v., to link, to unite. 

Eslinga, /., sling. 

Eslora, /., length of a ship. 

Esmaltador, m., enameller. 

Esmaltar, v., to enamel. 

Esmalte, m., enamel. 

Esmeradamente, adv., with the 
greatest care. 

Esmerado, a., executed with care, 
high-finished, polished. 

Esmeralda, /., emerald. 

Esmerar, v., to polish ; r.v., to 
take great pains. 

Esmeril, m., emery. [emery 

Esmerilar, v., to with 





Esmero, m., careful attention, 
accurac}', great effort. 

Eso, pron., that. — es, that is it. 
A — de, at about, towards. 

Espaciar, v., to extend, to dilate, 
to spread. 

Espacio, m., space, dela}', dis- 

Espacioso, a., spacious, capacious, 
roomy, ^\-ide, slow. 

Espada, /., sword, swordsman.; 
ace of spades (at cards). Verse 
entre la — y la pared, to be in 
great difficulties ; in a quan- 

Espalda, /., shoulder. — s, back. A 
— s de, at one's back, in one's 
absence. A • — s vueltas, behind 
one's back. Echar a las — s, 
to forget purposeh-, to abandon. 
Volver la — a, to turn one's 
back on. 

Espantajo, m., scarecrow. 

Espantar, v., to frighten, to ter- 
rify ; r.v., to be frightened. 

Espanto, m., fright. 

Espantoso, a., frightful. 

Esparcir, i. v., to scatter, to divulge, 
to set abroad. 

Espárrago, m., asparagus. 

Espartero, m., one who makes or 
sells articles of Spanish grass. 

Esparto, m., Spanish grass, hemp, 

Espasmodico, a., spasmodic. 

Especería, /., grocery, spices. 

Especia, /., spice. — s, medicinal 

Especial, a., special, particular. 
En — , particularly, special!}'. 

Especialidad, /., speciality. 

Especialmente, adv., especially. 

Especie, /., species, kind, rumour, 

Especiería, /., grocer's shop, gro- 
cery ; spices. 

Especiero, m., grocer ; dealer in 
spices and drugs. 

Especificación, /., specification. 

Especificar, v., to specify. 

Específico, a., specific. 

Espectáculo, m., spectacle, sight, 

Espectador, m., spectator. 

Espectro, m., spectre. 

Especulación /., speculation. 

Especulador, m., speculator. 

Especular, v., to speculate. 

Especulativo, a., speculative. 

Espejo, m., looldng-glass, mirror. 

Espejero, m., looking-glass maker. 

Espera, /., expectation, stay, res- 
pite, adjournment. 

Esperanza, /., hope, expectancy. 
Ancla de la — •, sheet-anchor. 

Esperar, v., to hope, to expect, 
to wait for, to look for, to 

Esperma, /., sperm. — de ballena, 

Espermaceti, m., spermaceti. 

Espesar, v., to thicken, to con- 

Espeso, a., thick, dense, close. 

Espesor, m., thickness. 

Espesura, /., thickness, densitj^ 
closeness ; thicket. 

Espetar, v., to spit, to put on a 
spit ; to truss. 

Espetera, /., rack, kitchen furni- 

Espetón, m., spit, iron pin. 

Espía, m. & f., spy; (Naut.) warp. 

Espiar, v., to spji^ ; to warp, to 

Espiga, /., ear of coi-n ; tongue. 

Espigar, v., to ear, to glean. 

Espigón, m., ear of corn ; point, 

Espina, /., thorn, fish-bone, spine. 
Estar en — s, to be on thorns. 

Espinaca, /., spinage, spinach. 

Espinazo, m., backbone, spine. 

Espino, ni., thorn. — bianco, 
ha^vthorn . 

Espinoso, a., thorny. 

Espira, /., spire. 

Espiral, a., spiral, winding. 

Espirar. See Expirar. 

Espiritoso, fl., spiritous ; spirited, 
' lively. 
! Espíritu, m., spirit, soul, mind, 





Espirituoso, a., spirituous. 

Espita, /., tap. 

Esplendidez, /., splendour. 

Espléndido, a., splendid. 

Esplendor, m., splendour. 

Espliego, yn., lavender. 

Espolear, v., to spur. 

Espolinado, a., flowered (silk 
goods) . 

Espollnar, v., to weave silk in 

Esponja, /., sponge. 

Esponjadura, /., sponging. 

Esponjar, v., to sponge. 

Esponjoso, a., spongy. 

Esponsales, m. pi., espousals. 

Espontáneamente, adv., sponta- 
neously, of one's own accord. 

Espontaneidad, /., spontaneity. 

Espontáneo, a., spontaneous, wil- 

Esportillero, m., porter. 

Esposa, /., wife. — s, handcufis. 

Esposo, yn., husband. 

Espuela, /., spur. 

Espuerta, /., pannier, basket. 

Espuma, /., froth, foam. — ■ de 
mar, meerschaum. 

Espumadera, /., skimmer. 

Espumajo, m., froth, spume. 

Espumajoso, a., foamy. 

Espumante, p. a., foaming ; a., 

Espumar, v., to skim, to foam. 

Espurio, a., spurious. 

Esquela, /., note, letter, notice. 

— de defunción, death notice. 

— mortuoria, death announce- 

Esqueleto, m., skeleton, frame. 

En — , unfinished, incomplete. 
Esquema, m., scheme, plan. 
Esquife, m., skiff. 
EsquUa, /., small bell ; sheep- 

Esquilador, yn., sheep-shearer, 

Esquileo, m., shearing. 
Esquilmo, m., harvest. 
Esquimal, m., Eskimo. 
Esquina, /., corner. 

Esquirol, ;»., blackleg (in labour 
disputes) . 

Esquivar, v., to a\'oid, to evade, 
to escape, to shun. 

Esquivez, /., disdain, scorn, cold- 

Esquivo, a., shy, reserved, diffi- 
cult, cold. 

Estabilidad, /., stability, duration. 

Estable, a., stable, stead3^ firm. 

Establecer, i.v., to establish, to 
constitute, to settle ; r.v., to 
establish oneself, to settle. 

Establecimiento, w., establish- 

Establo, m., stable. 

Estaca, /., stake, picket. 

Estacada, /., palisade, paling. 

Estacar, v., to put stakes in the 

Estación, /., season, state ; sta- 
tion. — de ferrocarril, railway 
station. — de paso, inter- 
mediate station. — radio- 
telegráfica, ^^'ireless station. — 
terminal [or de término), ter- 

Estacionar, v., to be stationary. 

Estacionario, a., stationary. 

Estada, /., stay, sojourn, resi- 

Estadía, /., stay, detention, de- 
murrage. Días de — , lay-days. 

Estadista, m., statesman. 

Estadística,/., statistics. — oficial, 
official returns. 

Estadístico, a., statistical. 

Estadizo, a., stagnant. 

Estado, yn., state, condition, state- 
ment, account. — de cuenta, 
statement of account. Hombre 
de • — , statesman. See Fondo. 

Estafa, /., fraud, swindle, deceit, 

Estafador, m., swindler, impostor. 

Estafar, v., to defraud, to s%\dndle. 

Estafeta, /., courier, express ; 
general post office for letters. 

Estagnación, /., stagnation. 

Estallar, v., to crack, to burst ; to 
break out. 





Estallido, ni., crack, crackling, 
report, crash. 

Estambre, m. (or /.), fine worsted ; 
woollen yarn ; warp. 

Estameña, /., serge, kind of wool- 
len stuff. 

Estampa, /., print, stamp, stamp- 
ing, sketch, design ; printing 
machine, press. Dar a la — -, to 
print, to publish. 

Estampación, /., printing (of tex- 
tiles, etc.). 

Estampado, m., impression, print- 
ing, stamping ; a., printed, 
stamped. — s, prints, printed 

Estampador, m., printer. 

Estampar, v., to print, to stamp. 

Estampía, de • — •, adv., suddenly, 

Estampido, m., crack, crash, re- 

Estampilla, /., print, stamp. — 
de correos, post-mark, date 

Estancación, /. See Estanca- 

Estancamiento, m., stagnation. 

Estancar, v., to stop, to check ; 

• to prohibit. 

Estancia, /., stay, sojourn ; dwell- 

Estanco, a., tight ; water-tight ; 
m., monopoly ; stay, stop ; 

Estandarte, m., banner, standard, 

Estanque, m., pond. 

Estanquero, m., retailer of pri- 
\'ileged goods, such as tobacco ; 

Estante, m., shelf. 

Estañar, v., to cover with tin, to 

Estañero, m., metal-man. 

Estaño, m., tin. 

Estaquillar, v., to peg. 

Estar, v., to be, to stand. — por, 
to be about (or inclined) to. 
— para, to be about (or ready) 
to. — bien, to be all right. 

■ — ■ bien con, to be well in with, 
on good terms with. — mal 
con, to have a bad opinion of. 

Estarcir, v., to trace. 

Estarías,, demurrage, lay- 
days, loading days. 

Estatua, /., statue. 

Estatura, /., .stature. 

Estatuto, m., statute. 

Estay, m., stay (Naut.). 

Este, m.. East ; pron., this. 

Esteárico, a., stearic. See Vela. 

Estearina, /., stearine. 

Estenografía, /., stenography, 
shorthand, phonography. 

Estenógrafo, m., stenographer, 
shorthand- writer. 

Estepa, /., steppe. 

Estera, /., mat, floor matting. 

Estereotipa, /., stereotype. 

Estereotipar, v., to stereotype. 

Estereotipia, /., stereotj^pography. 

Estereotípico, a., stereotype. 

Estéril, a., sterile, barren. 

Esterilidad, /., sterility. 

Esterilizar, v., to sterihse. 

Esterilla, /., small mat, gimp. 

Esterlino, a., sterling. Libra 
esterlina, pound sterling. 

Estiba, /., rammer ; stowage. 

Estibador, m., stevedore. 

Estibar, v., to compress wool ; to 
stow cargo. 

Estiércol, m., dung, manure. 

Estigma, m., stigma. 

Estigmatizar, v., to stigmatise. 

Estilar, v., to use, to be accus- 
tomed ; r.v., to be in fashion. 

Estilo, m., style, form, way, 
manner. Por el — , in the style, 
of the kind. Y así por el — , 
and so on. 

Estilógrafo, m., stylograph. 

Estima, /., esteem, respect ; 
reckoning, dead reckoning. 

Estimable, a., estimable, valuable, 

Estimación, /., estimation, esteem, 
regard ; estimate, valuation. 

Estimar, v., to esteem, to regard, 
to value, to compute, to judge. 





Estimular, v., to stimulate. 

Estimulo, >H., stimulus, incite- 

Estio, m., summer. 

Estipendiar, v., to give a stipend. 

Estipendiario, m., stipendiary. 

Estipendio, tn., stipend, salary, 
wage, fee. 

Estipulación, /., stipulation. 

Estipular, v., to stipulate, to con- 

Estirado, a., extended, stretched, 

Estirar, i;., to dilate, to extend, to 
stretch out ; r.v., to stretch, 
to be extended. 

Estirón, m., pulling, pull. 

Estirpe, /., race, origin, .stock. 

Estiva, /., rammer, stowage. i\Iu- 
dar (oy moverse) la — , to shift 
the cargo. 

Esto, pron., this. En • — -, herein ; 
at this time. Por — , hereby, 

Estocada, /., stab, thrust. 

Estofa, /., quilted stuff. 

Estofar, v., to quilt. 

Estólido, a., stupid, fooHsh. 

Estómago, m., stomach. 

Estopa, /., tow, oakum. 

Estopilla, /., lawn, fine linen, cam- 
bric, batiste. 

Estorbar, v., to hinder, to impede, 
to disturb, to hamper ; to be 
in the way. 

Estorbo, m., hindrance, obstacle. 

Estorno, m., return premium. 

Estornudar, v., to sneeze. 

Estornudo, m., sneeze. 

Estrada, /., causeway. 

Estrado, m., drawing-room ; hall ; 

Estrafalario, a., slovenly ; extra- 
vagant, wild. 

Estragar, v., to deprave, to spoil, 
to destroy. 

Estrago, m., waste, ruin, harm. 

Estrangul, m.. reed, mouth-piece. 

Estratagema, /., stratagem. 

Estrategia, /., strategy. 

Estratégico, a., strategic. 

Estraza, /., rag, fragment oí cloth. 
Papel de — , brown paper. 

Estrechamente, adv., narrowly, 
closely, tightly. 

Estrechamiento, m., tightness, 
narrowing, closeness. 

Estrechar, v., to tighten, to con- 
strain, to compel. See Mano. 

Estrechez, /., tightness, closeness, 
narrowness, intimacy. 

Estrecho, a., narrow, straight, 
right ; m., strait. 

Estrechura, /., narrowness, strait- 

Estregar, i.v., to rub, to fray, to 

Estrella, /., star. 

Estrellado, «., starry. Huevo — , 
poached egg. 

Estrellar, v., to dash, to break. 

Estremecer, i.v., to shake ; r.v. 
to tremble. 

Estremecimiento, m., trembling. 

Estrenar, v., to handsel, to wear 
or try for the first time, to com- 

Estreno, m., commencement, de- 

Estreñir, t.v., to bind, to tie close. 

Estrépito, m., noise, bustle, cla- 

Estrepitoso, a., noisy, loud. 

Estriar, v., to flute, to groove. 
See Hierro. 

Estribar, v., to prop, to support, 
to build upon. — en, to rest 

Estribillo, m., song, chorus. 

Estribo, m., stirrup, step. 

Estribor, m., starboard. 

Estrictamente, adv., .strictly. 

Estricto, a., strict, exact, rigorous. 

Estropajo, m., dishcloth. 

Estropajoso, a., ragged, mean. 

Estropeado, a., lame ; cut, mangled. 

Estropear, v., to maim, to cripple, 
to cut, to spoil. 

Estructura, /., structure, order, 

Estruendo, m., noise, clamour, 
bustle, pomp. 





Estruendoso, a., noisy, clamorous. 

Estrujar, v., to press, to squeeze. 

Estrujón, m., pressing, compres- 

Estuario, m., estuary. 

Estucar, v., to stucco, to white- 

Estuche, m., case (for instruments, 
needles, etc.) ; etui. ■ — de 
tocador, dressing-case. 

Estuco, m., stucco, plaster, plaster 
of Paris. 

Estudiante, m., student, scholar. 

Estudiar, v., to study, to examine, 
to look into. 

Estudio, m., study, attention ; 
studio. Estar en — , to be under 

Estudioso, a., studious, careful. 

Estufa, /., stove, hot-house. 

Estufilla, /., muff. 

Estupeiacto, a., stupefied. 

Estupendo, a., stupendous. 

Estupidez, /., stupidity. 

Estúpido, a., stupid. 

Estupor, m., stupor. 

Esturión, m., sturgeon. 

Etapa, /., ration, course ; place of 
call, station. 

Etcétera, etcetera. 

Éter, m., ether. 

Eternal, a., eternal. 

Eternidad, /., eternity. 

Eterno, a., eternal, endless. 

Ética, /., ethics. 

Ético, a., ethical. 

Etimología, /., etymology. 

Etiqueta, /., etiquette ; ticket, 

Eufonia, /., euphony. 

Evacuar, v., to evacuate. — un 
negocio [or un encargo), to 
execute (or finish on) a busi- 
ness (or an order). 

Evadir, v., to evade, to avoid, to 
escape ; v.v., to escape. 

Evaluar, v., to appraise, to value. 
— se en, to be valued at. 

Evalúo, m., valuation, appraise- 

Evaporación, /., evaporation. 

Evaporar, v., to evaporate ; to 

Evaporizar, v., to evaporate. 

Evasión, /., evasion, escape. 

Evasivo, a., evasive, elusive. 

Evento, m., event. 

Eventual, a., eventual. 

Evicción, /., eviction. 

Evidencia, /., evidence, proof. 

Evidenciar, v., to evidence, to 

Evidente, a., evident, clear. 

Evidentemente, adv., evidentlv, 

Evitable, a., avoidable. 

Evitación, /., avoidance. 

Evitar, v., to avoid, to escape, to 

Evocar, v., to call out, to invoke. 

Evolución, /., evolution. 

Exacerbar, v., to irritate, to 

E.xactamente, adv., exactly, just. 

Exactitud, /., exactness, exacti- 

Exacto, a., exact, just, punctual. 

Exageración, /., exaggeration. 

Exagerar, v., to exaggerate. 

Exaltar, v., to exalt, to elevate. 

Examen, m., examination, in- 
quiry. — de cuentas, audit. 

Examinador, m., examiner. 

Examinar, v., to examine, to 
investigate, to look into, to 

Exangüe, a., bloodless. 

Exánime, a., spiritless, weak. 

Exasperado, a., exasperated. 

Exasperar, v., to exasperate. 

Excavar, v., to excavate. 

Excedente,»., exceeding, excessive. 

Exceder, v., to exceed, to excel, to 

Excelencia, /., excellence, emi- 
nence, excellency. 

Excelente, a., excellent. 

Excéntrica, /., eccentric wheel. 

Excéntrico, a., eccentric. 

Excepción, /., exception. 

Excepcionar, v., to except, to 





Excepto, adv., except that, ex- 

Exceptuar, v., to except, to ex- 

Excesivo, a., excessive, extreme. 

Exceso, m., excess, superfluity. 
En — , in excess, too much. 

Excitación, /., excitation, excite- 

Excitar, i;., to excite. 

Exclamación, /., exclamation. 

Exclamar, v., to exclaim. 

Excluir, i.v., to exclude, to shut 
out, to expel. 

Exclusa, /., lock, sluice, flood-gate. 

Exclusión, /., exclusion, exception, 
shutting out. 

Exclusivamente, adv., exclu.sively. 

Exclusive, adv., exclusively. 

Exclusivo, a., exclusive. 

Excursión, /., excursion. 

Excusa, /., excuse, apology. 

Excusable, a., excusable, pardon- 

Excusado, a., exempted, super- 
fluous, useless, needless. 

Excusar, v., to excuse, to pardon, 
to exempt. Excusamos decir, 
needless to say. — ^se de, to 
apologise for. 

Execrar, v., to execrate. 

Exención, /., exemption, immu- 

Exentar, v., to exempt, to fran- 
chise, to excuse. 

Exento, a., exempt, free. Estar 
— de, to be free from. 

Exhalación, /., exhalation. 

Exhalar, y., to exhale. 

Exheredar, v., to disinherit. 

Exhibición, /., exhibition. 

Exhibir, v., to exhibit. 

Exhortación, /., exhortation. 

Exhortar, v., to exhort. 

Exigencia, /., exigence, want, 
pressing necessity, need. 

Exigente, a., exacting, difflcult, 
hard to please. 

Exigible, a., recoverable. 

Exigir, v., to exact, to require, to 
demand, to levy. 

Exigüidad, /., exiguity, smallness, 

Exiguo, a., exiguous, small, short. 

Eximir, v., to exempt, to free 
from an obligation, to excuse, 
to except. 

Existencia, /., existence, stock. 

Existente, p.a. & a., existing, in 
stock, on hand. 

Existir, v., to exist, to be. 

Éxito, m., end, termination, 
result. Buen — , success. 

Exonerar, v., to exonerate. 

Exorbitante, a., exorbitant. 

Expansión, /., expansion, exten- 

Expansivo, a., expansive. 

Expanso, m., expanse. 

Expectación, /., expectation, ex- 
pectancy. Joven de — , a 
hopeful youth. 

Expectativa, /., expectation, ex- 

Expedición, /., expedition, haste, 
readiness ; forwarding, ship- 
ment, despatch. 

Expediente, m., expedient, mea- 
sure, course ; dispatch. Incoar 
— •, to institute proceedings. 

Expedienteo, m., red-tape (for- 
mality) . 

Expedir, i.v., to expedite, to dis- 
patch, to forward ; to make 
out (a document). — se billetes, 
to issue tickets. 

Expeditamente, flííw., expeditiously. 

Expedito, a., prompt, expeditious, 
speedy ; clear. Dejar — • el 
camino, to clear the way. 

Expeler, v., to expel, to eject. 

Expender, v., to expend, to spend, 
to lay out. 

Expendio, m., expense, outlay. 

Expensas, /./?/., expenses, charges, 
costs. A — de, at the expense of 

Experiencia, /., experience, experi- 
ment, trial. 

Experimentado, a., experienced. 

Experimentar, v., to experience, to 

Experimento, »/., experiment. 





Exppi'to, a., expert, able. 

Expiración, /., expiration, expirv. 

Expirante, p.a., expiring. 

Expirar, v., to expire, to finish, to 
come to an end. 

Explanar, v., to level ; to explain, 
to clear up. 

Explayar, i»., to extend, to enlarge. 

Expletivo, m., expletive. 

Explicación, /., explanation. 

Explicar, v., to explain, to clear 
up, to elucidate ; r.v., to 
explain, to account for. 

Explicativo, a., explanatory. 

Explícito, a., explicit. 

Exploración, /., exploration. 

Explorar, v.. to explore. 

Explosión, /., explosion, outburst. 

Explotación, /., working, exploi- 
tation, traffic ; (Coll.) sweated 
labour. See 3Iaterial. 

Explotador, m., exploiter. 

Explotar, v., to exploit, to work, 
to develop ; to sweat (labour). 

— una mina, to work a mine. 
Exponente, p.a. & com., expositor, 

exponent, exhibitor. 
Exponer, i.v., to expose, to ex- 
pound, to explain, to express, 

— se a, to expose oneself to. 
Exportación, /., exportation, ex- 

Exportador, m., exporter. 

Exportar, ?;., to export. 

Exposición, /., exposition, exhi- 
bition, explanation ; peril, risk. 

Expresado, a., expressed, before- 
mentioned, aforesaid. 

Expresamente, adv., expressh^ 
specially, plainl}'. 

Expresar, v., to express. 

Expresión, /., expression. 

Expresivo, a., expressive. 

Expreso, a., expressed ; express, 
clear ; ni., express. Tren — , 
express train. 

Exprimir, v., to express ; to 
squeeze, to press out. 

Ex profeso (Lat.), adv., on 

Expropiación, /., expropriation. 

Expropiar, v., to expropriate. 

Expuesto, a., e.xposed, liable, 
risky. — a. liable (or subject 
to). Lo — , the foregoing. 

Expulsar, v., to expel, to eject. 

Expulsión, /., expulsion. 

Expurgar, v., to expunge, to 
cleanse, to correct. 

Exquisito, a., exquisite, excellent. 

Extemporáneo, a., extempora- 
neous ; out of time. 

Extender, i.v., to extend, to stretch 
out ; to make out (a docu- 
ment) ; r.v., to extend, to be 

Extendido, fl., extended, extensive. 

Extensamente, adv., extensively. 

Extensión, /., extension, extent. 

Extensivo, a., extensive, wide. 

Extenso, a., extensive. Por — , in 

Extenuar, v., to extenuate. 

Exterior, a., exterior, outward ; 
in., exterior, outside. 

Exteriormente, adv., externally. 

Externo, a., external, outward. 

Extinción, /., extinction. 

Extinguir, v., to extinguish. 

Extinto, a., extinct, extinguished. 

Extirpar, v., to extirpate, to eradi- 

Extra, prep., besides, out ; m., 

Extracción, /., extraction, expor- 

Extracto, m., extract, abstract. 
— de cuenta corriente, abstract 
of account current. 

Extraer, i.v., to extract, to export. 

Extrajudicial, a., extrajudicial. 

Extranjero, m., stranger, fo- 
reigner ; a., foreign, strange. 
En el — , abroad. 

Extrañar, v., to admire, to wonder, 
to be surprised. 

Extrañeza, /., admiration, wonder, 

Extraño, a., strange, foreign, rare, 
funny, odd. 

Extraordinario, a., extraordinary, 





Extravagancia, /., extravagance. 

Extravagante, a., extravagant, 
wild, irregular. 

Extraviar, v., to mislead, to mis- 
lay ; r.v., to lose one's wa}^ to 
go astray, to err. 

Extravío, m., deviation, misguid- 
ance, loss, going astra}'. 

Extremadamente, adv., extremely. 

Extremado, a., extreme. 

Extremamente, adv., extremely, 

Extremar, v., to reduce to an 
extreme, to go to extremes ; 
Y.V., to go to an extreme. 

Extremidad, /., extremity, end. 

Extremo, a. & m., extreme. En ■ — ■ 
[or por — ), extremely. 

Fábrica, /., fabrication, fabric, 
manufacture ; factor}^ mill. 
— de algodón, cotton mill. 

Fabricación, /., fabrication, fabric, 
construction. — de los algo- 
dones, cotton manufacture. 
Estar en — , to be in work. 

Fabricador, m., inventor, deviser, 

Fabricante, m., maker, manufac- 

Fabricar, v., to fabricate, to manu- 
facture, to make, to build. 

Fabril, a., fabrile, pertaining to 

Fábula, /., fable. 

Fabuloso, a., fabulous, fictitious. 

Faca, /., knife. 

Facción, /., action, faction ; fea- 

Faccioso, a., factious. 

Facha, /., aspect, look, face. 

Fachada, /., face, front, fa9ade. 

Fácil, a., easy. 

Facilidad, /., facility, easiness, 

Facilitar, v., to facilitate, to make 
easy ; to .supply, to deliver. 

Fácilmente, adv., easily. 

Facistol, m., reading-desk. 

Facsimile, m., facsimile. 

Factible, a., feasible, practicable. 

Factor, m., factor. 

Factoría, /., factory, foreign tra- 
ders in a distant country, trad- 
ing-houses, agency. 

Factura, /., invoice. — consular, 
consular invoice. — simulada, 
pYO forma invoice. 

Facturación, /., invoicing. 

Facturar, v., to invoice, to note, to 
register (packages or luggage 
on railway), to check baggage, 
faculty, privilege. 

to authorise, to 

Facultad, v. 



Facultativamente, adv., optionall}'. 

Facultativo, a., belonging to some 
faculty ; optional. 

Faena, /., task, work, labour. 

Faisán, pheasant. 

Faja, /., band, bandage, wrapper, 

Fajo, m., bundle. 

Fajuela, /., bandage, roller. 
Bayeta — ■, Lancashire baize. 

Falange, /., phalanx. 

Falbalá, tn., flounce, furbelow. 

Falda, /., skirt, train, flap. — s, 

Falla, /., defect, deficiency, lack. 

Fallar, v., to give sentence, to 
judge ; imp., to be deficient, 
to be wanting. 

Falleba, /., iron bar for fastening 

Fallecer, i.v., to die. 

Fallecido, a., deceased. 

Fallecimiento, m., decease, death. 

Fallido, a., disappointed ; bank- 

Fallo, m., judgment, decision. 

Falsamente, adv., falsely, wrongly. 

Falsear, I'., to falsify, to adulterate. 

Falsedad, /., falsehood, untruth, 

Falsificación, /., falsification, for- 

Falsificador, m., forger, counter- 

Falsificar, v., to falsify, to forge, 
to counterfeit. 





Falsilla, /., guide rule. 

Falso, a., false, untrue, wrong. 
En — , without due security. 

Falta, /., fault, defect, absence, 
want ; deficiency. Hacer — , 
to want, to require, to need, to 
be wanting. — de aceptación, 
non-acceptance. — de pago, 
non-payment. Sin — , without 
fail. A — de, for want of . Notar 
la — de, to miss. 

Faltar, v., to be wanting, to fail, 
to be short, to fall short, to 
need, to lack, to be missing. 
— ■ a su palabra, to fail to keep 
one's word. 

Falto, a., wanting, lacking, short. 

Faltriquera, /., pocket. 

Falúa, open boat. 

Falucho, m., small boat. 

Fama, /., fame, rumour, reputa- 
tion, repute. Tiene — de 
honrado, he has the reputation 
of being (or he is known to be) 

Familia, /., family. 

Familiar, a., familiar ; m., domes- 
tic ; familiar or intimate friend. 

Familiaridad, /., familiarity. 

Familiarizar, v., to familiarise ; 
r.v., to become familiar. 

Familiarmente, adv., familiarly. 

Famoso, adj., famous, celebrated, 

Fanal, >»., lantern, lighthouse. 

Fanático, a., fanatic (al). 

Fanatismo, m., fanaticism. 

Fanega, /., measure of grain and 
seed of about a hundred- 
weight ; or an English bushel. 
— de cacao, a measure of 1 10 lb. 
of cocoa. 

Fanfarrón, >«., bully. 

Fango, m., mire, mud. 

Fangoso, a., muddy, miry. 

Fantasear, v., to fancy, to imagine. 

Fantasia, /., fancy, imagination. 
Artículos de — , fancy articles. 
Fantasma, m., phantom. 

Fantástico, a., fantastic, fanciful. 
Fardel, m., bag, knapsack. 

Fardillo, m., small bundle. 
Fardito, m., small bale, truss. 
Fardo, m., bale, package. 
Faríaíá, /., flounce, furbelow. 
Farináceo, a., farinaceous. 
Farmacéutico, «., pharmaceutical; 

m., apothecary, chemist. 
Farmacia, /., pharmacy. 
Faro, m., lighthouse. 
Farol, m., lantern, lamp. — de 

seguridad, safety-lamp. 
Farolero, m., lamp-lighter. 
Farolillo, m., small lantern. 
Farsa, /., farce. 
Fascinación, /., fascination. 
Fascinar, v., to fascinate. 
Fastidiar, v., to annoy, to bore, to 

excite disgust. 
Fastidio, m., distaste, boredom, 

disgust, annoyance. 
Fastidioso, a., squeamish, tedious, 

Fasto, ;«., pride, splendour, pomp. 
Fatal, a., fatal. 
Fatalidad, /., fatality. 
Fatídico, a., fatidical, prophetic. 
Fatiga, /., fatigue, labour, toil. 
Fatigar, z^., to fatigue. 
Fatuo, a., fatuous, foolish, foppish. 
Fauces,, fauces, gullet. 
Fausto, a., happy, fortunate, 
prosperous ; m., splendour, 
Favor, m., favour. A — de, on 

behalf of, in favour of. 
Favorable, a., favourable. 
Favorecedor, m., fa\-ourer, friend, 

Favorecer, i.v., to favour, to 

patronise, to promote. 
Favorito, a. & m., favourite. 
Faz, /., face. 

Fe, /., faith. Dar — , to attest, to 

certify. De buena — , in good 

faith. A — mía, upon my word. 

Fealdad, /., ugliness. 

Feble, a., weak, faint, feeble ; m., 

weak side. 
Fecha, /., date. A dos meses de 

la • — , two months after date. 
Fechar, ii., to date. 





Fechoría, /., action, deed (gener- 
iilly ba.(i). 

Fécula, /., fécula ; starch. 

Fecundidad, /., fecunditj^, fertility. 

Fecundo, a., fruitful, fertile. 

Federación, /., federation. 

Federal, a., federal. 

Fehaciente, a., authentic. 

Felicidad, /., felicit^^ happiness ; 
success. Con — , safely. 

Felicitación, /., congratulation, 

Felicitar, v., to congratulate, to 
compliment, to felicitate. 

Feligrés, m. & /., parishioner. 

Feliz, a., happy, fortunate, lucky. 

Felizmente, adv., happily, fortu- 
nately, luckily, safely. 

Felonía, /., treachery, felony. 

Felpa, /., plush. 

Felpado, «., shaggy ; plush-like. 
Tela felpada, plush. 

Felpilla, /., corded silk. 

Felpudo, a., downji^ ; >«., door- 
mat, mat. 

Femenino, a., feminine. 

Fenecer, i. v., to terminate, to 
finish, to close, to decline, to 

Fenecimiento, m., close, finish ; 
settling of an account. 

Feo, a., ugly, plain. 

Feracidad,/., íruitfulness, fertility. 

Feraz, a., fertile, fruitful. 

Féretro, m., bier, coffin, hearse. 

Feria, /., fair. 

Feriado, a., set apart for a holi- 
day. Día — , holiday. 

Fermentación, /., fermentation. 

Fermentar, w ., to ferment. 

Fermento, m., ferment, leaven. 

Ferocidad, /., ferocity. 

Feroz, a., ferocious, cruel, fierce. 

Férreo, a., ferreous, made of iron ; 
iron. Via férrea, railroad. 

Ferreria, /., iron-works, iron- 

Ferrete, m., marking-iron. 

Ferretería, /., hardware, hardware 

Ferretero, m., ironmonger. 

Ferrocarril, m., railioad, railway. 
Por — , by rail. — subterráneo 
{or metropolitano), underground 

Férula, /., ferule, rod. 

Férvido, a., fervid, ardent. 

Ferviente, a., fervent, ardent. 

Fervor, m., fervour, warmth. 

Festejar, v., to feast, to entertain, 
to court, to fuss. 

Festejo, m., feast, entertainment. 

Festín, m., feast, banquet, enter- 

Festividad, /., festivity. 

Festivo, a., festive, gay, festival. 
Día — , holiday. 

Festón, m., garland, festoon, 
scallop. [scallop. 

Festonear, v., to festoon, to 

Fétido, a., fetid, stinking. 

Fiable, a., trustworthy. 

Fiado, a., trusting, confident ; 
trusted. Al — , on trust. 
En — , upon bail. Comprar al 
— , to buy on credit. Dar — , 
to give credit. 

Fiador, m., guarantor, suret}', 
security, warrant ; (mech.) bolt, 
staple, dog. Dar — , to give a 
pledge. for security. Salir — 
(salir por — ), to stand security, 
to bail one out. 

Fiambre, a., cold ; m., cold meat. 

Fianza, /., guarantee, caution ; 
bond, security. — carcelera, 
bail. Dar — , to give bail. 
Bajo • — ■, on bail. 
j Fiar, v., to trust, to give bail, to 
confide. Yo se lo fío, I gua- 
rantee it to you. 

Fiasco, m., failure. Hacer — , 
to fail. 

Fibra, /., fibre, filament ; staple. 

Fibrina, /., fibrine. 

Fibroso, a., fibrous. 

Ficción, /., fiction, invention, 

Ficticio, a., fictitious, mock. 

Fidedigno, a., worthy of credit. 

Fideicomisario, m. trustee, fidu- 





Fideicomiso, ;»., trust, money in 

Fidelidad, /., fidelity, veracity. 
Fideos, m., vermicelli. 
Fiduciario, a., fiduciary. 
Fiebre, /., fever. 
Fiel, a., faithful, loyal, true, right ; 

m., clerk. — de muelle, wharf- 
Fieliucutc, adv., faithfully. 
Fieltro, m., felt. 
Fiera, /., \\'ild beast. 
Fiereza, /., fierceness, ferocitj', 

Fiero, a., fierce, ferocious, fiery, 

rough, furious. 
Fierro, >»., iron (S.A.). See 

Fiesta, /., feast, entertainment, 

holiday. Estar de — •, to be in 

a good humour ; to be on 

holiday. No estar para — s, 

to be out of humour. 
Figura, /., figure, shape, face. 

Hacer — , to figure, to make 

(or cut) a figure. 
Figurar, v., to figure, to appear ; 

r.v., to fancy, to imagine. 
Figurativo, a., figurative. 
Figurín, m., model. 
Fijación, /., fixation, stability, 

Fijamente, adv., fixedly, firmly. 
Fijar, v., to fix, to fasten, to deter- 
mine ; i'.v., to fix, to determine. 

— se en, to notice, to note, to 

examine, to look at. 
Fijeza, /., firmness. 
Fijo, a., fixed, firm, settled. 

De — , fixed, for certain. 
Fila, /., row, line, rank. En — , in 

a row, in a line. 
Filado, m., ferret-silk ; filament. 
Filamento, m., filament, fibre, 

Filástica, /., rope-yarn. 
PMlatura, /., spinning of cotton, 

wool, etc. See Hilado. 
Filete, ni., fillet, hem, grain ; fillet 

(meat) ; thread of a screw. 
Filetear, v., to adorn with fillets. 

Filigrana, /., filigree, filigree-work. 

Filo, m., edge of a sword or knife. 

Filón, m., vein, lode. 

Filosofía, /., philosophy. 

Filósoío, in., philosopher. 

Filtración, /., filtration. 

Filtrar, v., to filter, to strain. 

Filtro, m., filter. 

Fin, m., end, close, object, aim, 
purpose. Tocar a su fin, to be 
dra^\dng to a close. Al — , at 
last. En — {or por — ), finally, 
lasth'. Dar — a, to finish, to 
conclude. Dar — de, to destroy. 
A — de, in order that. See Cabo. 

Finado, a., dead, deceased, 
late. Día de los — s, All Saints' 

Final, a., final, ultimate ; m., end, 
termination, conclusion. 

Finalizar, v., to finish, to conclude, 
to be finished. Del (mes) que 
finaliza, of the present month 
(just about to terminate). 

Finalmente, adv., finally, at last. 

Financiero, m., financier ; a., 

Finar, v., to die, to end. 

Finca, /., estate, property. 

Fincar, t;., to buy real estate. 

Fineza, /., fineness, kindness, 

Fingido, a., feigned, false, sham. 

Fingimiento, m., pretence. 

JMngir, v., to feign, to pretend, 
to sham, to fancy. 

Finiquitar, v., to give a final 
receipt, to close an account. 

Finiquito, m., final settlement or 
receipt, closing of an account. 

Fino, a., fine, perfect, nice, acute. 

Finura, /.. fineness, delicacy. 

Firma, /., signature, firm. — 
social, signature of the firm. 

Firmante, p.a. & com., supporter, 

Firmar, t;., to sign. 

Firme, a., firm, fast, hard, steady. 
Oferta en — , firm offer. Man- 
tenerse ■ — , to stand one's 





Firniemente, adv., firmly, steadily. 
Firmeza, /., firmness, hardness, 

Fiscal, a., fiscal, belonging to the 

exchequer ; m., public attorney, 

prosecutor ; attorney-general. 
Fisco, m., national treasury, 

Fisga, /., harpoon; jest, scoff. 
Fisgar, v., to mock, to scoff. 
Física, /., physics. 
Físico, a., physical ; m., phy- 
sician, physique. 
Flácido, a., flaccid, lax. 
Flacidez, /., flaccidity. 
Flaco, a., weak, lean, feeble, frail, 

Flagelación, /., flagelation. 
Flagrante, a., flagrant. En — , 

in the very act. 
Flamante, a., flaming, bright. 

Nuevo — , brand new. 
Flanco, m., flank, side. 
Flaquear, v., to grow feeble, to 

Flaqueza, /., leanness, weakness. 
Flecha, /., arrow, dart. 
Flechar, v., to dart, to shoot. 
Fleco, ni., fringe, flounce. 
Fleje, m., hoop. — ■ de hierro, iron 

Fletador, w., freighter, charterer 

of a ship. 
Fletamento, m., chartering. Cerrar 

el — , to charter, to make out 

the charter -party. Contrato 

de — , cha^ter-partJ^ 
Fletar, v., to freight, to charter a 

Flete, ni., freight. — de ida y 

vuelta, freight out and home. 
Flexibilidad, /., flexibility. 
Flexible, a., flexible, soft. 
Flojamente, adv., slowly, laxly. 
Flojear, v., to slacken, to grow 

Flojedad, /., weakness, slackness, 

Flojo, a., lax, slack, weak, easy, 

soft, dull. 
Flor, /., flower, blossom. — de la 

harina, superfine flour. A la — 
de, on a level with. En la — 
de su edad, in his bloom (or 

Floreado, a., flowered, figured. 

Florear, v., to adorn with flowers. 

Florecer, i.v., to flourish, to thrive. 

Floreciente, p.a. & a., flourishing, 

Florero, m., flower-pot. 

Florescencia, /., florescence, flower- 

Floresta, /., forest, shrubbery. 

Florete, m., foil (for fencing). 

Florido, a., florid, flowery, elegant. 

Florin, m., florin. 

Florista, coin., florist. 

Flota, /., fleet. 

Flotación, /., floating. Línea de 
^, water-line. 

Flotante, a., floating. See Póliza. 

Flotar, v., to .float. 

Flote, A — ■, afloat, floating. 

Flotilla, /., flotilla, small fleet. 

Fluctuación, /., fluctuation. 

Fluctuante, p.a. &., a., fluctuating. 

Fluctuar, v., to fluctuate, to 

Fluente, a., fluent, flowing. 

Fluidez, /., fluidity, fluidness. 

Fluido, a., fluid ; fluent. 

Fhudo, m., fluid. 

Fluir, i.v., to flow. 

Flujo, ni., flux, flowing, flow. 

Flus, m. (Mex.), suit of clothes. 

Foca, /., seal. Piel de — , seal-skin. 

Fofo, a., soft, spongy. 

Fogón, m., hearth, fireside, fur- 

Fogonero, m., stoker. 

Fogoso, a., fiery, ardent, fervent. 

Foliar, v., to page, to number 
leaves of a book. 

Folio, m., folio, leaf. Libro en — , 
a folio. 

Follaje, m., foliage, leafage. 

Folleto, m., pamphlet. 

Fomentación, /., fomentation. 

Fomentar, v., to foment, to pro- 
tect, to favour, to encourage, 
to promote. 





Fomento, m., fomentation, fuel ; 
patronage, support. ^linistro 
de — , department of Public 
Works, Agriculture, and Com- 

Fonda, /., inn, hotel, tavern. 

Fondeadero, m., anchoring-ground, 

Fondear, v., to sound, to examine 
closely ; to cast anchor. 

Fondeo, ».'.. searching a ship. 

Fondista, w., innkeeper, hotel- 

Fondo, m., bottom, ground (of 
cloth), stock. — s (or — s del 
Estado), funds, money, stock, 
securities, effects. Dar — 
(Naut.), to cast anchor. Echar 
a — , to sink (a vessel) . Irse a — , 
to go to the bottom, to founder. 
Conocer a — , to know tho- 
roughl}', to be thoroughly ac- 
quainted with. — s ^dtalicios, 
life annuities. — públicos, 
state securities, public stock. 
Proveer de (or hacer) los — s, 
to supply with funds. 

Fonil, m., funnel. 

Fonógrafo, m., phonograph. 

Foque, w. (Naut.), jib. Botalón 
del — •, jib-boom. 

Foragido, a., \\'icked, villainous. 

Forastero, a., strange. 

Forastero, >«., stranger. 

Forcejar, v., to struggle, to strive. 

Forense, a., forensic, belonging to 
the courts of justice. 

Forja, /., forge, forging. 

Forjado, a., forged, fictitious, 
counterfeit. Hierro — , wrought 

Forjadura, /., forging, forgery. 

Forjar, w., to forge, to beat a metal 
into shape, to hammer ; to 
forge, to mould, to counterfeit, 
to frame, to invent. 

Forma, /., form, shape, mould, 
size ; manner ; hatter's block. 
En debida — ■, in due form, 
duly, for mall}'. 

Formación, /., formation. 

Formal, a., formal, proper, se- 
rious, business-like. 

Formalidad, /., formality, cere- 
mony, gravity. 

Formalismo, m., formalism ; red- 

Formalizar, v., to make complete ; 
r.v., to grow formal, to affect 

Formalmente, adv., formally, se- 

Formar, v., to form, to fashion, to 
shape. — concepto, to form a 
judgment (or opinion). — se 
una idea, to form an idea. 

Formidable, a., formidable. 

Formón, ¡v., chisel, punch. 

Fórmula, /., formula. 

Formulario, m., formulary, for- 
mula, form. 

Formular, v., to form, to draw up. 

Fornido, «., furnished ; robust, 
stout, lusty. 

Foro, m., court of justice, bar ; 
background of the stage or 

Forraje, m., forage, foraging. 

Forrado, a., lined. See Forrar. 

Forrar, v., to line. Forrado de 
piel, fur-lined. Forrado de 
hoja de lata, tin-lined. 

Forro, m., lining, sheathing. 

Fortalecer, i. v., to fortify, to 

Fortaleza, /., fortitude, strength, 
fortress, fort. 

Fortificar, v., to fortify, to 

Fortín, m., small fort. 

Fortuitamente, adv., fortuitously. 

Fortuito, a., fortuitous, chance, 

Fortuna, /., fortune, chance, good 
luck, success. Probar — , to try 
one's fortune (or luck) . Por — , 

Forzadamente, adv., forcibly. 

Forzar, i.v., to force, to compel, to 
oblige ; to force (or burst) open. 

Forzosamente, adv., forcibly, ne- 
cessarily ; of necessity. 





Forzoso, a., compulsory, necessary, 

Forzudo, a., strong, vigorous. 

Fosa, /., pit, hole. 

Fosco, a., frowning. 

Fosforera, /., match-box. 

Fosfórico, a., phosphoric. 

Fósforo, m., phosphorous, match. 

Fósil, m., fossil. 

Foso, m., pit, hole, ditch. 

Fracasar, v., to break into pieces, 
to fail, to fall tlirough. 

Fracaso, m., downfall, failure, 

Fracción, /., fraction. 

Fraccionar, v., to parcel. 

Fraccionario, a., fractional. 

Fractura, /., fracture, breach. 

Fracturar, v., to fracture, to break 
open, to break a bone. 

Fragata, /., frigate. 

Frágil, a., fragile, brittle, frail, 
easily broken ; with care (on 
packets, etc.). 

Fragilidad,/., fragility, brittleness. 

íYagmento, m., fragment. 

Fragrancia, /., fragrance. 

Fragranté, a., fragrant. 

Fragua, /., forge. Hierro de — , 
wrought iron. 

Fraguar, v., to forge ; to plan, 
to plot. 

lYaile, m., friar. 

Frambuesa, /., raspberry. 

Francamente, adv., frankly, 
openl3^ freely. [man. 

Francés, a., French ; ni., French- 
Franco, a., frank, free, open, 
plain ; m., franc. Puerto — , 
free port. — a bordo, free on 
board. — de embalaje, packed 
free, packing free. — de 
porte(s), carriage paid, post free. 

Franela, /., flannel. 

Franja, /., fringe, border. 

Franjar, v., to fringe. 

Franqueado, a., post free. 

Franquear, v., to exempt, to fran- 
chise, to prepay postage ; to 
clear, to cross, to clear from 

Franqueo, in., postage. 

Franqueza, /., frankness, freedom, 

Franquicia, /., immunity, exemp- 
tion from a tax, liberty, fran- 

Frasco, m., flask. — • de pólvora, 

Frase, /., phrase, sentence. 

Fraterno, a., fraternal. 

Fraude, »?., fraud, deception. 

Fraudulencia, /., fraudulence, 
fraud . 

Fraudulento, a., fraudulent. 

Frazada,/., blanket, rug. 

Frecuencia, /., frequency. 

Frecuentar, v., to frequent, to 
haunt, to visit often. 

Frecuente, a., frequent. 

Frecuentemente, adv., frequently. 

Fregar, i.v., to scour, to rub. 

Fregona, /., kitchen-maid. 

Freir, i.v., to fry. 

Fréjol, m., French bean, kidney 

Frenesí, m., frenzy. 

Frenético, a., mad, frantic. 

Frenillo, m., bridle. 

Freno, m., bridle, bit, curb, brake, 
restraint. — al vacío, vacuum 

Frental, a., frontal. 

Frente, m. & /., front ; face, 
forehead. Tener al — , to have 
before one. Estar al — de, to 
be in charge (or at the head) of. 

Fresa, /., strawberry. 

Fresal, m., strawberry plant. 

Fresca, •/•. fresh air. Decir cuatro 
— s, to tell (a person) one's mind. 

Fresco, a., fresh, cool, new, recent. 

Frescura, /., freshness, coolness, 
frankness, openness. 

Frialdad, /., frigidity, coldness, 
coolness, unconcern. 

Fricación, /., friction. 

Fricando, m., Scotch coUop ; veal 
cut into small pieces and 
stewed . 

Fricasé, m., fricassee, a dish of 
fowls, veal, etc. 





Friccióu, /., friction. 

Friega, /., friction. 

Frigorífico, a., refrigerating ; m., 

Frijol (Amer). See Fréjol. 

Frío, a., cold, frigid ; m., cold, 

Friolera, /., trifle. 

Frisa, /., frieze, nap. 

Frisado, m., silk plush or shag. 
See Frisar. 

Frisar, v., to frizzle, to raise the 
nap on frieze or other woollen 
stuff. — en, to assimilate, to 

Frísol, m., French or kidney bean. 

Frisen, m., large draught horse, 

Frisuelo, m., dry French bean ; 
pi., fritters. 

Fritada, /., dish of fried meat or 

Frito, a. & p.p., fried. 

Frivolidad, /., frivolity. 

Frivolo, a., frivolous, slight, tri- 
fling, futile, lame. 

Frondoso, a., leafy. 

Frontera, /., frontier, border, 
limit ; fillet of a bridle. 

Fronterizo, a., frontier, bordering 
upon, against, opposite. 

Frontil, m., head-piece. 

Frontis, m., frontispiece. 

Frontispicio, m., frontispiece. 

Frotar, t;., to rub. 

Fructífero, a., fructiferous, fruit- 

Fructificar, v., to fructify. 

Frugal, a., frugal, thrifty. 

Frugalidad, /., frugality, thrift, 

Fruición, /., fruition, enjoj^ment. 

Fruncido, a., frizzled, corrugated. 

Fruncir, v., to gather, to crease. 
— las cejas, to knit the eye- 

Fruslería, /., trifle, frivolity. 

Frustrar, v., to frustrate, to dis- 
appoint ; r.v., to be disap- 

Fruta, /., fruit. 

Frutal, m., fruit-tree. 

Frutero, a., fruit ; m., fruiterer. 

Fruto, m., fruit ; benefit, profit, 
result ; pi., seeds, grain, pro- 
duce ; — s coloniales, colonial 

Fuego, m., fire, fire-place ; ardour. 
Prender el • — , to catch fire. 
— s artificiales, fireworks. 

Fuelle, m., bellows. 

Fuente, /., fountain, jet ; dish. 

Fuer, (A), adv. A — de caballero, 
on the word of a gentleman. 

Fuera, adv., out, outside. — de si, 
beside oneself, deranged. Estar 
— , to be absent, to be out. 
— de eso, besides, moreover. 

Fuero, m., statute law, jurisdic- 
tion. — s, charters, privileges. 
A — , according to law. De — , 
by right or law. 

Fuerte, m., fort ; a., strong, 
vigorous, firm, hard, heavy. 
— s gastos, heavy charges. 

Fuertemente, adv., strongly, 

Fuerza, /., force, strength, might, 
power. A — de, by dint of. 
Por — ; by force. A viva — , 
by main force. — mayor, 
beyond one's control ; force 
mafeure ; act of God. — motriz, 
motive (or driving) power. • — 
hidráulica, water (or hydraulic) 
power. — de vapor, steam 

Fuga, /., flight, escape. Darse 
a la — , to take to one's heels. 

F'ugarse, r.v., to escape, to run 
away, to abscond. 

Fugaz, a., fugitive, volatile, short- 

Fugitivo, a. & m., fugitive. 

F^ulano, m., so and so, such a one. 
El señor — de tal, Mr. So- 

Fulgor, m., fulgency, resplen- 

Fullería, /., cheating, sharp prac- 

, tice. 

Fullero, m., sharper, cheat. 





Fulmicotón, m., gun-cotton. 

Fulminante, m., percussion-cap. 

Fulminar, v., to fulminate. 

Fumante, p.a., fuming, smoking. 

Funiíir, V., to smoke. 

Fumarada, /., smoke, cloud of 

Fumigación, /., fumigation. 

Fumigar, v., to fumigate. 

Fumoso, a., smoky. 

Función, /., function, office, per- 

Funcionamiento, m., working. 

Funcionar, v., to act, to work. 
Hacer — •, to work. 

Funcionario, a. & m., functionary, 

Funda, /., case, sheath, covering. 
— cle almohada, pillow-case. 

Fundación, /., foundation, rise, 

Fundadamente, adv., fundament- 
ally, with foundation. 

Fundador, m., founder. 

Fundamental, a., fundamental. 

Fundamentar, v., to found. 

Fundamento, m., foundation, 
ground, reason, cause. Sin — , 
groundless. Carecer de — , to 
be without foundation, to be 

Fundar, v., to found, to ground. 
— -se en, to be based (or foun- 
ded) on. 

Fundería. See Fundición. 

Fundible, a., fusible. 

Fundición, /., casting, fusion, 

Fundidor, m., founder, melter. 

Fundir, v., to melt, to cast metal 
into moulds, to fuse. [sad. 

Fúnebre, a., mournful, funereal. 

Funeral, a. & >;?., funeral. 

Funesto, a., sad, mournful. 

Fungo, m., fungus. 

Fungoso, a., fungous, spongy. 

Furia, /., fury, rage. 

Furibundo, a., furious, raging. 

Furioso, a., furious, mad, frantic. 

Furor, m., fury, rage, madness. 
Hacer — , to be all the rage. 

5— (1696) 

Furtivo, a., furtive. 

Fusible, a., fusible. 

Fusil, m., firelock, musket, gun. 

Fusión, /., fusion, liquation, melt- 
ing, amalgamation. 

Fusionar, v., to amalgamate. 

Fusta, /., kind of woollen cloth. 

Fustán, m., fustian. 

Fuste, m., groundwork, substance. 
Hombre de — , man of import- 

Fustigar, v., to whip. 

Fútil, a., futile, trifling. 

Futilidad, /., futility. 

Futuro, a., future, to come ; m., 
future, time to come. En lo — , 
in future, for the future. 

Gabán, m., overcoat. 

Gabarra, /., lighter, tender. 

Gabarraje, m., lighterage. 

Gabarrero, m., lighterman. 

Gabinete, m., cabinet, sitting- 
room. — de lectura, reading- 
room, library. 

Gaceta, /., gazette, newspaper. 

Gacheta, /., spring in large locks. 

Gafa, /., hook. - — s, spectai^les. 

Gaiete, m., clasp. See Corchete. 

Gaita, /., bagpipe, flageolet, hand- 

Gaitero, m., piper. 

Gaje, m., salary. — s, perquisites, 
fees, emolument. 

Gala, /., gala, parade. Hacer — 
de, to boast of, to glory in. 
Día de — , court-day, holiday. 

Galán, a., gallant, gay, fine, well- 
dressed, courtly ; m., gallant, 
courtier, swell. 

Galante, a., gallant, brave, ele- 

Galantería, /., gallantry, elegance. 

Galápago, m., fresh-water tor- 
toise ; bed of a ploughshare. 
Plomo en — s, pig lead. 

Galeón, m., galleon. 

Galera, /., galley. 

Galería, /., gallery. 

Galerna, /., stormy north-west 
wind in Spain. 





Galgo, m., gre3^hound. 

Galicismo, m., Gallicism. 

Gallardo, a., gay, graceful, spruce, 
generous, brave. 

Galleta, /., ship's biscuit ; copper- 
pan, mess-bowl. 

Gallina, /., hen, fowl. 

Gallinero, m., poulterer, hen- 

Gallo, m., cock. 

Galocha, /., galosh, clog, patten. 

Galón, m., galloon, lace-work ; 
gallon (measure). 

Galonear, v., to lace, to adorn with 

Galonero, m., lace or galloon 

Galopar, v., to gallop. 

Galope, m., gallop. 

Galopín, m., swabber, cabin-boj', 
scullion ; knave or rogue. 

Galvánico, a., galvanic. 

Galvanismo, m., galvanism. 

Galvanizar, v., to galvanise. 

Gama, /., gamut ; doe, female-deer. 

Gamarra, /., martingale. 

Gamo, m., buck of the fallow deer. 

Gamuza, /., chamois, chamois- 
leather, wash-leather. 

Gamuzado, a., chamois-colour. 

Gana, /., appetite, inchnation, 
desire, will. De buena — , with 
pleasure. De mala — , unwil- 
lingly, reluctantly. Tener — , 
to have a mind. De — , on 
purpose. Comer con — , to eat 
with an appetite. No me da la 
— , I don't wish, I won't. 
Donde hay — , hay maña, 
where there's a will there's 
a way. 

Ganadería, /., cattle-breeding, 
stock of cattle, live stock. 

Ganadero, m., grazier, cattle- 
dealer, drover. 

Ganado, m., cattle, beasts, live 
stock. — de cerda, swine, 
hogs, pigs. — caballar, horses. 

— lanar, sheep. — vacuno, 
cows, cattle. — mular, mules. 

— mayor, black-cattle. — 

menor, sheep. — s, cattle, herds, 

flocks. Concurso de — s, cattle 

show. Mercado de — s, cattle 

Ganancia, /., gain, profit. 
Ganancioso, a., lucrative. 
Ganapán, m., porter, man who 

carries parcels, etc., in the 

Ganar, v., to gain, to earn, to win, 

to attain, to make, to conquer, 

to surprise. — la \'ida, to 

eajrn one's li\'ing. — terreno, to 

gain ground. 
Gancho, w., hook, crook, file for 

papers ; hair pin. — de bichero, 

boat-hook. No usen — s, no 

hooks, (mark on bales). 
Ganga, /., grouse ; bargain. 
Ganoso, a., desirous, longing for. 
Ganso, m., gander, goose. 
Gante, m., linen cloth. 
Ganzúa, /., picklock, burglar's 

GanzXiar, v., to pick a lock. 
Gañán, m., servant, da^'-labourer, 

Garabatear, v., to hook ; to 

scrawl, to scribble. 
Garabato, m., pot-hook, attrac- 
tion, hook; ■ — s, scrawl, bad 

Garante, m., guarantee, guarantor. 
Garantía, /., guarantee, warrant, 

warranty. — mutua, reciprocal 

Garantir, v., to guarantee. 
Garantizar, v., to guarantee, to 

warrant. — se como firme, to 

be warranted fast. 
Garapiñar, v., to ice, to cover with 

Garapiñera, /., cooler, refrigerator. 
Garbanzo, m., pea. 
Garbo, m., gracefulness, grace, 

Garboso, a., genteel, gay, spruce. 
Garfa, /., claw. 
Garfio, m., hook. 
Garganta, /., throat ; instep (of 

the foot). 





Gargantilla, /., necklace. 

Garlito, m., snare, trap. 

Garlopa, /., plane, bench-plane. 

Garra, /., claw, talon, clutch. 

Garrafa, /., vessel, decanter. 

Garrote, m., cudgel. 

Garrucha, /., pulley. 

Gárrulo, a., garrulous, chirping. 

Gas, m., gas. Mechero de — , gas 
burner. — nitroso, nitrogen 
gas. — ácido carbónico, car- 
bonic acid gas. 

Gasa, /., gauze. — acordonada 
estampada, printed cords (tex- 

Gaseoso, a., gaseous. 

Gasometría, /., gasometry. 

Gasómetro, m., gasometer, gas- 

Gastado, a., worn out, spent, used. 

Gastador, m., spendthrift. 

Gastar, v., to spend, to waste, to 
wear, to use ; r.v., to be worn, 
to be worn out. 

Gasto, m., expense, cost. • — s, 
expenses, charges. Fuertes — s, 
heavy charges. — s menudos, 
petty expenses. — s de embar- 
que, shipping charges. 

Gata, /., she-cat. 

Gatillo, m., small cat, kitten ; 
trigger of a gun ; cramp-iron. 

Gato, m., cat; jack (Mech.). 

Gaveta, /., drawer, locker. 

Gavia, /., main-top-sail. 

Gavilán, m., sparrow-hawk. 

Gavilla, /., sheaf of corn, bundle 
of vine-shoots. 

Gaviota, /., gull, sea-gull. 

Gaza, /. (Naut.), strap, sta}-. 

Gazapo, m., young rabbit. 

Gazmoñería, /., hypocrisy. 

Gazmoño, a., hypocritical. 

Gaznate, m., throttle, windpipe. 

Gelatina, /., gelatine, jelly. 

Gelatinoso, a., gelatinous. 

Gema, /., cut, gem, bud. Sal — , 
rock salt. 

Gemelo, a., twin. — s, twins ; 
opera-glasses, telescope, cuff- 

Gemido, m., groan, moan. 

Gemir, i.v., to groan, to moan, to 

Genealogía, /., genealogy. 

General, a., general. En — , in 
general, on the whole. 

Generalidad, /., generality. 

Generalizar, v., to generalise. 

Generalmente, adv., generally. 

Género, m., kind, class, manner, 
sort, way, sex, gender. — hu- 
mano, human nature, mankind. 
— -s, goods. — s para chalecos, 
vestings. — s para trajes de 
señora, dress goods. — para 
vestidos, suitings. 

Generosidad, /., generosity. 

Generoso, a., generous, liberal. 

Gengibre. See Jengibre. 

Genio, in., genius, nature, humour, 

Genitivo, a., genitive. 

Gentalla, /., rabble, mob. 

Gente, /., people, folk, nation. 
— de trato, tradesmen, dealers. 
See Derecho. 

Gentil, a., genteel, nice, elegant. 
— -hombre, gentleman, fine 
fellow, nobleman. 

Gentileza, /., gentility, civilit}^ 

Gentío, m., crowd, multitude. 

Gentualla {or Gentuza), /., mob, 

Genuino, a., genuine, real, legi- 

Geografía, /., geography. 

Geográfico, a., geographical. 

Geología, /., geology. 

Geometría, /., geometry. 

Geométrico, a., geometrical. 

Geranio, m., geranium. 

Gerente, m., manager. See Socio. 

Gerigonza, /., jargon. 

Germen, m., germ, bud, shoot. 

Germinar, v., to germinate, to 

Geroglifico, a. & m., hieroglyphic. 

Gerundio, m., gerund. 

Gesticulación, /., gesticulation, 





Gesticular, v., to gesticulate. 

Gestión, /., conduct, exertion, 
management. — es, efforts, 

Gestionar, v., to manage, to look 
into, to be diligent in attaining 
what is desired, to occupy 
oneself wdth, to attend to. 
— - del Gobierno la solución, to 
get the Government to arrange. 

Gesto, ?«., face, visage, grimace. 

Gestor, m., superintendent, man- 
ager ; proxy, representative. 

Gigante, a. gigantic : m., giant. 

Gigántico {or Gigantesco), a., gi- 

Gigantez, /., gigantic size. 

Gigote, m., minced meat. See 

Giiguero, m., goldfinch. 

Gimnasio, m., gymnasium, school, 

Gimnasta, m. & /., gymnast. 

Gimnástica, /., gymnastics. 

Gimnástico, a., gymnastic. 

Ginebra, /., rattle ; gin. 

Gira. See Jira. 

Girado, m., drawee. 

Girador {or Girante), m., drawer. 

Girar, v., to turn round, to 
gyrate ; to draw (bills) . Que 
gira bajo la razón social de, 
which operates under the style 

Girasol, w., sunflower. 

Giratorio, a., rotary, revolving. 

Giro, Mi., circumference ; turnover ; 
draft ; turn. — • postal, postal 
order, mone}^ order. 

Girón, m. See Jirón. 

Gitano, wi., gipsy. 

Glacial, a., glacial. 

Glándula, /., gland. 

Gleba, /., sod of earth, glebe. 

Globo, m., globe, sphere. En — , 
in bulk. — aerostático, balloon. 

Gloria, /., glory, pleasure, delight. 

Gloriarse, r.v., to glory, to be 
proud of. [arbour. 

Glorieta, /., summer-house, bower, 

Glorificar, /., to glorify. 

Glorioso, a., glorious. 

Glosa, /., gloss, commentary. 

Glosar, v., to gloss, to palliate, to 
explain by comment. 

Glosario, m., glossary. 

Glucosa, /., glucose. 

Glutinoso, a., glutinous. 

Goa, /., pig-iron. 

Gobernación, /., government. 

Gobernador, m., governor. 

Gobernalle, m., rudder, helm. 

Gobernante, p.a., governing. 

Gobernar, i v., to govern, to regu- 
late, to control, to direct, to 
manage. — el timón, to steer 
the ship. 

Gobierno, m., government. Para 
su — de Vd., for your guidance. 
Sírvale esto de — , this for your 

Goce, m., enjoyment, fruition. 

Gola, /., gullet, throat, gorge. 

Goleta, /., schooner. 

Golfo, m., gulf ; idler, lounger. 

Golilla, /., kind of collar. 

Golondrina, /., swallow. 

Golondro, m., desire, longing. 

Golosina, /., dainty, tit-bit. 

Goloso, a. & m., fond of sweets, 

Golpe, m., blow, stroke, hit, 
action, act. — de mar, a heavy 
sea or surge. — de fortuna, 
stroke of fortune. De — , 
suddenly, all at once. {See 
Cerradura.) De un • — , all at 
once, at once. De — y porrazo, 
straight away, without more 
ado. — de Estado, stroke of 
policy ; (Fr.) coup d'état. — 
de mano, sudden stroke (action 
or attack). 

Golpear, v., to beat, to strike, to 
hit, to knock. 

Goma, /., gum, rubber. — ará- 
biga, gum arabic. — elástica, 

Gomero, a., rubber. 

Gomoso, a., gummy. 

Gordo, a., fat, rich, thick, coarse, 
great, large ; m., fat, lard, suet. 





Uordura, /., grease, fat, fatness, 

Gorjear, v., to warble, to quaver. 

Gorra, /., cap, bonnet. 

Gorrero, m., cap-maker. 

Gorrete, m. (dim.), small cap. 

Gorrión, m., sparrow. 

Gorro, m., round cap, night-cap. 

Gorrón, m., parasite, sponger ; 
spindle, pivot, peg. 

Gota, /., drop ; gout. — a — , 
drop by drop. 

Gotear, v., to drop, to fall drop bj^ 

Gotera, /., gutter. 

Gótico, a., Gothic. Letra gótica, 
Gothic characters. 

Gotoso, a., gouty. 

Gozar, v., to enjoy ; r.v., to 
rejoice. — de, to enjoy, to 

Gozne, m., hinge. 

Gozo, m., joy, pleasure, mirth. 
No caber de — , to be over- 

Gozoso, a., joyful, glad. 

Grabado, m., engraving. — hecho 
al agua fuerte, etching. — 
sobre acero, steel engraving. 

Grabador, m., engraver. — en 
hueco, punch or die-sinker. 

Grabadura, /., act of engraving, 

Grabar, t;., to engrave. • — al agua 
fuerte, to etch. — en hueco 
(or en relieve), to emboss ; to 
sink a die. 

Grabazón, /., engraving, sculp- 

Gracia, /., grace, gentility, favour, 
gift, elegance, wit, name. ■ — s, 
thanks. Dar — s, to give thanks, 
to thank. Caer en — , to take 
one's fancy. De — , gratis, for 

Gracioso, a., graceful, beautiful, 
■w-itty, facetious, funny. 

Grada, /., step of a staircase. — 
de construcción (Naut.), stocks 
for shipbuilding. Navio en 
la — , ship in the stocks. 

Gradación, /., gradation. 

Gradina, /., chisel, graver. 

Grado, m., step, grade, degree ; 
will, pleasure. De buen — , 
willingly. Mai de su — , unwil- 
lingly. De — en — , by degrees, 
gradually. En alto — , in a 
high degree,^ exceedingly. 

Graduación, /., graduation, rank. 

Graduado, a., graduated ; m., 

Gradual, a., gradual. 

Gradualmente, adv., gradually. 

Graduar, v., to measure, to gra- 
duate ; r.v., to graduate, to 
take one's degree. 

Gráfico, a., graphic. 

Grafito, tn., graphite, plumbago. 

Gramática, /., grammar. — parda, 
soundness of faculties. 

Gramatical, a., grammatical. 

Gramático, m., grammarian. 

Gramófono, m., gramaphone. 

Gran. See Grande. 

Grana, /., grain, dye, colour ; 

Granada, /., pomegranate ; (Mil.) 
grenade, shell. 

Granado, a., large ; principal, 
select ; seedy, full of seeds. 

Granado, m., pomegranate tree. 

Granar, v., to seed, to be full of 
seed, to run to seed, to grain. 

Granate, m., garnet, a precious 
stone ; adj. (colour), dark red. 

Grande, a., great, large ; m., 
grandee, Spanish nobleman. 

Grandemente, adv., greatly, ex- 
tremeh', very well. 

Grandeza, /., greatness, bigness, 

Grandioso, a., grand, great, splen- 

Grandor, m., size, magnitude, 

Grandura, /., greatness, magni- 

Granel, m., heap of corn. A — , 
in a heap, in bulk, in galore. 
Empacar a — , to pack loose or 
in bulk. 





(iranelar, v., to grain leather. 

Granero, m., granary, grange. 

Granito, m., granite. 

Granizar, v., to hail. 

Granizo, m., hail. 

Granja, /., grange, farm, farm- 
house, villa. 

Granjear, v., to gain, to get, to 
win, to obtain. 

Granjeo, m., act of gaining, gain, 

Granjeria, /., farming ; gain, ad- 

Granjero, m., farmer. 

Grano, m., grain, pimple; Vamos 
al — , come to the point. 

Granoso, a., grainy, granulous. 

Granuja, /., grapestone; rogue. 

Granulación, /., granulation. 

Granular, v., to granulate. 

Grao, m., strand, shore. 

Grapa, /., cramp-iron. 

Grasa, /., grease, fat, suet. — de 
ballena, blubber. — de pescado, 

Grasera, /., vessel for grease or fat. 

Grasiento, a., greasy, grimy. 

Graso, a. & m., fat, grease. 

Gratamente, adv., graciously, 

Gratificación, /., gratification, gra- 
tuity, fee, tip. 

Gratificar, i»., to gratify, to reward. 

Gratis, adv., gratis, for nothing. 

Gratitud, /., gratitude, grateful- 

Grato, a., graceful, pleasing, plea- 
sant, grateful. Su grata (carta), 
your favour. 

Gratuitamente, adv., gratuitously. 

Gratuito, a., gratuitous, gratis. 

Gravamen, >»., charge, obligation, 
hardship, burden, tax, mortgage. 

Gravar, v., to burden, to oppress, 
to tax. — impuestos, to levy 
{or impose) taxes. — en ... 
pesetas, to tax at . . . pesetas. 

Grave, a., grave, heavy, weighty, 
serious, dangerous. 

Gravedad, /., gra\'ity, seriousness, 
weight, hea\áness. 

Gravemente, adv., gravely, se- 
Gravitación, /., gravitation. 
Gravoso, a., grievous, offensive. 
Greda, /., chalk. 
Gremio, m., lap ; body, guild, 

trade union. 
Greña, /., matted hair ; flake 

Grey, /., flock. 
Grieta, /., cre\'ice, crack. 
Grifado, a., italic type. 
Grifo, m., tap, cock. — de desagüe, 

blow-ofl cock. 
Grifón, m., stop-cock, spigot, tap. 
Grillo, m., cricket (insect). — s, 

fetters, irons. 
Gringo, a., unintelligible ; name 

applied to foreigners. 
Gris, a., grey. 
Grisú, m., fire-damp. 
Gritar, v., to cry, to shout. 
Grito, m., cry, shout, yell. 
Grosella, /., currant. — roja, red 

Grosería, /., grossness, coarseness, 

Grosero, a., gross, coarse, rough, 

Grosor, m., thickness, closeness. 
Grosura, /., fat. 
Grúa, /., crane. 
Gruesa, /., gross ; bottomry. 

Tomar dinero a la — (Naut.), 

to take money on bottomry. 
Grueso, a., bulky, gross, thick, 

coarse ; m., thickness, size, 

bulk, main body. 
Grumete, m., ship's boy. 
Grumo, m., grume. — de leche, 

Gruñido, m., grunt, growl. 
Gruñir, v., to grunt, to growl, to 

Grupa, /., croup, buttocks. 
Grupera, /., crupper. 
Grupo, m., group, cluster. 
Gruta, /., cavern, grotto. 
Guadaña, /., scythe. 
Guadañadora,/., mowing-machine. 
Guadañar, v., to mow. 





Guadaño, m., small boat. 

Guadarnés, m., harness-room ; 

Gualdrapa, /., horse-cloth, saddle- 

Guanaco, m. (Chili), kind of llama 
or alpaca. 

Guanajo, m. (Cuba), turkey. 

Guano, ;«., guano, sea-birds' dung. 

Guante, m., glove. — de cabri- 
tilla, kid glove. 

Guantelete, m., gauntlet. 

Guantería, /., glover's shop. 

Guantero, m., glover. 

Guapeza, /., bravery, ostentation 
in dress. 

Guapo, a., valiant, bold, pretty, 
neat, gay, elegant. 

Guarda, /., guard, keeping ; border. 

— de coto, gamekeeper. — 
fuego, fire-guard, or screen. 

— agujas, switchman, points- 
man. — almacén, storekeeper. 

— bosque, gamekeeper. — 
frenos, brakesman. — barros, 

Guardar, v., to keep, to guard, to 
take care of ; r.v., to keep, to 
avoid, to guard against. 

Guardarropa, /., wardrobe ; cloak- 
room ; m., keeper of a ward- 

Guardarropía, /., cloak-room. 

Guardia, /., guard ; m., man on 
guard. Estar de — , to be on duty. 

— de babor, larboard watch. 
Guardián, m., keeper, guardian. 
Guardiania, /., guardianship. 
Guardilla, /., garret, skj^light. 
Guarecer, i.v., to aid, to assist, to 

Guarida, /., den, protection. 
Guarismo, m., figure, cipher. 
Guarnecer, ¿.t;., to garnish, to set, 

to adorn, to trim ; to garrison. 
Guarnés, m., harness-room. 
Guarnición, /., flounce, trimming, 

garniture, hem ; garrison. — es, 

Guarnicionero, m., harness-maker. 
Guasa, /., jest. 

Guasón, a., jocose, witty. 

Guata, /., wadding. 

Guayabera, /. (Cuba), sliirting. 

Gubernativo, a., gubernative, ad- 

Guedeja, /., forelock, mane. 

Guerra, /., war. Hacer — , to war, 
to wage war. Ministro de la — , 
war secretary. Ministerio de 
la — , war office. Navio de — , 

Guerrear, v., to war, to fight. 

Guerrero, a., warlike, martial ; m., 

Guerrilla, /., petty warfare, skir- 

Guía, com., guide, conductor, 
leader ; /., guide, directory. 
Servir de — , to serve as a guide. 

Guiar, v., to guide, to drive, to 
conduct. — se por, to be guided 
by, to go by. 

Guija, /., pebble, cobble-stone. 

Guijarro, ni., pebble. 

Guijo, m., small pebbles or gravel 
for roads. 

Guinda, /., cherry ; color — , 
claret colour. 

Guindal, m., cherry-tree. 

Guindar, v., to lift, to elevate, to 
raise, to hoist. 

Guindo, m., cherry-tree. 

Guinea, /., guinea, English coin. 
Pimiento de — , Guinea pepper. 
Cochino de — , Guinea-pig. 

Guiñada, /. See Guiño. 

Guiñar, v., to wink. 

Guiño, m., wink. 

Guión, in., sign or mark, hyphen. 

Guirnalda, /., garland. 

Guisa, /., guise, mode, manner. 
A — de, by way of, in the 
manner of. 

Guisado, m., dish of stewed meat. 

Guisante, m., pea, marrowfat pea. 

Guisar, v., to cook meat, etc. 

Guiso, m., seasoning, sauce, con- 

Guisote, m., dish of meat. 

Guita, /., packthread. 

Guitar, v., to sew with packthread. 





Guitarra, /., guitar. 

Gula, /., gullet ; gluttony. 

GuUoria, /., dainty. 

Gumía, /., small dagger. 

Gusano, m., maggot, worm. — de 

seda, silk-worm. 
Gustar, v., to taste, to relish, to 

like, to enjoy ; to please, to 

Gusto, m., taste, liking, pleasure, 

delight, choice ; way, style. 

Dar ■ — ; to gratify. 
Gustosameute, adv., tastefully, 

Gustoso, a., tasty, cheerful, glad, 

pleasant. Aceptamos — s, we 

accept with pleasure (or gladly). 

Haba, /., bean. 

llabano, a., applied to tobacco 
from Havana ; m., Havana 

Haber, i v., to have, to possess, to 
exist ; m., property, income, 
fortune ; credit. — las con al- 
guno, to have to deal with. Debe 
y — , debit and credit. Hay 
más, then again. ¿ Qué hay de 
. . . } What about . . . ? 

Habicliucla, /., French bean, kid- 
ney bean. 

Hábil, a., clever, skilful, able, 
capable. Días — es, clear days. 

Habilidad, /., ability, cleverness. 

Habilitacióu, /., habilitation, qua- 
lifi ation. 

Habilitado, a., qualified, enabled. 

Habilitar, v., to qualify, to enable, 
to provide, to supply. 

Hábilmente, adv., ably, cleverly, 

Habitación, /., habitation, abode, 
lodging, room. 

Habitante, p.a., inhabiting ; com., 

Habitar, v., (en) to inhabit, to live, 
to reside, to lodge. 

Hábito, m., dress, habit, custom. 

Habitual, a., habitual, customary. 

Habituar, v., to habituate, to 

Habitud, /., habitude. 

Habla, /., speech, language, talk. 

Ponerse al — con, to have a 

talk with. 
Habladuría, /., gossip, chatter, 

Hablar, v., to speak, to talk. — 

al alma, to speak one's mind. 

— al caso, to speak to the 
purpose. — por demás, to 
speak to no purpose. — de 
veras, to speak seriously. 

Hablilla, /., rumour, report. 

Haca, /., pony, small horse. 

Hacedero, a., feasible, practicable. 

Hacendado, a., landed, having 
landed or real propertj^ ; rich ; 
m., land-owner. 

Hacendar, i. v., to transfer the pro- 
pert}' of an estate. 

Hacendista, com., economist. 

Hacendoso, a., assiduous, diligent. 

Hacer, i.v., todo, to make, to cause. 

— de mozo, to act as a waiter. 

— ánimo, to mean, to intend. 

— bancarrota, to fail, to go 
bankrupt. — caso de, to notice, 
to pay attention to. — cara, 
to face, to resist. — frente a, 
to face, to meet. — juego, to 
match, to be well matched. 

— papel, to acquit oneself well. 

— progresos, to make progress. 
See Agosto. Hace un mes, a 
month ago. No hace mucho, 
not long ago. 

Hacerse, t.r.v., to become, to accus- 
tom oneself. — con algo, to 
attain, to acquire, to secure. 

— a la vela, to set sail. 
Hacha, /., axe, hatchet. — de 

viento, flambeau, torch. 

Hachero, m., torch-stand, wood- 

Hachuela, /., small hatchet. 

Hacia, adv., tov/arás, near to, about 

Hacienda, /., landed property 
lands, estate, fortune. Real — 
Exchequer. Ministro de — 
Chancellor of the Exchequer 

— pública, public treasury. 





Hacina, /., sheaf (of corn), etc. 

Hacinar, v., to stack sheaves of 
corn ; to hoard. 

Hada, /.. fairy. 

Hadado, a., fortunate, lucky. 

Hado, m., fate, destiny. 

Halagar, v., to please, to flatter, to 

Halago, m., flattery, adulation. 

Halagüeño, a., encouraging, at- 
tractive, flattering. 

Halar, v. (Xaut.), to haul. 

Halcón, ni., falcon. 

Hálito, m., breath. 

Hallar, v., to ñnd, to meet with ; 
r.v., to find oneself, to be. — 
buena salida, to have a ready 

Hallazgo, m., find, thing found, 

Hamaca, /., hammock. 

Hambre, /., hunger. Tener — , 
to be hungry. 

Hambriento, a., hungry, starved, 

I. & m., idle, idler, 

to idle, to lounge 

Haragán, a. 

Haraganear, v. 


Harapo, w., rag. 

Harina, /., flour. — de avena, 
oatmeal. — ■ de linaza, linseed 

Harinero, m., mealman, flour- 
dealer ; a., made of flour, 
belonging to flour. 

Harmonía, /. See Armonía. 

Harpeo, m., grapnel, grappling- 

Hartar, v., to stuff, to cloy, to 
satiate, to fill. 

Harto, a. & adv., satiated, full, 
sufficient, enough. Estoy — de, 
I am sick of. 

Hartura, /., satiety, fullness, 

Hasta, adv., until, as far as, even. 

— ahora [or — aquí), hitherto. 

— no más, to the highest pitch. 

— la vista, good-bye until we 
meet again. 

5A— (1696) 

Hastío, m., loathing, disgust. 

Hatillo, m. (dim.), small bundle, a 
few clothes. 

Hato, m., herd of cattle ; clothes, 
heap, collection. 

Hay. See Haber. 

Haz, m., fagot, bundle, sheaf ; /., 
face, visage. 

Hazaña, /., exploit, deed, achieve- 

Hazmerreír, m., laughing-stock. 

Hebdomadario, a., weekly. 

Hebilla, /., buckle, clasp. 

Hebra, /., fibre, thread. 

Hechizar, v., to bewitch, to charm. 

Hecho, a. & p.p., made, done; 
like ; m., action, deed, fact. — 
de orden, made to order. De — -, 
in fact. — pedazos, (smashed) in 

Hechura, /., making, make, form, 
cut, shape ; workmanship. 

Hectárea, /., hectare, a measure 
of surface. 

Hectogramo, m., hectogramme, 
the weight of 100 grammes. 

Hectolitro, m., hectolitre, 100 

Hectómetro, m., hectometre, 100 

Heder, i v., to stink. 

Hediondo, a., fetid, stinking. 

Hedor, m., stench, stink. 

Helada, /., frost, nip. 

Helado, a., frozen, frigid, icy ; m., 
ice-cream, ice. 

Helar, i.v., to congeal, to freeze ; 
to astound. 

Hélice, /., screw-propeller (of a 
steamer). Vapor de — , screw- 
steamer. Propulsor de — , 

Heliograbado, m., photogravure, 

Helioscopio, m., helioscope. 

Heliotropo, or Heliotropio, m., 
heliotrope, sun-flower ; blood- 

Hematites, /., hematites, ore of 
iron. — roja, bloodstone. 

Hembra, /., female. 





Hemisferio, m., hemisphere. 

Henchimiento, m., abundance, 

Hencliir, i.v., to fill up. 

Hendedura, /., fissure, crack, cre- 
vice, chink. 

Hender, i.v., to split, to break open. 

Henequén, m., American agave ; 
Mexican fibre, sisal. 

Henil, m., hay-loft. 

Heno, m., hay. 

Heñir, i v., to knead dough. 

Heraldo, m., herald. 

Herbáceo, a., herbaceous, belong- 
ing to herbs. 

Herbaje, m., herbage, grass, pas- 

Herbolario, m., herbalist. 

Heredad, /., landed property. 

Heredar, v., to inherit. 

Heredero, vi., heir. — presuntivo, 
heir-apparent. — universal, 
residuary heir. 

Hereditario, a., hereditary. 

Herencia, /., inheritance, heritage, 

Herida, /., wound, affliction, in- 

Herido, a., wounded, injured, hurt. 

Herir, i.v., to wound, to injure, to 

Hermana, /., sister. 

Hermanar, v., to match, to suit. 

Hermandad, /., brotherhood, fra- 
ternity ; conformity. 

Hermano, m., brother. 

Herméticamente, adv., hermetic- 
ally. Cerrado — , hermetically 

Hermético, a., hermetical. 

Hermosear, v., to beautify, to 

Hermoso, a., beautiful, handsome, 

Hermosura, /., beauty. 

i. éioe, m., hero. 

1 eioii 0, a., heroic. 

Herrador, m., farrier. 

Herradura, /., shoe. — de 
caballo, horse-shoe. 

Herraje, m., iron-work. 

Herramienta, /., tool, instrument. 
— cortante, edge-tool. 

Herrar, i.v., to shoe (horses, etc.). 

Herrería, /., ironworks, forge. 

Herrero, m., smith. 

Herrete, m., metal tag, point. 

Herrín, m. See Herrumbre. 

Herrumbre, /., iron rust. 

Hervir, i.v., to boil. 

Hervor, m., ebullition ; fervour, 

Hesitación, /., hesitation. 

Hesitar, v., to hesitate. 

Hexágono, a. & m., hexagon(al). 

Hez, /., lee, dregs, scum. 

Híbrido, a., hybrid. 

Hidalgo, tn., nobleman. 

Hidalguía, /., nobility. 

Hidrante, m., hydrant. 

Hidrato, m., hydrate. 

Hidráulica, /., hydraulics. 

Hidráulico, a., hydraulic (al). 

Hidroclórico, m., hydrochloric. 

Hidrógeno, ;»., hydrogen. 

Hidrografía, /., hydrography. 

Hidrología, /., hydrology. 

Hidrómetro, ni., hydrometer. 

Hidropatía, /., hydropathy. 

Hidroplano, m., waterplane, sea- 

Hidróscopo, m., hydroscope. 

Hidrostática, /., hydrostatics. 

Hiel, /., gall, bile. 

Hielo, ni., frost, ice, ice-cream. 

Hiena, /., hyena. 

Hierba, /., herb ; grass. 

Hierbabuena, /., peppermint, mint. 

Hierogliflco, a., hieroglyphic. 

Hierro, m., iron. — colado {or 
fundido), cast iron. — forjado, 
forged iron, wrought iron. — 
dulce, wTought iron. — en 
flejes, hoop iron. — en lingotes, 
pig iron. — acanalado {or 
estriado), corrugated iron. — 
en chapas, sheet iron. — en 
planchuela, flat iron. — s, irons, 
fetters. — viejo, old iron. 

Hígado, m., hver. 

Higiene, /., hygiene. 

Higo, m., fig. 





Higrómctro, tn., hygrometer. 
Higroscopio, m., hygroscope. 
Higuera, /., fig-tree. — chumbo, 

Indian fig-tree. 
Hija, /., daughter. 
Hijo, ni., son, child. 
Hila, /., row, line. 
Hilacha, /., filament, threads. 
Hiladillo, m., ferret silk ; narrow 

ribbon or tape. 
Hilado, m., spun flax, hemp, wool, 

silk or cotton. — s, spun 

Hilador, m., spinner. 
Hilandería, /., spinning-mill. — 

de algodón, cotton mill. 
Hilandero, m., spinner. 
Hilar, v., to spin. 
Hilaza, /., 3'arn. — de cáñamo, 

hemp yarn. — encarnada, 

turkey-red yarn. 
Hilera, /., row, line, file. 
Hilo, m., thread, wire, yarn. 

— bramante {or de acarreto), 
pack thread. — en carretes 
{or de carretel), spool thread. 

— de perlas, string of pearls. 

— torzal {or de algodón), cotton 
yarn (or twist). — de lino, 
linen yarn. Pañuelo de — , 
linen handkerchief. Sin — s, 

Hilván, m., basting, sewing 

Hilvanar, v., to baste, to sew 

Hincapié, m., strenuous effort. 

Hacer — , to make a strenuous 

Hinchado, a., swollen, inflated ; 

vain, pompous. 
Hinchar, v., to inflate, to swell, to 

fill : r.v., to swell. 
Hinchazón, m., swelling, inflation, 

Hipérbola, /., hyperbola. 
HipU, m., chemise ; native dress 

in ]\Iexico. 
Hipocre ia, /., hypocrisy. 
Hipócrita, a., hypocritical ; com., 


Hipoteca, /., mortgage, pledge. 
Hipotecable, a., capable of being 

Hipotecar, v., to hypothecate, to 

mortgage, to pledge. 
Hipotecario, a., belonging to a 

mortgage, mortgaged. Acreedor 

— , mortgagee. Deudor — , 

Hirviente, a., boiling. 
Hispano, a., Spanish. 
Historia, /., history, story. 
Historiador, m., historian. 
Histórico, a., historic(al). 
Hita, /., dog-nail. 
Hito, m., landmark, object. INIirar 

de — en — , to stare fixedly at. 
Hogaño, adv., this present year. 
Hogar, m., hearth, fire-place, 

Hogaza, /., large loaf of bread. 
Hoguera, /., bonfire. 
Hoja, /., leaf, sheet, blade. — de 

lata, tin, tin-plate. — de 

papel, leaf or sheet of paper. 

— de lata negra, iron plate. 

— de estaño, tinfoil. • — - de 
goma para copiar, india-rubber 
cop^nng sheet. — de acero, 
steel blade. 

Hojalata, /., tin. 

Hojalatería, /., tin-ware. 

Hojalatero, m., tinman, metal- 

Hojear, v., to turn the leaves of 
a book. 

Holanda, /., holland, brown drill. 

Holgado, a., loose, easy, well-on. 

Holgar, i.v., to rest, to cease from 
labour, to be at ease, to be 
glad ; to go on strike. Huelga 
decir, needless to say. 

Holgazán, a., idle, lazy ; m., idler. 

Holgura, /., ease, repose. 

Hollar, i.v., to tread upon, to 
trample on. 

Hollín, m., soot. 

Hombre, m., man. — de bien, 
honest man. — de negocios, 
man of business. — de su 
palabra, man of his word. 





Hombrera, /., pad. — s de sastre, 
clothing pads. 

Hombro, -m., shoulder. 

Homenaje, m., homage. 

Homicida, a., homicidal ; com., 
murderer, homicide. 

Homicidio, m., murder, homicide. 

Homilia, /., homily. 

Honda, /., sling. 

Hondamente, adv., deeply, pro- 

Hondo, a., profound, deep. 

Hondonada, /., dale, valley. 

Hondura, /., depth, profundity. 

Honestar, v., to honour. 

Honestidad, /., honesty, modesty. 

Honesto, a., honest, decent, ho- 

Hongo, m., mushroom; hat. 

Honor, m., honour. Palabra de 
— , word of honour. Hacer — a, 
to do credit to. 

Honorable, a., honourable. 

Honorario, a., honorary ; m., 
fee. — s, fees. 

Honorífico, a., honourable, credit- 

Honra, /., honour, respect, fame. 
A mucha — , I am (or we are) 
proud of it. 

Honradamente, adv., honourably, 

Honradez, /., honesty, honour, 
probity, integrity. 

Honrado, a., honest, just, fair. 

Honrar, v., to honour, to credit. 

Honrilla, /., nice point of honour. 
Por la negra — , from some 
little point of honour. 

Honroso, a., honourable, just, 

Hora, /., hour, time. A la — de 
ésta, at this moment. A buena 
— , at a seasonable time. — s 
perdidas {or de ocio), leisure 
hours. Por — s, by the hour. 

Horadar, v., to Ijore, to pierce, 
to punch. 

Horado, m., hole bored, cavern. 

Horario, a., hourly ; m., time- 

Horca, /., gallows; fork. — para 
heno, haj'-fork. 

Horizontal, a., horizontal. 

Horizonte, m., horizon. 

Horma, /., mould. — de zapatero, 
shoemaker's last. — de 

sombrerero, hatter's block. 

Hormiga, /., ant. 

Hormiguear, v., to swarm. 

Hornero, m., baker. 

Hornilla, /., small furnace. 

Horno, >«., oven, furnace. — de 
ladrillo, brick-kiln. Alto — , 
smelting furnace. 

Horquilla, /., hair-pin ; fork. 

Horrendo, a., dreadful, hideous, 

Horrible, a., horrible, horrid. 

Horror, m., horror. 

Hortaliza, /., garden stuff. 

Hortelano, m., gardener, horti- 

Horticultura, /., horticulture. 

Hosco, a., dark-bro\vn ; sullen, 

Hospedaje, m., lodging, kind re- 

Hospedar, v., to lodge, to receive, 
to entertain ; r.v., to lodge. 
— se en, to stay at. 

Hospicio, w., hospital, infirmary; 

Hospital, m., hospital, infirmary. 

Hospitalidad, /., hospitality. 

Hoste, ni., host, army. 

Hostigar, v., to vex, to molest. 

Hostil, a., hostile, adverse. 

Hostilidad, /., hostility. 

Hoy, adv., to-day. — día, {or — 
en día), nowadays. De — en 
adelante, henceforward, in fu- 

Hoya, /., hole, cavity, pit. 

Hoyo, m., hole, pit. 

Hoyuelo, m., dimple. 

Hoz, /., sickle. 

Huacal, m., crate (Amer.). 

Huata, /., wadding, wad. 

Hucha, /., large chest ; . money- 

Hueco, a., hollow, empty ; m.. 





hollow, hollowness, gap, hole, 
space, cavity, room. 

Huelga, /., rest, repose ; strike. 
Declararse en — , to go on 

Huelguista, m., striker, workman 
on strike. 

Huella, /., track, footstep. 

Huérfano, a. & m., orphan. 

Huerta, /., orchard, kitchen- 

Hueso, m., bone ; rubbish. ^ 

Huesoso, a., bony. 

Huésped, m., guest, lodger; inn- 
keeper. See Casa. 

Hueste, m., host, army. 

Huesudo, a., bony, having large 

Huevera, /., egg-cup. 

Huevero, m., dealer in eggs. 

Huevo, m., egg. — pasado por 
agua, boiled egg. 

Huida, /., flight, escape. 

Huir, i.v., to ñy, to escape ; r.v., 
to run awa}'. 

Hule, m., oil-cloth, oil-skin ; india- 

Hulla, /., pit-coal. 

Hullera, /., coal-mine. Industria 
— , coal industry. 

Humanamente, adv., humanely ; 

Humano, a., human, humane, 

Humear, v., to smoke, to emit 

Humedad, /., humidity, moisture, 

Humedecer, i.v., to moisten. 

Húmedo, a., humid, damp, moist, 

Humero, m., tunnel, funnel, flue. 

Humildad, /., humility. 

Humilde, a., humble. 

Humillación, /., humiliation. 

Humillar, v., to humble, to hu- 

Humo, m., smoke. — de pez, 
1 " Hueso " is a word used in America 

in reference to a cloth which is of bad 
quality. Comp are English " rag." 

Humor, m., humour, mood, tem- 
per. Estar de buen — , to be in 
a good humour. 

Humoso, a., smoky. 

Hundimiento, m., submersion, im- 
mersion, sinking, collapse. 

Hundir, v., to sink, to submerge ; 
to crush, to stave in ; r.v., to 
sink, to go to the bottom, 
to collapse, to fall in. 

Huracán, m., hurricane. 

Huraño, a., shy, diffident. 

Hurgar, v., to stir, to poke. 

Hurgón, ni., poker. 

Hurgonear. See Hurgar. 

Hurón, m., ferret. 

Hurtadillas, A — . by stealth, 
privately, on the sly. 

Hurtador, m., robber, thief. 

Hurtar, v., to steal, to rob ; r.v., 
to withdraw, to abscond. 

Hurto, m., theft, robbery. A -, 
by stealth. 

Husillo, dim. of Huso. [peep. 

Husmear, v., to scent, to pry, to 

Husmo, m., smell, scent. 

Huso, m., spindle. 

Ida, /., departure. Viaje de — y 
vuelta, voyage out and home. 
Billete de • — y vuelta, return 

Idea, /., idea, notion. 

Ideal, a & ;;/., ideal. 

Idear, v., to form or conceive an 
idea, to think or work out, to 
contrive, to hit upon, to ima- 
gine, to plan. 

idem, pron. (Lat.), the same, ditto. 

Idénticamente, adv., identically. 

Idéntico, a., identical, the same. 

Identidad, /., identity. 

Identificar, v., to identify. 

Idioma, m., idiom, language. 

Idiosincrasia, /., idiosyncrasy. 

Idiota, a. & com., idiot. 

Idiotismo, m., idiotism, idiom 

Idoneidad, /., aptitude, capacity. 

Idóneo, a., idoneous, fit, capable. 
— para, qualified for. 





Iglesia, /., church. 

Ignición, /., ignition. 

Ignominia, /., ignominy. 

Ignominioso, a., ignominious. 

Ignorado, a., unknown. 

Ignorancia, /., ignorance. 

Ignorar, v., to be ignorant of, 
not to know. Se ignora su 
paradero, his whereabouts are 
unknown, it is not known what 
has become of him. 

Igual, a. & m., equal, similar; level, 
flat, even ; like. Al — , equall3^ 
No tiene — , he has not his like. 
Sin — , matchless, without 
equal. — a la muestra, like 
(or up to) the sample. Al — 
que, the same as. 

Iguala, /., agreement, level. 

Igualación, /., equalling, equalisa- 
tion, levelling. 

Igualada, /., tic, draw. 

Igualamiento. See Igualación. 

Igualar, v., to equalise, to equal, to 

Igualdad, /., equality, likeness, 
evenness. En — de condiciones, 
on equal terms. 

Igualmente, adv., equally, uni- 
formly, likewise, evenly ; the 

Ijada, /., flank ; weak side. 

Ijar, m., flank. 

Ilegal, a., illegal, unlawful. 

Ilegalidad, /., illegality, unlawful- 

Ilegible, a., illegible. 

Ilegitimo, a., illegal, illegitimate. 

Ileso, a., unhurt, free from damage 
or harm. 

Ilícito, a., illicit, unlawful. 

Ilimitado, a., unlimited, bound- 

Iliterado, a., illiterate. 

Ilógico, a., illogical. 

Iluminación, /., illumination. 

Iluminado, a., illuminated. 

Iluminar, v., to illumine, to illu- 
minate, to enlighten. 

Iluminativo, a., illuminative. 

Ilusión, /., illusion. 

Ilusivo, a., illusive. 

Huso, a., deluded, deceived. 

Ilusorio, a., illu-sory, delusive ; 

null, of no value. 
Ilustración, /., illustration. 
Ilustrador, m., illustrator. 
Ilustrar, v., to illustrate, to eluci- 
date, to clear up. 
Ilustre, a., illustrious, celebrated. 
Imagen, /., image, figure. 
Imaginable, a., imaginable. 
Imaginación, /. .imagination, fancy. 
Imaginar, v., to imagine, to fancy. 
Imaginario, a., imaginary. 
Imaginativo, a., imaginative. 
Imán, >)?., loadstone, magnet. 
Imanar, v., to magnetise. 
Imbécil, a., weak, imbecile. 
Imbecilidad, /., imbecility. 
Imitable, a., imitable. 
Imitación, /., imitation. A — de, 

in imitation of. Guardarse de 

las — es, beware of imitations. 
Imitado, a., imitated, copied. 
Imitar, v., to imitate. 
Impaciencia, /., impatience. 
Impacientar, v., to vex ; v.v., to 

become impatient. 
Impaciente, a., impatient. 
Impacto, a., impacted, packed 

Impar, a., unequal, odd. Números 

— es, odd numbers. 
Imparcial, a., impartial, unbiassed. 
Imparcialidad, /., impartiality. 
Imparcialmente, adv., impartially, 

Impartible, a., indivisible. 
Impartir, v., to grant, to impart. 
Impasibilidad, /., impassibility. 
Impasible, a., impassible. 
Impavidez, /., intrepidity. 
Impávido, a., dauntless, intrepid. 
Impecable, a., impeccable, sinless. 
Impedimento, m., impediment, 

obstacle, hindrance. 
Impedir, i.v., to impede, to prevent, 

to hinder, to obstruct. 
Impelente, a., forcing. 
Impeler, v., to impel, to incite, to 

press forward. 





Impenetrable, a., impenetrable, 

Impenifeneia, /., impenitence. 

Impenitente, a., impenitent. 

Impensado, a., unexpected, un- 

Imperar, v., to command, to reign ; 
to prevail. 

Imperativo, a., imperative. 

Imperceptible, a., imperceptible. 

Imperdible, a., not to be lost or 
destroj'ed ; m., safety-pin, 

Imperfección, /., imperfection. 

Imperfecto, a., imperfect, faulty, 

Imperial, a., imperial ; m., roof of 
a coac h or carriage, outside, top. 

Impericia, /., unskilfulness, want 
of skill. 

Imperio, m., empire, doininion. 

Imperioso, a., imperious. 

Imperito, a., unlearned, unskilled. 

Impermeable, a., impermeable, 
waterproof ; m., waterproof, 

Impersonal, a., impersonal. 

Impertinencia, /., impertinence. 

Impertinente, a., impertinent, 

Impervio, a., impervious. 

ímpetu, ni., impetus, impulse. 

Impetuoso, a., impetuous. 

Implicación, /., implication. 

Implicado, a., implicated, implicit, 

Implicar, v., to implicate, to 
imply, to involve, to entangle. 

Implícito, a., implicit. 

Implorar, v., to implore. 

Impolítico, a., impolitic, impolite. 

Imponente, a., imposing ; stately. 

Imponer, i.v., to lay, to put ; to 
impose or lay a tax (or duty) ; 
to advise, to give notice ; r.v., 
to take notice, to become 
necessary. — a, to force (or 
impose) upon. — contribuciones, 
to levy taxes. — una multa, 
to impose a fine or penalt^^ 

Impopular, v., unpopular. 

Impopularidad, /., unpopularity. 

Importación, /., importation, im- 

Importador, m., importer. 

Importancia, /., importance, mag- 

Importante, a., important. 

Importar, v., to import, to matter ; 
to amount to. No importa, 
it does not matter. 

Importe, m., amount, value, figure. 

Importunar, v., to importune, to 
vex, to disturb. 

Importuno, a., importunate, trou- 

Imposibilidad, /., impossibility. 
Verse en la — • de, to be unable 

Imposibilitar, v., to render impos- 

Imposible, a., impossible. 

Imposición, /., imposition. 

ininostor, m., imoostor. 

Impostura, /., imposture. 

Impotencia, /., impotence, inabi- 

Impotente, a., impotent, powerless. 

Impracticable, a., impracticable, 
unfeasible ; impassable. 

Imprecar, v., to imprecate, to 

Impresrnar, v., to impregnate. 

Imprenta, /., printing : printing- 
office ; print. 

Imprescindible, a., indispensable. 

Impresión, /., impression, print, 

Impresionar, v., to impress, to fix 
on the mind or memory. 

Impreso, a., printed ; m., pam- 
phlet. — s, printed matter. 

Impresor, yn., printer. 

Imprevisión, /., imprevisión, im- 

Imprevisto, a., unforeseen, unex- 
pected, unprovided for. 

Imprimir, v., to print, to stamp ; 
to imprint. 

Improbabilidad, /., improbability. 

Improbable, a., improbable, un- 





Improbo, a., corrupt ; laborious, 
painful. Tarea ímproba, end- 
less task. 

Impropiedad, /., impropriety, un- 

Impropio, «., improper, unfit ; un- 

Impróvido, a., improvident. 

Improviso, a. {or Improvisto), 
unexpected, unforeseen. De 
improviso (or a la improvista), 
unexpectedly, on a sudden, 

Imprudencia, /., imprudence, in- 

Imprudente, a., imprudent, im- 

Impudencia, /., impudence. 

Impudente, a., impudent, shame- 

Impuesto, ;»., duty, tax ; a.& pp., 
imposed. — de arraigo, land 
tax. — sobre la renta, income 
tax. Quedar — de, to note, to 
have knowledge of. 

Impugnar, v., to impugn, to 

Impulsar, v., to impel, to urge on. 

Impulsion, /., impulsion, impulse. 

Impulsivo, a., impulsive. 

Impulso, m., impulsion, impulse. 

Impulsor, m., impeller. 

Impune, a., exempt from punish- 

Impunemente, adv., with impunity. 

Impunidad, /., impunity. 

Impureza, /., impurity. 

Impuro, a., impure. 

Imputable, a., imputable, charge- 

Imputación, /., imputation. 

Imputar, v., to impute, to attri- 

Inacabable, a., interminable. 

Inaccesible, a., inaccessible. 

Inacción, /., inaction. 

Inaceptable, a., unacceptable. 

Inactividad, /., inactivit5^ 

Inactivo, a., inactive. 

Inadaptable, a., not adaptable. 

Inadecuado, a., inadequate. 

Inadmisible, a., inadmissible. 

Inadvertencia, /., inadvertence, 
carelessness. Por — , inadver- 

Inadvertido, a., inadvertent, un- 

Inagotable, a., inexhaustible. 

Inaguantable, a., insupportable. 

Inalámbrico, a., wireless. 

Inalterado, a., unchanged. 

Inamortizable, a., unredeemable. 

Inanición, /., inanition. 

Inapelable, a., without appeal. 

Inaplicable, a., inapplicable. 

Inaudito, a., unheard of. 

Inauguración, /., inauguration. 

Inaugurar, v., to inaugurate. 

Incalculable, a., incalculable. 

Incandescencia, /., incandescence. 

Incandescente, a., incandescent. 
Lámpara — , incandescent lamp. 
Luz — , incandescent light. 
Manguito — , incandescent man- 

Incansable, a., indefatigable. 

Incapacidad, /., incapacity, ina- 
bility, incapability. 

Incapaz, a., incapable, unable. 

Incautamente, adv., incautiously, 

Incautarse, r.v., (de), to take pos- 
session of. 

Incauto, a., incautious, unwary. 

Incendiar, v., to set on fire, to 
inflame ; r.v., to catch fire. 

Incendiario, m., incendiary. 

Incendio, m., fire, burning. Seguro 
contra — s, fire insurance. 

Incentivo, m., incentive, incite- 
ment, encouragement. 

Incertidumbre, /., incertitude, un- 
certainty. En la — , in suspense. 

Incesante, a., incessant, continual. 

Incidencia, /., incidence. 

Incidental, a., incidental, depend- 

Incidente, a., incident, incidental, 

Incidente, m., incident, accident. 
— s, appurtenances. — s de 
comercio, lease and good-will. 





Incierto, a., uncertain, untrue, 

Incipiente, a., beginning. 

Incisión, /., incision. 

Incitar, v., to incite, to stimulate. 

Incivil, a., uncivil, unpolished. 

Incivilidad, /., incivility. 

Inclemencia, /., inclemency. 

Inclemente, a., inclement. 

Inclinación, /., inclination, dis- 
position, tendency. 

Inclinado, a., inclined, disposed, 
bent. Ser — a, to be apt (or 
inclined to). 

Inclinar, v., to incline, to influence, 
to lean, to bend. 

Incluir, i. v., to include, to comprise, 
to enclose. 

Inclusión, /., inclusion. Con — de, 

Inclusive, adv., inclusively, inclu- 
sive (of), including. 

Inclusivo, a., inclusive. 

Incluso, a., enclosed ; adv., in- 

Incoar, v., to begin, to commence. 
See Expediente. 

Incobrable, a., irrecoverable, irre- 
trievable. Deuda — , bad debt. 

Incógnito, a., unknown. De — , 
incognito, incog. 

Incoloro, a., free of colour, colour- 

Incombustible, a., incombustible. 

Incomodar, v., to incommode. 

Incomodidad, /., inconvenience. 

Incómodo, a., inconvenient. 

Incomparable, a., incomparable. 

Incompatibilidad, /., incompatibi- 

Incompatible, a., incompatible. 

Incompetencia, /., incompetency. 

Incompetente, a., incompetent. 

Incompleto, a., incomplete. 

Incomprensibilidad, /., incompre- 

Incomprensible, a., incomprehen- 

Inconcebible, a., inconceivable. 

Inconcuso, a., incontrovertible, 

Inconductor, m., non-conductor. 

Inconexión, /., incoherency, incon- 
gruit3% inconnection. 

Inconexo, a., unconnected. 

Inconfeso, a., unconfessed. 

Inconfidencia, /., distrust. 

Incongruencia, /., incongruity. 

Incongruo, «., incongruous. 

Inconmensurable, a., incommen- 

Inconsecuencia, /., inconsequence, 

Inconsecuente, a., inconsequent. 

Inconsiderable, a., inconsiderable, 

Inconsideración, /., inconsidera- 

Inconsiderado, a., inconsiderate. 

Inconsiguiente, a., inconsequent. 

Inconsistencia, /., inconsistency. 

Inconsistente, a., inconsistent. 

Inconsolable, a., inconsolable. 

Inconstancia, /., inconstancy. 

Inconstante, a., inconstant. 

Incontestable, a., incontestable, 

Incontrastable, a., insurmount- 
able, irresistible. 

Incontrovertible, a., incontroverti- 
ble, indisputable. 

Inconvenible, a., inconsistent. 

Inconveniencia, /., inconvenience. 

Inconveniente, a., inconvenient, 
troublesome ; m., difficulty, in- 
convenience, objection. 

Inconveniente, m., difficulty, in- 
convenience, objection. 

Incorporación, /., incorporation. 

Incorporar, v., to incorporate ; 
r.v., to join. 

Incorrección, /., incorrectness. 

Incorrecto, a., incorrect, inaccu- 

Incorregible, a., incorrigible. 

Incorrupto, a., incorrupt. 

Incredibilidad, /., incredibility. 

Incredulidad, /., incredulity. 

Incrédulo, a., incredulous. 

Increíble, a., incredible. 

Incremento, m., increment, in- 
crease. Tomar — , to increase, 





Increpar, v., to reproach, to 

Incriminar, v., to incriminate. 

Incrustación, /., incrustation, in- 
laid work. 

Incubadora, /., incubator. 

Inculcar, v., to inculcate. 

Inculpable, a., inculpable, un- 

Inculpar, v., to accuse, to blame. 

Inculto, a., incult, uncultivated. 

Incumbencia, /., incumbency. No 
es de mi — , it does not concern 

Incumbir, v., to be incumbent. 

Incuria, /., negligence, careless- 
ness, indolence. 

Incurrir, v., to incur, to deserve. 

— deudas, to get into debt. 

— en una multa, to incur a 

Indagación, /., indagation, in- 
quiry, search. 

Indagar, v., to investigate, to 
inquire, to search. 

Indebidamente, adv., unjustly, ille- 
gally, unduly. 

Indebido, a., undue, illegal. 

Indecencia, /., indecency. 

Indecente, a., indecent, unbecom- 

Indecible, a., inexpressible, unut- 

Indecisión, /., indecision. 

Indeciso, a., indecisive, undecided. 

Indecoro, m., indecorum. 

Indecoroso, a., indecorous, un- 

Indefectible, a., indefectible, un- 

Indefensable, a., indefensible. 

Indefenso, a., defenceless. 

Indeficiente, a., indefectible, un- 

Indefinido, a., indefinite. 

Indeleble, a., indelible. 

Indeliberación, /., indeliberation. 

Indemnidad, /., indemnity. 

Indemnización, /., indemnification, 
reimbursement, compensation, 

Indemnizar, v., to indemnify, to 

make good, to compensate. 
Independencia, /., independence. 
Independiente, a., independent. 

— de eso, independent of that, 
besides that. 

Indescifrable, a., undecipherable. 
Indescribible {or Indescriptible), a., 

Indestructible, a., indestructible, 

Indeterminación, /., indetermina- 

tion, irresolution. 
Indeterminado, a., indeterminate, 

Indiana, /., chintz, printed cotton. 
Indicación, /., indication, sign, 

Indicador, m., indicator ; pointer. 

— de trenes, railway guide. 

— de nivel de agua, water 

Indicar, v., to indicate, to show, 
to point out. 

Indicativo, a., indicative, pointing. 

índice, m., index, sign. 

Indicio, m., indication, sign, mark. 

Indiferencia, /., indifference, un- 

Indiferente, a., indifferent, un- 

Indígena, a., native, indigenous ; 
m. & /., native. 

Indigencia, /., indigence, poverty. 

Indigente, a., indigent, poor. 

Indignación, /., indignation. 

Indignado, a., indignant, angry. 

Indignar, v., to irritate, to provoke. 

Indignidad, /., indignity, unworthy 

Indigno, a., unworthy, mean, 

indigo, m., indigo. 

Indirecta, /., innuendo, hint. 

Indirectamente, adv., indirectly. 

Indirecto, a., indirect. 

Indiscreción, /., indiscretion. 

Indiscreto, a., indiscreet, impru- 
dent, foolish. 

Indisculpable, a., inexcusable. 

Indisoluble, a., indissoluble. 





Indispensable, a., indispensable. 

Indisponer, i.v., to indispose, to 
disincline, to render unfit. 

Indisposición, /., indisposition, 

Indispuesto, a., indisposed, unwill- 

Indistintamente, adv., indistinctly, 

Indistinto, a., indistinct, indiscri- 

Individual, a., individual. 

Individualizar, v., to individualise. 

Individuo, a. & m., individual. 

Indivisible, a., indivisible. 

Indiviso, a., undivided. 

Indócil, a., indocile. 

Indocto, a., ignorant, unlearned. 

indole, /., disposition, character, 
kind, class. 

Indolencia, /., indolence. 

Indolente, a., indolent. 

Indomable, a., indomitable, un- 

Indubitable (or Indudable), a., in- 
dubitable, unquestionable. 

Inducir, i.v., to induce. 

Indulgencia, /., indulgence. 

Indulgente, a., indulgent. 

Indultar, v., to pardon, to forgive, 
to free, to exempt. 

Indulto, m., pardon, exemption, 

Indumentaria, /., clothing. 

Industria, /., industry, diligence. 

Industrial, a. & m., industrial. 

Industrioso, a., industrious. 

Inédito, a., not published. 

Ineficacia, /., inefficacy, ineffi- 

Ineficaz, a., inefficacious, ineffect- 
ual, ineffective, inefficient. 

Inelegante, a., inelegant. 

Ineptitud, /., ineptitude. 

Inepto, a., inept, unfit, useless. 

Inequívoco, a., unequivocal, un- 

Inercia, /., inertia, inactivity, 

Inerte, a., inert, dull, sluggish. 

inescrutable, a., inscrutable. 

Inesperado, a., unexpected, un- 

Inevitable, a., inevitable, unavoid- 

Inexactitud, /., inexactitude, in- 

Inexacto, a., inexact, inaccurate. 

Inexcusable, a., inexcusable. 

Inexperiencia, /., inexperience. 

Inexperto, a., inexpert, unskilful. 

Inexplicable, a., inexplicable. 

Infalible, a., infallible. 

Infamar, v., to defame. 

Infame, a., infamous, vile. 

Infamia, /., infamy, baseness. 

Infancia, /., infancy. 

Infante, a. & m., infant. 

Infantería, /., infantry. 

Infatigable, a., indefatigable. 

Infatuar, v., to infatuate. 

Infausto, a., unlucky, unhappy, 

Infección, /., infection. 

Infectar, v., to infect, to corrupt. 

Infecto, a., infected. 

Infecundidad, /., infecundity. 

Infecundo, a., barren, unfruitful, 

Infelicidad, /., unhappiness, infe- 

Infeliz, a., unhappy, unfortunate. 

Infelizmente, adv., unhappily, un- 
fortunately, unluckily. 

Inferencia, /., inference. 

Inferior, a., inferior, lower. 

Inferioridad, /., inferiority. 

Inferir, i.v., to infer; r.v., to follow. 

Infestar, v., to infest. 

Infidelidad, /., infidelity. 

Infiel, a., unfaithful. 

ínfimo, a., lowest, least, ver}'- low, 
vile. See Precio. 

Infinidad, /., infinit3\ 

Infinitamente, adv., infinitely, im- 

Infinito, a., infinite ; adv., infi- 
nitely, immensely. 

Inflamable, a., inflammable. 

Inflamación, /., inflammation. 

Inflamar, v., to inflame, to kindle. 

Inflamatorio, a., inflammatory. 





In flexibilidad, /., inflexibility. 

Inflexible, a., inflexible. 

Inflexión, /., inflection. 

Influencia, /., influence, influx. 

Influente, {or Influyente), p.a. & 
a., influencing, influential. 

Influir, ¿.f., to influence, to prevail 

Influjo, yn., influx, influence. 

Infolio, m., a book in folio form. 

Información, /., informatfon, en- 
quiry, inquiry. 

Informal, a., informal, irregular. 

Informalidad, /., informality. 

Informar,!^., to inform, to instruct ; 
r.v., to take note, to ask for 
information, to inquire about, 
to make inquiries. 

Informativo, a., instructive, in- 

Informe, a., shapeless, formless ; 
m., information, report, brief. 
— s, information, references. 
Servicio de — s, inquiry office. 

Infortunado, a., unfortunate, un- 
lucky, unhappy. 

Infortunio, m., misfortune, cala- 

Infracción, /., infraction, breach, 
violation, infringement. 

Infraganti. See Flagrante. 

Infrascrito, a., under\vritten, un- 
dersigned. Yo — , I, the under- 

Infringir, v., to infringe, to violate. 

Infructífero, a., unfruitful, useless. 

Infructuosamente, adv., fruitlessly, 
in vain, unsuccessfully. 

Infructuoso, a., fruitless, unsuc- 

Infundado, a., groundless, %vithout 
cause or reason. 

Infundir, v., to infuse. 

Infusión, /., infusion. 

Ingeniar, v., to conceive, to con- 
trive ; r.v., to work in the mind, 
to manage skilfully. 

Ingeniería, /., engineering. 

Ingeniero, m., engineer. — mecá- 
nico, mechanical engineer. — 
de minas, mining engineer. 

— electricista, electrical en- 

Ingenio, m., genius, wit ; engine. 

— de azúcar, sugar-work, sugar- 
mill, sugar-plantation. — de 
pólvora, powder-mill. 

Ingenioso, a., ingenious, inventive. 

Ingenuamente, adv., ingenuously, 
candidly, frankly. 

Ingenuidad, /., ingenuousness, can- 
dour, openness. 

Ingenuo, a., ingenuous, open, 

Ingerir, i. v., to insert, to introduce ; 
to graft. 

Ingle, /., groin. 

Ingobernable, a., ungovernable, 

Ingratamente, adv., ungratefully. 

Ingratitud, /., ingratitude. 

Ingrato, a., ungrateful, unthank- 

Ingrediente, tn., ingredient. 

Ingresar, v., to enter. 

Ingreso, m., ingress, entry. 

Inhábil, a., unable, unskilful, 
incapable, unfit, unqualified, 

Inhabilidad, /., inability, incapa- 
city, unskilfulness. 

Inhabilitación, /., disability, dis- 

Inhabilitar, v., to disable, to make 
unfit, to disqualify. 

Inhabitable, a., uninhabitable. 

Inhabitado, a., uninhabited. 

Inherencia, /., inherence. 

Inherente, a., inherent. 

Inhospitalidad, /., inhospitality. 

Inhumano, a., inhuman. 

Inicial, a., initial. — es (, ini- 
tials, initial letters. 

Iniciar, v., to initiate ; r.v., to be 

Iniciativa, /., initiative. 

Inlciativo, a., initiatory. 

Inicuo, a., iniquitous. 

Inimitable, a., inimitable. 

Ininteligible, a., unintelligible. 

Iniquidad, /., iniquity, injustice. 

Injuria, /., injury, offence, insult. 





Injuriar, v., to injure, to annoy, 
to insult, to offend. 

Injurioso, a., injurious, offensive, 

Injustamente, adv., unjustly. 

Injusticia, /., injustice. 

Injusto, a., unjust, unfair. 

Inmanejable, a., unmanageable. 

Inmaterial, a., immaterial. 

Inmaturo, a., immature. 

Inmediación, /., contiguity, actual 
contact. Las — es, the neigh- 

Inmediatamente, adv.. imme- 

Inmediato, a., immediate, conti- 
guous, neighbouring. 

Inmejorable, a., unimprovable, 

Inmemorable, a., immemorable. 

Inmemorial, a., immemorial. 
Desde tiempo — , time out of 

Inmensamente, adv., immensely. 

Inmensidad, /., immensity. 

Inmenso, a., immense, infinite. 

Inmensurable, a., immeasurable. 

Inmerecido, a., undeserved. 

Inmeritorio, a., immeritorious, 

Inmersión, /., immersion. 

Inmigración, /., immigration. 

Inmigrante, m., immigrant. 

Inmigrar, v., to immigrate. 

Inmundo, a., unclean, dirty. 

Inmune, a., immune, free, exempt. 

Inmunidad, /., immunity, exemp- 

Inmutable, a., immutable. 

Inmutar, v., to change, to alter. 

Innato, a., innate, unborn. 

Innecesario, a., unnecessary. 

Innegable, a., incontestable, un- 

Innoble, a., ignoble. 

Innovación, /., innovation. 

Innovar, v., to innovate. 

Innumerable, a., innumerable. 

Inocencia, /., innocence. 

Inocente, a., innocent. 

Inodoro, a., inodorous, odourless, 
not pelding a scent ; m., 

Inofensivo, a., inoffensive. 

Inoficioso, a., inofficious. 

Inolvidable, a., never to be for- 

Inopinado, a., unexpected, unfore- 

Inoportuno, a., inopportune. 

Inquebrantable, a., inviolable, irre- 
vocable, unshaken. 

Inquietar, v., to disturb, to cause 
anxiety, to trouble ; r.v., to 
become anxious or uneasy. 

Inquieto, a., anxious, uneasy. 

Inquietud, /., anxiety, uneasiness. 

Inquilinato, m., tenancy 

Inminente, a., imminent, impend- Inquilino, m., tenant ; inmate. 

Inmiscuir, v., to mix ; r.v., to 

interfere, to meddle. 
Inmoble, a., immovable. 
Inmoderación, /., immoderation. 
Inmoderado, a., immoderate. 
Inmortal, a., immortal. 
Inmortalizar, a., to immortalise. 
Inmotivado, a., without cause or 

Inmovible, a. See Inmóvil. 
Inmóvil, a., immovable. 
Inmovilidad, /., immobility. 
Inmueble, a., immovable. Bienes 

— s, landed propert3\ [ness. 

Inmundicia, /., uncleanness, dirti- 

Inquirir, i.v., to inquire, to ascer- 
tain, to look after. 

Inquisitivo, a., inquisitive, curious. 

Insalubre, a., insalubrious, im- 

Inscribir, v., to inscribe ; to enter, 
to register. - — se, to enter. 

Inscripción, /., inscription, en- 
trance. Boletín de — , entrance 

Inscripto, p.p., inscribed, entered. 

Inseguridad, /., insecurity, uncer- 

Inseguro, a., insecure, uncertain. 

Insensatez, /., stupidity-, lack of 





Insensible, a., insensible, imper- 
ceptible, unfeeling. 

Inseparable, a., inseparable. 

Inserción, /., insertion. 

Insertar, v., to insert. 

Inserto, a. & p.p., inserted. 

Inservible, a., unserviceable, use- 

Insigne, a., notable, noted. 

Insignia, /., badge. 

Insigniflcaeión, /., insignificance. 

Insignificante, a., insignificant, 
unimportant, trifling. 

Insignificativo, a., insignificant. 

Insinuación, /., insinuation, innu- 

Insinuar, v., to insinuate, to hint. 

Insipidez, /., insipidity. 

Insípido, a., insipid, tasteless. 

Insistencia, /., insistence, persis- 

Insistir, V. (en), to insist, to persist. 

Insolencia, /., insolence. 

Insolente, a., insolent, impudent. 

In sólidum, (Lat.), adv., jointly. 

Insólito, a., unusual. [ble. 

Insoluble, a., insoluble, indissolu- 

Insolvencia, /., insolvency. 

Insolvente, a., insolvent. 

Insondable, a., unfathomable. 

Insoportable, a., insupportable, 

Insostenible, a., indefensible. 

Inspección, /., inspection, survey. 

Inspeccionar, v., to inspect, to 
examine, to survey, to super- 

Inspector, m., inspector, superin- 
tendent, surveyor. 

Inspirar, v., to inspire. — con- 
fianza [or respeto), to inspire 
with confidence (or respect). 

Instabilidad, /., instabiUty. 

Instalación, /., installation. 

Instalar, v., to install, to set up. 

Instancia, /., instance, entreaty ; 
application, request ; urgency ; 
process of a suit. Absolver de 
la — , to non-suit. 

Instantánea, /., snapshot (photo- 

Instantáneamente, adv., instantly, 

Instantáneo, a., instantaneous. 

Instante, m., instant ; a., instant, 
pressing, urgent. Al — , im- 
mediately, instantly. 

Instantemente, adv., instantly. 

Instar, v., to press, to urge. 

Instigación, /., instigation, incite- 

Instigar, v., to instigate, to incite. 

Instilación, /., instillation. 

Instilar, v., to instill. 

Instinto, Mí., instinct. Por — , 

Institución, /., institution, estab- 
lishment, institute. 

Instituir, i. v., to institute, to estab- 
lish ; to appoint, to nominate. 

Instituto, m., institute ; design, 

Instrucción, /., instruction, educa- 
tion. — pública, public educa- 
tion. — permanente, standing 
instruction. — es, instructions, 

Instructivo, a., instructive. 

Instructor, m., instructor, teacher. 

Instruir, ¿.y., to instruct, to teach, 
to acquaint, to inform. 

Instrumental, a., instrumental. 

Instrumento, m., instrument, tool, 
document. — cortante, edge- 

Insuficiencia, /., insufficiency. 

Insuficiente, a., insufficient. 

Insufrible, a., insufferable, into- 

Insular, a., insular. 

Insultante, p.a. & a., insulting. 

Insultar, v., to insult. 

Insulto, m., insult. 

Insuperable, a., insuperable, in- 

Insurrección, /., insurrection. 

Intachable, a., uncensurable. 

Intacto, a., intact, untouched, 

Integral, a., integral. 

Integrar, v., to integrate, to make 
up a whole. 





Integridad, /., integrity, whole- 
ness ; honesty. 

íntegro, a., integral, entire, com- 
plete ; honest, just. La suma 
íntegra, the amount in full. 

Intelecto, m., intellect. 

Intelectual, a., intellectual. 

Inteligencia, /., intelligence, under- 
standing, knowledge. En la — 
de que, on the understanding 

Inteligente, a., intelligent, skilful, 
clexer ; expert. 

Inteligible, a., intelligible. 

Intemperie, /., intemperateness. 

Intempestivo, a., unseasonable. 

Intención, /., intention. 

Intencionado, a., inclined, dis- 

Intencional, a., intentional. 

Intendencia, /., administration, 

Intendente, m., intendant, go- 

Intensidad, /., intensity. 

Intenso, a., intense. 

Intentar, v., to try, to attempt, to 
endeavour, to intend. 

Intento, m., intent, purpose, de- 
sign. De — , on purpose, de- 

Intercalar, v., to intercalate, to 
insert among other things. 

Interceder, v., to intercede. 

Intercepción, /., interception. 

Interceptar, v., to intercept, to 
cut olí, to block. 

Intercesión, /., intercession, me- 

Intercesor, m., intercessor, me- 

Intercesorio, a., intercessory. 

Interdecir, %.v., to interdict, to 

Interdicción, /., interdiction, pro- 
hibition, interdict. 

Interdicto, m., prohibition, inter- 

Interés, m., interest, concern. 
— de — , compound interest. 
— es, interest. Al major de 

sus — es, to the best of your 
interests. — simple, simple 
interest. — compuesto, com- 
pound interest. Poner a — , to 
put out to interest. Devengar 
— es, to pay interest. Llevar 
• — -es, to bear interest. — es 
creados, vested interests. 

Interesado, a. & p.p., interested, 
concerned. Los — s, the parties 

Interesante, a., interesting. 

Interesar, v., to interest, to con- 
cern ; Y.V., to be interested or 

Interfoliar, v., to interleave a book. 

ínterin, adv., meanwhile. En el 
— , in the meantime. 

Interino, a., provisional. 

Interior, a., interior, inner, in- 
ward, inside ; m., interior, in- 
side. El comercio — , home 
trade. Navegación — , inland 

Interiormente, adv., internally, in 
the interior. 

Interlineal, a., interlineal. 

Intermediar, v., to interpose, to 
be in the middle. 

Intermedio, a., intermediate, in- 
tervening ; m., interval, inter- 
lude, middle. 

Interminable, a., interminable. 

Intermisión, /., intermission, in- 

Intermitente, a., intermittent. 

Internación, /., importation. De- 
rechos de — ■, importation duties. 

Internacional, a., international. 

Interno, a., internal, interior. 

Interpelar, v., to appeal to, to 
implore the aid of ; to summon, 
to interrogate. 

Interponer, \.v., to interpose. 

Interposición, /., interposition. 

Interpretación, /., interpretation, 
construction, meaning. 

Interpretar, v., to interpret, to 
understand, to carry out. 

Intérprete, com., interpreter, trans- 





Interpuesto, a. & p.p., interposed, 
placed between. 

Interrogación, /., interrogation. 

Interrogante, a. & p.a., interroga- 
tive, interrogating ; in., inter- 

Interrogar, v., to interrogate, to 

Interrogativo, a., interrogative. 

Interrogatorio, m., interrogatorv, 

Interrumpidamente, adv., inter- 
ruptedly, ott and on. 

Interrumpido, a., interrupted, 

Interrumpir, v., to interrupt, to 
hinder, to cut off. 

Interrupción, /., interruption. 

Intersección, /., intersection. 

Intervalo, m., interval. 

Intervención, /., intervention. 

Intervenir, i.v., to intervene, to 
interfere, to assist, to attend. 

Intestado, a., intestate. 

Intestino, a., intestine, internal ; 

Intimación, /., intimation. 

íntimamente, adv., intimately. 

Intimar, v., to intimate, to hint. 

Intimidad, /., intimacy, friendship. 

Intimidar, v., to intimidate. 

íntimo, a., intimate, familiar, 

Intitular, v., to entitle. 

Intolerable, a., intolerable. 

Intolerancia, /., intolerance. 

Intolerante, a., intolerant. 

Intoxicar, v., to poison. 

Intransitable, a., impassable, im- 

Intratable, a., intractable, un- 

Intrepidez, /., intrepidity. 

Intrépido, a., intrepid 

Intriga, /., intrigue, entanglement. 

Intrigar, v., to intrigue, to puzzle. 

Intrincable, a. See Intrincado. 

Intrincado, a., intricate, entangled, 

Intrincar, v., to perplex, to en- 

Intrínseco, a., intrinsic 

Introducir, i.v., to introduce. 

Introducción, /.. introduction. 

Introductor, m., introducer. 

Introductorio, a., introductory. 

Introductivo, a., introductive. 

Intrusión, /., intrusion. 

Intruso, a., intrusive, intruder. 

Intuitivo, a., intuitive. 

Inundación, /., inundation, flood. 

Inundar, v., to inundate, to over- 
flow, to flood. 

Inusitadamente, adv., unusually. 

Inusitado, a., unusual. 

Inútil, a., useless, needless. 

Inutilidad, /., inutility, useless- 

Inutilizar, v., to render useless, 
to destroy. 

Inútilmente, adv., uselessly. 

Invadir, v., to invade. 

Invalidación, /., invalidation. 

Invalidar, v., to invalidate, to 

Inválido, a., invalid, null. 

Invariable, a., invariable, un- 

Invencible, a., in\'incible. 

Invención, /., invention. Privi- 
legio de — , patent. 

Invendible, a., unsaleable, un- 

Inventar, v., to invent, to forge. 

Inventario, >«., inventory, cata- 
logue, stock. Hacer el — , to 
take stock. 

Inventor, m., inventor. 

Invernar, i.v., to %vinter. 

Invernizo, a., ^\ántry, hi ¡pernal. 

Inverosímil, a., unlikely, impro- 

Inverosimilitud, /., unlikelihood. 

Inversión, /., inversion ; invest- 
ment. — de fondos segura, safe 

Inverso, a., inverse, inverted, con- 

Invertir, i.v., to invert, to turn 
upside down ; to employ, to 
spend, to take (time), to invest 





Investigación, /., investigation. 

Investigar, v., to investigate. 

Investir, i.v., to invest, to confer 
some dignit}'. 

Invierno, m., winter. 

Inviolable, a., inviolable. 

Inviolado, a., inviolate. 

Invisible, a., invisible. 

Invitación, /., invitation. 

Invitar, v. (a), to invite, to ask. 

Invocar, v., to invoke, to implore. 

Involuntario, a., involuntary. 

Inyección, /., injection. Llave 
de — , injection cock. 

Inyectar, v., to inject. 

Inyector, m., injector. 

Iodo, m., iodine. 

Ipecacuana, /., ipecacuanha. 

Ir, i.v., to go ; to be. — adelante, 
to go on ; r.v., to go away. — en 
aumento, to increase. — en 
decadencia, to be on the decline. 

Ira, /., ire, anger, Jury. 

Iracundia, /., irascibility. 

Iracundo, a., ireful, passionate. 

Iridio, m., iridium. 

Iris, m., iris, the rainbow. 

Irlanda, /., fine Irish linen, (Cuba) 
zephyr ; coloured woven shirt- 

Ironía, /., irony. 

Irónico, a., ironical. 

Irrecusable, a., unimpeachable, 

Irreflexivo, a., inconsiderate, 

Irregular, a., irregular. 

Irregularidad, /., irregularity. 

Irremediable, a., irremediable, 

Irremisible, a., unpardonable. 

Irremisiblemente, adv., unpardon- 

Irreparable, a., irreparable. 

Irreprensible, a., irreprehensible. 

Irresistible, a., irresistible. 

Irresolución, /., irresolution. 

Irresoluto, a., irresolute. 

Irresuelto. See Irresoluto. 

Irresponsabilidad, /., irresponsi- 

Irrevocable, a., irrevocable. 
Irrisorio, a., derisive, risible. 
Irritable, a., irritable. 
Irritación, /., irritation. 
Irritar, v., to irritate. 
Irrogar, v., to cause, to occasion 

(damage, etc.), to bring. — 

perjuicio a, to harm, to cause 

injury (to). 
Isla, /., isle, island. 
Isleta, /., islet. 
Istmo, m., isthmus. 
Iterar, t^., to iterate, to repeat. 
Itinerario, m., itinerary, route; 

a., itinerary. 
Izar, v., to hoist. 
Izquierdo, a., left, left-handed. 

A la izquierda, to the left, on 

the left-hand. 

Jaba, /., crate (S.A.). 

Jabalí, m., wild boar. 

Jabón, m., soap. — de Castilla, 
Castile soap. - — ■ jaspeado, 
mottled soap. Pastilla de — , 
cake of soap. 

Jabonar, v., to soap. 

Jabonete, m., wash-ball, shaving 

Jabonero, m., soap-maker or seller. 

Jacinto, m., hyacinth. 

Jactancia, /., jactancy, boasting, 

Jactarse, r.v., to vaunt, to boast, 
to brag. 

Jaez, m., harness; kind. 

Jalapa, /., jalap. 

Jalbegar, v., to whiten, to white- 

Jalbegue, m., whitewash, whiten- 

Jalea, /., jelly. 

Jaletina, /., calf's foot jelly, gela- 

Jamás, adv., never. Para siempre 
— , for ever. 

Jamón, m., ham. 

Jamuga(s), /., a kind of side- 
saddle for women. 

Jaque, m., braggart ; check (in 
chess). — mate, checkmate. 





Jaqueca, /., headache. 

Jaquel, m., chessboard. 

Jaqueta, /., jacket. 

Jaquetón, m., a large wide coat. 

Jarabe, m., syrup. Tener — de 

pico, to be ready with one's 

Jarcia, /., tackle, rigging and 

cordage. — s de respeto, spare 

Jardín, w.,. garden. 
Jardinería, /., gardening, horti- 
Jardinero, m., gardener. 
Jarope, m., syrup, medical draught. 
Jarra, /., jug, jar, pitcher. 
Jarrete, m., ham, the upper part 

of the leg. 
Jarro, m., jug, pot, pitcher. 
Jaspeado, a., spotted, mottled, 

Jaspear, v., to marble, to paint. 
Jaiüa, /., cage, crate. 
Jauría, /., pack of hounds. 
Java. See Jaba. 
Jazmín, m., jessamine. 
Jebe, m., rock-alum ; (Peru) 

Jefatura, /., dignitj- of a chief, 

Jefe, ni., chief, head, superior, 

leader, principal. • — -de taller, 

Jengibre, m., ginger. 
Jerarquía, /., hierarchy. 
Jerga, /., coarse frieze ; jargon, 

Jergón, m., mattress, mat. 
Jerigonza, /., jargon, gibberish. 
Jeringa, /., s3TÍnge. 
Jeroglíñco, m. & a., hieroglyph, 

Jicara, /., chocolate cup. 
Jigote, m., minced meat, hash. 
Jilguero, m., linnet. 
Jinete, m., horseman, cavalier, 

Jipijapa, /., fine straw. Sombrero 

de — , Panama hat. 
Jira, /., strip, slip, trip, excursion, 


Jirón, m., strip, rag, tatter. 

Jiste, m., yeast, barm. 

Jofaina, /., basin, bowl. 

Jornada, /., journey, day's travel. 

Jornal, m., day-work, day-wages, 
pay ; journal, diarj-. A — , by 
the day. 

Jornalero, m., day-labourer, jour- 

Jota, /., jot, tittle. No saber una 
— , to be very ignorant. 

Joven, a., young ; in., young man, 
youth ; /., young woman. 

Joya, /., jewel. [shop. 

Joyería, /., jewellery, jeweller's 

Joyero, m., jeweller ; jewel-case. 

Jubileo, in., jubilee. 

Júbilo, m., glee, jo}'. 

Jubón, m., doublet, jacket. 

Judia, /., French bean, kidney 

Judicial, a., judicial, juridical. 

Juego, m., play, sport, game, gam- 
bling ; set, service, suite ; me- 
thod ; running, gear. En — , in 
play, at stake. Entrar en — , to 
come into play. Hacer {or 
formar) — , to match, to suit, to 
fit. — para café, cofíee service. 
Tener mucho — , to have too 
much play (Mech.). 

Juez, m., judge. — arbitro, arbi- 
trator, umpire, awarder. 

Jugada, /., play, plajdng, trick. 

— de bolsa, stock exchange 
speculating (or gambling). 

Jugador, m., player, gambler. 

— al alza, bull. — a la baja, 

Jugar, v., to play, to sport, to 
gamble. — al alza, to bull. 

— a la baja, to bear. 

Jugo, in., sap, juice, moisture, 

marrow, pith. 
Jugosidad, /., sappiness, juiciness. 
Jugoso, a., juicy, succulent. 
Juguete, ni., toy, plaything. 
Juicio, m., judgment, sense, 

opinion, wisdom. Pedir en — , 

to sue at law. A mi — , in mj' 






Juicioso, a., judicious, prudent. 

Julepe, m., julep. 

Jumento, m., ass, beast of burden. 

Junco, m., rush ; junk (Chinese 

Junquillo, m., jonquil. 

Junta, /., assembly, meeting, 
union, congress, board. — de 
sanidad, board of health. — de 
acreedores, creditors' meeting. 

Juntamente, adv., jointly, together, 
at the same time. 

Juntar, v., to join, to assemble, to 
collect ; r.v., to meet, to join. 

Junto, a., annexed, united, 
together ; adv., near, at hand, 
close. — a, near to, by. Por — , 
in the lump, in bulk. En — , 
in all, together. 

Juntura, /., juncture, joint. 

Jura, /., oath. 

Jurado, m., jury, juryman. 

Juramentar, v., to swear, to put 
to an oath. 

Juramento, m., oath. Prestar — , 
to take an oath. 

Jurar, v., to swear. 

Jurídico, a., juridical, lawful, 

Jurisdicción, /., jurisdiction. 

Jurisprudencia, /., jurisprudence. 

Justamente, adv., just, exactly, 
fairly, precisely. 

Justicia, /., justice, fairness. 

Justificación, /., justification, war- 

Justificado, a., justified. 

Justificante, p.a., justifying ; jus- 
tifier ; m., receipt, voucher. 

Justificar, v., to justify, to vindi- 
cate, to warrant. 

Justificativo, a., justificatory, 

Justipreciar, v., to estimate, to 

Justiprecio, m., appraisement, va- 

Justo, a., just, exact, fit, right, 
fair ; adv., tightly, exactly. 

Juvenil, a., juvenile, young. 

Juventud, /., youth, youthfulness. 

Juzgado, m., tribunal, court of 
justice ; judicature. 

Juzgar, v., to judge, to sentence, 
to think, to deem. — conve- 
niente, to think advisable. 

Kaki, a., khaki (colour). 

Kilo, tn., kilogram ; abbre\iation 

of Kilogramo. 
Kilogramo, m., kilogram. 
KiloUtro, m., kilolitre. 
Kilómetro, m., kilometre. 
Kiosco, m., kiosk, newspaper 

stall, news-stand. 
Kilovatio, m., kilowatt. 

La, fern, art., the ; pron., her, it. 

Laberinto, m., labj-rinth, maze. 

Labia, /., winning eloquence. 

Labio, m., lip. 

Labor, /., labour, needle-work. 
— de aguja, needle-work. 

Laborable, a., tillable, workable. 
Día — , working day. 

Laborativo, a., workable. See 

Laborear, v., to cultivate, to till 
the ground. 

Laboreo, m., culture, labour. 

Laboriosidad, /., laboriousness, 

Laborioso, a., laborious, assiduous, 

Labrado, a., worked, figured. 

Labrador, a., laborious, indus- 
trious ; m., labourer, farmer, 

Labrandera, /., seamstress, em- 

Labrante, m., stone-cutter, sculp- 

Labrantío, a., producing grain. 
See Tierra. 

Labranza, /., tillage, ploughing, 

Labrar, v., to work, to labour, to 
till, to cultivate the ground ; to 
build ; to embroider, to do 
needlework ; to finish. 





Labriego, m., peasant. 

Laca, /., lac ; lacquer. — de 
tinte, lac-dye. — en hojuelas, 

Lacayo, m., footman, lackey, 

Lacear, v., to lace. 

Lacerar, v., to lacerate, to mangle. 

Lacónico, a., laconic, brief. 

Lacre, m., sealing-wax, wax. 

Lácteo, Lactífero, a., lacteal, milky. 

Ladeado, a., on one side, inclined. 

Ladear, v., to turn to one side, to 

Ladino, a., cunning, crafty. 

Lado, m., side. Al — , at hand, to 
one side. De — , incidentally, on 
one side. Dar de — , to dismiss, 
to lay aside. 

Ladrar, v., to bark, to howl. 

Ladrido, ?»., barking. 

Ladrillado, m., floor made of 

Ladrillar, m., brick-field, brick- 

Ladrillero, m., brick-maker. 

Ladrillo, m., brick. — refractario, 
fire brick. 

Ladrón, tn., thief, robber. 

Lagar, m., wine-press. 

Lagarto, m., lizard. 

Lago, ni., lake. 

Lágrima, /., tear. 

Laguna, /., pond, lake, marsh. 

Lama, /., mud, slime. 

Lamentable, a., lamentable. 

Lamentar, v., to lament, to be- 
moan, to regret. — se de, to 

Lamento, m., lamentation, lament. 

Lamer, v., to lick. 

Lámina, /., plate, sheet of metal ; 
copper-plate, print. 

Laminador, m., rolling-press, plate 
roller ; roller, rolling mill. 

Laminar, ;'., to roll (metal, etc.). 

Laminero, m., manufacturer of 
metal plates. 

Lámpara, /., lamp. — de seguri- 
dad, safety-lamp. — eléctrica 
del sistema arco, arc-lamp. 

Lamparero, m., lamp-lighter. 

Lamparilla, /., small lamp ; night- 

Lampistero, m., lamp-maker. 

Lana, /., wool. — burda {or 
churla), coarse wool. — en 
rama, uncombed wool. — 
larga, combing wool. — de 
cachemira. Cashmere wool. 
Borra de — , flock wool. — 
corta, short-staple wool. — 
larga de cardar, long staple 
wool. ■ — ■ suarda, greasy wool. 
Lavado a fondo, scoured wool. 
— de vellón, fleece wool. 

Lanar, a., woolly, wool. Ganado 
— , sheep. 

Lance, m., chance, accident, affair. 
De — , at second hand. 

Lanceta, /., lancet. 

Lancha, /., launch, boat, lighter, 
barge. — de salvamento, life- 
boat. — pesquera, fishing-boat. 

Lanchada, /., boatload. 

Lanchero, m., boatman, barge- 

Lanchón, m., lighter. 

Lando, in., landau. 

Lanero, m., dealer in wool ; wool 

Langosta, /., locust ; lobster. 

Languidez, /., languidness, lan- 
guor, weakness. 

Lánguido, a., languid, faint, weak, 

Lanificio, m., woollen manufac- 

LanUla, /., nap of cloth, down, 

Lanudo, a., woolly. 

Lanza, /., lance. 

Lanzamiento, m., launching, cast- 

Lanzar, v., to throw, to launch. 
— - al agua, to launch (a vessel). 

Lapicero, m., pencil-holder, pencil- 

Lápida, /., flat stone. 

Lapidario, m., lapidary. 

Lapislázuli, m., lapis-lazuli, an 
azure stone. 





Lápiz, m., blacklead, lead pencil, 

Lapso, m., lapse, course of time. ^ 

Lapsus linguae (Lat.), m., slip of 
the tongue. 

Lardo, m., lard. 

Lardoso, a., greasy. 

Larga, /., delay, procrastination. 
Dar — sa., to put off, to quibble. 
See Largo. 

Largamente, adv., largely. 

Largar, v., to loosen, to slacken, 
to let go, to pay out (rope or 
cable, etc.) ; r.v., to go away. 

Largo, a., long, large. — de uñas, 
light-fingered. A lo — de, along. 
A lo — , at a distance. Pasar 
de — , to pass • by without 
stopping. A la corta o a la 
larga, sooner or later. A la 
larga, at length, in the long run. 
Tiene 6 pies de — , it is six feet 
long, or in length. 

Largor, m., length. 

Largueza, /., length, largeness ; 

Largura, /., length, extent. 

Lasitud, /., lassitude, weariness. 

Laso, a., weary, lax. 

Lástima, /., pity, grief, compas- 
sion. Es — , it is a pity. [pity. 

Lastimar, v., to hurt, to wound, to 

Lastimero, a., sad, mournful. 

Lastimoso. See Lastimero. 

Lastrar, v., to ballast a ship. 

Lastre, m., ballast. Ir en — , to go 
in ballast. 

Lata, /., tin-plate, tin can, canis- 
ter ; lath ; (Coll.) nuisance. 

Latente, a., latent, hidden. 

Lateral, a., lateral, side. 

Latido, m., pant, palpitation, beat. 

Látigo, m., whip. 

Latir, v., to palpitate, to beat. 

Latitud, /., breadth, width, latitud. 

Lato, a., large, extensive. 

Latón, ni., brass. — en hojas (or 
planchas), sheet brass. Hilo 
de — , brass wire. 

1 In South America this word " lapso " 
is commonly used for " error or mistake." 

Latonería, /., brass-worker's shop. 

Latonero, m., brazier. 

Latrocinio, m., robbery, theft. 

Laúd, m., lute ; merchant vessel, 

Laudable, a., laudable. 

Laurel, m., laurel. 

Lavable, a., washable, washing. 

Lavabo, m., wash-hand stand. 

Lavadero, m., washing-place, lava- 
tory, laundry ; vat or pit. 

Lavado, m., washing ; p-p-, 
washed. See Lana. 

Lavadura, /., wash, washing. 

Lavamanos, m., washing-stand, 

Lavanda, /., lavender. 

Lavandera, /., laundress. 

Lavandero, m., washer. 

Lavar, v., to wash, to cleanse. 
Polvos de — ■, washing powder. 

Lavatorio, m., washing, lavatory. 

Laxitud, /., lassitude, weariness, 

Laxo, a., lax, slack. 

Lazo, m., bow, lassoo ; tie, bond. 

Le, pron., him, her. 

Leal, a., loyal. 

Lealtad, /., loyalty. 

Lebrel, m., greyhound. 

Lebrillo, m., glazed earthenware 

Lección, /., lesson. 

Lechada, /., whitewash. 

Leche, /., milk. — crema (or 
quemada), custard. — con- 
centrada (or condensada), con- • 
densed milk. — de cal, white- 

Lechera, /., milkmaid, dairymaid ; 

Lechero, m., milkman. 

Lecho, m., bed, couch. 

Lechón, ;»., pig. 

Lechuga, /., lettuce. 

Lechuza, /., owl, barn-owl. 

Lector, m., reader. 

Lectura, /., reading, lecture ; 
small pica (type). Dar — a, to 

Legación, /., embassy, legation. 





Legado, m., legacy- ; deputy, 

Legajo, m., bundle of papers, file. 
Legal, a., legal, lawful. 
Legalidad, /., legality, lawfulness. 
Legalización, /., legalisation. 
Legalizar, v., to legalise, to author- 
Legalmente, adv., legally, lawfull3^ 
Legar, v., to bequeath ; to depute. 
Legatario, m., legatee. 
Legible, a., legible. 
Legislación, /., legislation. 
Legislador, m., legislator. 
Legislar, v., to legislate. 
Legislativo, a., legislative. 
Legislatura, /., legislature. 
Legitimidad, /., legitimacy, legal- 
ity, genuineness. 
Legítimo, a., legitimate, legal, 

lau'ful, genuine, authentic. 
Legón, m., spade. 
Legua, /., league, three miles. 
Legumbre, /., vegetable. 
Legúmina, /., legumin. 
Leguminoso, a., leguminous. 
Leíble, a., legible, readable. 
Lejanía, /., distance. 
Lejano, a., distant, far, remote. 
Lejía, /., lye. 
Leiio, ni., (dyers') lye. 
Lejos, adv., far off, distant ; m., 

distance. A lo — , at a great 

Lema, m., motto. 
Lencería, /., linen-draper's shop, 

linen trade. 
Lencero, m., linen-draper, linen 

Lengua, /., tongue, language. — 

de vaca, neat's tongue. — de 

buey, beef tongue. 
Lenguado, m., sole (fish). 
Lenguaje, m., language, speech, 

Lenguaraz, a., fluent, voluble, 

LengUeta, /., small tongue, needle 

of a balance. 
Lenidad, /., lenity, mildness. 
Lenitivo, a. & m., lenitive. 

Lentamente, adv., slowly. 

Lente, m. & /., lens. — s, eye- 

Lenteja, /., lentil. 

Lentejuela, /., spangle. — ^s, 

Lentitud, /., slowness. 

Lento, a., slow, heavy. 

Leña, /., wood, firewood. 

Leñador, m., woodman. 

Leñero, m., dealer in wood, timber 
merchant ; timber-yard ; log- 

Leño, m., block, log. 

León, ni., lion. 

Leontina, /., watch-chain. 

Leopoldina, /., charm, fob. 

Lerdamente, adv., slowly, heavily. 

Lerdo, a., slow, heavy. 

Lesión, /., hurt, damage, wound ; 
injury, wrong. 

Lesionar, v., to hurt, to damage, 
to injure. 

Lesivo, a., prejudicial, injui'ious. 

Lesna, /., (shoemaker's) awl. 

Leso, a., hurt, damaged. Lesa 
majestad, high treason. 

Letra, /., letter, hand^\Titing, type. 

— de cambio, bill of exchange. 
A la ■ — -, literally, punctually. 

— dorada, gold letter. Marcado 
con — dorada, gold-block 
stamping. — a corto plazo, 
short-dated bill. — a largo 

iilazo, long-dated bill. 
rado, m., lawyer, advocate. 

Letrero, m., inscription, sign, 
label, lettering. 

Letrina, /., privy, water-closet. 

Leva, /., levy ; cog. 

Levadura, /., ferment, leaven, 
yeast. — en polvo, baking 
■ powder. 

Levantamiento, m., elevation, ris- 
ing, rebellion. 

Levantar, v., to raise, to lift ; r.v., 
to rise, to get up. 

Levante, m., Levant, East. Comer- 
cio de — , the Levant trade. 

Levar, v., to weigh anchor ; r.v., 
to set sail. 





Leve, a., light, trifling. 

Levedad, /., lightness, levity. 

Levemente, adv., lightly, gently. 

Levita, /., írock coat. [glossarj-. 

Léxico, Lexicón, w., lexicon, 

Lexicógrafo, m., lexicographer. 

Ley, /., law, legal standard of 
quality, weight or measure. 
De — , standard. De baja — , 
below the standard. Proyecto 
de — , parliamentary bill. — de 
hacienda, money-biU. — mar- 
cial, martial law. — moratoria, 
law of moratorium. 

Liar, v., to tie, to bind. 

Libar, v., to suck, to sip, to taste. 

Libelar, v., to petition, to sue at 

Libelo, m., petition, libel. 

Liberación, /., liberation, exemp- 
tion, deliverance. 

Liberal, a., liberal, free, open, 

Liberalidad, /., liberality. 

Libertad, /., liberty, freedom. De- 
jar en — , to leave at liberty. 
Dar carta de — , to set at 

Libertar, v., to liberate, to free, 
to set free, to exempt, to 
acquit, to pay up. 

Libra, /., pound. — esterlina, 
pound sterling. 

Librado, a., drawee. 

Librador, m., drawer of a bill. 

Libramiento, >w., warrant, draw- 
ing, draft, bill. 

Librancista, fo"i.. holder of a draft 
or bill. 

Libranza, /., draft, bill. 

Librar, v., to free, to deliver, to 
draw a bill. 

Libre, a., free. — - cambio, free 
trade. — a bordo, free on board. 

Librea, /., liverjr. 

Libremente, adv., freely. 

Librería, /., library, bookseller's 
shop, stationer's shop. 

Librero, m., bookseller. — de 
viejo, second-hand bookseller. 

Libreta, /., troy- weight pound ; 

loaf of bread ; small memo- 
randum book. 
Libro, m., book. — de caja, cash 
book. — ■ de apuntes, memo- 
randum book, note-book. — 
en bianco, book in sheets. — en 
pasta, book in paper-cover. 

— de facturas, invoice book. 
— - de cuentas, account book. 

— del diario (Naut.), journal. 
— ■ mayor, ledger. — de memo- 
ria, memorandum book. — en 
rústica, book in paper cover, 
unbound. — de cuenta y razón, 
(bank) pass-book. — en cartón, 
book in boards. — en piel, 
book in leather-binding. — 
de cálculos hechos, ready 

Licencia, /., licence, leave, per- 
mission, liberty, furlough; uni- 
versity degree. 

Licenciado, m., licentiate, holder 
of a university degree ; a title 
given to lawyers. 

Licenciar, v., to permit, to license, 
to allow ; to dismiss. 

Liceo, m., lyceum, public school. 

Licitación, /., selling by auction. 

Lícitamente, atii'., lawfully, licitly. 

Licitar, v., to sell by auction. 

Lícito, a., licit, lawful. 

Licor, m., liquor, liquid, spirit. 

Licorista, com., dealer in spirits. 

Licuar, v., to liquefy, to dissolve. 

Lid, /., conflict, ñght. 

Lidiar, v., to ñght. 

Liebre, /., hare. 

Lienza, /., tape, measure. — para 
medir, tape measure. 

Lienzo, m., linen, canvas. — 
encerado, glazed linen. 

Liga, /., garter, bird-lime ; league, 
alliance ; alloy. 

Ligación, /., ligation, union. 

Ligado, a., tied, bound. 

Ligadura, /., ligature, tie. 

Ligamento, ;«., ligament, cord. 

Ligamiento, m., union, concord. 

Ligar, v., to tie, to bind, to fasten ; 
to alloy ; to league. 





Ligazón, /., union, connection, 

Ligeramente, adv., swiftly, lightly, 

Ligereza, /., lightness, celerity, 

Ligero, a., light, thin, s-vvift, 
nimble, quick. 

Lignito, m., lignite, brown coal. 

Lija, /. See Papel. 

Lila, /., lilac-tree ; a., lilac-colour. 

Lima, /., lime-tree ; file (tool). 

Limadura, /., filing. 

Limar, v., to file, to polish. 

Limitación, /., limitation, restric- 
tion, modification. 

Limitado, a., limited. 

Limitar, v., to limit, to restrain, 
to restrict. 

Limite, m., limit, boimdary, bor- 
der. Sin — s, unlimited. 

Limón, m., lemon, lemon-tree. 

Limonada, /., lemonade. 

Limonado, a., lemon-coloured. 

Limonera, /., shaft of a cart. 

Limonero, m., lemon-tree ; dealer 
in lemons. 

Limosna, /., alms, charity. 

Limoso, a., muddy, slimy. 

Limpia, /., cleansing, dredging of 

Limpiabotas, m., bootblack. 

Limpiacliimeneas, m., chimney- 

Limpiaplumas, m., pen-wiper. 

Limpiar, v., to clean, to cleanse, 
to scour. 

Limpidez, /., transparency, limpid- 

Límpido, a., limpid, transparent. 

Limpieza, /., cleanness, cleaning, 
limpidity, pureness. Tubo de 
— , mud-pipe. 

Limpio, a., clean, neat, pure, free. 
Poner en — , to make a fair 
copy. Sacar en — , to make out, 
to conclude. En • — -, in sub- 
stance, clearly. Jugar — , to 
play fair, to deal fair. 

Linaje, m., lineage, race, famih'. 

Linar, m., flax-field. 

Linaza, /., linseed. Aceite de — , 
linseed oil. 

Lince, m., lynx ; a., acute, pene- 

Lindamente, adv., neatly, ele- 

Lindar, v., to be contiguous. 

Linde, m., landmarl?, limit, boun- 

Lindero, a., contiguous, bordering 

Lindeza, /., neatness, elegance, 

Lindo, a., pretty, neat, fine, hand- 
some ; complete. 

Línea, /., line. — de carga {or de 
flotación), load line. — princi- 
pal, trunk line. 

Lineal, a., lineal. 

Lineamieuto {or Lineamento), m., 
lineament, feature. 

Linear, v., to draw lines. 

Linero, m., dealer in ñax or linen. 

Linfa, /., lymph. 

Lingote, m., ingot. 

Lingual, a., lingual. 

Lingüista, m., linguist. 

Lingüístico, a., linguistic. 

Lino, m., flax, linen. — crudo, raw 

Linolán, m., Cuban print. 

Linoleum {or Linóleo), m., linoleum 

Linón, m., lawn. 

Linotipia, /., linotype. 

Lintel, m., lintel of a door. 

Linterna, /., lantern. 

Linternero, m., lantern-maker. 

Lío, m., bundle, parcel ; trouble, 

Liquidación, /., liquidation, wind- 
ing up, settlement, selling ofí, 
paying off. 

Liquidador, m., liquidator. 

Liquidar, v., to liquidate, to wind 
up, to settle. — cuentas, to 
clear accounts, to liquidate 

Liquidez, /., liquidness. 

Líquido, a., liquid, fluid ; evident, 
clear, net. Producto — , net 





Lirio, m., lily. 

Lirón, m., dormouse. 

Lirondo, a., pure, neat, clean. 
Mondo y — (Coll.), pure, un- 

Lisamente, adv., smoothly, plainly. 
Lisa y llanamente, openly and 

Liso, a., plain, even, flat, smooth. 
Hombre — , plain-dealing man. 
Tela lisa, plain cloth. 

Lisonja, /., adulation, flattery. 

Lisonjear, v., to flatter, to delight, 
to please. 

Lisonjero, a., flattering, gratify- 
ing, pleasing ; m., flatterer. 

Lista, /., strip, list of cloth, 
selvage, stripe ; list, catalogue. 
^ — de platos, bill of fare, menu. 
— de precios, price list. Tela 
a — s, striped cloth. — de 
correos, poste restante, to be 
left till called for. En • — , to be 
left till called for. 

Listado, a., striped, listed. — para 
camisas, coloured woven shirt- 
ing. — s, striped checks. 

Listo, a., ready, sharp, diligent, 

Listón, m., ribbon, tape, fillet ; 
lath. — es (Naut.), battens. 

Listoueria, /., parcel of ribbons, 
tapes, etc. ; ribbon-manufac- 

Listonero, m., ribbon-maker. 

Litera, /., litter. 

Literal, a., literal. 

Literario, a., literary. 

Literato, a., learned, literate ; m., 
learned man. 

Literatura, /., literature. [gant. 

Litigante, a., litigating ; com., liti- 

Litigar, z;., to litigate, to contend, 
to dispute. 

Litigio, m., litigation, lawsuit, 
dispute, contest. En -^, in 

Litigioso, a., litigious, contentious. 

Litio, m., lithium. 

Litografía, /., lithography, litho- 
graphic print. 

6— (1696) 

Litografiar, v., to lithograph. 

Litográfico, a., lithographic. 

Litógrafo, m., lithographer. 

Litoral, a., littoral, belonging to 
the shore. 

Litro, m., litre, unit of capacity 
in the decimal system. 

Liviandad, v., lightness, levity. 

Liviano, a., light, of little weight ; 

Lívido, a., livid. 

Liza, /., skate (fish) ; lists (for 

Llaga, /., ulcer, wound. 

Llagar, v., to wound, to hurt, to 

Llama, /., flame; llama (animal). 

Llamada, /., call. — de fondos, 
call (for money). 

Llamamiento, m., calling, call, 
appeal, convocation. 

Llamar, v., to call, to summon, 
to name ; r.v., to be called or 
named. — a la puerta, to 
knock at the door. — a cuentas, 
to call to account. — por 
testigo, to call as a witness. 
See Andana. 

Llamarada, /., blaze, flash. 

Llamativo, a., attractive, showy. 

Liana, /., trowel ; plain. 

Llanada, /., plain. 

Llanamente, adv., plainly, clearly. 

Llaneza, /., plainness. 

Llano, a., plain, smooth, simple, 
clear. A la liana, simply, 
candidly, sincerely. 

Llanta, /., iron hoop, tyre, rim. 

Llanto, m., flood of tears, cry. 

Llanura, /., equality, flatness, 
level ; plain. 

Llave, /., key, winch, lock, span- 
ner, cock. — maestra, master- 
key, skeleton-key. Debajo de 
— , under lock and key. — de 
distribución, regulator cock. 

Llavero, m., key-ring. 

Llegada, /., arrival, coming. — s, 

Llegar, v., to arrive, to reach, to 
attain, to approach. — a, to 





reach, to amount to. — a oir 
{or saber), to hear, to get to 
know. Ventas para — , sales 
to arrive. 

Llenamente, adv., fully. 

Llenar, v., to nil, to stuff, to 
occupy, to satisfy, to fulfil. 

— completamente, to fill up. 

— el caso, to meet the case. 
Lleno, a., full, complete ; m., 

glut, abundance, perfection. — 
de bote en bote, full to the 
brim, brimful. De — , entirely, 

Llenura, /., fullness, plenty, abun- 

Llevadero, a., tolerable, light. 

Llevador, m., carrier, conductor. 

Llevar, v., to carry, to convej', to 
bear, to take ; to ask, to 
charge ; to lead, to guide ; 
to induce ; to gain ; to have ; 
r.v., to behave. — la co- 
rrespondencia, to conduct the 
correspondence. — cuentas, 
to keep accounts. — a cuenta, 
to place to account. — a 
creer, to give to understand. 

— a, to induce to. — a buen 
fin, to carry through. — puesto, 
to wear, to have on. — ventaja, 
to have preference. 

Llorar, v., to weep, to cry, to 

Llovedizo, a., rain3\ Agua llove- 
diza, rain-water. 

Llover, i.v., to rain, to shower. 

— a cántaros, to rain in tor- 

Lloviznar, v., to drizzle. 
Lluvia, /., rain, shower. 
Lluvioso, a., rainj-, wet, showery. 
Lo, pron., it ; def. art., the. 
Loa, /., praise. 

Loable, a., laudable, praiseworthy. 
Loar, v., to praise, to approve. 
Lobo, m., wolf. — marino, seal, 

Lóbrego, a., murky, obscure, dark. 
Lobreguez, /., obscurity, darkness. 
Locación, leasing on rent. 

Local, a., local ; m., premises, 

Localidad, /., locality, place. 

Localizar, v., to localise. 

Loción, /., lotion, wash. 

Loco, a., mad, foolish ; m., 
madman, lunatic. 

Locomoción, /., locomotion. 

Locomotivo, a , locomotive. 

Locomotor, a., locomotor. 

Locomotora, /., locomotive (en- 

Locución, /., locution, phrase, 

Locura, /., madness, folly, absurd- 

Lodo, m., mud, mire. 

Lógica, /., logic. 

Lógico, a., logical. 

Lograr, v., to gain, to obtain, to 
secure, to manage, to succeed. 

— su intento, to gain one's end. 
Logro, Mí., attainment, gain, bene- 

Loma, /., slope, little hill. 

Lomo, m.. back, ridge, chine. 
Llevar a — , to carry on the 
back. See Tomo. 

Lona, /., canvas. 

Loneta, /., sail cloth. 

Longaniza, /., kind of long sau- 

Longitud, /., longitude, length. 

Longura, /., length, delay. 

Lonja, /., exchange ; place where 
meat is sold in lots. — de 
tocino, flitch of bacon. 

Lord (pi. lores), m., lord. 

Loro, m., parrot. 

Losa, /., flag. 

Lote, m., lot, share, chance. Un 

— de mercancías, a lot or line 
of goods. 

Lotería, /., lottery. 

Loza, /., earthenware. — fina 

{or de China), China ware. 
Lozanía, /., luxuriance, exuberant 

growth ; elegance, lustiness. 
Lozano, a., luxuriant ; sprightly. 
Lubricación, /., lubrication. 
Lubricar, v., to lubricate. 





Lubricativo, a., lubricant, lubri- 

Lubriflcar, v. See Lubricar. 

Lucero, m., morning star. 

Lucha, /., struggle, strife, contest, 
dispute, wrestle. 

Luchador, m., wrestler. 

Luchar, v., to struggle, to wrestle, 
to contend. 

Lucidez, /., brilliancy, brightness. 

Lucido, a., magnificent, splendid. 

Lúcido, a., lucid, brilliant. 

Luciente, a., lucid, shining, bright. 

Lucimiento, m., lucidity, lustre. 

Lucir, I. v., to glitter, to shine ; r.v., 
to shine. 

Lucrativo, a., lucrative, remunera- 

Lucro, m., gain, lucre, profit. 

Lucroso, a., profitable. 

Ludibrio, m., mockery, laughing- 

Ludir, v., to rub, to collide. 

Luego, adv., presently, imme- 
diately ; conj., then, therefore. 
Desde — , from the present 
moment, soon afterwards, im- 

Lugar, ni., place, situation, posi- 
tion, spot, town ; time, oppor- 
tunity, cause, reason. ■ — es 
comunes, commonplace mat- 
ters. En — de, instead of. 
Dar - — a, to give rise (or occa- 
sion) to. 

Lugarteniente, m., deputy, lieu- 

Lúgubre, a., sad, gloomy, dismal. 

Luir, i.v., to gall, to wear by 

Lujo, Mí., luxury, profuseness, 
show. De — , first-class ; de luxe. 

Lujoso, a., luxurious, profuse, 
showy, lavish. 

Lujuria, /., excess, profuseness, 

Lumbre, /., fire. 

Lumbrera, /., luminary, sky-light ; 

Luminar, m., luminary. 

Luminoso, a., luminous, shining. 

Luna, /., moon ; glass-plate for 
mirrors, glass for optical instru- 
ments. — llena [or menguante), 
full (or waning) moon. 

Lunar, »«., mole, spot on the face ; 
a., lunar. 

Lunes, m., Monday. 

Luneta, /., opera-glass, eye-glass. 

Lúpulo, m., hops. 

Lustrador, m., hot-press, hot- 
presser, polisher. 

Lustrar, v., to illustrate, to make 
brilliant, to mangle. 

Lustre, m., gloss, lustre, clearness, 

Lustrina, /., lustrine, lustre, lining. 

Lustro, m., lustre, space of five 

Lustroso, a., bright, lustrous, 
brilliant, shining, gloss3\ 

Luto, m., mourning. De — , in 

Luz, /., light. A dos luces, ambi- 
guously. Dar a — , to publish ; 
to give birth to. Salir a — , to 
appear (a book, etc.). — 
eléctrica, electric light. A la — 
del día, in (broad) daylight. A 
todas luces, in every respect. 

Macana, /., narrow shawl. 

Macarrón, m., macaroni. 

Macear, i^., to beat with a mallet, 
to hammer down. 

Macerar, v., to macerate, to mor- 

Maceta, /., flower-pot, mallet. 

3Iachacar, v., to pound, to crush, 
to hammer. 

Machado, m., hatchet. 

Machar, v., to pound. A macha 
martillo, firmly, in a solid 
manner, thoroughly. [knife. 

Machete, m., cutlass, chopping- 

Machihembrar, v., to join or dove- 
tail pieces of wood. 

Macho, a., masculine, robust, 
male ; m., male animal ; sledge- 
hammer, block. 

Machón, m., buttress. 

Macilento, a., lean, withered. 





Macizo, a., compact, close, solid, 
massive, firm \ m., massiveness, 

3Iadapoláii, m., madapolam, white 

Madeja, /., hank, skein. 

Madera, /., wood, timber, lumber. 
— de construcción, timber (for 
shipbuilding) ; ^ladeira wine. 

Maderaje, m., timber, woodwork, 

3Iaderameii, m. See Maderaje. 

Maderero, m., timber-merchant. 

Madero, m., beam, timber. 

Madre, /., mother ; bed of a river. 
Salir de — , to overflow its banks. 

Madreperla, /., mother-of-pearl. 

3Iadreselva, /., honeysuckle. 

Madrugada, /., dawn, earh^ morn- 

Madrugador, a., early-rising ; m., 

3Iadrugar, v., to rise early. A 
quien madruga. Dios le ayuda, 
the earlv bird catches the worm. 

3Iaduraeión, /., ripeness, maturity. 

Madurar, v., to ripen, to mature. 

Madurez, /., maturity, ripeness. 

Maduro, a., ripe, mature. 

Maestra, /., mistress. 

Maestre, m. (Naut.), mate of a 
merchant-sliip. — de raciones, 

Maestría, /., mastery, complete 

Maestro, m., master, teacher, 
professor ; a., masterly. — de 
obras, builder. El ejercicio 
hace — , practice makes perfect. 
Obra maestra, masterpiece. 

3Iagia, /., magic. 

3Iágico, a., magic, magical ; m., 

Magín, m., imagination. 

3Iagisterio, ;«., mastery, magis- 

Magistrado, m., magistrate ; ma- 
gistrac}^ court. 

Magistral, a., magisterial, mas- 

Magistratura, /., magistracy. 

3IagQaiiimidad, /., magnanimity. 

Magüáuimo, a., magnanimous. 

3Iagnate, m., magnate. 

3Iagnesia, /., magnesia. 

3Iagnético, a., magnetic. 

Magnetismo, m., magnetism. 

3Iagnificencia, /., magnificence. 

31agnifleo, a., magnificent. 

Magnitud, /., magnitude, great- 

Magno, a., great. 

Magro, a., lean, thin, meagre. 

Magullar, v., to bruise, to contuse, 
to mangle, to mash. 

Magullamiento, m., bruising, con- 
tusion, bruise. 

Mahón, m., nankeen. 

Maíz, /., maize, Indian corn. 

Maizal, >»., maize-field. 

3Iaizena, /., corn flour. 

Maja, /., pestle of a mortar. 

3Iajaderia, /., absurdity, nonsense. 

Majadero, a., foolish, silly ; m., 
a bore ; pestle. 

Majar, v., to pound, to break in 
a mortar ; to bother, to molest. 

Majestad, /., majesty. 

Majestuoso, a., majestic. 

3IaJ0, a., gallant, spruce ; m. 

Majuela, /., shoe-lace. 

Mai, m., evil, harm, illness, fault ; 
adv., badh', ill. — de su agrado, 
in spite of him. Del — el menos, 
of two evils choose the lesser. 
De — en peor, from bad to 
worse. — que le pese, in spite 
of him. Bien vengas — - si 
vienes solo, misfortunes ne\'er 
come singly. 

Mala, /., mail, mail-steamer. 

3Ialacate, m., windlass. 

3Ialaeonsejar, v., to advise badly. 

3Iala mente, adv., badl3^ 

3Ialaventura, /., misfortune, ill- 

3Ialaventurado, a., unfortunate, 

Malbaratar, v., to spoil, to disturb, 
to upset. 

3Ialcontento, a., discontented. 





Malcriado, a., ill-bred, unman- 

Maldad, /., badness, wickedness. 

3Ialde<'ir, i.v., to curse. 

Maldición, /., malediction, curse. 

Maldito, a., cursed, confounded, 

Maleable, a., malleable. 

Malear, v., to pervert, to injure. 

Malecón, m., dike, jetty. 

Maledicencia, /., slander, calumny. 

Malestar, m., misery. 

Maleta, /., portmanteau. Hacer 
la — , to prepare for a journej'. 

JIaletero, m., portmanteau-maker, 

Malevolencia, /., malevolence, ill- 

3Ialévolo, a., malevolent, malig- 

Maleza, /., undergrowth, thicket. 

Malgastar, v., to misspend, to 

3Ialhadado, a., \\Tetched, unfortu- 

Malhecho, a., ill-shaped. 

Malhechor, >«., malefactor. 

Malhumorado, a., ill-humoured. 

3Ialicia, /., malice, perversit3\ 

3Ialicioso, a., malicious. 

Malignidad, /., malignity, malice. 

Maligno, a., malignant, malicious. 

Malo, a., bad, evil. Estar — , to be 
ill. Ser — , to be bad, to be 

3Ialogrado, a., ill-fated, unfor- 

3Ialograr, v., to disappoint, to 
waste ; r.v., to fall, to fall 
through, to be disappointed. 

Malogro, m., failure, disappoint- 

Malquerencia, /., ill-will, hatred. 

Malquerer, i.v., to hate, to bear 

Malquistar, v., to cause enmity or 
quarrels ; r.v., to incur dis- 
pleasure or dislike. 

3IaIquisto, a., disliked, hated. 

Malsano, a., unhealthy, unwhole- 

Maltratar, v., to treat ill, to ill-use, 

to abuse. 
3Ialtrato, m., ill-treatment. 
Malvado, a., malicious, wicked. 
3Ialvender, v., to sell with loss. 
3Ialversaeión, /., misapplication of 

money ; embezzlement. 
Slalversador, m., embezzler. 
Malversar, w., to embezzle money. 
Malla, /., mesh, coat of mail ; 

tights (theatre), jersey. 
Mallar, v., to make net-work. 
Mamadera, /., breast-pump. 
3Iamador, m., feeding-bottle. 
Mamar, v., to suck. 
3Iamarracho, m., grotesque orna- 
alampara, v., screen, shade (of a 

lamp) . 
3Iamparo, m. (Naut.), bulkhead. 
3Iamposteria, /., masonry. 
3Iampostero, m., mason, stcne- 

Manada, /., flock, herd, drove ; 

Manantial, m., source, spring, 

Manar, v., to spring from, to distil 

from ; to abound. 
Mancamiento, m., defect, want. 
3Iancar, v., to maim. 
Mancebo, m., young man, young 

person. — de mercader, shop- 

Mancha, /., stain, spot, stigma, 

blemish. El canal de la — 

{or simply la Mancha), the 

English Channel. 
Manchar, u., to stain, to soil. 
Mancilla, /., spot, blemish. 
Mancillar, v., to spot, to stain. 
3Ianco, a., handless, one-handed, 

maimed, imperfect, faulty ; 

m., one-handed (or handless) 

3Iancomún, m. De — , jointly, by 

common consent. 
Mancomunar, v., to associate, to 

Mancomunidad, /., union, con- 





blanda, /., offer, proposal ; legac3^ 

3Iandadero, m., porter, messenger. 

Mandado, m., mandate, command. 
Muchacho de — s, errand boy. 

Mandamiento, »?., mandate, order, 

Mandante, p.a., commanding ; 
com., person ordering. 

Mandar, v., to command, to order ; 
to send, to transmit. — hacer, 
to have made, to bespeak. 

Mandatario, mz., attorney, agent, 
proxy ; mandator}-. 

Mandate, m., mandate, precept, 
order ; charge, commission. 

Mandíbula, /., jaw-bone. 

Mandil, m., coarse apron. 

Mando, m., command, authority. 
Al — dc, in charge of. 

Mandril, m., spindle of a lathe. 

3Ianear, v., to hobble. 

3Ianecilla, /., small hand. 

Manejable, a., manageable. 

Manejar, v., to manage, to handle, 
to conduct. 

Manejo, m., management, con- 
duct, handling. 

Manera, /., manner, way, method, 
style. De — que, so that. Ver 
la — de, to see one's way to. 

Manga, /., sleeve ; hose for water, 
fire-hose. — marina, water- 
spout. — del navio, extreme 
breadth of a ship. 

Manganeso, m., manganese. 

Mango, ni., handle, halt. — de 
pluma, penholder. 

Manguera, /., hose. 

3Ianguito, m., muff ; mantle, 
— incandescente, gas mantle. 

Mania, /., mania, craze, madness. 

Maniatar, v., to manacle, to hand- 

Manicomio, ¡n., asylum, lunatic- 

3Ianida, /., resort, nest. 

Manifestación, /., manifestation, 

Manifestar, i. v., to manifest, to 
declare, to discover, to inform, 
to point out. 

Manifiesto, a., manifest, plain, 
clear ; nt., manifest, declara- 
tion, freight-list. Poner de — , 
to manifest, to make public. 
— del buque, ship's manifest. 
Estar de — , to be on %áew. 

Manilla, /. (dim.), smaU hand ; 

Maniobra, /., handiwork, manoeu- 
vre, working ; (Rail.) shunting. 

Maniobrar, v., to work with the 
hands, to manoeuvre. 

Maniota, /., hobble. 

Manipulación, /., manipulation, 

Manipular, v., to manipulate, to 
handle, to manage. 

Maniquí, m., puppet, mannikin. 

Manita, /., hour-hand of a watch 
or clock. 

Manivela, /., handle, crank. 

JIanjar, m., food, dish, \actuals. 

Mano, /., hand ; fore-foot of 
animals ; quire (of paper) ; 
coat (of paint or varnish) . A — 
{or a la — ), at hand, hand};- ; 
by hand. A — s llenas, lavishly, 
generousl3^ Estar en su — , 
to be in one's power. — s a 
la obra, set to work ; (Naut.) 
bear a hand. See Echar. — de 
obra, labour. 

Manojo, m., bundle, bunch. — de 
Haves, bunch of keys. 

Manómetro, m., manometer, pres- 
sure-gauge. — de vapor, steam- 

3Ianosear, v., to handle, to feel, 
to touch, to rumple. 

3Ianoseo, m., handling. 

3Iansalva, A — , without risk or 
danger, easily. 

Mansedumbre, /., meekness. 

Mansión, /., mansion, residence. 

3Ianso, a., meek, tame. 

3Ianta, /., woollen blanket, cotton 
shirting, grey cloth. — blanca, 
bleached cotton. 

3Ianteca, /., butter ; lard, fat. 

3Iautel, m., table-cloth. 

3Ianteleria, /., table-linen. 





Mantener, ¿.v., to maintain, to 
support, to hold, to keep up ; 
— se, to keep up. — corre- 
spondencia, to keep up a corre- 
spondence. — se firme, to stand 
one's ground. ■ — se en lo dicho, 
to abide by what has been said. 
— los precios, to keep prices 
up. - — se bajo, to keep low. 

Mantenimiento, m., maintenance, 
sustenance, livelihood. 

Mantequera, /., churn ; butter- 
dish ; dairymaid. 

Mantequero, m., dairyman. 

3Iantequilla, /., butter. 

Mantilla, /., mantilla, veil. 

Manto, m., mantle, cloak. 

Mantón, m., large cloak or mantle. 

Manual, a. & m., manual, 

Manubrio, m., handle. 

3Ianufaetura, /., manufacture. 

Manufacturar, v., to manufacture. 

Manufaeturero, a., manufacturing. 

Manuscrito, a. & m., manuscript. 

Manutención, /., maintenance, 
maintaining, support, keep, up- 
keep, board. 

Manzana, /., apple ; block of 
houses, square. 

Manzanilla, /., camomile flour ; 
kind of light wine. 

Manzano, m., apple-tree. 

Maña, /., skill, cleverness, dexter- 
ity. Darse — , to contrive, to 

Mañana, /., morning, morrow ; 
adv., to-morrow. De — , in the 
morning. Muy de • — -, very early. 
Per la — , in the morning. En 
la — de hoy, this morning. 

Mañoso, a., clever, dexterous, 
skilful, handy. 

Mapa, m., map ; /., best part of 
a thing. 



/., machine, 

— de vapor 
engine. — de coser, sewing 
machine. — de escribir, type- 
wiitet. A toda — , at full speed. 
— numeradora (or de foliar). 

numbering machine. — fija, 
stationary engine. 

Maquinar, v., to machinate, to 

Maquinista, com., machinist, me- 
chanician, mechanist, engine- 
driver, engineer. 

Mar, m. & /., sea. En alta — •, on 
the high sea. Baja — , low 
water. Hacerse a la — , to put 
to sea, to set sail. La — de . . . , 
a lot (or great deal) of . . . 

Maranta, /., an American plant 
which yields arrowToot. 

Maranto, m,. See Almidón. 

Maraña, /., entanglement, per- 

Marasmo, m., consumption, wast- 

JIaravedi, m., maravedí, an old 
Spanish coin of the smallest 

Maravilla, /., wonder, marvel, 
admiration. A — , marvellously. 

Maravilloso, a., wonderful, mar- 
vellous, admirable. 

Marca, /., mark, brand. De — , 
excellent. — del contraste, 
hall-mark. — de fábrica {or — 
registrada), trade-mark. — 
en oro [or — a fuego), gold 
block stamping. 

Marcadamente, adv., markedly, 

Marcador, m., marker, assay- 

Marcar, v., to mark, to brand. 

Marcha, /., march, departure ; 
course, progress, speed. En — , 
in play, in motion. Poner en — -, 
to set going. Sobre la — , off- 
hand, on the spot, at once. See 

Marchamador, m.. Custom-house 

Marchamar, w., to mark goods at 
the Custom House. 

Marchamo, m., mark put on goods 
at the Custom House. 

Marchante, m., shop-keeper, 





Marcliantear, v., to trade. 

Marchar, v., to go, to march ; 
r.v., to go away. — bien, to go 
on well. 

3Iarchitar, v., to \vither, to fade ; 
r.v., to wither, to fade away. 

Blarehito, a., faded, \dthered, 

Marco, m., door-case, window- 
frame ; picture-frame ; German 
coin or mark. 

Marea, /., tide. — creciente, flood- 
tide. ■ — menguante, ebb-tide. 
La — mengua, the tide ebbs. 
La — crece, the tide flows. 

Marear, v., to work a ship ; to 
molest or worry ; r.v., to be 
sea-sick ; to be damaged at 
sea. See Aguja. 

Slarejada, /., swell of the sea, 
heavy sea. 

3Iareo, m., sea-sickness ; molesta- 

Marfil, m., ivory. 

Marga, /., marl, loam. 

Margarita, /., pearl. 

3Iargen, m. & /., margin, border, 
edge, occasion. Dar — , to give 
occasion, to cause. Al — , in 
the margin. 

fliaridar, z/., to marry, to join. 

Marido, m., husband. 

3Iariiuacho, m., tomboy. 

Alariua, /., navy ; seamanship. 
Departamento de — , naval 
department. ■ — mercante, 

merchant service. 

Marinaje, m. See 3Iarineria. 

3Iariiieria, /., seamanship. 

Clarinero, m., mariner, sailor, 
seaman. — raso, ordinary 

31arino, a. & m., marine ; 
mariner, seaman. 

Mariposa, /., butterfly ; night- 

Mariscal, m., marshal ; farrier, 

Marisco, m., shell-fish. 

Marítimo, a., maritime, marine. 
Derecho — , maritime law. 

Seguro — , marine insurance. 

Negocios — s, shipping business. 
Marmita, /., kettle, small copper. 
Marmitón, m., scullion. 
3Iármol, m., marble. 
Marmóreo, a., marbled, marble. 
Maroma, /., rope. 
Marqués, m., marquis. 
Marra, /., want, defect, deficiency. 
Marrana, /., sow, female pig. 
Marrano, m., pig, hog. 
Marras, adv., long ago. 
Marroquí, a., Morocco ; morocco 

Marruga, /., (Cuba) rubbish, rag. 
3Iarta, /., Piel de — , sable. 
Martes, m., Tuesday. 
Martillada, /., blow-wdth a hammer. 
Martillar, z;., to hammer. 
3Iartilleo, m., hammering. 
Martillo, m., hammer. 

Martinete, m., pile-driver 

Martingala, /., martingale. 
3Iarzo, m., ]\Iarch. 
Mas, conj., but, yet. 
Más, adv., more, plus, besides. 

A — tardar, at latest 

mejor, greatly, highl}' 

que, however much. 

more than. A — de esto, besides 

this. Sin — ni — , without more 

ado. — bien, rather. Lo — 

antes (posible), as soon as 

possible. Sin — acá ni — allá, 

without ifs and ands, without 

more ado. 
Masa, /., mass, dough ; estate 

of a bankrupt. 
3Iascabado, a., inferior. Azúcar 

— , raw sugar. 
3Iascar, v., to chew, to masticate. 
Máscara, /., mask. 
Masculino, a., masculine. 
Masera, /., kneading-trough. 
Masilla, /., glazier's putty ; a 

little mass. 
blasonería, /., freemasonry. 
3IasteIero, m., top-mast. 
Masticar, v., to masticate, to chew. 



Por — 

— de, 





3IástiI, m., trunk, stem, post, 

Mastín, m., mastiff. 
3Iata. /., bush, shrub. 
Matadero, m., slaughter-house. 
Matador, m., murderer ; bull- 
fighter who kills the bull. 
3Iatadura, /., wound, gall, tender 

Matafuego, m., fire-extinguisher. 
3Iatalotaje, m., ship-stores. 
Matanza, /., slaughter, massacre. 
Slatar, v., to kill, to slay, to 

murder ; to extinguish. 
3Iate, m., checkmate ; a., matt, 

rough, unpolished, dull. 
Matemática, /., mathematics. 
Matemático, a., mathematical ; 

tn., mathematician. 
3Iateria, /., matter, subject, mate- 
rial. Prima {or primera) — , 
raw material. — s alimenticias, 
food-stuffs. En — de, in point 
3Iaterial, a., material ; m., 
material, ingredient, plant. — 
de imprenta, printing plant. 
— rodante, rolling stock. — de 
explotación, worldng stock. 
Slaterialmente, adv., materiall3^ 
Matiz, m., shade, colour. 
Matizado, a., variegated. 
Matizar, v., to mix colours, to 

shade, to adorn. 
Matón, >«., bully. 
Matorral, m., thicket, bushy place. 
Matraca, /., rattle, jest. 
Matricula, /., register, list ; matri- 
culation ; shipping list. 
Matricular, v., to matriculate, to 

Matrimonio, m., marriage, matri- 
mony ; married couple. 
Matriz, /., matrix, mould, form, 
standard of weights and 
measures ; original draft of a 
writing ; female screw ; a., 
principal, first, chief. Lengua 
— , mother tongue. See Casa. 
3Iatute, m., smuggling, smuggled 

6 a— (1696) 

Matutear, v., to smuggle goods. 

Matutero, m., smuggler. 

Matutinal, Matutino, a., matutinal, 

Maula, /., rubbish, trash, craft. 

3Iauleria, /., frippery, craft. 

3Iausoleo, »i., mausoleum. 

Máxima, /., maxim. 

3Iáximamente. See 3Iáxime. 

3Iáxime, adv., principally, espe- 

3Iáx'imo, a., maximum, chief, 
principal, very great. 

3Iáximum, m., maximum. 

3Iayo, m., jNIay. 

3Iayor, a., greater, larger, superior. 
— de edad, of age. Hermano 
— •, elder (or eldest) brother. 
Por ■ — , by the lump. Al por — , 
wholesale. Comercio al por — , 
wholesale trade. 

3Iaj'0raI, m., leader, overseer, 

3Iayorazgo, m., right of succession, 
first-born son, family estate, 
entailed estate. 

3Iayordomo, m., steward. 

3Iayoria, /., majority, superiority, 
iulj age. 

3Iayorista, com., wholesale, whole- 
sale merchant. Casa — , whole- 
sale house. 

3Iay or mente, adv., principally, 

3Iayúscula, /., capital. Letra — , 
capital letter. 

3Iaza, /., club, mace ; engine or 

3Iazar, v., to churn milk. 

3Iazo, m., mallet, bundle, bunch. 
— de Haves, bunch of keys. 

3Iazoneria, /., masonry, brick- 

3Iazorca, /., ear or cob of corn. 
3Ie, pron., me. 
3Ieeánica, /., mechanics. 
3Iecánico, a., mechanical ; m., 
mechanician, mechanic ; stoker, 
3Iecanismo, m., mechanism. 
3Iecanograíía, /., typewriting. 





Mecanografiar, v., to typewrite. 
Meeanográflco, a., typewriting. 
3Ieeanógrafo, m., typewriter, typ- 
3Iecauograflsta, com. See Mecanó- 
Mecedora, /., rocking-chair. 
Mecer, ¡.v., to stir, to shake. 
3Iecha, /., wck, match, lock of 

Mechar, v., to force or stuff. 
Mechero, m., burner, lighter, 
socket of candlesticks. — de 
gas, gas burner. 
Medalla, /., medal. 
Medallón, m., medallion ; bas- 
3Iedia, /., stocking, hose. — s 
caladas, open-work stockings. 
— s bordadas, embroidered 
stockings. Hacer — , to knit 
3Iediación, /., mediation, inter- 
vention. Por — de, through. 
Mediador, m., mediator. 
3Iediados, A — ■ de, at (or in) the 

middle of. 
Medianamente, adv., moderately, 

Medianero, a., mediating, inter- 
mediate ; m., mediator. 
Medianía, Medianidad, /., modera- 
tion, mediocrit}-. 
Mediano, a., moderate, middling, 

Mediante, adv., by means of, bj^ 
virtue of ; p.a., mediating, 
Mediar, v., to intervene, to inter- 
cede, to mediate. 
Sledicamento, m., medicament, 

Medicina, /., medicine, physic 
— de patente {or patentada), 
patent medicine. 
Medicinal, a., medicinal. 
Medicinar, v., to medicine. 
Medición, /., measurement, men- 
suration, survey. 
Médico, m., phjrsician ; a., medi- 
cal, medicinal. 

3Iedida, /., measure, measurement, 
mensuration. A — del deseo, 
according to one's wishes. — s, 
steps. Tomar — s, to take steps. 

Medidamente, adv., moderately. 

Mediero, tn., hosier. 

Medio, a., half ; m., middle, 
measure, expedient, medium, 
method. — día, noon. Media 
noche, midnight. A medias, 
by halves. Ir a medias, to go 
halves. A — sueldo, upon half- 
pay ; — s, means. En — , in 
the middle. See Equivocarse. 

Mediocre, a., middling, moderate, 

3Iediocridad, /., mediocrity. 

Mediodía, m., noon, middaj'- ; 
south, south wind. 

Medir, i.v., to measure. 

Meditación, /., meditation. . 

Meditar, v., to meditate, to con- 
sider, to think over. 

Mediterráneo, a., Mediterranean. 

Medra, /., progress, improvement. 

Medrar, v., to thrive, to prosper, 
to improve. [terrible. 

Medroso, a., fearful, timorous, 

3Iédula {or Medula), /., marrow. 

Mejilla, /., cheek. 

Mejor, a. & adv., better. A lo — , 
when least expected. A cual 
— , in emulation. — que — , 
better than ever. Lo — será, 
the best thing will be. Tanto 
— , so much the better. El — 
día, some fine day, when least 

Mejora, /., improvement, addition. 

Memorable, a., improvable. 

Mejoramiento, m., improvement, 

Mejorar, v., to improve, to mend, 
to outbid, to recover ; to 
except ; r.v., to improve, to get 

Mejoría, /., improvement, ame- 
lioration, mending. 

3Ielancolia, /., melancholy. 
Melancólico, a., melancholy, 





Melaza, /., molasses. 

Melcocha, /., jelly of fruit. 

Melena, /., lion's mane, forelock 
of hair. 

Melero, m., dealer in honey. 

Melindre, a., fritters ; prudery, 

Jlelindroso, a., fastidious, dainty, 

Mella, /., indent, notch ; impres- 
sion. Hacer — en, to make an 
impression on. 

Melocotón, m., peach, peach-tree. 

3Ielodia, /., melody. 

Melón, m., melon, melon-vine, 
musk-naelon. — de agua, 

Melote, m., molasses, treacle. 

Membrana, /., membrane. 

Membrete, w., note, annotation, 
heading of a letter, card, ticket. 

Membrudo, a., strong, robust. 

Memorable, a., memorable. 

Memorandum, m., memorandum, 

Memorar, v., to remember, to 

Memoria, /., memory, recollection, 
memorial, memoir, report. Ha- 
cer — , to remind. De — , by 
heart. — s, compliments, re- 

Memorial, m., memorial, memo- 
randum book. 

Memorioso, a., mindful. 

Menaje, m., furniture, household 

Mención, /., mention. Hacer — 
de, to mention. 

Mencionar, v., to mention. 

Mendigo, m., beggar. 

Mendoso, a., mendacious, false. 
Mendrugo, m., broken bread. 

Menear, v., to manage, to direct ; 
r.v., to be active, to move about. 
3Ienester, m., necessity, need, 
want. Ser — , to be necessary, 
to be wanting. — es, necessities, 
Menesteroso, a., needy, necessi- 

Mengua, /., decay, decline. 

Menguante, m., ebb-tide, low- 
water, decline, decay. 

Menguar, v., to decay, to decline, 
to fall off, to fail. 

Menor, >n., minor ; a., less, smaller 
minor. — de edad, under age 
Por — -, by retail, minutely 
Al por — , retail. 

Menoría, /., inferiority, minority 

Menos, adv., less. Al (or a lo — ) 
at least. Por lo — , at least 
Mucho — , much less, far from 
it, not by far. Poco más o — 
little more or less. Venir a 
to come down, to decay. 

Menoscabar, v., to impair, to 
reduce, to deteriorate, to spoil. 

Menoscabo, m., deterioration, loss. 

Menospreciar, v., to underrate, to 
despise, to make light of. 

Menosprecio, m., contempt, neg- 

Slensaje, yn., message, dispatch, 

Mensajero, m., messenger. 

Mensual, a., monthly. Pagadero 
a 5 pesetas — es, payable at 
5 pesetas a month. Revista — 
del mercado, monthly market 
report. Balance — , monthly 
balance sheet. Vencimientos 
— es, monthly instalments. Pe- 
riódico — , monthly paper. 
Cuenta — , monthly account. 

Mensualidad, /., a month's wages 
or salary, monthly payment. 

Mensualmente, adv., monthl^^ 

Mensurable, a., mensurable. 

Menta, /., mint ; peppermint. 

Mental, a., mental. 

3Ientar, i.v., to mention, to record. 

Mente, /., mind. Parar — s en, 
to consider. Pasársele por las 
— s, to enter one's mind. 

3Ientecato, a., foolish, silly, m., 

Mentir, i.v., to lie, to tell a false- 

Mentira, /., lie, falsehood, men- 





Mentiroso, a., lying, mendacious ; 
m., liar. 

Mentor, m., mentor, counsellor, 

Menudamente, adv., minutely, par- 

Menudear, u., to repeat, to detail ; 
to sell by retail. 

Menudencia, /., trifle, minuteness. 
— s, small matters. 

3Ienudeo, m., retail. Vender al — , 
to sell by retail. 

Menudo, a., small, minute ; small 
money, change. A — , often, 
frequently. Por — , minutely, 
by retail. — s, various, sun- 

Meñique, m., little finger. 

Meollar, m., spun yarn, yarn. 

Meollo, m., marrow ; soft part 
of bread ; judgment, under- 

Meramente, adv., merely, solely. 

3Ierca, /., purchase. 

Mercachifle, ;«., pedlar, hawker. 

Mercadear, v., to trade, to traffic. 

Mercader, m., dealer, trader, 
shopkeeper. — de cueros (or 
corambres), leather merchant. 

Mercadería, /., commodity, mer- 
chandise. — s, goods. 

Mercado, m., market, market- 
place. — de frutos, produce 

Mercancía, /., trade, merchandise, 
goods. Tren de — s, goods' 

Mercante, a., mercantile, com- 
mercial ; m., dealer, trader. 
Barco — , merchant ship. 

Mercantil, a., mercantile. 

Merced, /., gift, favour, grace. 
— a, thanks to. 

3Iercenario, a. & m., mercenary, 

fiercer ia, /., mercery, haber- 
dashery, small wares. 

Mercero, m., haberdasher. 

Merchante, m., merchant. 

Mercurio, m., mercury, quick- 

Merecer, i. v., to deserve, to merit ; 
to be indebted for. Los favores 
que les hemos merecido, the 
favours for which we are 
indebted to you. 

Merecido, m., merit, deserts, con- 
dign punishment. Ha recibido 
lo — , it serves him right. 

Merecimiento, m., merit, deserts. 

Merendar, i. v., to lunch, to take 

Merengue, m., meringue. 

Meridiana, /., meridional line. 

Meridiano, m., meridian ; a., 

Meridional, a., southern, meri- 

Merienda, /., luncheon. 

Merino, yn., merino wool. 

Mérito, m., merit, desert. 

Meritorio, a., meritorious, meri- 
tory ; m., volunteer. Estar 
de — , to work as a volunteer 
(or volontaire) ^vithout salary. 

3Ierla, /., blackbird. 

Merluza, /., hake. 

Merma, /., waste, leakage, short- 

Mermar, v., to waste, to diminish, 
to lessen. 

Mermelada, /., marmalade. 

Mero, a., mere, pure, simple. 

Slerodear, v., to maraud. 

Mes, m., month, monthly wages. 
Al — , by the month. Cinco 
pesetas al — , five pesetas a 

Mesa, /., table. — redonda, large 
table, table d'hote. 

Mesada, /., monthly pay, wages, 

Meseta, /., landing-place, table- 

Mesita, /., small table ; stand. 

Mesón, m., inn. 

Mesonero, m., innkeeper, host, 

Mesta, /., proprietors of cattle and 
sheep considered as a body. 

Mesteño, a., pertaining to the 
mesta or graziers. 





Mestizo, a., mongrel, hybrid. 

Mesura, /., moderation, meeisure ; 

Mesurado, a. moderate, modest, 

Meta, /., boundary, limit, goal. 

Metal, VI., metal. 

Metálico, a. & m., metallist, me- 
tallic ; bullion, specie. En — , 
in specie, in cash. — en caja, 
cash in hand. 

Metalúrgico, a. & m., metallurgist ; 
relating to metallurgy. Obrero 
— , metal worker. 

Metedor, m., smuggler. 

Meteduría, /., smuggling. 

Meter, v., to place, to put in, to 
insert ; to smuggle ; r.v., to 
meddle, to interfere, to stave 
in. — bulla, to make a noise. 
— se donde no le llaman, to put 
oneself where one is not wanted. 
— se en vidas ajenas, to meddle 
with other people's affairs. 
■ — se en todo, to be Jack of all 
trades. — se soldado, to become 
a soldier. — los géneros por alto, 
to smuggle the goods. 

Metido, in., insertion ; a. & p.p., 
placed or put in ; engaged. 
Estar — en algún negocio, to 
be deeply engaged in an affair. 

Metódico, a., methodical. 

Método, )n., method, manner; way. 

Metralla, /., grape-shot. 

Métrico, a., metrical, metric. 

Metro, m., metre, meter ; tape 
measure. — cuadrado, square 

Metrópoli, /., metropolis. 

31etropolitano, m. & a., metropo- 
litan. See Ferrocarril. 

Mezcla, /., mixture, medley ; mor- 
tar ; mixed cloth. 

Mezclar, v., to mix, to mingle ; r.v., 
to mix, to be united. 

Mezdilla, /., mi.xed cloth, gran- 

Mezquindad, /., meanness, po- 
verty, avarice. 

Mezquino, a., mean, paltry, petty. 

i 3Iezquita, /., mosque. 
; Mi, pron., my. 
Mi, pron., me. 
I 31iaja, /., crumb. 
Mica, /., mica. 

Micrónietro, >n., micrometer. 
3I¡croscópiCO, a., microscopic. 
3Iieroscopia, /., microscopy. 
, Microscopio, m., microscope, mag- 

I 3Iiedo, m., fear, dread. Tener — , 
to be afraid. 
Miedoso, a., fearful, easily afraid. 
Miel, /., honey. — de caña [or 
' de purga), molasses, treacle. 
i 3Iiembro, m., member, limb. 
alientes,, thoughts, mind. 

Parar — -en, to consider. 
Mientras, adv., in the meantime, 
when. — que, whilst, as (or so) 
long as. 
3Iiércoles, m., Wednesday. — • de 

ceniza. Ash Wednesday. 
3Iies, /., com, harvest. 
I 3Iiga, /., crumb. Hacer buenas 

— s, to agree with. 
j 3Iigaja, /., scrap, crumb, bit. No 
tiene — • de juicio, he has not a 
I grain of sense. 
I 3Iigrac¡ón, /., migration. 
! 3Iigratorio, a., migratory. 
j 3IiJ0, >«., millet. 
3IU, ni., one thousand. 
31ilagro, ni.. miracle, wonder, 

31ilagroso, a., miraculous, mar- 
3Iilano, m., kite (bird). 
3IUenario, a. & m., millenary, 

3Iilésimo, a., thousandth. 
3Iilieia, /., militia, warfare. 
3Iiligramo, m., milligram. 
3Iiliiitro, )»., millilitre. 
3Iilliuetro, m.. millimetre. 
3IUitante, a., militant, military. 
3Iilitar, a. & m., military, soldier. 
31ilitar, v., to militate. 
3Iilitarisnio, m., militarism. 
3Iilla, /., mile. 
3Iillar, m., thousand. 





Millón, VI., million. 

Millonario, vi., millionaire. 

Mimado, a., spoiled. Niño — , 
spoiled child. 

Mimar, v., to coax, to wheedle, 
to spoil. 

Mimbre, m., osier, willow. 

Mimbrera, /., osier. 

3Iina, /., mine. — de carbón (or 
de hulla), coal mine. 

Minador, m., miner, engineer. 

Aliñar, v., to mine, to sap. 

Mineral, a. & m., mineral, ore. 

Mineralogía, /., mineralogy. 

Minería, /., mining. 

Minero, a. , mining ; m., miner, mine. 

Miniatura, /., miniature. 

Mínimo, a., least, smallest, mini- 

Minimum, m., minimum. 

Minio, »«., minium, red lead. 

31inisterio, m., ministry, adminis- 
tration, department, board. — 
de comercio. Board of Trade. 

— de la Guerra, War Office. 
Ministrar, v., to minister, to sup- 
ply, to furnish. 

Ministro, m., minister. ■ — • de 
Estado, the Secretary of State. 

— de la Gobernación, Home 
Secretary. — de Hacienda, 
Chancellor of t"he Exchequer. 

— de Gracia y Justicia, Attor- 
ney-General. — de Fomento, 
Secretary of the Public Works 
and Instruction ; Board of 
Trade. — de la Guerra, Secre- 
tary for War. — de Negocios 
Extranjeros, Foreign Secretary. 

Minorar, v., to lessen, to reduce ; 
r.v., to lower, to fall. 

Minoría, /., minority. 

31inoridad, /., minority. 

Minucia, /., minuteness, smallness. 

Minucioso, a., exact, careful, very 

Minúscula, /., small. Letra — , 
small letter. 

3Iinuta, /., minute. Libro de — s, 
minute - book, memorandum- 

Minutero, m., minute-hand of a 
watch or clock. 

Minuto, m., minute. 

Miñona, /., minion, seven-point 

Mío, pron. pass., my, mine. 

Miope, m., short-sighted person. 

Miopia, /., short-sightedness. 

Mira, /., aim, care, vigilance, 
expectation. Estar a la — de, 
to be on the look-out for. 

Mirada, /., glance, look, gaze. 

3Iirado, a., considered, considerate, 
prudent. Bien — , everything 
considered, by rights. 

Mirador, m., spectator, balcony. 

Miraje, m., mirage. 

Miramiento, m., consideration, 
civility, regard, awe. 

Mirar, v., to behold, to look, to 
consider, to take care. — por 
uno, to take care of, to look 
after one. Sin — . . , regardless 
of . . . 

Mirasol, m., sunflower. 

Miriñaque, m., gewgaw, bauble, 
trifling article ; hoop-skirt, cri- 

Mirlo, m., blackbird. 

Mirón, m., spectator, looker-on. 

Mirto, m., myrtle. 

Misa, /., mass. 

Miscelánea, /., miscellany, mix- 

Miserable, a., miserable, 


Miseria, /., misery, calamity, 
meanness, need, wretchedness. 

Msericordia, /., mercy. 

Misión, /., mission. 

Misivo, a., missive. 

Mismísimo, a., very same. 

Mismo, a., same, similar ; very. 
Él — , he himself. 

Misterio, m., mysterj'. 

Misterioso, a., mysterious. 

Místico, a., mystical. 

Mitad, /., half. See Cuenta. A — 
del precio, at half price. 

Mitigar, v., to mitigate, to soften, 
to quench. 





Mitin, m., meeting.^ 

3IitÓn, m., mitt, mitten. — es, 

Mitra, /., mitre. 

Mixto, a., mixed. See Tren. 

Mixtura, /., mixture. 

Mixturar, v., to mix, to mingle. 

Moaré, m., moire, watered silk. 

Mobiliario, a. & m., house- 
furnishing, house of furniture, 

3Ioca, /., mocha coffee. 

Mocasín, »i., moccasin, Indian 
shoe of soft leather. 

Mocedad, /., youthfulness, youth. 

Mochila, /., knapsack. 

3Iocliuelo, m., red owl. 

Moción, /., motion, movement. 

Moda, /., fashion. A la — , in the 
fashion, fashionable. Estar de 
— , to be in fashion. 

Modales,, manners, customs. 

Modelar, v., to model, to form. 

Modelo, m., model, pattern. 

Moderación, /., moderation. 

Moderado, a., moderate. 

Moderar, v., to moderate, to regu- 
late, to restrain ; r.v., to become 

Moderno, a., modern, new, up to 

Modestia, /., modesty. 

Modesto, a., modest, pure. 

Módico, a., moderate. Aprecio — , 
at a moderate price. 

Modificación, /., modification, al- 

Modificar, v., to modify, to moder- 
ate, to alter. 

3Iodismo, w., mannerism, idiom. 

Modista, /., milliner, dressmaker. 

Modo, m., mode, manner, method. 
De ■ — que, so that. Do ningún 
— , not at all. 

Modulación, /., modulation. 

Modular, v., to modulate. 

Módulo, >«., modulation. 

1 " Mitin." This word is not a genuine 
Spanish word ; it is a Spanish adaptation 
of the English word " meeting," and is 
much used by Spaniards, especially for 
public or political meetings. 

Mofa, /., mockery, scoff. 

Mofar, v., to scofi, to mock ; r.v., 

(de), to scoff, to sneer, to make 

fun of. 
Mofeta, /., skunk, polecat. 
Mogollón, m., parasite, sponger. 
Mohino, a., fretful, peevish ; 

black, sad. 
Moho, m., moss, mould, rust, 

Mohoso, a., mouldy, rusty, mossy. 
Mojada, /., wetting, moistening. 
Mojadura, /., wetting. 
Mojar, v., to wet, to moisten, to 

Mojigato, m., hypocrite. 
Molde, m., mould, matrix, pattern, 

block. De — , in print, pub- 
lished ; fitting, to the purpose. 

En letras de — , in print. 
Moldear, f., to mould. 
3Ioldeo, w., moulding. 5ee Tierra. 
Moldura, /., moulding. 
Mole, a., soft, mild ; /., massi- 

Moledor, m., grinder, crushing 

Moler, i. v., to grind, to pound, to 

mill ; to vex, to molest. 
Molestar, v., to molest, to trouble, 

to tease. 
Molestia, /., trouble, nuisance, 

injury. Darse la — , to take the 

Molesto, a., troublesome, grievous, 

vexatious, annoyed. 
Moletón, m., cotton flannel. 
Molicie, /., tenderness, softness. 
31 olido, a., ground, powdered ; 

flogged, fatigued. Azúcar — , 

powdered sugar. 
Molienda, /., grinding, pounding, 

Molificar, v., to mollify. 
Molimiento, m., grinding ; fatigue. 
Molinero, m., grinder, miller. 
Molinete, m., windlass ; turnstile ; 

little mill, hand mill. 
Molinillo, m., little mill ; hand- 
mill. — de café, coffee-mill. 
Molino, m., mill. — aceitero, oil 





mill. — de agua, water- 
mill. — de mano, hand- 
mill. — de papel, paper-mill. 

— de aserrar, sawdng-mill. 

— de viento, windmill. 
Mollera, /., crown or top oí the 


Momentáneo, a., momentous, mo- 

Momento, m., moment, conse- 
quence, importance. Al — , in 
a moment, immediately. De 
— , of moment (or importance). 

Momia, /., mummy. ^ 

Mona, /., female monkey or ape ; 

Monarca, »«., monarch. 

Monarquía, /., monarchy. 

Monasterio, m., monastery. 

Mondadientes, m., tooth-pick. 

Mondar, v., to clean, to cleanse, 
to husk, to peel, to pick. 

Mondo, a., neat, clean, pure. 
See Lirondo. 

Mondongo, m., paunch, tripe, 
black pudding. 

Moneda, /., money, coin, coinage. 

— corriente, current coin, cur- 
rency, legal tender. Batir — , to 
coin money. Casa de — , mint. 

— sonante, hard cash, specie. 
Papel — , paper-money. See 

Monedaje, m., coinage. 

Monedar, v., to coin. 

Monedería, /., mint, factory of 

Monedero, m., office of the mint, 
coiner. — falso, coiner, maker 
of base money. 

Monetario, m., cabinet of coins and 
medals ; treasury-chamber ; a., 
monetary. JNIercado — , money 

Monición, /., admonition. 

Monitorio, a., monitory, admoni- 

Monja, /., nun. 

Monje, m., monk. 

Mono, a., neat, pretty, nice ; 
funny ; m., monkey, ape. 

Monocromo, >i¡., monochrome. 

Monóculo, m., monocle; a., 

Monograma, m., monogram. 

Monoplano, m., monoplane. 

Monopolio, m., monopoly. 

Monopolista, com., monopolist. 

Monopolizar, v., to monopolise. 

Monotonia, /., monotony. 

Monótono, a., monotonous. 

Monstruo, m., monster. 

Monstruoso, a., monstrous. 

Monta, /., amount, sum total, 
worth, value. De poca — , of 
little value or importance, 

Montador, m., fitter. 

Montaje, m., mounting. 

Montante, m., upright, stempel ; 
(Am r.) amount. 

Montaña, /., mountain. 

Montañés, a., mountainous, high- 
land ; m., highlander. 

Montar, v., to mount, to ride, to 
amount to ; to cock a gun ; to 
mount, to set, to set up, to fix 
up, to fit up (a machine, etc.). 
Tanto monta, it amounts to the 
same thing. Traje de — , riding 
habit. — un reloj, to wind up 
a clock or watch. 

Monte, m., mountain, large hill, 
wood, forest. — de piedad, 
office where money is lent to 
the poor ; pawnshop. — pío, 
pension to \vidows and orphans, 

Montera, /., cap ; skylight. 

Monto, ni., amount, sum. 

Montón, m., heap, pile. A — es, 

Montura, /., mount (horses, etc.) ; 
saddle, trappings of horses. 

Monumento, m., monument. 

Moño, m., tuft of hair or feathers, 
bow of ribbons. 

Moquero, m. (Coll.), pocket-hand- 

Moqueta, /., moquette. 

Mora, /., delay, procrastination ; 





Morada, /., abode, habitation, 

residence, dwelling, home. 
Morado, a., violet, purple. 
Morador, m., inhabitant, lodger. 
3Ioral, m., mulberry-tree ; /., 

morals, morality ; a., moral. 
Moralidad, /., morality. 
Aloralizar, v., to 
Morar, v., to inhabit, to dwell, 

to reside, to live ; to continue. 
Moratoria, /., delay, respite (for 

payment), moratorium. 
Moratorio, 3Ioratorium, m. See 

Moratoria. Ley de — , law of 

Morcilla, /., black pudding. 
Mordacidad, /., mordacity, asper- 
ity, acrimony. 
3Iordante, m., guide ; container. 
Mordaz, a., cutting, biting, keen, 

Mordaza, /., gag ; bracket joint, 

fish-plate, rail coupling. 
Morder, 2. v., to bite, to gnaw, to 

Moreno, a., brown, swarthy. 
3Iorflna, /., morphia. 
Moribundo, a., dying. 
Morigerar, v., to restrain the 

passions, to moderate. 
Morir, i. v., to die ; r.v., to die, to 

die away, to go out. 
Morón, m., hill, hillock. 
Morosidad, /., tardiness, slowness, 

detention, delay. 
Moroso, a., slow, heavy, tardy. 

Gente morosa, slow payers. 
Morral, m., game-bag. 
3Iorrión, m., morion, steel helmet. 
Morro, m., headland, head, bluff. 
Morrocotudo, a., strong, stout, 

Mortaja, /., shroud, wdnding-sheet. 
Mortal, a., mortal, fatal. 
Mortalidad, /., mortality, death- 
Mortecino, a., djdng, d>dng away. 

Color — , pale or deadly colour. 
Mortero, m., mortar. 
Mortificación, /., mortification. 
Mortificar, v., to mortify. 

3Iortuorio, m., burial, funeral '• 

a., mortuary, belonging to the 

Mosaico, a., mosaic. Obra mo- 
saica, mosaic work. 
Mosca, /., fly. 

Moscatel, a., muscadine ; musk- 
grape, muscatel. 
3Iosquete, m., musket. 
Mosquitero, m., mosquito net. 
Mosquito, m., mosquito, gnat. 
3Iostacera, /., mustard-pot. 
Alostaza, /., mustard. 
Mostazo, m., mustard (plant). 
Mosto, m., stum, must, new wine, 

wine not yet fermented. 
Mostrador, m., demonstrator, 

pointer, counter. 
Mostrar, i. v., to show, to point out, 

to lay before ; r.v., to appear, to 

show oneself. 
Mostrenco, a., strayed, vagrant ; 

ignorant, dull. [spot. 

Mota, /., slight defect or blemish. 
Mote, m., motto, nickname. 
Moteado, a., spotted. 
Motear, v., to speckle, to mark 

with spots, to spot. 
Motejar, v., to censure, to ridicule. 
Motín, m., mutiny, riot. 
Jlotita, /. (dim.), spot. 
Motivar, v., to give or to assign a 

Motivo, ni., motive, reason, cause, 

occasion ; a., motive, moving. 

De su — , of one's own accord. 

Con — de, owing to, on account 

Motocicleta, /. {or 3IotocicIo, m.), 

Motón, m., block, pulley. 
3Iotor, a. & m., motor, motive, 

driving. — a gas, gas motor. 
Motriz, a., motor, motive. Fuerza 

— , motive (or driving) power. 
3Iotu proprio (Lat.), of one's own 

free will. 
Movedizo, a., movable, unsteady. 
Movedor, m., mover. 
Mover, i.v., to move, to stir up ; 

to drive ; r.v., to move. 





Movible, a., movable, variable. 

Móvil, a., movable ; m., motoi-. 
Primer ■ — , prime motor. Los 
— es, the motive (s). 

Movilidad, v., mobility. 

3Iovilizar, v., to mobilise, to set in 

Movimiento, m., movement, mo- 
tion, moving, driving. Poner 
en — , to set in motion. — de 
mercancías, goods traffic. 

Moza, /., girl, maid-servant. — 
de cámara, chamber-maid. 

Mozalbete, m., lad, youth. 

Mozo, a., young ; m., young 
man, youth, man-servant, 
bachelor, waiter, —de caballos, 
groom, horse-boy. — de mulas, 
muleteer. — de bomba, fireman, 

— de cordel {or de esquina), 
street porter. — de equipajes, 
railway porter. 

Muaré, m. See Moaré. 

JIuehaeho, m., boy, lad. 

Muehedurabre, /., multitude, 
crowd, great number, abun- 

Muchísimo, a., superlative, very 
much, a great deal. 

Mucho, a. & adv., much, by far. 
— s, many. 

Mucilago, m., mucilage, a solution 
of gum. 

3Iuda, /., change. 

Mudable, a., changeable, variable. 

3Iudanza, /., alteration, change, 
removal. Carro de — s, furni- 
ture van. 

Mudar, z;., to change, to remove, to 
alter ; r. v., to change, to move. 

— de parecer, to change one's 

3Iudez, /., dumbness. 

Mudo, a., dumb, silent, mute. 

Mueblaje, w., collection of fur- 

Mueble, m., movable piece of fur- 
niture. — s, movable goods, 
furniture, household stuff. 
Bienes — , personal estate. 

Mueca, /., grimaCe. 

Muela, /., grindstone, whetstone ; 
grinder, molar tooth. — - de 
molino, millstone. 

Muellaje, m., wharfage, harbour 

Muelle, a., tender, soft ; m., 
spring, pier, quay, wharf. 
Franco en el — , ex quay. 

Muerte, /., death. 

Muerto, a., dead, extinguished, 
languid, faded ; m., mooring- 

Muesca, /., groove, hack, mortise ; 
dove-tail scarf. 

Muestra, /., sample, specimen, 
design, model, copy. Número 
de — , sample number, specimen 

Mugre, /., grime, dirt. 

Mugriento, a., greasy, dirty, filthy. 

Mujer, /., woman, wife. 

Muía, /., she-mule. 

Muladar, >«., dung-hill, dung-heap. 

Mular, a., belonging to mules. 

Mulero, m., mule-boy, muleteer. 

Muleta, /., crutch, prop. 

Muletero, m. See 3Iulero. 

Mullido, a., soft ; m., soft 
cushion or pillow. 

Mullir, v.. to beat up, to soften. 

Mulo, m., mule. 

Multa, /., mulct, fine, penalty. 

Multar, v., to mulct, to fine. 

Multicoloro, a., many-hued, many- 

Multiforme, «., multiform. 

Múltiple, a., multiple. 

Multiplicación, /., multiplication ; 

3IuItiplicando, m., multiplicand. 

Multiplicar, v. & r.v., to multiply. 

Múltiplo, a., multiple. 

Multitud, /., multitude, crowd, 
great number. 

Mundo, m., world ; (Coll.) great 
quantity. Todo el — , every- 
body. Ver — , to travel. 

Munición, /., munition, ammuni- 

Municionar, v., to supply with 





Municipal, a., municipal. 

Municipalidad, /., municipality. 

Muñeca, /., wrist, doll. 

Muñeco, m., puppet. 

Muñón, m., brawn ; lug, swing- 
block, pin. 

Muñonera, /., trunnion-plate, 

Muralla, /., wall, rampart. 

Murciélago, m., bat (animal). 

Muriático, a., muriatic. Acido — , 
muriatic acid. 

Murmullo, m., muttering, mur- 

Murmurar, v., to murmur, to 

Muro, m., wall. 

Murtón, m., myrtle-berry. 

Musco, m., moss. 

Muselina, /., muslin. — mosqui- 
tero, niosquito muslin. 

Museo, m., museum. 

Musgo, m., moss. 

Música,'/., music. Atril para — , 
music rack. Libro de — -, 
music-book. Caja de — , musi- 
cal box. 

Músico, a. & Mi., musical, musi- 

Muslo, m., thigh. 

Mustio, a., parched, withered; 

Muta, /., pack of hounds 

Mutación, /., mutation, change. 

Mutilación, /., mutilation. 

3Iutilar, v., to mutilate, to maim. 

Mutual, a., mutual. 

Mutuamente, adv., mutually. 

Mutuo, a., mutual. 

Muy, adv., very. 

Nabina, /., rape and turnip-seed. 
Aceite de — , rape-oil. 

Nabo, m., turnip. 

Nácar, m., mother-of-pearl ; a., 
pearl colour ; red. 

Nacarado, a., set with mother- 
of-pearl ; of a pearl colour. 

Nacer, i. v., to be born, to rise, to 
arise. — de, to arise from, to 
be due to. 

Naciente, a. & p. a., growing. 
Nacimiento, m., birth, rising, 

origin. De — , from its birth. 
Nación, /., nation. 
Nacional, a., national. 
Nacionalidad, /., nationality. 
Nada, /., nothing ; adv., by no 

means. En — {or — de eso) T not 

at all. 
Nadador, m., swimmer. 
Nadar, v., to swim, to float. 
Nadie, pron., nobody, no one, 

none ; anybody. 
Nadir, m., the lowest part. Llegar 

a su — , to reach the lowest 

Nado, A — , afloat. Pasar el río a 

• — , to swim across the river. 
Nafta, /., naphtha. 
Naipe, m., playing-card. • 
Nalga, /., buttock, hip. 
Nansú, m., nainsook. 
Naranja, /., orange. 
Naranjada, /., orange-water, 

Naranjado, a., orange-coloured. 
Naranjal, m., orange-grove. 
Naranjero, m., orange-seller. 
Naranjo, m., orange-tree. 
Narcótico, a., narcotic. 
Nariz, /., nose, nostril. 
Narración, /., narration. 
Narrar, v., to narrate, to relate. 
Nata, /., cream. 
Natación, /., swimming. 
Natal, a., natal, native ; m., 

birth, birthday. 
Natalicio, a. & m., natal, nativ- 

Nativo, a., native. 
Natural, n., natural, native ; m., 

native ; temper. 
Naturaleza, /., nature, quality, 

kind. Tomar carta (s) de — , 

to become naturalised. 
Naturalidad, /., birthright, natur- 
Naturalizar, v., to naturalise. 
Naturalmente, adv., naturally, of 

Naufragar, v., to be shipwrecked. 





to suffer shipwreck, to be 

Náufrago, a., wTecked, relating to 

ship\%Teck ; shipwTecked person. 
Náutica, /., navigation. 
Náutico, a., nautical. 
Navaja, /., clasp-knife, folding- 

kmte, razor, pocket-knife. — 

(le afeitar, razor. 
Navajero, m., razor-maker. 
Naval, a., naval. Armada ^, 

roj-al navy, royal fleet. 
Nave, /., ship. 

Navesraliilidad, /., seaworthiness. 
Navegable, a., navigable. 
Navegación, /., navigation, ship- 
ping trade. 
Navegador. See Navegante. 
Navegante, p.a. navigating ; m., 

Navegar, v., to navigate, to sail. 
Navidad, f., Christmas. Por — , 

at Christmas. 
Naviero, m., shipowner. 
Navio, m., ship. — de guerra, 

man-of-war. — mercante, 

Neblina, /., mist. 
Nebuloso, a., misty. 
Necedad, /., stupidity, foolishness. 
Necesariamente, adv., necessarily. 
Necesario, a., necessary. Hacer 

{or cuidar) lo — , to do the 

Neceser, vi., case, dressing-case. 
Necesidad, /., necessity, need, 

want, requirement. 'poor. 

Necesitado, a., needy, necessitous. 
Necesitar, v., to necessitate, to 

need, to require, to want, to 

Necio, a., stupid, foolish, silly ; 

m., fool. 
Nefando, a., base, heinous. 
Nefario, a., nefarious, wicked. 
Negación, /., negation, denial ; 

Negar, i.v., to deny, to refuse, to 

contradict ; r.v., (a) to refuse, to 

decline. — de piano, to deny 

flatly. See Redondo. 

Negativa, /., negation, negative, 

Negativo, a., negative. 

Negligencia, /., negligence, neglect, 

Negligente, a., negligent, careless. 

Negociable, a., negotiable. 

Negociación, /., negotiation, man- 
agement ; commerce. 

Negociador, m., negotiator, man 
of business. 

Negociante, p.a., negotiating, 
trading ; m., trader, dealer. 

Negociar, v., to negotiate, to trade. 

Negocio, m., occupation, affair, 
business. — s, trade, business, 
affairs, negotiation, transac- 
tions. — en marcha, (a) going 
concern. Hombre de ■ — s, busi- 
ness man. — s marítimos, 
shipping business. 

Negrear, v., to grow black. 

Negro, a., black ; gloomy, dark ; 
m., negro, black. — ■ de humo, 
lampblack. — de hueso, bone- 
black. — de marfil, ivorj^-black. 
— de carbón, blue-black. 

Negrura, /., blackness. 

Negruzco, a., blackish. 

Nervio, m., nerve, tendon ; energy, 

Nervioso, a., nervous, vigorous. 

Nervoso, a., nervous, strong, 

Nervudo, a. See Nervoso. 

Neto, a., neat, pure, clean ; net, 
clear. Producto — , net pro- 
ceeds. Peso — , net weight. 

Neumático, a., pneumatic ; m., 
(pneumatic) tyre. 

Neumática, /., pneumatics. 

Neutral, a., neutral, neuter. 

Neutro, a., neutral, neuter. 

Nevada, /., snowfall. 

Nevar, i.v., to snow. 

Ni, conj., neither, nor. Ni . . . ni 
. . . , neither . . . nor. ... — 
siquiera, not even. 

Nicho, m., niche, recess. 

Nicotina, /.. nicotine. 

Nido, m., nest. 





Niebla, /., fog, mist, haze. 

Nieto, m., grandson, grandchild. 

Nieve, /., snow. 

Ningún, Ninguno, a., none, not 
one, no, neither. De ningún 
modo, de ninguna manera, by 
no means, in no manner. 

Niña, /., girl ; pupil of the eye. 

Niñeríi, /., nursery-maid. 

Niñería, /., childish action, trifle, 

Niñez, /., childhood, infancy. 

Niño, m., child. Desde — , from 

Niquel, m., nickel. 

Niquelado, a., nickel-plated. 

Niquelar, v., to nickel-plate. 

Nitrato, m., nitrate. — de potasa, 
nitrate of potash, nitre. — de 
sosa, nitrate of soda. — ■ de 
plata, nitrate of silver. 

Nitrería, /., saltpetre works. 

Nítrico, a., nitric. Acido — , ni- 
tric acid. 

Nitro, m., nitre, saltpetre. 

Nitrógeno, m., nitrogen, azote. 

Nitroglicerina, /., nitro-glycerine. 

Nitroso, a., nitrous. Gas — , nitro- 
^gen gas. 

Nivel, m., level, levelness, plane. 
A — -, perfectly level. 

Nivelación, /., levelling. 

Nivelar, v., to level, to make even, 
to balance. 

No, adv., no, not. 

Noble, a., noble. 

Nobleza, /., nobleness, nobility. 

Noche, /., night. — buena, Christ- 
mas Eve. De — by night. 
Esta — , to-night. Servicio de 
— , night duty. 

Nocturnal. See Nocturno. 

Nocturno, a., nocturnal, nightly. 
Trabajo — , night work. 

Noción, /., notion, idea. 

Nocivo, a., noxious, hurtful. 

Nodriza, /., nurse. 

Nogal, m., walnut-tree. 

Nombradia, /., fame, reputation. 

Nombrado, a, appointed, nomin- 
ated ; m, nominee. 

Nombrador, m., nominator, ap- 
pointer. [appointment. 

Nombramiento, m., nomination. 

Nombrar, v., to appoint, to nomi- 
nate, to name. 

Nombre, m., name ; noun. 

Nomenclatura, /., nomenclature, 

Nominación, /., nomination. 

Nominador, m., nominator. 

Nominal, «., nominal. 

Nominativo, a., nominative. 

Nómino, m., nominee. 

Nomparell, /.. nonpareil (type). 

Non, a., odd, uneven. 

Nonada, /., trifle, little or nothing. 

No obstante, adv., nevertheless, 

Noque, m., tan pit, vat. 

Nord, m. (Naut.), north wind. 

Nordeste, m., north-east. 

Noria, /., draw-well ; engine or 
machine for drawing water 
from a well. 

Norma, /., square ; model, stand- 
ard, rule, principle. Para su — , 
for your guidance. 

Noroeste. See Norueste. 

Norte, m., north ; rule, law, guide, 

Norueste, m., north-west. 

Nos, pron., we ; us. 

Nosotros, pron., we, ourselves. 

Nostalgia, /., nostalgy, home- 

Nota, /., note, annotation ; cen- 
sure, notice ; memorandum ; 
stigma, reproach. Tomar — , 
to take note. 

Notable, a., notable, remarkable. 

Notablemente, adv., notably, re- 

Notar, v., to note, to mark, to 
heed ; to find fault, to criticise. 

Noteria, /., notary's office ; em- 
ploj'ment or profession of a 

Notario, m., notary. — público, 
public notary. 

Notarial, a., notarial. Gastos —es, 
notarial charges. 





Noticia, /., notice, knowledge, 
information. — s, news, report. 
Atrasado de — s, behind the 
times. Poner en su — , to 
advise, to inform. 

Noticiar, v., to give notice, to 
inform, to communicate. 

Notificación, /., notification, judi- 
cial intimation. 

Notificar, v., to notify, to make 
known, to inform. 

Noto, a., known, notorious. 

Notoriedad, /., notoriety. 

Notorio, a., notorious, well known. 

Novato, a., new, commencing in 

Novedad, /., novelty. Estar sin — , 
to be quite well. Los negocios 
siguen sin — , business is going 
on as usual. No hacer — , not 
to make any change. Llegar 
sin — , to arrive all right. 
Ultima — , latest novelty. 

Novel, a., new. 

Novela, /., novel. 

Novelero, a., fond of news or 
novels, new-fangled ; m., 


Novelista, com., novelist. 

Novia, /., bride, betrothed. 

Noviazgo, m., engagement, be- 
trothal, [ship. 

Noviciado, m., novitiate, novice- 

Novicio, m., novice. 

Novilla, /., cow between three and 
six years ; heifer. 

Novillada, /., drove of young bulls, 
fight of young bulls. 

Novillero, m., herdsman who 
attends to young cattle ; truant, 

Novillo, m., young bull or ox. 
Hacer — s, to play truant. 

Novio, m., bridegroom. Los — s, 
the bride and bridegroom. 

Nube, /., cloud, crowd. 

Nublado, a., cloudy, misty. 

Nubloso. See Nublado. 

Nuca, /., nape of the neck. 

Núcleo, m., kernel of a nut, 

Nudillo, ni., knuckle, knot. 

Nudo, w., knot, joint, node. 
Echar 10 — s por hora, to 
run 10 knots an hour. 

Nudoso, a., knotty, knotted. 

Nuera, /., daughter-in-law. 

Nuestro, pron., our. 

Nueva, /., news. 

Nuevamente, adv., newly, again. 

Nuevo, a., new, novel. — fla- 
mante, brand-new. Año — , 
new year. De — , anew, of late. 
¿ Qué hay de — ? What is 
the news ? Pasar a cuenta 
nueva, to carry to new account. 

Nuez, /., walnut, nut. — moscada, 
nutmeg. — vómica, nux 

vomica. — de nogal, walnut. 

Nugatorio, a., nugatory, futile. 

Nulamente, adv., invalidly, in- 

Nulidad, /., nullity. 

Nulo, a., null, void. 

Numerable, a., numerable. 

Numeración, /., numeration, num- 
bering. — correlativa, running 

Numerador, >«., numerator, num- 

Numeral, a., numeral. 

Numerar, v., to number, to enu- 

Numerario, a., numerary ; m., 
hard cash, coin, specie. 

Numérico, a., numerical, numeral. 

Número, m., number, figure. Sin 
— , numberless. En - — s cono- 
cidos, in plain figures. 

Numeroso, a., numerous, large. 

Numismática, /., numismatics. 

Nunca, adv., never. — jamás, 
never, never more. 

Nutria, /., otter. 

Nutricio, a., nutritious, nourishing. 

Nutrido, a., nourished, full, heavy, 

Nutrimento, m., nutriment, nour- 
Nutrir, v., to nourish, to feed, to 
fatten ; to encourage, to fo- 





Nutritivo, a., nutritive, nourishing 

0, conj., or, either. — bueno 

— malo, either good or bad. 
Obcecado, a., blind. 

Obcecar, v., to blind, to make 

Obedecer, ¿.v., to obey, to yield. 

— a, to answer, to be due to. 
Obediencia, /., obedience. 
Obediente, a., obedient. 
Obenques, (Naut.), shrouds. 
Obeso, a., obese, fat. 

Óbice, m., obstacle, impediment, 

■ Ser — (a), to prevent. 

Obispo, m., bishop. Linón — -, 
bishop lawn. 

Obituario, m., obituary. 

Objeción, /., objection, opposition. 

Objetar, v., to object, to oppose. 

Objetivo, a., objective. 

Objeto, m., object, end. Ser — de, 
to receive. ■ — s de escritorio, 
office utensils. 

Oblea, /., wafer. 

Oblicuidad, /., obliquity, oblique- 

Oblicuo, a., oblique, crooked. 

Obligación, /., obligation, deed, 
bond, debenture. — es, liabili- 
ties ; debenture bonds. — es 
de los ferrocarriles, railwaj^ 
bonds. — es de empréstito, 
loan bonds. — es pagadas, paid 
up bonds. — de prioridad, pre- 
ference bond. • — hipotecaria, 
mortgage bond. 

Obligar, v., (a) to oblige, to compel. 

Obligatorio, a., obligatory, bind- 
ing, forcible. 

Oblongo, a., oblong. 

Obra, /., work, labour ; virtue, 
power. — de retacitos, patch- 
work. Poner en — , to put into 
work. See 3Iano. 

Obrador, m., workman ; work- 

Obrar, v., to work, to operate, to 
act, to execute. Obra en 
nuestro poder su carta, we are 

in receipt of your letter. — por 
lo mejor de sus intereses, to 
act to the best of your interests. 

Obrero, m., worker, labourer, 
workman, man ; a., working. 
La cuestión (or crisis) obrera, 
the labour question. — de 
fábrica, mill hand. 

Obscuramente, adv., obscurely, 

Obscurecer, ¡.v., to obscure, to 
darken, to grow dark. 

Obscuridad, /., obscurity, dark, 

Obscuro, a., obscure, dark, 
gloomy. Azul — , dark blue. 
A obscuras, in the dark. 

Obsequio, m., obsequiousness, 
complaisance, compliance, fa- 
vour. En — ■ de, for the sake 
of, in favour of. 

Obsequioso, a., obsequious, obe- 
dient, compliant, obliging. 

Observación, /., observation, re- 

Observancia, /., observance. 

Observante, a., observant. 

Observar, v., to observe, to note, 
to keep, to follow, to obey. 

Observatorio, m., observatory. 

Obstante, p. a., notwithstanding. 
See No obstante. 

Obstar, v., to oppose, to obstruct, 
to hinder, to impede. 

Obstinación, /., obstinacy. 

Obstinado, a., obstinate. 

Obstinarse, r.v., to be obstinate, to 
persist stubbornly. 

Obstructivo, a., obstructive. 

Obstruir, i.v., to obstruct, to block. 

Obtención, /., attainment, obtain- 

Obtener, i.v., to obtain, to get. 

Obtenible, a., obtainable. 

Obtuso, a., obtuse, blunt, dull. 

Obús, m., howitzer, shell. 

Obviar, v., to obviate, to prevent. 

Obvio, a., obvious, evident, plain. 

Oca, /., goose. 

Ocasión, /., occasion, opportunity. 
De — , second hand. Dar — a, 





to give occasion to, to give 
room for. 

Ocasional, a., occasional. 

Ocasionar, v., to occasion, to 

Occidental, a., Occidental, Wes- 

Occidente, m., Occident, West. 

Oceánico, a., oceanic. 

Océano, ocean. 

Ociar, v., to loiter, to idle, to be 

Ocio, OT., leisure, spare time ; 

Ociosidad, /., idleness, laziness ; 

Ocioso, a., idle, lazy ," fruitless. 

Ocorso. See Ocurso. 

Ocre, m., ochre. 

Octava, /., octave. 

Octavo, a. & m., eighth ; octavo. 
Un libro en — , an octavo vol- 

Octuple, a., octuple ; eight-fold. 

Ocular, a., ocular ; m., eye-glass. 
Testigo — , eyewitness. 

Oculista, com., oculist. 

Ocultación, /., concealment, hid- 

Ocultamente, adv., secretly. 

Ocultar, v., to hide, to conceal, to 

Oculto, a., hidden, concealed, 

Ocupación, /., occupation, busi- 
ness, concern, employment. 

Ocupado, a., occupied, busy. 

Ocupador, m., occupier, occupant. 

Ocupar, v., to occupy, to employ, 
to give employment, to take 
(time, etc.) ; r.v., to be occupied 
or engaged. — se de, to attend 

Ocurrencia, /., occurrence, 
thought, idea. 

Ocurrir, v., to occur, to happen ; 
to repair, to proceed, to meet. 
— a, to apply (or have recourse) 
to. Se me ocurre, it strikes me. 
¿ Qué ocurre ? WTiat is the 
matter ? 

Ocurso, m. (Amer.), application. 

Odiar, v., to hate, to abhor. 

Odio, m., hatred. 

Odioso, a., odious, hateful. 

Odómetro, m., odometer. 

Oeste, m., west. 

Ofender, v., to offend, to harm ; 

r.v. (de), to be oñended, to take 

offence, to be vexed (at). 
Ofensa, /., offence, injury. 
Ofensivo, a., offensive. 
Ofensor, m., offender. 
Oferta, /., offer. — en firme, firm 

Oficial, m., official, workman, 

officer, assistant ; a., official. 

— mayor (or principal), chief 

clerk. — de sanidad, health 

Oficialmente, adv., officially. 
Oficiar, v., to officiate. 
Oficina, /., office, counting-house, 

workshop. — principal, head- 
office. — de contabilidad, 

Oficio, m., office, employ, work, 

trade, business. De — , by 

trade, by profession, oflScially, 

by duty. 
Oficioso, a., officious, official, dili- 
gent. Nota oficiosa, official 

Ofrecer, i.v., to offer, to present ; 

r.v., to offer, to present itself. 

¿ Se le ofrece a usted algo ? 

At your service. — sele, to want, 

to require. 
Ofrecimiento, m., offer, offering. 
Ofuscar, v., to darken, to obscure. 
Oída, /., hearing. De (or por) — s, 

by hearsay. 
Oido, m., hearing, ear. Hacer — s 

de mercader, to lend a deaf ear. 

Llegar a (sus) • — s, to come to 

(one's) knowledge. 
Oidor, m., hearer. 
Oir, i.v., to hear, to listen. 
Ojal, m., button-hole. 
Ojalá, int., would to God ! God 

grant ! — que venga, I ^\'ish he 

would come. 





Ojeada, /., glance, glimpse. 

Ojear, v., to eye, to glance at ; to 
start game. 

Ojeo, ni., starting game. 

Ojeriza, /., spite, grudge, ill-will. 

Ojiva, /., ogive, pointed arch. 

Ojo, ni., eye ; attention, care ; 
keyhole. A — , by the lump, 
in bulk. A — s vistos, visibly, 
publicly. Estar empeñado 

hasta los — s, to be deeply 
(or over head and ears) in debt. 
Saltar a los — s, to be evident. 
¡ Ojo ! Note ! N.B. 

Ola, /., wa^ve. 

Olán, m., batiste, lawn, print. 
— clarín, fine cotton lawn, fine 
cambric, — cenefas, border 

Olancillo, m. (Colombia), print. 

Oleada, /., surge, swell of the sea. 

Oleaginoso, a., oleaginous, oily. 

Óleo, m., oil. Al — , in oil colours, 
in oils. Colores al — , oil 

Oleoso, a., oily. 

Oler, i.v., to smell, to scent. 

Olfatear, v., to smell, to scent. 

Olfato, m., scent, smell. 

Oliente, p.a., smelling. 

Oliva, /., olive, olive-tree. Aceite 
de — , olive oil. 

Olivo, m., olive-tree. 

Olla, /., earthen pot ; a Spanish 
dish. — podrida, a Spanish 
dish, a kind of stew. 

Ollería, /., pottery. 

Ollero, m., potter, dealer in earth- 

Olmo, m., elm-tree. [stench. 

Olor, .m., smell, odour, scent, 

Oloroso, a., perfumed, scented, 

Olvidadizo, a., forgetful, oblivious. 

Olvidar, v., to forget, to neglect, to 
overlook, to omit ; r.v., (de) to 
forget, to overlook, to omit. 

Olvido, m., forgetfulness, neglect, 
oblivion. Echar en — (or dar 
al — ), to forget purposely, to 
consign to oblivion. 

Ominoso, a., ominous. 

Omisión, /., omission, oversight. 

Omiso, a., neglectful, remiss. See 

Omitir, v., to omit, to neglect, to 

Omnibus, m., omnibus. — auto- 
móvil, motor-bus. 

Onda, /., wave. 

Ondear, v., to undulate, to fluc- 

Oneroso, a., onerous, burdensome. 

Onomástico, a. Día — , the 
Saint's day. 

Onza, /., ounce. 

Opacidad, /., opacity, opaqueness, 
cloudiness, darkness. 

Opaco, a., opaque. 

Ópalo, m., opal. 

Opción, /., option, choice. 

Ópera, /., opera. 

Operable, a., operable, practicable. 

Operación, /., operation. — es de 
banca, banking business. — es 
marítimas, shipping business. 

Operador, m., surgical operator ; 
operator (Mech.). 

Operante, p.a., operating; com., 

Operar, v., to operate, to act. 

Operario, m., operator, labourer. 

Operativo, a., operative. 

Opiata, /., opiate. 

Opinar, v., to argue, to judge, to 
form (or to be of) an opinion. 

Opinativo, a., opinionative. 

Opinión, /., opinion. 

Opio, m., opium. 

Opíparo, a., sumptuous. 

Oponer, i.v., to oppose, to go 
against ; r.v. (a), to oppose, to be 
against, to object. 

Oportunamente, adv., opportunely, 
conveniently, in good time. 

Oportunidad, /., opportunity, con- 
venience. En primera — , at 
(your) earliest convenience, at 
the first opportunity. 

Oportuno, a., opportune, conve- 
nient, seasonable. 

Oposición, /., opposition. 





Opositor, m., opposer, opponent. 

Opresión, /., oppression. 

Opresivo, a., oppressive. 

Opresor, m., oppressor. 

Oprimir, v., to oppress, to over- 
power, to crush. 

Oprobio, tn., opprobrium, igno- 

Optar, v., to choose, to select. 
— por, to choose. 

Óptica, /., optics. 

óptieo, a., optic(al) ; m., opti- 

Optimismo, m., optimism. 

Optimista, com., optimist. 

Óptimo, a., best, excellent. 

Opuesto, a., opposite, contrary. 

Opulencia, /., opulence, wealth. 

Opulento, a., opulent, wealthy, 

Ora, adv., at present ; conj., 
whether, now. 

Oración, /., oration, prayer, 

Orador, m., orator, speaker. 

Oral, a., oral. 

Orar, v., to pray, to harangue, to 

Orchilla, /., archil, true dyer's 
orchil, orchella-weed. 

Orden, m., order, regularity, ar- 
rangement, course, rule ; /., 
command, order, mandate. 
Hasta nueva — , until further 
notice. Por su — -, in turn. A 
la — , to order. De — , to order. 
De — y por cuenta de, bj' order 
and for account of. De segunda 
• — , second rate. [just. 

Ordenado, a., ordinate, orderly. 

Ordenanza, /., method, order, 
ordinance ; m., orderly. 

Ordenar, v., to order, to command, 
to direct. 

Ordeñadero, ;»., milk-pail. 

Ordeñar, v., to milk. 

Ordinal, «., ordinal. 

Ordinariamente, adv., ordinarily. 

Ordinario, a., ordinaxy, common, 
usual ; m., ordinary. De — , 
regularly, commonly. 

Oreja, /., ear ; lug. 

Orejano, a., ownerless, unbranded 

Orfandad, /., orphanage. 

Oriebre, com., worker in gold and 
precious naetals. 

Orfvbreria, /., gold or silver twist 
or braid, silver or gold work. 

Organdí, m., book muslin. 

Organero, m., organ-maker, organ- 

Orgánico, a., organic. 

Organillo, »?., barrel-organ, hand- 

Organización, /., organisation. 

Organizar, v., to organise. 

Órgano, m., organ, voice. 

Orgullo, m., pride, haughtiness. 

Orgulloso, a., proud, haughty. 

Oriental, a. & m.. Oriental, 

Orientarse, r.v., to take or find 
one's bearings ; to consider the 
course to be taken. 

Oriente, m.. Orient, East. El 
Extremo — , the Far East. 

Orifice, com., goldsmith. 

Orificia, /., trade of a goldsmith. 

Orificio, m., orifice, aperture. 

Origen, m., origin, source. Cer- 
tificado de — , certificate of 

Original, a. & m., original. 

Originalmente, adv., originally. 

Originar, v., to originate ; r.v., to 
originate, to start. 

Orilla, /., limit, border, bank, 
edge, selvage. Tela con una — 
{or de a una — ) falsa, split 
goods (textiles). 

Orillar, v., to put in order, to 
arrange, to conclude ; to leave 
a selvage on cloth. 

Orillo, m., selvage or list of cloth. 

Orín, m., rust. 

Orinal, m., urinal ; chamber-pot. 

Oriundo, a., originated, derived 

Orla, /., list, border, selvage, 

Orladura, /., border, edging, list. 





Orlar, v., to border. 

Ornamentar, v., to ornament, to 

Ornamento, m., ornament. 

Ornar, v., to adorn, to ornament, 
to embellish. 

Ornato, m., ornament, decoration. 

Oro, m., gold. — batido, leaf 
gold, beaten gold. — en panes 
(en libritos or libritos de — 
fino), gold-leaf. — en pasta {or 
en rieles), gold in nuggets. 
— en polvo {or polvo de — ), 
gold dust. — mate, gold-size, 
dead gold. — macizo, solid gold. 
Hoja de — , gold-foil. Tejos de 
— , ingots of gold. — • de ley, 
standard gold. 

Oropel, m., tinsel. 

Oropimente, m., orpiment. 

Orozuz, m., liquorice. Zumo de 
— , Spanish liquorice. 

Orquesta, /., orchestra, band. 

Ortografía, /., orthography, 

Ortográfico, a., orthographical. 

Orujo, m., skin or peel of pressed 

Osadía, /., boldness, courage. 

Osado, a., daring, bold. 

Osar, v., to dare, to venture. 

Oscilación, /., oscillation. 

Oscilante, a., oscillating, fluctuat- 

Oscilar, v., to oscillate, to fluc- 
tuate. — entre 20 y 30, to 
fluctuate between 20 and 30, 
to range from 20 to 30. 

Oscuro. See Obscuro. 

Oso, m., bear. Piel de — , bear- 

Ostensible, a., ostensible, apparent. 

Ostentación, /., ostentation, ap- 

Ostentar, v., to show, to demon- 

Ostentoso, a., ostentatious, showy. 

Ostra, /., oyster. 

Otomana, /., ottoman, kind of 

Otoñal, a,., autumnal. 

Otoño, rn., autumn. 

Otorgador, m., consenter, granter. 

Otorgamiento, m., grant, licence ; 

drawing up of a deed. 
Otorgancia, /., authorisation. 
Otorgar, v., to consent, to grant, 

to agree with, to stipulate ; to 

Otro, a., another, other. — que 

tal, another kindred spirit, such 

Otrosí, adv., moreover. 
Oval, a., oval. 
Óvalo, m., oval. 
Oveja, /., ewe, sheep. 
Ovejero, m., shepherd. 
Ovejuno, a., pertaining to sheep 

or ewes. Lana ovejuna, sheep 

Ovillo, m., ball (of thread, etc.). 
Oxálico, a., oxalic. 
Oxiacanta, /., hawthorn. 
Oxidación, /., oxidation. 
Oxidar, v., to oxidise. 
Óxido, m., oxide. — - de cine, zinc- 
Oxígeno, m., oxygen. 
Oyente, p.a-, hearing ; com., hearer. 

Pabellón, m., pavilion ; colours, flag. 
Pábilo, m., mck (of candles, etc.). 
Pábulo, m., nourishment, food, 

ahment. [pack. 

Paca, /., bale, bundle, package, 
Pacedero, a., pasturable. 
Pacer, i.v., to pa.sture, to graze. 
Pachuli, m., patchouli. 
Paciencia, /., patience. 
Paciente, a. & com., patient. 
Pacientoniente, adv., patiently. 
Pacificación, /., pacification. 
Pacificar, v., to pacif^^ 
Pacífico, a., pacific. 
Pacotilla, /., venture (goods 

shipped as a speculation). 
Pactado, a., arranged, contracted, 

Pactar, v., to compact, to contract, 

to agree upon, to stipulate. 
Pacto, w., compact, contract, 






Padecer, i.v., to suffer. 

Padecimiento, tn., suffering. 

Padrastro, m., step-father. 

Padre, m., father ; senior. — s, 

Padrino, m., god-father ; second, 

Padrón, m., poll, register ; pat- 

Paga, /., payment, fee, pay. 

Pagadero, a., payable. — a la 
vista, payable at sight. — en, 
payable (or domiciled) at. 

Pagador, m., payer, pay-master, 

Pagaduría, /., paymaster's office. 

Pagamento, m., payment. 

Pagar, v., to pay, to pay for, to 
acquit. — una visita, to return 
a visit. — en la misma moneda, 
to pay in the same coin. — al 
contado, to pay cash. — ade- 
lantado, to pa}' in advance. 
Hacerse — , to get paid. 

Pagaré, m., promissory note, 

Página, /., page of a book. 

Pago, ni., payment. Pronto — , 
prompt payment. En — de, in 
payment of. Suspender el — , 
to suspend payment. 

Pailebot [or Pailebote), m., pilot- 

Pais, m., country, land. 

Paisaje, m., landscape. 

Paisano, m., countryman. 

Paja, /., straw, chaff, worthless 

Pajar, m., place where straw is 

Pajarero, m., bird-catcher. 

Pájaro, m., bird. 

Paje, m., page. — de escoba, 
cabin boy. 

Pajizo, a., made of straw, straw- 

Pajuela, /., match. 

Pajuelero, m., match-maker. 

Pala, /., shovel, fire-shovel. 

Palabra, /., word, promise. A 
media — , at the least hint. 

De — , by word of mouth. 
Tomar la — , to take a man at 
his word. Bajo — de honor, 
on one's word of honour. 

Palaciego, a., pertaining to the 
palace ; ni., courtier. 

Palacio, ni., palace, castle. 

Palada, /., shovelful. 

Paladar, m., palate. 

Palanca, /., lever. 

Palangana, /., basin. 

Palanqueta, /., small lever ; bar- 
shot ; dumb-bell. 

Palatinado, m., palatinate. 

Palco, m., box (at the theatre). 

Palenque, >»., palisade, passage. 

Palestra, /., gymnasium, wrestling 

Paleta, /., fire-shovel, trowel, hod, 
scoop ; palette : paddle. 

Paleto, m. (Fr., paletot), overcoat. 

Paliar, v., to palliate, to extenuate. 

Paliativo, a., palliative. 

Palidez, /., paleness, palidity. 

Pálido, a., pale, palid. 

Palillero, m., tooth-pick case. 

Palillo, m., tooth-pick, knitting- 
needle case ; rolling pin. — s, 
bobbins, drumsticks. 

Palio, m., cloak, pall. 

Palique, m., triñing conversation. 

Palisandro, m., violet wood, pali- 

Palma, /., palm-tree. Llevarse la 
— , to carry the day. 

Palmacristi, /., palma Christi, the 
castor-oil plant. 

Palmatoria, /., small candlestick. 

Palmera, /., palm-tree. 

Palmo, m., palm. — a — , inch by 

Palo, m., stick, timber, wood ; 
mast. — de tinte, dye-wood. 
— de Campeche, logwood. 

Paloma, /., pigeon, dove. 

Palomar, m., pigeon-house, dove- 

Palpable, a., palpable. 

Palpar, v., to feel, to touch. 

Palpitante, p.a., vibrating, pal- 





Palpitar, v., to palpitate, to flutter. 

Palustre, m., trowel. 

Pámpana, /., vine-leaf. 

Pan, m., bread, loaf, wheat, leaf 
of gold or silver. — de azúcar, 
loaf sugar. ■ — casero, house- 
hold (or home-made) bread. 

— de ñor, fancy bread. — 
moreno, brown bread. — de oro, 
gold leaf. 

Pana, /., velveteen, corduroy. 
Panadería, /., bakehouse, baker's 

shop, profession of a baker. 
Panadero, m., baker. 
Panal, m., honeycomb. 
Pandereta, /., tambourine. 
Pandilla, /., league, part3^ faction ; 

ring (Stock Exchange). 
Panecillo, m., a small loaf of 

bread, roll. 
Panes,, corn in the field. 
Pánico, m., panic. 
Pantalla, /., lamp-shade, screen. 

— de chimenea, fire-screen. 
Pantalón, m., trousers, drawers. 

See Paño. Cortes para — es, 

Pantano, m., pool, reservoir. 

Pantoque, m., bilge. Agua de — , 
bilge water. 

Pantorrilla, /., calf of the leg. 

Pantufla, /., slipper. 

Pañero, m., woollen-draper, clo- 

Pañete, m., cloth (of light body), 
thin coarse cloth. 

Paño, m., cloth, woollen stuff ; 
flaw, spot. — listado para 
pantalones, striped trouserings. 

Pañol, JM., store-room on a ship. 

— de pólvora, powder magazine 
Pañolero, m., store-keeper. 
Pañolón, m., long square shawl. 
Pañuelo, m., handkerchief. — de 

hilo, linen handkerchief. 

Papagayo, m., parrot. 

Papel, m., paper ; part in a play ; 
figure ; money, bills. — es, doc- 
uments. — - de cartas, note- 

. paper. — autográfico, transfer 
paper. Hacer — , to cut a 

figure. Hacer un — , to play a 
part. — jaspeado, marbled 
paper. — del Estado, Govern- 
ment stock. — de estraza, 
brown paper. — moneda, paper 
money. — sellado, stamped 
paper, stamp. — avitelado, 
vellum. — pintado, stained 
paper ; paper hanging. — 
marca mayor, Royal ; mar- 
quilla, medium ; marca regu- 
lar, demy. — de lija, glass- 
paper, sand-paper. — secante, 
blotting paper, blotter. — de 
seda, tissue paper. — acanillado, 
laid paper. — majado, papier- 
mache. ■ — - satinado, glossed 
paper. — de entapizar, wall 
paper, paper hanging. Hoja {or 
pliego) de • — , leaf (or sheet) of 
paper. Mano de — , quire of 
paper. — esmeril, emery paper. 

— rayado, ruled paper. — para 
calcar, tracing paper. — 
vitela, wove paper, vellum. — 
de escribir, writing paper. 

Papelera, /., paper-case, writing 

case, escritoire, stationery-box. 
Papelería, /., stationery, station- 
er's shop. 
Papelero, m., paper maker. 
Papeleta, /., slip of paper. — de 

empeño (or del monte), pawn 

Papelito, m., a small paper, slip. 
Papelón, m., large piece of paper, 

Paquebot, Paquebote, m., packet, 

packet-boat, steam-packet. 
Paquete, m., packet, parcel ; 

Par, a., equal, even. Sin — , 

matchless. Números — es, even 

Par, m. & /., pair, couple ; peer ; 

par. A la — , jointly, equally ; 

at par, without discount. A la 

— que, at the same time. Al 

— que, as well as. De — en — , 
broad, open, wide-open. Ir a la 
— , to go halves. A más del — , 





above par. A menos [or bajo) 
— , below par. 

Para, prep., for, to, in order to, 
towards. — entre los dos, 
between ourselves. — siempre, 
for ever, for good. — con, 
compared with, towards. 

Parabién, m., compliment, felici- 
tation. Dar el — , to congratu- 
late, to compliment. 

Paracaidas, m., parachute. 

Parada, /., halt, stand, stop, 
parade. — de coches, cab- 
rank (or stand). 

Paradero, m., halting-place ; 
whereabouts. Se ignora el — 
de . . ., it is not known what has 
become of. . . . 

Parado, a., remiss, careless, inac- 
tive ; stopped, at a standstill. 

Paradoja, /., paradox. 

Parafiua, /., parafñn. 

Paragonar, v., to paragon, to 
compare, to equal. 

Paraguas, m., umbrella. 

Paraíso, m., paradise. 

Paraje, m., place, residence. 

Paralelo, a. & m., parallel. 

Paralizado, a., paralysed, at a 
standstill, idle. 

Paralizar, v., to paralyse. 

Paramento, m., ornament, embel- 

Parangón, m., paragon, model, 

Parangonar, v., to paragon, to 
match, to compare. 

Parar, v., to stop, to halt, to 
happen ; r.v., to stop, to halt. 
Sin — , incessantly. — mientes 
en, to consider. 

Pararrayo, m., lightning-rod, 

Parasol, m., parasol. 

Parcamente, adv., sparingly. 

Parcial, a., partial, partisan. 

Parcialidad, /., partiality. 

Parcidad, /., parsimony. 

Parco, a., sparing, scanty, mode- 

Parche, m., parchment, patch. 

Pardo, a., grey, drab, brown. 

Pardusco, a., light brown, greyish. 

Parear, v., to match, to pair. 

Parecer, m., opinion, advice ; look, 
air, appearance. Al — , seem- 
ingly. Ser de — , to be of 

Parecer, i. v., to appear, to seem ; 
r.v., to be like, to resemble. Si 
le parece, if you tliink fit, if 
you like it. 

Parecido, a., appeared ; like, 

Pared, /., wall. 

Pareja, /., pair, couple. Correr — s 
con, to be on a par with, to be 
equalled by, to go hand in hand 

Parejo, a., equal. 

Parentela, /., parentage, kindred. 

Parentesco, m., kindred, relation- 

Paréntesis, m., parenthesis. Entre 
— -, by parenthesis, by-the-bye. 

Pareo, m., coupling, matching. 

Paridad, /., parity, equality. 

Pariente, m (Parienta, /.), relation. 

Parladuría, /., loquacity. 

Parlamentar, v., to talk, to parley. 

Parlamentario, a. & m., par- 
liamentary, member of parlia- 

Parlamento, m., parliament ; par- 

Paro, m., stoppage. — forzoso, 

Párpado, m., eyelid. 

Parpalla, /., coin, valued at twD 

Parque, m., park. 

Parquedad, /., parsimony. 

Parra, /., vine. 

Párrafo, m., paragraph. Echar 
un — , to have a chat. 

Parrillas, f.pL, gridiron, grate, 
furnace, grating. 

Parroquia, /., parish ; custom, 
Buena — , good-\vill. 

Parroquiano, m., parishioner ; 

Parte, /., part, portion, share. 





side, party ; m., report, notice. 
En — , partly, in part. En 
gran - — •, largely. De ocho 
días a esta — , within the last 
eight days. Ir a la (or en — s) 
— , to go halves. Por todas — s, 
on all sides, everywhere. — por 
esto, — por aquello, partly 
by this, partly by that. Hacer 
todo de su — , to do all in one's 
power. De algún tiempo a esta 
— , for some time (past). El — 
oficial, the official report. 

Partible, a., divisible, separable. 

Partición, /., partition, division. 

Participación, /., participation ; 
co-partnership. Cuenta en — , 
joint account. 

Participar, v., to participate ; to 
inform, to give notice. — de, to 

Partícipe, a., participant, sharing ; 
com., partner. 

Particular, a., particular, special, 
p ivate. En — -, particularly, in 
particular. — (on an envelope), 

Particular, m., particular, topic ; 
private gentleman, [peculiarity. 

Particularidad, /., particularity. 

Particularmente, adv., particu- 
larly, especially, namely. 

Partida, /., departure ; item, 
entry, annotation, clause ; 
parcel, lot. — doble, double 
entry (book-keeping). - — simple, 
single entry. 

Partidario, m., partisan. Ser — 
de, to be in favour of. 

Partido, m., party ; advantage, 
profit, utility ; treaty, agree- 
ment. Sacar — de, to take 
advantage of, to benefit by. 
Tomar un — , to resolve. 

Partir, v., to part, to divide ; to 
depart ; to distribute. — la 
diferencia, to split the differ- 
ence. A — del 1° de Marzo, on 
and after the 1st of March. 

Partitura, /., score (of music or 
opera) . 

Parvedad, /., littleness, minute- 

Parvo, a., small, little. 

Pasa, /., raisin. Ciruela — , prune. 

Pasada, /., passage. 

Pasadero, a., supportable, pass- 

Pasadizo, m., narrow passage. 

Pasado, a., passed, past ; rotten. 
En lo — , in the past. El mes 
— , last month. Lo pasado 
pasado está, what is done can- 
not be undone. — s dos días, 
after two days. 

Pasador, m., bolt (of a lock), bolt- 
pin, linch-pin, cotter, marline- 
spike ; sieve ; (S.A.) lace. 

Pasaje, m., passage, fare, passage 

Pasajero, a., transient ; m., 
passenger, traveller. 

Pasamanar, w., to lace, to make 
ribbons, trimming, etc. 

Pasamanería, /., passementerie, 
trimming, lace-work. 

Pasamanero, m., lace-maker. 

Pasamano, m., balustrade ; trim- 
ming ; (Naut.) gangway. 

Pasaporte, m., passport. 

Pasar, v., to pass, to spend ; r.v., 
to surpass, to exceed. — revista, 
to muster, to review. — de 
largo, to pass by without stop- 
ping. Pasa al frente, carried 
forward. Pasa a la vuelta, 
carried over. — el tiempo, to 
pass (or spend) the time. — por 
alto, to overlook, not to take 
notice. ■ — por encima, to over- 
come difficulties. ¿ Cómo lo 
pasa usted ? How do you do ? 
— se con poco, to be satisfied 
with a little. — se de bueno, to 
be too good. Un buen — , a 
competency. • — ■ a nueva 

cuenta, to place to new account. 
Ya se le pasará, he will (soon) 
get over it. fment. 

Pasatiempo, m., pastime, amuse- 

Pascua, /., Easter, Christmas. 
Felices — s, a happy Christmas. 





Pase, m., pass, passport. 

Pasear, v., to walk ; r.v., to take 
a walk. 

Paseo, m., walk. Dar un — , to 
take a walk. 

Pasible, a., passible, liable (to). 

Pasillo, m., a short step, narrow 
passage ; basting-stitch. 

Pasión, /., passion. 

Pasivo, a., passive ; m., liabil- 
ities. See Activo. 

Pasmar, v., to marvel, to wonder. 

Pasmo, m., spasm, astonishment, 

Pasmoso, a., marvellous, wonder- 

Paso, ni., pace, step, passage, 
footstep ; passport, pass. A 
cada — , (or — a — ), step by 
step, slowl3^ Apretar el — , to 
hasten. Salir del — , to get out 
of a difficulty. De — , by the 
way. De — para, on the way 
to, en route for. Al — que, 
whilst. Dar — s, to take steps. 

Pasta, /., paste ; pasteboard ; 
roan leather ; pulp. Media — , 
half leather binding. Libro en 
— -, book in paper (cover). — de 
tafilete, morocco binding. 

Pastel, m., pie ; woad ; crayon. 

Pastilla, /., cake, flake ; lozenge, 
pastille. See Jabón. 

Pasto, m., pasture. A — , abun- 
dantly. A todo — , ad libitum. 
Ser — de las llamas, to be burnt 
(or consumed). 

Pastorear, v., to graze, to pasture. 

Pastoreo, m., pasturing. 

Pastura, /., pasture, fodder. 

Pasturaje, m., pasturage. 

Pata, /., foot ; duck. — de 
cabra, crowbar. A — , on foot. 
A — liana [or a la — la liana), 

Patada, /., kick. 

Patata, /., potato. 

Patear, v., to kick. 

Patentado, a., patented. 

Patentar, v., to patent. 

Patente, a., patent, manifest. 

clear, evident ; /., patent, 
warrant, commission. Letras 
• — s, letters patent. — de 
sanidad, bill of health. — 
limpia, clean bill of health. 
— de invención, patent. — de 
navegación, pass. — sucia, 
foul bill of health. 

Patentizar, v., to make clear or 

Paternidad, /., paternit3^ 

Paterno, a., paternal. 

Patético, a., pathetic. 

Patín, m., skate — de ruedas, 

Patinar, v., to skate, to glide, to 

Patio, m., court; pit (theatre). 

Palo, m., goose. 

Patraña, /., falsehood, fib. 

Patria, /., native country', father- 

Patrimonio, m., patrimony. 

Patriota, com., patriot. 

Patriótico, a., patriotic. 

Patriotismo, m., patriotism. 

Patrocinar, v., to favour, to pa- 

Patrocinio, m., protection, patron- 

Patrón, m., patron, master (of a 
ship), landlord ; pattern, sam- 
ple, stencil, stencil-plate. 

Patrono, m., master (of a ship), 

Patrulla, /., patrol. 

Patrullar, v., to patrol. 

Paulatinamente, adv., gently, 
slowl}', by degrees. 

Paulatino, a., slow, gradual. 

Pausa, /., pause, interruption. 

Pausadamente, adv., slowly, deli- 

Pausado, a., slow, deliberate, 

Pausar, v., to pause, to cease. 

Pauta, /., ruled paper, rule, guide, 
pattern, example, model. 

Pautar, v., to rule lines on paper. 

Pava, /., turkey-hen. 

Peaje, m., toll, toll-money. 





Pavimento, m., pavement. 

Pavo, m., turkey. — real, peacock. 

Pavonar, v., to give iron or steel 
a bluish colour. 

Pavor, m., fear, dread, terror. 

Pavoroso, a., awful, formidable, 

Paz, /., peace. En — , quit(s), 
clear. Dejar en - — , to leave 
alone. Hacer las paces, to make 
it up, to become friends again. 

Pe, /., the letter "p." De — apa, 
entirely, from top to bottom. 

Peca, /., freckle, speck, spot. 

Pecado, m., sin. 

Pecar, v., to sin, to err. — por 
carta de más (or de menos), to 
err on the higher (or lower) side. 

Pechera, /., shirt-front. 

Pecho, Mi., breast, chest. Hombre 
de — , a firm spirited man. 
Hombre de pelo en — , a brave 
man. Tomar a — s, to take to 

Pechuga, /., breast of a fowl. 

Pecuario, a., pertaining to cattle. 

Peculiar, a., peculiar. 

Pecuniario, a., pecuniary. 

Pedacito, m., small bit. 

Pedal, m., pedal. 

Pedalier, m., pedals (on a bicycle). 

Pedazo, m., piece, bit, lump. 
Hecho — s, (smashed or broken) 
into bits (or pieces). 

Pedernal, m., flint. 

Pedestal, m., pedestal. 

Pedido, m., order, request ; p.p., 
ordered, on order. — en firme, 
positive order. 

Pedimento, m., petition. A — , on 
petition. — de despacho, 
application for clearance (at 
Custom House). 

Pedir, I.V., to ask, to beg, to peti- 
tion, to solicit, to order, to 
demand. — cuenta.s, to call 
to account. See Boca. 

Pedrera, /., quarry, stone-pit. 

Pedrería, /., collection of precious 
stones, jewels. [dary. 

Pedrero, m., stone-cutter, lapi- 

Pedrisco, m., hail-stone. 

Pega, /., varnish, pitch ; gang. 

Pegadizo, a., clammy, sticky, 
viscous, catching. 

Pegajoso, a., sticky, viscous, 
catching, adhesive. 

Pegar, v., to join, to unite, to 
stick, to beat ; y.v., to stick, 
to adhere. — fuego, to set 
fire (to). 

Peinada, /., combing. 

Peinado, a. & m., well-combed 
hair, coiffure. 

Peinador, m., hairdresser ; dress- 

Peinar, v., to comb. 

Peine, m., comb. — fino, fine (or 
small tooth) comb. 

Peineta, /., convex comb for the 
hair, dress comb. 

Pelada, /., pelt. [almond. 

Peladilla, /., sugar-almond, burnt- 

Pelado, a., plucked, bared, de- 
corticated, without hair, bare; 

Pelar, v., to pluck, to skin, to 
shell. — selas, to execute any- 
thing with vigour. 

Peldaño, m., step (of stairs). 

Pelea, /., battle, combat, fight, 

Pelear, i^., to fight, to struggle. 

Pelerina, /., pelerine, cape. 

Peletería, /., trade and shop of a 
furrier, fur-skins, peltry. 

Peletero, m., furrier. 

Peliagudo, a., downy, furry ; ar- 
duous, diñicult, knotty ; skilful, 

Película, /., pellicle, film. — foto- 
gráfica, photographic film. 

Peligrar, v., to be in danger 
(distress or peril) ; to risk, to 

Peligro, m., danger, peril, risk. 
Correr — , to be in danger. 

Peligroso, a., dangerous, perilous. 

Pelillo, m., short hair, trifle. 
Pararse en — s, to stick at 
trifles. Reparar en — s, to take 
offence at trifles. 


7— (1696) 




Pelleja, /., skin stripped off an 
animal. See Zalea. 

Pellejería, ./., leather cloth. 

Pellejero, m., furrier, leather- 
dresser, [peel 

Pellejo, m., skin, hide, felt, pelt 

Pelliza, /., pelisse, fur cloak. 

Pellizcar, v., to pinch. 

Pelo, >»., hair, down, pile, nap 
hair-spring in watches ; raw 
silk, grain of wood. Venir a 
to come to the purpose. A 
contra — , against the grain 
A — , for the purpose. Al — 
finely. — de cameUo {or — de 
cabra de Angora), mohair. 

Peloso, a., hairy, downy. 

Pelota, /., ball (for games, etc.). 

Pelotilla, /., small ball, pellet. 

Pelotón, m., large ball ; platoon. 

Peltre, m., pewter. 

Peltrero, ni., pewterer. 

Peluca, /., wig ; reprimand. 

PeliU'he, nt., plush. 

Peludo, a., hairy. 

Peluquería, /., hairdresser's shop 
or saloon. 

Peluquero, m., hairdresser, hair- 
cutter, %\-ig-maker, barber. 

Pena, /., pain, penalty, sorrow, 
punishment, care, anxiety. A 
duras • — s, with great difficulty. 
So — de, under penalty of. 

Penacho, ni., tuft, crest, plumes. 

Penal, a., penal. 

Penalidad, /., penalty. 

Penar, v., to suffer pain ; r.v., to 
grieve, to mourn. 

Pendencia, /., quarrel, dispute. 

Pendenciero, a., quarrelsome. 

Pender, v., to impend, to be 
imminent, to depend. 

Pendiente, a., pendent, impend- 
ing ; pending. Cuenta — , out- 
standing account. Deuda — , 
balance unpaid. — de pago, 
pending payment. 

Pendiente, /., slope ; m., ear-ring, 

Péndola, /., pendulum. Reloj de 
- — , pendulum clock. 

Pendolista, com., penman. 

Pendón, ;»., standard, banner, 

Péndulo, rn., pendulum. 

Penetrable, a., penetrable. 

Penetración,/., penetration, acute- 
ness, sagacit}'. 

Penetrante, a., penetrating, sharp, 
piercing, clear-sighted, keen. 

Penetrar, v., to penetrate, to 
pierce, to pass through ; to 
fathom, to comprehend ; to 
permeate, to pervade. 

Penetrativo, a., penetrative. 

Peninsula, /., peninsula. 

Peninsular, a., peninsular. 

Penique, »i., penny. 

Penitencia, /., penitence, penance. 

Penol, m. (Naut.), yard-arm. 

Penoso, a., painful, grievous, 

Pensamiento, m., thought ; pans3^ 

Pensar, ¡.v., to think, to consider, 
to intend ; to feed cattle. Sin 
— , thoughtlessh\ 

Pensativo, a., pensive, thoughtful. 

Pensión, /., pension ; board. — es 
para los ancianos, old-age pen- 
sions. — completa, full board. 

Pensionar, v., to pension. 

Pensionista, com., pensioner ; 

Pentecostés, w., \Vhitsuntide. 

Penúltimo, a., penultimate, last 
but one. 

Penuria, /., penury, indigence. 

Peña, /., rock. 

Peñasco, m., large rock. 

Peñascoso, a., rocky. 

Peón, m., foot soldier, pedestrian ; 
day labourer ; pawn, chessman. 

Peonza, /., top (toy). 

Peor, a. & adv., worse, worst. 
- — • que — , worse and worse. Y, 
lo que es — , and, to make 
matters worse. 

Pepinillos,, pickled cucum- 

Pepino, m., cucumber. 

Pepita, /., seed, pip, kernel ; 






Pepsina, /., pepsin. 

Pequenez, /., smallness, littleness ; 

Pequeño, a., small, little ; short ; 

Pera, /., pear. 
Peral, m., pear-tree. 
Percal, m., percale, print. 
Percallna, /., percaline, lining ; 

book muslin — para forros, 

Percance, m., perquisite ; mis- 
chance, misfortune, mishap. 
Percatar, v., to think, to consider ; 

to take care, to be on one's 

Percepción, /., perception, notion. 
Perceptible, a., perceptible. 
Percha, /., perch ; nap ; clothes- 
rack, hat-stand ; perch (fish). 
Perchar, v., to raise the nap on 

Percibir, v., to receive, to collect ; 

to perceive, to comprehend. 
Percusión, /., percussion. 
Perdedor, m., loser. 
Perder, i.v., to lose, to miss, to 

spoil ; r.v., to go astray, to be 

lost, to be spoiled. — ■ la ocasión, 

to let the opportunity slip. 

— • de vista, to lose sight of. 

Echar a — , to spoil. See 

Pérdida, /., loss. Fuerte — , heavy 

loss. Dejar una — , to show a 

Perdigón, m., young partridge. 

— es, small shot. 
Perdiz, /., partridge. 
Perdón, m., pardon. 
Perdonable, a., pardonable. 
Perdonar, v., to pardon, to excuse. 

No — esfuerzo [or medios), to 

spare no effort (or means). 
Perdurable, a., perpetual, lasting. 
Perdurar, v., to last, to endure. 
Perecedero, a., perishable. 
Perecer, i.v., to perish. — ahogado, 

to be drowned. 
Peregrinación, /., peregrination, 

pilgrimage, travelhng abroad. 

Peregrinar, v., to go on a pilgrim- 
age, to travel. 

Peregrino, a., foreign, strange, 
wonderful ; travelling abroad ; 
m., pilgrim. 

Perejil, m., parsley. 

Perenne, a., perennial, perpetual. 

Perentorio, a., peremptory, deci- 

Pereza, /., laziness, idleness, slow- 

Perezoso, a., lazy, careless, idle. 

Perfección, /., perfection. 

Perfeccionamiento, m., finishing, 
perfecting, completion, im- 

Perfeccionar, v., to perfect, to 
complete, to finish. — se en, 
to make oneself perfect in. 

Perfectamente, adv., perfectly, 
completely, all right. 

Perfecto, a., perfect, complete. 

Perfidia, /., perfidy, treachery, 
foul play. 

Pérfido, a., pei-fidious, treacherous. 

Perfil, m., profile, outline. 

Perforación, /., perforation. 

Perforado, a., perforated, full of 

Perforar, v., to perforate, to pierce. 

Perfumar, v., to perfume. 

Perfumería, /., perfumery, per- 
fumer's shop. 

Pergamino, m., parchment, vel- 

Pericia, /., skill, knowledge. 

Periferia, /., circumference, fringe. 

Perilla, /., tuft of hair on the chin ; 
small pear ; knob, button, or 
pommel. De ■ — , to the purpose, 
at the proper time. 

Perillán, ni., rascal, knave. 

Periódicamente, adv., periodically. 

Periódico, a., periodical ; m., 
newspaper, periodical. — de 
modas, fashion journal. 

Periodismo, m., journalism. 

Periodista, m., journalist. 

Período, m., period, time. 

Peritaje, m., survey, surve5dng. 
Gasto de — , surveying fees. 





Perito, a., skiliul, experienced ; 
m., connoisseur, judge, ex- 
pert, appraiser, surveyor. — 
calígrafo, hand^\Titing expert. 

Perjudicar, V. (a), to prejudice, to 
injure, to cause damage. 

Perjudicial, a., prejudicial, harm- 

Perjuicio, )«., prejudice, injury, 
harm, detriment. Sin — , with- 
out prejudice, reserving one's 
rights, Anthout liability. 

Perjurar, v., to perjure. 

Perla, /., pearl ; pearl type. Da 
— s, much to the purpose ; 
excellently. Blanco de — s, 
pearl white. 

Perlasa, /., pearl-ash. 

Perlino, a., pearl-coloured. 

Permanecer, i.v,, to remain, to last, 
to endure. 

Permanencia, /., permanency, 
sta}-, duration. 

Permanente, a., permanent, dura- 
ble, lasting. 

Permisible, a., permissible. 

Permisión, /., permission, leave. 

Permiso, m., permission, leave, 
licence, permit, warrant, pass. 
— de salida, export licence. 

Permitir, v., to permit, to let, to 
allow, to afford. 

Permuta, /., exchange, barter. 

Permutar, v., to exchange, to 

Pernicioso, a., pernicious. 

Perno, m., pin, spike, bolt. — de 
gancho, hook bolt. — de 
argolla, ring bolt. — de 
cadena, chain bolt. — de mor- 
daza, fish-bolt. 

Pernoctar, v., to pass the night, to 
sit up at night. 

Pero, conj., but, except ; m., 
fault, defect, objection. 

Peróxido, m., peroxide. 

Perpendicular, a., perpendicular. 

Perpendículo, m., plummet. 

Perpetración, /., perpetration. 

Perpetrar, v., to perpetrate. 

Perpetuar, ?;., to perpetuate. 

Perpetuidad, /., perpetuity, dura- 

Perpetuo, a., perpetual. 

Perplejidad, /., perplexity. 

Perplejo, a., perplexed, puzzled. 

Perra, /., female dog ; copper 
coin. ^ 

Perro, ?«., dog. — de muestra, 
pointer. — de presa, bull-dog. 

Persecución, /., persecution, mo- 

Perseguidor, m., persecutor. 

Perseguir, i.v., to persecute, to 

Perseverancia, /., perseverance. 

Perseverante, a., perseverant, per- 

Perseverar, v., to persevere. 

Persiana, /., blind. • — -s, Venetian 

Persistencia, /., persistence. 

Persistente, a., persistent. 

Persistir, v., to persist. 

Persona, /., person. En — , in 
person, personally. 

Personaje, m., personage. 

Personal, a., personal, particular ; 
private ; m., staff. Cuenta — , 
personal account. 

Personalidad, /., personality. 

Personalmente, adv., personally. 

Personarse, r.v., to appear person- 
ally. — en, to call at, to appear 
persona 11 \' at. 

Perspectiva, /., perspective, out- 
look, prospect, view. [ness. 

Perspicacia, /., perspicacity, keen- 

Perspicaz, a., perspicacious, clear- 
sighted, acute. 

Perspicuidad, /., perspicuity. 

Perspicuo, a., perspicuous, clear. 

Persuadir, v. (a), to persuade, to 
induce ; r.v., to be convinced. 

Persuasión, /., persuasion. 

Persuasivo, a., persuasive. 

Pertenecer, i.v., to belong to, to 
appertain, to concern, to per- 

1 " Perra chica " and " perra gorda " are 
used colloquially by Spaniards for " half- 
penny " and " penny " respectively. 





Perteneciente, a., belonging, apper- 

Pertenencia, /., appurtenance, be- 

Pértica, /., perch (measure). 

Pértiga, /., long pole or rod. 

Pertinacia, /., pertinancy, obsti- 

Pertinaz, a., pertinacious, obsti- 

Pertinente, a., pertinent, concern- 

Pertrechar, v., to supply with 
ammunition and arms. 

Pertrechos,, ammunition, 
arms ; tools, instruments. — • 
navales, naval stores. 

Perturbación, /., perturbation, 

Perturbar, i^., to perturb, to disturb. 

Perversidad, /., perversit}-. 

Perversión, /., perversion. 

Perverso, a., perverse. 

Pervertir, i.v., to pervert. 

Pesa, /., weight. 

Pesadamente, adv., heavily, slowly. 

Pesadez, /., heaviness, slowness ; 
gravit}', weight. 

Pesadilla, /., nightmare ; béte 

Pesado, a., heav}', tedious, weighty, 
troublesome, hard, tiresome. 

Pesadumbre, /., heaviness, gra- 
vity, grief, trouble. 

Pesalicores, m., hydrometer. 

Pésame, m., condolence. Dar el 
— , to sympathise. 

Pesar, m., sorrow, grief, concern, 
disappointment. A — de, 
notwithstanding, in spite of. 

Pesar, v., to weigh ; to repent, to 
grieve ; to examine, to con- 

Pesaroso, a., sorrowful. 

Pesca, /., fishing, angling. 

Pescadera, /., fish-kettle, fish-pan. 

Pescadería, /., fish-market. 

Pescadero, m., fishmonger. 

Pescado, m., fish. ^ — en esca- 
beche, pickled fish. — de 
concha, shellfish. 

Pescador, m., fisherman, fisher, 

Pescante, m., crane ; coach-box, 

Pescar, v., to fish, to angle. Caña 
de — , fishing-rod. 

Pescuezo, m., neck. 

Pesebre, m., crib, rack, manger. 

Peseta, /., Spanish coin worth 
about lOcL, equivalent to 4 
reales. {See 3Ioney, appendix.) 

Pésimo, a., very bad. 

Peso, m., weight, heaviness ; ba- 
lance, scales ; importance, con- 
sequence, moment ; dollar. — 
fuerte (or duro), dollar. De — , 
of moment, of due weight. 
Esto se cae de su — , that goes 
without saying. ■ — neto [or 
limpio), net weight. — bruto 
{or sucio), gross weight. 

Pespuntar, v., to back-stitch. 

Pespunte, m., back-stitching, back- 

Pesquisa, /., incjuiry, investigation. 
— oficial, official investigation. 

Pestaña, /., e^-elash. 

Peste, /., pest, plague. 

PestiUo, m., bolt. 

Petaca, /., tobacco-pouch. 

Petardo, m., petard, cheat, fraud, 

Petición, /., petition, claim, de- 
mand, request. A — de, at the 
request of. 

Petróleo, m., petroleum, mineral 

Pez, /., pitch, tar ; fish. ^ 

Piadoso, a., pious. 

Piano, Pianoforte, m., piano, 
pianoforte. — de cola, grand 
piano. — vertical, upright piano. 

Pica, /., pike. 

Picada, /., puncture. 

Picadero, m., riding school. 

Picadillo, ni., minced meat, hash. 

Picadura, /., puncture, pricking, 
gusset in clothes. 

1 " Pescado " and " Pez," fish. " Pes- 
cado ",is used when referring to fish as food, 
whereas " pez " means a fish in the water. 





Picante, a., piquant, pungent, 
sharp, cutting. 

Picaporte, w., picklock ; knocker. 

Picar, v., to prick, to pierce, to 
sting, to itch, to pique ; r.v., 
to be ofíended. 

Picardía, /., knavery, roguery, 

Picaresco, a., knavish, roguish. 

Picaro, a., knavish, mischievous, 
slj' ; m., rogue, knave. 

Pichel, ni., mug, tankard. 

Pichón, ni., pigeon. 

Pico, m., beak, bill ; peak ; 
pick(axe) ; balance or odd 
money ; mouth. Veinte libras 
y — , twenty pounds and some 
odd shillings. — s y cabos 
pendientes, odds and ends. 

Pie, m., foot, leg, footing, basis. 
A — , on foot. Al — , at foot. 
A — enjuto, without trouble, 
A — firme, steadfastly. En — , 
upright, standing. Poner en — 
to raise. Ponerse en — , to 
stand. Quedar en — , to hold 
(or stand) good. See Cabra, 

Piedad, /., piety, pity. 

Piedra, /., stone, hail, gravel. 

— de amolar, whetstone, grind- 
ing-stone. — caliza, limestone. 

— pcmez, pumice-stone. No 
dejar — por mover, to leave no 
stone unturned. See Carbón. 

— preciosa, precious stone. 

— infernal, nitrate of silver ; 

Piel, /., skin, hide ; peel. Forro de 
— , fur. Cuello de — ^es, fur 
collar. — es adobadas, dressed 
skins. — €s verdes, undressed 
skins. — de topo, moleskin. 
Libro en — , book in leather 

Pienso, m., food for cattle. 

Pierna, /., leg, stroke. A — 
suelta, at one's ease, soundl3\ 

Pieza, /., piece, coin ; room, play. 
Géneros en — , piece goods. 

Pífano, m., fife. 

Pigmento, m., pigment. 

Pignoración,/., pledging, mortgage. 

Pignorar, v., to pledge. ^ 

Pignoraticio, a., mortgage, per- 
taining to a pledge. 

Pila, /., stone basin or trough for 
water ; font ; pile, stillage, 
heap. Nombre de — , Christian 

Pilar, m., pillar, column, post. 

PUdora, /., pill. 

Pillaje, ni., pillage. 

Pillar, v., to pillage, to plunder ; 
to seize. 

Pilón, m., trough, pile, counter- 
poise, heap. — de azúcar, sugar 

Pilotaje, m., pilotage. 

Piloto, m., pilot. — práctico, 
coast pilot. 

Pimentero, m., pepper-box, pep- 

Pimentón, m., cayenne pepper. 

Pimienta, /., pepper. . 

Pimiento, m., cayenne pepper ; 

Pimpollo, ni., sprout, shoot, bud. 

Pináculo, m., pinnacle. 

Pinar, »?., pine forest. 

Pinaza, /., pinnace. 

Pincel, ni., pencil, brush. 

Pincelada, /., stroke mth a pencil 
or brush. 

Pingüe, a., fat, rich, abundant, 

Pino, m., pine. — de tea, pitch 

Pinta, /., spot, blemish, mark, 
print ; pint. 

Pintado, a., painted, mottled ; 
printed. — de bianco, painted 

Pintar, v., to paint. (S.A.) to 
print (colours, etc.). 

Pintor, m., painter. 

Pintoresco, a., picturesque. 

Pintura, /., painting, picture ; 
paint. — al óleo, oil-painting. 

1 " Pignorar" means to pledge or mortgage 
personal property or money values, whereas 
"hipotecar" means to mortgage landed 
I property. 





Pinzas,, nippers, pincers, 

Pina, /., pine-apple. 

Piñón, m., pinion. 

PÍO, a., pious. 

Piola, /., house-line, cord. 

Pipa, /., tobacco-pipe, pipe (liquid 
measure of two hogsheads). 

Pique, ni., pique ; bottom, ground. 
Irse a - — -, to founder, to go to the 
bottom. Echar a — , to sink (a 
ship). A — , in danger. Estar 
a — de, to be on the point of. 

Piqué, m., piqué (cloth). 

Piqueta, /., pickaxe, mattock, 

Pirata, m., pirate. 

Piratería, /., piracy. 

Pirita, /., pyrites. 

Pirotécnica, /., pyrotechnics. 

Pirotécnico, m., manufacturer of 
fireworks, pyrotechnist. 

Pisada, /., footstep, footprint. 

Pisapapeles, m., paper-weight. 

Pisar, v., to tread, to trample. 

Piso, m., tread, floor, pavement, 
story. — bajo, ground floor. 

Pisotear, z^., to trample. 

Pista, /., trace, track, footprint, 

Pistola, /., pistol. 

Pistón, m., piston ; percussion- 

Pita, /., agave ; thread of the 

PitiUo, m., cigarette. 

Pito, m., pipe, whistle. 

Pivote, VI., pivot. 

Pizarra, /., slate. 

Pizarral, m., slate-quarry. 

Pizarrero, m., slater. 

Pizarrín, m., slate-pencil. 

Pizca, /., mite, whit, jot. 

Placa, /., plate, photographic 
plate ; (Mex.) check for bag- 

Pláceme, m., compliment of con- 

Placentero, a., pleasant, agree- 
able, joyful, merry. 

Placer, m., pleausure, consent. 

Placer, i.v., to please. 

Plácido, a., placid. 

Plaga, /., plague, misfortune, tor- 

Plagar, v., to plague. 

Plan, m., plan, plane, design, 

Plana, /., page of a book, plain. 

Planada, /., plain. 

Plancha,/., plate; smoothing-iron, 
flat-iron, iron, sheet. — de 
acero, steel plate. — de cobre, 
copper plate. — de blindaje, 
armour plate. 

Planchado, m., ironing, laundry. 

Planchar, v., to iron linen. 

Planchear, v.^ to plate, to sheath, 
to cover \vith metal. 

Plancheta, /., flat piece of metal. 

Planeta, m., planet. 

Piano, a.., plain, flat, level ; m., 
plan, draft, plain, ground-plot. 
De — , flatly. 

Planta, /., plant, sole of the foot ; 
plan. De — -, anew, from the 

Plantación, /., plantation. 

Plantador, m., planter. 

Plantar, v., to plant, to ñx, to 
stand. Dejar plantado, to leave 
in the lurch. 

Plantear, v., to plan, to trace. 

PlantUla, /., model, copy. 

Plantío, ni., planting, plantation, 

Plantón, m., shoot ; sentry. Tener 
a alguno de — , to keep one 

Plañir, z^., to lament. 

Plasmar, w., to mould. 

Plástica, /., art of moulding. 

Plata, /., silver, plate ; (S.A.) 
money. — ■ labrada, wrought 
silver. Vajilla de — , silver 
plate. Barra de — , silver bar. 

Platabanda, /., band of flat iron. 

Plataforma, /., platform. — 
giratoria, turntable. 

Plátano, m., plane-tree, plantain- 

Platea, /., pit (theatre). 





Plateado, a., silvered, plated. 

Plateadura, /., plating, silvering. 

Platear, v., to silver. 

Platería, /., silversmith's shop. 

Platero, m., silversmith. — de 
oro, goldsmith. 

Plática, /., discourse, conversa- 
tion ; pratique, leave to come 
on shore. — ■ libre, pratique. 
Admitir un buque a libre — , 
to allow a vessel pratique or 
leave to come on shore. 

Platicar, v., to converse, to talk. 

Platillo, m. (dim.), small dish, 

Platina, /., bed-plate, platen, 

Platino, ni., platinum. 

Plato, m., plate, dish. Lista de 
— s, menu, tariff. 

Plausible, a., plausible, specious; 
worthy of praise. 

Playa, /., shore, strand, beach, 

Plaza, /., square, place, market ; 
room, space ; office, employ- 
ment. En — , on the spot. 
Pasar — de, to pass for. 

Plazo, m., term, time ; writ, 
summons, notice. A — , on 
credit. A corto - — , at short 
date. A largo — , at long date. 
See Vender. 

Pleamar, /., high water, high tide. 

Plegable, a., pliable, capable of 
being folded, pliant, folding. 

Plegadera, folder, paper-knife. 

Plegadizo, a., pliable, folding. 

Plegador, ;«., folder, paper-folder. 

Plegadura, /., fold, crease, plaiting. 

Plegaje, m., fold, folding. 

Plegar, i.v., to fold, to plait, to 
double, to wrinkle ; v.imp., to 

Pleiteador, m., pleader, a litigious 

Pleiteante, a., litigating ; m., 
pleader, litigant. 

Pleitear, v., to plead, to litigate. 

Pleitista, m., litigious person. 

Pleito, m., litigation, law-suit. 

debate, strife. Poner — (a 
alguien), to sue. 

Plenamente, adv., fully,completely. 

Plenario, a., complete, full. 

Plenitud, /., plenitude, fullness. 

Pleno, a., full. — s poderes, full 

Plétora, /., plethora, congestion. 

Pliego, Hi., sheet of paper ; tender, 
offer. — s cerrados, sealed 

Pliegue, m., fold, ply, crease, 

Plomada, /., plumb, plummet. 
Cuerda de - — -, plumb-line. 

Plomar, v., to fill ^vith lead. 

Plombagina, /., plumbago. 

Plomero, m., plumber. 

Plomizo, a., leaden, made of lead, 

Plomo, m., lead ; plumb, plum- 
met ; a., slate-coloured. — - en 
galápagos, lead in pigs. Lápiz 
— -, plumbago, black-lead. An- 
dar con pies de — , to act or 
proceed Avith great caution. 
A — , perpendicularly. — dulce 
{or afinado), refined lead. 

Pluma, /., feather, plume, pen. 
Buena — , good penman. Error 
de — , clerical error, pen-slip. 
Enjuga — , pen-wiper. Porta 
— , penholder. — con depósito 
de tinta ( — depósito or — 
tintero ) , fountain - pen . 

Plumaje, m., plumage. 

Plumero, »?., bunch of feathers, 

Plumón, m., feather bed. 

Plural, a., plural. 

Pluralidad, /., pluralitj^ majority. 

Poblacho, m., populace, rabble, 

Población, /., population, to\vn. 

Poblado, m., town, village. 

Poblar, i.v., to populate, to fill, to 

Pobre, a., poor. 

Pobreza, /., poverty, poorness. 

Poción, /., potion. 

Poco, a. & adv., little. Un — , a 





little, rather, some. — s, a few. 

— a — , gently. De — tiempo 
acá, latterly. A — , shortly 
afterwards. Tener en — , to 
set little value on. ^ 

Podadera, /., pruning-knife. 

Podar, v., to prune trees. 

Podenco, m., hound. 

Poder, m., power, possession ; 
power of attorney. 

Poder, t.v., to be able ; can, may, 
etc. No — más, not to be able 
to do more. No puedo menos 
de, I cannot help. No — con, 
not to be able to cope with. 

Poderhabiente, m., attorney. 

Poderoso, a., powerful, mighty. 

Podrido, a., rotten. 

Podrir, i.v. See Pudrir. 

Poema, m., poem. 

Poesía, /., poetry. 

Poeta, m., poet. 

Polaina, /., legging, gaiter. 

Polar, a., polar. 

Polea, /., pulley ; (collar) stud. 

Policía, /., police ; politeness ; 
policy ; m., policeman. 

Polilla, /., moth. 

Política, /., policj^ politics. 

Politico, a., politic, political, po- 
lite, courteous ; m., politician. 
Padre — , father-in-law. 

Póliza, /., policy. — de seguro, 
insurance policy. — abierta, 
open policy. — dotal, endow- 
ment policy. — flotante, float- 
ing policy. — de seguro contra 
incendios, fire insurance policy. 

— de seguro marítimo, marine 
insurance policy. — de plazo, 
time policy. 

Polla, /., pullet, chicken. 
Pollería,/., poultry market or shop. 
Pollero, m., poulterer. 
Polio, m., chicken. 
Polo, m., pole. 

Poltrón, a., idle, lazy, easy. 
Silla poltrona, easy chair. 

^ " Poco" is used with many adjectives, and 
is equivalent to " un " in English, as : poco 
satisfactory, unsatisfactory. 

Polvo, m., dust, powder. — s para 
dientes {or — s dentífricos, 
tooth powder. ■ — ^s insecticidas, 
insect powder. — s de Seidlitz, 
Seidlitz powders. 

Pólvora, /., powder, gunpowder. 
— de mina, blasting-powder. 

Polvoriento, a. See Polvoroso. 

Polvorín, m., powder-flask ; pow- 

Polvorizar, v., to pulverise. 

Polvoroso, a., dusty. 

Pomada, /., pomatum, pomade. 
— - para los labios, lip salve. 

Pomo, m., apple. 

Pompa, /., pomp, splendour. 

Pomposo, a., pompous. 

Ponche, m., punch (drink). 

Ponchera, /., punch bowl. 

Poncho, m., kind of cloak worn in 
South America. 

Ponderación, /., exaggeration, 

Ponderar, v., to weigh ; to exag- 
gerate, to heighten. 

Poner, i.v., to put, to place, to set, 
to bet, to expose, to lay (eggs) ; 
r.v., to set (the sun), to put on 
(clothes) ; to become. — se a, 
to begin. — un telegrama, to 
send a telegram. — en duda, 
to question. — por escrito, to 
put in writing. — se bien, to 
get on in the world, to obtain 
full information of an aflair. 
— se al día, to keep up to date. 
— se a trabajar, to set to work. 

Poniente, m., west ; west-wind. 

Pontón, m., pontoon ; hulk of a 

Popa, /., poop, stern. De — a 
proa, from stem to stern. A 
— , ([en or de — ), aft, abaft. 
Viento en — , before the wind ; 
prosperously, favourably. See 

Popelina, /., poplin. 

Populación. See Población. 

Popular, a., popular. 

Popularidad, /., popularit3\ 

Popularizar, v., to popularise. 

7A— (1696) 





Populoso, a., populous. 
Poquedad, /., scantiness, small- 

Poquito, a. (dim.), very little. 

— a poco, gently. 

Por, prep., for, by, through, as. 
Cuatro — seis, four by six. 

— docenas, by the dozen. — 
ciento, per cent. — ahora, for 
the present. — Navidad, about 
(or at) Christmas. — si acaso, 
if by chance. De — si, b}^ itself. 
- — más que, however much. 

— (lo) tanto, therefore. ¿ Por 
qué ? \Miy ? 

Porcelana, /., porcelain, China 

Porcentaje, m. (Amer.), percentage. 

Porción, /., portion, part, lot. 

Pordiosero, m., beggar. 

Porfía, /., obstinacy. A — , in 

Porfiado, a., obstinate, stubborn, 

Porfiar, v., to contend, to dispute, 
to persist. 

Pórfido {or Pórfiro), m., porphyry. 

Pormenor, m., detail, particular. 

Poroso, a., porous. 

Porque, conj., because. 

Porqué, adv., why. See Por. 
El — , the cause, the motive. 

Porquería, /., nastiness, filth. 

Porra, /., stick. 

Porrillo, A — , copiously. 

Portalón, m., gangway. 

Porta, /., gun-port, port-hole. 

Portada, /., portal, porch ; frontis- 
piece, title-page. 

Portador, »?., bearer, carrier, en- 
dorsee. El buque — de la 
mercancía, the vessel carrying 
the goods. 

Portal, m., porch, portico, gate 
of a town. 

Portamanteo, m., portmanteau. 

Portamonedas, m., purse. 

Portaplaeas, m., photographic 

Portarollo, m., photographic roll- 

Portañola, /., port-hole. 

Portaplumas, penholder. 

Portar, v., to carry ; r.v., to 
behave, to act. 

Portátil, a., portable. 

Portavoz, m., speaking-trumpet. 

Portazgo, m., toll, toll-money. 

Porte, m., porterage, carriage, 
postage ; demeanour, conduct ; 
tonnage, burden. — pagado 
[or franco), carriage paid (or 
free). — de cartas {or — s de 
correo), postages. — debido, 
carriage forward. 

Portento, m., portent, prodigy, 

Portentoso, a., portentous, pro- 

Portería, /., principal door of a 
large building, porter's lodge. 

Portero, m., porter, gate-keeper. 

Portezuela, /. (dim.), small door. 

Pórtico, m., portico, porch, hall. 

Portillo, Mí., opening, passage, 
wicket, . gate. 

Porvenir, m., future, time to come. 

Pos. En — , adv., after, in pursuit 

Posada, /., lodging, lodging-house, 
inn, tavern. 

Posar, v., to lodge, to board, to 
perch, to sit down, to repose, to 

Posadero, m., innkeeper, landlord. 

Posdata, /., postcript. 

Posdatar. See Posfechar. 

Poseedor, m., possessor, holder, 
owner. — de acciones, share- 

Poseer, v., to hold, to possess. — 
una lengua, to know a language. 

Posesión, /., possession. 

Posesionarse, r.v. (de), to take 
possession of. 

Posfecha, /., post-date. 

Posfechar, v., to post-date, to date 

Posibilidad, /., possibility. 

Posibilitar, v., to render possible, 
to facilitate. 

Posible, a., possible. — ^s, means, 





wealth. Con sus — s, with (all) 
one's might. En lo — (or En 
cuanto sea — ), as far as possible. 

Posiblemente, adv., possibly. 

Posición, /., position, situation. 

Positivo, a., positive, sure, certain. 
De — , certainly, without doubt. 

Posponer, i.v., to postpone, to 
place one thing after another. 

Posta, /., post-house, post, mail- 
coach. A — , on purpose. Por 
la — , in haste, post-haste. 

Postal, a., postal. 

Poste, m., post, pillar. 

Postergar, v., to leave behind, to 
delay, to retard, to short-ship. 

Posteridad, /., posterity. [later. 

Posterior, a., posterior, follouing, 

Posterioridad, /., posteriority. 

Postigo, >M., wicket, small door. 

Postizo, a., artificial, false. 
Dientes — s, false teeth. 

Postor, ni., bidder at an auction. 
Al mejor — , to the highest 

Postración, /., prostration, dejec- 
tion, depression. 

Postrado, a., prostrate, prostrated. 

Postrar, v., to prostrate, to ex- 
haust, to debilitate. 

Postre, «., last in order ; m., 
dessert. A la — , in the long 
run, at last. 

Postrero, a., last. 

Póstula, /., solicitation, petition. 

Postulación, /., postulation, peti- 

Postular, z'., to postulate, to solicit, 
to seek for. 

Postumo, a., posthumous.- 

Postura, /., posture, position, 
situation ; bid, bet, wager ; 
agreement, contract. 

Potable, a., potable, drinkable. 

Potaje, ni., pottage. 

Potasa, /., potash. 

Potasio, m., potassium. 

Pote, m., jug, pot, jar. 

Potencia, /., power, possibility. 
Las Grandes — s, the (Great) 

Potencial, a., potential. 

Potente, a., potent, powerful, 

Potra, /., filly, foal. 

Potro, m., colt, foal. 

Pozal, m., bucket, pail. 

Pozo, m., well. 

Práctica, /., practice. Llevar a la 
— , to put into execution. 

Practicable, a., practicable, fea- 

Practicaje, m., pilotage. 

Prácticamente, adv., practically. 

Practicar, v., to practise, to per- 

Práctico, a., practical, skilful, 
expert ; m., practiser ; prac- 
titioner ; expert ; pilot. 

Pradera (Pradería), /., meadow, 
meadow-land, pasture-grounds. 

Prado, m., lawn, field, meadow, 
pasture-ground ; a walk in 

Preámbulo, m., preamble, preface. 

Prebenda, /., prebend, sinecure. 

Precario, a., precarious. 

Precaver, v., to prevent ; r.v., to 
be on one's guard, to take pre- 
cautions. — se de, to guard 

Precedencia, /., precedence, pre- 

Precedente, a., precedent, preced- 
ing, foregoing, former. 

Preceder, v., to precede, to go 
before. Lo que precede, the 

Precepto, m., precept, order. 

Preceptor, m., preceptor, master, 

Preciar, v., to value, to appraise ; 
r.v., to boast, to pride oneself in. 
— se de, to be proud of. 

Precinta, /., strap of wood, iron 
or leather to secure the corners 
of boxes. 

Precintar, z;., to fasten or strap the 
corners of packages ; to fasten 
up a box or packet, to mark 
with lead and string. 

Precinto, m., act of strapping ; 





sealed strap with which trunks 
and parcels, etc., are bound. 
Precio, m., price. — fijo, fixed 
price. — justo, fair price. — 
de venta, selling price. — de 
compra, purchase-money. A — 
ínfimo, at a verj^ low price. — 
medio, average price. — de 
fábrica, cost price, net cost. 

— como antes, price as before. 

— antiguo, old price, price as 
before. — corriente, market 
price, price current. — de 
mercado, ruling or market price. 

— redondo, all-round price. 

— último, lowest price. — 
moderado {or arreglado), mod- 
erate price. — neto, net price. 

Precioso, a., precious, valuable. 

Precipicio, m., precipice. 

Precipitación, /., precipitation, 

Precipitadamente, adv., precipi- 
tately, hastily, rashly. 

Precipitado, a., precipitate, hasty, 
abrupt, rash. 

Precipitar, v., to precipitate. 

Precipitoso, a., precipitous, rash, 

Precisamente, adv., precisely, ex- 

Precisar, v. (a), to compel, to 
oblige, to necessitate. 

Precisión, /., precision ; necessity, 
obligation ; preciseness, exact- 

Preciso, a., necessary, precise, 
exact, punctual. Es — , it is 
necessary. Instrucciones pre- 
cisas, precise instructions. 

Precitado, a., already mentioned, 

Preconizar, v., to preconise, to 

Precoz, a., precocious. 

Precursor, a., preceding ; m., 
precursor, foregoer. 

Predecesor, m., predecessor. 

Predecir, i.v., to foretell, to anti- 
cipate, to predict. 

Predestinar, v., to predestine. 

Predicar, v., to preach. — en 
desierto, to labour in vain. 

Predicción, /., prediction. 

Predilección, /., predilection. 

Predilecto, a., favourite. 

Predio, m., landed property, farm. 

Predominante, a., predominant, 

Predominar, II., to predominate, to 
overrule, to prevail. 

Predominio, m., predominance, 

Preeminencia, /., pre-eminence. 

Preeminente, a., pre-eminent. 

Prefacio, m., preface. 

Preferencia, /., preference, choice. 
Dar la — , to give the prefer- 
ence (or refusal). 

Preferente, a., pre-eminent, pre- 

Preferible, a., preferable. 

Preferir, i.v., to prefer. 

Prefijo, m., prefix. 

Pregón, m., publication, public 

Pregonar, v., to cry, to proclaim, 
to publish. [crier. 

Pregonero, m., town or common 

Pregunta, /., question, query, 
inquiry. Hacer una — , to ask 
a question. 

Preguntar, v., to question, to ask, 
to inquire, to make inquiries. 

Preguntón, m., inquisitive person. 

Prejuicio, m., prejudice, bias. 

Prejuzgar, v., to prejudge. 

Prelación, /., preference. — de los 
acreedores, prioritj^ of debt. 

Preliminar, a. & m., preliminary. 

Preludio, m., prelude. Ser el — 
de, to introduce, to lead to. 

Prematuro, a., premature. 

Premeditación, /., premeditation. 

Premeditar, v., to premeditate, to 
think beforehand. 

Premiar, v., to reward, to recom- 

Premio, w., reward, recompense ; 
premium. — de seguro, rate or 
premium of insurance. A — , 
at a premium. 





Premisa, /., premise. 
Premura, /., pressure, haste, hurry. 
Preuda, /., pledge. — s, accom- 
plishments, talents. — s de 

vestir, articles of clothing. Casa 

de ■ — s, broker's shop. 
Prendar, v., to take (or lend on) 

pledges. • — -se de, to take a 

fancy to. 
Prendedor, m., breast-pin. 
Prender, v., to seize, to grasp ; to 

imprison, to catch, to arrest ; 

r.v., to take. — se fuego, to 

catch fire. 
Prendería, /., pawnbroker's shop. 
Prendero, m., broker, pawnbroker. 
Prensa, /., press. Dar a la — , to 

publish. — de copiar, copying 

press. — de lagar, wine-press 

— hidráulica, hydraulic press. 

Copia de - — , press-copy. En 

{or bajo) — , in the press. 

Poner en — , to go to press. 

■ — tipográfica, printing press. 
Prensado, m., lustre, gloss. 
Prensador, m., presser. 
Prensadura, /., pressure. 
Prensar, v., to press. 
Prensista, m., pressman. 
Preocupación, /., preoccupation, 

Preocupar, v., to prejudice, to 

preoccupy, to forejudge. 
Preparación, /., preparation. 
Preparar, v., to prepare, to fit, to 

get ready ; r.v., to be prepared. 
Preparativo, a., preparative ; m., 

Preparatorio, a., preparatory. 
Preponderancia, /., preponderance, 

Preponderar, v., to preponderate, 

to o ver weigh, to prevail. 
Preponer, i.v., to set or place 

before. [vilege. 

Prerrogativa, /., prerogative, pri- 
Presa, /., seizure, capture, clutch, 

hold ; prize. 
Presagio, m., presage. 
Prescindir, v., to abstract. — de, 

to dispense with. 

Prescribir, v., to prescribe, to 
mark, to determine. 

Prescripción, /., prescription. 

Prescripto, p.p., prescribed. 

Presencia, /., presence. Hacer 
acto de — , to put in an appear- 
ance. — de ánimo, presence of 

Presenciar, v., to be present, to 

Presentación, /., presentation, in- 
troduction. Carta de — , letter 
of introduction. 

Presentar, v., to present, to intro- 
duce, to offer, to show ; r.v., 
to appear, to present oneself. 
— reclamación, to put forward 
a claim. 

Presente, a., present ; m., pre- 
sent, gift. Los — s, the persons 
present. Al — , at present. 
Tener — , to bear in mind, to 
keep before (one) . Hacer — , to 
put one in mind. 

Presentemente, adv., presently, at 

Presentimiento, m., presentiment. 

Presentir, i.v., to have a presenti- 

Preservación, /., preservation. 

Preservar, v., to preserve, to keep. 

Preservativo, m., preservative. 

Presidencia, /., presidenc3^ pre- 

Presidente, m., president, chair- 
man, speaker. — del Consejo, 
Prime Minister. 

Presidiar, v., to garrison. 

Presidio, m., garrison, fortress, 
assistance ; penal servitude. 

Presidir, v., to preside. 

Presilla, /., loop. 

Presión, /., pressure. Alta — -, 
high pressure. 

Preso, m., prisoner ; p.p., taken. 

Prestado, a. & p.p., lent. Tomar 
{or pedir) — , to borrow. Dar 
— , to lend. De — , for a short 

Prestador, m., lender. 

Prestamista, com., money-lender. 





to presume, to 
presumption, sup- 
presumptive, sup- 

Préstamo, wi., loan. Casa de — s, 

loan-office. A — , on {or as a) 

Prestar, v., to lend, to aid, to 

assist, to extend ; to be useful ; 

r.v., to oft'er oneself, to agree. 

— se a, to be apt (or open to). 
Prestatario, m., person to whom 

a loan is made. 
Presteza, /., quickness, speed, 

Prestigio, m., prestige, fame ; 

Prestigioso, a., having prestige. 
Presto, a., quick, prompt, ready ; 

adv., soon, quickly. 
Presumible, a., presumable. 
Presumido, a., presumptuous, for- 
Presumir, v. 

Presunción, / 

Presuntivo, a 

posed. See Heredero. 
Presunto, a., presumed. 
Presuntuoso, a., presumptuous, 

Presupuestar, v., to estimate, to 

form an estimate. 
Presupuesto, m., motive, pretext, 

estimate, calculation ; budget. 
Presuroso, a., hasty, prompt, 

Pretal, »i., breastplate (of a horse). 
Pretender, v., to pretend, to claim, 

to solicit ; to try, to attempt. 

— ■ a, to pretend (or aspire) to, 

to want. 
Pretendiente, m., pretender, can- 
Pretensión, /., pretension, claim. 
Pretexto, m., pretext. 
Prevalecer, i. v., to prevail, to pre- 
Prevalerse, r.v. (de), to make use 

(of), to avail oneself (of) ; to 

Prevaricación, /., prevarication. 
Prevaricar, v., to prevaricate. 
Prevención, /., prevention, fore- 

sight, advice, warning, instruc- 
tion, prejudice. 

Prevenido, a., prepared, warned ; 
careful, cautious. 

Prevenir, i. v., to prepare, to fore- 
see, to warn, to caution, to give 
notice ; to prevent ; r.v., to be 

Preventivo, a., preventive. 

Prever, i.v., to foresee, to antici- 

Previamente, adv., pre\'iously. 

Previo, a., previous, prior. 

Previsión, /., prevision, foresight. 
A — , in reserve. 

Priesa. See Prisa. 

Prieto, a., dark, blackish. 

Prima, /., premium ; female cou- 
sin. — de seguro, insurance 
premium. Devolución de ■ — , 
return premium. — • de expor- 
tación, drawback. 

Primacía, /., priority, precedence, 
primacy, supremacy. 

Primario, a., principal, primary. 

Primavera, /., spring season ; 

Primeramente, adv., first, in the 
first place, firstl3^ 

Primero, a., first, chief, former, 
prior; aííz;., first, rather, sooner. 
De buenas a primeras, all at 
once, ^\^thout more ado. 

Primitivo, a., primitive, original. 

Primo, a., first ; m., cousin. See 

Primogénito, a., first-born. 

Primor, m., beauty, exquisiteness, 
excellence ; nicet3\ 

Primoroso, a., neat, elegant, excel- 
lent, fine, handsome, graceful. 

Princesa, /., princess. 

Principal, a., principal, chief ; 
m., principal, head ; capital, 
stock. Cuarto — , apartments 
on the first floor. 

Principalmente, adv., principally. 

Principe, m., prince. 

Principiante, m., beginner. 

Principiar, v. (a), to commence, to 





Principio, m., beginning, com- 
mencement ; principle, origin. 
Al — (or en el — ), at the 
beginning, at first. A — s del 
mes, at the beginning of (or 
early in) the month. Bajo el 
mismo — , on the same grounds. 

Prior, a., prior, preceding. 

Prioridad, /., priority. Obliga- 
ciones de • — , preference shares. 

Prisa, /., urgency, press, haste. 
A toda — , with great prompti- 
tude. Estar de — -, to be in a 
hurry. Darse — , to hurry 
oneself. No nos corre — , we 
are not in a hurry (for it). 

Prisión, /., prison, seizure. 

Prisionero, m., prisoner. 

Privación, /., privation, want, 

Privado, a., private, particular ; 
p.p., deprived. 

Privar, v., to deprive, to prohibit, 
to interdict ; r.v., to deprive 
oneself. — se de, to do without. 

Privilegiado, a., privileged ; pre- 

Privilegiar, i»., to privilege. 

Privilegio, ni., pri\-ilege, immu- 
nity, exemption. — de inven- 
ción, patent. See Título. 
Derechos de — , patent rights. 

Pro, com., profit, benefit, advan- 
tage. En — de, in favour of. 

Proa, /., prow, head, foredeck. 

Probabilidad, /., probability, like- 
lihood, chance. 

Probable, a., probable, likely. 

Probablemente, adv.. probably, 

Probación, /., probation, proof. 

Probado, a., proved, tried. 

Probadura, /., trial. 

Probar, i.v., to try, to prove, to 
test, to taste ; to suit, to agree 
with. See Coartada. 

Probidad, /., probity, honesty. 

Problema, m., problem, [^source. 

Procedencia, /., derivation, origin. 

Procedente, a., proceeding. — de, 
proceeding from, from. 

Proceder, v., to proceed, to go on, 
to come from ; to behave, to 
act, to conduct oneself. 

Proceder, m., procedure, conduct, 

Procedimiento, m., proceeding, 
procedure, process. 

Procesar, v., to prosecute, to sue, 
to accuse ; to institute a suit. 

Proceso, m., process, lawsuit. 

Proclama, /., proclamation. 

Proclamar, v., to proclaim. 

Procura, /., power of attorney. 

Procuración, /., care, diligence ; 
power of attorney, office of 

Procurador, m., attorney, solicitor. 
— ■ general, attorney-general. 

Procurar, v., to procure, to solicit, 
to try ; to get, to obtain. 

Prodigalidad, /., prodigality, waste. 

Prodigar, v., to waste, to lavish. 

Prodigio, >«., prodigy, marvel. 

Prodigioso, a., prodigious, mar- 

Pródigo, a., prodigal, wasteful, 

Producción, /., production, pro- 

Producir, i.v., to produce, to 
bring, to yield, to bring about, 
to bring forward, to cause, to 
occasion ; r.v., to become mani- 
fest, to take place. 

Productivo, a., productive. 

Producto, m., product, proceeds, 
fruit. — líquido, net proceeds. 
— bruto, gross proceeds. 

Proferir, i.v., to pronounce, to 

Profesar, v., to profess, to exercise. 

Profesión, /., profession, calling. 

Profesional, a., professional. 

Profesor, m., professor, teacher. 

Profeta, m., prophet. 

Proficiente, a., proficient. 

Profundamente, adv., profoundly, 

Profundidad,/., profundity, depth. 

Profundizar, v., to make deep, to 
penetrate, to fathom. 





Profundo, a., profound, deep. 

Profuso, a., profuse. 

Programa, m., programme, pros- 

Progresar, v., to progress. 

Progresivo, a., progressive. 

Progreso, m., progress, growth. 
— s, progress. 

Prohibición, /., prohibition. 

Prohibir, v., to prohibit. 

Prohibitivo {or Prohibitorio), a., 

Prójimo, ni., fellow-creature, 

Prole, /., issue, offspring. 

Proletariado, m., proletariat. 

Prolijidad, /., prohxity, tedious- 

Prolijo, a., prolix, tedious, long- 

Prólogo, m., prologue. 

Prolongación, /., prolongation, 

Prolongar, v., to prolong, to ex- 
tend. — un plazo, to grant an 

Promediar, z^., to mediate, to inter- 

Promedio, m., average, middle. 

Promesa, /., promise. 

Prometer, ?;., to promise, to offer, 
to bid fair ; r.v., to have 

Prominencia, /., prominence. 

Prominente, a., prominent. 

Promoción, /., promotion. 

Promontorio, m., promontory. 

Promotor, m., promoter. 

Promovedor m., promoter. 

Promover, i.v., to promote, to 
advance, to get up, to raise. 
— una compañía, to promote 
a company. 

Promulgar, v., to promulgate, to 

Pronosticar, v., to prognosticate. 

Pronóstico, m., prognostic, pre- 

Prontamente, adv., promptly. 

Prontitud, /., promptitude, 
promptness, readiness. 

Pronto, a., prompt, quick, ready, 
prepared ; adv., promptly, 
quickly, soon. De — , suddenly. 
Por de — , for the time, for the 
moment, just at first. Por el — , 
provisionally, temporarily. See 

Pronunciación, /., pronunciation, 

Pronunciar, v., to pronounce, to 

Propagación, /., propagation, ex- 

Propagar, v., to propagate, to 
extend ; r.v., to spread. 

Propalar, v., to publish, to divulge. 

Propasar, v., to go beyond, to 

Propensión, /., propensity. 

Propenso, a., inclined, disposed. 

Propiamente, adv., properly, fit- 

Propiciar, v., to propitiate. 

Propicio, a., propitious, kind, 

Propiedad, /., property, propriety, 
fitness. - — • literai'ia, cop^Tight. 
Escritura de — , title-deed. 

Propietario, a., proprietary ; m., 
proprietor, owner, landlord. 

Propina, /., present, fee, tip. 

Propinar, v., to present, to treat, 
to tip. 

Propincuo, a., near, contiguous. 

Propio, a., proper, o-wn, suitable, 
like, similar. 

Proponer, i.v., to propose ; r.v., 
to purpose, to intend. 

Proporción,/., proportion, average. 

Proporcionado, a., proportionate, 

Proporcional, a., proportional. 

Proporcionar, w., to proportion, to 
afford, to furnish ; r.v., to 
obtain, to raise. 

Proposición, /., proposition, pro- 

Propósito, m., purpose, design, 
intention, object. A — , for the 
purpose, by the by ; on pur- 
pose. A — de, regarding. De 





— , on purpose, purposely. 
Fuera de — , out of the ques- 
tion, not to the purpose. 

Propuesta, /., proposal, ofler, over- 

Propulsor, m., propeller, screw. 

Prorrata, /., quota, apportionment. 

Prorratear, v., to apportion, to 

Prorrateo, m., distribution, divi- 

Prórroga (or Prorrogación), /., pro- 
rogation, extension, prolonga- 

Prorrogar, v., to prorogue, to put 
off, to adjourn. 

Prorrumpir, v., to break forth, to 
burst out. 

Prosa, /., prose. 

Proscribir, v., to proscribe, to 

Proscripción, /., proscription. 

Prosecución, /., prosecution, pur- 

Proseguir, i. v., to pursue, to pro- 
secute, to continue. 

Prospecto, m., prospectus. 

Prosperar, v., to prosper, to thrive. 

Prosperidad, /., prosperity', suc- 

Próspero,»., prosperous, successful. 

Protagonista, com., principal per- 

Protección, /., protection, support, 

Proteccionismo, in., protection, 

Protector, a., protective ; m., 
protector, patron. 

Protectorado, m., protectorate. 

Protectorio, a., protecting, pro- 
tective. Derecho — , protective 

Proteger, i.v., to protect, to defend. 

Protesta, /., protest. Extender 
una — , to draw up a protest. 
See Protesto. 

Protestación, /., protestation. 

Protestar, v., to protest. 

Protesto, m., protest. Gastos de 
— , protest charges. — de una 

letra de cambio, protest of a 
bill. Bajo — , under protest. 

Protocolo, m., protocol, judicial 
record, register. 

Provecho, m., profit, benefit, gain, 
advantage. Ser de — , to be 
useful. Sacar — de, to derive 
advantage from. 

Provechoso, a., profitable, bene- 

Proveedor, m., purveyor, furnisher, 

Proveer, i.v., to provide, to fur- 
nish, to supply. — de fondos, to 
provide with funds, to make 
provision (for a draft). 

Proveimiento, m., supply. 

Provenir, i.v., to proceed, to arise. 

— de, to originate from. 

Proverbio, m., proverb. 

Providencia, /., providence, fore- 

Providencial, a., providential. 
Provincia, /., province. 
Provincial, a., provincial. 
Provisión, /., provision, store. 
— es alimenticias, food-stuffs. 

— de fondos, provision of funds. 
Provisional, v., provisional. 
Provisor, m., provider. 
Provisorio, a., provisional. 
Provisto, p.p., provided, supplied. 
Provocación, /., provocation. 
Provocante, a., provoking. 
Provocar, v., to provoke. 
Provocativo, a., provocative. 
Próximamente, adv., nearly, 


Proximidad, /., proximity, near- 
ness, vicinity. 

Próximo, a., next, nearest, neigh- 

Proyectar, w., to project, to scheme. 

Proyectil, m., projectile. 

Proyecto, m., project, scheme. 
See Ley. 

Prudencia, /., prudence, wisdom, 

Prudencial, a., prudential. 

Prudente, a., prudent, wise, advis- 





Prueba, /., proof, reason, sign, 
token, experiment, test, trial, 
attempt. A — , on trial. A — 
de bomba, bomb-proof. Poner 
a — , to test. 

Prusiato, m., prussiate. 

Prúsico, a., prussic. Acido — , 
prussic acid. [ — s, barbed ^rire. 

Plia, /., sharp point. Alambre de 

Publicación, /., publication. 

Publicador, »;., publisher. 

Publicar, v., to publish. 

Publicidad, /., publicity. 

Público, a., public, open ; m., 
public. En — , publicly. 

Puchero, m., glazed earthen pot ; 
meat boiled in an earthen pot, 
daily food. 

Pudín, m., pudding. 

Pudor, m., modesty, shyness. 

Pudrir, i.v., to rot, to be rotten. 

Puebla, /., kind of cloth, regatta. 

Pueblo, m., town, \'illage, people, 

Puente, m. (or /.), bridge. — col- 
gante, suspension bridge. — 
levadizo, drawbridge. 

Puerco, a., nasty, dirty ; m., hog, 
■\rild boar. 

Pueril, a., bo>ash, childish. 

Puerta, /., door, gate, gatewa}-. 
A — cerrada, secretly. 

Puerto, m., port, harbour. — de 
salida, port of departure. De- 
rechos de — , port dues. — 
intermedio, intermediate port. 

— exterior, outer port. — 
franco, free port. — de carga, 
port of loading. — de descarga, 
port of discharge (or unloading) . 

— de destino, port of destina- 
tion. — de órdenes, port of call. 

Pues, adv., conj., then, therefore ; 
as, since ; int., well, why. 

Puesta, /., tender. — del sol, 
sunset. ■ — s por cartas cerradas, 
sealed tenders. 

Puesto, m., place, post, spot, em- 
ployment, stall ; a. or p.p., 
put, placed ; on ; adv., because. 

— que, although ; as. 

Pugnar, v., to fight, to contend. 

Puja, /., outbidding. 

Pujador, m., outbidder, highest 

Pujanza, /., power, might. 
Pujar, v., to outbid. 
Pulcritud, ,/., beauty, grace. 
Pulcro, a., beautiful, graceful. 
Pulsa, /., ñea. 
Pulgada, /., inch. 
Pulgar, m.. thumb. 
Pulido, a., neat, nice, cleanly, 

Pulidor, m., polisher. 
Pulimentar, v., to polish, to gloss. 
Pulimento, m., polish, gloss. 
Pulir, v., to polish, to burnish, to 

Pulmón, yn., lung. 
Pulmonía, /., pneumonia. 
Pulpa, /., pulp. 
Pulsar, v., to touch, to try, to 

sound, to beat. 
Pulsera, /., bracelet. 
Pulsión, /., propulsion. 
Pulso, ni., pulse. A — , with the 

strength of the hand. 
Pulular, v., to germ, to bud, to 

multipl}', to swarm. 
Pulverizar, v., to pulverise, to 

grind, to powder. 
Pundonor, m., point of honour, 

Pundonoroso, a., punctilious. 
Pungente, a., pungent. 
Pungir, v., to punch, to prick. 
Punible, a., punishable. 
Punición, /., punishment. 
Punta, /., point, top, head, nib ; 

point, lace, style. 
Puntada, /., stitch. 
Puntal, m., fulcrum, stanchion, 

Puntapié, m., kick. 
Puntar, v., to mark vnth. small dots. 
Puntear, v., to punctuate, to mark. 
Puntera, /., tip. 
Puntería, /., aim. 
Puntero, m., pointer, chisel, style, 

Puntiagudo, a., sharp-pointed. 





Puntilla, /., small point, lace 
edging ; brad. 

Punto, ni., point, subject, stitch, 
dot, spot, lace. Géneros de — , 
lace goods. — de Bruselas, 
Brussels lace. Al — -, instantly. 

— de media, knitting. Tejido 
de — de media, knitted stuffs. 

— de tul, tulle. A — fijo, 
exactly, with (or for) certainty. 

— más bajo, lowest point. 
Carruajes de — , cab-rank. 

Puntuación, /., punctuation. 

Puntual, a., punctual, exact. 

Puntualidad, /., punctuality, pre- 
ciseness, exactness. 

Puntualmente, adv., punctually, 

Puntuar, v., to punctuate. 

Puntura, /., puncture, [to prick. 

Punzar, v., to punch, to bore, 

Punzó, a., red, scarlet. 

Punzón, m., punch (Mech.). 

Puñado, m., handful. 

Puñal, m., dagger. 

Puñalada, /., stab. 

Puño, tn., fist, wristband, cuff ; 
handle. Creer a — cerrado, to 
believe firmly. Firmado de — , 
signed by hand. • De su mano 
y — , signed in his handwriting. 

Pupila, /., pupil of the eye ; ward. 

Pupilaje, m., pupilage, board, 

Pupilero, m., master of a boarding- 
house or school. 

Pupilo, m., pupil, scholar. 

Pupitre, m., \\TÍting-desk. 

Puramente, adv., purely, entirely, 

Pureza, /., purity. 

Purga, /., purge. 

Purgante, a. & m., purgative. 

Purgar, v., to purge, to cleanse, 
to purify. 

Puridad, /., purity. 

Purificación, /., purification. 

Purificar, v., to purify. 

Puro, a., pure, clear, mere ; m., 
cigar. De — , extremely, by 
dint of. 

Ptirpura, /., purple. 

Putativo, a., putative, reputed. 

Pútrido, a., putrid, rotten. 

Que, pron., that, who, which, 

Quebradizo, a., brittle, fragile. 

Quebrado, a., broken ; m., bank- 
rupt. Azúcar — , brown sugar. 

Quebrantador, m., breaker. — de 
una casa, burglar. 

Quebrantamiento, m., fracture, 
rupture ; \dolation. — [or 
robo) de una casa, burglary. 

Quebrantar, v., to break, to crash, 
to move, to weaken, to annul. 

Quebranto, m., weakness, great 
loss, damage. 

Quebrar, i.v., to break, to burst 
open ; to fail, to become bank- 

Quedar, v., to stay, to remain, 
to continue, to be left ; r.v., 
to remain, to stay. — con uno, 
to agree, to arrange with any- 
one. — en hacer, to agree to do. 

— por uno, to leave another's 
business to be done by himself. 

— por alguno, to become 
surety. Me quedan seis, I have 
six left. See Ver. 

Quedo, a., quiet, still, easy. A pie 
— , fair and easy. 

Quehacer, m., occupation, domes- 
tic business. — es, affairs, 

Queja, /., complaint, grumbling. 

Quejarse (de), r.v., to complain of. 

Quejido, m., complaint. 

Quejoso, a., plaintful, querulous. 

Quejumbroso, a., complaining, 

Quemador, m., incendiary, burner. 

— de gas, gas-burner. 
Quemadura, /., burn . 
Quemar, v., to burn, to kindle, to 

scorch. A quemarropa, point 
blank. Tomar algo por donde 
quema, to take anything in the 
wrong sense. 





Quemazón, /., burn, combustion, 

Querella, /., complaint, petition. 

Querollante,'/>.a., murmuring, com- 
plaining ; m. & /., complainant. 

Querellarse, r.v., to lament, to 

Querer, i.v., to wish, to desire, to 
love, to will, to want. Sin — , 
unwillingly, not on purpose. 
• — decir, to mean. Como 
quiera, anyhow. 

Quermes, m., kermes. 

Quesero, m., cheesemonger, 

Queso, m., cheese. • — • de crema, 
cream cheese. — de' Holanda, 
Dutch cheese. 

Quevedos,, spectacles. 

Quicial, ni., sidepost, jamb. 

Quicio, m., hinge, prop. Sacar de 
■ — , to unhinge, to overturn. 

Quiebra, /., fracture, loss, damage ; 
failure, bankruptcy. — fraudu- 
lenta, fraudulent bankruptcy. 

Quieo, pron., who, which. — 
quiera, whosoever. 

Quietamente, adv., quietly, calmly. 

Quieto, a., quiet, still. 

Quietud, /., quietude, quietness, 
rest, repose. 

Quijada, /., jaw, jaw-bone. 

Quijo, m., ore. [silver. 

Quilatar, v., to assay gold and 

Quilate, m., carat, degree of 
purity or perfection. De 18 — s, 
18 carat. 

Quilla, /., keel of a ship. Dar de 
— , to careen. Casco y — , 

Quilómetro. See Kilómetro. 

Química, /., chemistry. 

Químico, a., chemical ; m., che- 
mist. Productos - — -s, chemicals. 

Quimón, m., fine printed cotton, 
chintz, print. — para colchas, 
furniture chintz. 

Quina, /., Peruvian bark. 

Quincalla, /., hardware. 

Quincallería, /., ironmongery, 
hardware trade 

Quincallero, m., ironmonger. 

Quincena, /., fortnight. 

Quinina^ /., quinine. 

Quinqué, m., Argandlamp; lamp. 

Quinquillería, /., hardware. 

Quinquillero, m., hawker, hard- 
war eman. 

Quinta, /., country-house. 

Quintal, m., quintal, hundred- 

Quintería, /., farm. 

Quintero, m., farmer. 

Quinto, m., fifth. 

Quíntuplo, quintuple, five-fold. 

Quiosco. See Kiosco. 

Quirxirgico, a., surgical. 

Quisicosa, /., riddle, enigma. 

Quisquilla, /., nicety. 

Quisquilloso, a., fastidious, pre- 

Quitamanchas, com., clothes- 

Quitanza, /., receipt, discharge. 

Quitar, v., to quit, to take away, 
to remove, to free. 

Quitasol, m., parasol, sunshade. 

Quite, m., obstacle. 

Quizá(S), adv., perhaps. 

Rábano, m., radish. Tomar el — 
por las hojas, to take in the 
wrong sense. 

Rabia, /., rage, fury. 

Rabiar, v., to rage, to be furious. 
— por, to long for. 

Rabioso, a., rabid, mad. 

Rabo, m., tail. See Cabo. 

Racimo, m., bunch of grapes. 

Raciocinar, v., to reason, to argue. 

Raciocinio, m., reasoning, argu- 

Ración, /., ration. 

Racional, a., rational, reasonable. 

Racionalidad, /., rationality, rea- 

Rada, /., road, roadstead. 

Radiación, /., radiation. 

Radiante, a., radiant. 

Radical, a., radical. 

Radicarse, r.v., to radicate, to 
take root. 





Radio, m., radius, circuit, district ; 
spoke of a wheel. 

Radiog:rama, m., marconigram, 
wireless message. 

Radiotelegráíico, a., wireless. 

Radiotelegrafía, /., wireless tele- 

Raedura, /., erasure, scrapings, 

Raer {de fee), v., to scrape, to rub 
on, to erase, to efface. 

Ráfaga, /., gust of ^vind. 

Raido, a., scraped, worn out, 

Raiz, /., root, base. De — , from 
the root ; entirely. A — de, 
originating from, arising from, 
on account of. Bienes raices, 
landed property. 

Raja, /., splinter, crack. A — 
tabla, courageously. 

Rajar, v., to split, to cleave, to 
break off. 

Ralea, /., race, species. 

Rama, /., sprig, branch. En — , 
raw material. Tabaco en — , 
leaf tobacco. Seda en — , raw 
silk Algodón en — , raw cotton. 

Ramaje, m., flowering branches 
designed in cloth. 

Ramal, ni., strand of a rope, 
halter ; branch, division. 

Ramificación, /., ramification, 

Ramificarse, r.v., to ramify, to be 
divided into branches. 

Ramillete, m., nosegay. 

Ramo, m., branch, line, depart- 
ment. Domingo de — s. Palm 

Rana, /., frog. 

Ranchero, m., rancher, steward of 
a mess. 

Rancho, m., mess, ranch. Hacer 
— , to make room. 

Rancidez, /., rancidity. 

Rancio, a., rank, rancid. 

Randa, /., lace, trimming, netting, 

Randera, /., lace-worker. 

Rango, m., rank, quality. 

Ranura, /., groove. 

Rapacidad, /., rapacity, robbery. 

Rapar, v., to shave, to skin.'tc 

Rape, m., shaving. Al — , very short. 
Rapé, m , snuff. 
Rápidamente, adv.. rapidly. 
Rapidez, /., rapidity. 
Rápido, a., rapid, quick, swift. 
Rapiña, /., rapine, robbery. 
Raposo, m., fox. 
Rapto, m., rapine, abduction. 
Raqueta, /., racket. 
Raramente, adv., rarel3^ seldom. 
Rareza, /., rarity, rareness. 
Raridad, /., rarity. 
Rarificar, v., to rarify. 
Raro, a., rare, scarce, odd. Eara 

vez, seldom. 
Ras, m., level. — con — , on equal 

Rasar, v., to strike, to graze, to 

Rascador, m., scraper, rasp. 
Rascadura, /., scratch. 
Rascar, v., to scratch, to scrape. 
Rásete, m., sateen, satinet. 
Rasgadura, /., rent, tatter. 
Rasgar, v., to tear, to cut. 
Rasgo, m., dash, stroke. — carac- 
terístico, characteristic feature. 

— de pluma, dash of a pen. 

A grandes — s, roughly. 
Rasguñar, v., to scratch, to scrape. 
Rasguño, m., scratch. 
Raso, a., clear, plain, flat. Cielo 

— , clear sky. Cielo — de una 

cama, canopy of a bed. Al — , 

in the open. 
Raso, tn., satin. 
Raspa, /., rasp. 
Raspador, m., rasp, eraser. — de 

goma elástica, india-rubber 

Raspadura, /., filing, scraping, 

Raspar, v., to scrape, to rasp. 
Rastrear, v., to trace, to harrow, 

to rake. 
Rastrillar, v., to dress flax, to 

comb ; to rake. 





Rastrillo, m., flax-comb, rake. 

Rastro, m., sign, token, vestige, 
trace ; rake. 

Rasura, /., shaving, scraping, 

Rasurar, t^., to shave with a razor. 

Rata, /., rat ; share, part. See 

Ratear, v., to distribute, to divide 
proportionally ; to steal, to 

Rateo, m., distribution. 

Ratería, /., larceny, petty theft, 

Ratero, m., pilfering, pilferer. 

Ratificación, /., ratification, con- 

Ratificar, v., to ratify, to approve, 
to endorse. 

Ratina, /., ratteen, friezed cloth, 

Rato, m., short space of time. 
Buen — , a good while. A — s 
perdidos, in one's leisure hours. 
Dar mal — , to cause anxiety or 

Ratón, m., mouse. 

Ratonera, /., mouse-trap. 

Raudal, »«., torrent, rapid stream. 

Raya, /., stroke, dash, line, stripe. 
Tener (or mantener) a — , to 
keep -within bounds, to hold off. 

Rayado, a., streaky, striped. 

Rayano, a., neighbouring, con- 

Rayar, v., to form stripes, to stripe; 
to strike out, to expunge. 
— en, to approach, to border 
on. — el día, to dawn. 

Rayo, m., ray of light, radius of 
a circle, thunderbolt, flash of 
lightning. — de rueda, spoke. 

Raza, /., race, family, lineage. 

Razón, /., reason, cause, motive. 
Tener — , to be right. A — de, 
at the rate of. — social, firm, 
stjie of a firm. Dar — a alguno, 
to bear one out, to corroborate. 

Razonable, a., reasonable, fair, 

Razonamiento, m., reasoning. 

Razonar, v., to reason. 

Reabrir, z;., to reopen. 

Reacción, /., reaction. 

Reaccionario, a., reactionary. 

Real, a., real, royal ; m., Spanish 
coin worth about 2|d. (4th 
part of a peseta) . 

Realce, m., raised work, emboss- 
ment, lustre. Dar — a, to set 
ofí, to adorn. 

Realeza, /., royalty. 

Realidad, /., reality. En — , 

Realizable, a., realisable. 

Realizar, v., to realise, to turn to 

Realmente, adv., really. 

Realzar, v., to raise, to elevate, to 
emboss, to heighten the colour, 
to set off. 

Reanimar, v., to reanimate, to 

Reanudación, /., renewal, resump- 

Reanudar, v., to renew, to resume. 

Reaparecer, i.v., to reappear, to 
turn up. 

Reaparición, /., re-appearance. 

Reapertura, /., re-opening. 

Reasegurar, v., to re-insure. 

Reaseguro, m., re-insurance. 

Reasumir, v., to retake, to resume. 

Reatar, v., to retie, to tie again. 

Rebaja, /., abatement, discount, 
deduction, diminution, allow- 
ance, reduction, drawback, re- 

Rebajamiento, m., reduction, 

Rebajar, v., to abate, to lessen, to 
lower, to reduce, to lower the 

Rebanada, /., slice of bread. 

Rebaño, m., flock, herd. 

Rebasar, v., to exceed, to go 

Rebato, m., alarm, surprise. De 
— , suddenly. 

Rebelar, v., to excite rebellion ; 
r.v., to rebel, to revolt. 

Rebelde, m., rebel ; a., rebellious. 





Rebeldía, /., rebelliousness, con- 
tumacy, contempt of court. 
En — , by default. 

Rebelión, /., rebellion. 

Reblandecer, i.v., to make tender. 

Reborde, m., flange. 

Rebosar, v., to overflow, to run 
over, to abound. 

Rebotar, v., to rebound, to repel. 

Rebote, m., rebound. 

Rebozo, m., muffler. De — , se- 

Rebusca, /., research. 

Rebuscar, v., to search, to inquire, 
to look up. 

Recabar, v., to obtain by entreaty. 

Recado, m., message, present, 
errand, compliments. — de 
escribir, escritoire, writing-desk. 

Recaer, i.v., to fall back, to re- 
lapse, to devolve, to fall upon. 

Recaída, /., relapse, a second fall. 

Recalar, v., to soak ; to bring an- 
other vessel to port. 

Recalcar, v., to squeeze, to accent. 

Recalmón, m., lull (in the wind). 

Recámara, /., wardrobe, chamber 
(of a gun). 

Recambiar, v., to rechange ; to 
draw again upon the drawer of 
a bill not paid when mature. 

Recambio, m., re-exchange, re- 

Recapacitar, v., to recapacitate, 
to recall to mind, to recollect. 

Recapitular, v., to recapitulate. 

Recargar, v., to reload, to charge 
again, to recharge. 

Recargo, m., new charge, over- 
charge, surcharge. — de flete, 
extra freight. 

Recatado, a., prudent, circumspect, 
sh}^ modest. 

Recatar, v., to try or taste again ; 
r.v., to take care, to proceed 
with caution. 

Recato, m., caution, prudence, 

Recaudación, /., collection (of 
rents, taxes, etc.), recovery of 
debts ; collector's office. 

Recaudador, m., tax-collector, col- 
lector of rents, receiver. 

Recaudar, v., to collect rents or 

Recelar, v., to fear, to suspect ; 
r.v., to distrust, to fear. 

Recelo, m., misgiving, distrust, 
suspicion, fear. 

Receloso, a., apprehensive, dis- 
trustful, suspicious. 

Recepción, /., reception, accepta- 

Receptáculo, m., receptacle. 

Receptar, v., to receive stolen 
goods ; r.v., to take refuge. 

Recpptor, m., receiver, recipient, 
treasurer, receiving apparatus. 

Receptoría, /., receiver's office. 

Receta, /., prescription, recipe. 

Recetar, v., to prescribe medicines. 

Rechazar, v., to repel, to reject, to 

Rechazo, m., rebound, reaction, 

Rechinar, v. 


Recibí, m., receipt, received pay- 

Recibidor, m., receiver, teller. 

Recibimiento, m., reception, re- 

Recibir, v., to receive, to accept. 

— a cuenta, to receive on 
account. A — , receivable. 

— a prueba, to receive on trial. 
Recibo, m., receipt, reception, 

discharge. Acusar — , to ac- 
knowledge receipt. Acuse de — , 

Recién, adv., recently, lately ; 
(S.A.) just. 

Reciente, a., recent, new, fresh. 

Recientemente, adv., recently, 
newly, lately. 

Recio, a., stout, strong, coarse, 
severe ; adv., vigorously, 

strongly, rapidly. 

Recipiente, in., recipient, receiver 
of a pump or still. 

Recíprocamente, a¿f., reciprocally. 

to creak, to grate. 
adv., strongly. 





Reciprocar, v , to reciprocate. 

Reciprocidad, /., reciprocity. 

Recíproco, a., reciprocal, mutual. 
A la recíproca, reciprocally. 

Recitar, v., to recite. 

Reclamación, /., reclamation, 
claim, objection. 

Reclamar, v., to reclaim, to de- 
mand, to claim, to oppose. 

Reclamo, m., decoy-bird, call, 
inducement, reclamation, claim. 

Reclinar, v., to recline ; r.v., to 
lean (on or upon). 

Recluta,/., recruiting ; w., recruit. 

Reclutar, v., to recruit. 

Recobrar, v., to recover ; r.v., to 
recover, to recollect. 

Recobro, m., recover3\ 

Recodo, m., angle, corner. 

Recoger, v., to gather, to collect, 
to pick up, to receive, to shelter, 
to take up ; r.v., to take refuge, 
to go home. — una letra, to 
take up a bill. 

Recogida, /., gathering, picking. 
— de las mieses, harvesting. 

Recogido, a., retired, secluded. 

Recogimiento, m., collection, re- 
treat, shelter. 

Recolección, /., summary, recol- 
lection, abridgment ; crop, har- 
vest, gathering. 

Recomendable, a., commendable, 

Recomendación, /., recommenda- 
tion, praise. Carta de — , letter 
of introduction. 

Recomendar, i.v., to recommend, 
to charge, to commend, to ask. 

Recompensa, /., recompense, re- 
ward, compensation. En — , in 

Recompensación, /., compensa- 
tion, recompense. 

Recompensar, v., to recompense, 
to reward, to make up (for). 

Reconciliación, /., reconciliation. 

Reconciliar, v., to reconcile ; r.v., 
to become reconciled. 

Recóndito, a., recondite, secret, 

Reconocer, i.r., to recognise, to 
try, to examine, to own, to 
confess, to acknowledge, to 

Reconocido, a., grateful, obliged ; 
recognised, acknowledged. 

Reconocimiento, m., recognition, 
acknowledgment, recognisance, 
examination, inquiry. 

Reconstituyente. See Tónico. 

Recontar, i.v., to recount. 

Reconvención, /., charge, accusa- 
tion, recrimination. 

Reconvenir, i.r., to charge, to re- 

Recopilación, /., summary, abridg- 
ment, collection, compilation. 

Recopilar, v., to abridge, to collect. 

Recordar, i.v., to remind (of), to 

Recorrer, w., to run over, to exam- 
ine, to survey, to read over. 
— a, to have recourse to. — 
un buque, to repair a ship. 

Recorrida, /., repairs. Na\áo en — , 
ship under repairs. 

Recorrido, m., journey, distance. 

Recortar, v., to cut away, to 

Recorte, m., outline, cutting. 

Recoser, v., to sew again. 

Recostar, i.v., to lean against, to 
recline ; r.v., to recline. 

Recreación, /., recreation. 

Recrear, v., to amuse, to recreate ; 
r.v., to amuse oneself. 

Recrudecerse, i.v., to become 
stronger or more intense. 

Rectamente, adv., rightly. 

Recreo, w., recreation, amusement. 

Rectificación, /., rectification, cor- 

Rectificar, i»., to rectify, to correct, 
to make right. 

Rectitud, /., straightness,rectitude, 

Recto, a., straight, erect, upright, 

Recuento, m., inventory ; check. 

Recuerdo, m., remembrance, me- 
mory. — s, regards. 





Recuesto, m., declivity. 

Recular, v., to fall back, to recoil, 
to }ield. 

Recuperación, /., recovery. 

Recuperar, v., to recover, to 
rescue ; r.v., to recover from 
sickness, to recuperate. 

Recurrir, v. (a), to recur, to have 
recourse to. 

Recurso, m., recourse, appeal. 
Sin — , \vithout appeal, defi- 
nitely. — s, means. 

Recusar, v., to refuse to admit, 
to challenge. — testigos, to 
object to (or to challenge) 

Red, /., net, snare. — de ferro- 
carriles {or ferroviaria) , network 
of railways, railway system. 

Redacción, /., publishing, editing, 
editor's office, editorial staff. 

Redactar, v., to write, to compose, 
to edit, to draw up, to compile. 

Redactor, m., compiler, editor. 

Redada, /., catch, draught, haul. 

Redecilla, /., hair-net. 

Rededor, m., environs. Al — , 
round about. See Alrededor. 

Redención, /., redemption, pajdng 

Redimir, v., to redeem, to relieve, 
to pay off. [coat. 

Redingote, m., riding-coat, great- 

Rédito, m., revenue, rent, proceeds. 
— s, interest. — s de los — s, 
compound interest. 

Redituar, v., to yield profit, to 
bear interest, to pay ; to rent. 

Redoblar, v., to double. 

Redoma, /., ñask. 

Redonda, /., neighbourhood. A la 
— , round about. 

Redondear, v., to make round. — 
la hacienda, to make ends meet. 

Redondez, /., roundness. 

Redondo, a., round, clear ; m., 
globe. En ■ — -, all round, in 
round numbers ; point blank. 
En números — s, in round 
figures. Negarse en — , to 
refuse (or deny) flatly. 

to replace, to 
replacing, substi- 

Reducción, /., reduction. 

Reducido, a., reduced, close. 

Reducir, i.v., to reduce, to lessen, 
to diminish, to exchange, to 
persuade ; r.v., to be reduced. 
See Ceniza. 

Redundante, a., redundant. 

Redundar, v. (en), to overflow, to 
redound, to conduce, to contri- 

Reelección, /., re-election. 

Reelegir, i.v., to re-elect. 

Reembarcar, v., to re-embark, to 

Reembarco, reshipment. 

Reembarque, m., reshipment. 

Reembolsar, v., to reimburse. 

Reembolso, m., reimbursement, 

Reempacar, v., to repack 

Reemplazar, t 

Reemplazo, m. 

Reexaminar, v., to re-examine. 

Reexportación, /., re-exportation. 
Derechos de — , drawback. 

Reexportar, v., to re-export. 

Refacción, /., refection, refresh- 
ment ; restitution, reparation. 

Refección, /., refection, refresh- 
ment ; reparation. 

Referencia, /., reference. De — , 
in question, referred to. 

Referente, a., referring. 

Referir, i.v., to refer, to relate, to 
report ; r.v., to refer. 

Refinado, a., refined. 

Refinador, m., refiner. 

Refinadura, /., refining. 

Refinar, v., to refine. 

Refinería, /., refinery. 

Reflectar, v., to reflect. 

Reflejar, v., to reflect. 

Reflejo, m., reflex, reflexion ; a., 
reflector, reflective. 

Reflexión, /., reflection. 

Reflexionar, v., to reflect, to con- 

Reflexivo, a., reflexive, reflective. 

Refluir, i.v., to ebb, to flow back. 





Reflujo, ni., reflux, ebb. 

Reforma, /., reform, reformation, 
correction, amendment. 

Reformar, f., to reform, to correct, 
to mend. 

Reforzar, i.v., to strengthen, to 
fortif}^ ; r.v., to be strength- 

Refractario, a., refractory, imper- 
vious. See Ladrillo. 

Refrán, m., proverb, sapng. 

Refrenar, v., to refrain, to curb, 
to coerce. 

Refrendar, v., to legalise a public 
act, to countersign, to endorse, 
to visé. 

Refrescar, v., to refresh, to cool, 
to refrigerate. 

Refresco, m., refreshment. 

Refriega, /., affray-, strife, fray. 

Refrigeración, /., refrigeration, 

Refrigerador, m., refrigerator. 

Refrigerante, a., refrigerative, 
cooling ; m., refrigerator. 

Refrigerar, v., to cool, to refriger- 
ate, to refresh. 

Refrigerio, w., refreshment, refec- 

Refuerzo, m., reinforcement, as- 

Refugiar, v., to shelter, to refuge ; 
r.v., to take refuge. 

Refu{s:io, m., refuge, shelter. 

Refutación, /., refutation. 

Refutar, v., to refute, to prove 

Regadera, /., watering-can. 

Regadura, /., irrigation. 

Recalado, a., free, given away. 

Regalar, v., to regale, to gratif}', 
to treat ; r.v., to regale, to 
entertain oneself. 

Regaliz {or Regaliza), /., liquorice. 

Regalo, ni., present, gift, treat, 

Regañar, v., to growl, to grumble, 
to quarrel, to scold. A regaña 
dientes, reluctantly. 

Regañón, a., growling, grumbling. 

Regar, i.v., to water, to irrigate. 

Regata, /., regatta. 

Regatear, v., to wriggle, to haggle, 

to bargain, stint. 
Regateo, m., haggling, bargaining. 
Regatón, m., huckster, haggler; 

socket, ferrule. 
Regazo, m., lap. 
Regidor, m., governor. 
Régimen, m., regimen, manage- 
ment, government. 
Regimiento, m., regiment. 
Regio, a., ro^^al, regal. 
Región, /., region, district, tract. 
Regir, i.v., to rule, to govern, to 

manage. Los precios que rigen, 

the ruling prices. 
Registrado, a., registered, on 

Registrador, m., register, registrar, 

recorder, controller. 
Registrar, v., to register, to search, 

to examine, to record, to inspect. 
Registro, m., register, searching, 

Regla, /., rule, ruler, order. — fija, 

standard. En — , in order. 
Realamentado, a., fixed. 
Reglamentario, a., fixed. 
Reglamento, m., regulation, order. 

— de aduanas. Custom-house 

Reglar, v., to rule, to regulate, to 

measure ; r.v., to mend, to 

Regocijarse, r.v., to rejoice. 
Regocijo, m., pleasure, rejoicing. 
Regresar, v., to return. 
Regreso, m., return. 
Regulación, /., regulation. 
Regulado, a., regulated, regular. 
Regulador, m., regulator, governor 

Regular, v., to regulate, to adjust. 
Regular, a., regular, moderate, 

fair, middling. Por lo — , as a 

rule, commonl}-. 
Regularidad, /., regularity, order. 
Regularizar, v., to make regular, 

to systematise. 
Regularmente, adv.: regularly, ge- 






Rehabilitar, v., to rehabilitate, to 
refit, to repair, to restore. 

Rehacer, i.v., to mend, to repair, 
to make again. 

Rehuir, i.v., to retire, to withdraw, 
to shun, to deny, to fight shy of. 

Rehusar, v., to refuse, to dechne. 

Reimpresión, /., reimpression, re- 

Reimprimir, v., to reprint. 

Reina, /., queen. 

Reinado, m., reign. 

Reinante, a., reigning, prevailing. 

Reinar, v., to reign, to govern, to 
prevail, to predominate. Reina 
la calma, calmness prevails. 

Reino, m., kingdom. 

Reintegrar, v., to re-integrate, to 
restore ; to be reinstated. 

Reintegro, m., reintegration, re- 
turn, reimbursement. 

Reir, i.v., to laugh, to smile ; r.v., 
to scon. — se de, to laugh at. 

Reiterar, v., to reiterate, to repeat. 

Reivindicar, v., to recover, to 
assert, to claim. 

Reja, /., ploughshare ; iron grate 
of a window. 

Rejilla, /., lattice, cane, rack ; 
leno (Cuba). See Silla. 

Relación, /., relation, report, nar- 
ration. — es, relations, con- 
nection. — jurada, deposition 
upon oath. Entrar en (or 
entablar) — es, to enter into 
relations. Hallarse en — es 
mercantiles con, to be in busi- 
ness relations with. 

Relacionar, v., to relate, to report ; 
r.v., to be connected. Estar 
relacionado con, to be con- 
nected with. 

Relajar, v., to relax, to slacken. 

Relámpago, m., flash of lightning. 

Relampaguear, v., to lighten. 

Relatar, v., to relate, to report. 

Relativamente, adv., relatively, 

Relativo, a., relative, comparative. 
Relato, m., statement, narration, 

Relator, m., relater, reporter. 

Releer, i.v., to read over again, 
to revise. 

Relegar, v., to relegate, to banish. 

Relevación, /., relief, relevation, 
alleviation ; remission, exemp- 

Relevante, a., excellent, great, 
important, eminent. 

Relevar, i.v., to emboss, to relieve, 
to exalt, to raise, to exonerate. 

Relieve, m., relief, relievo, raised 
work. Bajo — , bass-relief. 
Poner de — , to bring out. 

Religiosamente, adv., religiously, 
exactly, punctually. 

Rellano, tn., landing (of a stair). 

Rellenar, v., to fill again, to stuff, 
to pad. 

Relleno, m., forced meat ; padding. 

Reloj, m., clock, watch. — de 
bolsillo, watch. — de arena, 
hour-glass, sand-glass. — pul- 
sera, wristlet-watch. — de 
repetición, repeater. — desper- 
tador, alarm-clock. Caja de — , 
watch case. — de cilindro [or 
de escape), lever-watch. — de 
oro, gold watch. 

Relojería, /., clockmaking, watch- 
making, watchmaker's shop. 
— de bolsillo, watch-making. 

Relojero, m., watchmaker, clock- 

Reluciente, a., light, clear, shining. 

Relucir, i.v., to shine, to glow, to 
glitter, to excel. Sacar a — , 
to expose, to show off. 

Relumbrar, v., to sparkle, to shine, 
to glitter. 

Relumbrón, m., lustre, dazzling 

Remachar, v., to clinch, to rivet. 

Remache, m., rivet, clinching. 

Remanente, m., remainder, rem- 
nant, residue. 

Remar, v., to row, to paddle. 

Remarcar, v., to mark again, to 
emphasize, to lay stress on. 

Rematar, v.. to close, to terminate, 
to adjudge, to sell at auction. 





— al mejor postor, to knock 
down to the highest bidder. 

Remate, m., conclusion, end, high- 
est bidding. — • de cuentas, 
closing of accounts. Por — , 

Remedar, v., to copy, to imitate. 

Remediar, v., to remedy, to repair, 
to help. 

Remedio, m., remedy, help. No 
tiene — , there is no help for it. 
Sin ■ — , ^\-ithout fail. 

Remendar, i.v., to patch, to mend. 

Remendón, m., patcher, cobbler. 

Remesa, /., remittance of mone3^ 
sending of goods. 

Remesar, v., to remit, to send 
money or goods. 

Remiendo, m., patch, amendment, 
repair. A — s, piece-meal. 

Remisión, /., remission, careless- 
ness, pardon ; sending, remit- 

Remiso, a., remiss, careless. 

Remitir, v., to remit, to transmit, 
to send, to ship. - — se a, to 
abide by, to leave to, to submit 
to, to quote. 

Remo, m., oar. 

Remojar, f., to steep, to soak. 

Remolacha, /., beet-root. 

Remolcar, v., to tow, to take in 

Remolino, m., whirlwind, whirl- 
pool, crowd, disturbance. 

Remolón, a., soft, lazy. Hacerse 
el - — para pagar, not to wsh 
to paj^ 

Remolque, m., towing. A — , 
to\\-ing. Derechos de — , tow- 
age. Tomar a — , to take in tow. 

Remontar, v., to remount ; r.v., 
to soar, to tower. — se a, to 
date back to. 

Remordimiento, m., remorse. 

Remotamente, adv., remotely. 

Remoto, a., remote. 

Remover, i.v.. to remove, to dis- 

Remuneración, /., remuneration. 

Remunerador, a., remunerative. 

Remunerar, v., to reward, to 

Remuneratorio, a., remunerative. 

Rencilla, /., grudge. 

Rencor, m., rancour, animosity, 

Rencoroso, a., rancorous, spiteful. 

Rendición, /., rendition, surrender ; 

Rendido, a., overdone, worn out. 

Rendija, /., crevice, crack, cleft. 

Rendimiento, m., rendition, \deld, 
output, income ; weariness. 

Rendir, i.v., to render, to subject, 
to overcome, to jaeld ; to spring 
(wood, etc.) ; to render, to give 
back, to return ; to produce ; 
r.v., to be tired, to yield. 

Renegar, i.v., to deny, to disown. 

Renglón, m., line. A — seguido, 
as follows. 

Rengue, m., gauze, leno. 

Reno, ni., reindeer. 

Renombrado, a., renowned, cele- 
brated, famous. 

Renombre, m., surname, renown, 

RenOTación, /., renovation, re- 
newal, change. 

Renovar, i.v., to renew, to reno- 
vate, to change. 

Renta, /., rent, profit, income ; 
tax, contribution, revenue, 
stock. — s del Estado (or — s 
públicas), inland revenue and 
excise : Government stock. Ad- 
ministración de ■ — -s, board of 
revenue. ■ — diferida, deferred 
annuity. — ■ vitalicia, life 

Rentar, v., to produce, to jdeld. 

Rentero, m., renter, farmer. 

Rentista, com., financier, bond- 
holder, independent gentleman. 

Renuevo, m., sprout, shoot ; reno- 
vation, renewal. 

Renuncia, /., renunciation, re- 

Renunciar, v. (a), to renounce, to 
resign, to leave, to forego, to 
give up, to abandon. 





Roüido, a , at variance. 

Reñir, i.v., to quarrel, to dispute, 
to scold. 

Reo, m., criminal, offender, de- 

Reojo, >«., Mirar de — , to look 

Reorganizar, v., to reorganise. 

Repagar, v., to repay. 

Reparable, a., reparable, objec- 

Reparación, /., reparation, repair ; 

Reparar, v., to repair, to mend ; 
to observe, to consider, to 
notice ; to stop. • — en, to 
notice, to object to. No — en, 
not to notice, not to be par- 
ticular (about). 

Reparo, m., repair, reparation, 
notice, consideration, objection, 
doubt. Sin — -, without objec- 

Repartible, a., divisible. 

Repartición, /., partition, distri- 
bution, apportionment. 

Repartidor, m., distributer, as- 
sessor of taxes. • — de averías, 
average adjuster. 

Repartir, v., to divide, to distri- 
bute, to apportion ; to assess 

Reparto, m., distribution, assess- 

Repasar, v., to repass, to re- 
examine, to revise, to overlook, 
to run over. 

Repaso, m., revision, repassing. 

Repeler, v., to repel, to refute. 

Repente, m., sudden movement. 
De — , suddenly, on a sudden. 

Repentinamente, adv., suddenly. 

Repentino, a., sudden, abrupt, 
sharp, unforeseen. 

Repercutir, v., to cause a reper- 
cussion, to rebound, to rever- 

Repesar, v., to weigh again, to 

Repetición, /., repetition. Orden 
de — , repeat order. See Reloj. 

Repetidamente, adv., repeatedly. 

Repetido, a., repeated. Repetidas 
veces, repeatedly. Pedido 

— , repeat order. 

Repetir, i.v., to repeat. 

Repicar, v., to chime. 

Repintar, v., to repaint ; to 
reprint (a design, etc.). 

Repique, m., chime. 

Repisa, /., bracket, pedestal, abut- 
ment. — de cliimenea, mantel- 

Replegar, i.v., to redouble, to fall 

Repleto, a., replete, very full. 

Réplica, /., reply, answer ; re- 

Replicar, i/., to reply, to answer. 

Reponer, i.v., to replace, to reply, 
to restore ; r.v., to recover. 

Reportar, v., to refrain ; to obtain, 
to get, to carr}', to bring. — 
beneficios a, to benefit. 

Reposar, v., to rest, to repose ; 
r.v., to settle. 

Reposición, /., reposition. 

Reposo, m., rest, repose. De todo 
— , quite trustworthy. 

Repostería, confectioner's shop, 
pantr)-. [ard. 

Repostero, m., confectioner, stew- 

Repregunta, /., special demand or 
question, cross-examination. 

Repreguntar, v., to question re- 
peatedly, to cross-examine. 

Reprender, v., to reprehend, to 

Reprensión, /., reprehension, re- 

Represa, /., mill dam, restriction. 

Represar, v., to recapture, to stop, 
to repress. 

Representación, /., representation, 

Representado, p.p., represented ; 
m., principal. 

Representante, a., representing ; 
m. cS: /., representative. 

Representar, v., to represent, to 
express, to stand for ; to play, 
to perform. 





Representativo, a., representative, 

Represión, /., repression. 

Reprimenda, /., reprimand. 

Reprimir, v., to repress, to curb, 
to restrain. 

Reprobación, /., reprobation, re- 

Reprobar, i.v., to reprove, to 
reject, to upbraid. 

Reprochar, v., to reproach. 

Reproche, m., reproach. 

Reproducción, /., reproduction. 

Reproducir, i.v., to reproduce, to 
produce again. 

República, /., repubHc 

Republicano, a., republican. 

Repudiar, v., to repudiate, to 

Repuesto, a. & p.p., replaced, 
restored ; m., store, depo- 
sitory. De — , spare, extra, 
by way of precaution. 

Repugnancia, /., repugnance, re- 

Repugnante, a., repugnant, in- 

Repugnar, v., to oppose, to be 

Repulgar, v., to hem, to border. 

Repulgo, m., hem, border. 

Repulsar, v., to reject, to decline. 

Reputación, /., reputation, cha- 

Reputar, v., to repute. 

Requerimiento, m., request, re- 
quisition, summons. 

Requerir, i.v., to intimate, to re- 
quest, to require, to take care, 
to induce. 

Requesón, m., second curds made 
after the cheese. — batido, 
cream cheese. 

Requisar, v., to examine, to 
inspect ; to requisition. 

Requisa, /., inspection, requisition. 

Requisición, /., requisition. 

Requisito, a. & m., requisite. 

Res, /., head of cattle. 

Resabio, >»., unpleasant taste. 

Resaca, /., surge, surf ; return 

draft. Cuenta de — , account of 

charges on return draft. 
Resaltar, v., to rebound, to crack, 

to project, to stand out, to 

appear, to be evident. Hacer 

— , to show up, to cause to 

stand out. 
Resarcimiento, m., compensation, 

Resarcir, i.v., to compensate, to 

recompense, to make good. 

— se de, to make up (for). 
Resbaladizo, a., slippery. 
Resbalar, v., to slip, to slide. 
Rescatar, v., to ransom, to redeem. 
Rescate, m., ransom. 
Rescindir, v., to rescind, to abro- 
gate, to annul. 
Rescisión, /., rescission. 
Rescuentro, m., balance of accounts, 

Resentido, a., angry, displeased. 
Resentimiento, m., resentment, 

Resentirse, i.r.v. (de), to fail, to 

Reseña, /., signal, description, 

muster, review. 
Reseñar, v., to review, to report. 
Reserva, /., reserve, secret, reser- 
vation. Bajo — , in confidence. 

Con la mayor — , in strict 

Reservado, a., reserved, cautious. 
Reservar, v., to reserve, to keep 

back, to conceal. 
Resfriado, m., cold, chill. 
Resfriar, w., to cool, to make cold ; 

r.v., to catch cold. 
Resguardar, v., to preserve, to 

defend, to protect ; r.v. (de), 

to be on one's guard. 
Resguardo, w., guard, security, 

defence, protection, voucher. 
Residencia, /., residence, lodging. 
Residente, a., residing, resident ; 

m., resident. 
Residir, v., to reside, to dwell, to 

Residuo, m., residue, remainder. 
Resignación, /., resignation. 





Resignar, v., to resign, to give up ; 
r.v., to resign, to be resigned. 

Resina, /., resin, rosin. 

Resistencia, /., resistance. 

Resistente, a., resisting, strong. 

Resistir, v. (a), to resist, to reject, 
to stand. 

Resma, /., ream (of paper). 

Resolución, /., resolution, deter- 
mination, decision. En — , in 

Resoluto, a., resolute, bold. 

Resolver, i.v., to resolve, to deter- 
mine, to decide, to solve ; to 
dissolve ; r.v. (a), to resolve, to 

Resorte, m., spring, boot-web, elas- 
tic body ; an elastic piece of 
tempered steel. 

Respaldar, v., to endorse ; r.v., 
to lean back. 

Respaldo, m., back of a seat ; 

Respectivamente, adv., respect- 

Respectivo, a., respective. 

Respecto, m., relation, respect. 
— a {or de), with respect to, 
in consideration of. Con — • a, 
with regard to, respecting. 
Al — , respectively. 

Respetable, a., respectable. 

Respetar, v., to respect. 

Respeto, m., respect, regard, con- 
sideration. Mastelero de — , 
spare mast. Por — a, out of 
consideration for. Presentar 
sus — s, to present one's regards. 

Respetuoso, a., respectful. 

Respiración, /., respiration, 

Respirar, z/., to respire, to breathe. 

Respiro, m., respite. 

Resplandecer, i.v., to glitter, to 
shine. [liancy. 

Resplandor, m., splendour, bril- 

Responder, v. (a), to answer, to re- 
spond, to acknowledge, to 
correspond, to answer to. — 
de, to answer for, to be res- 
ponsible for. 

Responsabilidad, /., responsibility, 
liability. — solidaria, joint 

Responsable, a., responsible, lia- 
ble, accountable, answerable. 

Respuesta, /., answer, reply, res- 

Restablecer, i.v., to re-establish, 
to restore ; r.v., to recover, to 
re-establish oneself. 

Restablecimiento, m., re-estab- 
lishment, restoration, recovery. 

Restante, a., remaining ; m., 

Restañasangre, /., bloodstone. 

Restar, v., to subtract ; to remain, 
to be left. — mérito a, to 
detract from. 

Restauración, /., restoration. 

Restaurador, m., restorer. 

Restaurant, m., restaurant. 

Restaurar, v., to restore, to renew. 

Restaurativo, a., restorative. 

Restitución, /., restitution, restor- 
ing. ^ 

Restituir, i.v., to restore, to give 
up, to return. 

Resto, m., remainder, residue, 
balance, rest. 

Restricción, /., restriction. 

Restringir, v., to restrain, to 
restrict, to limit. 

Resucitar, v., to resuscitate, to 
revive, to renew. 

Resuelto, a., resolute, bold. 

Resulta, /., result, effect. De — s, 
in consequence. 

Resultado, vi., result, issue, con- 

Resultar, v., to result, to turn out. 

Resumen, m., summary, extract, 
compendium, abstract. En — , 
in short, briefly. 

Resumido, a., abridged. En 
resumidas cuentas, in short, 

Resumir, v., to abridge, to recap- 
itulate, to resume, to reassume. 

Retal, m., remnant of cloth or 
lace ; clipping. 

Retahila, /., file, range, series. 





Retar, v., to challenge. 

Retardar, v., to retard, to delay. 

Retardo, m., delay. 

Retazo, m., remnant, cutting. 
— s, odds and ends. 

Retén, m., store, stock, reserve. 

Retención, /., retention, keeping 

Retener, i.v., to retain, to keep 

Reteñir, i.v., to dye again. 

Reticencia, /., reticence. 

Retirada, /., retreat, retirement, 

Retirado, a., retired, close ; with- 

Retirar, w., to withdraw, to retire, 
to retreat ; r.v., to retire, to 
retreat, to recede. — se de 
los negocios, to give up business. 

Retiro, m., retreat, retirement, 
withdrawal, privacy. — obrero, 
old-age pension. 

Reto, m., challenge, threat. 

Retocar, v., to retouch, to finish 
completely, to touch up. 

Retoque, m., finishing stroke, 
touching up. 

Retorcer, i.v., to twist, to retort. 

Retornar, v., to return, to come 
(or go) back, to give back, to 
reciprocate, to turn, to repay. 

Retorno, m., return, coming back, 
repayment, barter. 

Retorta, /., retort (Chem.) ; a sort 
of linen, (Cuba) heavy white 
calico, shirting. 

Retracción, /., retraction. 

Retractación, /., retractation. 

Retractar, v., to retract, to with- 

Retraer, i.v., to retract, to draw 
back, to retrieve ; r.v., to take 
refuge, to hold off, to hold 

Retraimiento, m., shyness, reserve. 

Retranca, /., brake, brake-gear. 

Retrasar, v., to defer, to delay, 
to fall ofí, to decline. 

Retraso, m., delay. Llegar con — , 
to be late (or behind time). 

Retratar, v., to portra5^ to take a 

portrait, to draw ; r.v., to have 

one's portrait taken. 
Retratista, com., portrait-painter. 
Retrato, m., portrait, copy, imita- 
Retrete, m., closet, water-closet. 
Retribución, /., retribution. 
Retribuir, i.v., to retribute. 
Retroceder, v., to go back, to give 

way, to fall back, to recoil, to 

grow worse. 
Retroceso, m., retrocession. 
Retrógrado, a., retrograde. 
Retrovender, v., to resell, to sell 

back to the first vendor for the 

same price. 
Retroventa, /., sale on reversion. 
Reunión, /., reunion, meeting, 

Reunir, v., to reunite, to join ; 

r.v., to assemble, to join. 
Revalidar, v., to ratify, to confirm. 
Revelar, v., to reveal, to discover, 

to develop (a photographic 

Revendedor, m., retailer, hawker. 
Revender, v., to retail. 
Reventa, /., reselling. 
Reventar, i.v., to burst, to crack. 

— por, to long for. 
Reventazón, /., breaker. 
Reverbero, m., reflector, lamp, gas 

(or street) lamp. 
Reversible, a., re vertible, reversi- 
ble, returnable. 
Reversión, /., reversion, return. 
Reverso, m., reverse, back part. 
Revés, m., back part, back ; 

disappointment, reverse. Al — , 

on the contrary, the wrong way, 

vice versa. 
Revestir, i.v., to dress, to sheathe, 

to put on, to assume ; r.v., to 

be invested with. 
Revisar, v., to revise, to examine, 

to go over again. — las cuentas, 

to audit accounts. 
Revisión, /., re\ision. — de 

cuentas, audit. 
Revisor, m., reviser, reviewer. 





examiner, ticket-collector. — 

de cuentas, auditor. 
Revista, /., review, revision. Pasar 

■ — a, to re\ise, to review. 
Revivir, v., to revive. 
Revocación, /., revocation, repeal- 
ing, abrogation, reversal. 
Revocar, v., to revoke, to repeal, 

to annul ; to reverse ; to 

Revolución, /., revolution. 
Revolucionario, a., revolutionary ; 

m., revolutionist. 
Revolver, i.v., to turn, to return, 

to revert, to revolve, to stir up. 
Revólver, m., revolver, pistol. 
Revoque, m., whitewash, plaster. 
Revuelta, /., return, revolution, 

revolt ; delay, change. 
Rey, m., king. 

Reyerta, /., dispute, difference. 
Rezagar, v., to leave behind, to 

defer ; r.v., to remain behind. 
Rezar, v., to pray, to cjuote, to 

recite ; to announce. 
Rezo, w., prayer. 
Rezumarse, r.v., to ooze, to leak, 

to transpire. 
Ría, /., mouth of a river. 
Riada, /., flood of a river. 
Ribazo, m., slope. 
Ribera, /., shore, coast, strand. 
Ribete, m., ribbon, tape, seam, 

border, binding. 
Ribeteado, whipped, hemmed. 
Ribetear, v., to hem, to border, 

to fringe. 
Ricamente, adv., richly, 'excel- 
Ricino, m., ricinus. See Aceite. 
Rico, a., rich, wealthy, choice. 
Ridiculez, /., ridicule, folly. 
Ridículo, a., ridiculous ; m., 

Riego, m., irrigation. 
Riel, m., rail, ingot. — es, (rail or 

tramway) lines. 
Rienda, /., rein. A — suelta, 

violently, swiftly. Dar — suelta 

a, to give vent to. 
Riesgo, m., risk, danger. Correr 

el — , to run the risk, to take 
one's chance. De cuenta y por 
— de, for account and risk of. . . 
Contra todos los — s, against 
all risks. Cubrir el riesgo de 
guerra, to cover (or insure 
against) war risk. 

Rifa, /., dispute, raffle. 

Rifar, v., to raffle, to dispute. 

Rígidamente, adv., rigidly. 

Rigidez, /., rigidity, asperity. 

Rígido, a., rigid, rigorous, severe, 
hard, stern. 

Rigor, ni., rigour, sternness, power, 
hardness. En — , in reality, pro- 
perly, at most. Hablando en 
— , strictly speaking. De — , 

Rigurosamente, adv., strictly. 

Riguroso, a., rigorous, strict. 

Rimero, m., heap, pile. 

Rincón, m., (inside) corner. 

Riña, /., quarrel, dispute. 

Riñon, m., kidney. 

Rio, m., river, stream. 

Ripio, yn., remainder, residue. 
No perder — , not to miss the 
least occasion. 

Riqueza, /., richness, wealth. 

Risa, /., laugh. 

Risco, m., steep rock. 

Risible, a., risible, laughable. 

Ristra, /., row, pile, string (of 

Rival, m., rival, competitor. 

Rivalidad, /., rivalry, competi- 

Rivalizar, v., to rival, to vie with. 

Rizar, v., to curl, to frizzle, to 
crumple, to plait. 

Rizo, w., curling, curl, crumple. 

Roano, a., sorrel, roan. 

Robar, m., to rob, to steal. 

Roblar, v., to authorise ; to clench, 
to rivet. 

Roble, m., oak-tree, oak. 

Roblón, m., rivet. 

Robo, m., robbery, theft. 

Robusto, a., strong, robust. 

Roca, /., rock, cliff. [course. 

Roce, m., friction, rub ; inter- 


8— (1696) 




Rociada, /., sprinkling, spray. 

Rociar, v., to fall in dew, to 
sprinkle, to strew. [value. 

Rocín, m., hack, horse of little 

Rocío, ni., dew, sprinkling. 

Rodaballo, m., turbot. 

Rodante, a., rolling. See Material. 

Rodapié, m., fringe round a bed- 

Rodar, i. v., to roll ; to wander 

Rodeado, a., surrounded. — de 
negocios, overwhelmed with 

Rodeo, m., roundabout way, eva- 
sion. Sin — s, to the point. 

Rodete, ni., bolster, border, flange. 

Rodilla, /., knee. De — s, on one's 

Rodillo, ;»., roller, rolling-pin. 

Roer, i. v., to gnaw, to corrode. 

Rogar, i.v., to implore, to entreat, 
to beg,' to pray. 

Rojizo, a., reddish. See Cafc. 

Rojo, a., red. 

Roí, m., list, roll, catalogue. 

Roldana, /., sheave, pulley- wheel ; 

Rollo, m., roll, scroll, reel. 

Romadizo, m., catarrh, cold in the 

Romana, /., steelyard, balance, 
scales. La — báscula, the lever 

Romance, m., romance. 

Romaneaje, m., weight, weighing. 
Nota del — , weight-note. 

Romo, a., blunt, obtuse. 

Rompenueces, w/., nut-crackers. 

Rompeolas, m., breakwater. 

Romper, v., to break, to burst, to 
fall out, to interrupt ; to dawn, 
to begin ; to infringe. 

Rompimiento, m., rupture, break- 
ing, crack. 

Ron, m., rum. 

Ronco, a., hoarse, husky. 

Ronda, /., round, patrol. 

Rondar, v., to go round, to haunt. 

Rondón. De — , rashly, ab- 

Ropa, /., cloth, wearing apparel, 
clothes. — blanca, linen. — ' 
interior, underclothing. — - 
usada (or vieja), old clothes, 
cast-ofí clothing. A quema — ; 
See Quemarropa. 

store of ready-made 

salesman who deals 
keeper of the ward- 

y velloso. 

Ropería, /., 

Ropero, m., 

in clothes 


Roqueño, a., rocky. 
Rosa, /., rose. Agua de — s, rose- 
water. Palo de — , rosewood. 

Color — , pink. 
Rosado, a., rose, pink (colour). 

Agua rosada, rose-water. 
Rosal, ni., rose-bush. 
Rosario, m., rosary. 
Rosbif, m., roast beef. 
Rosea, /., screw ; rusk. 
Roso, a., red, rosy. A — 

without distinction, totall}'. 
Rostro, Mí., countenance, aspect. 

• — a — , face to face. Hacer — , 

to bear up under adversities. 
Rota, /., rout, defeat ; course 

Rotación, /., rotation, circular 

Roto, a., broken, ragged. 
Rotular, v., to label. 
Rótulo, m., label, inscription, 

poster, title, ticket. 
Rotunda, /., round-house for 

Rotundamente, adv., sphericallj- ; 

explicitly ; flatly. 
Rotundo, a., round, 

Rotura, /., rupture, 

breakage. Libre de • — 

Rozadura, /., friction, 


Rozamiento, m., friction. 
Rozar, v., to scrape, to graze, to 

touch slightly ; r.v., to fret, to 

rub against one another. — se 

con, to be connected with. 
Ruán, ni., sort of linen. 


free from 






Rubí, >ii., ruby. 

Rubia, /., madder. — en raíz 
{oy graneada), madder-root. 

Rubio, a., fair, ruddy, golden. 

Rubor, m., blush, flush. 

Rúbrica, /., rubric, a flourish added 
to the signature by Spaniards. 

Rudeza, /., roughness, asperity, 

Rudo, a., rude, rough, coarse, 

Rueca, /., distaff ; winding. 

Rueda, /., wheel, turn. — del 
timón, steering-wheel. — den- 
tada, toothed (or bevel) wheel. 
■ — de paletas, paddle-wheel. 

Ruedo, m., rotation, circuit ; 
borcler, selvage, fringe, mat, 
rug. — de cama, valance. 

Ruego, m., request, petition, en- 
treaty. A — de, at the request 

Rugir, v., to roar, to crack. 

Ruibarbo, m., rhubarb. 

Ruido, 7n., noise, dispute, rumour, 

Ruidoso, a., noisy. 

Ruin, a., mean, low, bad, wicked. 

Ruina, /., ruin, downfall. Ir en — , 
to go to ruin. 

Ruindad, /., meanness, baseness. 

Ruinoso, a., ruinous. 

Ruiseñor, m., nightingale. 

Rumbo, m., road, route, way, 
course of a ship ; pomp. 
Con — a, bound for. — ■ esti- 
mado,, dead reckoning. 

Rumboso, a., pompous. 

Rumiar, v., to ruminate, to brood. 

Rumor, m., rumour, report. 

Rupia, /., rupee, Indian coin. 

Ruptura, /., rupture, breaking off. 

Rústico, a., rustic. En rústica, 
in paper covers, unbound. 

Ruta, /., route, itinerary. 

Rutina, /., routine, custom. 

Sábado, m., Saturday. 
Sábana, /., sheet. 
Sabana, /. (Cuba), Savannah, an 
extended plain. 

Sabedor, a., acquainted, well 

Saber, i.v., to know, to be able to ; 
to relish, to taste. A — , to wit, 
that is. Hacer — , to make 

Saber, m., learning, knowing. 

Sabiduría, /., learning, knowledge. 

Sabiendas, A — , knowingh-, con- 

Sabio, a., sage, wise, learned. 

Sable, m., sabre. 

Saboneta, /., a small watch ; 
hunting-watch, hunter. 

Sabor, m., relish, taste. A — , at 
pleasure, to the taste. 

Saborear, v., to give a relish, to 

Sabroso, a., savoury, palatable. 

Sabueso, m., hound, bloodhound. 

Saca, /., sack, bag. 

Sacabocado, m., hollow punch. 
Hacer — s, to punch. 

Sacabotas, m., boot-jack. 

Sacacorchos, m., corkscrew. 

Sacamanchas, com., cleaner, stain- 
remover. Tierra de — •, fuller's 

Sacamuelas, m., tooth-drawer. 

Sacar, v., to extract, to draw out, 
to pull out, to remove, to copy, 
to imitate, to produce ; to 
infer, to procure. — en claro 
(or en limpio), to come to a 
conclusion (or inference) — ■ a 
luz, to print, to publish. No — ■ 
nada en limpio, to make nothing 
of it (or out of it) . See Cara. 

Sacarino, a., saccharine. 

Sacatapón, m., corkscrew, bung- 

Saciar, v., to satiate, to cloy. 

Saco, m., sack, bag. — de mano, 
hand-bag, travelling-bag. 

Sacrificar, v., to sacrifice. 

Sacrificio, m., sacrifice. 

Sacudida, /. (or Sacudimiento, m.), 
act of shaking off ; shock. 

Sacudir, v., to shake, to jolt, to 
throw, to shake oft ; r.v., to 
get rid of, to reject. 





Saeta, /., arrow, dart. 

Safra, /. (Cuba). See Zafra. 

Sagacidad, /., sagacit}-. 

Sagaz, a., sagacious, keen-%\atted. 

Sagú, m., sago. 

Sainete, »»., farce or play. 

Sal, /., salt. — blanca, table salt. 

— gema, rock salt. — - de hi- 
guera {or — de Epsom) , Epsom 
salts. — volátil, smelling salts. 

— marina, sea salt. • — ■ gris, 
coarse salt. — es minerales, 
mineral salts. 

Sala, /., hall, saloon, sitting-room. 

— de muestras, showroom. 
Saladero, m., salting-tub. 
Salado, a., salted, salty ; witty. 
Saladura, /., salting. 

Salar, v., to salt, to cure, [a wage. 

Salariar, v., to give a salary, to pay 

Salario, m., salary, wages. — 
mínimo, minimum wage. 

Salazón, /., seasoning, salting. 

Salchicha, /., sausage. 

Saldar, v., to liquidate, to settle, 
to balance. 

Saldo, m., balance, rest, remainder, 
clearing line, job-lot.- — deudor, 
debit balance. — de cuenta 
paj^ment in full. 

Salero, m., salt-cellar. 

Salida, /., start, departure, exit, 
outlet, sale, issue, result, outlay. 
Estar de ■ — -, to be ready for 
sailing. Llevar — , to be under 
weigh. Tener — , to be saleable. 
Dar — a, to sell, to dispose of. 

Saliente, a., salient, projecting, 

Salina, /., salt-pit, salt-works, 
salt-pan, salt-mine. , 

Salino, a., saline. 

Salir, i.v., to go out, to leave, to 
depart, to come out, to succeed, 
to become ; r.v., to drop, to 
leak. — a . . ., to cost . . . ■ — a 
luz, to be published (or printed), 
to be produced. — con algo, to 
obtain anything. — caro, to be 
dear. — • bien, to succeed. — se 
con la suya, to have one's way. 

Salitre, tn., saltpetre, nitre. 

Salmón, m., salmon. 

Salmuera, /., brine ; pickle made 
of salt and water. Carne de vaca 
en media ■ — , corned beef. 

Salón, in., saloon, large hall. 

Salpicar, v., to spatter, to sprinkle, 
to splash. 

Salpimentar, i.v., to season with 
pepper and salt. 

Salsa, /., sauce. 

Salsera, /., sauce-boat. 

Saltar, v., to jump, to leap ; to 
shift, to veer, to omit. — a la 
vista, to be obvious. 

Salto, m., leap, spring, jump, skip, 
omission. A — s, by fits and 

Salubre, a., healthful, healthy. 

Salubridad, /., healthfulness, salu- 

Salud, /., health. En sana — , in 
good health. 

Saludable, a., salutary, healthful, 

Saludar, v., to greet, to salute, to 

Saludo, m., salute, greeting. — s 
a . . ., kind regards to . . . 

Salutación, /., salutation, salute, 

Salva, /., salute of firearms, salvo. 

Salvado, m., bran (husk of wheat 

Salvaguardia, m., safeguard, secur- 
it}^ ; /., safe-conduct. 

Salvaje, a., savage, wild ; »?., 

Salvamento, m., safety, salvation, 
salvage. Derechos de — , 

Salvar, v., to save, to salve, to 
remove impediments, to pass 
over, to cover (distance), to 
mention, to correct errors ; r.v., 
to escape. 

Salvavidas, m., life-preserver, life- 

Salvedad, /., security, safe-con- 
duct ; excuse. 

Salvia, /. (Bot.), sage. 





Salvilla, /., salver, tray. 

Salvo, adv., saving, excepting. 
En — , in security. Poner a — 
de, to safeguard, to free (or 
save) from. — buen cobro, 
reserving due payment (or 

Salvoconducto, m., pass, safe- 
conduct, passport. 

Sanar, v., to heal, to cure, to 
restore to health, to recover. 

Sanción, /., sanction. 

Sancionar, v., to sanction. 

Sandalia, /., sandal. 

Sándalo, m., sandal-wood. 

Sandez, /., folly, simplicity. 

Sandía, /., water-melon. 

Saneamiento, m., surety, bail, 
guarantee ; indemnification ; 

Sanear, v., to give security or 
bail ; to indemnify ; to dram. 

Sangrar, v., to bleed, to drain. 

Sangre, /., blood. — fría, coolness. 
A — fría, in cold blood. 

Sangria, /., bleeding. 

Sanguijuela, /., leech. [stone. 

Sanguinaria, /., blood-root, blood- 

Sanidad, /., soundness, health, 
sanity. Carta {or patente) de 
— , bill of health. Casa de — , 
health office. Junta de — , 
Board of health. 

Sanitario, a., sanitary. 

Sano, a., sound, healthy, whole- 
some, safe. — y sal\-o, safe 
and sound. 

Santa Bárbara, /. (Naut.), maga- 
zine, powder-room. 

Santiamén, m., moment, t'wink- 
ling of an eye. 

Santo, a., holy, saintly ; m., saint. 

— y bueno, well and good. El 

— día, the whole day. Todos 
— s. All Saints' Day. 

Saña, /., anger, passion. 
Saquear, v., to sack, to plunder. 
Saqueo, ni., pillage, plunder. 
Saquillo, m. (dim.), small bag. 
Sarao, m., ball, evening entertain- 

Sarcasmo, ni., sarcasm. 
Sarcástico, a., sarcastic. 
Sardina, /., sardine. 
Sarga, /., serge. 
Sarmiento, m., vine-shoot. 
Sarta, /., string of beads or pearls. 
Sartén, /., frying-pan. 
Sastre, m., tailor. Hechura — , 

Sastrería, /., tailor's shop ; tailor- 

Satin, m., sateen. 

Satinador, m., glazing apparatus. 

Satinar, v., to calender, to glaze. 

Satiné, >». (S.A.), sateen. 

Satisfacción, /., satisfaction, 

^ apology. 

Satisfacer, i. v., to satisfy, to con- 
tent, to meet. — una letra, to 
meet (or honour) a draft. 

Satisfactorio, a., satisfactory. 

Satisfecho, a., satisfied. 

Sauce, m., willow. 

Saúco, m., elder tree. 

Saya, /., petticoat, skirt. 

Sayo, Mí., small frock, loose jacket. 

Sazón, /., season ; taste ; occasion, 
time. A la — , at that time, 
then. En — , seasonably. 

Sazonado, a., seasoned, mature ; 

Sazonar, v., to season, to rnature. 

Se, pron., one, they. — dice, it is 

Sea. See Sfer. — que, whether. 

Sebo, m., tallow, suet, grease. 

Seboso, a., tallowy, greasy. 

Seca, /., drought. A — s, alone, 

Secadero, »?., drying-room (or 
shed) . 

Secamente, adv., dryly. 

Secante, m., drier ; a., drying. 
See Papel. 

Secar, v., to dry. 

Sección, /., section, department. 

Seccionar, v., to section, to sepa- 

Seco, a., dry, bare. En — , in a 
dry place. Dique — •, dry dock. 
See Seca. 





Secretar, v., to secrete. 

Secretaría, /., secretary's office, 

Secretario, m., secretary. 

Secreto, a., secret, hidden ; m., 
secrec}', silence, caution. De 
— , secretly, privately. En — , 
in private. 

Secuela, /., sequel, continuation. 

Secuestración, /., sequestration. 

Secuestrar, v., to sequestrate, to 
distress, to seize. 

Secuestro, m., sequestration, seiz- 

Secundar, u., to second, to favour, 
to aid. 

Secundario, a., secondary. 

Sed, /., thirst ; eagerness. 

Seda, /., silk. — en rama (or 
cruda), raw silk. — floja, floss 
silk. Borra de — , flock silk. 

— torcida, twsted silk. Tejedor 
de — , silk weaver. — tornaso- 
lada, shot silk. — ondeada, 
watered silk. — de coser, 

Sedalina, /., a mercerised cloth. 

Sedería, /., silks, silk stuff, shop 
of a silk mercer. 

Sedero, m., silk mercer. 

Sediento, a., thirsty. 

Sedimento, m., sediment. 

Sedoso, a., silky, silken. 

Seducir, i. v., to seduce, to abuse. 

Segadera, /., reaping-hook, sickle. 

Segadora, /., reaping-machine. 

Segar, i.v., to reap, to mow. 

Seguida, /., succession, continua- 
tion. De — , successively. En 
— , forthwith, at once, imme- 
diately, [ing. 

Segazón, /., harvest-season, reap- 

Seguidaniente, adv., at once. 

Seguido, a., continued, successive. 

Seguimiento, m., pursuit. 

Seguir, i.v., to follow, to pursue, 
to attend, to go on, to continue. 
Como sigue, as follows. 

Según, prep., according to, as per. 

— (or — y conforme), that 
depends. — y como, just as. 

Segundo, a., second. De segunda 
mano, second-hand. En — 
lugar, secondly. 

Segundo, m., second (of time) ; 
mate of a ship. 

Segur, /., axe ; sickle, reaping- 

Seguramente, adv., securely, sure- 
ly, certainly, safely, of course. 

— será . . ., it is sure to be. 
Seguridad, /., security, safety, 

certainty. Para mayor — , for 
regularity's sake. 
Seguro, a., secure, safe, sure, 
confident, certain, firm ; m., 
insurance. Compañía de — s, 
insurance company. — marí- 
timo, marine insurance. — 
contra todos los riesgos, insur- 
ance against all risks. Póliza 
de — , insurance policy. Prima 
{or premio) de — , insurance 
premium. Tipos del — -, insur- 
ance rates. — contra incendios, 
fire insurance. Corredor de — s, 
insurance broker. — de ida y 
vuelta, insurance out and home. 

— dotal, endowment insurance. 

— mutuo, mutual insurance. 

— sobre la vida, life insurance. 
Hacer (verificar or efectuar) el 
— , to look after (or to attend 
to) the insurance. A buen — , 
certainly. De — , assuredly. 
En — , in security. Ir. [or 
obrar) sobre — , to be (or to go) 
on sure grounds. 

Selección, /., selection, choice. 
Selecto, a., select, choice. 
Sellar, v., to seal, to stamp. 
Sello, m., seal, stamp, stamp- 
office. — de aduana, cocket. 

— de correo (de franqueo or 
de cartas) , postage stamp. — de 
caucho (or de goma elástica), 
india-rubber stamp. — de 
recibo, receipt-stamp. Sortija 
de — , signet-ring. 

Selva, /.. forest. — espesa, 

Semana, /., week. Día entre — , 





week-day, working-day. A la 
(or por) — , a week, per week. 

Seniunal, a., weekly. 

Seinanurio, a., weekly ; m., 
weekly publication. 

Semblante, m., look, aspect, face, 

Sembrado, ni., cornfield. 

Sembrador, m., sower ; seeder. 

Sembrar, ¿.v., to sow, to scatter, to 

Semejante, a., similar, like ; m., 

Semejanza, /., resemblance, like- 
ness, likelihood. 

Semejar, v., to be like, to resem- 
ble ; r.v. (a), to resemble. 

Sementera, /., sowing seed, seed- 

Semestral, «., half-yearly. 

Semestre, m., space of six months, 

Semianual, a., semi-annual, half- 

Semilla, /., seed. — de algodón, 
cotton seed. — de 3'erba, 
grass seed. 

Seminario, m., seed-plot, nursery ; 

Sémola, /., semolina. 

Sempiterna, /., lasting (cloth). 

Sempiterno, a., everlasting, eternal. 

Sen, m. [or Sena, /.), .senna. 

Senado, m., senate, senate-house ; 
Spanish house of parliament. 

Senador, m., senator. 

Sencillez, /., simplicity, plainness, 

Sencillo, a., simple, plain, single ; 

Senda, /., path, footpath. 

Sendero, m. path, footpath. 

Sendos, a., each of two, either. 

Seno, m., breast, bosom ; inside 
of a letter. De cuyo — retira- 
mos, from which we extract ; 

Sensación, /., sensation, feeling. 

Sensatez, /., good sense, prudence. 
Sensato, a., sensible, prudent, 

Sensible, a., sensible, sensitive, 
regrettable, appreciable. 

Sensitivo, a., sensitive, sensible. 

Sentado, a., judicious, sedate, 

Sentar, i.v., to fit, to become, to 
suit, to establish ; r.v., to sit 
down, to take a seat. 

Sentencia, /., sentence, verdict, 

Sentenciar, v., to sentence, to pass 

Sentido, a., sensible, feeling ; m., 
sense, reason, meaning, direc- 
tion. Darse por — , to show 
resentment. — común, common 

Sentimiento, m., sentiment, feel- 
ing ; grief, sorrow, concern ; 
judgment, opinion. 

Sentina, /., well (of a ship) ; sink. 

Sentir, i.v., to feel, to hear, to 
suffer ; to regret, to be sorry ; 
to judge, to taste ; r.v., to be 
affected, to resent ; to spring. 

Sentir, m., feeling, opinion, judg- 

Seña, /., sign, mark, signal. 
— s, address. Hacer una — a, 
to beckon. Por más — s, to be 
more precise. 

Señal, /., sign, mark, signal, token, 
vestige. — es de bruma, fog 
signals. En — de, in proof of, 
as a token of. 

Señalado, a., famous, distin- 
guished, celebrated. 

Señalar, v., to signalise, to name, 
to mark, to indicate, to point 
out, to assign, to make known, 
to fix. — los motivos de, to 
account for. 

Señor, m., lord, sir, mister. Muy 
— mío {or nuestro), dear sir. 

Señora, /., lady, mistress, madam. 

Señorear, v., to master, to domi- 
neer, to lord ; to excel ; r.v., to 
assume airs of importance. 
Señoría, /., lordship. 
Señorío, m., dominion, command, 





Señorita, /., young lady, miss. 

Señorito, m., young gentleman, 

Separación, /., separation. 

Separadamente, adv., separately, 

Separado, a., separate. 

Separar, v., to separate, to part, 
to divide, to set apart ; r.v., to 
separate, to retire. 

Septentrión, m., north, north whd. 

Septentrional, a., northern, north. 

Septiembre, m., September. 

Sepulero, m., sepulchre, grave, 

Sepultar, v., to bury, to inter. 

Sepultura, /., interment, burial, 

Sepulturero, m., grave-digger, 

Sequedad, /., aridity, dryness. 

Sequía, /., dryness, thirst, 

Séquito, m., retinue, suite. 

Ser, i.v., to be, to happen. O sea, 
that is, i.e. Sea . . . sea . . . 
whether . . . or. . . . — de, to 
belong to ; to become of. A 
no — que, unless. 

Ser, m., being. 

Serenamente, adv., serenely, 

Serenar, v., to clear up, to become 
serene (or fair), to settle ; r.v., 
to clear up. 

Serenidad, /., serenity, coolness. 

Sereno, m., evening-dew ; night- 
watch, watchman ; a., serene, 
clear, fair, calm, quiet, cold, 

Seriamente, adv., seriously. 

Serie, /., series, sequence, range. 

Seriedad, /., seriousness. 

Serio, a., serious, grave, impor- 
tant, plain, true, sincere. 

Serón, »;., pannier, seroon. 

Serpentino, a., serpentine, wind- 

Serpiente, /., serpent. 

Serrado, a., dented, toothed, ser- 

Serrano, a., pertaining to moun- 
tains ; n.m., highlander. 

Serrín, m., sawdust. 

Serrucho, m., handsaw. 

Servible, a., serviceable. 

Servicio, m., service, favour, good 
turn. - — de mesa, service for 
the table. 

Servidor, m., servant, waiter. 

— de usted, your servant, at 
your service. 

Servidumbre, /., attendance, ser- 
vice, servitude ; servants. 

Servilleta, /., napkin, serviette. 

Servir, i.v., to serve, to correspond, 
to agree, to answer the purpose, 
to be convenient ; r.v., to be 
good enough, to Sírvase 
Vd. venir, please come. — se 
de, to make use of. 

Sesgar, v., to slope, to slant. 

Sesgo, m., .slope, obliqueness ; 
a., sloped, oblique. Al — , 
slopingly, obliquely. 

Sesión, /., session, sitting, meeting, 
conference. Se levantó la — , 
the meeting closed. 

Sesos,, brains. 

Sesudo, a., judicious, wise. 

Seta, /., mushroom. 

Setena, /., seventh. Con las — s, 

Setentrión. See Septentrión. 

Setiembre. See Septiembre. 

Seto, «í., fence. 

Seudónimo, a., pseudonymous, 
fictitious; m., pseudonym. 

Severidad, /., severity, rigour, 
harshness, gravity. 

Severo, a , severe, rigorous, hard, 
grave, serious. 

Sextante, ni., sextant. 

Si, adv., yes, indeed. 

Si, conj., if, although, whether, 
unless. — bien, although. 

— acaso (or por — acaso), if 
by chance. Un — es no es, 
ever so little, rather. 

Si, pron., himself. De — , spon- 
taneously. De por — , apart, 





Sidra, /., cider. — de peras, perrj-. 

Siega, /., harvest, reaping-time, 

Siembra, /., seed-time, cornfield. 

Siempre, adv., always, at all times. 
Para — jamás, for ever and 
ever. — ■ que, always (or 
provided) that. 

Sien, /., temple. 

Sierpe, /., serpent. 

Sierra, /., saw ; ridge of moun- 
tains. — de mano, hand-saw. 

Siervo, m., serf, slave, servant. 

Siesta, /., middaj^ nap. 

Sifón, m., siphon. 

Sigilar, f., to seal, to keep secret. 

Sigilo, m., seal, secret, secrecy. 

Siglo, m., century, age, a long 

Signifleaeion, /., signification, sig- 
nificance, meaning. 

Significado, m., signification, 

Significante, a., significant. 

Significar, v., to signify, to mean, 
to make known, to be worth. 

Significativo, a., significative, 

Signo, m., sign, mark, signet. 

Siguiente, a., following, next. 

Sílaba, /., syllable. 

Silbar, v., to whistle, to hiss. 

Silbato, m., whistle. 

Silbido, m., whistle, whistling, 

Silenciar, v. (Amer.), to pass in 

Silencio, m., silence, secrecy. 
Pasar en — , to pass over, to 
omit reference to. 

Silla, /., chair, seat, saddle. — 
de manos, sedan-chair. — - 

poltrona, arm-chair, easy chair. 
— giratoria, pivot-chair. — 
plegadiza, folding chair, camp- 
stool. — de rejilla {or de junco), 
cane-bottomed chair. — de 
montar, saddle. — de tijera, 
camp chair. 

Sillería, /., seat ; saddlery. 

Sillero, m., saddler, chair-maker. 

Sillín, m., small saddle, saddle of 
a bicycle. 

Sillón, m., large arm-chair. — de 
muelles, spring-chair. 

Silueta, /., silhouette. 

Silvestre, c, wild. 

Simiente, /., seed. 

Similar, a., similar. [blance. 

Similitud, /., similitude, resem- 

Simón, m., hackney coach. 

Simpatía, /., sympathy, fellow- 

Simpático, a., sympathetic. 

Simpatizar, v., to sympathise. 

Simple, a., simple, single, pure, 
mere, plain, foolish. 

Simplemente, adv., simply, merely. 

Simplicidad, /., simplicity, plain- 

Simplificar, v., to simplify, [ness. 

Simulacro, m., image, sham. 

Simular, f., to simulate. Factura 
simulada, pro forma invoice. 

Simultáneo, a., simultaneous. 

Sin, prep., without. — embargo, 
nevertheless, however. — duda, 
no doubt. — licencia, un- 
licensed. — • que, without (that) 
... — • venta, unsold. 

Sinapismo, m., mustard-plaster. 

Sinceramente, adv., sincerely. 

Sinceridad, /., sincerity. 

Sincero, a., sincere. 

Sindicado, m., syndicate. 

Sindicar, v., to inform ; to accuse ; 
to colleague. 

Sindicato, m., syndicate, com- 
bination, trust. 

Síndico, m., syndic, recorder ; 
assignee, liquidator ; trustee. 
— de una quiebra, official 
receiver (of a bankrupt's estate) . 

Singular, a., singular, single, par- 

Singularidad, /., singularity. 

Siniestra, /., left hand. 

Siniestro, a., sinister, left, un- 
happy ; in., disaster, accident, 
mishap, damage. 

Sinnúmero, m., numberless quan- 
tity, lln — de, a great number 
of, any amount of. 


uA— (1696) 




Sino, coíij., but, except, only. 
Sinrazón, /., wrong, injustice. 
Sinsabor, m., displeasure, pain. 
Síntoma, >»., symptom, sign. 
Sinuoso, a., sinuous, wavy. 
Siquiera, conj., at least, although, 

scarcelj'. Ni — , not even. I'na 

vez — , once in a while. 
Sirena, /., s>Ten, whistle. 
Sirg:a, /., ^tow-rope, tow-line. 
Sirgar, v., to tow (a vessel) ^^•ith 

a line. 
Sirte, /., hidden rock, danger, 

Sirvienta, /., servant. 
Sirviente, a., serving ; com., 

Sisa, /., petty theft, pilfering, 

assize, excise. Derechos de — , 

excise duty. 
Sisal, m., sisal, Mexican fibre. 
Sisar, v., to pilfer, to steal, to 

curtail, to cut ; to size ; to excise. 
Sisero, m., exciseman, excise 

Sistema, m., system — mercantil, 

mode of doing business. 
Sistemático, a., systematic. 
Sitiar, v., to besiege. 
Sitio, m., place, situation ; siege. 
Sito, a., situated. 
Situación, /., situation, position, 

assignment, payment. Muerta 

— , standstill, slackness. 
Situado, a., situate, situated, 

Situar, v., to situate, to assign a 

fund, to pay. — fondos, to pav 

So, prep., under, below. — color 

(or pretexto), under colour (or 

pretence) . 
Soberano, a. & m., sovereign. 
Soberbia, /., pride, haughtiness. 
Soberbio, a., proud, arrogant, 

Sobordo, m., manifest, freight-list. 
Sobornar, v., to bribe, to corrupt. 
Soborno, m., bribe, incitement. 
Sobra, /., surplus, excess. De — •, 

over and above, extra, odd. 

Sobradamente, adv 



a., abundant, rich, 
Tiempo — , plenty of 

to overload, 

to surprise. 




Sobrante, ;«., residue, overplus ; 
a., left over, remaining, — s, 
odds and ends. 

Sobrar, v., to be over and above, 
to be more than enough ; to 
remain, to be left. 

Sobre, prep., above, over ; more- 
over, besides ; about; m., enve- 
lope. — el cabo, off the Cape. 
— todo, especially. En — aparte, 
under separate cover. Bajo 
— , under cover. 

Sobrecama, /., coverlet, quilt. 

Sobrecarga, /., surcharge, over- 

Sobrecargar, v., 
surcharge, to 

Sobrecargo, m 

Sobrecoger, v 

Sobredicho, a., above-mentioned. 

Sobreescrito. See Sobrescrito. 

Sobreestadía, /., extra lay day. 

Sobrefaz, /., surface 

Sobrefino, a., superfine. 

Sobrellevar, v., to carry, to under 
go, to ease. 


Sobremesa, /., table-cloth, dessert. 
De — , immediately after dinner. 

Sobrenombre, m., surname. 

Sobrepasar, v., to exceed, to go 

Sobrepeso, m., overweight. 

Sobreponerse, i.r.v., to overcome, 
to overpower. 

Sobrequilla, /. (Naut.), keelson. 

Sobrepujar, v., to exceed, to sur- 
pass, to cut out. 

Sobresaliente, a., surpassing. 

Sobresalir, i. v., to exceed, to sur- 

Sobresaltar, v., to surprise, to 
frighten, to startle. 

adv., excessively, 





Sobresalto, m., surprise. 

Sobrescrito, m., superscription, 
address, envelope. 

Sobrestante, m., overseer, fore- 

Sobretodo, }>!., overcoat ; adv., 
above all. 

Sobrevenir^ ¿.v., to happen, to 

Sobreviviente, m., survivor; a., 
surviving. [live. 

Sobrevivir, v., to survive, to out- 

Sobriedad, /., sobriety. 

Sobrina, /., niece. 

Sobrino, m., nephew. 

Sobrio, a., sober. 

Socarrón, a., cunning, sly, crafty. 

Socavar, v., to excavate, to under- 

Sociable, a., sociable. 

Social, a., social. 

Socialismo, m., socialism. 

Socialista, com., socialist. 

Sociedad, /., society, company, 
partnership. — anónima, joint 
stock company. — en coman- 
dita, joint stock company. 

Socio, m., comrade, associate, 
partner ; member. — activo, 
active partner. — gerente {or 
gestor), managing partner. • — 
comanditario, sleeping partner. 
— ■ principal, head-partner. — 
único, sole partner. 

Socorrer, v., to succour, to help, 
to aid ; to pay a part of what 
is due. 

Socorrido, a., furnished, well 
supplied, abundant. 

Socorro, m., succour, aid, assist- 
ance, help, support. 

Soda. See Sosa. 

Sodio, m., sodium. 

Sofá, m., sofa. 

Sofocante, a., suffocating, close. 

Sofocar, v.'. to suffocate, to choke, 
to quench, to smother, to 

Soga, /., rope, halter, cord. 

Sojuzgar, v., to conquer, to sub- 

Sol, m., sun. Rayo de — , sun- 
beam. Reloj del — , sun-dial. 
Al poner del — , at sunset. 
Al salir del — -, at sunrise. 

Solamente, adv., only, solely. 

Solapa, /., lappel ; pretence, pre- 
text, [of ground. 

Solar, m., ground-plot, parcel, lot 

Solas, A — , by oneself. 

Solazar, v., to solace, to cheer. 

Soldada, /., wages. 

Soldado, m., soldier. 

Soldadura, /., soldering, solder. 

Soldar, v., to solder, to mend. 

Soledad, /., solitude. 

Solemne, a., .solemn. 

Solemnidad, /., solemnity. 

Soler, i.v., to accustom, to be 
accustomed, to be in the habit 

Solera, /.', cross-beam, rib ; wall- 
plate, flat stone. — • del hogar, 

Solferino, a., a bright pink colour. 

Solicitado, a., in good request or 

Solicitante, com., solicitor, appli- 

Solicitación, /., solicitation. 

Solicitar, v., to solicit, to entreat, 
to ask, to beg. Se solicita. . . . , 
Wanted (in advertisements). 

Solícito, a., solicitous, anxious, 

Solicitud, /., solicitude, anxiety, 
request, application. 

Solidar, v., to harden, to make 
solid, to consolidate. 

Solidariamente, adv., jointly and 

Solidaridad, /., soUdarity ; joint 
and separate responsibility. 

Solidario, a., solidary ; indivi- 
dually and collectively respon- 

Solidez, /., solidity, firmness, 
hardness, integrity. 

Sólido, a., solid, firm, hard, sound. 

Solitario, a., solitary, lonely. 

Solo, a., alone, single, only. A 
solas, alone. 





Sólo, adv., only. 

Solomo, ni., loin ; chine. 

Soltar, Í.V., to untie, to loosen, 

to set at liberty. 
Soltera, /., spinster. 
Soltero, m., bachelor. 
Soltura, /., release, ability, agility, 

Soluble, a., soluble, solvable. 
Solución, a., solution, resolution. 
Solucionar, v., to solve, to settle. 
Solvencia, /., solvency. 
Solvente, a., solvent. 
Sombra, /., shade, shadow. Ni 

por — , by no means. 
Sombrear, v., to shade. 
Sombrerera, a., hat-box, hat-case. 
Sombreria, /., manufactory of 

hats, hat-shop. 
Sombrerero, m., hatter, hat-maker. 
Sombrero, m., hat. — de copa, 

tall (or silk) hat. — • de fieltro, 

felt hat. — flexible, soft hat. 

Cinta de — , hat-band. — de 

paja, straw hat. 
Sombrilla, /., parasol, sunshade. 
Sombrío, a., dark, shady, sombre, 

Somero, a., superficial. 
Someter, i»., to submit, to subject ; 

r.v., to submit, to comply, to 

abide by. 
Son, m., sound, noise. Sin ton ni 

— , without rhyme or reason. 
Sonar, i.v., to sound, to blow. 
Sonda, /., sounding, sounding- 
line, sound. 
Sondear, v., to sound, to try, to 

sift, to fathom. Línea de — •, 

fathom line. 
Sonido, m., sound, noise, report. 
Sonreírse, i.r.v., to smile. 
Sonrisa, /., smile. 
Sonsacar, v., to wheedle, to pump 

(a person). 
Soñar, i.v., to dream. 
Sopa, /., soup. 

Sopera, /., soup-dish, tureen. 
Sopero, ni., soup-plate. 
Sopetón, m., blow. De — , sud- 

Soplar, v., to blow ; to rob or 
steal ; to divulge. 

Soplete, m., blow-pipe. 

Soplo, )«., blowing, gust, pun of 
wind ; denunciation. 

Soplón, m., tale-bearer. 

Soportable, a., supportable, toler- 

Soportar, v., to support, to suffer, 
to tolerate, to stand, to bear. 

Soporte, m., support, rest, stand. 

Sorber, v., to sip, to suck, to sup ; 
to absorb, to consume. 

Sorbete, m., sherbet. 

Sorbo, m., sup, draught, absorp- 

Sordina, /., mute ; (Mech.) dam- 

Sordo, a., deaf, silent. 

Sorprendente, a., surprising. 

Sorprender, v., to surprise, to 
come upon, to overtake, to 

Sorpresa, /., surprise, astonish- 

Sortear, v., to cast lots. 

Sorteo, m., casting (or drawing) 
lots, drawing. 

Sortija, /., ring, hoop, finger-ring. 

Sosa, /., soda. — cáustica, caustic 
soda. Sulfato de — ■, sulphate of 

Sosegado, a., quiet, peaceful, calm. 

Sosegar, i.v., to calm, to pacify, 
to silence, to lull ; r.v., to grow 

Sosiego, m., tranquillity, ease, 

Soslayar, v., to avoid, to get past. 

Soslayo, m., slant. Al — , sidewise, 

Soso, a., insipid, tasteless, sense- 

Sospecha, /., suspicion. 

Sospechar, v., to suspect. 

Sospechoso, a., suspicious, sus- 
pected, mistrustful. 

Sostén, ni., support, prop. 

Sostener, i.v., to sustain, to sup- 
port, to maintain, to prop up, 
to bear, to endure ; r.v., to 





support (or maintain) oneself, 
to bear up, to hold out, to keep 

Sostenido, a., supported, sus- 
tained, steady. 

Sótano, >»., cellar. 

Sotavento, m., leeward. 

Su, pron., his, her, its, their, your. 

Suarda, /., grease.' See Lana. 

Suave, a., soft, smooth, mild, 
gentle, easy, quiet. Tabaco — , 
mild tobacco. 

Suavidad, /., softness, suavity. 

Suavizador, m., razor-strop. 

Suavizar, v., to soften, to make 

Subalterno, a., subaltern, inferior. 

Subasta, /., auction. — pública, 
public auction. 

Subastar, v., to sell by auction. 

Subdito, a. & m., subject. 

Subida, /., rise, ascent, ascension. 

Subido, a., raised, advanced, high, 
strong, deep (colour). 

Subir, v., to ascend, to come up, 
to go up, to rise, to increase, to 
raise the value ; r.v., to rise, to 
go up. • — de precio, to rise in 
price, to go up. 

Súbitamente, adv., suddenly. 

Subitáneo, a., sudden, unexpected. 

Súbito, a., sudden, hasty. De — , 
suddenly, unexpectedly. 

Sublevar, v., to stir up, to excite. 

Sublime, a., sublime. 

Submarino, a., submarine. 

Subordinación, /., subordination. 

Subordinar, v., to subordinate. 

Subrayar, v., to underscore. 

Subsanar, v., to excuse, to. mend, 
to repair, to make good. 

Subscribir, v., to subscribe. 

Subscripción, /., subscription. 

Subscriptor, m., subscriber. 

Subsecuente, a., subsequent, suc- 

Subsidio, m., subsidy, aid. 

Subsiguiente, a., subsequent. 

Subsistencia, /., subsistence, live- 

Subsistente, a., subsistent. 

Subsistir, v.. to subsist. 

Substancia, /., substance. En — , 
in short, briefly. ■ — s alimen- 
ticias, food-stuffs. 

Substancial, a., substantial 

Substituir, i.v. See Sustituir. 

Substraer. See Sustraer. 

Subterfugio, m., subterfuge. 

Subterráneo, a., subterranean. 
Ferrocarril — , underground 

Suburbio, m., suburb. 

Subvención, /., help, assistance, 
aid, subsidy. 

Subvenir, i.v., to aid, to assist, 
to supply, to furnish. 

Subyugar, v., to subdue, to sub- 

Suceder, v., to succeed, to come 
after, to happen, to come about. 

Sucesión^ /., succession ; issue, 
offspring, children. 

Sucesivo, a., successive. [cess. 

Suceso, m., event, incident, suc- 

Sucesor, m., successor. 

Suciedad, /., dirt, dirtiness. 

Sucinto, a., brief, succinct, concise, 

Sucio, a., dirty, nasty, foul. See 

Suculento, a., succulent, juicy. 

Sucumbir, v., to succumb. 

Sucursal, /., branch, branch- 

Sud, ni., south. —oeste, south- 

Sudar, v., to sweat. 

Sudeste, m., south-east. 

Sudoeste, m., south-west. 

Sudor, m., sweat, perspiration. 

Suegra, /., mother-in-law. 

Suegro, m., father-in-law. 

Suela, /., sole (of a shoe). 

Sueldo, m., wages, salary. A 
medio — , upon half pay. 

Suelo, in., ground, soil. Venirse 
al — , to tall to the ground. 

Suelto, a., loose, light, s\\'ift, free, 

Sueño, m., sleep, dream. Tener 
— , to be sleepy. 





Suero, m., whey. 

Suerte, /., chance, lot, luck, fate. 
De todas — s, at an}- rate. De 
— que, so that. Caber en - — , 
to fall to one's lot. Tocarle a 
uno la — , to be favoured by 

Suficiencia, /., sufficiency. 

Suficiente, a., sufficient. 

Sufocar. See Sofocar. 

Sufragar, v., to favour, to aid ; to 
defraj-, to make up. 

Sufragio, jn., suffrage, vote ; 
favour, support, aid. 

Sufrible, a., sufferable, tolerable. 

Sufrido, a., consenting, accommo- 
dating, patient. 

Sufrimiento, m., suffering, suffer- 
ance, tolerance. 

Sufrir, v., to suffer, to bear, to 
permit, to abide, to stand. — - 
un error, to make a mistake. 

Sugerir, i.v., to suggest, to hint. 

Sugestión, /., suggestion, hint. 

Sujeción, /., subjection. Con — a, 
subject to. 

Sujetapapeles, m., letter-clip. 

Sujetar, v., to subdue, to subject ; 
r.v., to adhere. 

Sujeto, a., subject, liable, exposed ; 
m., subject, topic ; person. — a, 
fixed to, subject to. Estar — a, 
to be subject to. 

Sulfato, m., sulphate. — de 
amoníaco, sulphate of ammonia. 

Sulfito, ni., sulphite. 

Sulfúrico, a., sulphuric. Acido — , 
sulphuric acid, vitriol. 

Suma, /., sum, amount. — del 
frente (or — de la vuelta), 
brought forward. En — , in 

Sumamente, adv., highly, ex- 
tremely, in the highest degree. 

Sumar, v., to sum, to add up, to 
result, to sum up. 

Sumaria, /., verbal process ; in- 

Sumario, a., summary ; m., 
summary, compendium, ab- 

Sumergir, v., to submerge. 

Suministrador, in., provider, sup- 

Suministrar, v., to subminister, 
to suppl}-, to furnish. 

Suministro, m., supply. 

Sumir, v., to sink. 

Sumisión, /., submission, compli- 
ance ; tender. 

Sumiso, a., submissive, compliant. 

Sumo, a., highest, greatest, very 
great. A lo — , at most. 

Sunchar, v., to hoop, to clamp. 

Suncho, m., clamp, hoop. 

Supeditar, v., to subdue, to over- 

Superar, v., to overcome, to 

Superávit, m. (Lat.), overplus, 
surplus, residue. 

Superficial, a., superficial. 

Superficie, /., superficies, surface. 

Superfino, a., superfine. 

Superfino, a., superfluous. 

Superintendencia, /., superintend- 

Superintendente, m., superintend- 
ent, overseer. 

Superior, a., superior, higher, 
greater ; m., superior. 

Superioridad, /., superiority. 

Supervenir, i.v., to supervene. 

Suplemental (Suplementario), a., 

Suplemento, m., supplement, sup- 

Súplica, /., petition, request. 

Suplicante, a. ¿c com., supplicant. 

Suplicar, v., to entreat, to suppli- 
cate.. — de la sentencia, to 
petition against the sentence, 
to appeal to a liigher court. 

Suplicio, m., punishment, torment. 

Suplir, v., to supply, to furnish, 
to fill up. 

Suponer, i.v., to suppose, to fancy, 
to imagine, to expect ; to 
possess (weight or authority). 

Suposición, /., supposition, sur- 

Supremacía, /., supremacy. 





Supremo, a., supreme ; highest. 
Supresión, /., suppression. 
Suprimir, v., to suppress, to omit, 

to leave out. 
Supuesto, m., supposition ; a., 

suppositious, supposed. Por — , 

of course. — • que, since, grant- 
ing that. 
Sur, m., south, south wind. 
Surcar, v., to furrow, to plough. 
Surco, m., furrow, line, wrinkle. 
Surgidero, m., an -horage. 
Surgir, v., to appear, to sprout, 

to arise, to present itself ; to 

Surtidero, m., conduit. 
Surtido, m., assortment, supply ; 

a., assorted. 
Surtidor, m., caterer, purveyor ; 

jet (of water). — de agua, 

Surtir, v., to supply, to furnish, 

to pro\^ide, to accommodate. 

— efecto, to ha\e the desired 

Surto, a., anchored. 

Susceptible, rt., susceptible. — de, 
subject (liable or open) to. 

Suscitar, v., to ex:ite, to stir up, 
to rouse. 

Suscribir, v., to subscribe. 

Suscripción, /., subscription. 

Suscriptor, m., subscriber. 

Susodicho, a., aforesaid, fore- 

Suspender, v., to suspend, to stop, 
to delay. — los pagos, to stop 

Suspensión, /., suspen.sion, sus- 

Suspenso, a., hung, suspended ; 
m., suspense. En — , in sus- 
pense, outstanding, in abeyance. 

Suspicacia, /., suspiciousness, jea- 

Suspicaz, a., suspicious, jealous. 

Suspirar, v., to susjnre, to crave. 

— por, to aspire after. 
Suspiro, m.. sigh, breath. 
Sustancia, /., substance. See 


Sustentar, v., to sustain, to bear 

up ; to nourish. 
Sustento, w., sustenance, food, 

support, maintenance. 
Sustitución, /., substitution. 
Sustituir, i.v.. to substitute. 
Sustituto, m., substitute. 
Sustracción,/., subtraction, with- 
drawal ; theft. 
Sustraer, i.v., to substract, to 

Susurrar, v., to whisper, to 

Sutil, a., subtle, acute, keen. 
Sutileza, /., subtlety, cunning, 

Suyo, pron.. his, hers, theirs, yours. 

De — , spontaneously. 
Suya, /., view, intention. Llevar 

la — adelante, to carry one's 

point.- Salirse con la — , to get 

one's way. 

Tabaco, tn., tobacco. — de [or en) 
polvo, snuff. — ■ en rama {or de 
hoja), leaf tobacco. — suave 
[or flojo), mild tobacco. 

Tabaquera, /., snuñ-box, tobacco- 

Tabaquería, /., tobacconist's shop. 

Tabiiquero, tn., tobacconist. 

Taberna, /., tavern. 

Tabernero, m., tavern-keeper. 

Tabique, m., partition-wall. 

Tabla, /., board, table, plank, 
block, index ; stage. — - de 
cálculos, calculation table. 

Tablado, m., stage, scaffold, floor- 

Tablazón, ;«., planks, lumber. 

Tablero, m., board, panel. — - de 
ajedrez, chess-board. — de 
damas, draught-board. — de 
cocina, dresser, kitchen table. 
— de conmutadores, switch- 

Tableta, /., tablet, board ; splint. 

Tablón, m., plank, beam. — ^es, 
planks, lumber. 

Taburete, m., chair without arms, 
hieh stool. 





Tacaño, a., mean, stingy. 

Tacha, /., fault, defect, flaw ; 
small nail. Poner — , to find 
fault, to make objections. 

Tachar, v., to censure, to tax, to 
blot, to scratch out, to find 
fault with. — de, to accuse of. 
— testigos, to object to (or to 
challenge) witnesses. 

Tachuela, /., tack. 

Tácito, a., tacit, silent, implied. 

Taco, m., stopper, wad, wadding ; 
rammer. — • de billar, billiard 

Tacón, m., heel, heel-piece (of a 
shoe). — de caucho, india- 
rubber heel. 

Táctica, /., tactics. 

Tacto, m., touch, tact. 

Tafetán, m., taffeta. — inglés, 
court-plaster, sticking-plaster. 

Tafilete, m., morocco leather. 

Tafiletería, /., leather goods, mo- 
rocco manufacture. 

Tagua, /., coro20-nut, tagua-nut, 

Tahona, /., corn-mill, bakehouse, 
baker's shop. 

Tahonero, m., miller, baker. 

Taimado, a., sly, crafty. 

Taja, /., cut, incision. 

Tajada, /., slice, cut. 

Tajadera, /., chopping-knife, chop- 

Tajadero, m., chopping-block (for 

Tajamar, m., cut-water. 

Tajar, v., to cut, to chop, to hew. 

Tajo, m., cut, incision ; chopping- 
block ; edge. 

Tajón, m., large block, chopping- 

Tal, a., such, so, as ; similar, as 
much. — cual, middling, so so ; 
just as it is ; all defects. — cual 
vez, sometimes. — vez, per- 
haps. No hay — , there is no 
such thing. Con — que, 
pro\'ided that. 

Talabartería, /., saddlery. Objetos 
de — , saddlerv. 

Talabartero, m., belt-maker, sad- 

Taladrar, v., to bore, to pierce. 

Taladro, tn., borer, gimlet, auger. 

Talante, m., appearance, aspect, 

Talco, m., talc, mica. — de 
España, Spanish chalk. 

Talega, /. {or Talego, m.), bag, 

Taleguilla, /., small bag. 

Talento, m., talent. 

Talentoso, a., talented, able. 

Talionar, v., to retaliate. 

Talla, /., stature, size. Obra de 
— , carved work. 

Tallador, m., engraver, carver. 

Tallar, v., to cut, to chop, to carve 
in wood, to engrave on copper- 

Talle, m., shape, size, form ; waist. 

Taller, m., workshop, office, labor- 
atory, mill ; school. 

Tallista, com., engraver. 

Tallo, ni., shoot, sprout, stem. 

Talón, m., heel ; heel-piece (of a 
shoe, etc.) ; sight-draft. — de 
ecjuipaje, luggage-receipt. 

Talonario, m., cheque-book. 

Tamaño, a., very great ; m., 
size, shape. 

También, conj. & adv., also, too, 
likewise ; as well. 

Tambor, m., drum ; drummer ; 

Tamiz, )»., fine sieve. 

Tamizar, v., to sift. 

Tampoco, adv., neither, not either. 

Tan, adv., so, so much, as well. 

Tanda, /., turn, rotation, task. 

Tangible, a., tangible. 

Tanque, ;«., vat, tank. 

Tantear, v., to measure, to pro- 

Tanteo, m., computation, calcula- 
tion, average. 

Tanto, a. & adv., so much, as 
much, so. Veinte y — s, twenty 
and upwards. Ciento y tantas 
libras, one hundred odd pounds. 
El — por ciento, the percentage. 




[Te, i 

— mejor, so much the better. 

— peor, so much the worse. 
En — {or entre — ), in the 
meantime. Por — (or por lo — ), 
therefore. Algún — , a trifle, a 
little. — ... como . . . both . . . 
and. . . . 

Tañido, m., tune, sound. 

Tapa, /., lid, cover, cap. — de 
plato, dish-cover. 

Tapadera, /., loose lid, covercle. 

Tapadero, m., large stopper. 

Tapar, v., to stop up, to cover, to 
conceal, to hide. 

Tapete, m., small carpet, rug, 
cover. Estar sobre el — , to be 
on the tapis (under discussion). 

Tapia, /., mud-wall. 

Tapicería, /., tapestry, upholstery. 

Tapicero, m., upholsterer, tapestry- 

Tapioca, /., tapioca. 

Tapiz, m., tapestry, carpet. — de 
chimenea, hearth-rug. 

Tapizar, v., to hang with tapestry, 
to upholster. 

Tapón, m., cork, bung, stopper, 

Taquigrafía, /., shorthand. 

Taquígrafa, /., lady shorthand- 

Taquígrafo, m., shorthand-writer. 

Taquilla, /., ticket-office, booking- 
office. — de billetes, ticket 

Tara, /., tare. — común, average 

Taracea, /., marquetry, inlaid 

Taracear, v., to inlay. 

Tara villa, /., mill-clack, latch. 

Tardanza, /., slowness, delay, 

Tardar, v., to delay, to put off. 
A más — , at the latest. 

Tarde, /., afternoon, evening ; 
adv., late. Hacerse — , to grow 
late. Más vale — que nunca, 
better late than never. — o 
temprano, sooner or later. 

Tardío, a., late, slow, tardy. 

Tardo, a., slow, dull, tardy. 

Tarea, /., task, toil, 

Tarifa, /., tariff. 

Tarja, /.. tally, check. 

Tarjador, m., checker. 

Tarjar, v., to tally. 

Tarjeta, /., card, sign. — de visita, 
visiting card. — postal, post- 

Tarjetero, m., card-case. 

Tarlatana, /., tarlatan, a sort of 
thin crape ; a cheap muslin. 

Tarro, m., earthen pan, jar ; horn. 

Tartán, m., tartan. 

Tartana, /., long covered wagon, 
carriage, wagonette. 

Tártaro, m., tartar. See Crémor. 

Tartárico {or Tártrico), a., tar- 
taric. See Ácido. 

Tasa, /., rate, measure, rule ; 
valuation, tax. — del seguro, 
insurance rate. 

Tasación, /., valuation, appraise- 

Tasador, ni., appraiser. 

Tasajo, m., jerked beef, hung-beef ; 
scrap (rubber, etc.). 

Tasar, v., to appraise, to value, to 
estimate, to assess, to tax. 
en, to estimate (or value) at. 

Taxi, m.. taxi-cab, taxi. 

Taxímetro, m., taximeter, taxi 

Taza, /., cup. 

Té, m., tea. 

Tea, /., torch. 

Teatro, m., theatre. 

Teca, /., teak (wood). 

Techado, m., roof. 

Techar, v., to roof. 

Techo, in., roof, ceiling. 

Techumbre, /., upper roof. 

Tecla, /., key of a pianoforte (or 
typewriter) . 

Teclado, m., keyboard. 

Técnica, /., technique. 

Técnico, a., technical. 

Tedio, m., disgust, dislike, te- 

Tedioso, a., tedious, tiresome. 

Teja, /., roof -tile, tile. 





Tejadillo, m., roof of a coach. 

Tejado, >n., roof covered with 
tiles ; shed. 

Tejar, m., tile-works. 

Tejedor, m., weaver. 

Tejedura, /., texture, weaving. 

Tejer, v., to weave cloth. 

Tejido, m., texture, weaving, 
tissue, fabric, web. 

Tejo, m., quoit ; ingot. 

Tela, /., cloth, fabric ; linen. 
— • alquitranada, tarpaulin. — 
engomada, buckram. — ence- 
rada, tarpaulin, oil-cloth. 

— metálica, wire gauze. — 
impermeable, waterproof cloth. 

— cruda, unbleached (or grey) 
cloth. — para camisas, shirting. 
— • para .sábanas, sheeting. — 
asargada (or cruzada), twill 

Telar, m., loom. — de mano, hand 
loom. — mecánico, power loom. 

Telaraña, /., cob-web. 

Teloionar, (oy Telefonear), v., to 

Telefonema, w. tel^-phone mes- 
sage, call. 

Telefonía, /., telephon}-. 

Telefónico, a., telephonic. 

Teléfono, m., telephone. 

Telegrafía, /., telegraphy. — sin 
hilos, wireless telegraph \-. Et-ta- 
ción de — sin hilos, wireless 

Telegrafiar, v., to telegraph. 

Telegráfico, a., telegraphic. 

Telegrafista, com., telegrapher. 

Telégrafo, m., telegraph. 

Telegrama, m., telegram. 

Telera, /., iron pin, cross-beam, 

Telescopio, m., telescope. 

Teleta, /., blotting-paper ; sieve. 

Telita, dim. of Tela. 

Telón, m., drop curtain in a 
theatre Correr el — , to drop 
the curtain. 

Tema, m., text, topic, dispute, 
theme ; /., dispute, animosity. 

Temblar, i.v., to tremble, to shake. 

Temblor, m., trembling. — de 

tierra, earthquake. 
Temer, v., to fear, to dread, to be 

Temerario, a., rash, daring. 
Temeridad, /., temerity, rashness. 
Temeroso, a., timid, timorous, 

Temible, a., dreadful, terrible. 
Temor, /»., fea--, dread. 
Témpano, m., flitch of bacon. — 

de hielo, piece of ice. 
Temperamento, m., temperament. 
Temperar, v., to temper, to soothe. 
Temperatura, /., temperature. 
Tempestad, /., tempest, storm. 
Tempestuoso, a., stormy. 
Templado, a., temperate, tem- 
pered, moderate. 
Templanza, /., temperance. 
TempLir, v., to temper, to moder- 
ate ; to tune instruments ; to 

Temple, m., temperature, temper 

(of metals), temperament, 

Temporada, /., space of time, 

season. — ■ de animación, busy 

Temporal, a., temporal ; m., 

season ; tempest, storm. 
Temporario, a., temporary. 
Temprano, a. & adv., early, soon. 
Tenacidad, /., tenacity. 
Tenacillas,, small tongs, 

Tenaz, a., tenacious, firm. 
Tenazas,, tongs ; pincers, 

Tendencia, /., tendency. — al 

alza, upward tendency. — a la 

baja, dowTiward tendency. 
Tender, i.v., to stretch, to distend, 

to lend. — a, to tend to. 
Ténder, m., tender (naval and 

Tendero, m., shopkeeper. 
Tenedor, m., holder, keeper ; fork. 

— de acciones, shareholder. 

— de libros, book-keeper. — de 
póliza, policy holder. — de 





bastimentos, storekeeper in the 

Teneduría, /., book-keeping. — 
de libros, book-keeping. 

Tenencia, /., possession, holding. 

Tener, i.v., to have, to hold, to 
contain, to possess. — que 
hacer, to have something to do. 
— • que ir, to have to go. — 
razón, to be right. — a la 
vista, to have before one. 

Tenería, /., tan-3-ard, tannery. 

Teniente, m., deputy, lieutenant. 

Tenor, m., tenour, tenor. A — -de, 
in compliance with. 

Tensión, /., tension. 

Tenso, a., tense, tight, extended. 

Tentar, i.v., to touch, to tempt, 
to attempt, to try, to prove. 

Tentativa, /., attempt, trial. 

Tentativo, a., tentative. 

Tenue, a., thin, slender. 

Teñir, i.v., to dye, to tinge, to 
stain. — de azul, to dye blue. 

Teoría, /., theory. 

Teórico, a., theoretical. 

Tercamente, adv., obstinately. 

Tercer. See Tercero. 

Tercería, /., mediation, arbitra- 

Tercero, a., third ; m., third 
person, mediator, umpire. 

Terciado, m., cutlass. See Azúcar. 

Terciar, v., to divide into three 
parts ; to mediate, to join, to 

Tercio, a., third ; m., third part ; 
bale (Mex.). 

Terciopelo, m., velvet. 

Terco, a., obstinate, pertinacious. 

Tergiversar, v., to tergiversate, to 

Terliz, m., tick, ticking. 

Terminación, /., termination, con- 

Terminal, a., final, ultimat?. Tren 
— , through train. 

Terminante, a., closing, terminat- 
ing, conclusive, definite. 

Terminar, v., to end, to terminate. 

Término, m., term, manner, end, 

object, word ; terminus. En 
buenos — s, in plain language 
(or English). ¿ En qué — s ? 
Upon what terms ? Llevar a 
buen — , to carry out. 

Termómetro, m., thermometer. 

Ternera, /., heifer ; veal. 

Ternero, m., calf. 

Terneza, /., softness, tenderness. 

Terno, m., dress, suit of clothes. 

Ternura, /., tenderness, feeling. 

Terquedad, /., stubbornness, obsti- 

Terrado, m., terrace, platform. 

Terraja, /., screw-plate. 

Terraplén, m. (Terrapleno), hori- 
zontal surface, mound, terrace. 

Terraza, /., terrace. 

Terremoto, m., earthquake. 

Terrenal, a., terrestrial. 

Terreno, m., land, ground, piece of 
ground. Sobre el — , on the 

Terrestre, a., terrestrial, land. 

Terrible, a., terrible, dreadful. 

Territorial, a., territorial. 

Territorio, m., territory, district, 

Terrón, m., lump, heap. — • de 
azúcar, lump of sugar, sugar 

Terror, m., terror, dread. 

Terso, a., smooth, polished, pure, 

Tersura, /., smoothness, purity, 

Tertulia, /., assembly, evening 

Tesar, v. (Naut.), to haul taut. 

Tesauro, m., dictionary, index. 

Tesis, /., thesis. 

Tesón, m., tenacity, firmness. 

Tesorería, /., treasury, treasurer's 
office ; exchequer. 

Tesorero, m., treasurer. 

Tesoro, m., treasure ; treasury', 
exchequer. Bono del — , ex- 
chequer-bill. Obligaciones del 
— , treasury bonds. 

Testado, a., testate. 

Testador, m., testator. 





Testamentaría, /., testamentary 

Testamentaria. /., executrix. 

Testamentario, »/., executor ; a., 

Testamento, m., last will, testa- 

Testar, v.. to will, to leave, to 

Testarudo, a., obstinate, stubborn. 

Testera, /., front or forehead ; 

Testificación, /., attestation, tes- 

Testificar, v., to attest, to witness, 
to testify. 

Testigo, >«., witness. — de vista 
{or presencial), eye-witness. 

Testimonial, a., testimonial. — es, 
testimonials, character. 

Testimoniar, v., to testify, to 

Testimonio, >«., testimony, attes- 

Tetera, /., tea-pot. 

Tétrico, a., grave, gloom v. 

Textil, a., textile. 

Texto, m., text ; great primer 
(type). Libro de — , text-book. 

Textual, a., textual. 

Textualmente, adv., textually. 

Textura, /., texture. 

Tez, /., complexion, hue. 

Tía, /., aunt. 

Tiara, /., tiara. 

Tibieza, /., tepidity, lukewarm- 
ness, coolness. 

Tibio, a., tepid, lukewarm. 

Tiburón, m., shark. 

Tiempo, m., time, season, age, 
weather. A — , in time, timeh-. 
A un — , at the same time. 
Con — , timely. Con el — , 
in time, in course of time. De 
■ — • en — , from time to 
time. En — hábil, within the 
appointed time. 

Tienda, /., tent, shop, stall, 
awning. Poner (or abrir) — , 
to open a shop. Alzar — , to 
shut up (the) shop. 

Tiento, m., touch, stroke. 

Tierno, a., tender, soft. 

Tierra, /., earth, land, country, 
soil, ground. — ■ de batán [or 
de manchas), fuller's earth. 
A — , on the ground, on land. 
Echar — a, to forget. Irse (or 
venirse) a — , to fall down. Por 
— , by land. — labrantía, {or 
de moldeo), loam. — vegetal, 
(earth) mould. 

Tieso, a., stiff, hard, firm, strong. 
Tenérselas tiesas, to be firm 
in one's opinion. 

Tiesto, m., earthen pot, flower 

Tiesura, /., stiffness, rigidity. 

Tifo, ni., typhus. 

Tifón, m., typhoon. 

Tifus, m., typhus fever. 

Tijera, /., scissors. — s, scissors, 
shears. See Silla. 

Tijereta, /., small scissors. 

Tila, /., lime-tree, linden-tree ; 
infusion, tea made of linden- 

Tildar, v., to blot, to brand. 

Tilde, m., dot, dash, iota, tittle ; 
sign over the "n," thus "ñ." 

Tilo, tn., linden-tree, lime-tree. 
Madera de — -, lime-wood. 

Timador, m.. swindler. 

Timar, v., to swindle. 

Timbrar, v., to stamp, to seal. 
Papel timbrado, bill stamp. 

Timbre, m., seal, stamp, post- 
mark, bell ; stamp duty. — - 
de alarma, alarm-bell. 

Timidez, /., timidity, fear. 

Tímido, a., timid. 

Timo, )»., fraud, swindle. 

Timón, »i., helm, rudder. 

Timonel, m., helmsman. 

Timonero, m., helmsman. 

Timpano, »i.. kettle-drum : drum 
of the ear ; cylinder. 

Tina, /., vat, dyer's copper, 
dye-tub, bathing-tub. 

Tinaja, /., large earthen jar. 

Tinglado, m.. jutting roof ; work- 
shop, shed. 





Tiniebla, /., darkness, obscurit}-. 
— s, utter darkness. 

Tino, m., skill, knack, judgment. 

Tinta, /., ink, tint. Saber algo 
de buena — , to know something 
from good authority. — de 
imprenta, printing ink. — de 
copiar, copying ink. — de 
China, Indian ink. — ■ de 
escribir, writing ink. — encar- 
nada (or colorada), red ink. 

— indeleble, indelible ink. 
Tinte, >n., tint, paint, dye. 
Tintero, w., ink-well, inkstand. 
Tinto, a., deep-coloured. Vino — •, 

red wine. 

Tintorería, /., dyer's shop, dye- 
works, dyeing. 

Tintorero, w., dyer. 

Tintura, /., dyeing, tincture, tint, 
stain, tincture. 

Tinturar, v., to tinge, to dye, to 

Tío, m., uncle. 

Tipo, m., type, pattern, model, 
figure ; printing type ; rate. 

— de flete, rate of freight. 

— alemán, German text. 
Tipografía, /., printing ; type- 
setting, typography. 

Tipográfico, a., typographical. 

Error — -, printer's error. 
Tipógrafo, m., printer. 
Tira, /., long narrow stripe, list. 
Tirabuzón, m., corkscrew. 
Tirada, /., cast, throw ; distance, 

edition ; printing. De una — ■, 

at a stretch. 
Tiradera, /., strap, trace. 
Tirador, m., drawer, marksman ; 

pressman. — de oro, gold wire 

Tiranía, /., tyranny. 
Tiramollar, v. (Naut.), to ease 

off, to slacken, to overhaul. 
Tirano, a., t^Tannical ; m., 

Tirante, a., tight, extended ; m., 

joist, trace, brace. — s, braces, 

Tirantez, /., tenseness, tightness. 

Tirar, v., to throw, to cast, to dis- 
charge, to fire, to draw ; to 
print. — de, to pull. — • a 
negro, to approach black, to be 
rather black (in colour). 

Tiro, m., cast, throw, shot ; range, 
set, reach, length. A — de 
pistola, within pistol shot. 

Tirón, m., pull ; learner. De un 
— •, at a stroke. 

Tiroteo, m., shooting. 

Tisú, )»., tissue. 

Titubear, v., to hesitate, to doubt. 

Titular, a., titular. 

Titular, v., to title, to entitle. 

Título, nt., title, heading ; title- 
deed, diploma, patent, degree ; 
cause, reason, claim. — s, 
shares. A — , on pretence. — s 
al portador, claims payable to 
bearer. — provisorio, interim 
share-certificate. — ■ de privi- 
legio, letters patent. 

Tiza, /., whiting, chalk. 

Tiznar, v., to stain, to blot, to 

Tizón, m., spot, stain, smut. 

Toalla, /., towel. — • afelpada 
{or turca), Turkish towel. 

Toalleta, /. (dim.), napkin, small 

Toea, /., hood, toque. 

Tocado, m., ornament, head-dress. 

Tocador, m., toilet ; dressing- 
room, dressing-case, dressing- 
table. See Neceser. 

Tocante, a., respecting, relative. 

— a, concerning. 

Tocar, v., to touch, to play, to 
concern, to interest, to fall to 
one's share or lot. — de cerca, 
to concern closel3^ Toca a Vd., 
it is for you ; it is your turn 

— en un pu.rto, to touch (or 
call) at a port. Por lo que toca 
a . . . , as regards. . . . 

Tocayo, m., namesake. 

Tocino, m., bacon. — ahumado, 

smoked bacon. — curado, cured 

Tocuyo, m. (Peru & Bohvia,) a 





plain home-spun cotton stuti, 

grey cloth. 
Todavía, adv., notwithstanding, 

nevertheless ; still, yet. 
Todo, a. Sc m., all, entire, whole, 

any, everj^thing, anjirhing. Con 

— (or con — eso), nevertheless, 
however. Me es • — • uno, it is 
all one to me. Del — , entirely, 
quite. En un — , together, 

Toballa, /. See Toalla. 

Toldo, m., awning. 

Tolerable, a., tolerable. [tion. 

Tolerancia, /., tolerance, tolera- 

Tolorante, a., tolerant. 

Tolerar, v., to tolerate^ 

Tolva, /., hopper. 

Toma, /., taking, capture, seizure ; 
portion, dose. — - de razón, 
entry of receipts, bills of sale, 
etc. — de cuentas, auditing of 

Tomador, m., taker, receiver, 
bu3'er, purchaser. 

Tomar, v., to take, to catch, to get. 

— cuentas, to audit accounts. 

— estado, to marrv. — por 
su cuenta, to take for one's 
account. — razón, to register. 

— la delantera, to excel another, 
to get the start. See Pechos. 

Tomate, m., tomato. 

Tomillo, m., thyme. 

Tomo, m., bulk, importance, 
value ; volume. De — y lomo, 
of weight and bulk, of impor- 

Tou. See Son. 

Tonel, m., cask, barrel. 

Tonelada, /., ton ; tonnage. 

Tonelaje, m., tonnage. 

Tonelería, /., trade (or workshop) 
of a cooper, coopering. 

Tonelero, m., cooper ; cooperage. 

Tongada, /., layer. 

Tónico, a. & m., tonic. — recon- 
stituyente, tonic ; pick-me-up. 

Tono, m., tone, tune ; shade. 

Tontería, /., foolishness, folly, 

Tonto, a., stupid, foolish ; m., 

Topacio, m., topaz. 
Topar, v., to strike against, to run 

against, to butt. — con, to 

drop in wth. 
Tope, m., top, butt, obstacle ; 

Tópico, a., topical ; ;»., topic. 
Topo, m., inole. 
Toque, m., touch ; essay, trial ; 

difficulty. Ser de buen — , to 

have a nice touch. 
Torbellino, m., whirhdnd. 
Torcedor, m., t\dster. 
Torcedura, /., twisting. 
Torcer, i'.v., to twist, to turn ; r.v., 

to become sour (wine). 
Torcida, /., wck, lamp-wick. 
Torcido, a., twisted, crooked. 
Torcimiento, ;;?., turning, t\\'isting. 
Torero, ;»., bull-fighter. 
Tormenta, /., storm, tempest. 
Tormento, m., torment. 
Torna, /., restitution, return, 

Tornar, v., to return, to restore, 

to come back. [shot. 

Tornasol, m., changeable colour, 
Tornasolar, v., to cause changes 

in colour. Tornasolado, shot- 
Tornear, v., to turn, to wind round 

Torneo, m., tournament. 
Tornero, m., turner. 
Tornillo, m., screw, vice. 
Torno, »i., wheel, gyration. En 

— , round about. — de hilar, 

Toro, w., bull. 
Torpe, a., torpid, slow, dull, 

heavy, awkward. 
Torpedero, m., torpedo-boat. 
.Torpedo, m., torpedo. 
Torpeza, /., hea\dness, dullness, 

slowness, awkwardness. 
Torre, /., tower. 
Torrente, ¡n., torrent. 
Torta, /., cake, loaf, pie. — de 

orujo, oil-cake. 





Tortada, /., large pie. 

Tortilla, /., cake, pan-cake, omelet. 
— tie huevos, omelet. 

Tortuga, /., tortoise. Concha de 
— , tortoise-shell. 

Tortuoso, a., tortuous, windin,^. 

Torzal, w., cord, twist. 

Tos, /., cough. 

Tosco, a., rough, coarse, unpo- 
lished, clumsy. 

Toser, v., to cough. 

Tosquedad, /., roughness, coarse- 
ness, rudeness. 

Tostada, /., toast. 

Tostado, a., toasted, brown. 

Tostar, i.v., to toast, to roast. 

Total, a., total ; m., total, 

Totalidad, /., totality, whole quan- 
tity, entirety. 

Totalmente, adv., totally. 

Toza. /., log (of timber). 

Traba, /., hobble, obstacle, im- 
pediment, hindrance. 

Trabacuenta, /., error in account, 
mistake, difference. 

Trabajado, a., laboured, weary, 
w^cather-beaten ; \vrought. 

Trabajador, a., working ; m., la- 

Trabajar, v., to labour, to work, 
to harass. 

Trabajo, m., work, labour, toil, 
trouble, hardship. Sin — , 
unemployed, out of work. — 
de manos, handiwork. Día de 
— , working-day. Ministerio del 
• — , board of labour. — noc- 
turno, night work. Dar — a, 
to keep going (or occupied). 
Tomarse el — de . ., to take the 
trouble to. 

Trabajoso, a., laborious, painful. 

Trabar, v.. to join, to connect. 
— • conversación, to enter into 
a conversation. — conoci- 
miento, to scrape acquaintance. 
— amistad, to become friends. 

Trabazón, /., juncture, union, 
connection, compactness. 

Tracción, /., traction, pulling. 

Traducción, /., translation, inter- 
Traducir, i.v., to translate, to 

interpret, to change. 
Traductor, m., translator. 
Traer, i.v., to carry, to bring, to 

Tráfago, m., traffic. — local, local 

traffic. — de viajeros, passenger 

Traficante, a. & m., merchant 

trader, dealer ; trading. 
Traficar, v., to traffic, to trade. 
Tráfico, m., traffic. 
Tragadero, m., pit, gulf, trough 

(of the sea). 
Tragaluz, /., skylight. 
Tragar, v., to swallow, to devour. 
Tragedia, /., tragedy. 
Trágico, a., tragic. 
Trago, m.. draught. 
Traición, /., treason. 
Traidor, a., treacherous ; m., 

Trailla, /., leash, pack-thread. 
Traje, m., dress, costume. — de 

montar, riding-habit. — de 

etiqueta (or de ceremonia), 

evening dress. 
Trajín, m., carriage. 
Trajinar, v., to transport, to carry 

Trajinero, m., carrier. 
Trama, /., weft, woof ; plot, 

Tramador, «?., weaver ; plotter. 
Tramar, v., to weave ; to plot. 
Tramitación, /., proceedings. 
Trámite, m., path ; procedure. 

■ — s, formalities, course of a 

judicial process, proceedings. 
Tramo, m., piece, morsel ; flight 

of stairs. 
Tramontana, /., north wind. 
Tramoya, /., machinery for work- 
ing the scenes ; craft, artifice. 
Tramoyista, com., scene-shifter ; 

imposter, deceiver. 
Trampa, /., trap, snare, swindle. 

— legal, .sharp practice. 
Trampista, yn., cheat, swindler. 





Tramposo, a., deceitful ; m., 

Tranea, /., bar, cross-bar. 

Trancazo, m., influenza. 

Trance, m., peril, danger, critical 
moment. A todo — , reso- 
luteh% at all costs. 

Tranchete, m., shoemaker's heel- 

Tranquilamente, adv., quietly, 

Tranquilidad, /., tranquillity, rest. 

Tranquilizar, v., to calm, to tran- 

Tranquilo, a., tranquil. 

Transacción, /., transaction. — es, 

Transatlántico, a., transatlantic. 

Transar, v. (Amer.), to settle dis- 

Transbordar, v., to tranship ; to 
change trains. 

Transbordo, m., transhipment, 
changing (on a train). 

Transcribir, v., to transcribe. 

Transcripción, /., trans :ription. 

Transcurrir, v., to elapse. 

Transcurso, m., course of time. 

Transeúnte, a., transitory ; com., 

Transferencia, /., transfer. 

Transferible, a., transferable. 

Transferir, i. v., to transfer, to 
move, to convey. 

Transformación, /., transforma- 

Transformar, v., to transform. 

Transgresión, /., transgression. 

Transigir, v., to accommodate 
differences, to settle disputes, 
to compound, to make a com- 
promise, to give way. 

Transitable, a., passable, practi- 

Transitar, v., to travel, to journey, 
to pass through. 

Tránsito, m., passage, transit, 
transition. En — , in transit. 
Derecho de — , transit duty. 
Libre — , free transit. 

Transitorio, a., transitory. 

Transmarino, a., transmarine. 

Transmisible, a., transmissible. 

Transmisión, /., transmission. See 

Transmitir, v., to transmit, to 
transfer, to convej-, to make over 

Transparencia, /., transparency.. 

Transparente, a., transparent, evi- 
dent ; m., window-shade, blind. 

Transpiración, /., transpiration. 

Transpirar, v., to transpire. 

Transponer, i. v., to transpose, to 
transport, to remove. 

Transportación, /., transportation, 

Transportar, v., to transport, to 
convey, to remove, to transfer. 

Transporte, m., transport, con- 
veyance, carriage. 

Tranvía, »«., tramway, tram. 

— eléctrico, electric tram (or 

Trapería, /., frippery, rag-fair. 

Trapero, m., rag-man, rag-dealer. 

Trapiche, m., sugar-mill, (Cuba) 
small sugar plantation. — de 
vapor, steam sugar-mill. 

Trapillo, m., little rag. De — , in 
undress, neglige. 

Trapo, m., rag, cloth, tatter. 

Tras, prep., after, behind, besides. 

Trasatlántico, a., transatlantic ; 
)»,, liner. 

Trasbordar, v. See Transbordar. ^ 

Trasbordo. See Transbordo. 

Trascantón, m., curb-stone. 

Trascurso. See Transcurso. 

Trasegar, i. v., to decant, to rack 
uine ; to overset. 

Trasera, /., back, croup. 

Trasero, s., behind. 

Trasferencia. See Transferencia. 

Trasferir. See Transferir. ^ 

Trasiego, m., removal, decanting. 

Traslación, /., translation, re- 
moval, conve^'ance, transfer. 

— de dominio, deed of convey- 
ance, transfer. 

1 Many words are wTittpn by Spaniards 
with " trans " or " tras " almost indiscrim- 





Trasladar, v., to remove, to move, 
to translate, to transcribe, to 
copv ; r.v., to remove. 

Traslado, m., copy, imitation, 
counterpart, transcript, trans- 
fer, likeness ; removal. 

Traslucido, a., transparent, clear. 

Traslucirse, i. r.v., to be transpa- 
rent ; to infer ; to transpire. 

Trasmisión. See Transmisión. 

Traspapelarse, r.v., to be mislaid 
among other papers. 

Trasparente. See Transparente. 

Traspasar, v.. to pass over, to 
cross, to transport ; to trans- 
gress, to exceed ; to transfer, 
to make over. — un negocio, 
to transfer a business. 

Traspaso, m., conveyance, trans- 
fer ; trespass. Por el — , for 
the goodw-ill. 

Trasplantar, v., to transplant. 

Trasportar. See Transportar. 

Trasquilar, v., to shear, to clip ; to 
curtail, to diminish. 

Traste, m., fret. Dar al — con, 
to fail, to ruin, to upset, to come 
to ruin. Daral — (un barco), to 

Trastienda, /., backroom behind 
a shop ; prudence, precaution. 

Trastos,, furniture movables, 
household stuff, lumber. — de 
cocina, kitchen utensils. 

Trastornar, v., to overthrow, to 
overturn, to upset, to turn 
upside down. 

Trastorno, m., overthrow, turning 
upside down, upset. [ness. 

Trasunto, copy, transcript, like- 

Trata, /,, slave trade. 

treaty, compact; 



treat is '. 


Tratante, m., dealer, merchant. 
- — en caballos, horse dealer. 
— en víveres, dealer in provi- 
sions. — en ganados, cattle 
salesman (or dealer). 

Tratar, v., to treat, to confer, to 

touch, to trade, to deal ; r.v., 
to be on terms of frientlshiji. 
— ■ de, to treat about. — en, to 
deal. in. — de hacer, to try to 
do. — • en grueso, to deal by 
wholesale. El asunto de que 
se trata, the matter in question. 
I De qué se trata ? What is 
the matter ? 

Trato, m., treatment, behaviour, 
conduct, usage ; manner, ad- 
dress ; trade, traffic. Mai — , 
ill-usage. Estar en — s, to be 
in treaty. 

Través, m., bias ; misfortune. 
A — de, through. Al — , across, 
through. Por el — ■ de, abreast. 

Travesano, ni., cross-timber ; bol- 

Travesero, m., bed bolster. 

Travesía, /., distance, road, sea- 
voyage, passage, crossing. Ha- 
cer buena — , to have a fine 
passage. 'trick. 

Travesura, /., prank, mischief. 

Travieso, a., transverse, oblique ; 
flighty, mischievous, noisy. 

Trayecto, m., trajection, traject ; 

Traza, /., trace, outline, appear- 
ance, aspect. 

Trazar, v., to trace, to plan, to 
sketch, to devise, to scheme. 

Trazo, m., sketch, plan, design. 

Trébol, m., clover. 

Trecho, m., space, distance. A 
— s, at intervals. 

Treffua, /., truce, rest. 

Treintena, /., thirty. 

Tremendo, a., tremendous, awful. 

Trementina, /., turpentine. 

Tremó, m., 

Tremolar, v., to hoist, to wave. 

Tremor, m., tremor. 

Trémulo, a., tremulous. 

Tren, m., train, retinue, show. 

— botijo (Coll.), excursion train. 

— correo, mail train. — - 
expreso, express train, 
ascendente, up train. — • descen- 
dente, down train. — de recreo, 





excursion train. — de viajeros, 
{or de pasajeros), passenger 
train. — mixto, mixed train. 
— ordinario, slow train. — 
rápido, fast train. — de mer- 
cancías, goods train. 

Trencilla, /., braid. 

Trenza, /., braid, tress. 

Trenzar, v., to braid, to plait. 

Trepar, v., to climb. 

Treta, /., trick, craft. 

Triaca, /., treacle. 

Tribu, /., tribe. 

Tribuna, /., rostrum, tribunal. 

Tribunal, m., hall, tribunal, court 
of justice, law court. — arbi- 
tral, arbitration court. — de 
comercio, commercial court. 
Acudir a los — es, to have 
recourse to legal proceedings. 

Tributar, v., to pay tribute or 

Tributario, a. & m., tributary. 

Tributo, )»., tribute, tax. 

Triciclo, m., tricycle. 

Trienal, a., triennial, lasting three 

Trienio, m., space of three years. 

Trigo, m., wheat. — s, corn, corn- 
fields. Comercio de — s, corn 

Trigueño, a., swarthy, tawny, 
brownish colour. 

Triguero, m., corn merchant. 

Trillador, ;»., thrasher. 

Trilladura, /., thrashing of corn. 

Trillar, v., to thrash, to beat. 

Trillo, ni.. thrashing machine. 

Trimestral, a., quarterly. 

Trimestre, m., space of three 
months, quarter. 

Trincar, v., to break into small 
pieces, to fasten. 

Trinchante, m., carver, carving- 
Trinchar, v., to carve meat, to 

cut up. 
Trinchera, /., trench, entrench- 
Trinchete, ;«., shoemaker's paring- 

Trineo, m., sledge, sled. 
Trinquete, m., foremast, foresail 
Tripa, /., gut, tripe, belly. — s, 

Tripe, m., shag, carpeting. 
Triple, a., triple, treble. 
Triplicado, a., triplicate. Por — , 

in triplicate. 
Triplicar, v., to treble, to make 

Tríplice, a., triple. 
Triplo, a., treble, triplicate, three- 
Tripulación, /., crew of a .ship. 
Tripular, v., to man a ship, to fit 

cjut, to equip. 
Triste, a., sad, dull, gloomy. 
Tristeza, /., sadness, grief, gloom. 
Triturar, v., to triturate, to reduce 

to powder, to grind, to pound. 
Triunfante, a., triumphant. 
Triunfar, v., to triumph, to suc- 
ceed, to conquer. 
Triunfo, m., triumph, victory, 

Trivial, a., trivial. 
Triza, /., mite, small })art. Hacer 

— s de (Coll.), to make short 

work of. 
Trocar, i.v., to exchange, to barter, 

to change. — se en, to become. 
Trocha, /., cut, crossway, narrow 

Trochemoche, A — , helter-skelter, 

in confusion, slipshod, incon- 
Trofeo, »?., trophy. 
Trompa, /., trumpet, trunk (of an 

elephant) ; horn ; Jew's harp, 

large top. 
Trompeta, /., trumpet. 
Trompo, ;»., spinning-top. 
Tronada, /., thunderstorm. 
Tronar, i.v., to thunder. Por lo 

que pueda — , for what may 

Troncar, v., to mutilate, to cut off. 
Tronchar, v., to cut on, to break 

Troncho, m., sprig, stem, stalk (of 


250 ' 




Tronco, )»., trunk, hodv, log ; 

Troiipra, /., loophole, port-hole. 
Trono, m., throne. 
Tropa, /., troop. 
Tropol, ni., hurry, bustle ; heap, 

Tropezar, v., to stumble. — con, 

to meet with, to encounter, 

to light on. 
Tropezón, m., stumbling. 
Tropical, a., tropical. 
Trópico, m., tropic ; a., tropical. 

Los — s, the tropics. 
Tropiezo, m., stumble, obstacle, 

impediment, slip, difficulty. 
Trozo, m., piece, part, section. 

— de madera, log. 
Trucha, /., trout. 
True, )>i., sort of fine linen ; (Mex.) 

Trueco, m., exchange, barter. 
Trueno, »;., thunder. 
Trueque, m., exchange, barter. 
Trujal, m., oil-mill, copper. 
Trulla, /., trowel, mason's level. 
Tú, pron., thou. 
Tu, pron., thy, thine. 
Tubería, /., tubing, piping. — de 

plomo, lead piping. 
Tubo, m., tube, pipe. — de aspira- 
. ción, suction pipe. — de escape, 

exhaust pipe. — de desagüe 

(or derrame), waste pipe. 
Tubular, a., tubular. 
Tuerca, /., nut, female screw. 
Tuerto, a., one-eyed ; m., wrong. 

A tuertas, on the contrary. 

A tuertas o a derechas, right 

or ^\^•ong. 
Tuétano, m., marrow, pith. 
Tugurio, m., hut, cottage, slum. 
Tuición, /., tuition, protection. 
Tul, m., tulle, net. 
Tulipán, m., tulip. 
Tumba, /., tomb, vault. 
Tumbar, v., to tumble. — un 

navio, to heave a sliip down, 

to heel over, to have a list 

(Naut.). — se hacia un lado, to 

heel over. 

Tumbo, »«., tumble, fall. 

Tumulto, yn.. tumult. 

Tunante, >»., truant, idler ; a., 
truant, lazy, sly. 

Tundidor, m., shearer of cloth. 

Tundir, v., to shear cloth ; to flog. 

Túnel, m., tunnel. 

Túnica, /., tunic. 

Tuno. See Tunante. 

Tupido, a., dense, thick, close- 

Tupir, v., to press close, to squeeze. 

Turba, /., crowd, heap. 

Turbación, /., perturbation, con- 

Turbar, v., to disturb. 

Turbina, /., turbine. 

Turbio, a., muddy, turbid, dis- 
turbed, troubled. 

Turno, m., turn. Al — , by turns. 
Por su -— , in one's turn. 

Turquesa, /., turciuoise. 

Turquí, a., of a deep-blue colour. 

Turrón, »«., nougat. 

Tutear, v.. to thou, to treat with 

Tutela, /., guardianship, tutelage. 

Tutor, m., tutor, instructor ; 
guardian ; protector. 

Tutoría, /. See Tutela. 

Tuyo, pron., thine. 

Ubicación, /., .situation, position. 
Ubicarse, r.v., to be in a certain 

Ufanarse, r.v., to boast, to be 

Ufanía, /., pride, haughtiness. 
Ufano, ÍÍ., proud, haughty. 
Ulterior, a., ulterior, further. 
Ültimamente, adv., lastly, finally, 

ultimately, lately. 
Ultimar, v., to end, to finish, to 

Ultimátum, m., ultimatum. 
Ultimo, a., last, latest, late, latter, 

final, ultimate ; lowest. A — s 

de mes, at the end of the month. 

Ultima novedad {or moda), 

latest novelty (or fashion). 

— precio, lowest price. 





Ultrajar, v., to outrage, to offend. 

Ultraje, m., outrage. 

Ultramar, a., ultramarine, foreign ; 

m., ultramarine, (country) 

beyond the sea. 
Ultramarino, a., ultramarine. 
Umbral, m., threshold, beginning. 
Un, Una, a., one, 'a, an. A una, 

with one accord. 
Unánime, a., unanimous. 
Unanimidad, /., unanimity. 
Unción, /., unction. 
Uncir, v., to yoke. 
Undular, v., to undulate, to wave. 
Ungüento, m., unguent, ointment. 
Únicamente, adv., only, simply, 
^ merely. 
Unico, a., singular, alone, only, 

sole, unique. 
Unidad, /., unity, conformity. 
Unidamente, adv., jointly, uni- 
Uniforme, a., uniform ; >«., 

Uniformidad, /.. uniformity. 
l'nión, /.. union, combination. 

En — dc, together with. 
Unir, v., to join, to unite, to mix, 

to aggregate ; r.v., to join, to 

unite, to associate. 
Universal, a., universal, general. 

See Heredero. 
Universidad,/., university. 
Universo, m., univers?. 
Uno, a. & m., one, a, an. — - a 

— , one by one. Unos, seme. 

See Una. 
Untar, v., to anoint, to rub, to 

Unto, m., grease ; ointment. 
Uña, /., nail, claw. Ser carne y — , 

to be fast friends. 
Urbanidad, /., urbanity, politeness. 
Urbano, a., urban ; urbane, cour- 
Urdidura, /., warping-frame, warp- 

Urdidor, m., wai'per ; warping- 

Urdidura, /., warping. 
Urdimbre, /., warp, chain. 


Urdir, v., to warp ; to scheme. 

Urgencia, /., urgency. 

Urgente, a., urgent. 

Urgir, v., to be urgent, to urge, 
to press forward, to require 
immediate execution. 

Urna, /., urn, glass case ; ballot- 

Usado, a., used, employed, expe- 
rienced, second-hand, worn out. 
Ropa usada, second-hand (or 
cast off) clothing. 

Usanza, /., usage, custom. A — , 
at usance. 

Usar, v., to use, to employ, to 
wear ; r.v., to be in use, to wear. 

Uso, in., use, employment ; usu- 
fruct, enjox^ment ; custom, 
fashion ; usance ; wearing, 
wear. Al — , according to 
custom. — doméstico, grey 
cloth ; (R. Plate) sheeting. 

Usted, pron., you. 

Usual, a., usual, customary. 

Usufructo, m., usufruct, profit, 
enjoyment, life interest. 

Usura, /., interest, payment, 

Usurero, m., usurer, money-lender. 

Usurpar, v., to usurp. 

Utensilio, m., utensil, tool. 

Ütil, a., useful ; in.plT, utensils, 

Utilidad, /., utility, profit. 

Utilizar, v., to be useful, to utilise. 
— se de, to utilise, to profit by. 

Uva, /., grape. — pasa, raisins. 
— espin, gooseberry. 

Vaca, /., cow ; cow-hide. Carne 

de ■ — , beef. 
Vacación, /., vacation, vacancy. 

— es, holidays. 
Vacancia, /., vacancy. 
Vacante,' a., vacant, disengaged ; 

/., vacancy, vacation. 
Vacar, v., to cease, to stop, to be 

Vaciado, m., cast. — en yeso, 

plaster cast. 




Vaciar, f ., to empty, to evacuate ; 
to grind. 

Vacilación, /., vacillation, hesita- 

Vacilar, v., to vacillate, to waver, 
to hesitate. 

Vacío, a., void, empty, unoccu- 
pied. Freno al — , vacuum- 
brake. Bomba atmosférica de 
— , vacuum-pump. 

Vacío, m., void, empty space, 
blank, hollowness, vacuum. 

Vacuno, a., bovine. Ganado — ■, 
black cattle. 

Vadear, v., to wade, to ford ; to 
surmount ; to sound. 

Vademécum, m., vade-mecum, 

Vado, m., ford. 

Vagar, v., to wander, to rove ; to 
be idle. 

Vago, a., vagrant, vague. En — , 
vaguely, in vain. 

Vagón, m., railway coach or car, 
carriage, wagon. — ■ cama, 
sleeping-car. — cuadra, cattle 
van. — comedor, dining-car. 

Vaguedad, /., levity ; vagueness. 

Vaho, m., steam, vapour. 

Vaina, /., scabbard, case, sheath. 

Vainilla, /., vanilla. 

Vaivén, m., fluctuation, risk, dan- 

Vajilla, /., table-service, plates 
and dishes. — de plata, silver 
plate. • — de oro, gold plate. 

Vale, m., farewell ; bond, pro- 
missory note. — s reales, 
government bonds, exchequer 
bills. 1 

Valedero, a., valid. 

Valentía, /., valour, courage, gal- 

Valer, i. v., to be worth, to amount 
to ; to be valuable or valid, to 
be of use, to hold good ; r.v., 
to employ, to make use of, to 
avail oneself of. Más vale, it 

1 This word " vale " is often WTitten by 
Spaniards after a postscript or addition to 
a letter, to show that it is authentic. 

is better. Vale la pena de, 
it is worth while. Hacer — , 
to support, to make good (a 

Valer, m., value. 

Valeroso, a., valiant, brave. 

Valía, /., value, appraisement, 

Validar, v., to make valid. 

Validez, /., validity. 

Válido, a., valid, binding. 

Valiente, a., valiant, strong, brave. 

Valija, /., portmanteau, mail-bag, 
travelling-bag ; post, mail. 

Valimiento, m., use, utilit}-, bene- 
fit, fa\'our. 

Valioso, a., valuable, of great 

Valiza, /., beacon, buoy. — ter- 
restre, landmark. 

Valor, in.,- value, worth, price ; 
validity ; valour, courage. De 
ningún — • ni efecto, null and 
void. Sin — , of no value. — 
a 31 de Mayo, value 31st May. 

— en cuenta, value in account. 

— recibido en mercancías, 
value received in merchandise. 
— • recibido en contante (en 
especies), value received in cash. 
— -es a recibir [or por cobrar), 
bills receivable. Sobre el {or 
con arreglo al) valor, ad valorem. 
— es, rates, values, securities. 

Valorado, a., valued. — en, valued 

Valorar, v. (en), to appraise, to 
value (at) . 

Vals, m., waltz. 

Valuación, /., valuation, appraise- 

Valuar, v. (en), to value, ap- 
praise, to rate (at). 

Válvula, /., valve. — de seguridad, 
safety valve. — reguladora, 
regulator valve. 

Valla, /., barrier, barricade. 

Vallar, /., to fence. 

Valle, m., vale, dale, valley. 

Vanamente, adv., vainly, idly. 

Vanguardia, /., vanguard, van. 





Vanidad, /., vanit\'. 

Vano, «., \ain, useless. En — , 
in vain. 

Vapor, m., vapour ; steam ; steam- 
boat, steamer. — correo, mail 
steamer. — de gran andar (or 
marcha), high-speed steamer. 
— de poco andar (or de marcha 
lenta), slow steamer. Fuerza 
de — , steam power. — de 
hélice, screw steamer. — de 
ruedas, paddle steamer. Cortar 
el — , to cut off steam. Dar todo 
el — , to put on all steam. — 
cargador de la mercancía, 
steamer carrying the goods. 
Compañía de ■ — es, steamship 

Vaquería, /., herd of black cattle, 

Vaquero, m., cowherd. 

Vaqueta, /., cow-hide. 

Vara, /., rod, pole ; yard-stick ; 
Spanish measure of about 33 
inches ; shaft of a coach. — 
de medir, yard-stick. — de 
cortina, curtain-rod. — de 
pescar, fishing rod. 

Varada, /., stranding. 

Varadero, m., ship-yard, slip. 

Varar, v., to run aground, to be 
stranded, to launch. 

Variable, a., variable, changeable. 

Variación, /., variation, change. 
Sin — , unchanged. 

Variar, v., to vary, to change. 

Variedad, /., variety, variation. 

Varilla, /., small rod, curtain-rod ; 
spindle, swatch ; rib of a fan. 

Vario, a., various, different. — s, 
various, several. 

Varón, m., man, male. 

Varonil, a., manly, male, mascu- 

Vasar, m., plate-rack. 

Vasija, /., vessel, pipe, cask. 

Vaso, m., vessel, vase, tumbler, 
glass ; vein, receptacle. 

Vastago, m., stem, bud, shoot, 

Vasto, a., vast, immense, huge. 

Vaticinar, v., to divine, to foretell. 

Vaticinio, m., prediction. 

Vatio, 1)1., watt, electrical unit. 

Véase, see, vide. 

Vecindad, /., vicinity, proximitv, 

Vecindario, m., neighbourhood, 

Vecino, a., neighbouring, like, 
next, near. 

Vecino, Mí., neighbour, inhabitant, 

Vedar, v., to prohibit, to forbid ; 
to obstruct. 

Vedija, /., flake, lock of wool, tuft. 
— de lana, flocks wool. 

Veedor, m., overseer, caterer. 

Vega, /., open plain, meadow. 

Vegetación, /., vegetation. 

Vegetal, a., vegetable ; m., 
vegetable, plant. 

Vehemencia, /., vehemence. 

Vehemente, a., vehement. 

Vehículo, ni., vehicle, carriage. 

Veintena, /., a score. [tion. 

Vejación, /., vexation, molesta- 

Vejar, v., to vex, to molest, to 

Vejez, /., old age. 

Vejiga, /., bladder. 

Vela, /., watch, vigil ; candle ; 
sail, ship. — de cera, wax 
candle. — de sebo, tallow 
candle. — esteárica, parafhn 
candle. Buque de — , sailing 
vessel, sailer. — de gavia, 
main-top-sail. — mayor, main- 
sail. Darse (or hacerse) a la 
— , to set sail. Hacer fuerza 
de — s, to crowd sail. Con — s 
tendidas, in full sail. En — , 
vigilantly, wthout sleep. 

Velador, m., watchman ; night- 
candle, candlestick. 

Velaje, »;.. sails in general. 

Velamen, m., set of sails ; sails. 

Velar, v., to watch, to be attentive 
(or \'igilant) ; to veil. 

Velero, a., -swift-sailing, sailing. 
Buque — , sailing vessel. — de 
cabotaje, coasting- vessel. 





Velero, III., tallow-chandler ; sail- 
maker ; sailing-ship. 

Veleta, /., weather-cock. 

Velete, m., thin veil. 

Velio, »i., down, nap. 

Vellón, m., fleece, lock of wool. 
Moneda de — , inferior silver 
coin ; copper coin ; sterling 
(speaking of money). See Lana. 

Velloso, a., downy, hairy. 

Velludo, a., downy ; m., velvet. 

Velo, m., veil, curtain, cover. 

Velocidad, /., velocity, speed, rate. 
Tren de pequeña — , slow train. 
Tren de gran — , express train. 
Con toda — (or a gran — ), at 
full speed. 

Velocípedo, m., velocipede, bicv- 

Velón, m., oil-lamp. 

Velonero, m., lamp-maker. 

Vena, /., vein, fibre, tendency. 
Estar de — , to be in the mood 
(or vein). 

Venado, m., deer ; venison. 

Veneer, v., to conquer, to win, 
to overcome ; to bend ; to fall 

Vencido, a., subdued ; bent ; due. 

Vencimiento, »«., victory ; expira- 
tion, maturity, falling due ; 
instalment. Al — , at maturity, 
when due. 

Venda, /., bandage. 

Vendar, v., to bandage, to blind- 

Vendaval, m., strong w^nd. 

Vendedor, m., seller, vendor. 

Vendeja, /., public sale. 

Vender, v., to sell, to vend. — por 
mayor, to sell wholesale. — al 
pormenor, to sell retail. — al 
contado, to sell for cash. — a 
entregar, to sell forward. — a 
plazo, to sell on credit ; to sell 
forward. — para la futura 
entrega, to sell for forward 
delivery. — con pérdida, to 
sell at a loss. — a ojo, to sell 
by the lump. 

Vendible, a., saleable. 

Vendimia, /., \intage. 

Vendimiar, v'., to gather the vint- 
age. . 

Venduta, /. (Amer.), auction. 

Vendutero, m., auctioneer. 

Veneno, m., poison, venom. 

Venerar, v., to venerate. 

Venganza, /., revenge, vengeance. 

Vengar, v., to avenge, to revenge ; 
r.v., to be revenged. 

Venia,/., pardon, leave, permission. 

Venida, /., arrival, coming. 

Venidero, a., future, coming. En 
lo — , in future, henceforth. 

Venido, a., come, arrived. Bien 
— , welcoine. 

Venir, i. v., to come, to ñt, to agree. 
— al caso, to come to the point. 
• — ■ a menos, to decay, to de- 
cline. Venga lo que viniere, 
come what may. — se al suelo, 
to fall to the ground. See Pelo. 
■ — ■ de perilla, to come in the 
nick of time. 

Venta, /., sale. Estar en (or de) — , 
to be on sale. — forzosa, 
compulsory (or peremptory) 
sale. Precio de — , sale price. 
Salvo — , subject to being 
unsold. Ser de buena — , to sell 
well. Cuenta de — , account- 
sales. — s por mayor y menor, 
wholesale and retail. Poner a 
la — , to offer for sale. 

Ventaja, /., advantage, gain, pre- 
ference. Llevar — , to have 

Ventajoso, a., advantageous, pro- 

Ventana, /., wndow. 

Ventarrón, m., gale. 

Ventear, v., to blow. 

Ventero, m., inn-keeper. 

Ventilación, /., ventilation. 

Ventilador, w., ventilator. 

Ventilar, v., to ventilate, to dis- 
cuss, to thrash out, to fan. 

Ventoso, a., windy. 

Ventura, /., luck, fortune, venture. 
Por — , by chance. A la — , at a 




Venturero, a., casual, vagrant, 
adventurous ; m., adventurer. 

Venturoso, a., lucky, fortunate. 

Ver, i. v., to see, to look ; r.v., to 
be seen, to see one another. Ser 
de — , to be worth seeing. 
Estar [or quedar) por • — , to 
remain to be seen. A — , let us 
see. Hacer — , to show. Nada 
tiene que — con, it has nothing 
to do with. — se con alguien, to 
see (or have a business with) 
someone. Ya se ve, it is 
evident (or clear). — • de 
solucionar, to see if one can 

Ver, m., seeing, sight, aspect, view. 
A mi — , in my opinion. 

Veraeidad, /., veracity. 

Veranear, v., to spend the summer. 

Veraniego, a., summer. 

Verano, >«., summer. 

Veras,, reality, truth. De — , 
indeed, really ; seriously. 

Veraz, a., veracious. 

Verbal, a., verbal. 

Verbalmente, adv., verbally, orally. 

Verbigracia, adv., for example, for 

Verdad, /., truth, realit}-. Es — ■ 
que, it is true that. Decir(le) 
cuatro — es, to give (him) a 
piece of one's mind. 

Verdaderamente, adv., truly, in 
fact, indeed. 

Verdadero, a., true, real, veritable, 
sincere. Precio — , actual price. 

Verde, a., green ; unripe ; m., 
verdigris. — oscuro, dark green. 
■ — mar, sea-green. — mineral 
mineral green. 

Verdor, m., verdure. 

Verdugo, m., j-oung shoot of a 
tree ; hangman, executioner. 

Verdulera, /., market-woman. 

Verdulero, m., greengrocer. 

Verdura, /., verdure, greens, gar- 
den stuff. 

Verdusco, a., greenish. 

Vereda, /., path, footpath. 

Veredicto, m., verdict. 

Verga, /., yard (Naut.). 

Vergonzoso, a., shameful. 

Vergüenza, /., shame. Tener — , 
to be ashamed. 

Verídico, a., truthful, veracious. 

Verificación, /., verification, in- 

Verificar, v., to verify, to confirm, 
to examine, to check, to prove, 
to effect, to make. — se, to 
take place. 

Verja, /. grate. 

Verosímil, a., likely, probable. 

Verosimilitud, /., likelihood, pro- 

Verraco, m., boar. 

Versado, a., versed, conversant. 

Versar, v., to turn ; r.v., to be 
versed or conversant. 

Versátil, a., versatile ; change- 

Versión, /., version. 

Verso, m., verse. 

Vertedero, m., sewer, drain. 

Verter, i.v., to spill, to empty ; to 

Vertical, a., vertical. 

Vestíbulo, m., vestibule, hall, 

Vestido, m., dress, wearing apparel, 
clothes, suit. — completo, suit 
of clothes. — ^s usados, second- 
hand clothes. Géneros para — s, 
dress goods. 

Vestigio, m., vestige, footstep, 
vestige, sign, trace. 

Vestimenta, /., clothes, garments. 

Vestir, i.v., to clothe, to dress, to 

Vestuario, m., vesture, vestry, 
green-room, dressing-room. 

Veta, /., vein of ore, metal. 

Veteado, a., striped, veined, 

Vetear, v., to variegate, to grain. 

Veterano, a., experienced ; m., 

Veterinario, m., veterinary sur- 

Veto, m., veto. 

Vetusto, a., very ancient. 





Vpz, /., turn, time. Cada — , each 
time. Una — , once. Dos veces, 
twice. Dos veces mayor que ■ — , 
twice as large as. . . Tres veces, 
three times. A la — ■, at the 
same time, by turns. De una 
— , at once. De una — para 
siempre, once for all. Rara — , 
seldom. Tal — , perhaps. En 

— de, instead of. Tal cual — , 
once in a way, seldom. Hacer 
las veces de, to supply the 
place of. A veces, some- 

Via, /., way, road, route. Por — 
de, by way of, via. — • recta, the 
direct way, straight along. En 

— de fabrica. ion (or publica- 
ción), in course of manufacture 
(or publication). — • de derecho, 
legal measures. — férrea, rail- 
road, railway. — portátil, por- 
table railway. 

Viaducto, m., viaduct. 

Viajante, a., travelling ; m., 
commercial traveller. 

Viajar, v., to tra\-el, to journey. 

Viaje, m., journey, voyage, travel, 
good journey, good 
Feliz — , a pleasant 
— de regreso, return 

traveller, passenger, 
food, viands, meat. 


Viajero, m 

Vianda, /. 

Vibrar, v., to vibrate. 

Vicecónsol, m., vice-consul. 

Viceconsulado, m., vice-consulate. 

Vicegerente, m., vicegerent ; act- 
ing (or deputy) manager. 

Vicepresidente, m., vice-president. 

Vicesecretario, m., vice-secretary. 

Viceversa, adv., vice versa, on the 

Viciar, v., to vitiate, to spoil, to 
corrupt, to forge ; to annul ; to 

Vicio, m., vice, defect, flaw ; 
luxuriance. Quejarse de — ■, to 
complain without cause. Dinero 
para — s, pocket-money. 

Vicioso, a., vicious, luxuriant. 

Víctima, /., victim. 

Victoria, /., victory, triumph. 

Victorioso, a., victorious. 

Vicuña, /., vicuña. 

Vid,,/., vine. 

Vida, /., life, livelihood. Buscar 
la — , to a livelihood. Darse 
buena — ■, to lead a merry life. 
De por — , for life. En mi {or en 
la) — , never. Ganarse la — , to 
earn one's living. 

Vidriado, >«., glazed earthenware, 

Vidriar, v., to glaze, to varnish. 

Vidriera, /., glass-window, glass- 

Vidriería, /., glazier's shop, glass- 
house, glass-ware. 

Vidriero, m., glazier, glass-maker. 

Vidrio, )»., glass. — coloreado 
{or pintado), stained glass. — 
tallado {or cortado), cut glass. 

— escarchado, frosted glass. 

— soplado, blown glass. — ■ de 
aumento, magnifying-glass. — 
esmerilado {or despulido) , 
ground glass. • — cilindrado, 

Vidrioso, a., brittle, glassy. 

Viejo, a., old, ancient ; m., old 

Viento, m., wind ; air. — con- 
trario, contrary (or unfavour- 
able) wind. — galerno, fresh 
gale. — s generales, trade-winds. 
Ir — en popa, to sail before the 
wind ; to prosper. — de proa, 
head \\'ind. 

Vientre, m., belly. 

Viernes, m., Friday. — Santo, 
Good Friday. 

Viga, /., beam. 

Vigencia, /., force. Ponerse (or 
entrar) en — , to come into force. 

Vigente, a. in force. Estar — , to 
be in force. 

Vigía, m., lookout, watch. I^watch. 

Vigiar, V. (Naut.), to look out, to 

Vigilancia, /., vigilance, watch- 

9— (1696) 





Vigilante, a., vigilant, careful, 
watthlul ; m., watchman, 
guard. — de tienda, shop- 

Vigilar, v., to wat.h over, to keep 

Vigilia, /., vigil, watchfulness, eve. 

Vigor, m., vigour, strength, force. 
Ponerse en — , to come into 

Vigorar, v., to invigorate. 

Vigoroso, a., vigorous, strong. 

Vil, «., mean, vile, low. A — 
precio, dirt cheap. 

Vileza, /., meanness, vileness, 

Vilipendiar, v., to contemn, to 

Vilipendio, m., contempt, disdain, 

Villa, /., town. 

Villaje, m.. village. 

Villano, a., rustic ; ;»., villain, 

Vilo, En — , in the air. 

Vinagre, m., vinegar. 

Vinagrera, /., vinegar-cruet. 

Vinatero, m., vintner, wine-mer- 

Vincular, v., to entail an estate, 
to bind, to continue. 

Vinculo, m., link, tie, chain ; 

Vindicación, /., vindication. 

Vindicar, v., to vindicate. 

Vinícola, a., wine-growing. 

Vinicultura, /., wine (or grape) 

Vino, m., wine. — clarete, claret. 
— de cuerpo, strong-bodied 
wine. — tinto, red wine. — de 
Jerez, sherry. — de Borgoña, 
Burgundy wine. — de Cham- 
paña, champagne. — de 
Oporto, port wine. — del Rhin, 
Rhine wine, hock. — espumoso, 
sparkling wine. 

Viña, /., vineyard. 

Viñador, m., cultivator of vines. 

Viñedo, >;?.. vineyard. 

Viñero, ;;/., vintager. 

Viñeta, /., vignette; ticket. 

Violación, /., violation, infringe- 

Violado, a., violet-coloured. 

Violar, v., to violate, to infringe, 
to oñend. 

Violencia, /., violence. 

Violentar, t'., to violate, to enforce. 

Violento, a., violent. 

Violin, m., violin, fiddle. 

Violón, m., base-viol, double-bass. 

Violoncelo, >»., violincello. 

Vira, /., welt of a shoe. 

Virada, /. (Naut.), tacking, tack. 

Virar, v. (Naut.), to tack, to put 
about, to heave. 

Virey. See Virrey. 

Virgen, a., virgin, untouched, 

Virola, /., ferrule, hoop, ring. 

Virote, m., shaft, dart, arrow. 

Virrey, m., viceroy. 

Virtual, a., virtual. 

Virtud, /., virtue, power, force. 
En — de, in (or by) virtue of. 
En tal ■ — , in view of which. 

Virtuoso, a., virtuous. 

Viruta, /., shaving, chip. — s, cut- 
tings, shavings of wood. 

Visar, f., to examine a document, 
to visee. 

Viscoso, a., sticky, glutinous, 

Visible, a., visible, apparent. 

Visillo, íM., window curtain. 

Visión, /., vision, sight. 

Visita, /., visit ; visitor ; register, 
examination. Hacer — , to pay 
a visit. 

Visitación, /., visitation, visit. 

Visitador, m., visitor ; searcher, 

Visitar, lí., to visit, to go to see ; 
to search, to survey, to examine. 

Vislumbrar, v., to perceive indis- 
tinctly ; r.v., to glimmer, to 
appear faintl}'. 

Vislumbre, /., glimmering light, 
glimmer, appearance. 

Viso, m., aspect, appearance; 
lustre. — s, prospect. 





Víspera,/., eve, forerunner, vesper, 
previous daj'. En — s de, on the 
eve of. 

Vista, /., sight, view, vision ; 
aspect, appearance, interview. 
A — de, in presence of. A la — , 
at sight, in view. A ocho días 
— , at eight days' sight. A 
primera — , at first view. 
Hasta la — , good-b3'e for the 
present ; au revoir. Perder 
de — , to lose sight of. Conocer 
de — , to know by sight. Hacer 
la — gorda, to pretend not to 
see, to wink at. Vista (m.) de 
aduana. Custom-house officer. 

Vistazo, m., glance, glimpse. Dar 
un — , to glance. 

Visto, a., seen, clear. — • que, 
considering (or seeing) that, 
whereas. Por lo — , evidently. 

Vistoso, a., showv, sightlv, beau- 

Vitalicio, a., during life, life. Renta 
(or pensión) vitalicia, annuity, 
life pension. Empleo — , 

employment for life. 

Vitalidad, /., vitality. 

Vitela, /., calf, calf-skin, vellum. 

Vitícola, a., vine-growing ; m., 

Viticultor, m., vine-grower. 

Vitrina, /., glass-case. 

Vitriolo, m., vitriol. 

Vitualla, /., victuals, food. 

Vituperar, v., to vituperate, to 

Vituperio, m., vituperation, blame, 
reproach, censure. 

Viuda, /., widow. 

Viudez, /., widowhood. 

Viudo, m., widower. 

Vivamente, adv., vividly, lively. 

Vivaz, a., lively, active, vigorous ; 
ingenious, acute. 

Víveres,, provisions, stores. 

Viveza, /., liveliness, activity, 
celerity, energy, acuteness ; 

Vivienda, /., dwelling-house. 

Vivificar, /., to vivify, to animate. 

Vivir, v., to live, to reside. 

Vivo, a., living, livelj', alive, vivid, 

quick. A lo — , to the life, to 

life. En — , living. Viva voz, bv 

word of mouth. Cal viva, 

quicklime. Color — , bright 

colour. Tocar en lo — , to touch 

to the cjuick. 
Vocablo, ni., word, term. 
Vocabulario, m., vocabular\-. 
Vocación, /., vocation, trade, 

Vocal, a., vocal ; /., vowel ; 

m., voter. 
Vocear, v., to cry out, to exclaim, 

to publish, to hail. 
Vocería, /., clamour, outcry. 
Vociferar, v., to vociferate. 
Vocina, /. See Bocina. 
Volandera, /. (Mech.), runner, 

washer (of an axle-tree). 
Volandero, «., volatile, flying, 

fleeting, variable. 
Volante, a., flying, unsettled ; 

m., shuttle-cock, balance of 

a watch, fly-wheel. Papel — , 

loose sheet of paper. 
Volar, i.v., to fly, to blow up ; to 

spring. Echar a — , to publish 

or spread. Sacar a — , to 

Volatería, /., fowling, fowls. 
Volátil, a., volatile. 
Volcán, m., volcano. 
Volcar, i.v., to overturn, to upset. 
Volquete, m., tip-wagon. 
Voltear, v., to whirl, to turn, to 

roll, to upset. 
Voluble, a., voluble, fickle. 
Volumen, m., volume, size, bulk ; 

volume (book). 
Voluminoso, a., voluminous, bulky. 
Voluntad, /., váW, desire, choice, 

disposition. De (buena) — , 

with pleasure. Ultima ■ — , last 

vÁW and testament. 
Voluntario, a., voluntary, willing ; 

ni., volunteer. 
Voluta, /., volute; scroll. 
Volver, i.v., to come back, to 

return, to turn, to turn round. 





to turn back ; r.v., to turn, to 
become. — a hacer, to do again. 
■ — atrás, to recoil. — la tortilla, 
to turn the tables (or scales). 

— por sí, to defend oneself. 

— en si, to recover one's senses. 
— se atrás, to retract, to unsay. 
— se loco, to become insane, 
to go mad. 

Vómico. See Xuez. 

Vomitar, v., to vomit, to tlirovv out. 

Voracidad, /., voracity-, greediness. 

Voraz, a., voracious, greed}', fierce. 

Vórtice, )"., whirlpool, eddy. 

Vos, Vosotros, pron., you, 5^e. 

Votación, /., voting. — secreta, 

Votante, a., voting ; com., voter. 

Votar, v., to vow, to vote ; to 
swear, to curse. 

Voto, ni., vow, vote, opinion, wish, 
desire, oath. Hacer — s, to -wash. 

Voz, /., voice, clamour ; expres- 
sion, word, term ; vote ; ru- 
mour ; order. Dar voces, to 
cry, to shout. Es — común, 
it is generally reported. Corre 
la ■ — , it is reported. 

Vuelco, m., overturning, upset. 

Vuelo, ni., flight ; ruffle, frill, 
flounce. A — , at full swing. 

Vuelta, /., turn, return, back ; 
trip, excursion ; change ; ruffle. 
A la — [or simply vuelta) , please 
turn over. Dar una — , to take 
a stroll ; to examine properly. 
Andar a — s, to shuffle. Dar — s, 
to walk to and fro ; to seek any- 
thing. Dar — s a, to shuffle, 
to quibble, to seek subterfuges. 
A — de correo, by return of 
post. Estar de — , to be back, 
to be returned. 

Vuestro, pron., your, yours. 

Vulgar, a., vulgar, common. 

Vulgarizar, v., to make \'ulgar or 
common. [monly. 

Vulgarmente, adv., vulgarly, com- 

Vulgo, m., multitude, populace. 

Warandol, m., sheeting (Cuba). 

Y, co)!J., and. 

Ya, adv., already ; presently ; now. 
— esto, — aquello, now this, 
now that. — que, seeing that, 
since. — se ve, it is clear. 

Yacente, a., jacent, lying. 

Yacer, i.v., to lie, to exist, to be 

Yacimiento, »?., deposit, bed. 

Yarda. /., English yard, yard-stick. 

Y'ardaje, m., yardage. 

Yate, J»., yacht. 

Yedra, /., ivy. 

Yegua, /., mare. 

Yelmo, m., helmet. 

Yema, /., bud ; 3'olk of an egg. 

Yerba, /., herb. See Hierba. 

Yermo, m., desert, waste, coun- 
try ; a., waste, desert, unin- 
habited. Tierra j^erma, uncul- 
tivated ground. 

Yerno, m., son-in-law. 

Yerro, m., error, mistake, fault, 
defect. — de imprenta, erra- 
tum, printer's error. 

Yerto, a., stiff, inert, motionless. 

Yesca, /., tinder. 

Yeso, HI., gypsum, sulphate of 
lime. — mate, plaster of Paris, 
whiting. — bianco, whiting. 

Yo, pron., I. 

Yodo, m., iodine. 

Yodina, /., iodine. 

Yoduro, m., iodide. 

Yugo, m., yoke. Sacudir el — , to 
throw oif the yoke. 

Yunque, m., anvil. 

Yunta, /., couple, pair, yoke. 

Yuxtaposición, /., juxtaposition. 

Zabordar, i'., to run aground, to be 
stranded, to drive ashore. 

Zabullir, v., to plunge ; r.v., to 
plunge, to dive, to sink. 

Zafada, /., flight, escape ; lighten- 
ing a ship. 

Zafar, v., to disembarrass ; to 
lighten a ship ; r.v., to escape, 
to avoid. — se de, to get rid of. 

Zafarrancho, m., clearing for 





free, empty ; clear, 
crop of sugar, sugar- 

action. Hacer el — , to clear for 

Zafir, Zafiro, m., sapphire. 
Zafo, a. 
Zafra, / 

Zaga, /., back. En (or a la) — , 
. behind. No ir (oy quedarse) en 

— , not to be second (or infe- 
rior) to anyone. 
Zaguán, >n., porch, hall. 
Zaherir, i.v., to censure, to blame, 

to reproach. 
Zahúrda, /., pigsty. 
Zamarra, /., coat or dress worn bj' 

shepherds, .sheepskin. 
Zamarro, m., shepherd's coat 

made of sheepskin ; sheepskin. 
Zambullir. See Zabullir. 
Zampar, v., to conceal, to devour. 
Zanahoria, /., carrot. 
Zanca, /., shank. 
Zancada, /., long stride. 
Zancajo, m., heel-bone. 
Zanco, m., stilt ; flag-staff. 
Zángano, m., drone, idler. 
Zanja, /., ditch, trench, drain. 
Zanjar, v., to open, to excavate, 

to establish ; to settle amicably. 
Zapa, /., spade. 
Zapador, m., sapper. 
Zapar, f., to sap, to mine. 
Zapata, /. (Naut.), shoe. — de 

quilla, false keel. 
Zapatería, /., shoemaker's shop ; 

shoemaking business. 
Zapatero, m., shoemaker. • — de 

viejo, cobbler. 
Zapatilla, /., slipper, pump. — s, 

Zapato, m., shoe. — s de cabritilla, 

kid shoes. Horma de — , .shoe 




garret, loft, 
screen, riddle, 

Zarandear, v., to sift ; to stir 

Zaraza, /., chintz, print. — con 

guarda, border prints. 
Zarcillo, in., ear-ring. 
Zarpa, /., weighing anchor ; claw. 
Zarpar, v., to weigh anchor ; to 

Zarza, /., bramble. 
Zarzamora, /., blackberry. 
Zarzaparrilla, /., sarsaparilla. 
Zigzag, m., zigzag. 
Zinc, m., zinc. — - en láminas, 

rolled zinc. 
Zincografía, /., zincography. 
Zona, /., zone, girdle, space. 
Zoología, /., zoology. 
Zoológico, a., zoological. 
Zopenco, m., blockhead, dolt. 
Zopo, a., lame, maimed, clumsy. 
Zoquete, m., block ; dolt. 
Zorra, /., fox. 
Zorro, m., fox. 
Zozobra, /., anguish, anxiety, 

Zozobrar, v., to be weather beaten ; 

to upset, to capsize ; to grieve, 

to be afflicted. 
Zueco, m., wooden shoe, clog. 
Zumaque, m., sumach-tree. 
Zumbar, z^., to resound, to buzz, to 

hum ; to jest, to joke. 
Zumo, w., sap, juice. See Orozuz. 
Zumoso, a., juicy, succulent. 
Zuncho, ni., band, hoop. 
Zupia, /., refuse, 
Zurcido, m., stitching, darning. 
Zurcir, v., to darn, to .sew up ; to 

join, to unite. 
Zurdo, a., left ; left-handed. 
Zurrador, m., leather-dresser, cur- 
rier, tanner. 
Zurrar, v., to curr\', to dress 

leather ; to nog. 
Zurrón, m., bag, pouch ; chaff ; 

seroon ; sack. 
Zutano, )«., so and so, such a one. 



A, indej. article, un, iino, una. 
Such — man, un tal hombre. 
So much — year, tanto al año. 
A.M. {ante meridian), de la 
mañana, por la mañana. What 

— man ! \ (jué hombre ! What 

— pity ! ¡ Qué lástima ! Such 

— book, tal libro, .semejante 
libro. Heis— soldier, es soldado. 
Al, de primera clase {or orden). 
Al at Lloyd's, clasificado en 
Lloyd como de primera clase. 

Aback, adv., detrás, atrás ; en 
facha. To take — , coger despre- 
venido, sorprender. To be 
taken — , quedar sorprendido. 

Abaft, adv., a popa, en popa ; 
atrás, hacia la popa. 

Abandon, v., abandonar, dejar; 
dejar de su mano, desamparar 
(to desert) ; renunciar (a), entre- 

Abandonment, n., abandono, 
abandonamiento, cesión. 

Abase, v., abatir, rebajar. 

Abash, v., avergonzar. 

Abate, v., rebajar, reducir, dis- 
minuir, bajar ; disminuirse, 
irse disminuyendo, ir a menos ; 
(weather) serenarse, calmarse 
(wind) decaer ; (a storm) 

rebaja, descuento. 
abre\'iar, acortar. 



Abatement, n.. 
Abbreviate, v., 


Abdicate, v., abdicar, 

Abduct, v., arrebatar. 
Aberration, n., aberración, error, 

Abet, v., apoyar, favcrecer, 

patrocinar, incitar. 
Abeyance, n., expectación, espera. 

In — , en suspenso ; pendiente- 
To have in — , tener en expec- 
tiva (or en reserva). 

Abhor, v., aborrecer. 

Abhorrence, n., aborrecimiento. 

Abide, v., sufrir, soportar, aguan- 
tar (to tolerate) ; morar 
(to dwell). To — by (agree to), 
atenerse a, someterse a ; (to 
maintain), insistir en, soste- 
nerse en, mantenerse en (lo 

Ability, n., habilidad, aptitud, 
talento, capacidad. A man of 
abilities, hom.bre de talento. 

Ablaze, a., en llamas, ardiendo. 

Able, a., hábil, idóneo, capaz, 
prudente, acertado. To be — , 
peder, ser capaz (de). An — 
seaman, un marino experi- 
mentado, un marinero idóneo. 
— -bodied, robusto, fornido. 

Ably, adv., hábilmente, con maña, 
efi'. azmente, con habilidad. 

Abnormal, a., anormal, irregular. 
(Naut.), a bordo, 
ir a bordo, embar- 

domicilio, morada, 

abolir, abrogar, 

r Abolishment), »., 

abominable, dc- 

Ahoard, adv. 
To go — . 

Abode, n., 

Abolish, v.. 

Abolition (or 

Abominable, a. 

Abominate, v., abominar, detes- 
tar, aborrecer. [odio. 

Abomination, «., abominación. 

Aborigines,, aborigines, indí- 
genas, habitadores primitivos. 

Abortion, «., aborto. 

Abortive, a., abortivo, inútil, in- 
fructuoso. To Jiro ve — , fraca- 





Abound, v., abundai-, ser abun- 
dante. To — • with, abundar de. 

About, prep. & adv., al rededor, 
cerca de, hacia ; (concernin'^) 
acerca de, tocante a, respecto 
de. • — it, de esto [or eso). 
I have no money — me, no 
traigo dinero (conmigo). To be 
— to, estar para, disponerse a, 
ir a, estar ocupado en, estar 
en vísperas de. To bring — , 
efectuar, lograr. To come — , 
suceder. To go — , andar, irse. 
To go ■ — ■ it, emprenderlo, lo- 
grarlo ; obrar. To set — , tomar 
en mano. He has ■ — /20, 
tiene unas veinte libras. There 
are — forty, hay como (sobre, 
or cerca de) cuaranta ; hay cua- 
renta poco más o menos. \Miat 
are you — ? ¿ Qué va Vd. a 
hacer ? What — . . . ? ¿Y 
el ... ? 

Above, prep., encima, sobre ; adv., 
arriba. — all, sobre todo, ante 
todo. — board, abierto, 

franco ; abiertamente, franca- 
mente. — mentioned, ya 
citado, ya mencionado, pre- 
citado, susodicho. — named, 
antedicho. To be — (doing 
something), ser superior a {or 
incapaz de). . . . Over and — 
this, a más de esto, además. 
See Over. 

Abreast, adv., de frente, de costado. 
- — the port, por el través del 
puerto. Tobe — with the times, 
estar a la altura del tiempo. 

Abridge, v., abreviar, compen- 
diar ; cortar, disminuir. 

Abridgment, «., compendio, limi- 

Abroad, adv., fuera de casa ; en el 
(del oy para el) extranjero. 
To set — , circular, esparcir, 
publicar. The report is — , 
corre la voz. 

Abrogate, v., abrogar, revocar. 

Abrogation, n., abrogación, revo- 
cación, abolición. 

Abrupt, a., brusco, precipitado, 
repentino, bronco. 

Abruptly, adv., bruscamente, pre- 

Abruptness, n., precipitación. 

Abscond, v., fugarse, escaparse, 
huir, tomar las de Villadiego 
(Coll.) ; esconderse. 

Absconder, n., fugitivo. 

Absconding, n., huida. 

Absence, n., ausencia ; falta, 
carencia. — of mind, distrac- 

Absent, a., ausente. 

Absent, r.v., ausentarse. 

Absentee, «., ausente. 

Absinthe, «., ajenjo. 

Absolute, a., absoluto, amplio, 
completo, definitivo. 

Absolutely, adv., absolutamente, 
en absoluto, enteramente. 

Absolve, v., absolver, dispensar, 
exentar, eximir. 

Absorb, v., absorber, chupar ; 
(to consume), consumir, acabar 
con ; llevarse, emplear (to 
take up, to employ). 

Absorbent, a., absorbente. 

Absorption, n., absorción. 

Abstain, v., abstenerse, privarse, 

Abstemious, a., abstemio. 

Abstemiousness, n., sobriedad, 
templanza. [nencia. 

Abstention, «., detención, absti- 

Abstinent, a., abstinente, sobrio. 

.4bstract, n., extracto, resumen, 
sumario. — ■ of account current, 
extracto de cuenta corriente. 

Abstract, v., abstraer, extraer ; 
sustraer (to take out, to steal). 

Abstracted, a., separado ; dis- 

.\bstruse, a., abstruso. 

Absurd, a., absurdo, ridículo. 

Absurdity, n., absurdidad, ab- 
surdo, disparate. 

Abundance, n., abundancia, copia, 

Abundant, a., abundante. To be 
— , abundar, ser abundante. 





Abuse, ;;., abuso. 

Abuse, v., abusar. To — one's 
kindness, abusar de su bondad. 

Abusive, a., abusive. — language, I 
palabras injuriosas, denuestos. | 

Abyss, «., abismo. 

Academic, Academical, a., aca- 

Academy, n., academia. 

Accede, v., acceder (a), aceptar, 
estar conforme (con), convenir 
oc consentir (en). 

Accelerate, v., acelerar, antici- 

Acceleration, n., aceleración. 

Accent, n., acento. 

Accent, v., acentuar, colocar les 

Accentuate, v., acentuar. 

Accept, v., aceptar, admitir, 

Acceptable, a., aceptable, admi- 
sible, grato. 

Acceptance, n., acepta': ion, buena 
acogida. To present for — , 
presentar a la aceptación. See 

Acceptation, «., aceptación, acep- 
ción (de la palabra). 

Acceptor, «., aceptante. 

Access, n., acceso, entrada. 

Accessible, a., accesible. 

Accession, «., aumento ; adveni- 
miento or subida (al trono). 

Accessory, a., accesorio ; cóm- 
plice. Accessories, accesorios. 

Accident, «., accidente, siniestro, 
incidente, contratiempo. By 
— , casualmente, por casualidad, 
por acaso. Sad — , lance funesto. 

Accidental, a., accidental, casual. 

Accidentally, adv., por casualidad, 
por inadvertencia, casualmente. 

Acclaim, v., aclamar. 

Acclamation, n., aclamación. 

Acclimatise, v., aclimatar ; 

Accommodate, v., proveer, sur- 
tir (to supply) ; complacer (to 
oblige) ; ser agradable ; aco- 
modar, componer (to arrange). 

To — (one) with, facilitar. To 
— oneself to (or with), con- 
formarse en {or con). 
Accommodating, a., complaciente, 

Accommodation, n., alojamiento 
(lodging) ; comodidad, conve- 
niencia, (convenience) ; aco- 
modo, acomodamiento. — bill, 
letra por complacer, letra de 
Accompany, v., acompañar. Ac- 
companied by, acompañado de 
{or por). 
■Vccomplice, »., cómplice. 
Accomplish, i'., cumplir, efectuar, 
completar, llevar a cabo, con- 
cluir. To — • one's purpose, 
lograr su intento {pr objeto). 
An — -ed fact, un hecho con- 
sumado. An — ed gentleman, 
un caballero distinguido (idóneo 
or consumado). 
Accomplishment, n., comple- 
mento, consecución. — -s, ta- 
lentos, prendas. 
Accord, n., acuerdo, convenio. 
Of one's own — , de su propio 
acuerdo, de su propio motivo, 
de buen grado, espontánea- 
mente. With one — ■, unánime- 
.\ccord, v., ajusfar ; acordar, 
concordar ; ser conforme, en- 
tenderse, acomodarse, conciliar. 
Accordance, n., acuerdo, confor- 
midad. In — with, de acuerdo 
con, de conformidad con ; se- 
gún. To be in — with, con- 
cordar con. 
According, part., según, con- 
forme. — to, según, conforme 
i a, en cumplimiento de, en con- 
formidad con, con arreglo a. 
— as, según que, como, a 
medida que. 
Accordingly, adv., en conformidad, 
en efecto, de consiguiente, en 
su conformidad, en cons3cuen- 
Accost, v., saludar, acercarse a. 

9 A— (1696) 



Accouut, »., cuenta, cálculo; 
(report) informe, relación. — s, 
noticias. To call to — , pedir 
cuentas, llamar a cuentas. To 
render an — , pasar (or remitir) 
cuenta. Overdrawn — , cuenta 
en descubierto. Upon no — , de 
ningún modo, por ningún con- 
cepto. On — , a cuenta, a buena 
cuenta. On — of, a causa de, 
debido a, con motivo de ; a 
cargo de. To be on — of (owing 
to), deberse a, obedecer a. On 
this — , sobre este particular, 
debido a esto, acerca de esto, 
por esto. On that — , por eso. 
On your — • (for your sake) , por 
su bien de Vd., por amor de 
Vd. ; (to your charge) a cargo 
de Vd. — current, cuenta co- 
rriente. To pay an — , saldar 
una cuenta. Of no — , de poca 
{or escasa) importancia. — sales, 
cuenta de venta. — book, libro 
de cuentas. How does the — • 
stand ? ¿ Cómo vamos de 

cuentas ? As per — rendered, 
según cuenta rendida {or pa- 
sada). To take into — ■ (consi- 
deration), tener en cuenta. 
To turn to — , sacar provecho 

Account, V., contar. To — for, 
dar razón de, dar cuenta de, 
responder de ; (to e.xplain), 
explicar, explicarse ; señalar 
los motivos de. 

Accountable, a., responsable. 

Accountancy, n., contabilidad. 

Accountant, n., contador, re\isor 
de cuentas, aritmético, tenedor 
de libros. 

Accredit, v., acreditar, dar cré- 
dito. — ed, acreditado, abo- 

Accrue, v., acrecentar, tomar 
incremento ; resultar, provenir. 

Accumulate, v., acumular, amon- 
tonar ; aumentar (se), crecer, 
amontonarse. — d, acumulado, 

Accumulation, ;;., acumulación, 
amontonamiento, aglomeración. 

Accumulative, «., acumulativo ; 
acumulado, amontonado. 

Accumulator, »»., acumulador. 

Accuracy, n., exactitud, cuidado. 

Accurate, a., exacto, puntual, 
conforme, detenido. 

Accurately, adv., exactamente. 

Accusation, n., acusación, cargo, 

Accuse, v., acusar. To — (one) 
of ... , tachar(le) de ... , 
acusar (le) de. . . . 

Accuser, n., acusador. 

.Vccustom, i;., acostumbrar ; soler. 
To be — ed to, soler ; estar 
acostumbrado a. 

Accustomed, a. acostumbrado, 

Ace, n., as (cards). To be within 
an — of, estar a pique de. 

Acetate, n., acetato. — of copper, 
acetato de cobre, cardenillo, 

Acetic, a., acético. 

Acetite of gold, n., acetito de oro. 

Acetylene, acetilino. — lighting, 
alumbrado con gas acetilino. 

Ache, n., dolor. Head — , dolor 
de cabeza. Tooth — , dolor de 
muelas. Ear , dolor de oído. 

Ache, v., doler. My head — s, me 
duele la cabeza. 

Achievable, a., hacedero, practi- 

Achieve, v., ejecutar, lograr, 
ganar, obtener, conseguir. To 
— one's aim (or object), lograr 
su intento. 

Achievement, n., ejecución ; (deed 
or exploit) hazaña, hecho de 

Acid, a., ácido, agrio, acedo ; n., 
ácido. Carbolic — •, ácido car- 
bólico. Citric — , ácido cítrico. 
Nitric — , ácido nítrico. Prussic 
— , ácido prúsico. Tartaric — , 
ácido tartárico. See Carbonic. 

.4cidity, 11., acidez, agrura. 

Acidulate, v., acidular. 





At'kiionh'dge, v., reconocci-, con- 
fcsiir, admitir ; agradecer. Tu 
— receipt of, acusar recibo de. 

Acknowledgment, v., reconoci- 
miento, gratitud, agradeci- 
miento. — of a letter, acuse 
de recibo de una carta. 

Aeme, «., cima, colmo. 

.4oorn, «., bellota. 

Acquaint, v., informar, comuni- 
car, avisar, dar a conocer, 
instruir. I shall — you, yo le 
informaré a Vd. To — oneself 
with, enterarse {or imponerse) 
de, ponerse al tanto {or al 
corriente) de. To be — ed with, 
conocer (a person) ; estar en- 
terado de (things). 

Acquaintance, n., conocimiento 
(knowledge), conocido (person), 
inteligencia. To make the — of, 
conocer, hacer el conocimiento 
de, trabar conocimiento con. 

Acquiesce, v., consentir, asentir, 
allanarse, someterse, confor- 

Acquiescence, n., aquiescencia, 
consentimiento, conformidad, 

Acquire, v., adquirir, ganar, 
alcanzar, obtener, aprender. 

Acquirement, h., adquisición. 

Acquisition, n., adquisición. 

Acquit, v., libertar, poner en 
libertad, absolver, descargar ; 
desempeñar, cumplir, exentar, 
pagar (a debt). To — oneself 
well, desempeñar bien su obli- 
gación (sus deberes or su come- 
tido), [cargo. 

Acquittal, «., absolución ; des- 

Acquittance, n., descargo, fini- 
quito, recibo. 

Acre, n., acre. 

Acreage, n., zona, superficie. 

Acrid, a., acre, áspero, mordaz. 

Acrobat, «., acróbata. 

Across, adv. & prep., de través, al 
través ; a través de, por lo 
largo de. To come — , encontrar, 
dar con. 

acción, movimiento, 
proceder, gestión (pro- 
In — , en movimiento, 
— at law, proceso. 

Act, «., hecho, acto, acción, pro- 
ceder ; ley ( — of Parliament). 
— - oí God, fuerza mayor. 

Act, v., actuar, obrar, hacer, 
funcionar (Mech.) ; portarse, 
conducirse (to behave), andar, 
ir ; fingir (to feign) ; hacer {or 
representar) un papel (in the 
theatre). To — as, actuar de, 
hacer el papel de ; (to represent) 
hacer las veces de, ejercer las 
funciones de. To — as captain, 
hacer de capitán. 

Acting, n., acción, representación, 

Action, n 

Actionable, a., punible, procesable. 

Active, a., activo, ágil, animado. 
— partner, socio activo. 

Activity, H., acti\idad. 

Actor, n., actor, cómico ; agente. 

Actress, /., actriz, cómica. 

Actual, a., actual, efectivo, exacto, 
verdadero. — price, precio 

Actually, adv., realmente, en 
efecto, efectivamente, en reali- 
dad, de hecho. [escribano. 

.actuary, n., actuario, computista. 

Actuate, v., movtr, animar, 
excitar. — d by, animado de. 

Acumen, n., agudeza, penetración, 

Acute, a., agudo, penetrante, 

Acutely, agudamente. It is — 
felt, se deja sentir mucho. 

Acuteness, n., agudeza, perspi- 

Ad. See Interim, Valorem. 

Adamant, n., diamante. 

Adamantine, a., diamantino, ada- 

.4dapt, v., adaptar, aplicar ; 
ajusfar, cuadrar. — ed for, idó- 
neo {or a propósito) para. — ed 
to, adaptado a, idóneo para. 





Adaptatioil, n., adapta<:ión, apli- 

Add, v., añadir, agregar, acre- 
centar, aumentar, juntar, con- 
tribuir. To — up, sumar. 

Addenda, n., adiciones, añadi- 

Addict, v., dedicar. To — one- 
self to, entregarse a (vice, etc.) ; 
dedicarse a (study, etc.). 

Addition, n., adición, añadidura, 
suma (total). In — to, además 

Additional, a., adicional ; a más, 
de más. — charges, gastos 

Address, n., discurso (speech) ; 
dirección, señas, sobrescrito (oí 
a letter, house) ; (smartness) 
destreza, acierto ; (appearance) 
figura, donaire, garbo. 

Address, v., hablar, dirigir la 
palabra a, dirigirse a, arengar. 
To — a letter, dirigir una carta. 
To — (a person by letter), 
escribir. To — a letter, dirigir 
una carta. To — oneself to, 
dirigirse a. To be wrongly — ed 
(a letter), traer las señas equi- 
vocadas ; llevar una dirección 

Addressee, n., destinatario. 

Adduce, v., aducir, alegar ; pre- 
sentar (proofs). 

Adept, «., adepto ; a., versado. 

Adequate, a., adecuado, propor- 
cionado, suficiente. To be • — , 
bastar. To be — to (compared 
with), guardar proporción con. 

Adhere, v. (to stick), pegarse, 
adherirse. To — to (conditions, 
etc.), atenerse a, ceñirse a, 
conformarse con. 

Adherence, n., adhesión. 

Adherent, a., adherente, pegajoso 

Adhesive, a., adhesivo. — stamps, 
sellos adhesivos {or engomados). 

Adjacent, a., adj^acente, contiguo, 
vecino, colindante. 

Adjective, n., adjetivo. 

Adjoin, v., juntar, unir ; lindar, 
estar contiguo. 

Adjoining, a., contiguo, inmediato. 

Adjourn, v., diferir, aplazar ; 

Adjournment, n., citación, empla- 

Adjudge, v., adjudicar, acordar, 
juzgar ; condenar, sentenciar 
a una pena. 

Adjudgment, n., adjudicación. 

Adjudicate,!'., adjudicar, declarar. 

Adjudication, n., adjudicación. 

Adjunct, «., adjunto. 

Adjust, v., ajusfar, arreglar ; 

Adjuster, n., arreglador, asesor, 
perito. Average — , arreglador 
y repartidor de averías. 

Adjustment, «., ajuste, liquida- 
ción, convenio, arreglo. 

Administer, v., administrar, go- 
bernar. To — an oath, tomar 

Administration, n., administra- 
ción, gobierno. 

Administrative, a., administrativo. 

Administrator, «., administrador. 

Administratorship, n., adminis- 

Admirable, a. admirable. 

Admiral, n., almirante. Rear , 

contraalmirante, jefe de es- 

Admiralty, n., almirantazgo. 
Court of — , almirantazgo, 
comandancia de marina. Lord 
Commissioners of the — , el 
consejo {or junta) del almi- 

Admiration, n., admiración. 

Admire, v., admirar. 

Admirer, n., admirador ; amante, 
apasionado (lover). To be an 
— of (an art or a sport), ser 
aficionado a. 

Admissible, a., admisible, acep- 
table ; permisible, lícito. 

Admission, n., admisión, entrada 
(entrance) ; recepción. — free, 
entrada libre. 





Admit, v., admitir, Loiueder, 
suponer ; permitir ; reconocer 
(a debt) ; convenir (to agree), 
confesar (to acknowledge). To 
— - of, permitir, ser susceptible 
de. To — as a partner, admitir 
de socio. 

Admittance, /., entrada, admisión. 
No — , se prohibe la entrada. 

Admonish, v., amonestar, adver- 
tir, reprender. 

Admonition, v., advertencia, avi- 
so, consejo, admonición, repren- 

Ado, n., dificultad, pena, bullicio, 
trabajo. Much — about 

nothing, mucho ruido {or bulli- 
cio) por nada. Without more 
— , sin más ni más, sin más ni 
menos ; de buenas a primeras, 
sin más rodeos ; sin más acá 
ni más allá. 

Adopt, v., adoptar. 

Adoption, n., adopción. 

Adore, v., adorar. 

Adorn, v., adornar, ataviar. 

Adornment, n., adorno. 

Adrift, adv., flotando, a merced de 
las olas ; a la deriva. 

Adroit, a., diestro, hábil. 

Adroitness, n., destreza, habili- 

Adult, a. Sz H., adulto. 

Adulterate, v., adulterar, falsifi- 

Adulteration, n., adulteración. 

Advance, n., avance, aumento ; 
(rise) alza, subida, encareci- 
miento ; (of money), adelanto, 
anticipo ; (progress), adelanta- 
miento, adelanto, mejora, pro- 
greso. ■ In — , de antemano, 
anticipadamente, por adelan- 
tado. Payment in — , pago 

Advance, v., avanzar, adelantar 
(to forward) ; promover (to 
promote) ; mejorar (to improve) 
adelantar, anticipar (money) 
encarecer, hacer subir (prices) 
(to progress) adelantar, hacer 

progresos ; ir adelante (to go 
forward) ; subir de precio (to 
go up in price). — d, avanzado, 
adelantado (in progress), antici- 
pado (beforehand) ; subido, 
elevado (prices). 

Advancement, n., adelantamiento, 
progreso ; promoción, ascenso ; 

Advantage, n., ventaja, beneficio, 
provecho, utilidad. To take — - 
of (to profit by), aprovecharse 
de, valerse de, aprovechar ; 
sacar provecho de ; (to make 
use of or to deceive), sacar 
partido de, ganar por la mano, 
engañar. To turn (or prove) to 
— , salir {or resultar) prove- 
choso. To the best — , por lo 
mejor. Of — , ventajoso. To 
have — : over. Seo Preference. 

Advantageous, a., ventajoso, útil, 
provechoso, lucrativo. 

Advantageously, adv., ventajosa- 
mente, con ventaja, con utilidad. 

Advent, n., adviento. 

Adventure, «., aventura ; em- 
presa, especulación, pacotilla. 

Adventurer, n., aventurero, espe- 

Adventurous, a., aventurado, 

Adverb, n., adverbio. 

Adversary, n., adversario. 

Adverse, a., adverso, contrario, 

Adversity, n., adversidad, des- 

Advert, v., referirse (a). 

Advertise, v., avisar, anunciar, 
poner anuncios. 

Advertisement, n., anuncio, aviso. 

Advertiser, «., anunciante. 

Advice, n., consejo (counsel) ; 
aviso (notice). • — note, carta 
de aviso. — s, noticias, avisos. 
Letter of — , carta de aviso. 
Refused for want of — , rehusado 
por falta de aviso. To take — , 
aconsejarse, tomar consejo, 





Advisability, n., conveniencia, pro- 
piedad, prudencia. 

Advisable, a., conveniente, pru- 
dente, acertado, oportuno. To 
think — , creer {or juzgar) 
conveniente (prudente, condu- 
cente or acertado). 

Advise, V. (to inform), a\isar, 
informar, participar, noticiar, 
anunciar ; (to recommend), 
aconsejar, recomendar. As ^d, 
según aviso. 

Advisedly, adv., deliberadamente, 
a cierta ciencia, a sabiendas. 

Advocate, n., abogado, intercesor, 

Advocate, v., abogar, apoyar, 
defender, sostener. 

Advocation, n., abogacía. 

Adze, v., azuela, hachuela. 

Aerate, v., airear. — -d waters, 
ttguas gaseosas. 

Aerial, a., aéreo. 

Aerodrome, aeródromo. 

Aerometer, n., aerómetro. 

Aeronaut, n., aeronauta. 

Aeronautics,, aeronáutica. 

Aeroplane, aeroplano. 

Afar, adv., lejos. — olí, distante. 
From — , de lejos, desde lejos. 

Affability, n, afabilidad. [voló. 

Affable, a., afable, cortés, bené- 

Affably, adv., afablemente, con 

Affair, n., asunto, negocio ; ac- 
ción, encuentro. — s, asuntos, 
negocios. Minister for foreign 
— s, ministro de Negocios Ex- 
tranjeros. — of honour, lance 
de honor, duelo. 

Affect, v., afectar, enternecer, 
conmo\'er (,to move) ; (to con- 
cern or interest) afectar, alterar, 
influir en, interesar, tocar ; (to 
feign or pretend) afectar, fingir, 
aparentar. To be — -ed by 
(influenced), resentirse de ; (in- 
terested) estar interesado en. 
— ed by (moved or upset), 
conmovido por. Very — ed 
(high-flown), muy alambicado. 

Affectation, n., afectación. 

Affecting, a., sensible, tierno, las- 

Affection, «., afe:to, amor, afi- 
ción, cariño ; enfermedad, do- 
lencia (ailment). 

Affectionate, a., cariñoso, afec- 

Affidavit, «., declaración jurada, 

Affinity, n., afinidad, relación. 

Afflrní, V., afirmar, declarar ; 
confirmar, ratificar. 

Aíflrmation, «., afirmación. 

Affirmative, «., afirmativo. A 
reply in the — , una respuesta 
{or contestación) afirmativa. 
To answer in the — , contestar 
afirmativamente, dar una res- 
puesta afirmativa. 

Affix, v., anexar, unir, juntar ; 
añadir, fijar, atar, poner. — ed, 

Afflict, v., afligir. To be — ed, 
afligirse, estar afligido {or opri- 

Afflicting, a., penoso, triste. 

Affliction, «., aflicción, desgracia, 

Affluence, n., afluencia, con- 
currencia, concurso ; abun- 
dant ia. 

.\ffluent, a., afluente, opulento, 
abundante. To be in — cir- 
cumstances, estar en la opulen- 

Afford, V. (to give or yield), dar, 
producir ; (to suppl}') abaste- 
cer, proveer. I cannot — it, mis 
medios no me lo permiten ; no 
tengo medios para esto. I can- 
not — this expense, no puedo 
incurrir en {or soportar) estos 
gastos. We cannot — to sell it 
at this price, no podemos ven- 
derlo a este precio. It — s us 
much pleasure to say, tenemos 
mucho gusto en decir. 

Affreight, v., fletar (un buque). 

Affreightment, n., flete, fleta- 
mento, cargo. 





Affront, }i., afrenta, insulto, 

Affront, v., afrentar, insultar. 

Afloat, adv., a flote ; flotando. 
There is a rumour — •, cunde el 

Afoot, adv., a pie, en acción, en 
movimiento, en preparación. 

Afore, adv. & prep., antes. — said, 
antedicho, susodicho. As — , 
como queda dicho. 

Afraid, a., amedrentado, atemori- 
zado, espantado. To be — , 
temer, tener miedo. 

Afresh, adv., de nuevo, otra vez. 

Afl, adv. (Naut.), a popa, en 

After, adv. &. prep., después, 
detrás ; tras. ; (according to) 
según. — all, después de todo, 
al ñn y al cabo. The day — , el 
día siguiente. The day — to- 
morrow, pasado mañana. — ■ 
the Spanish style, a la es- 
pañola. To look — , vigilar, 
tener presente, mirar por. 

After-dinner, n., de sobremesa. 

Afternoon, n., tarde. 

Afterpart, n. (Xaut.), popa. 

Aftertaste, n., resabio, clejo, gus- 

Afterthought, «., expediente tar- 

Afterwards, adv., después, más 

Again, adv., otra vez, de nuevo. 

— and — ■, muchas veces. As 
much — , otro tanto más. To 
write — , volver a escribir. To 
sell — , revender. 

Against, prep., contra, enfrente, 
para; (in exchange for) en 
cambio de ; ( — an order or an 
account), a valer sobre, a 
cuenta de, por cuenta de. To be 

— (opposed to), oponerse a. To 
bring an action — , entablar 
pleito (a). To draw — , girar 
contra (or a cargo de). 

Agate, n., ágata. 

AgCj n., edad. Twelve years of — , 

doce años de edad. What — 
are you ? ¿ Qué edad tiene 
Vd. ? Of — ■, mayor (de edad). 
Under — , menor (de edad). 

Aged, a., viejo, anciano. 

Agency, n., agencia, intervención ; 
acción, operación, influencia. 
• — house, casa de comisión. 

Agenda, n., agenda, libro de 

Agent, n., agente ; factor, dipu- 
tado, delegado. Commission — , 
comisionista. Lloyd's — , el 
agente del Lloyd [or del Lloyds). 
Forwarding — , agente expedi- 

Aggravate, v., agravar, exagerar, 
irritar, dificultar. 

Aggravating, a., agravante, irri- 
tante ; enojoso. 

Aggravation, n., agravación, veja- 

Aggregate, n., agregado, colección, 

Aggregate, a., agregado, juntado, 

Aggregate, v., agregar, añadir. 

Aggregation, n., agregación, agre- 
gado, masa, conjunto. 

Aggression, n., agresión, acome- 

Aggressive, a., agresivo. 

Aggressor, «., agresor. 

Aggrieve, v., agraviar, apesa- 
dumbrar ; lamentar. 

Aghast, a., espantado, horrori- 
zado, azorado. 

Agile, a., ágil, ligero. 

Agility, n., agilidad, ligereza. 

Agio, n., agio, agiotaje. 

Agitate, v., agitar, mover, afec- 
tar ; inquietar, conmover. To 
— for, agitarse para (obtener). 

Agitation, n., agitación, movi- 
miento. The project now in — , 
el proyecto que actualmente se 

Agitator, n., agitador. 

Ago, adv., pasado. Some time — -, 
hace algún tiempo, algún tiem- 
po ha. How long — ? ,; Cuánto 





ha ? A good while — , hace ya 
algún tiempo. Long — , mucho 
tiempo ha. Not long — , no 
hace mucho. A few clays — , 
hace algunos días ; días atrás. 
A little while — , hace poco. 

.\gog, adv., con interés. To be — , 
tener gana, desear. 

.\gony, 11., agonía, angustia. 

Agrarian, a., agrario. — law, ley 

.\gree, v., acordar, concordar, 
convenir ; entenderse, ponerse 
{or estar) de acuerdo, corres- 
ponder, coincidir, estar acorde, 
estar de acuerdo, estar conforme. 
To — \\4th (to suit), probar, 
sentar bien. It is — d, está [or 
queda) convenido. To — to 
(something), convenir con, ave- 
nirse a. To — upon, convenir, 
ajustar. To — with (a person), 
convenir con, entenderse con 
(una persona). To — to 
(accept), consentir en (aceptar), 
acordar (aceptar). 

Agreeable, a., agradable, con- 
forme, amable, conveniente. 
To be — to, acordar, concordar 
conformarse con ; tener a bien, 
estar conforme con. 

Agreeably, adv., agradablemente. 
— to, según, conforme a, con- 
forme (or de conformidad) con. 

Agreed, a., convenido, ajustado ; 
de acuerdo. As — upon, como 
convenido, según convenio. 

Agreement, n., convenio, confor- 
midad, ajuste, concordia, con- 
trato, tratado. Articles of — , 
artí:ulos de convenio. To come 
to an — , llegar a un acuerdo ; 
entenderse, convenirse, ajus- 

Agricultural, a., agricultural, agrí- 
cola. See Implement. 

.4grieulture, agricultura. cola. 

.Agriculturist, n., agricultor, agrí- 

Aground, adv., barado, encallado. 
To run — , encallar, embarran- 

Ague, n., fiebre ior calentura) in- 
termitente ; escalofrío. 

Ahead, adv. (Naut.), por la proa ; 
más allá, delante. To be — , 
ir delante. To get — , adelantar, 
ganar la delantera. We got — 
of him, le cogimos la delantera. 
Go — ! i Adelante ! ¡ Avancen ! 
To be a mile — , llevar una 
milla de delantera. To steam 
— , ponerse en marcha. 

Aid, n., ayuda, auxilio, socorro ; 

Aid, V., ayudar, apoyar, auxiliar, 

Ail, v., afligir, doler ; sufrir. 
What — s you ? ¿ Qué tiene 
Vd. .^ ¿ Qué le duele ? 

Ailing, a., doliente, indispuesto, 
achacoso, enfermizo. 

Ailment, n., dolencia, indisposi- 
ción, dolor. 

Aim, n., puntería, blanco, norte ; 
(object or purpose) ; mira, 
objeto, fin, designio, intento. 
To miss one's — , errar el tiro, 
no salir con su intento. 

Aim, v., apuntar, aspirar, pre- 
tender, intentar ; (a weapon) 
apuntar, asestar, tirar. 

Aimless, a., sin objeto, a la 

Air, )í. aire. To take the — , tomar 
el aire, air.íarse. To put on — s, 
entonarse, darse tono. In the 
open — , al aire libre. 

Air, v., airear, estar {or poner) al 
aire. To — a room, orear {or 
ventilar) un cuarto. To — a 
shirt, secar una camisa. To — 
liquors, calentar los líquidos. 

Air-cushion, colchón de viento. 

Air-gun, escopeta de \iento. 

Air-hole, n., respiradero. 

Air-proof. See Air-tight. 

Air-pump, bomba neumática, 
bomba de aire. 

Air-shaft, «., respiradero de mina. 

Air-ship, »., aeróstato. 

Air-tight, a., hermético, a prueba 
de aire, impermeable al aire. 





Airing:, «., paseo, vuelta (stroll). 

Airy, a., aéreo ; ligero, vivaz. 

Aislo, n., nave (de una iglesia). 

Aliimbo, a., en jarras. 

Aliin, a., emparentado, consan- 

Alabaster, n., alabastro. 

Alacrity, n., ardor, celo ; alegría. 

Alarm, n., alarma, inquietud. 
Fire — •, alarma de incendio. 

Alarm, v., alarmar, asustar, per- 
turbar, inquietar. 

Alarm-bell, n., timbre de alarma. 

Alarm-clock, despertador, reloj 

Alarming, a., alarmante. 

Alarmist, m., alarmista. 

Alarum. See Alarm. 

Album, «., álbum. 

Albumen, «., albúmina, clara de 

Albuminous, a., albuminoso. 

Alcohol, n., alcohol. 

Alcoholic, a., alcohólico. 

Alcoholism, «., alcoholismo. 

Alcoholmeter, «., alcoholímetro, 

Alcove, n., alcoba. 

Alderman, n., regidor. 

Ale, n., cerveza. Pale — , certeza 
blanca (clara or pálida). 

Ale-house, n., cer\-ecería. 

Alert, a., alerta, vigilante ; activo, 
vi\-o. To be on the — , estar 
alerta, estar en guardia, estar 
sobre aviso. 

Alertness, n., vigilancia, cuidado, 
agilidad, actividad. 

Algebra, «., álgebra. 

Alias, adv., alias, de otro modo, 
por otro nombre. 

Alibi, n., coartada. To prove an 
— , probar la coartada. 

Alien, a., ajeno, extraño ; foras- 
tero, extranjero ; contrario. 

Alienable, a., enajenable, tras- 

Alienate, v., 
ferir, ceder. 

Alienation, «., 

enajenar, trans- 

cnajenacion, ena- 

jenamiento, frialdad, desvio. 

Alight, v., descender, bajar ; 
apearse ; echarse sobre. 

Align, v., alinear. 

Alignment, «., alineamiento. 

Alike, a., semejante, igual ; adv., 
igualmente, del mismo modo. 

Aliment, n., alimento. 

Alimentary, a., alimenticio, ali- 

Alimentation, n., alimentación. 

Alimony, n., alimentos, asisten- 

Aliquot, a., alícuota. 

Alive, a., vivo, viviente, con vida ; 
activo. To be — , vivir. To be 

— to, apreciar, reconocer, ser 
sensible a. Man — ! ¡ Hombre 
de Dios ! 

Alkali, n., álcali. 

Alkaline, a., alcalino. 

All, a., todo ; adv., del todo, 
enteramente ; n., todo, cuanto. 
It is — the same, es igual, es 
absolutamente lo mismo. When 

— comes to — , con todo eso, 
en fin. For good and — , entera- 
mente, para siempre. Not at 
— , no por cierto, nada de eso. 
To have no ... at — , no tener 
. . . alguno. By — means, de 
cierto, sin duda. In — , en 
junto, en conjunto. Making 
in — , formando un total de. . . . 

— the more, tanto más. — the 
less, tanto menos. — who know 
him, cuantos le conocen. — of a 
sudden, de repente, de golpe, 
de golpe y porrazo. — at once, 
de repente, de golpe. See Along, 
Round, Once. 

All-fours, n., juego de naipes. 
To go on — , andar a gatas. 

All-saints '-day, n., día [or fiesta) 
de todos los santos. 

All-souls '-day, n., día de las 

Allay, v., ligar, mezclar ; (to 
soothe or set at rest) aliviar, 
aquietar, apaciguar, suavizar. 

Allayment, «., alivio ; liga, mez- 





Allegation, n., alegación, alegato. 

Allege, v., alegar, afirmar, de- 
clarar, sostener ; citar. — d, 

Allegiance, «., lealtad, fidelidad. 

Allegory, n., alegoría. 

Alleviate, v., aliviar, aligerar, 

Alleviation, «., alivio, aligera- 

Allevialive, «., paliativo. 

Alley, «., callejuela. 

Alliance, «., alianza, unión, liga ; 
parentesco, relaciones. To form 
an — \\'ith, unirse con. 

Allied, a., aliado, unido. — to, 
pariente de. 

Allies,, aliados. 

Alligator, -n., caimán, aligador. 

Allocate, v., colocar, distribuir, 
aplicar, adjudicar, dedicar, pro- 
porcionar, destinar. 

Allocation, n., asignación, distri- 
bución ; colocación, añadidura. 

Allot, v., distribuir, repartir, 
asignar, adjudicar, destinar ; 

Allotment, n., lote, parte ; repar- 
tición, reparto, asignación, re- 

Allotted, a., señalado, asignado, 
dividido, repartido. 

Allow, v., admitir, conceder, per- 
mitir, consentir ; abonar (en 
cuenta) . 

Allowable, a., admisible, lícito, 
permitido, justo, legítimo. 

Allowance, n., permiso, concesión ; 
señalamiento, abono, indem- 
nización, rebaja ; prima. To 
make — for, hacerse cargo de, 
tener en cuenta, tomar en con- 
sideración, ser indulgente, per- 

Alloy, «., liga. 

Alloy, v., ligar, mezclar (los 

Allspice, «., pimienta de Jamaica. 

Allude, v., aludir, referirse. 

Allure, v., halagar, atraer. 

Allurement, n., halago, atractivo. 

Alluring, a., atractivo, halagüeño, 

Allusion, n., alusión, indirecta. 

Ally, n., aliado. 

Ally, v., hacer alianza, concordar ; 

Almanac, n., almanaque, calen- 
dario. — ■ maker, almanaquista, 

Almighty, a., omnipotente, todo- 

Almond, n., almendra. Burnt — s, 
peladilla ; almendras bañadas 
{or garapiñadas). Bitter — s, 
almendras amargas. — oil, 
aceite de almendras. Shelled 
— , almendra descascarada 
(pelada or sin cascara). Un- 
shelled — s, almendras con 
cascara. — paste, pasta de 
almendras. ■ — ■ tree, almendro. 

Almost, adv., casi, cerca de. 

Alms, n., limosna. — house, 

Aloes, n., áloe, acíbar. — ■ fibre, 
áloe, cáñamo de áloe, pita. 

Aloft, adv. or prep., arriba, sobre, 
en alto. 

Alone, a., solo, solitario ; adv., 
sólo, solamente, únicamente. 
Leave me — , déjeme Vd. en 
paz. To let (a thing) — , no 
tocar, no mezclarse en. 

Along, adv., a lo largo, por lo 
largo, por ; adelante. — with, 
con, junto con, en unión de. 
All — , desde un principio, de 
comienzo, siempre, por todo el 

Alongside, adv. & prep. (Naut.), al 
costado (del buque), costado 
con costado. To be (or to lie) 
— , estar atracado {or atracar) al 
costado de un buque. Price 
free — , precio puesto al costado 
(del buque). 

.\loof, adv., lejos ; de lejos, a lo 
largo. To keep (or stand) — , 
mantenerse a lo lejos, hacer 
rancho aparte. To stand — 
from, no mezclarse en. 





Aioiui, adv., alto, en alta voz. 

Alpaca, n., alpaca. 

Alphabet, n., alfabeto. 

Alphabetical, a., alfabético. la 
— order, por orden alfabético. 

Already, adv., ya. 

Also, adv., también, igualmente, 
asimismo. As — , así como 

Alter, v., alterar, mudar, cambiar, 
modificar, variar ; mudarse, 
cambiarse, alterarse, variar. 
To — one's opinion, mudar de 
opinión {or parecer). 

Alteration, «., alteración, mu- 
danza, cambio, reforma, modi- 
ficación, variación, enmienda. 

Alternate, a., alternativo. 

Alternate, v., alternar. 

Amaze, v., asombrar, espantar, 

Amazement, n., admiración, asom- 
bro, espanto, pasmo. 

Amazing, a., asombroso, pas- 
moso, extraño. 

Amazon, fi., amazona ; mari- 

Ambassador, n., embajador. 

Ambassy. See Embassy. 

Amber, n., ámbar. — gris, ámbar 

Ambient, a., ambiente. 

Ambiguity, n., ambigüedad, con- 
fusión, duda. 

Ambiguous, a., ambiguo. 

Ambition, n., ambición. 

Ambitious, a., ambicioso. 

Ambulance, «., ambulancia. 

Alternately, adv., alternativa- Ambush, n., emboscada, celada, 
mente, por turno. 

Alternation, n., alternación. 

Alternative, «., alternativa. To 
ha\e no — , no tener remedio 
{or alternativa). 

Alternatively, adv., alternativa- 
mente, por turno. 

Although, conj., auncjue, no obs- 
tante, bien que, aun cuando, 
sin embargo ; si bien. 

Altitude, n., altura, altitud, ele- 

Altogether, adv., enteramente, del 
todo, para siempre ; en jimto, 
en un todo, en resumen, en 

.41um, m., alumbre. 

Alumina, /., alúmina. 

Aluminous, a., aluminoso. 

Aluminium, ??., aluminio. 

Always, adv., siempre. 

A.M., ante meridiem, antes del 
mediodía ; de la mañana. 

.\malgam, »., amalgama. 

Amalgamate, v., amalgamar, 

Amalgamation, n., amalgamación, 

Amanuensis, n., amanuense. 

Amass, v., acumular, amontonar. 

Amateur, n., aficionado. 

acecho. To lie in — •, estar 
emboscado ; acechar. 

Ameliorate, v., mejorar. 

Amelioration, «., mejora, mejora- 
miento, adelanto, perfecciona- 

Amenable, a., responsable ; dócil, 

Amend, v., enmendar, corregir, 
reparar ; enmendarse, refor- 
marse, restablecerse. 

.4mended, a., corregido, enmen- 

.4mendment, n., enmienda, correc- 

Amends, n., recompensa, compen- 
sación, reparación, satisfacción. 
To make — , compensar, indem- 

Amenity, n., amenidad. 

Amethyst, n., amatista, amatiste. 

Amiable, a., amable, amigable, 
amistoso, agradable. 

Amiably, adv., amablemente. 

Amicable, a., amigable, amistoso. 

Amicably, adv., amigablemente, 

Amid, prep., entre, en medio de ; 
mezclado con, rodeado por. 

Amidships (Naut.), en medio del 





Auiidst. Sec Amid. 

Amiss, adv., mal. To be — , ser 
malo, estar de más. Not to be 
(or to come) — , no ser malo, 
no estar de más, venir a tiempo. 
To take — , llevar a mal. 

Ammonia, ¡i., amoníaco. 

Ammunition, «., munición, muni- 

Amnesty, n., amnistía. 

Aniok, adv., to run — , atacar a 
ciegas, volverse loco. 

Among, Amongst, prep. & adv., 
entre, en medio de ; de. 

Amortisation, n., amortización. 

Amortise, v., amortizar. 

Amount, «., importe, suma, can- 
tidad, monto. Whole — , 
importe total. To the — of, 
hasta la suma {or la concurren- 
cia) de. Gross — , importe 
bruto. Net — , importe líquido 
(or neto). To have any — of, 
tener grandes cantidades {or 
existencias) de ; sobrar (le). . . 

Amount, v., montar, importar, 
ascender, subir. It — s to the 
same, viene a ser lo mismo ; 
lo mismo da. 

Amphibious, a., anfibio. 

Ampliitheatre, n., anfiteatro. 

Ampie, a., amplio, extenso, largo, 
abundante, suficiente. 

Amplify, v.. amplificar, ampliar, 
extender, dilatar. 

Amplitude, «., amplitud, exten- 

Amply, adv., ampliamente, sufi- 

Amputate, v., amputar. 

Amuse, v., divertir, entretener ; 
y.v., di\ertirse. 

Amusement, «., diversión, entre- 
tenimiento, recreo, pasatiempo. 

Amusing, a., divertido. 

An. See A. 

Analogous, a., análogo. 

Analogy, »., analogía. 

Analysis, u., análisis. 

Analyst, n., analizador. 

Analyse, v., analizar. 

Anarchy, n., anarquía. 

Anathema, n., anatema. 

Anatomy, n., anatomía. 

Ancestors,, abuelos, ante- 

Ancestry, n., alcurnia, linaje, raza. 

Anchor, n., ancla, áncora. Sheet 
— , ancla {or anclote) de espe- 
ranza. At — , al ancla, anclado, 
fondeado, surto. — ground, 
fondeadero. To weigh — , levar 
anclas, lever el ancla ; zarpar. 
To cast — , fondear, anclar. 
To heave — , soltar {or echar) 
el ancla. To bring to — , anclar. 
To let go the — , soltar el ancla, 
dar fondo. 

Anchor, v., anclar, dar fondo. 

Anchorage, »., anclaje, fondea- 
dero, surgidero ; derechos de 

Anchovy, n., anchoa, anchova. 

Ancient, a., antiguo. 

And, couj., y, e. To go — see, 
ir a ver. — yet, sin embargo. 

Anecdote, n., anécdota. 

Anent, prep., tocante a, por lo 
concerniente a. 

Anew, adv., de nuevo, otra vez, 

Ángel, n., ángel. Guardian - — , 
ángel de la guarda. 

Anger, n., ira, cólera, enojo, 
enfado, disgusto. 

Anger, v., enojar, enfadar, irritar, 

Angle, n., ángulo. 

Angle, v., pesar con caña ; in- 
sinuarse, halagar. 

Angler, n., pescador con caña. 

Angling, ti., pesca con caña. 

Angry, a., colérico, enfadado, 
enojado, airado, irritado. To 
get — , enfadarse, enojarse, 
montar en cólera. 

Anguish, n., ansia, angustia. 

Angular, a., angular, anguloso. 

Aniline, «., anilina. — colours, 
colores de anilina. 

Animadversion, w., animad\er- 
sión, animadvertencia. 





Animadvert, v., advertir, obser- 
var, censurar, reprochar. 
Animal, «., animal ; a., animal. 

— kingdom, reino animal. 

— spirits, ardor, \ivacidad, 

Animate, v., animar. — d, ani- 
mado, vivo. 

Animation, n., animación, movi- 

Animosity, «., animosidad, ojeriza. 

Aniseed, n., anís. — oil, anisete. 

Anlile, n., tobillo. 

Annals, n.pL, anales. 

Annex, v., anexar, adjuntar ; 
juntar, reunir. — ed, anexo, 
incluso, adjunto. 

Annexation, n., anexión ; adición, 

Annihilate, v., aniquilar. 

Annihilation, «., aniquilación. 

Anniversary, n., aniversario. 

Annotate, v., anotar. 

Annotation, n., anotación, nota. 

Announce, v., anunciar, partici- 
par, publicar, proclamar. 

Announcement, n., aviso, adver- 
tencia, declaración. 

Annoy, v., molestar, incomodar, 
disgustar, fastidiar, contrariar. 
— ed, disgustado, sentido, mo- 

Annoyance, n., molestia, disgus- 
to(s), fastidio, pena. 

Annoying, «., molesto, provoca- 
dor, incómodo, enojoso, fasti- 
dioso, importuno. 

Annual, a., anual. — balan:e, 
balance anual. — report, 
memoria anual. 

Annually, adv., anualmente. 

Annuitant, n., el que tiene una 
renta vitalicia. 

Annuity, n., anualidad, renta 
anual. Deferred — , renta 
diferida. Life — , renta vitalicia. 

Annul, v., anular, invalidar, 

Annulment, n., anulación. 

Annum, «., año. Per — , al año, 
por año. 

Anomalous, u., anómalo, irregular. 

.Vnomaly, «., anomalía, irregulari- 

Anón, adv., pronto, a poco, en 

Anonymous, a., anónimo. 

Another, a., otro. One — , uno a 
otro. That is — thing, eso es 
otra cosa. Just such — , otro 
que tal. That is quite — thing, 
eso es enteramente distinto ; 
(Coll.) esa es harina de otro 

Answer, «., respuesta, contesta- 
ción, réplica. In — ■ to, en con- 
testación a ; en cumplimiento 
(compliance) de. — by ^vire, 
respuesta telegráfica. 

Answer, v., responder, replicar ; 
contestar ; satisfacer a. To — a 
letter, contestar a una carta. 
To — one's expectations, co- 
rresponder a sus esperanzas. To 
— one's purpose, llenar su 
intento, responder a su objeto. 
To — the requirements, con- 
venir ; llenar las necesidades. 
To — for, responder de, garan- 
tizar ; ñar a. It did not — , no 
ha dado buen resultado. 

Answerable, a., responsable. See 

Ant, n., hormiga. — hill, hormi- 

Antagonist, ;/., antagonista. 

Antarctic, a., antartico. 

Antecedent, a., antecedente, pre- 

Antecedents, n.pL, antecedentes. 

Antedate, n., anticipación, ante- 

Antedate, v., antedatar. 

Ante Meridiem, A.M., antes del 
mediodía, de la mañana. 

Anterior, a., anterior, prece- 

Anthem, n., antífona, motete. 

Anthracite, «., antracita, hulla 

Antic, n., acción, cabriola, tra- 





Anticipate, v., (to expect) es- 
perar, (foresee) prever, prome- 
terse ; anticipar ; adelantarse, 

Anticipation, n., anticipación, es- 
peranza, anticipo. In — , 
anticipadamente, adelantado. 
To thank (one) in — , anticipar 
las gracias. 

Antidote, n., antidoto. 

Antimony, «., antimonio. 

Antipatliy, n., antipatía. 

Antipodes,, antípodas. 

Antiquarian, a., anticuario. 

Antiquary, n., anticuario. 

Antiquated, a., anticuado, añejo, 

Antique, a., antiguo. 

Antiquity, «., antigüedad. 

Antiseptic, a., antiséptico. 

Antithesis, n., antítesis. 

Antier, n., asta. 

Anvil, n., yunque, bigornia. 

Anxiety, n., ansia, inquietud, 
ansiedad, cuidado, afán. 

Anxious, a., inquieto, ansioso, 
impaciente, deseoso. To be — 
about, estar inquieto a causa de. 
To make one — , dar cuidado ; 
dar mal rato. To be — to, 
desear, anhelar ; tener interés 
en ; tener {or poner) empeño 
en ; importar (le.) 

Anxiously, adv., ansiosamente, 
impacientemente, con impa- 

Any, a., cualquiera, alguno, todo. 
In ■ — case, en todo caso. 

— longer, más tiempo, más allá. 

— more, más. See Amount, 

Anybody, pron., alguno, alguien, 
cualquiera, todo el mundo. 

Anyhow, adv., de cualquier modo, 
(que sea), en cualquier caso, 
sin embargo ; no importa como. 

Anything, /'í'o;!., algo, alguna cosa, 
cualquiera cosa. It is — but 
nice, dista mucho de ser bonito ; 
está muy lejos de ser bonito. 

— else, otra cosa ; más. If — , 

un tanto, un j)oquito, si cabe, 
acaso, quizá. 

Anyway, adv., sin embargo, con 
todo eso, sea lo que fuere. 

Anywhere, adv., en todas partes, 
en cualquier lugar que sea. 
— else, en otra parte ; (after a 
negation) en ninguna parte. 

Apart, adv., aparte, a un lado, por 
separado. — from, aparte de. 
To set — , poner a un lado. 

Apartment, n., cuarto, aposento, 

Apathetic, a., apático, indiferente, 

Apathy, n., apatía. 

Ape, n., mono. 

.Vperient, Aperative, a., aperitivo. 

Aperture, n., abertura. 

Apex, n., ápice, cima. 

Apiary, n., colmenar, abejar. 

Apiece, adv., por barba, por 
cabeza, por persona, cada uno. 
Five shillings — , cinco chelines 
por pieza. 

Apologise, v., disculparse, ex- 
cusarse. To — for .... excu- 
sarse de. . . . I — for this error, 
le ruego me disculpe (dis- 
pense or disimule) este error. 

Apology, n., apología, defensa ; 
disculpa, e.xcusa, justificación. 
Accept our apologies, le supli- 
camos nos dispense. 

Apoplexy, n., apoplejía. 

Apostle, m., apóstol. 

Apostrophe, n., apostrofe. 

Apothecary, n., boticario. — -'s 
shop, botica. 

Appal, v., espantar, aterrar, 

Appalling, a., espantoso, aterra- 

Apparatus, n., aparato, aparejo. 

Apparel, n., aparejo, traje, vestido. 
Wearing — , vestidos, ropa. 

Apparent, a., claro, evidente, 
patente, aparente, cierto. Heir 
— , heredero presuntivo. To be 
very — , saltar a los ojos. 

Apparently, adv., al parecer, a lo 





que parecr, por lo visto, cxi- 

Apparition, >;., aparición. 

Appeal, n., apelación, súplica, 
petición, instancia, llamada, 
llamamiento. On second — , 
en segunda instancia. To con- 
firm an — , confirmar en recurso. 
Without — , sin recurso. See 

Appeal, v., apelar, recurrir. 

Appealer, n., apelante, acusador. 

.\ppear, v., aparecer, aparecerse ; 
comparecer, presentarse (in a 
court, etc.), parecer (to seem), 
figurar (in an account, state- 
ment, etc.), constar (to be 
evident), salir a luz (a book or 
publication). As it — s, según 
. {or por lo que) parece, según 
consta, a la cuenta. To make it 
— , hacerlo constar. 

Appearance, n., aparición, vista, 
aspecto, aire, porte (bearing), 
aparición, cariz ; comparecencia 
(before the judge). To all — s, 
según parece, al parecer, según 
todos los visos. To put in an — , 
hacer acto de presencia, pre- 
sentarse. To save — s, (para) 
salvar las apariencias. 

Appease, v., aliviar, apaciguar, 
aplacar, pa:ificar. [dante. 

Appellant, n.. apelante, deman- 

Appellation, «., apelación, nombre. 

Append, v., colgar ; añadir, 
anexar. [cesoria. 

Appendage, n., dependencia, ac- 

Appendicitis, «., apendicitis. 

Appendix, n., apéndice, adición, 

Appertain, v.. pertenecer, tocar. 

Appertaining, a., perteneciente. 

Appetising, a., grato, gustoso. 

Appetite, n., apetito, gana. 

Applaud, v., aplaudir, alabar, 
aprobar ; palmetear. 

Applause, n., aplauso, aplausos. 

Apple, n., manzana. , — -tree, man- 
zano. — of the eye, la niña 
[or pupila) del ojo. 

Appliance, >i., a{)arato, herra- 
mienta, instrumento, utensilio ; 

Applicable, a., aplicable, perti- 
nente. To be — , to, ser apli- 
cable (or aplicarse) a. 

Applicant, «., candidato, preten- 
tliente, aspirante, solicitante, 

Application, »., aplicación, súplica, 
demanda, solicitud, ocurso 
(Amer.), petición, instancia ; 
(use) aplicación, uso, empleo ; 
(study) aplicación, estudio, aten- 
ción. To make (an) — to, 
dirigirse a, recurrir a. A writ- 
ten — , una solicitud por escrito, 
un memorial. On — , sobre 
pedido, a solicitud, a quien lo 
pida [or solicite). 

Apply, v., aplicar ; recurrir [or 
acudir) a. To — to, recurrir a, 
dirigirse a, ocurrir a ; (to be 
applicable) aplicarse, hacerse 
extensivo, convenir. For . . . 
apply to ... , para . . . dirigirse 
a. . . . To ■ — for, pedir, solicitar. 
To — oneself to, aplicarse a, 
dedicarse a. To — -a sum of 
money to ... , destinar una 
suma de dinero a. 

Appoint, v., señalar (a day, etc.), 
designar, nombrar (a person to 
a post). At the — ed time, al 
tiempo señalado ; a la hora 

Appointment, n., nombramiento, 
colocación ; (meeting or en- 
gagement) cita, diligencia. — s, 
sueldo. To make an — , darse 
cita. To keep the — , acudir 
a la cita. By special ■ — •, de 
nombramiento especial. 

Apportion, v., proporcionar, re- 
partir, dividir, prorratear. 

Apportionment, n., reparto, repar- 
tición, división, prorrateo. 

Apposite, a., adaptado, propio, pro- 
porcionado, oportuno, a propósito 

Appraise, v., apreciar, estimar, 
ponderar, tasar, valuar. 





Appraisomeiit, u., aprecio ; avalúo, 
estimación, \-aluación, tasación. 

Appraiser, «., apreciador, avalua- 
dor, tasador. 

Appreciable, a., apreciable, esti- 
mable, sensible. Without any 
— change, sin variación sen- 

Appreciate, «., apreciar, estimar, 

Appreciation, n., aprecio, aprecia- 
ción, estimación, valua-ión. 

Apprehend, v., aprehender, 
aprender, comprender, conce- 
bir ; (to fear) recelar, temer ; 
(to arrest) prender. 

Apprehension, »., aprehensión, 
comprensión ; aprehensión, re- 
celo (doubt or fear). — s, rece- 
los, temores. 

Apprehensive, a., aprehensivo, 
receloso, tímido. To be — , 

Apprentice, «., aprendiz. 

Apprentice,!'., poner (a alguno) de 

Apprenticeship, n., aprendizaje. 
To serve one's — , hacer [or 
cumplir) su aprendizaje. 

Apprise, v., avisar, informar, 

Approach, n., aproximación, pro- 
ximidad ; acceso, entrada. The 
nearest — to .... lo más 
aproximado (or parecido) a. 

Approach, v., acercarse, aproxi- 
marse, avecinarse ; parecerse a, 
ser parecido a ; (to interview a 
person) abocarse con (una 
persona). To — a firm, dirigirse 
a una casa, hacer propuestas a 
una firma. 

Approachable, a., accesible, abor- 
dable, de fácil acceso. 

Approaching, a., próximo, cer- 
cano ; que se avecina. 

Approbation, «., aprobación. See 

Appropriate, «., apropiado, apto, 

propio : del caso. 
Appropriate, v., apropiar, des- 

tinar ; apropiarse de (to take 
possession) . 
Appropriation, n., apropiación.. 
Approval, n., aprobación, anuen- 
cia, satisfacción. On — , a su 
aprobación (de Vd.). For your 
— , para que lo examine {or lo 
acepte) ; para \er si (le) gus- 
ta(n). To meet with one's — , 
merecer su aprobación. To 
submit it for — , someterlo a 
(su) aprobación. 

Approve, v., aprobar, gustar, 
consentir. To — of, aprobar, 
dar por bueno. 

Approximate, a., aproximado, 
aproximativo, próximo. 

Approximate, v., aproximar ; 
acercarse, aproximarse. 

Approximately, adv., aproxima- 

Approximation, n.. aproximación, 

Approximative. See Approximate. 

Appurtenance, n., pertenencia ; 
clependcncia. — s, accesorios. 

Apricot, «., albaricoque ; cha- 
bacano (i\Iex.). 

April, «., abril. 

Apron, n., delantal, mandil ; 
(Naut.) albitana. — strings, 
cintas del delantal. 

Apt, a., apto, capaz, idóneo, 
propio ; inclinado, dispuesto, 
dado. — to break, frágil. — to 
forget, olvidadizo. This is — to, 
esto se presta a ; es fácil que 
esto (followed by subjunctive). 

Aptitude, n., aptitud, tendencia, 

Aptly, adv., aptamente, con apti- 

Aqua fortis, n., agua fuerte. 

Aquatic, a., acuático. 

Aqueduct, n., acueducto. 

Aquiline, a., aguileno. 

Arab, n., árabe. Street — , pillete 
de calle. 

Arabesque, a., arabesco ;, 

Arabic, a., árabe, arábigo. 





Arable, a., labrantío. 

Arbiter, n., arbitrador, arbitro, 
juez arbitro. 

Arbitrarily, adv., arbitrariamente. 

Arbitrament, n., arbitrio, juicio. 

Arbitrariness, n., arbitrariedad. 

Arbitrary, a., arbitrario. 

Arbitrate, v., arbitrar, someter a 
arbitraje ; dar juicio. 

Arbitration, «., arbitramento, ar- 
bitraje. — court, tribunal arbi- 

Arbitrator, n., arbitro, arbitrador, 

Arbour, n., emparrado, enramada, 

Are, n., arco. 

Are -lamp, lámpara eléctrica del 
.sistema arco. 

.Vrc-light, «., alumbrado eléctrico 
del .si.stema arco. 

Arch, n., arco ; bóveda ; a., 
socarrón, picaresco. 

Arch, v., arquear, encorvar ; for- 
mar bóveda. 

Archer, n., arquero. 

Archimedean screw, n., hélice, 
hélice de propulsión. — water 
screw, tornillo {or rosca) hidráu- 
lico de Arcjuímedes. 

Architect, n., arquitecto. 

Architectural, a., arquitectural. 

Architecture, w., arquitectura. 

Archive, «., archivo. 

Arctic, a., ártico. 

Ardent, a., ardiente. 

Ardour, «., ardor, celo. 

Arduous, a., arduo, difícil, ím- 

Are, >i., m-diJa (100 sq. m.). 

Area, n., área, superficie, exten- 
sión superfiLÍal. 

Areometer, n., areómetro. 

Argand gas burner, quemador de 
Argand. Argand lamp, quinqué, 
lámpara de Argand (con doble 
corriente de aire). 

Argentine, a., argentino. 

Argue, v., argumentar, disputar, 
discurrir, porfiar ; probar, 
argüir. To — with, argüir (or 

discutir) con. To — into, 

Argument, n., argumento, razona- 
miento, prueba. 

Argumentative, a., argumentativo. 

Arid, a., árido, seco. [quedad. 

Aridity, Aridness, n., aridez, se- 

Aright, adv., bien, acertadamente, 

Arise, v., levantarse, ponerse en 
pie. To — •, (result) resultar ; 
(a difficulty) surgir ; presen- 
tarse, ofrecerse. To — from, 
proceder (o^ provenir) de, re- 
sultar de, originarse, nacer de. 

Aristocracy, n., aristocracia. 

Aristocrat, n., aristócrata. 

Aristocratic, a., aristocrático. 

Arithmetic, «., arithmético. Com- 
mercial — , arithmética mercan- 

Arithmetical, a., aritmético. 

Arithmetician, «., aritmético. 

Arlí, «., arca. 

Arm, n., brazo; arma (weapon). 
— chair, silla de brazos. — in 
— , del brazo, de bracero. At 
— 's length, a distancia, a raya. 

Arm, v., armar ; armarse, tomar 
las armas. 

Armada, »., armada, flota. 

Armament, n., armamento. 

Armed, a., armado. Long — ed, 
de brazos largos. 

Armful, «., brazado. 

Armistice, n., armisticio. 

Armlet, «., brazal, brazalete. 

.\rmour, «., armadura. — plated, 

.4rmoury, n., armería, arsenal. 

-Armpit, n., sobaco. 

Arms,, armas. Fire — , 
armas de fuego. 

Army, n., ejército. 

Arnica, n., árnica. 

Aroma, n., aroma. 

Aromati", a., aromático. [dor. 

Around, adv., al rededor, al derre- 

Arouse, v., despertar, excitar. 

Arraign, v., citar, emplazar, 
delatar en justicia ; acusar. 





Arraign iiiout, »., emplazo, empla- 
zamiento ; acusación, proceso. 

Arrange, v., arreglar, ajustar, 
disponer, concertar, poner en 
orden, ordenar ; (to settle) 
ajustar, arreglar, subsanar, so- 
lucionar, ultimar, zanjar. To 
— wáth, acordar con, convenir, 
entenderse con, ponerse de 
acuerdo con. To — to send, 
quedar en enviar, consentir en 

Arranged, a., convenido, con- 

Arrangement, n., arreglo, ajuste, 
disposición ; (agreement) con- 
venio, acuerdo, concordato. To 
make — s, tomar (sus) medidas, 
hacer diligencias {or providen- 
cias). To come to an — , enten- 
derse, llegar a un acuerdo. 

Arrant, a., notorio, consumado. 

Array, n., formación, orden ; 
adorno, atavío. 

Array, v., colocar, poner en orden ; 
vestir, adornar. 

Arrear, n., atraso. In — , atrasado, 

Arrears, n.. atrasos, atrasados. 

Arrest, «., aprehensión, arresto ; 
embargo (de bienes). Goods 
under • — , mercancías embar- 

Arrest, v., arrestar, detener, pren- 
der ; embargar, secuestrar 
(goods) ; atraer, llamar (the 

Arrival, «., llegada, arribo. Safe 
— , feliz llegada, llegada sin 
novedad. On — , a (su) llegada. 
- — s, arribos, mercancías para 
entregar. — sales, ventas para 

Arrive, v., arribar, llegar ; fon- 
dear (a vessel). To — at, llegar 
a, alcanzar, conseguir. To — 
safely, llegar sin novedad [or 
con felicidad). Sales to — , 
ventas a flote [or para llegar). 
To — , para entregar. 

Arrogance, «., arrogancia. 

Arrogan!, a., arrogante, presumi- 
do, alti\-o. 

Arrogate, v., arrogarse. 

Arrow, «., flecha, saeta. 

Arrowroot, n., arrurruz ; almidón 
de Maranto. 

Arsenal, »., arsenal. 

Arsenic, n., arsénico. — oxide, 
óxido de arsénico. 

Arsenous, a., arsenioso. 

Arson, «., incendio premeditado. 

Art, n., arte. The fine — s, las 
bellas artes. The mechanical 
— s, las artes mecánicas. Work 
of — , object de arte. 

Artery, »., arteria. 

Artesian, a., artesiano. — well, 
pozo artesiano. 

Artful, a., artificioso, astuto. 

Artichoke, »., alcachofa. Jerusa- 
lem — , cotufa, chufa. 

Article, «., artículo, renglón, 
párrafo ; — ^ (in a newspaper), 
artículo, suelto. Leading — , 
artículo de fondo (newspaper) ; 
artículo principal (goods). To 
sign — s, escriturarse. — ^s, 
contrato. To be under — s, 
estar escriturado. 

.Vrticle. V., contratar. To — an 
apprentice, poner en aprendi- 

Articulate, v., articular. 

Artifice, n., artificio, engaño, 

Artificer, n., artífice, artesano. 

.artificial, a., artificial, fingido. 
— silk, seda artificial. 

Artillery, «., artillería. 

Artisan, «., art sano. 

.Artist, n., artista. 

Artistic, a., artístico. 

Artless, a., natural, sencillo. 

As, conj., como, pues, puesto que, 
porque. — good — , tan bueno 
como. — well — , tan bien 
como. — ■ well, también. — for, 
en cuanto a, por lo que toca 
(or hace) a. — to, tocante a, 
por lo que toca a. — for me, 
por lo que a mí toca, en cuanto 




a mi. — far as, hasta. — nua li 
— , tanto como. (To aet) — , 
(obrar) como, en calidad de, 
en concepto de. He acted — 
captain, liizo de capitán. (In 
proportion) — you receive 
them, a medida que los reciba, 
conforme los vaya recibiendo. 
— large again, dos veces tan 
grande. — ■ it were, por decirlo 
asi. — soon — , luego que, así 
que, en cuanto. — yet, aun, 
hasta ahora, todavía. • — • per, 
según. — it is, tal cual (está) ; 
así como asi. 

Asbestos, n., asbesto, amianto. 

Ascend, v., ascender, subir ; 

Ascendant, v., altura ; ascen- 
diente, influjo. 

Ascension, n., ascensión. 

Ascent, n., subida, altura. 

Ascertain, v., averiguar, indagar, 
descubrir ; fijar, determinar. 

Ascribe, v., atribuir, achacar. 

Ash, n., ceniza. ■ — Wednesday, 
miércoles de cenizas. — es, 

Ash-tree, n., fresno. 

Ashamed, a., avergonzado. To be 
(or feel) — , avergonzarse. 

Ashore, adv., a tierra, en tierra ; 
encallado. To go — (to land), 
desembarcar. To drive — , echar 
a la costa. To run — , encallar, 
embarrancar, echarse a la costa. 

Aside, adv., al lado, a un lado, a 
parte. To la}' — , abandonar. 
To put — , reservar. To set ■ — 
(i'ejc t), des char, rechazar. 

Aslí, V., pedir, rogar, encargar, 
exigir (to demand) ; preguntar, 
interrogar (to question). To — 
a question, hacer una pregunta. 
To — • after (or for) , preguntar 
por. To — • (so much) for, pedir 
(tanto) por. 

Askance, Aslvant, adv., al sesgo. 
To look — at, mirar de reojo. 

Asleep, adv., dormido. To fall — •, 
dormirse, quedarse dormido. 

As|>, »., ásj)i(l. 

Asparagus, >«., espárrago. 

Aspect, n., aspecto, apariencia, 
situación, cariz, semblante. 

Aspen, — tree, «., álamo temblón. 
To shake like an — •, temblar 
como un azogado. 

Asperity, n., aspereza, rudeza. 

Aspersion, «., difamación, calum- 
nia. To cast an — on, difamar 
{or calumniar) a alguno. 

Asphalt, n., asfalto. 

Aspirant, n., aspirante, preten- 
diente, candidato. 

Aspiration, «., aspiración, ambi- 
ción, anhelo. 

Aspire, v., aspirar, pretender. 

Ass, «., burro, asno, borrico, 

Assail, v., acometer, asaltar, em- 

Assailant, n., acometedor, agresor. 

Assault, w., asalto, acometimiento. 

Assault, v., acometer, asaltar. 

Assay, n., ensayo, ensaye ; con- 
traste. — • office, oficina de 
ensayador {or de contraste). 
— mark, estampilla. 

Assay, v., ensayar, experimentar, 

Assayer, n., ensayador, contraste. 

Assaying, n., ensaye. 

Assemblage, n., asamblea, mul- 
titud ; colección, agregado. 

Assemble, ü., congregar, convocar ; 
juntarse, unirse (en junta). 

Assembly, n., asamblea, junta, 
congreso, reunión, concurso. 

Assent, n., asentimiento, consen- 
timiento, aprobación. 

Assent, v., asentir, consentir, 
aprobar. To — to, aceptar, 
aprobar, consentir en. 

Assert, v., aseverar, alegar, ase- 
gurar, afirmar, sostener, man- 
tener, hacer constar. To — 
oneself, pregonarse. To — one's 
claims, reivindicar (sus dere- 

Assertion, n., aserto, aserción, 
afirmación, constancia. 





Assess, v., determinar, fijar, seña- 
lar, amillar, tasar, imponer. 
To • — at, tasar en. 

Assessable, a., imponible. 

Assessment, n., tasa, reparto. — 
of taxes, amillaramiento. 

Assessor, «., asesor, tasador. 

Assets,, activo, créditos 
activos ; efectos, bienes, disponi- 
bilidades. Real — , bienes 
raices. Personal — , bienes 

Assiduity, n., asiduidad, solicitud. 

Assiduous, a., asiduo, aplicado. 

Assiduously, adv., diligentemente, 

Assign, v., asignar, señalar (a 
reason, etc.) ; (to make over) 
traspasar, ceder. 

Assignable, a., asignable. 

Assignation, «., asignación, seña- 
lamiento ; cesión, translación. 

Assignee, n., cesionario, síndico, 

Assigner, n., a.signante, cedente. 

Assignment, n., asignación, cesión, 
abandono, traspaso, traslación ; 
escritura de traspaso. 

Assimilate, v., asimilar, asemejar. 

Assist, v., asistir, ayudar, apoyar, 
socorrer ; asistir, presenciar. 

Assistance, «., asistencia, ayuda, 
apoyo, socorro. 

Assistant, w., asistente, ayudante, 

Assize, n., tribunal de justicia. 

Associate, n., asociado, socio, 

Associate, v., asociar, asociarse. 

Association, n., asociación, .socie- 
dad, compañía. 

Assort, v., surtir. 

Assortment, «., surtido. 

Assume, v., asumir, suponer ; 
adquirir, tomar. — d, fingido, 

Assuming, a., arrogante, presu- 

Assumption, n., asunción, suposi- 

Assurance, n., seguridad, fianza ; 

animo ; seguro. — company, 
compañía de seguros. 

Assure, v., asegurar, afirmar. Be 
— d that, esté Vd. seguro que. 
You may rest — d, puede Vd. 
contar (con). 

Assured, a., seguro, cierto, per- 
suadido ; atrevido. 

Assuredly, adv., ciertamente, se- 

Assurer, n., asegurador. 

Astern, adv., por la popa, a popa, 
de popa. 

Asthma, n., asma. 

Astir, adv., en movimiento, activo. 

.\stonish, V., asombrar, sor- 
prender, pasmar. To be — ed, 
extrañar, quedar sorprendido. 
I am — ed that, extraño que, 
me sorprende que. 

Astonishing, a., asombroso, pa.s- 

Astound, v., asombrar, sorpren- 
der, pasmar. 

.4stounding, a., asombroso. 

.\stracan, «., piel de astracán. 

.\stray, adv., extraviado, errado, 
desviado. To go — , extra- 
viarse, perderse ; errar el ca- 
mino. To lead — , desviar, 

Astride, adv., a horcajadas. 

.4stronomer, n., astrónomo. 

.4.stronomy, «., astronomía. 

.\stute, a., astuto, agudo. 

Astuteness, «., astucia. 

Asunder, adv., a parte, separada- 
mente ; en dos partes. 

Asylum, «., asilo, refugio. 

.\t, prep., a, en. To arrive — 
Paris, llegar a Paris. — night, 
de noche. To be — Hamburg, 
estar en Hamburgo. — three 
o'clock, a las tres. — hand, 
a la mano. — first, al principio, 
primero. — least, a lo menos. 
— • sight, a la vista. — sea, en 
el mar. — all, en modo alguno. 
To be estimated — , calcularse 
en. See All, Once. 

.4theism, n., ateísmo. 





Atheist, II., ateo. 

Atheneum, «., ateneo. 

Athlete, «., atleta. 

Athletic, a., atlético. 

Atlas, n., atlas. 

Atmosphere, n., atmósfera. 

Atmospheric, a., atmosférico. — 
brake (air brake), freno neumá- 
tico {or de aire). See Air. 

Atom, n., átomo. 

Atone, v.. expiar. To — for, 
equivaler, indemnizar. 

Atonement, n., expiación; indem- 

Atrocious, a., atroz. 

Atrocity, n., atrocidad. 

Attach, v., pegar (to stick), 
juntar, unir (to join) ; dar 
(importance) (to seize) ; em- 
bargar, secuestrar, asir, coger. 
To be — ed to, tener apego a, 
querer. — ed to, anejo a. 

Attachment, n., apego, afición, 
amistad, afecto ; presa, apre- 
hensión ; embargo, secuestro, 

Attack, n., ataque, acometimiento, 
embestida, acceso (fit). 

Attack, v., atacar, acometer, 

Attain, v., alcanzar, ganar, con- 
seguir, obtener, lograr ; llegar 
a. To — one's aim (or object), 
conseguir {or lograr) su objeto 
[or intento). 

Attainable, a., asequible ; lo que 
se puede obtener. 

Attainment, n., logro, adquisición, 

Attempt, n., tentativa, ensayo ; 
atentado, conato. 

Attempt, v., intentar, tentar, 
emprender (to undertake), pro- 
bar (to try), ensayar, experi- 
mentar, atentar (a crime, etc.) ; 
procurar, pretender. — , 

Attend, v., atender, asistir or 
concurrir a (to be present at) ; 
acompañar (to accompany) ; 
presentarse, comparecer (to 
appear) . To — - to, cuidar. 

ocuparse de, encargarse de (to 
look after, to take upon oneself); 
cumplir, atenerse a. To be — ed 
with, acarrear, causar, oca- 

Attendance, n., presencia, asis- 
tencia, concurrencia ; compa- 
recencia (at court, etc.). To be 
in — , asistir (a). 

Attendant, «., asistente ; a., con- 
comitante. — on, consiguiente 

Attention, n., atención, cuidado, 
nota. To pay — (to), prestar 
atención (a), tener cuidado (de), 
poner cuidado (en). To call 
one's — to, llamar (le) la aten- 
ción a {or sobre), recomendar. 
It escaped my — , se me pasó 
por alto, lo pasé por alto. To 
give (one's best) — • to, dedicar 
(su más esmerada) atención a. 

Attentive, a., atento, solícito. 

Attenuate, y., atenuar, adelgazar. 

Attest, v., atestiguar, certificar, 
declarar ; dar fe. 

Attestation, «., atestación, testi- 
monio, certificación. 

Attestor, n., testigo, certificador. 

Attic, n., desván, guardilla. 

Attire, w., atavío ; traje, vestido 

Attitude, n., actitud. 

Attorney, m., abogado, apoderado, 
procurador, poderhabiente. — 
General, fiscal, procurador {or 
síndico) general. See Power. 

Attorneyship, «., procuraduría, 
oficio de procurador. 

Attract, v., atraer. To — atten- 
tion, llamar la atención. 

Attraction, n., atracción, atractivo 

Attractive, a., atractivo, atrayente, 
halagüeño, llamativo. 

Attributable, a., imputable. To be 
— ■ to, atribuirse a, nacer {or 
provenir) de, obedecer a. 

Attribute, «., atributo, calidad. 

Attribute, v., atribuir, achacar. 

Auburn, a., castaño, rojizo. 

Auction, n., almoneda, subasta, 





venta pública, venduta. To sell 
by — ; vender en pública subasta 
(or en remate). To put up for 
— , poner a subasta pública, 
ofrecer en remate. 

Auctioneer, n., vendutero, mar- 
tiliero, rematador. 

Audacious, a., audaz, atrevido. 

Audacity, n., audacia, atrevi- 

Audience, n., audiencia ; audi- 

Audit, «., revisión (or examen) de 
cuentas, ajuste de cuenta, exa- 
men de los libros. 

Audit, v., revisar (or examinar) 
una cuenta. — ed and found 
correct, revisado (or examinado) 
y encontrado conforme. — ingof 
accounts, toma de cuentas. 

Auditor, II., contador, revisor de 

Auger, »., barrena. 

Auglit, pron., algo ; nada. For 
— I know, en cuanto yo sé ; no 
que yo sepa. 

Augment, v., aumentar, acre- 
centar ; crecer, tomar aumento. 

Augmentation, n., aumentación, 
aumento, añadidura. 

Augur, V., augurar. 

Augury, ;?., agüero, 

Aunt, «., tía. 

•Auspice, w., auspido. Under the 
— , bajo los auspicios. 

Auspicious, a., propicio, hala- 
güeño, favorable. 

Authentic, a., auténtico, fidedigno. 
To hear from an — source, 
saber de buena tinta, de fuente 

Authenticate, v., autorizar, lega- 
lizar, autenticar, hacer autén- 

Author, m., autor. 

Authoritative, a., autorizado, au- 

Authority, m., autoridad, crédito, 
fe, licencia, autorización. To 
have (or know) on good — ■, 
saber de buena tinta (or fuente). 

Authorise, v., autorizar, legali- 
zar, facultar. To — • (a person) 
to do something, autorizar (a 
una persona) a (or para) hacer 

Autocrat, »., autócrata. 

.\utography, n., autógrafo. 

.4utonomy, »., autonomía. 

.automatic, a., automático. 

.Automobile, n., automóvil. 

.4utopsy, «., autopsia. 

i\utumn, 11.., otoño. 

.Vutumnal, a., otoñal. 

Auxiliary, a., auxiliar, au.xiliatorio. 

Avail, »., provecho, ventaja, 
utilidad. Without (or of no) — , 
inútil, sin resultado, infructuo- 
samente. To be of no — ■, no 
surtir efecto. 

Avail, v., aprovechar, emplear, 
adelantar ; servir, importar, 
ser útil, valer. To — oneself of, 
aprovecharse de, hacer uso de, 
utilizar, valerse de. It — -s 
nothing, nada importa, de 
nada sirve. 

Available, a., útil, disponible, 
valedero ; a (su) alcance ; de 
que se puede echar mano. 

Availability, n., eficacia, utili- 
dad ; disponibilidad. 

Avalanche, n., alud. 

Avarice, n., avaricia, codicia. 

Avaricious, a., avaro, avariento. 

Avenge, v., vengarse. 

Avenger, n., vengador. 

Avenue, n., avenida, entrada. 

Aver, v., asegurar, afirmar. 

Average, n., avería (damage) ; 
término medio. On an ■ — •, por 
término medio. Free of — -, 
franco de avería. Particular — ■, 
avería particular (or simple). 
General — , avería gruesa. — . 
adjuster, arreglador y repartidor 
de averías. — deposit, depósito 
por averías. — statement, 
estado (or cuadro) de averías. 

Average, a., medio, promedio. — 
price, precio medio. • — weight, 
peso aproximado. 





Avcraii»', v., projiorcionar, \n-o- 
mecliar, dar {or tomar) como 
término medio. His income 
— s /500, -su sueldo asciende un 
año con otro a £'500. 

Averse, a., adverso, contrario, 
opuesto. To be — to, oponerse 

Averseness, »., repugnancia, mala 

Aversion, n., aversión, disgusto, 

Avert, v., evitar, precaver. 

Aviator, n., aviador, avitín. 

Aviation, n., aviación. 

Avidity, n., avidez, ansia. 

Avoid, v., evitar, ahorrar, omitir, 
esquivar ; (not to touch) dejar, 
no tocar. To — (doing or 
going), abstenerse de (hacer 
or ir) . 

Avoidable, a., evitable. 

Avoidance, «., evasión, evitación. 

Avouch, v., afirmar, .sostener, 

Avoucliment, «., declaración, tes- 

.\vovv, v., declarar, confesar. 

Avowal, n., confesión, reconoci- 
miento, declaración. 

.4vvait, V., aguardar, esperar. 
— ing, en espera de. 

.Vwake, a., despierto. To be cjuite 
— to, no desconocer. 

Awake, v., despertar. 

Award, >i., (of an arbitrator) laudo 
arbitral ; (of a judge) sentencia, 
fallo, decisión ; ]")remio. 

Award, v., adjudicar, sentenciar, 
juzgar. To — a medal, adju- 
dicar ima medalla. To — a 
prize, adjudicar un premio. 

Awarder, n., juez arbitro. 

Aware, a., cauto, vigilante, sabe- 
dor. To be — , saber, conocer. 
Not to be — , ignorar, no saber. 
We are quite — (of), bien 

Away, adv., ausente, fuera, afuera. 
To throw — , botar, arrojar. 
To go — , salir, irse, marcharse. 

Awful, (I., tremendo, terrible, 

Awkward, a., torpe, inhábil, difí- 
cil ; embarazoso, desagradable, 
molesto, apurado. 

Awkwardly, adv., torpemente. 

Awkwardness, n., torpeza, difi- 

Awl, «., lesna, punzón. 

Awning, >!., toldo. 

Awry, adv., de lado, al través. 

Axe, n., segur, hacha. Pole — , 
hacha de mano. Pick — ■, zapa- 

Axis, ».., eje. 

Axle, n., eje. — tree, árbol, eje 
(de una rueda). 

Azure, a., azul, celeste, azulado 

charlar, parlar. 


soltero ; bachiller 

Babble, >i. 
Babble, v. 

Bachelor, n. 

(of art, etc.). 
Back, n., espalda, lomo ; dorso, 
revés (of cloth, etc.) ; adv., 
atrás, detrás, de vuelta. — ^ of a 
chair, respaldo de una silla. 

— of a book, lomo de un libro. 

— to — , espalda con espalda. 
On the — (of a document), al 
(or en el) dorso {or reverso). 
On one's — , a cuestas. To turn 
one's — on, volver la espalda a. 
Behind his — , en su ausencia, 
a sus espaldas. At the — of, 
a espaldas de. To come (or 
to go) — , volver, regresar. 
To be — , estar de vuelta. To 
give — , devolver, restituir. To 
hold (or keep) — (something), 
detener, retener (algo). To hold 
(or keep) — (to fight shy), 
retraerse. To send — , devolver. 
To take — , tomar de nuevo, 
volver a tomar. A few days — , 
días atrás, hace unos pocos 
días. For some time — , de 
algún tiempo a esta parte. 





Back, v., sostener, favorecer, man- 
tener. To — up, apoyar, sopor- 
tar, secundar. To ■ — ■ out 
(to retract) , llamarse andana ; 

Backbone, n., hueso dorsal, espi- 
nazo. To the — , a las derechas. 

Background, n., fondo. 

Backset, n., revés, contratiempo. 

Backstairs,, escalera excu- 
sada (or secreta). 

Backstitch, n., pespunte. 

Backward, a., lento, tardo ; atra- 
sado (payments, crops, etc.). 
— S, adv., de espalda, atrás, 
hacia atrás. 

Backwardation, »., deporte. 

Backwardness, «., tardanza, atra- 

Bacon, n., tocino. Flitch of — , 
hoja de tocino ; lonja. Gammon 
of — •, jamón, pernil. Smoked 
— , tocino ahumado. 

Bad, a., malo, enfermo, indis- 
puesto. From — - to worse, de 
mal en peor. In — condition, 
en mala condición, mal acondi- 
cionado. That is too — , eso j'a 
pasa de marca, eso pasa de 
raya. Eso ya es demasiado. To 
look — (affairs), tomar mal 
cariz, poner mala traza. To go 
■ — -, deteriorarse, menoscabarse. 

Badge, n., divisa, señal. 

Badly, adv., mal, malamente. To 
come oft — , librarse mal. 

Badness, n., maldad. 

Baffle,!^., burlar, frustrar, eludir. 

Bag, w., saco, costal, talega. 
Carpet — , saco de noche. 

Bag, v., ensacar, meter en sacos. 

Bagatelle, w., bagatela, fruslería. 

Baggage, «., ec^uipaje, bagaje. 

Bagging, n., arpillera, crudo, tela 
para sacos. 

Bagpipe, n., gaita. 

Bail, n., fianza, fianza carcelera, 
caución. To go — for, salir 
fiador de, salir fiador por. On 
— -, bajo fianza. 

Bail, v., dar fianza, salir.fiador por. 

To — one out, salir fiador por 

Bailiff, n., alguacil. 

Bait, n., cebo, anzuelo. To take 
(or swallow) the — , tragar el 

Bait, v., cebar, azuzar ; atraer, 

Baize, n., bayeta. Light — , 
ba^-etilla. Coarse — , bayetón. 

Bake, t.v., cocer. [tahona. 

Bakehouse, n., horno, panadería, 

Baker, v., panadero, hornero. 

Baking, «., amasadura, hornada. 
— - powder, levadura en polvo. 

Balance, n., balanza (scales), equi- 
librio ; balance, alcance ; so- 
brante, resto, restante ; saldo. 
The — of an account, el saldo 
de una cuenta. To lose one's — , 
perder el equilibrio. To show a 
— , arrojar (or acusar) un saldo. 
Cash — , saldo en caja. — sheet, 
balance. To make up one's — , 
pasar su balance. To strike a 
— , hacer el balance. — in our 
favour, saldo a nuestro favor. 

Balance, v., balancear, saldar, dar 
finiquito, finiquitar ; pesar, con- 

Balancing, n., equilibrio ; balance 
(of accounts). 

Balcony, n., balcón. 

Bald, a., calvo, pelado. 

Baldness, «., calvicie. 

Bale, «., fardo, bala, paca ; tercio 
(Mexico). To put in — s, 
embalar, enfardaj. 

Bale, v., embalar, enfardar, em- 
pacar, empaquetar. To — out 
(water), achicar {or vaciar) el 

Balk, v., frustrar. 

Ball, n., bola, pelota (for games), 
ovillo (of wool, etc.) ; globo ; 
baile (dance), bala (shot). Eye 
— , globo del ojo. See Bearing. 

Ballad, n., balada. 

Ballast, n., lastre. To go in — , 
ir en lastre. To take in — , 
tomar lastre. 





Ballast, v., lastrar. 

Ballnou, globo. 

Ballot, n., balota, escrutinio ; 
votación secreta. — ■ box, urna 
electoral, urna de escrutinio. 

Ballot, v., balotar, votar. 

Balín, n., bálsamo. 

Balmy, a., balsámico. 

Balsam, n., bálsamo. Canada — ■, 
bálsamo del Canadá. 

Bamboo, n., bambú. 

Banana, n., banana, plátano. — 
tree, banano, plátano. 

Band, n., banda, venda (bandage) ; 
faja, tira, cinta (of cloth, paper, 
etc.) ; enlace (union). Iron — , 
fleje de hierro. — box, caja de 
cartón. — saw, sierra continua. 

Band, v., vendar, atar, ligar ; 

Bandage, n., venda, vendaje. 

Bandit, n., bandido. 

Bane, n., veneno ; ruina, peste. 

Bang, v., golpear, hacer estrépito. 

Bangle, n., brazalete, pulsera. 

Banish, v., desterrar, expeler, 
despedir, deponer. 

Banishment, n., destierro. 

Bank, n., (shore) orilla, margen, 
ribera ; banco (for money). 

— bill, billete \oy vale) de 
banco. — note, billete de banco. 

— paper, papel de banca. — 
clerk, empleado de banca. — 
commission, comisión de banca. 
Discount — , caja de descuento. 

— holiday, día feriado para los 
bancos. — stocks, acciones de 
banco. Joint stock — , banco 
por acciones. Savings — , caja 
de ahorros. 

Bank, v., depositar [or poner) 

dinero en el banco. 
Banker, n., banquero. 
Banking, a., banquero, de banca. 

— house, casa bancaria [or 
banquera). — business, casa 
de banco, negocios de banca. 

Bankrupt, a. & n., quebrado, 
fallido, insolvente. To become 
— , quebrar, hacer quiebra (pr 

10 — (1696) 

bancarrota). To declare oneself 
— , declararse en quiebra. — 's 
certificate, concordato. — 's 
estate, (la) masa. 

Bankruptcy, n., bancarrota, quie- 
bra. — court, tribunal de 

Banner, n., bandera. 

Ban(|uet, n., banquete. 

Baptism, M., bautismo. 

Baptise, v., bautizar. 

Bar, n., barra, barrita, barrote 
(of wood or metal) ; barra 
(Naut.) ; lingote (oí metal). 
— iron, hierro en barras. — of 
gold, lingote de oro. — silver, 
plata en barras. To be called 
to the — (as a barrister), 
recibirse de abogado. Cross — , 

Bar, v., impedir, obstar, estorbar, 
proliibir ; exceptuar, excluir. 

Barbarism, n., barbarismo, bar- 

Barbarity, n., barbaridad. 

Barbarous, a., bárbaro. 

Barbed wire, alambre de púas. 

Barber, n., barbero. 

Bare, a., desnudo, raso, pelado, 
desprovisto (market), mezquino 
(profit). — of money, sin un 
cuarto, sin blanca. 

Bare, v., desnudar, despojar. 

Barefaced, a., descarado. 

Bareíoot, a., descalzo. 

Barely, adv., apenas. 

Bareness, n., desnudez, falta. 

Bargain, n., ajuste, contrato, 
convenio, pacto, trato, compra, 
venta. It is a (good) — , es una 
buena compra (un buen negocio, 
OY una ganga) . Into the — , a 
mayor abundamiento, de (or 
por) añadidura. To give into 
the — , dar de barato. As a — , 
barato. To «trike a — , cerrar 
un trato, contratar. 

Bargain, v., ajusfar, negociar, 
contratar ; regatear (to haggle) . 
To — for, contratar. 

Barge, n., lancha, falúa, barcaza. 





Bargeman, n., barquero. 

Barilla, n., barrilla. 

Bark, «., corteza (of trees) ; 
barco, barca, embarcación 
(Naut.) ; ladi"ido (of a dog). 
Peruvian — , quina, cascarilla. 

Barky, a., cortezudo. 

Barlej', n., cebada. Pearl — , 
cebada perla {or perlada). — 
water, agua de cebada. — - corn, 
grano de cebada. 

Barní, n., jiste, levadura. 

Barn, n., granero, henil, pajar. 

Barometer, n., barómetro. 

Barón, n., barón. 

Barony, n., baronía. 

Barracan, n., barragán. 

Barraek(s), n., cuartel. 

Barratry, «., baratería. 

Barre!, n., barril, barrica ; cañón 
(of a gun). 

Barrel, v., embarrilar. 

Barren, a., estéril, infecundo, 

Barricade, «., barrera, barricada. 

Barrier, n., barrera, obstáculo. 

Barrister, «., abogado. 

Barrow, «., angarillas. Wheel — ■, 
carretón. Hand — , angarilla 
de mano. 

Barter, n., cambio, tráfico, trueque 

Barter, v., baratar ; trocar, cam- 

Bartery, n., trueco, cambio de 

Baryta, n., barita. 

Basalt, n., basalto. 

Base, a., bajo, vil ; n., base, 
fondo. — - coin, moneda faJsa. 

Base, V., fijar, basar, fundar. To 
— on, basar en, fundar en. 

Basely, adv., bajamente. 

Basement, n., basamento. 

Baseness, n., bajeza. 

Bashful, a., tímido, vergonzoso, 

Bashfulness, n., timidez, vergüen- 
za, modestia. 

Basilisk, «., basilisco. 

Basin, n., jofaina, palangana, 

bacía ; cuenca (oí a river) ; 
' concha, reserva. Sugar — , 

Basis, n., base, fundamento ; basa. 
On the ■ — - of, sobre la base de. 

Basket, n., cesto, cesta, canasta, 
canasto, zurrón. — work, 
cestería, trabajos hechos con 
mimbres. — maker, cestero. 

Bat, n., murciélago ; pala (cricket). 

Batch, n., atado. 

Bath, n., baño. — brick, ladrillo 
{or piedra) para limpiar (cu- 
chiUos). — robe, bata de baño. 

— chair, cochecito de mano. 

— tub, bañera. 
Bathe, v., bañar ; bañarse. 
Bathing, n., baño, baños. 
Battalion, n., batallón. 

Batten, «., lata, tablilla, listón 

de madera. 
Batter, v., batir, romper. To — 

down, derribar, destruir. 
Battery, n., batería. — s^vitch, 

Battle, n., batalla, pelea. 
Bay, a., bayo ; 7t., bahía, puerto. 

— leaf, hoja de laurel. To be at 
— , estar en el último aprieto 
{or apuro) . To keep (one) at — , 
tener a raya. — salt, sal 
marina, sal morena. — \vindow, 
ventana salidiza. 

Bayonet, n., bayoneta. 

Bazaar, n., bazar. 

Be, V., ser, estar ; hallarse, encon- 
trarse, quedar, venir, ir. To — 
hungry, thirsty, cold, warm, 
right, tener hambre, sed, frío, 
calor, razón. To — wrong, no 
tener razón. To — to, deber. 

Beach, n., costa, playa, ribera, 

Beach, v., barar, encallar. 

Beacon, w., faro, fanal; valiza, 

Bead, n., cuenta, bolita. Glass — , 
abalorio. [abalorios. 

Bead, v., ensartar, adornar con 

Beading, n., adorno {or guarni- 
ción) de abalorios. 





Beak, n., pico. 

Beam, n., viga, bao, manga ; rayo 
de luz. — s, baos, vigas. To 
throw on its — ends, tumbar 
(el buque). To be on one's — 
ends (fig.), estar a la cuarta 
pregunta ; no saber qué hacer. 

Bean, n., haba, judía, habichuela, 
fréjol, alubia; frijol (Amer.). 
French — s, judías verdes. 
Haricot — -s, alubias. Broad 
— s, habas. 

Bear, «., oso ; (on Stock Ex- 
change) bajista, jugador {or 
especulador) a la baja. — skin, 
piel de oso. 

Bear, v., llevar, cargar, cargar 
con ; sostener, apoyar, man- 
tener ; (to suffer) padecer, 
sufrir, soportar ; (to abide) 
aguantar, tolerar. To — the 
loss, sufrir la pérdida. To — 
(the market), jugar (or especu- 
lar) a la baja. To — in mind, 
acordarse, tener presente. To 
— off, llevarse. To — out, 
apoyar, dar razón a, sostener, 
justificar. To — up, sostener, 
resistir ; sostenerse. To ■ — up 
against, resistir, mantenerse 
firme. To — upon, estribar en, 
rozarse con, tener que ver con. 
To — with, sufrir, ser indul- 
gente (para con). See Resem- 
blance, Comparison, Interest. 
To — ^ witness, atestiguar, testifi- 
car, dar testimonio. — ing on, 
relacionado con. 

Bearable, a., sufrible, soportable. 

Beard, n., barba. 

Bearer, n., portador, dador. Pay- 
able to — , pagadero al portador. 

Bearing, n., relación, fuerza ; 
porte, aire (manner or air) ; 
(Mech.) cojinete, soporte. Ball 
— s, cojinetes de bolas {or 
rozamiento por bolas). — s 
orientación, altura. To take 
the — s, tomar la altura. To 
lose one's — s, perder la brújula, 
desorientarse. To have no — 

on, no tener que ver con, no 
rozarse con. 

Beast, n., bestia. — of burden, 

Beat, v., batir, vencer, aventa- 
jarse a (to surpass) ; palpitar, 
latir (the heart) ; apalear, gol- 
pear, dar de palos (to thrash). 
To — down (in price), hacer (le) 
bajar (el precio), rebajar, dis- 
minuir el precio. See Busll. 

Beating, n., paliza, zurra. 

Beautiful, a., bello, hermoso. 

Beautify, v., hermosear. 

Beauty, n., hermosura, belleza ; 

Beaver, n., castor. 

Becalm, v., serenar, sosegar, cal- 
mar. — ed (a ship), encalmado. 

Because, conj., porque, por razón 
de (que). ^- of, a causa de, 
por causa de. 

Beckon, v., hacer señas. 

Become, v., (to suit) convenir, 
cuadrar, estar bien, venir bien, 
sentar bien ; (to come to be) 
venir a ser, llegar a ser, ponerse ; 
(to make oneself or to turn out 
to be) hacerse, volverse ; (to 
take up a profession or pursuit) 
meterse (a). What has — oi 


i S¿ 

Oué ha sido de él ? 

X'STiat \vill — of it ? ¿ En qué 
vendrá a parar ? It is not kno^vn 
what has — of them, ignórase 
su paradero. To — due, veneer. 

Becoming, p. a., conveniente, pro- 
pio, decoroso, acomodado ; que 
sienta bien. Not — , impropio. 
It is not — that, no está bien 
que. . . . 

Bed, 11., cama, lecho ; madre, 
cauce (of a river) ; capa (layer). 
Feather ■ — -, colchón de plumas ; 
plumón. Folding — , cama 
plegadiza. To go to ■ — , (ir a) 
acostarse. To keep to one's — , 
guardar cama. 

Bedclothes,, coberturas de 
cama, ropa de cama. 

Bedcover. See Bedspread. 





Betiding, n., ropa de cama ; ajuar. 
Bed hangings,, cortina de 

Bedplate, n. (Mech.), bancaza [or 

cama) de una máquina. 
Bedpost, w., pilar (or columna) de 

Bedquilt, n., cobertor de cama. 
Bedroom, n., alcoba, cuarto de 

Bedspread, «., colcha (de cama), 

cobertor, cubrecama, sobre- 
Bedstead, «., armazón de cama. 

catre. Iron — , cama de hierro. 
Bedtick (or Ticking), «., cutí, tela 

para colchones. 
Bedtime, -«., la hora de acostarse 

{or recogerse). 
Bee, n., abeja. — ■ hive, colmena. 

— line, linea recta. 
Beech, •»., haya. 

Beeí, n., vaca. — steak, beef- 
steak, biftec. Roast — •, carne 
(de vaca) asada ; rosbif. Salted 
— , vaca salada. Pressed — , 
fiambre. — -tea, caldo. 

Beer, n., cerveza. Bottled — , 
cerveza embotellada {or en 
botella). Lager — , cerveza de 
Bavaria, cerveza alemana. 

Bees'-wax, n., cera (de abejas). 

Beet (or Beetroot), n., acelga, 
remolacha. — sugar, azúcar de 
remolacha. Sugar — , remo- 

Beetle, «., escarabajo. 

Befall, v., suceder, acontecer. 

Befit, v., convenir, cuadrar. 

Befitting, a., conveniente, propio. 

Before, prep., delante, ante ; 
antes, antes de (time). — 
mentioned, ya citado, men- 
cionado (más) arriba. To have 

— one, tener al frente, tener 
a la vista. To keep — (one), 
tener {or hacer) presente, tener 
en cuenta. See Put. 

Beforehand, adv., de antemano, 
anticipadamente, con antela- 
ción, por adelantado. To pay 

— , pagar adelantado. To thank 
(someone) — ■, anticipar (le) las 
gracias. To be — with, llevar 
la delantera. [amparar. 

Befriend, v., favorecer, proteger, 

Beg, v., rogar, pedir, suplicar, 
importunar ; encarecer, agra- 
decer, estimar. We — to inform 
you, tenenros el gusto de {or nos 
permitimos) informarle. To — 
the question, dar por admitido 
{or tomar por cierto) lo dudoso. 

Beggar, n., mendigo ; sujeto. 

Begin, v., comenzar, empezar, 
principiar ; ponerse a. 

Beginner, n., principiante. 

Beginning, n., principio, comienzo. 
At the — of the month, a 
principios del mes. From the 
— , desde un principio. 

Begrudge, v., envidiar, escatimar, 

Behalf, n., favor, patrocinio. On 
— • of, en nombre (representa- 
ción or favor) de. 

Behave, v., proceder, obrar, tra- 
tar ; conducirse, comportarse, 

Behaviour, n., proceder, conducta, 

Behead, v., degollar, decapitar. 

Behest, n., mandato, precepto. 

Behind, prep, or adv., detrás, 
tras, atrás ; (overdue) atrasado. 
— one's back, en su ausencia. 
To be — time, llegar con retraso. 
— • the times, rezagado, atrasado 
de noticias. 

Behindhand, adv., atrasadamente, 
con atraso. To be — with one, 
quedar {or ir) en zaga de 

Behold, ü., mirar, ver, contemplar, 
considerar, notar. 

Behove, v. imp., importar, ser útil, 
convenir. It — s us, nos 

importa, tenemos que, hay que, 

Being, n., ser, existencia ; estado. 
For the time — , por ahora, por 
lo pronto, a la sazón. 





Belated, a., retardado. 

Belfry, n., campanario. 

Belie, v., desmentir. 

Belieí, n., fe, creencia. Past (all) 
— , increíble. 

Believable, a., creíble. 

Believe, v., creer. To • — - one to be 
(rich), tenerle por (rico). 

Believer, n., creyente. 

Belittle, v., deprimir. 

Bell, «., campana, campanilla, 
timbre. To ring the — , tocar 
la campana (or el timbre), tirar 
de (or agitar) la campanilla. 

Belladonna, «., belladama, bella- 

Bell-iuetal, w., metal campanil, 
bronce de campana. 

Bellig;erant, a., beligerante. 

Bellow, v., bramar. 

Bellows, n., fuelle. [campana. 

Bell-rope, n., cuerda (or soga) de 

Bell-wire, n., alambre de campana. 

Belly, n., vientre, barriga. 

Belong, v., pertenecer (a), ser (de). 

Belonging, n., propiedad. — to, 
perteneciente a. 

Below, prep. & adv., debajo, 
abajo, bajo, debajo de ; (at 
foot), abajo, al pie, a continua- 
ción ; (less than) menos, por 
menos de. — par, a menos del 
par, bajo par, a descuento. 

Belt, n., cinto, cinturón, faja, 
correa (de cuero). 

Belting, n., correaje, correas (de 

Bench, n., banco, banqueta; tri- 
bunal (Court). 

Bend, n., comba, encorvadura. 

Bend, ü., encorvar, doblar, plegar ; 
encorvarse, doblarse, inclinarse ; 
ceder (to give way). See Bent. 

Bending, n., pliegue, encorvadura, 

Beneath, adv. & prep., bajo, 
abajo, debajo ; indigno de. 

Benefactor, n., bienhechor. 

Beneficial, a., beneficioso, prove- 
choso, lucrativo, ventajoso, be- 

Beneficiary, n., beneficiario, bene- 

Benefit, n., beneficio, utilidad, 
provecho, ventaja. 

Benefit, v., beneficiar, aprovechar, 
reportar beneficio (a) ; aprove- 
charse, utilizarse. To — by, 
sacar provecho de. 

Benevolent, a., benévolo. 

Bent, n., encorvadura ; disposi- 
ción, inclinación, tendencia, ta- 
lento ; a., inclinado, encor- 
vado, tendido ; determinado. 
To be — on, tener empeño (or 
interés) en ; estar empeñado 
en ; empeñarse en. 

Benzine, n., bencina. 

Benzoin, «., benjuí. 

Bequeath, v., legar. 

Bequest, n., legado. 

Bereave, v., ■ despojar, privar, 

Bereavement, n., privación, pér- 
dida, aflicción. 

Berlin wool, n., estambre. 

Berry, n., baya, grano. 

Berth, n., camarote (on ship) ; 
puesto, colocación, destino, 
(post). To be on — , estar a la 

Beseech, v., suplicar, rogar, pedir, 

Beseein, í^., convenir, parecer bien. 

Beset, v., sitiar, rodear, acosar. 
— with, abrumado de, erizado 
de (dificultades). 

Beside, prep., al lado de, cerca de. 
To be — oneself, estar fuera 
de sí. 

Besides, prep. & adv., además, 
a más de, fuera de. — this, 
además de esto. 

Besiege, v., sitiar. 

Besmear, v., salpicar, ensuciar. 

Besom, n., escoba. 

Bespeak,!'., (to engage) apalabrar, 
comprometer, encomendar, en- 
cargar, mandar, pedir ; de- 
mostrar, acusar (to show). 

Bespoke, a. or p.p., mandado, 





Best, a., mejor, superior ; adv., 
mejor, más bien. To do one's — , 
hacer lo que se puede, hacer 
cuanto está de su parte, hacer 
cuanto está a sus alcances. To 
make the — of it, sacar el mejor 
partido posible. To make the 
— of a bad job, salir de un mal 
negocio (or paso) lo mejor 
posible. To have the — -. of it, 
llevarse lo mejor, sacar para si 
toda la ventaja. At (the) — , a 
lo más, cuando mejor. To act 
for the — , obrar por lo mejor. 
To think — , juzgar más con- 
veniente ; creer más acertado. 

Bestir, v., mover, incitar. 

Bestow, v., dar, conferir, prestar, 
otorgar, regalar ; emplear, gas- 

Bet, n., apuesta. 

Bet, v., apostar. 

Betake, v., recurrir, acudir ; r.v., 
aplicarse (a). 

Betel, n., betel. — nut, nuez de 

Bethink, v., recapacitar, recordar, 
considerar ; r.v., caer en la 

Betimes, adv., con tiempo, tem- 
prano, pronto. 

Betray, v., hacer traición, abusar, 
revelar, descubrir, mostrar, di- 
vulgar, vender. 

Better, a. comp., mejor, superior ; 
adv., más bien ; n., el or lo 
mejor ; ventaja. To get the — 
of, ganar por la mano. So much 
the ■ — , tanto mej or . To be — (in 
health), estar mejor (en salud) ; 
(preferable) ser mejor, valer 
más. To make — , mejorar. To 
grow — , irse mejorando. It 
would be — , más valdría. To 
be the — for, aprovechar. You 
had — , haría Vd. bien. ... To 
be none the ■ — for it, no estar 
mejor por ello. 

Better, v., mejorar, adelantar, 
aumentar. To — oneself, 

ocupar mejor puesto. 

Bettermeut. See Improvement. 

Between, prep., entre. — our- 
selves, para entre los dos. 

Bevel, n., bisel, chaflán. 

Bevel, v., cortar en chaflán, 
chaflanar, achaflanar. 

Beverage, n., bebida, brebaje. 

Beware, v., (of), guardarse, re- 
celarse, recatarse, desconfiar(de) 

Bewilder, v., descaminar, desca- 
rriar, extraviar. 

Beyond, prep., más allá, más 
allá de, más adelante. ■ — - his 
reach, fuera de sus alcances. To 
go — , pasar de. — doubt, fuera 
de duda. To be — , exceder. 

Bias, n., inclinación, propensión, 
disposición ; objeto, fin. 

Bias, v., inclinar, prevenir, pre- 
ocupar. — ed, preocupado, 

Bible, n., biblia. 

Bicarbonate, n., bicarbonato. — 
of soda, bicarbonato de sosa. 

— of potash, bicarbonato de J 
potasa. \ 

Bicycle, «., biciclo, velocípedo. ' 
Safety — , bicicleta. 

Bid, n., oferta, postura. 

Bid, v., mandar, ordenar (to order); 
ofrecer, proponer, dar, pujar (to 
oñer). To — farewell, despe- 
dirse. To — fair to, prometer, 
tener [or llevar) trazas de. To 

— for, hacer una oferta por. 
Bidder, n., pujador, comprador. 

The highest — , el mejor postor. 

Biddin:;, n., orden, mandato; 
pujas, oferta, postura. 

Bide, v., sufrir [see Abide). To — 
one's time, esperar (or aguardar) 
una ocasión oportuna. 

Biennial, a., bienal. I 

Bier, n., andas, féretro. [gordo. I 

Big, a., grande, abultado, crecido, ' 

Bigness, n., grandeza. 

Bilge, n., pantoque. — water, 
agua de pantoque. 

Bill, n., pico (of a bird) ; podadera 
(tool) ; factura, cuenta (ac- 
count) ; aviso (announcement) ; 





biUete, letra, libranza, efecto 
(of exchange) ; proyecto de 
ley (parliament) ; cartel (pla- 
card). — of exchange, letra de 
cambio. Accommodation — , 
letra de cortesía. — oí health, 
patente de sanidad, patente. 

— of fare, lista de los platos 
{or manjares). — of lading, 
conocimiento (de embarque). 

— of sale, carta de venta. Sola 
— , única de cambio. — s, 
letras, papel. - — payable, letras 
pagaderas ; letras a pagar. 
— s receivable, letras a cobrar ; 
billetes a recibir. — s in hand, 
letras en cartera. Exchequer — , 
bono del tesoro. — at sight, 
letra a la vista. — on demand, 
letra a presentación. — broker, 
corredor de cambios. ■ — ■ book, 
libro de letras. ■ — - jobbing, 
agiotaje. ■ — • stamp, timbre de 
letras. See Dishonour. Foreign 
— , letra extranjera, letra sobre 
el extranjero. Home — , letra 
sobre el interior. Long dated 
— , letra a largo plazo. — of 
entry, declaración de entrada. 

Billiards, n., billar. Billiard ball, 
bola (de billar). — cue, taco. 
■ — table, billar. 

Billion, billón. 

Billow, n., oleada, ola grande. 

Bin, n., hucha, arcón, arca. 

Bind, v., atar, amarrar, ligar 
afianzar ; vendar (a wound) 
obligar, empeñar (to oblige) 
escriturar ; encuadernar, em- 
pastar (books, etc.). To — as 
apprentice, escriturar como {or 
de) aprendiz. To — ■ oneself 
(to do), comprometerse a (ha- 
cer). See Bound. 

Binder, v., encuadernador ; apre- 
tador, presilla (clip or loop). 

Binding, n., venda, tira, ribete ; 
pasta, encuademación ; a., 
obligatorio. — in half leather, 
en media pasta. Spanish ■ — -, 
pa.sta española. ■ — screw 

(Mech.), tornillo de conexión 
(or presión). ■ — in boards, en 
cartón. — in calf, pasta de 

Binocle, n., binóculo. 

Biped, a., bípedo. 

Biplane, «., biplano. 

Birch, — wood, n., abedul. 

Bird, n., ave, pájaro — cage, 
jaula de pájaros. — 's-eye, ojo 
de pájaro. • — 's-eye view, vista 
de pájaro. 

Birth, n., nacimiento. To give — 
to, dar a luz. 

Birthday, n., cumpleaños. 

Biscuit, n., bizcocho (fancj') ; 
galleta (ship's). Dog — s, 

galletas de perro. 

Bisect, v., dividir en dos partes 

Bisection, n., bisección. 

Bishop, n., obispo. • — - lawn, linón 

Bismuth, n., bismuto. 

Bison, n., bisonte. 

Bit, n., bocado, pedacito, pedazo, 
retazo, muestrecita ; freno, bri- 
da (of a horse) ; (joiner's) ba- 
rrena. — of a biúdle, bocado del 
freno. Not a — , nada. 

Bite, n., mordedura ; bocado 

Bite, v., morder ; (Mech.) morder. 
To be bitten (Coll.), ser em- 

Biting, a., mordaz, picante. 

Bitter, a., amargo, áspero ; encar- 
nizado (enemy). 

Bitterly, adv., amargamente, con 
angustia. [dolor. 

Bitterness, n., amargura, pena. 

Bitumen, n., betún. 

Black, a., negro. Dressed in — , 
vestido de luto. In — ■ and 
white, por escrito. To look — 
(appearances), presentarse de 
{or tomar) muy mal cariz. — 
cattle, ganado vacuno. Ivory 
■ — , negro de marñl. Lamp — , 
negro de humo. 

Blackberry, n., zarza, zarzamora. 





Blackboard, pizarra, encerado de 
las escuelas. 

Blacken, v., ennegrecer ; difamar, 
denigrar, desacreditar. 

Blackliiff, n., lustre, betún. 

Blackish, a., negruzco. 

Blacklead, n., lápiz plomo ; (pen- 
cil) lápiz negro. 

Blackleg, n., fullero ; esquirol. ^ 

Blackmail, n., extorsión de dinero.^ 

Blackness, n., negrura. 

Black-pnddlng, n., morcilla. 

Blacksmith, «., herrero. 

Bladder, «., vejiga. 

Blade, n., hoja. — (of grass), tallo 
(de hierba), hoja (oí a knife, 
etc.), pala (oí a saw), ala, 
paleta (of a propeller). 

Blamable, a., culpable. 

Blame, n., culpa, censura, delito. 
Free from — , exento de culpa. 
To throw the — on, echar la 
culpa a. 

Blame, v., culpar, echar la culpa, 
(a), censurar, tachar. To be to 
— d (for), tener la culpa, ser 
causante (de). [sible. 

Blameless, a., inocente, irrepren- 

Bland, a., blando, suave. 

Blank, a. & n., blanco ; en blanco. 
— form, formulario (en blanco). 
In — , en blanco, a descubierto. 
A — credit, un crédito en 
blanco {or a descubierto) . Point 
— , de positivo, terminante- 
mente, en redondo. 

Blanket, n., manta, frazada, co- 
bertor ; (;\Iex.) cobija ; (Nic.) 
chamarra; (Colombia) manta. 
Blast, n., ráfaga, ventarrón ; 
explosión, vuelo. — furnace, 
horno de fundición. — pipe, 

Blast, v., dar barreno a, volar, 
hacer volar (to blow up) ; arrui- 
nar, destruir (to ruin) ; burlar, 
defraudar (hopes) ; marchitar. 

1 This word " esquirol " is used by 
Spaniards to mean " blackleg " i.i labour 

2 The French word " chantage " is fre- 
que^tlv used in this sense by Spaniards. 

Blasting, n., voladura. — powder, 
pólvora para barrenos (or para 
minas) . 

Blaze, n., llama, llamarada, 

Blaze, v., arder. 

Bleach, v., blanquear. — ed, 
blanqueado, blanco. 

Bleacher, n., blanqueador. 

Bleaching, n., blanqueo. 

Bleak, a., frío. 

Bleed, v., sangrar, echar sangre. 

Bleeding, n., sangría. 

Blemish, n., tacha, mancha, de- 
fecto. Without — , sin tacha, 

Blemish, v., manchar, ensuciar, 

Blend, «., mezcla, mixtura. 

Blend, f., mezclar ; casar (colours, 
etc.) ; unirse, casarse. 

Bless, V., bendecir. 

Blessing, n., bendición, felicidad. 

Blight, n., tizón, añublo, roña. 

Blight, v., atizonar, anieblar (las 
mieses or la cosecha) ; burlar 
(esperanzas) . 

Blind, a., ciego. To be — to, 
desconocer, no reconocer. — 
fold, con los ojos vendados, a 

Blind, w., velo, pretexto. Window 
— , transparente, persianas. 
Venetian — s, celosías, per- 

Blind, v., cegar, deslumhrar. 

Blindly, adv., ciegamente, a ciegas. 

Blindness, «., ceguera. 

Bliss, n., felicidad. 

Blister, »., ampolla, ampoUadura, 

Bloater, n., arenque ahumado. 

Block, n., zoquete, tajo (of wood), 
bloque (of stone) ; obstáculo, 
interrupción (en la vía férrea). 
— of houses, manzana de casas. 
• — letter, tipo de madera. — 
stamping, marca a fuego. 

Block, v., bloquear, interceptar 
(the line, etc.). To — up, 
cerrar, tapiar. 





Blockade, n., bloqueo. 

Blockade, v., bloquear. 

Blockhead, n., necio, tonto, zo- 

Blood, n., sangre. 

Bloodless, a., exangüe, desan- 

Bloodshed, n., efusión de sangre. 

Bloodstone, n., alaqueca ; hema- 
tita roja, restañasangre. 

Blood-vessel, n., vena. 

Bloom, n., flor, frescura. 

Bloom, v., florecer. 

Blossom, n., flor. 

Blossom, v., florecer, echar ñor. 

Blot, Ji., borrón, mancha. 

Blot, v., borrar, manchar ; ca- 
larse. To — out, borrar, rayar. 

Blotch, n., borrón. 

Blotchy, a., borroso. 

Blotter, n., borrador ; papel se- 

Blotting-paper, n., papel secante. 

Blow, «., golpe, revés, desastre. 
A heavy — , una gran desgracia, 
un rudo golpe. To come to — s, 
venirse a las manos. 

Blow, v., soplar; sonar (an instru- 
ment). To — down, derribar. 
To — over, pasar, disiparse, 
ser ohddado. To — up, volar, 
hacer volar ; (fig.) dar una 
peluca {or un jabón). 

Blow-pipe, n., soplete. 

Blubber, n., grasa (or unto) de 

Blue, a., azul. Sky — , azul 
celeste. Prussian — , azul de 
Prusia. — book, publicación 
parlamentaria, libro azul. — 
jacket, marinero de buque de 
guerra. — stocking (learned 
woman), mari sabidilla. 

Bluff, a., áspero, rudo ; n., fan- 

Bluish, a., azulado. 

Blunder, n., equivocación, desa- 
tino, disparate, error craso, 

Blunder, v., desatinar, cometer 

lOA — (1696) 

Blunt a., embotado (instrument) ; 
(manner) brusco, tosco, rudo, 

Blunt, v., embotar. 

Bluntness, n., embotadura ; 

Blur, n., borrón, mancha. 

Blur, v., borrar, manchar. 

Blush, n., rubor, sonrojo. At first 
— , a primera vista, al primer 

Blush, v., sonrojar, ponerse colo- 
rado, abochornarse. 

Bluster, n., ruido, tumulto ; jac- 

Bluster, v., bramar, hacer ruido, 

Blustering, a., vehemente, furioso, 

Boar, n., verraco. Wild — , jabalí. 

Board, n., tabla, mesa ; (council) 
consejo, junta, comisión ; (food) 
alimento, manutención, pen- 
sión. Side — , alacena, bufete. 
On — , a bordo. On — the 
steamer, a bordo del vapor. 

— and lodgings, cama y comida. 
Full — , pensión completa, cama 
y mesa ; manutención, pupi- 
laje. — oí tradé, ministerio de 
comercio. - — • of health, junta 
de sanidad. Free on — , franco 
a bordo. Put on — -, puesto a 
bordo. — of directors, consejo 
de administración. Card — , 
cartón. Paste — , cartón. 
Bound in — ^s, encartonado. 
See Overboard. 

Board, v. (Naut.), abordar. 
Boarding-house, n., casa de pu- 
pilos (or de huéspedes). 
Boarding-school, m., pupilaje. 
Boast, n., jactancia. 
Boast, v., jactarse, ostentar. To 

— of, preciarse de ; poseer. 
Boat, 11., bote, barca, canoa, lan- 
cha. Fishing — , bote de pescar. 
Packet , paquebot, paque- 
bote. Steam — -, vapor. Mail 
— , vapor correo ; paquete. 
Life — , canoa (or lancha) de 





salvamento, bote salvavidas. 
Ferry — , bote de trasporte. 
— hook, bichero. — load, 
lanchada. — man, barquero, 

Boatswain, n., contramaestre. 

Bobbin, n., canilla, broca. 

Bodice, n., corpino. 

Bodied, a. or p.p., corpóreo. Able- 
— , sano, robusto. Full-. — 
(wine), de cuerpo. 

Bodily, adv., corporalmente, con 
el cuerpo. 

Bodkin, n., punzón (de sastre), 
agujeta, aguja de jareta ; hor- 

Body, n., cuerpo ; cadáver 
(corpse) ; tronco (of a tree). 
Any — , cualquiera. Every — , 
todo el mundo, todos, cada uno. 
Some — , alguno, alguien. No- 
— , ninguno, nadie. The main 
— , el grueso. In a — , en masa, 
en tropel, en cuerpo. 

Bog, n., pantano. 

Bogey, n., duende, espantajo. 

Bogie, n., carretilla, herraje. — 
engine, locomotora de balaste. 

Bogus, a., falso, postizo, fraudu- 
lento, falsificado. 

Boil, n., divieso, tumor. 

Boil, v., her\dr, cocer ; bullir. 

Boiler, n., caldera, marmita. Large 
— , cazo, caldera. Tubular — , 
caldera prismática. 

Boiling, n., hervor, ebullición ; 
p.a., liirviendo, hirviente. 

Boisterous, a., borrascoso, tem- 

Bold, a., atrevido, intrépido, 
osado audaz ; descarado. 

Boldly, adv., audazmente, con 
descaro, descaradamente. 

Boldness, n., atrevimiento, aliento, 
intrepidez, osadía, ánimo ; des- 

Bolster, n., travesero, cojín, col- 

Bolster, v., (up), apoj^ar, sostener, 

Bolt, n., cerrojo, perno, clavija ; 

pasador ; rollo (of cloth) . — and 
nut, perno y tuerca. 

Bolt, v., cerrar con cerrojo, cerner 
(grain) ; engullir (to swallow) ; 
asegurar con pernos ; (to run 
away) tomar las de Villadiego. 

Bomb, n., bomba. — proof, a 
prueba de bomba. 

Bombard, v., bombardear. 

Bombardment, n., bombardeo. 

Bombast, «., hinchazón. 

Bombazine, n., alepín. 

Bona-íide (Lat.), de buena fe, 
sin engaño. 

Bond, n., vínculo, unión, enlace ; 
obligación ; fianza, bono, tí- 
tulo ; depósito. In — , en 
depósito ; en la Aduana ; sin 
despachar. Under — , bajo 
fianza. Average — , obligación 
de averias. Customs' — , cédula 
de aduana. Foreign — s, fondos 
extranjeros. — holder, tenedor 
de bonos (obligaciones or 
fondos) . 

Bond, v., poner en depósito. 

Bonded, p.p., asegurado, deposi- 
tado. — goods, mercancías en 
depósito ; mercancías sin des- 
pachar. — warehouse, almacén 
de depósito. 

Bondsman, n., fiador, garante. 

Bone, n., hueso ; espina (of fish). 
— black, negro, animal. 

Boneless, a., sin huesos. 

Bonnet, n., gorra, gorro ; sombrero 
de mujer {or señora) ; bonete. 

Bonus, n., prima. 

Book, n., libro. Day — , diario. 
Cash — , libro de caja. Memo- 
randum — , libro de apuntes. 
Pocket — , cartera. School — , 
libro de enseñanza. Invoice — , 
libro de facturas. Waste — , 
borrador. To keep the — s, 
llevar los libros. Bill — , libro 
de letras. Stock — , libro de 
surtido {or existencias). — 
debts, deudas activas ; créditos 
a cobrar. — s in paper covers, 
libros en rústica, libros en pasta. 





— s in boards, libros encarto- 
nados {or en cartón). See Fold. 
— muslin, organdi, percaiina 
(plegada en la pieza a manera 
de libro). — trade, comercio 
de libros. 

Book, v., asentar, notar, anotar, 
tomar nota de, inscribir ; com- 
prometer, retener (seats, etc.) ; 
tomar su billete ; tomar un 

Bookbindpr, n., encuadernador de 

Bookbinding, n., encuademación. 

Bookcase, n., biblioteca. 

Booking, n., registro, asiento. — 
office, taquilla, despacho {or 
ventanillo) de billetes. 

Book-keeper, n., tenedor de libros. 

Book-keeping, n., teneduría de 
libros. — by single and double 
entry, teneduría de libros por 
partida simple y doble. 

Bookmark(er), n., marcador de 

Bookseller, n., librero. 

Bookstore, n., librería, almacén de 

Boom, n., botalón (Naut.) ; auge, 
actividad, demanda, alza, salto. 

Boom, V., favorecer, fomentar ; 
hacer bombo. 

Boot, n., bota, botín. • — - jack, 
sacabotas. — tree, horma de 
bota. — web, resorte. See 
Lace. — s and Shoes, calzado. 

Boot, v., aprovechar, valer, servir, 

Booty, n., botín. 

Boracic acid, n., ácido borácico 
{or bórico). 

Borax, n., bórax, borraj. 

Border, n., orilla, borde, margen ; 
límite ; guarnición, franja, ri- 
bete, cenefa, guarda, orladura. 
— designs, dibujos con franja 
{or guarda). 

Border, v., guarnecer, orlar, ribe- 
tear. — ed, con orilla {or 
guarnición) . To — on (or upon) , 
rayar en, aproximarse a. 

Bore, n., taladro, barreno ; ca- 
libre, hueco. A — (person), 
majadero, pelmazo, pesado, in- 
Bore, v., taladrar, barrenar ; mo- 
lestar, fastidiar. To be — d 
(tired), aburrirse, fastidiarse. 
Borer, n., barrena, taladro. 
Born, p.p., nacido. To be — , 
nacer. The first — , el primo- 
Borough, n., ciudad, villa. 
Borrow, v., tomar prestado, pedir 
prestado. To — money, tomar 
el dinero prestado. 
Bosom, n., seno, pecho. — friend, 
amigo íntimo. To be — friends, 
ser carne y uña. 
Botany, n., botánica. 
Both, a., ambos, entrambos, los 
dos ; con]'., tanto . . . como. . . . 
Bother, «., molestia, trabajo, 

pena, trastorno. 
Bother, v., molestar, importunar, 
incomodar, confundir, pertur- 
Bottle, n., botella, frasco, redoma. 
In ■ — (s), embotellado, en bote- 
llas. Stone — , botella de greda ; 
tarro. — basket, canasto para 
Bottle, v., embotellar, enfrascar. 
— ed, embotellado. — ■ beer, 
cerveza en botellas. 
Bottling, v., (el) embotellar. 
Bottom, n., fondo, suelo ; pie, 
base ; buque. — price, precio 
último (mínimo or más bajo). 
To get to the — ■ of an affair, 
profundizar, averiguar un asun- 
to. To be at the — of . . ., ser la 
causa {or móvil) de. . . . The 
— of a ship, el fondo de un 
buque. Neutral — , buque 
neutral. To go to the — (a 
ship), irse a pique. Rock — 
price, precio último. See Top. 
Bottomless, a., insondable. 
Bottomry, n., casco y quilla. — 
bond, contrata de gruesa, con- 
trata a la gruesa. — premium, 





premio por el riesgo de mar. — 
loan, empréstito de gruesa. 

Bought, comprado. Mr. . . Bought 
of ... , Sr(es) , . . Debe(n) a. . . . 

Bound, n., límite, confín, salto. 
To keep within — s, tener a 
raya. See Leap. 

Bound, v., saltar, dar saltos. 

Bound, p.p., atado, ligado ; obli- 
gado, forzado ; encuadernado 
(book) ; puesto en aprendizaje. 
To be — to, no poder menos 
(de). ■ — for, destinado a, con 
destino a, con rumbo a. Wind 
— , detenido por los vientos. 
Ice , detenido por los hielos. 

Boundary, n., límite, linde. 

Boundless, a., ilimitado. 

Bounty, n., generosidad, liberali- 
dad ; premio, prima (de expor- 
tación) ; contestación {or res- 
puesta) de primas. — money, 

Bouquet, n., ramillete. 

Bow, n., reverencia ; arco ; proa 

Bow, w., encorvar (to bend) ; hacer 
reverencia (to salute) ; agobiar, 
oprimir, agravar (to burden or 
tax) ; doblarse, encorvarse, ago- 
biarse. To • — ■ (submit) to, 
someterse a. [tripas. 

Bowels,, intestinos, entrañas. 

Bowl, w., cuenco, tazón ; bola. 
Sugar — , azucarero. 

Bowline, n., (Naut.) bolina. 

Bowsprit, 71., (Naut.) bauprés. 

Box, n., boj (tree) ; caja, cajita, 
cajón (case oí wood, etc.) ; 
palco (at the theatre) ; pes- 
cante ( — seat). Christmas — , 
aguinaldo. Snuff — , tabaquera. 
■ — of a pump, émbolo de una 
bomba. Money — , hucha, 
alcancía. Letter — , buzón. 
Strong ■ — , cofre {or caja) 
fuerte. Post Ofñce — , apartado 
(de correo) ; casilla (S.A.). — 
ofhce, contaduría. 

Box, V., meter en una caja ; 

Boxwood, n., boj. 

Boy, n., muchacho, niño. School 
• — ■, muchacho de escuela. Er- 
rand — , mozo de mandados. 

Boyhood, n., muchachez. 

Brace, «., abrazadera, broche, 
tirante ; par. — s, brazas 
(Naut.) ; tirantes. 

Brace, v., atar, ligar, amarrar. 

Bracelet, n., brazalete, pulsera, 

Bracket, n., puntal, can, repisa. 
— s, aletas, corchetes. In — s, 
entre paréntesis {or entre cor- 
chetes) ; cerrado con una llave. 

Bradawl, n., punzón afilado, lesna. 

Brag, v., jactarse. 

Braid, n., trenza, trencilla. 

Brain, n., celebro, cerebro. — s, 
sesos, juicio, entendimiento, 
cordura. Hare — ed, aturdido, 
sin seso. To blow one's — s out, 
levantarse la tapa de los sesos. 
To rack one's — s, devanarse los 

Brake, n., freno, bocado (of a 
horse) ; (Mech.) retranca, pa- 
lanca. — gear, retranca. 

Bran, n., salvado. 

Branch, n., rama (of a tree), ramo 
(of business), sucursal (-house) ; 
ramificación. — line (rail.), 

Branch, v., ramificar(se), espar- 

Brand, n., (torch) tizón, tea ; 
(class) marca, clase, escoja. 
See New. 

Brand, v., marcar ; difamar, man- 

Brandy, n., aguardiente, coñac. 

Brazen, a., hecho de latón ; (fig.) 

Brass, «., latón, bronce. — money, 
calderilla. Yellow — , latón. 
— founder, fundidor de bronce. 
— ore, calamina. — plate, placa 
{or plancha) de bronce. — ware, 
géneros de latón. — wire, hilo 
de latón. 

Brave, a., bravo, valiente. 





Brave, v., arrostrar, bravear. 

Brazen, ü., to — it out, sostenerlo 
con impudencia. 

Brazil-wood, n., madera {or palo) 
de Brasil. 

Breach, n., rotura ; rompimiento, 
desavenencia (of friendship, 
etc.) ; infracción, violación, 
contravención (of law, etc.). 

— of confidence, abuso de 
confianza. — of trust, falta de 
fidelidad {or abuso de confianza). 

Bread, n., pan. Bro^vTl — , pan 
moreno. Home-made — , pan 
casero. Fancy — , pan de flor. 

— stuffs, harina, cereales. 
Breadth, n., anchura, ancho ; 

manga (of a ship). 

Break, n., rotura, abertura ; inte- 
rrupción, cambio, mudanza, 

Break, v., romper, quebrar, que- 
brantar ; interrumpir, inter- 
ceptar. To — down, hacer 
fiasco ; descomponerse. To — 
out, declararse, estallar. To 

— off, dejar, cortar, interrum- 
pir. To — bulk, descargar; sacar 
parte de la carga. To — up, 
principiar las vacaciones ; 
(health) quebrantarse (la salud). 
See Word, Broken. 

Breakable, a., quebradizo, frágil. 

Breakage, n., rotura, fractura. 
Free from — , libre de rotura. 

Breakdown, n., descomposición, 
accidente; desarreglo, rotura ; 
vuelco, caída, derrumbamiento. 

Breakers,, reventazones ; 
embate de las olas. 

Breakfast, n., desayuno, almuerzo. 

Breakfast, v., desayunarse, almor- 

Breaking, n., fractura, rompi- 
miento. — up, suspensión. 

Breakwater, n., rompeolas. 

Breast, «., pecho. — pin, alfiler 
de pecho, prendedor. 

Breath, n., aliento, respiración. 

Breathe, v., alentar, respirar, 
exhalar ; revelar. 

Breathing, n., aspiración. 

Breathless, a., sin aliento. 

Breech, «., culata (de cañón or 
fusil), recámara. 

Breeches,, calzones. 

Breed, n., casta, raza. 

Breed, v., criar, engendrar. 

Breeder, n., criador. 

Breeding, n., crianza, cortesía, 
educación. Good — , buena 

Breeze, n., brisa, viento suave. 

Brevier (type), breviario, tipo de 
ocho puntos. 

Brevity, n., brevedad. 

Brew, 11., mezcla, cerveza. 

Brew, v., hacer cerveza {or 
licores), fermentar ; urdir, tra- 
mar, fraguar (a plot) . A storm 
is — ing, se prepara una tem- 
pestad. ■ 

Brewer, n., cervecero. 

Brewery, n., cervecería. 

Bribe, n., cohecho, soborno. 

Bribe, v., cohechar, sobornar, co- 

Bribery, n., cohecho, soborno. 

Brick, n., ladrillo. Sun-dried — , 
adobe (Mex.). Fire — , ladrillo 
refractario. See Bath. — dust, 
ladrillo molido. — kiln, horno 
de ladrillo, ladrillar. 

Brick, v., enladrillar. 

Bricklayer, n., albañil. 

Brickwork, n., enladrillado. 

Bride, n., novia. — 's cake, torta 
{or pan) de la boda. 

Bridegroom, n., novio. 

Bridge, n., puente. 

Bridle, n., brida, freno. 

Bridle, v., embridar, poner la 

brida ; refrenar, reprimir. 
Brief, a., breve, corto, conciso. 
To be — , en resumen, en resu- 
midas cuentas. 

Brief, «., alegato, auto jurídico, 

Briefless, a., sin causas. 
Briefly, adv., brevemente, en pocas 

Briefness. See Brevity. 





Brig, n., bergantín. 

Brigade, n., brigada. See Fire. 

Brigand, n., bandido, bando- 

Bright, a., claro, luciente, bri- 
llante, lustroso, \dvo ; agudo, 
perspicaz, animado. — colours, 
colores vivos (or brillantes). 

Brighten, v., pulir, bruñir (to 
polish) ; a\dvar, aguzar ; acla- 
rar, realzar ; activarse. 

Brightness, íz., lustre, esplandor, 
brillo, brillantez ; agudeza, vi- 
veza (of spirits, etc.) ; resplan- 
dor, claridad. 

Brilliance, n., brillantez, brillo, 
resplandor, lustre. 

Brilliant, a. & n., brillante. 

Brim, 11., borde; ala (de sombrero). 
— ful, lleno hasta el borde {or 
de bote en bote). 

Brimstone, «., azufre. 

Brine, «., salmuera. See Hide. 

Bring, v., traer, llevar, hacer 
venir ; acarrear, causar (to 
cause) ; (to j-ield) rendir, obte- 
ner, sacar, reportar, producir 
(a profit or price). To — about, 
efectuar, llevar a cabo. To be 
brought about, verificarse. To 

— back, traer de voielta, de- 
volver. To — down, abatir, 
disminuir, hacer bajar, producir 
una baja. To — forth, producir. 
To — forward, aducir, presen- 
tar ; activar, empujar. To — 
in, introducir ; reportar, dejar 
utilidad. To — olí, desem- 
peñar ; salir con. To — out, 
sacar, hacer, salir, poner de 
relieve ; producir, publicar. To 

— up, elevar, hacer subir; edu- 
car, criar ; enseñar, introducir. 
To — an action, poner una 
demanda. To — together, 
reconciliar. To — round ; see 
Persuade. To — to an end, 
concluir, terminar. To — word, 
informar, dar noticia, pasar 
recado. To — oneself to, resol- 
verse a. Brought forward, 

suma de la vuelta ; suma del 

BrinJi, n., orilla, margen, borde, 
extremo, extremidad. To be on 
the — oí, estar a punto [or 
al borde) de. 

Briny, a., salado. 

Brisk, a., activo, animado ; n^vo, 
despejado ; \-igoroso, fuerte. 

Briskly, adv., con prontitud, con 

Briskness, n., actixddad, anima- 
ción ; \iveza, Wvacidad ; ale- 

Bristle, n., cerda, seta. 

Bristle, v., erizar(se). 

Britannia Metal, n., metal blanco 

British, a., británico. — gum, 

Brittle, a., quebradizo, frágil. 

Brittleness, n., fragilidad. 

Broach, «., lesna, punzón ; espe- 
tón ; brocha. 

Broach, v., espetar, barrenar ; (a 
subject) proferir, introducir, 
mencionar por primera vez. 

Broad, a., ancho. — brimmed, 
de alas anchas. In — daylight, 
en pleno día. It is as — as it is 
long, es igual en todo, lo mismo 
da, tanto monta. 

Broadcast, adv., al vuelo, a lo 

Broadcloth, «., paño fino. 

Broaden, v., ensanchar(se). 

Broadside, n., costado de un 
buque ; andanada. 

Broadwise, adv., a lo ancho. 

Brocade, n., brocado ; brochado. 
Gold — , brocado de oro. 

Broken, a. & p.p. roto, quebrado, 
quebrantado ; interrumpido. 
He speaks — Spanish, chapurra 
el español. — to pieces (or in 
bits) hecho pedazos. — stow- 
age, abarrote ; madera de 

Broker, n., corredor ; prendero. 
Cotton — , corredor de algo- 
dones. Insurance — , corredor 





de seguros. Ship — , corredor 
marítimo. Stock — •, agente de 
cambios, corredor de acciones, 
corredor de cambios (or de 
bolsa). Sworn — , corredor 
jurado. See Bill. 

Brokerage, n., corretaje. Bill — , 
corretaje de cambios. 

Bromide, n., bromuro. 

Bromine, n., bromo. 

Bronze, n., bronce. — ■ money ; 
see Copper. 

Bronze, v., broncear. 

Brooch, n., broche, imperdible. 

Brook, n., arroyo. 

Brook, v., aguantar, sufrir, per- 
mitir, admitir. The affair — s 
no delay, el asunto no admite 

Broom, «., escoba. — • stick, palo 
de escoba. 

Broth, n., caldo. 

Brother, «., hermano. — --in-law, 

Brought, p.p., traído. — ■ forward, 
suma del frente. — over, suma 
de la vuelta. 

Brow, n., ceja, frente, sien. 

Brown, a., moreno, castaño, bazo, 
pardo. — paper, papel de 
estraza. — sugar, azúcar 
moreno {or terciado). — shoes, 
calzado de color. See Bread. 

Bruise, n., contusión, magulla- 

Bruise, v., magullar. [dura. 

Brunt, n., choque, peso. 

Brush, n., cepillo, brocha ; pincel, 
escobilla. Clothes — , cepillo 
para la ropa. Hair — , cepillo 
de cabello ; cepillo para el pelo. 
Shaving — , brocha de afeitar. 
Tooth — , cepillo de dientes. 

Brush, v., acepillar ; pasar ligera- 
mente por encima. 

Brassil , Bruselas. — ■ carpet, al- 
fombra de Bruselas. — lace, 
encaje de Bruselas, punto {or 
puntas) de Bruselas. 
Bubble, n., burbuja. 
Buck, n., gamo, macho ; (washing) 
lej ía, colada. 

Bucket, n., cubo, balde, pozal. 

Buckle, n., hebilla. 

Buckle, v., hebillar, afianzar. 

Buckram, n., bocací, entretela, 
tela de lino engomada. 

Buckskin, n., ante, cuero de gamo 

Buckwheat, n., trigo negro ; trigo 

Bud, n., pimpollo, botón, capullo. 
To nip in the — , sofocar al 
estallar {or al principiar). 

Bud, v., brotar, estar en flor. 

Budge, v., moverse, apartarse ; 
desistir, mudar de posición. 

Budget, n., presupuesto ; pro\d- 

BufT, «., ante ; búfalo ; color 
amarillo ligero. — coloured, de 
color de ante ; ante. 

Buffalo, n., búfalo. — hide, piel 
de búfalo. 

Buffer, n., tope. 

Buffet, n., aparador, alacena. 

Bug, n., chinche. [abalorio. 

Bugle, — • horn, n., corneta ; (bead) 

Build, v., edificar, fabricar, con- 
struir. To — on, contar con, 
confiar en, fiarse {or apoyarse) 
en. To — • up, fundar. 

Builder, n., constructor. House — , 
maestro de obras. Ship — , 
constructor de buques. 

Building, «., fábrica, edificio ; con- 
strucción. Ship—, construcción 
de navios. — material, mate- 
rial de obras. — -plant, material. 

Bulb, m., bulbo. — (of an incan- 
descent lamp), bombilla, am- 

Bulge, ü., hacer barriga (or comba). 

Bulk, n., tamaño, bulto, volumen, 
masa, grosor, grueso. The — - 
of, la mayor parte de, el grueso 
de. In — ; en globo, a granel ; 
suelto. To break — , descargar. 

Bulkhead, n., mampara. 

Bulkiness, n., volumen, bulto, 

masa, magnitud. 
Bulky, a., voluminoso, macizo, 
pesado, abultado, grueso. 





Bull, n., toro ; alcista (S.E.) ; a., de 
alza, alcista. — fight, corrida 
de toros. 

Bulldog, «., alano, perro de presa. 

Bullet, n., bala. 

Bulletin, n., boletín. 

Bullion, n., oro {or plata) en 
barras, metales preciosos, me- 
tálico. • — office, oficina de 

Bullish, a. See Bull. 

Bully, n., espadachín, matón. 

Bully, v., fanfarronear. 

Bulrush, n., junco. 

Bulwark, n., baluarte ; amparo, 

Bunch, 11., nudo, mazo, atado, 
manojo, hacecillo. ■ — • oí keys, 
manojo de llaves. — of cigars, 
mazo de cigarros. 

Bundle, »., atado, lío, mazo, fajo, 
conjunto, paquete. ■ — of papers, 
legajo, fajo de papeles. 

Bundle, v., liar, atar. 

Bung, n., tapón, tarugo. 

Bung, v., tapar con tarugo [or 

Buugholo, n., boca de embudo. 

Bungle, n., enredo. To make a — 
(of it), enredar (lo). 

Bungle, v., echar a perder, estro- 
pear, enredar ; chapucear. 

Bungler, n., chapucero, chambón. 

Bunker, n., carbonera. 

Bunting, ?;., lanilla ■ banderas. 

Buoy, n., boya. Life — , boya 
salva\ddas ; guindola. 

Buoy, v., boyar, mantener sobre 
el agua. To — up, apoyar, 

Buoyancy, n., fluctuación ; anima- 
ción, actividad. 

Buoyant, a., boyante ; animado. 

Biir. See Burr. 

Burden, n., carga, gravamen, peso, 
porte (of a ship) . Beast of — , acé- 
mila, bestia de carga. 

Burden, v., cargar, agobiar, opri- 
mir, gravar. To be — ed with, 
cargar con. To be — ed with 
debts, estar cargado de deudas. 

Burdensome, a., gravoso, pesado, 
molesto, incómodo, oneroso. 

Bureau, n., escritorio, bufete ; 
oficina, despacho. 

Burglar, n., quebrantador {or 
ladrón) de una casa. 

Burglary, n., quebrantamiento {or 
robo) de una casa. 

Burgundy, n., (wine) vino de 

Burial, n., entierro. 

Burn, n., quemadura. 

Burn, v., quemar, abrasar, incen- 
diar, consumir(se) ; arder. To 
— to ashes {or to be — t down), 
reducir (se) a cenizas. To — 
one's fingers (fig.), llevarse 

Burner, n., quemador. Gas — , 
mechero {or quemador) de gas. 

Burning, n., quemadura, incendio ; 
a., ardiente, ardiendo. 

Burnish, v., bruñir, pulir. . 

Burnisher, v., bruñidor, pulidor. 

Burnt, pp., abrasado, quemado. 
See Almond, Burn. 

Burr, n., capullo, cadillo ; bar- 
dana, nudo. 

Burrow, y., minar. 

Burrow, n., madriguera, conejera. 

Bursar, n., tesorero de un colegio. 

Burst, «., reventón, estallido. 

Burst, v., reventar, estallar, pro- 
rrumpir ; romper, quebrar. To 
■ — open, forzar. To — out, 
reventar, prorrumpir ; brotar. 

Bursting, n., estallido, explosión. 

Bury, v., enterrar, sepultar ; es- 

Bus, n., ómnibus. 

Bush, n., arbusto. To beat about 
the — , no ir al caso. 

Bushel, n., fanega. 

Busily, adv., activamente, apre- 
suradamente, diligentemente. 

Business, n., asunto, comercio, 
negocio; ocupación, oficio, em- 
pleo. To carry on — , comerciar. 
To do — , hacer negocios. To 
be in — , estar establecido. He 
is out of ■ — , ya no se ocupa de 





negocios. To give up — , 
retirarse del comercio. On - — ■, 
a (sobre or para) negocios. To 
commence — , establecerse, po- 
ner comercio. — man (or man 
of - — ), hombre de negocios, 
comerciante. Line of — , ramo 
de negocios. To attend to — ■, 
aplicarse a los negocios. It is 
not our — -, eso no nos toca {or 
atañe) ; no tenemos nada que 
ver con eso. — like, formal, 
entendido {or versado) en nego- 
cios. To make it one's — - to 
. . . , encargarse de ; tener {or 
poner) empeño en ... ; intere- 
sarse en ; mirar como deber 
suyo — relations, rela- 
ciones comerciales. Ship's — , 
asuntos del buque. No — 
doing, no se hace nada. See 
Knowledge, Fix. 

Busk, n., ballena de corsé, palo de 

Bust, n., busto. 

Bustle, n., bullicio. 

Busy, a., ocupado, empleado. To 
be — on, ocuparse de. — 
season, temporada de anima- 
ción ; temporada de los muchos 

Busybody, n., entremetido. 

But, conj., pero, mas, sino, solo. 
— little, muy poco.. — for, 
a no ser por ; si no fuera por. 
All — one, todos menos uno. 
The last ■ — ■ one, el penúltimo. 
Nothing (or none) — , sólo. 
Anything - — ■, nada. 

Butcher, n., carnicero. 

Butler, n., despensero. 

Butt, n., blanco, hito ; bota, pipa 
(for wine). — end, cabo, mango ; 
culata (of a gun, etc.). 

Butter, n., manteca, mantequilla. 
Salt — , mantequilla salada. 
Fresh — , mantequilla fresca. 

Butterfly, n., mariposa. 

Button, n., botón. — hook, 
abotonador, abrochador. — 
maker, botonero. 

Button, v., abotonar. — hole, ojal. 

Buttress, n., machón, sostén. 

Buy, V., comprar. To — ■ on credit, 
comprar al fiado. To — in, 
retirar, recomprar. To — first 
hand, comprar de primera 
mano. To — up, comprar, 
acaparar. To — wholesale, 
comprar al por mayor. To — 
out, comprar su parte. See 

Buyer, n., comprador, tomador. 

Buying, n., compra, compras ; el 
comprar. — up, acopio, aca- 

By, prep., por, de ; cerca, junto a ; 
a la mano. — ■ this time, a la 
hora de ésta ; ya a estas horas. 
• — that time, para entonces. 

— much (or — far), con mucho. 

— day, de día, — • night, de 
noche. — (or via) Liverpool, 
por la vía de Liverpool. — 
itself, solo, de por sí. — • and 
■ — ■, luego, en breve, pronto. 

— hand, a mano. — ma- 
chinery, por máquina. — the 
yard, por yardas, por varas. 

— then, para entonces. — the 
bye (or — ■ the way), a pro- 
pósito de esto ; de paso ; entre 
paréntesis. — ■ Wednesday, 
para miércoles. — the month, 
mensualmente, por mes, al mes. 
Tliree feet — six, tres pies por 
seis. Day — day, de un día a 
otro, de día en día. See Land. 

Bygone, a., pasado. Let — s be — s, 
olvidemos lo pasado ; lo pasado 
pasado. [ticular). 

By-law, n., le\' privada {or par- 
Cab, n., cabriolé, coche de alquiler, 
simón. Hackney — , coche de 
punto. — man, cochero. — ^rank 
(or — ■ stand), parada de coches. 
Cabbage, n., berza, col. 
Cabin, n., cabana, choza ; cámara, 
camarote (of a ship). — boy, 
paje de escoba, muchacho de 





Cabinet, n., gabinete, escritorio ; 
ministerio. — council, consejo 
privado. — maker, ebanista. 

— work, ebanistería. 

Cable, n., cable. Submarine — , 
cable submarino. — word, 
palabra telegráfica (or cable- 
gráfica). — code, código tele- 
gráfico. By — , por cable. 

— office, oficina de cables ; 
despacho telegráfico. 

Cable, V., cablar, cablear, tele- 
grafiar, cablegrafiar. 

Cablegram, n., cablegrama, tele- 
grama. To send a — , poner un 

Cacao, n., cacao. 

Cadmium, n., cadmio. 

Cage, n., jaula. 

Cake, n., bollo, tortita, pastel, pan. 

— of wax, pan de cera. Lin- 
seed — , torta (or pastel) de 
lino. — oí soap, pastilla de 

Cake, v., endurecer. 

Calamine, n., calamina. 

Calamitous, a., calamitoso, des- 

Calamity, n., calamidad, desgra- 

Calcareous, a., calcáreo. 

Calcite, n., espato calcáreo, car- 
bonato de cal. 

Calcium, «., calcio. 

Calculable, a., calculable. 

Calculate, v., calcular, contar ; 
hacer cálculos. To — on (or 
upon), contar con. - — d to, 
(ser) para ; encamina lo a ; 
susceptible de. 

Calculation, n., calculación, cál- 
culo, suma. Rough — , cálculo 

Calculator, v., calculador. 

Calendar, n., calendario, alma- 

Calender, n., calandria, cilindro. 

Calender, v., (cloth) aprensar con 
calandria ; (paper) satinar. 

Calenderer, n., aprensador. 

Calí, n., ternero, ternera, becerro ; 

(of the leg) pantorrilla. — 's 
foot jelly, gelatina de manos 
de ternero. — skin, becerrillo, 
becerro, piel de becerro. 

Calibre, n., calibre. 

Calico, n., calicó, indiana, percal. 
WTiite ■ — , género blanco ; bogo- 
tana blanca (Central Amer.) ; 
tela blanca. Printed — , indiana, 
zaraza, tela de algodón estam- 
pada. — printer, estampador 
de tela de algodón. — printing, 
estampación de tela de algodón. 

Caligraphic, a., caligráfico. 

Caligraphy, n., caligrafía. 

Calk, v., calafatear. 

Calking, n., calafate, calafateo. 

Cali, n., ^dsita, escala ; instancia, 
llamamiento, llamada (de fon- 
dos) ; convocatoria (to a meet- 
ing) ; telefonema (on the 
'phone). — for funds, demanda 
(or llamada) de fondos. To give 
(or pa}') a — , ir a ver. — s, 
demandas ; visitas. To make 
a — at (a boat), hacer escala en. 
Port of — , puerto de órdenes. 

Call, V-, llamar, calificar (de) ; 
gritar (to shout) ; nombrar (to 
appoint) ; convocar, citar, jun- 
tar (a meeting) ; (to visit) 
\-isitar, venir ; (a vessel) tocar, 
hacer escala. To — again, 
volver. To — aside, llamar (or 
sacar) aparte. To — at, pasar 
a, personarse en ; hacer escala 
en, tocar en. To — away, 
hacer salir, obligar a ausentarse. 
To — back, mandar volver, 
hacer volver. To — for, llamar, 
preguntar por alguno, ir a 
buscar ; exigir. To — in, 
retirar, recoger, revocar. To — 
in question, poner en duda. 
To — on (or upon), pasar por 
(or a) la casa de, saludar, visitar, 
ir a ver. To — over, repasar. 
To — to see one, pasar a verle, 
hacerle una \'isita. To — to 
account, pedir cuentas, llamar 
a cuentas. To — to witness, 





tomar por testigo. To — upon, 
pasar a ; rogar, exhortar. If 
— ed upon, en caso necesario. 
To be left till — ed for (post 
office), en lista, poste restante. 
To be (or to feel) — ed upon to, 
estar {or creerse) en el deber de, 
verse en la necesidad de. So 
— ed, llamado. Until • — ed for, 
hasta que vengan por él (ella 
or ellos). See Mind, Atten- 

Called, a., llamado. So — , lla- 
mado. To be ■ — -ed for (post 
office), en lista. See Call. 

Caller, n., visita, visitante. 

Calling, n., profesión, vocación ; 
oñcio. — of a meeting, con- 

Calm, n., calma, quietud, tran- 
quilidad ; a., quieto, tran- 
quilo, encalmado ; en calma. 
Dead — , calma chicha. To 
become — , calmarse. 

Calm, v., calmar, tranquilizar. 

Calmly, adv., serenamente, tran- 
quilamente, sin protesta. 

Calmness, n., tranquilidad, calma. 

Calumniate, v., calumniar. 

Calumny, )i., calumnia. 

Camber, n., comba, combadura. 

Cambist, n., cambista , cambia- 

Cambric, n., batista, cambray, 
cambrai, olán. Fine ■ — , olán 

Camel, n., camello. — 's hair, peto 
de camello. 

Carneo, n., camafeo. 

Camera, n., cámara (fotográfica). 
Folding — , cámara plegadiza. 
Hand — , cámara de mano. 

— obscura, cámara obscura. 
Camlet, n., camelote, chamelote. 
Camomile, n., camomila. — ñour, 

Camp, n., campo, campamento. 
■ — bed, cama de campaña. 

— table, mesa plegadiza. — 
chair, silla de tijera. 

Camp, v., acampar. 

Campaign, n., campaña, campiña. 

Camphor, n., alcanfor. — ated oil, 
aceite alcanforado. 

Can, n., bote, lata ; vaso. See 

Can, v., guardar {or poner) en 
latas {or en cajas de hoja de 
lata). — ^ned goods, carne 
preparada ; conservas. 

Canada. See Balsam. 

Canal, n., canal. 

Canard, n., embuste, noticia falsa. 

Canary, «., canario. - — seed, 

Cancel, v., cancelar, borrar, anu- 
lar, invalidar, nulificar, dejar 
sin efecto. 

Cancellation, n., cancelación, anu- 

Cancelling. See Cancellation. 

Candid, a., candido, sencillo, sin- 
cero, franco, ingenuo. 

Candidate, n., candidato, preten- 
diente, aspirante. 

Candidature, n., candidatura. 

Candidly, adv., francamente, con 
franqueza, ingenuamente. 

Candied, a. & p.p., confitado. — 
peel, corteza de limón confitada. 

Candle, n., candela, vela; bujía. 
— power, fuerza de iluminación 
de una vela ; a . . . bujías. — 
light, la luz de una vela. — 
grease, sebo. — wick, pábilo de 
una vela. — mould, molde de 
vela. Wax — , vela de cera ; 
bujía. Tallow — , vela de sebo. 
Paraffin — , vela esteárica. It 
is not worth the — , no vale la 
Candlestick, n., candelero. 

Branched — , araña, candelabro. 
Bedroom — , palmatoria. 
Candour, n., candor, franqueza, 

Candy, n., confite. Sugar — , 

azúcar candi. 

Cane, n., caña, junco ; bastón 

1 (stick). ■ — • sugar, azúcar de 

I caña. Sugar — , caña de 

I azúcar. — bottomed chair, 





silla de rejilla. Bamboo — , 
caña de bambú ; caña de junco. 

Canister, n., canastillo ; bote, 
caja de hoja de lata. 

Cannel, n., carbón duro. — coal, 
hulla grasa. 

CannOD, n., cañón ; carambola 
(at billiards). — ball, bala de 
cañón. — proof, a prueba de 

Canoe, n., canoa. 

Canopy, n., dosel, pabellón. — 
oí a bed, cielo de cama colgada. 

Canvas, n., lona, cañamazo, tela, 
lienzo; cotense (Amer.). 

Canvass, n., examen, investiga- 

Canvass, v., solicitar votos. To — 
for orders, solicitar órdenes (or 

Canvasser, n., solicitador, via- 
jante, viajero. 

Caoutchouc, n., caucho, goma 
elástica, hule. 

Cap, n., gorro, gorra, boina, 
barrete ; envoltorio. 

Capability, n., capacidad, aptitud, 

Capable, a., capaz, apto, idóneo. 
To be ■ — (or able) to (or for), 
ser capaz [or apto) para. He is 
— of anything, es capaz de 
todo. Not to be — , no poder. 

Capacious, a., capaz, extensivo, 

Capacity, n., capacidad, disposi- 
ción, calidad ; porte, cabida 
(of a vessel). In the — of, en 
calidad de. 

Cape, «., cabo (promontory) ; 
capa, capuche, escla\dna (cloth- 

Caper(s), n., alcaparra. 

Capillary, a., capilar. 

Capital, a., capital ; excelente, 
importante, principal; w., capi- 
tal (masculine if money, femin- 
ine if chief town) ; caudal, 
fondo, principal. A — letter, 
una letra mayúscula. Paid up 
— , capital pagado. Subscribed 

— , capital suscrito. To make 
— out of, sacar partido de. 

Capitalist, n., capitalista. 

Capitalise, v., capitalizar. 

Capitally, adv., admirablemente, 

Capon, n., capón. 

Caprice, n., capricho. 

Capricious, a., caprichoso. 

Capsize, v., volcar, zozobrar. 

Capstan, n., cabrestante. 

Capsule, n., cápsula. 

Captain, n., capitán. 

Captious, a., capcioso, quisquilloso. 

Captivate, v., cautivar. 

Captivity, n., cautividad, prisión. 

Capture, n., captura, presa. 

Capture, v., capturar, apresar. 

Car, n., vagón, coche, carro (de 
ferrocarril) ; carreta. Dining 
— , coche comedor. Motor — , 
automó\dl. Tram — , tranvía. 
Sleeping — , coche-cama. 

Caramel, n., caramelo. 

Carat, n., quilate, ley. 18 — , de 
18 quilates. 

Caravan, n., caravana. 

Caravansary, n., caravanera. 

Caraway, tWaway-seed, n., alca- 

Carbine, n., carabina. 

Carbolic, a., carbólico. — acid, 
ácido carbólico. 

Carbon, n., carbón. — copy, 
copia de carbón, copia al 

Carbonate, »., carbonato. — of 
soda, carbonato de sosa. 

Carbonic, a., carbónico. — acid 
gas, gas ácido carbónico. 

Carbuncle, n., carbunclo, carbún- 

Carburet, n., carbureto, carburo. 

Card, n., naipe, carta, cartón, 
carda ; tarjeta. Playing — , 
naipe, carta de jugar. Private 
— , tarjeta particular. Post — , 
tarjeta postal. Pack of — s, 
baraja de naipes. — case, 
tarjetero. Loose — (for pat- 
terns), cartulina (suelta). — 






table, mesa de juego. Show — , 
muestrario, anuncio. 

Card, v., cardar (lana). 

Cardboard, n., cartón. 

Carding, n., cardadura. 

Care, n., cuidado, atención, soli- 
citud ; pena, inquietud, cau- 
tela, empeño. To take — , tener 
cuidado, poner cuidado {or 
empeño). To take — to make, 
cuidar de hacer, tener cuidado 
de hacer. To take — not to go, 
tener cuidado de no ir, guar- 
darse de ir. — oí, al cuidado de, 
bajo sobre a, dirigido a la casa 
de. Mr. J., — oí Messrs. B. & 
Co., Sres. B. & Co., para (entre- 
gar al) Sr. J. ; Sr. J. en casa 
de los Sres. B. & Co. With — , 

Care, v., cuidar, tener cuidado. 
To — for (or about), querer, 
gustar, agradar, hacer caso de. 
I do not — , no se me da nada ; 
no me importa. To — to give, 
querer dar. 

Careen, v., carenar, dar carena. 
— ing wharf, muelle de care- 
naje. To — over, caer de banda. 

Career, «., carrera, curso. 

Careful, a., cuidadoso, avisado, 
solícito, minucioso, circun- 
specto (cautious), económico 
(saving). To be — , tener [or 
poner) cuidado. To be — to do, 
cuidar de hacer. 

Carefully, adv., cuidadosamente, 
con cuidado {or esmero), minu- 
ciosamente, detenidamente, 

Carefulness, n., cuidado, cautela, 

Careless, a., descuidado, negli- 
gente, indiferente, incauto. 

Carelessly, adv., con incuria {or 
descuido), descuidadamente. 

Carelessness, n., descuido, negli- 
gencia, indiferencia. 

Caret, n., omisión. 

Cargo, n., carga, cargamento. To 
take in — , cargar, tomar carga. 

A full — , un cargamento com- 
pleto. Homeward — , carga- 
mento de vuelta. — book, libro 
de carguío. Outward — , 

cargamento de ida {or de salida) . 

— boat, navio de carga. 
Carman, n., carretero, carroma- 

Carmine, «., carmín. 

Carnival, n., carnaval. 

Carpenter, n., carpintero. Ship 
• — , carpintero de ribera (de 

Carpentry, n., carpintería. 

Carpet, n., tapete, alfombra, tapiz. 
Brussels — •, alfombra de Bru- 
selas. — bag, saco de noche. 
Stair — , tapete de escalera. 
On the — (fig-). 6n el tapete. 

— dealer, mercader de alfom- 

Carpet, v., alfombrar, entapizar. 

Carpeting, n., tripe para alfombras. 

Carriage, n. (transport), porte, 
acarreo, transporte, conduc- 
ción ; (vehicle) coche, carruaje, 
(railway) vagón ; vehículo ; 
(bearing) porte, presencia. — 
free, franco de porte. ■ — ■ for- 
ward, porte a pagar, porte 
debido. • — paid, porte pagado, 
franco de por te (s). Baby — , 
carrito para chiquillos. 

Carrier, n., portador, arriero, 
carretero, conductor. 

Carrot, n., zanahoria. 

Carry, v., llevar, traer, conducir, 
contener ; sentar, pasar (in 
book-keeping). To — away, 
llevarse, quitar. To — ■ into 
effect, llevar a efecto, poner 
en ejecución {or planta). To — 
out, llevar a cabo, realizar, 
efectuar, evacuar, llevar a 
efecto {or a la práctica). To — - 
over (or forward), transportar. 
To — through, llevar a buen 
término (cabo or fin). Amount 
carried over, suma que pasa 
a la vuelta, pasa al frente. 
Carried over (or forward), suma 





de la vuelta al frente ; a la 
vuelta. To — everything 

before one, veneer todos los 
obstáculos. The steamer — ing 
the goods, el vapor cargador 
(or conductor) de la mercancía. 
To — forward (a balance), llevar 
a cuenta nueva. To — on, 
hacer, ejercer, continuar. To 

— on business, comerciar. • 
Carrying, n., transporte. 

Cart, H., carro, carreta, carruaje. 

— load, carretada. 

Cart, v., carretear, acarrear con 

Cartage, n., carretaje, acarreo, 

Carte-blanche, n., carta blanca ; 

amplias facultades. 
Carter, n., carretero. 
Cartoon, n., cartón. ' 

Cartouch, n., cartucho de balas 

{or metralla) ; cartón. 
Cartridge, n., cartucho, cápsula. 

— box, cartuchera. 

Carve, v., esculpir, cincelar, tallar 
(wood), labrar (stone), trinchar 
(meat). — ed work, entallado, 
obra de talla. 

Carver, n., escultor, grabador, 
entallador ; trinchante (knife). 

Carving, n., escultura, talla ; la 
acción de trinchar. — knife, 
cuchillo de trinchar, trinchante. 

Case, n., caso, asunto, suceso ; 
caja, cajón (box) ; estuche (for 
needles, etc.) ; causa (law, etc.). 
The - — in point, el caso en 
cuestión, el asunto de que se 
trata. In any — , en todo caso, 
de todos modos. In the — of, 
en cuanto a, respecto a. In — , 
si acaso, por si acaso. In — 
that, caso que, en caso (de) que. 
To be the — , ser {or suceder) 
así, verificarse. Should such 
be the — , si fuese así, llegado 
el caso. In — of need, en caso 
necesario. Book — , estante de 
libros. Dressing — , tocador, 
neceser de tocador, estuche de 

viaje, estuche de tocador. Nee- 
dle — , alfiletero. Glass — , 
vidriera, mostruario, Cigar — , 
cigarrera. Pillow — , funda de 
almohada. Jewel ■ — , caja {or 
estuche) de joyas ; joyero. 

Case, w., encajar, encajonar, poner 
en caja {or estuche). 

Casein, n., caseína. 

Casemate, n., casamata. 

Casement, n., puerta ventana. 

Cash, n., dinero, dinero efectivo {or 
contante), fondos, efectivo, con- 
tante. For — , al contado. In 
• — •, en metálico ; efectivo. Out 
of cash, sin fondos. To be short 
of — , estar escaso de fondos. 
To keep the — , tener la caja. 

— box, caja {or alcancía). 

— advance, anticipo de dinero. 

— account, cuenta de caja. — 
in hand, metálico en caja, 
fondos en caja. — down, al 
contado. — on delivery, cób- 
rese al entregar {or a la entrega) . 

— register, caja registra- 

Cash, v., cobrar, hacer efectivo (a 
bill or cheque), cambiar, con- 
vertir en moneda {or dinero). 
To get — ed, hacer efectivo. 

Cashier, n., cajero. 

Cashing, n., (el) hacer efectivo, 
(el) cobrar. 

Cashmere, n., cachemira, casimir. 

Casing, n., cubierta, envoltura, 

Cask, n., barril, casco, tonel, 
barrica, bota. 

Cask, v., entonelar. 

Casket, n., cajita para joyas, 
casquete, estuche. 

Cassation, n., casación, anulación. 

Cassia, n., casia. • — ■ sticks, 

Cast, n., tiro, golpe ; fundición ; 
tinte, molde, modelo, forma. 

Cast, v., tirar, arrojar, lanzar ; 
echar, verter ; fundir, derretir 
(metals) . To — aside, desechar, 
dejar {or poner) a un lado. To 





— away, desechar, botar, arro- 
jar. To — off, abandonar, 
desechar. To — up (sums, etc.), 
calcular, sumar. To — a glance 
at, echar una ojeada sobre. 
To — • the anchor, fondear, 
anclar. — iron, hierro colado. 

Caster, n., ruedecilla, roldana. 

Castígate, v., castigar. 

Casting, n., tiro, fundición. — 
vote, voto decisivo. — house, 
fundería, fundición. — up, 

Castle, n., castillo. 

Castor, n., castor. — oil, aceite de 

Casual, a., casual, fortuito, acci- 

Casually, adv., casiialmente, for- 

Casualty, n., casualidad, acci- 
dente ; siniestro, desgracia. 

Cat, n., gato. 

Catalogue, n., catálogo. 

Catalogue, v., catalogar, poner en 

Cataract, n., cascada, catarata. 

Catastrophe, n., catástrofe. 

Catch, n., presa, captura ; tara- 
villa de picaporte, colanilla 
(small bolt). 

Catch, v., coger, asir, alcanzar, 
prender (to arrest) ; agarrar, 
cerrar (nails, etc.). To — cold, 
resfriarse. To — at, acoger, 
buscar. To — hold of, agarrarse 
de, apoderarse de. To — a 
train (or steamer), alcanzar un 
tren [ov vapor). To — a fever, 
coger una fiebre. To — up, 
alcanzar. To — on (to please), 
agradar, gustar, dar gusto, 
tener aceptación. To — the 
eye, llamar la atención. 

Catching, a., contagioso. 

Categorical, a., categórico. 

Category, n., categoría. 

Cater, v., abastecer, proveer, su- 

Caterer, y., proveedor, abastecedor. 

Caterpillar, n., oruga. 

Catgut, n., cuerda de tripa, cuerda 
de violin. 

Catharine-wheel, n., Catarina. 

Cathedral, «., catedral. 

Cattle, n., ganado. Black — , ga- 
nado vacuno. Small — •, ganado 
lanar y cabrío. Head of — , 
reses de ganado. — • market, 
mercado de ganados. — show, 
exposición (or concurso) de 
ganados. — trade, comercio de 
ganados ; comercio pecuario. 
— dealer, tratante en ganados. 

Cauliflower, n., coliflor. 

Cause, n., causa, origen, motivo. 
■ — for complaint, motivos de 
queja. To plead one's — , 
defender su causa, abogar por 

Cause, V., causar, hacer, producir, 
acarrear, ocasionar. To — (the 
. . .) to change, hacer cambiar 
(el . . .). 

Causeless, a., infundado, sin razón. 

Causeway, n., arrecife. 

Caustic, a. & n., cáustico, corro- 

Caution, n., advertencia, aviso 
(warning) ; cautela, prudencia, 
precaución (care). 

Caution, v., advertir, avisar, cau- 
cionar, amonestar, prevenir. 

Cautious, a., cauto, circunspecto, 

Cautiously, adv., cautamente, pru- 

Cave, n., cueva, caverna ; bodega. 

Caveat, n., aviso, notificación 

Cavil, n., efugio, evasión, cavila- 
ción ; trampa legal. 

Cavil, V., cavilar, buscar quis- 

Caviller, n., trapacero, enredador, 

Cavity, n., cavidad, hueco. 

Cayenne Pepper, n., pimentón, 
pimiento, guindilla. 

Cease, v., cesar, parar, suspender. 
To — to do, cesar [or dejar) de 





Ceaseless, a., continuo, incesante, 
sin cesar. 

Cedar, «., cedro. — wood, cedro. 

Cede, V., ceder, traspasar, trans- 

Ceiling, n., techo, cielo raso. 

Celebrate, v., celebrar. 

Celebrated, a., célebre, famoso. 

Celebration, n., celebración. 

Celebrity, n., celebridad, fama. 

Celerity, n., celeridad, prontitud, 
velocidad, rapidez, ligereza. 

Celery, n., apio. 

Cell, n., celda. 

Cellar, n., sótano, bodega. 

Cellar, v., almacenar. 

Cellarage, n., cueva, sótano ; 
(charges) bodegaje, almacenaje. 

Cellular, a., celular. 

Celluloid, n., celuloide. 

Cement, n., cemento, argamasa. 

Cement, v., pegar, argamasar ; 
estrechar (relations, etc.). 

Cemetery, n., cementerio. 

Censure, «., censura, reprensión, 

Censure, v., censurar, culpar, 

Census, n., censo. 

Cent, n., centavo ; ciento. Six 
per — , seis por ciento. At 3 per 
— , a razón de {or del) 3 por 
.ciento. A — , un centavo. 
25 per — , un 25 por ciento.^ 

Cental, n., quintal. 

Centigrade, a., centígrado. 

Centigram, n., centigramo. 

Centilitre, n., centilitro. 

Centimetre, n., centímetro. 

Centner, n., peso de cien libras. 

Central, a., central. 

Centralise, v., centralizar. 

Centre, n., centro, medio. 

Centre, v., centrar, centralizar, 

Centrifugal, a., centrífugo. 

Centuple, a., céntuplo. 

Century, n., siglo. 

Cereal, a., cereal. — s, cereales. 

1 Per cent, is expressed in Spanish 
sometimes by " por loo." 

Ceremonial, a. & n., ceremonial. 

Ceremonious, a., ceremonioso, ce- 

Ceremony, n., ceremonia. Without 
— ,sin ceremonia, con franqueza. 
Not to stand on ■ — , sin cumpli- 

Certain, a., cierto, claro, positivo, 
seguro, determinado ; adv., 
seguramente, ciertamente, sin 
falta. A — - man, cierto hom- 
bre. A — sum, cierta cantidad, 
una suma determinada. To be 
■ — , estar cierto, saber(lo) de 
cierto. For — , de positivo, a 
ciencia cierta, a punto fijo. To 
make — of, convencerse de. 
To be — of, estar seguro de. 

Certainly, adv., ciertamente, segu- 
ramente, sin duda, a no dudarlo, 
sin falta, por cierto, a buen 

Certainty, n., certeza, certidumbre, 
seguridad, verdad. To know for 
a — , saber de positive. 

Certificate, n., certificación, certi- 
ficado. — of baptism, fe de 
bautismo. — of origin, certi- 
ficado de origen. Bankrupt's 
— , concordato. Share — , 
título de acciones. — of aver- 
age, certificado de avería. Mas- 
ter's — , certificado de capitán. 
Consular — , certificado del 

Certify, v., certificar, atestiguar, 
afirmar, dar fe. 

Certitude. See Certainty. 

Ceruse, n., cerusa, albayalde. 

Cessation, n., cesación, interrup- 
ción, suspensión, parada. 

Cession, «., cesión. 

Chaff, n., hollejo, zurrón, cascara 
del grano ; paja menuda. — 
cutter, cortador de paja. 

Chain, n., cadena ; serie, enlace. 

— cable, cable de cadena, 
cable-cadena, cadena de ancla. 

— belt, cadena de trasmisión. 

— gear, engranaje de cadena. 
■ — bridge, puente de cadenas. 





Surveyor's — , cadena de agri- 
mensor. — wheel, rueda de 
engrane de cadenas. Brake — 
cadena del freno. Watch — 
cadena de reloj, leontina. 

Chain, z;., encadenar, poner cadena 

Chair, «., silla, asiento. Arm — 
butaca, sillón, silla de brazos 
Easy • — , butaca, poltrona 
Rocking — , mecedora. Pivot 
(or revolving) — , silla giratoria 
— • back, respaldo de una silla 
— maker, sillero, fabricante de 
sillas. To take the — (at a 
meeting), presidir. Professor's 
— , cátedra. See Cane. 

Chairman, n., presidente. 

Chalice, n., cáliz. 

Challí, H., greda, tiza, yeso, creta. 
French — -, yeso de sastres. — • 
pit, cantera de tiza [or de 
yeso) . 

Challi, V., engredar, marcar, con 
greda {or yeso). 

Chalky, a., gredoso, yesoso. 

Challenge, n., desafío ; demanda, 
pretensión ; recusación. 

Challenge, v., desafiar, retar ; 
recusar, tachar (a \\atness, etc.). 

Chalybeate, a., ferruginoso. 

Chamber, n., cámara, cuarto, 
habitación. — ■ of commerce, 
cámara de comerlo. Bed — , 
alcoba, cuarto de dormir. — 
maid, camarera. — -pot, orinal, 
bacina, bacinica. 

Chamois, n., gamuza. 

Champagne, n., vino de Cham- 
paña, champán. 

Champion, n., campeón. — ship, 

Chance, n., fortuna, suerte, casua- 
lidad ; probabilidad, riesgo, 
oportunidad ; a., casual, for- 
tuito, accidental. To stand a ■ — ■, 
tener suerte. By — , casual- 
mente, por acaso, por casua- 
lidad. There is no — , no hay 
esperanza {or probabilidad) . To 
take one's — , correr el riesgo, 
arriesgarlo. On the (off) — , 

acaecer, suceder, 
arriesgar, probar. 

por si acaso. — s, visos, proba- 
bilidades. ■ — purchase, compra 
de lance. 

Chance, v., 
acontecer ; 
Sea Happen. 

Chancellor, n., canciller, cance- 
lario. — of the exchequer, 
ministro de hacienda. Lord 
High — , ministro de justicia ; 
gran canciller. 

Chancellorship, n., cancillería. 

Chancery, n., cancillería. 

Chandelier, n., araña (de luces), 

Chandler, n., cerero, velero. — 's 
shop, abacería. Ship — , 

abastecedor de buques. 

Chandlery, n., mercería. Ship's 
— , cabullería. 

Change, «.-, cambio, mudanza, 
variedad, variación ; (of trains) 
transbordo ; (loose money) cam- 
bio, suelto, dinero menudo, la 
vuelta. • — of address, cambio 
de domicilio (casa or oficina). 
On 'Change, en la bolsa {or 
lonja). A — • for the better, una 
mejoría. Without — , sin 


Change, v., cambiar, trocar, con- 
vertir, mudar, variar, reformar, 
remediar, alterar, corregir ; (to 
remove) trasladar ; (on a train) 
transbordar. To — ■ colour, 
cambiar de color. To — one's 
mind, cambiar {or mudar) de 
parecer. To — hands, cambiar 
de manos, enajenarse. To — 
for the better, mejorar. 

Changeable, a., variable, mudable. 

Changer, n., cambiante, cambista. 

Channel, n., canal ; (opening) 
fuente, salida ; clase, rutina, 
conducto. Through another — , 
por otro conducto. The English 
— , en canal de la Mancha ; la 

Chaos, n., caos, confusión, desor- 

Chapel, n., capilla. 





Chapter, n., capítulo. 

Character, n., carácter, buena 
fama, reputación ; (nature or 
kind) carácter, indole ; (-«Tit- 
ing) letra ; (report) informe, 
antecedentes, testimonio de 
conducta. A good — , un cer- 
tificado de buena conducta ; 
buenos antecedentes. 

Characteristic, a., característico ; 
n., característica, caracterís- 

Characterise, v., caracterizar. 

Charcoal, n., carbón de leña. 
Animal — , carbón animal. 

Charge, n., cargo, precio, coste, 
gasto, comisión, carga, encargo. 
Extra — , recargo. The ex- 
penses will be to my — , los 
gastos corren de mi cuenta. 
The man in — , el encargado. 
In — of, al mando de. Includ- 
ing — ^s, inclusos los gastos. 
To be in — of, estar encargado 
de, correr con. To take — of, 
hacerse cargo de. — s forward, 
(haga Vd.) seguir los gastos ; 
porte debido, porte a pagar. 
— s account, nota {or cuenta) de 
gastos. Shipping — s, gastos de 

Charge, v., cargar, cobrar, llevar ; 
encargar (to instruct) ; acusar 
(to accuse). To — forward, 
hacer seguir (los gastos). To — 
with, acusar de. 

Chargeable, a., imputable, sujeto; 
a cobrar, que se cobra. 

Charitable, a., caritativo. 

Charity, «., caridad. [(trinket). 

Charm, v., encanto ; leopoldina 

Charm, v., encantar, hechizar. 

Charming, a., agradable, encan- 

Chart, n., carta de navegar, carta 
de navegación. 

Charter, n., cédula, título ; carta 
constitucional, contrata {or con- 
trato) de fietamento. — party, 
carta-partida ; contrato {or pó- 
liza) de fietamento. 

Charter, v., fietar (un buque). 

Charterer, n., fietador. 

Charíeriug, ^i., fietamento. 

Chary, a., cuidadoso, cauteloso, 
circunspecto, retraído, esquivo. 
To be — of (or about) , mostrarse 
esquivo {or retraído) en. 

Chase, v., cazar, perseguir ; engas- 
tar (jewels) ; montar ; cincelar 
(gold and silver) . 

Chase, n., caza. 

Chasing, «., cinceladura, trabajo 
en relieve. 

Chaste, a., casto, puro, honesto. 

Chasten, v., corregir, depurar. 

Chastise, v., castigar. 

Chastisement, n., castigo, pena, 

Chat, n., charla, plática. 

Chat, V., charlar. 

Cheap, a., barato, (precio) arre- 
glado. To become (or make) — 
(or cheaper), abaratar. Dirt — , 
a vil precio. 

Cheapen, v., abaratar, rebajar el 

Cheaply, adv., barato, a bajo 

Cheapness, n., baratura. 

Cheat, n., trampa, fraude, engaño. 

Cheat, v., engañar, defraudar, 

Cheating, n., engaño, fraude. 

Check, n., freno ; contraseña, 
talón ; (for baggage) placa 
(JNIex.) ; control. — s and 
stripes, cuadros y listas {or 
rayas) ; a cuadros y a listas. 
— s, cuadros, listados. — pat- 
tern, diseño a cuadros. 

Check, v., refrenar, contener ; 
cotejar, verificar, revisar, con- 
frontar ; (baggage) facturar ; 
examinar, repasar ; contra- 
rrestar (to arrest). For — ing 
purposes, para los efectos del 
control. On — ing, al hacer la 

Checker, n., tarjador. 

Checking, n., revisión, recuento, 





Cheek, «., mejilla, carrillo ; (Coll.) 

Cheerful, a., alegre, vivo, animado. 

Cheerfully, adv., con alegría, ale- 

Cheerfulness, n., alegría, buen 

Cheese, n., queso. Cream — , 
queso de crema, queso fresco. 
Dutch — , queso de Holanda. 
Cheshire — , queso de Chester. 
Gruyere — , queso de Gruyere. 
— monger, quesero. — press, 
prensa de queso. — paring, 
raedura de queso. 

Chemical, a., químico. — s, pro- 
ductos químicos. 

Chemise, n., camisa de mujer, 
camiseta para señora. 

Chemist, n., químico ; (apothe- 
cary) farmacéutico, boticario. 
— 's shop, farmacia, botica. 

Chemistry, n., química. 

Chenille, n., felpilla. 

Cheque, n., cheque, talón, man- 
dato. — book, libro de cheques 
(pr talones), talonario (de 
cheques), libro talonario. — 
payable to bearer, cheque al 
portador. Blank — , cheque en 
blanco. Crossed — , cheque 

Cheroot, n., cigarro puro, filipino. 

Cherry, n., cereza, guinda. — 
tree, cerezo. — brandy, aguar- 
diente de cerezas. — wood, 
madera de cerezo ; cerezo. 

Chess, n., ajedrez. board, 

tablero de ajedrez, ajedrez. 
— -man, peon {pv pieza) de 

Chest, n., (box or case) arca, caja, 
zurrón ; pecho (anat.). — of 
drawers, cómoda. Iron — , 
cofre fuerte. 

Chestnut, n., castaña. — tree (or 
wood), castaño. 

Cheval, n., caballete. — glass, 

Chew, v., mascar, masticar. — ing, 

Chic, a., gentil, bonito, elegante. 
Chicane, n., trampa, trampa legal, 

tramoya, enredo. 
Chicane, v., entretener, sutilizar, 

buscar escapatorias. 
Chicanery, n., trapacería, trampa 

legal, trampas, enredo, efugio, 

Chicken, n., pollo, polluelo. 
Chicory, n., achicoria. 
Chief, a., principal, capital, jefe, 

mayor ; la mayor parte ; los 

más de. — clerk, primer 

dependiente, oficial mayor. — 

justice, presidente de sala. 
Chief, «., jefe, principal. 
Chiefly, adv., principalmente, 

sobre todo, particularmente, 

Chitfonicr, n., aparador, bufete, 

gabinete de adorno. 
Child, n., infante, niño, hijo, hija. 

From a — , desde niño. 
Childhood, n., infancia, niñez. 
Childish, a., pueril, frivolo, tri\ial, 

propio de niño. 
Chill, a. & n., frío, escalofrío. 
Chime, n., juego de campanas, 

Chime, v., tañer, repicar las 

Chimney, >?., chimenea. piece, 

marco de chimenea. Flue of a 

— , cañón {or humero) de una 

Chin, n., barba. 
China, n., porcelana. — root, 

china. — ware, porcelana, loza 

de China, loza fina. — dinner 

service, servicio de mesa de 

Chinese, a., cliino, chinesco. — 

white, blanco de China, óxido 

de cinc. 
Chintz, n., zaraza. 
Chip, n., astilla. — of the old 

block, de tal palo, tal astilla. 
Chip, v., quebrarse, abrirse, rom- 
Chisel, n., escoplo, cincel, formón, 






Chisel, v., escoplear, cincelar, 

Chloral, n., cloral. 
Chlorate, n., clorato. ■ — of potash, 

clorato de potasa. 
Chloric, a., dórico. — acid, ácido 

Chloride, n., cloruro. — oí lime, 

cloruro de cal. 
Chlorine, «., cloro. 
Chlorite, n., clorita. 
Chloroform, n., cloroformo. 
Chocolate, n., chocolate. 
Choice, n., elección, escogimiento ; 

a., escogido, selecto, excelente. 
Choiceness, n., delicadeza. 
Choke, v., ahogar, sofocar. 
Cholera, n., cólera. 
Choose, v., escoger, elegir. To — 

to do, cjuerer [ov' optar por) 

Choosing, n., elección. 
Chop, n., chuleta, costilla. 
Chop, V., cortar. To — about, 

cambiar, mudar. 
Chopping, «., tajadura, cortadura. 

— block, tajo, tajadera. — 
knife, tajadera, cuchilla, ma- 

Choppy, a., agitado. 

Chord, n., cordón. 

Christian, a., cristiano. — name, 

nombre de pila, nombre de 

Christmas, n., navidad, pascuas. 

— box, aguinaldo. - — holidays, 
vacaciones de Navidad. At 
— , por Navidad. A happy — , 
felices pascuas, felices Navi- 

Chromate, n., cromato. 

Chromatic, a., cromático. 

Chromatics, n., cromática. 

Chromic, a., crómico. — acid, 
ácido crómico. 

Chromium, «., cromio. 

Chromo-lithography, «., cromo- 
litografía. A chromo, un cromo. 

Chronicle, n., crónica. 

Chronicle, v., formar una crónica, 

Chronological, a., cronológico. 

Chronology, n., cronología. 

Chronometer, n., cronómetro. 

Chrysanthemum, n., crisantemo. 

Chunk, n., pedazo grueso, zoquete. 

Church, n., iglesia. 

Churchyard, n., cementerio. 

Churn, »., mantequera. 

Churn, v., batir. 

Cider, n., sidra. 

Cigar, n., cigarro, cigarro puro, 
puro, tabaco. — case, cigarrera. 
— holder, boquilla. Havana — , 

Cigarette, n., cigarrillo, pitillo. 

Cinder, n., cernada. 

Cinematograph, m., cinemató- 

Cingle, «., cincha. 

Cinnamon, n., canela. 

Cipher, n., cifra, cero. In — , 
en cifras. — code, código 
cifrado, clave telegráfica. A 
mere — , un verdadero nulo, 
un cero a la izquierda. 

Cipher, v., cifrar, escribir en 

Circle, n., círculo. 

Circle, v., cercar, circular. 

Circuit, n., circuito, revolución. 

Circular, a., circular. — letter, 
circular. — letter of credit, 
carta circular de crédito. 

Circulate, v., circular, hacer cir- 
cular; esparcir (a rumour), 
poner en circulación. Circulat- 
ing library, biblioteca circu- 
lante {or de circulación). — 
medium, moneda corriente. 

Circulation, n., circulación, curso. 
To be in — , circular. To put in 
— , poner en circulación. To 
be out of — , no tener (ya) curso. 

Circumference, n., circunferencia. 

Circumnavigate, v., navegar al 

Circumnavigation, n., navegación 
al rededor. 

Circumscribe, v., circunscribir. 

Circumscription, n., circunscrip- 





Circumspect, a., circunspecto, pru- 

Circumspection, n., circunspec- 
ción, prudencia, precaución. 

Circumstance, n., circunstancia. 
— s, circunstancias, posición, 
situación. To be in easy (or 
good) — s, estar acomodaclo, 
estar en buena posición {or en 
situación desahogada). Under 
these • — s, en estas circunstan- 

Circumstanced, p.p., en circun- 
stancias, en situación. — as we 
are, en la situación en que nos 

Circumstantial, a., circunstancial, 
accidental, casual, accesorio, 
detallado. — evidence, pruebas 
indirectas, indicios vehementes, 
causas concomitentes. 

Circus, n., circo. 

Cistern, n., cisterna, aljibe. 

Citation, n., citación, cita. 

Cite, V., citar. 

Citizen, n., ciudadano. Fellow — ■, 
conciudadano. — ship, ciuda- 

Citrate, n., citrato. [citrico. 

Citric, a., citrico. — acid, ácido 

Citrine, a., cetrino. 

Citron, n., cidra, toronja. — tree, 
cidro, acitrón. 

City, «., ciudad, plaza ; a., ciu- 
dadano. Oí this — , de esta 
ciudad, de ésta, de este comer- 
cio. Oí your — , de esa ciudad, 
de ésa, de ese comercio. Mr. . . . 
City, Sr. . . . Presente {or en 
ésta) . 

Civet, n., algalia. 

Civil, a., civil ; cortés, atento. 
— service, los empleos civiles 
del Estado, departamentos del 
ser\'icio público. — engineer, 
ingeniero civil. — list, lista 

Civility, n., civilidad, cortesía, 
urbanidad; fina(s) atencion(es). 

Civilly, adv., civilmente, cortes- 

Ciad, a., vestido, cubierto. 

Claim, n., pretensión, título, dere- 
cho ; reclamación, reclamo, de- 
manda. You have no — ■, Vd. no 
tiene derecho. To lay — to, 
reclamar. A prior — , derecho(s) 
preferente(s). See Put. 

Claim, v., demandar, reclamar, 
exigir, revindicar, pretender (a). 
To — on, reclamar a {or contra). 

Claimant, n., demandante, recla- 

Clammy, a., viscoso, pegajoso. 

Clamp, n., empalmadura, fleje. 

Clamp, v., empalmar, precintar. 

Clandestine, a., clandestino. 

Clap, »., estrépito, trueno, pal- 
moteo (of hands). 

Clap, v., batir ; palmear, palmo- 
tear. To — - on (something), 
agregar-, aplicar (algo). To — 
up a bargain, rematar un ajuste 
{or trato) . 

Clapper, n., badajo (de campana). 

Claret, n., clarete, vino tinto, vino 
tinto de Burdeos. 

Clarification, «., clarificación. 

Clarify, v., clarificar, aclarar. 

Clarionet, «., clarinete. 

Clarion, n., clarión. 

Clash, n., choque. [dirse. 

Clash, v., chocar, batir ; confun- 

Clasp, n., broche, hebilla, corchete. 

Clasp, v., abrochar, abrazar ; 
cercar, incluir. 

Clasp-knife, n., navaja. 

Class, n., clase, rango. First ■ — •, 
de primera clase. High- — 
articles, géneros {or artículos) 
superiores {or escogidos). 

Class, v., clasificar, ordenar. To — 
Al, clasificar como de primera 

Classic(al), a., clásico. 

Classification, n., clasificación. 

Classify, v., clasificar. 

Clause, n., cláusula. 

Claw, n., garra, garfa. 

Clay, n., arcilla, barro. Potter's 
— , marga, barro de olleros {or 
alfareros) . 





Clean, a., limpio, claro, aseado ; 
adv., enteramente. To make — •, 
limpiar. To make a — copy, 
poner en limpio. We are — out 
of soap, se nos ha acabado 
completamente nuestra exis- 
tencia de jabón. — bill of 
lading, conocimiento sin tacha. 

— bill of health, patente limpia. 
See Sweep. 

Clean, v., limpiar, asear, lavar, 
desengrasar, depurar. To — 
(a person) out, dejar (le) arrui- 

Cleaning, n., limpiadura, limpieza, 
aseo ; el lavar, el limpiar. 

Cleanliness, n., limpieza, aseo. 

Cleanly, a., limpio, aseado ; adv., 

Cleanness. See Cleanliness. 

Cleanse, v., lavar, limpiar, puri- 
ficar ; fregar. 

Clear, a., claro, evidente, patente, 
manifiesto ; desprovisto (bare) ; 
libre (free) ; neto, líquido ; 
expedito, despejado (free from 
obstacles) ; desempeñado, sin 
deudas ; adv., claramente ; en- 
teramente, absolutamente. — 
weather, tiempo sereno. To 
make — , aclarar, explicar. To 
make it ■ — -, explicarlo con 
claridad, patentizarlo. That is 
— , claro está. In the document 
is it — that, en el documento 
consta que. We are not quite 

— about . . . , no comprendemos 
muy bien ; estamos algo [or 
un poco) inciertos en cuanto a. 
It is — , claro está, es claro 
(que). It is — to us that . . . . , 
nos consta que . . . , sacamos en 
claro que. See Way, Day. 

Clear, f., clarificar; saldar (a Une of 
goods), despachar (goods in the 
Custom-house) ; pasar, atra- 
vesar, salvar (to pass through). 
To — the market, dejar des- 
provisto el mercado. To — 
away, agotar, allanar, hacer 
desaparecer. To — the line, 

dejar expedita la vía. To — the 
table, levantar la mesa. To — 
the way, abrir camino. To — • (a 
ship at Custom House), despa- 
char un buque (en la Aduana). 
To — accounts, liquidar cuen- 
tas. To — up (a doubt or diffi- 
culty), aclarar, esclarecer. Our 
stock was already — ed out, ya 
se nos agotó la existencia. To 
— oneself (of a charge), discul- 
parse (de un cargo). 

Clearance, n., despacho (Custom 
House), descarga ; realización, 
desembarque. — sale, liquida- 
ción. Custom House ■ — , des- 
pacho aduanal. 

Clearinj?, n., ju.stiñcación ; arreglo, 
liquidación. — house, banco 
{or casa) de liquidación. — 
line, saldo. 

Clearly, adv., claramente, evi- 
dentemente, con claridad, per- 

Clearness, n., claridad, transpa- 

Clear-sighted, a., perspicaz, jui- 
cioso, avisado. 

Clement, a., clemente. 

Clergy, n., clero. — man, clérigo, 

Clerical, a., clerical, eclesiástico. 
A — error, un error de pluma. 

Clerk, n., dependiente, escri- 
biente, cajero. — of a court of 
justice, escribano de cámara, 
secretario de tribunal. Head — , 
dependiente principal, jefe de 

Clerkship, n., oficio [or empleo) 
de dependiente ; escribanía de 

Clever, a., hábil, diestro, capaz. 

Cleverly, adv., hábilmente, dies- 

Cleverness, n., habilidad, destreza, 

Cliché, n., clisé. 

Client, n., cliente. 

Clientele (or Clientship), n., clien- 





Cliff, n., peñasco, roca escarpada. 

Climate, n., clima. 

Climax, n., climax, colmo, cénit. 

Climb, v., trepar, ascender, subir, 
elevarse. To — - down (fig.), 
llamarse andana. 

Clinch, v., remachar un clavo, 
afirmar, fijar, afianzar, confir- 

Cling, y., adherirse, pegarse, unirse. 

Clinical, a., clínico. 

Clip, n., esquileo (oí wool) ; grapa ; 
sujetapapeles, archivo (for 

Clip, v., trasquilar, cortar, esquilar 
(wool) ; cercenar. 

Clique, n., corrillo, pandilla. 

Cloak, n., capa ; pretexto. — • ^vith 
sleeves, capote. — room, 
guardarropa, guardarrop ía ; 
cuarto de equipajes. 

Clock, n., reloj ; reloj de mesa, 
reloj de pared. — maker, 
relojero. — making, relojería. 

Clog, n., zueco. 

Clog, v., embarazar, cargar, estor- 

Close, n., fin, término, conclusion, 
cierre ; a., cerrado, ajustado ; 
(tight) apretado, compacto, 
denso ; estrecho (intimate) ; re- 
servado ; tacaño (mean ; adv., 
de cerca. To bring to a — , 
concluir, terminar ; dar remate 
a. To draw to a — , tocar a su 
fin. At the — , al cerrarse, al 
concluir. — to, cerca de. 
cloth, paño tupido. — fisted, 
tacaño, apretado, mezquino. — 
weather, tiempo pesado {or 
sofocante). Of a — make, de 
espesa fabricación {or de he- 
chura tupida). 

Close, v., cerrar, concluir, termi- 
nar, cerrarse ; saldar, liquidar 
(an account). To — one's 
books, saldar sus libros. To — 
in, encerrar. To — off, cerrar, 
terminar, ultimar. To — wth 
one, acordarse {or estar de 
acuerdo) con uno. The market 

— d firm, el mercado cerró 

Closely, adv., estrechamente, de 
cerca ; con esmero {or aten- 
ción), detenidamente. ■ — ■ 
packed, sólidamente empaque- 
tado. To examine — , examinar 
atentamente {or de cerca). To 
be • — connected, tener estrechas 

Closeness, n., estrechez, estrecha- 
miento, solidez, firmeza ; ta- 
cañería (meanness) ; amistad, 
intimidad ; exactitud, fidelidad 
(of a copy, etc.). 

Closet, n., retrete, excusado ; 

Closing, n., fin, cierre. — • quota- 
tion, cotización final. Official 
— - rates, cambios oficiales de 
cierre. See Price. 

Closure, n., cierre, fin, conclusión; 

Cloth, n., paño, tela. Grey — , 
tela cruda. Table- • — -, mantel. 
Woollen — , tela de lana, paño. 
Coarse — -, paño burdo. Cotton 
— , tejido de algodón. Packing 
— , arpillera, crudo. — weaver, 
tejedor de paños. 

Clothe, v., vestir, cubrir ; investir 


Clothes,, vestido, ropa. A 
suit of — , un vestido, un ves- 
tido completo ; un terno (S.A.) ; 
flus (Mexico and Cuba) . Old — , 
ropa vieja. Cast off — , ropa 
usada. - — peg (or — pin), 
gancho de tendedera. See 


Clothier, n., fabricante de paños, 

Clothing, n., vestidos, ropa. Arti- 
cles of — ■, prendas de vestir. 

Cloud, n., nube. 

Cloud, v., anublar. 

Cloudless, a., sin nubes, claro. 

Cloudy, a., nublado, obscuro. 

Clove, n., clavo. 

Clover, n., trébol. 

Club, n., maza, porra, bastón (oí 





wood) ; basto, bastos (at 
cards) ; club, círculo, equipo. 

— house, casino. 

Clue, n., guía, norte ; pista, 

Clumsily, adv., toscamente, torpe- 

Clumsy, a., basto, tosco, inhábil, 

Cluster, M., racimo, hato, enjambre, 

Clutch, n., toma, presa, manguito, 

Clutch, v., agarrar, asir. 

Coach, n., coche, carroza, carro. 
Hackney — , coche de alquiler, 
coche simón. — house, cochera. 
— maker, carrocero, fabricante 
de coches. 

Coach, v., instruir, enseñar. 

Coachman, n., cochero. 

Coactive, a., coactivo. 

Coadjutant, a., coadyuvante, 

Coadjutor, «., coadjutor. 

Coagent, n., coagente. 

Coagulate, v., coagular. 

Coal, «., carbón, carbón de 
piedra, hulla. Anthi^acite — , 
carbón de antracita. Cannel 
— , hulla grasa. Household — , 
carbón casero {or bituminoso). 
Pit — , hulla. Smiths' — , carbón 
para fragua. — box, caja del 
carbón, carbonera. — bunker 
(or — hole), carbonera. — 
heaver, acarreador de carbón. 

— flat, chata carbonera. — man, 
carbonero. — mine, mina de 
carbón, hullera. — miner, car- 
bonero. — pit, carbonera, 
hullera, mina de hulla {oy de 
carbón). ■ — -ship, barco carbo- 
nero. — scuttle, cubo (metálico) 
para carbón, carbonera. — tar, 
alquitrán de hulla. — industry, 
industria hullera. 

Coal, v., tomar carbón, proveer 
de carbón, hacer provisión de 
carbón. — -ing station, depósito 
de carbón. 

Coalition, «., unión, enlace, coali- 
ción, liga. 

Coarse, a., basto, burdo, ordinario ; 
tosco, grueso ; grosero (lan- 
guage or manners). — cloth, 
paño burdo, sayal. 

Coarseness, n., tosquedad, falta 
de finura, grosería. 

Coast, 71., costa, ribera, orilla. 

Coast, v., costear, navegar por la 

Coaster, n., barco {or buque) de 
cabotaje, buque costanero. 

Coasting, n., cabotaje. — • vessel, 
barco de cabotaje. To be in 
the — trade, hacer el cabotaje. 

Coat, n., casaca, frac, levita, saco, 
americana ; mano, capa, baño 
(of paint, etc.). — of arms, 
escudo de armas. — of mail, 
cota de malla. Dress — , frac, 
casaca. Frock- — , levita. 

Lounge — , saco, americana. 
Over — (or top — ), sobretodo, 
abrigo, gabán. To turn one's 
— , volver casaca. 

Coat,?;., cubrir, vestir; pintar (to 

Coating, n., capa, mano, barniz. 
Dress — s, género para vestido 
de señoras. 

Coax, v., halagar. 

Cob, n., mazorca de maíz (of 
corn) ; jaco. 

Cobalt, n., cobalto. 

Cobbler, n., zapatero de viejo, 

Cobweb, «., telaraña. 

Coca, n., coca. 

Cocaine, n., cocaína. 

Cochineal, n., cochinilla. 

Cock, n., gallo ; llave, grifo, 
espita (tap) . — boat, bote. — 
and bull stor}^ cuento pesado, 
embuste. Blow-off — , grifo de 

Cock, v., amartillar. 

Cockade, n., escarapela, cucarda. 

Cockboat, n., chalupa, bote 

Cocket, n., sello de la aduana. 





certificación de pago de la 

Cocoa, n., cacao. 
t'ocoa-nut> n., coco, cacao, nuez 

de coco. 
Cocoon, w., capullo (del gusano 

de .seda). 
Cod, Codfish, n., bacalao, abadejo. 

— liver oil, aceite de hígado de 

Code, n., código, clave. Telegraph 
— , clave telegráfica. — word, 
palabra telegráfica {or cable- 
gráfica), palabra clave. ■ — used, 
clave en uso. 

Codicil, n., codicilo. [ner. 

Coerce, v., forzar, obligar, conte- 

Coercion, n., coerción, coacción. 

Coercive, a., coercivo, coactivo. 

Coflee, n., café. — bean or berry, 
grano de café. — house, café. 

— mili, molinillo de café. — 
pot, cafetera. Ground — , café 
molido. Roasted — , café 
asado. — in berries, café en 
bayas. — service, juego para 

Coffer, «., arca, cofre, caja. 

Coffin, w., ataúd, féretro. 

Cog, n., punto, diente de rueda ; 
ramplón de herradura. — wheel, 
rueda dentada. 

Cog, V., puntear una rueda, poner 

Cogency, n., evidencia, fuerza 

Cogent, a., irrecusable, inconcuso, 

Cogitate, v., pensar, meditar, re- 

Cogitation, n., pensamiento, re- 
flexión, meditación. 

Cognac, n., coñac. 

Cognate, a., cognado, semejante, 

Cognisance, «., conocimiento, com- 

Cognisant, a., sabedor, conocedor. 

Co-heir, «., coheredero. 

Cohere, v., adherirse, pegarse, 

II — (1696) 

Coherence, n., cohesión, conse- 
cuencia, consistencia. 

Coherent, a., coherente, conse- 
cuente ; ligado, unido. 

Coliesion, n., cohesión. 

Cohesive, a., coherente, adherente. 

Coiffure, n., tocado. 

Coil, n., rollo, adujada ; pliegue. 

Coil, v., arrollar, recoger ; adujar, 
levar (Naut.). 

Coin, n., moneda. Spanish — , 
moneda española. [inventar. 

Coin, v., acuñar moneda ; falsear. 

Coinage, n., acuñación ; dinero 
contante, moneda, dinero. 

Coincide, v., coincidir, concurrir ; 

Coincidence, n., coincidencia. 

Coiner, n., acuñador de moneda ; 
(base) monedero falso. 

Coir, n., estopa de coco. — ropa, 
cordaje, cabos de cairo. 

Coke, n., cok, coque. 

Colander, n., coladera, coladero, 
colador, cedazo. 

Colcothar, n., colcótar. 

Cold, a., frío ; — , n., frío, frialdad ; 
resfriado, constipado, catarro. 
To be — (a person), tener frío ; 
(the weather) hacer frío. — 
cream, pomada para el cutis ; 
el cold cream (pronounced col- 
crém). — - store, armario fri- 
gorífico. To catch — -, resfriarse, 
coger un resfriado, constiparse. 
To leave in the — , menospre- 
ciar, tratar con frialdad. 

Cold-blooded, a., de sangre fría, 
cruel. [mente. 

Coldly, adv., fríamente, indiferente- 

Coldness, n., frialdad, indiferencia, 

Colic, n., cólico. 

Collaborator, «., colaborador. 

Collaborate, v., colaborar. 

CoUapse, n., derrumbamiento, 
hundimiento, caída ; fracaso, 
ruina, quiebra. 

Collapse, v., desplomarse, derrum- 
barse ; (to fail or to fall 
through) fracasajT, quebrar. 





Collar, n., cuello ; collar (neck- 
lace) ; collera (of animals), 
esclavina (cape). Fur — , cuello 
de pieles. 

Collar, v., agarrar. 

Collate, v., comparar, cotejar, 

Collateral, a., colateral, accesorio. 
— security, seguridad colateral ; 
aval accesorio; garantía sub- 
sidiaria. — lines (rail.), 

Collation, n., cotejo, comparación ; 
colación (meal). 

Colleague, «., colega, compañero. 

Collect, v., recoger, juntar, colec- 
cionar (coins, etc.), reunirse, 
acumularse ; sacar en limpio 
(to gather or conclude) ; cobrar, 
recaudar, percibir, hacer efec- 
tivo (money, etc.). To — from, 
cobrar {or percibir) de. 

Collection, n., colección, conjunto ; 
cobranza, cobro, recaudación 
(of mone}', etc.). — of samples, 
muestrario, colección de mues- 
tras. To send for — , enviar 
a la cobranza [or al cobro). 

Collective, a., colectivo. 

Collector, «., colector ; (of taxes) 
recaudador (de contribuciones). 
See Ticket. 

College, n., colegio. 

Collide, v., chocar, abordar (a), 

Collier, n., (miner) minero, car- 
bonero ; barco carbonero ; mer- 
cader de carbón, carbonero. 

Colliery, n., carbonera, mina de 
carbón, hullera. 

Collision, n., colisión, choque, 
ludimiento, abordaje (of a ship), 
encuentro ; oposición, contra- 

Collodion, n., colodio. 

Colloquial, a., familiar. 

Collusion, n., colusión. 

Collusive, a., colusorio. 

Colombo Boot, «., raíz de Colombo. 

Colonial, a., colonial. — produce, 
frutos coloniales. 

Colonist, n., colono. 

Colonise, v., colonizar. 

Colony, n., colonia. 

Colour, n., color ; pretexto, — 
box, caja de colores. Water — , 
aguada, acuarela. Under — of, 
so color de, con pretexto de. 
To give — to, hacer verosímil. 
With flpng — s, a banderas des- 
plegadas. Plain — , color liso. 
Self — , de color entero. To 
lose — , desteñirse ; perder el 
color. Fast — , color firme {or 
duradero). Loose — , color 
falso {or suelto) . To change — , 
cambiar de color ; (to blush) 
ruborizarse. See Neutral. 

Colour, v., colorar, colorir, ilu- 
minar (un dibujo) ; paliar, 
extenuar, colorearse. — ed 
goods, géneros de color. 

Colourable, a., especioso, plausible. 

Colouring, n., colorido, colorante ; 
a., colorante. 

Colossal, a., colosal. 

Colosseum, n., coliseo. 

Colossus, n., coloso. 

Colt, n., potro. 

Column, n., columna, casilla, 

Colza, /., colza. — oil, aceite de 

Comb, n., peine ; peineta ; carda 
(for wool). Flax — , rastrillo. 
Fine (tooth) — , peine fino. 
Honey — , panal de miel. — 
maker, peinero. Ivory — , peine 
de marfil. 

Comb, v., peinar (hair), cardar 
(wool), restrillar (flax). — ed 
wool, lana cardada. 

Combat, «., combate, bataUa, 

Combat, v., combatir, resistir. 

Combatant, n., combatiente. 

Comber, n., cardador {or peinador) 
de lana. 

Combination, 71., combinación, 

Combine, n., liga, combinación, 
sindicato, trust. 





Combine, v., combinax, reunir, 
juntar, unir ; unirse, juntarse, 
combinarse. — ed Avith, unido a. 

Combing, n., cardadura. 

Combustible, a. & n., combustible. 

Combustion, n., combustión, in*- 

Come, V., venir. To — about, 
acontecer, suceder, verificarse. 
To — across, encontrar, dar 
con. To — again, volver. To 

— after, seguir, venir después. 
To — back, volver, regresar. 
To — before, llegar antes, 
anteponerse, ponerse delante. 
To — by, obtener. To — down, 
bajar, descender ; decaer, venir 
a menos. To — between, inter- 
venir. To — for, venir a buscar, 
venir por. To — forth, salir. 
To — forward, adelantar, pre- 
sentarse. To — in, entrar, 
venir, llegar ; convenir. To — 
in at your price, comprar a 
(conseguir or alcanzar) su pre- 
cio. To — in for a share, tocar 
a uno una parte. To — near, 
acercarse (a). To — off, salir ; 
verificarse (to take place). To 

— out, salir, parecer, salir a 
luz, descubrirse, dar (se) a luz, 
publicarse : resultar (to turn out) . 
To — over, volver, irse. To — 
out well (a colour), lucir. To — ■ 
round, restablecerse (to reco- 
ver) ; convenir, asentir (to 
agree). To - — ■ to, alcanzar, 
llegar a, ascender a ; parar en. 
To ■ — to nothing, reducirse a 
nada, malograrse, fracasar, no 
valer nada. To — to pass, 
acontecer, acaecer, suceder. To 

— short, faltar ; no llegar a. 
To — to hand, ser recibido, 
llegar (a su poder). To — to 
terms, entenderse ; someterse 
a algunas condiciones. To — 
together, juntarse, venir juntos. 
To — up, subir, salir, resultar. 
To — up to, acercarse a, llegar 
a, subir a ; juntarse con ; 

corresponder a, ser de tan buena 
calidad como. To — upon (or 
on one), reclamar. To — and 
see, venir a ver. For some time 
to — , por algún tiempo. To — , 
por venir ; venidero. See 

Across, Gfief, Loser, Point. 

Comestible, a. & n., comestible. 
— s, comestibles. 

Comet, n., cometa. 

Comfort, n., confortación, con- 
suelo, alivio, comodidad, con- 
veniencia, tranquilidad. 

Comfort, V., confortar, animar, 

Comfortable, a., • agradable, có- 
modo, consolador. 

Comic, a., cómico. 

Corning, n., venida, llegada ; a., 
venidero, próximo, que se ave- 
cina, por venir. — in, intro- 
ducción, entrada, renta. Goods 
— round, géneros en fabri- 
cación, para pronta entrega. 

Comma, n., coma. 

Command, n., mando, poder, 
dominio ; orden, pedido (order). 
They have ... at their — , 
cuentan con. . . . 

Command, v., mandar, ordenar, 
comandar, regir, gobernar ; dis- 
poner de, contar con (to make 
use of) ; tener, poseer (to pos- 
sess) ; dominar (to overlook) ; 
obtener, alcanzar (a price) ; 
inspirar (respect). To — a 
ready sale, ser de pronto des- 

Commander, n., comandante. 

Commanding, p. a., dominante, 

Commemorable, a., memorable. 

Commemorate, v., conmemorar, 
recordar. [ción, recuerdo. 

Commemoration, n., conmemora- 

Commence, y., comenzar, empezar, 
principiar (a). To — business 
(or relations), entablar negocios 
(or relaciones) ; establecerse. 

Commencement, n., principio, co- 





Commend, v., encomendar, re- 
comendar, encargar ; elogiar, 
alabar (to praise). 

Commendable, a., recomendable, 
loable, digno de alabanza. 

Commensurate, a., conmensura- 
tivo, adecuado, proporcionado. 
To be — wth, guardar propor- 
ción con. 

Comment, n., comento, reparo. 
Without — , sin comento, sin 
reparo, en silencio. 

Comment, v., comentar. 

Commentary, n., comentario. 

Commerce, n., comercio, tráfico, 
trato ; negocios. Foreign — , 
comercio exterior. Domestic 
(or home) — , comercio interior. 
See Chamber. 

Commerce, v., comerciar, negociar, 
tratar con, traficar. 

Commercial, a., comercial, mer- 
cantil. — house, casa de co- 
mercio. — agent, agente 
comercial. — afíairs, negocios 
comerciales. — code, código 
comercial. — correspondence, 
correspondencia comercial. — 
law, derecho comercial (or mer- 
cantil). — standing, posición 
(or valor) comercial. — travel- 
ler, viajante comercial, agente 
viajero. — relations, relaciones 

Commissariat, n., comisaría. 

Commissary, «., comisario, dele- 

Commission, «., comisión, orden, 
encargo, mando. On — , a 
comisión ; a la comisión. — 
business, negocios de comisión. 

— house, casa de comisión. — 
agent, (agente) comisionista. 

— merchant, comisionista. To 
sell on — -, vender a comisión. 

— account, cuenta de comisión. 

— traveller, viajante a comisión. 
Commission, v., comisionar, au- 
torizar, encargar, apoderar. 

Commissioner, n., comisionado, 

I Commit, v., cometer, sentenciar- 
To — to one's care, confiar, 
encargar, encomendar. To — 
oneself, comprometerse. 

Committal, n., consignación, en- 

Committee, n., comisión, junta» 
comité. A — of inquiry, una 
junta inspectora. A ■ — ^ of 
management, una junta direc- 

Commode, n., cómoda, lavabo, 
cubierto ; sillico. 

Commodious, a., cómodo, espa- 
cioso, conveniente. 

Commodity, «., mercancía, pro- 
ducto, artículo, renglón. Com- 
modities, géneros, mercaderías, 
productos, frutos, producciones. 
See Staple. 

Common, a., común, corriente, 
usual, ordinario, vulgar. — 
sense, sentido común. 

Commonly, adv., comúnmente. 

Commonplace, a., común, vulgar. 

— book, minuta, libro de 

Commons, House of — , cámara 
de los Comunes. 

Commotion, n., agitación, conmo- 
ción, tumulto. 

Communicate, v., comunicar, dar 
parte (de), comunicarse. To 

— with, escribir a . . . ; enten- 
derse (or comunicarse) con. 

Communication, ?i., comunicación, 
escrito, entrada, trato, corres- 
pondencia. — s, comunica- 
ciones. To be in — with, estar 
en correspondencia con. To 
put oneself into — with, po- 
nerse en comunicación (or co- 
rrespondencia) con. 

Communicative, a., comunicativo. 

Community, n., comunidad, con- 

Commutation, n., mudanza, altera- 
ción, cambio, conmutación. 

Commute, v., conmutar, permutar, 
cambiar ; ajustarse, igualarse. 

Compact, n., pacto, convenio. 





adjuste ; a., compacto, firme, 
sólido ; cerrado, apretado, 
breve, compendioso. 

Compact, v., consolidar, juntar, 
pactar, compaginar. 

Compactness, n., firmeza.densidad, 
estrechez, trabazón, [camarada. 

Companion, n., compañero, socio. 

Company, n., compañía, sociedad, 
junta. Joint stock — , sociedad 
anónima, sociedad por acciones. 
Limited liability — ■, compañía 
de responsabilidad limitada ; 
sociedad en comandita. To 
part — (with), separarse. Bank- 
ing — , compañía bancaria ; 
banco. See Insurance, Joint, 

Comparable, a., comparable. 

Comparative, a., comparativo, re- 

Comparatively, adv., comparativa- 
mente, relativamente. 

Compare, v., comparar, cotejar, 

Comparing, «., comparación. 

Comparison, n., comparación, co- 
tejo, confrontación, comproba- 
ción. To bear — with, (poder) 
compararse con. 

Compartment, «., compartimiento, 
sección, departamento (of a 
train) . 

Compass, n., compás, brújula ; 
círculo, circuito, alcance, cir- 
cunferencia. — box, caja de 
brújula. — es, compás, com- 
pases. — needle, aguja iman- 
tada, aguja de marear. 

Compass, v., alcanzar, obtener, 
conseguir, lograr ; cercar, ro- 
dear, circundar, sitiar (to sur- 

Compassion, n., compasión. 

Compassionate, a., compasivo. 

Compatible, a., compatible. 

Compatriot, n., compatriota. 

Compel, .v., compeler, obligar, 
precisar. To be — led to, verse 
obligado {or precisado) a ; verse 
eii la necesidad de. 

Compendious, a., compendioso, 

Compendium, n., compendio, re- 

Compensate, v., compensar, in- 
demnizar, resarcir, reparar. To 
■ — ■ for, resarcir de, compensar a 
{or por). 

Compensation, n., compensación, 
indemnización, resarcimiento, 
reparación. — act, ley de ac- 
cidentes del trabajo. A fair ■ — , 
una indemnización adecuada 
{or razonable). 

Compete, v., competir, hacer la 
competencia. To • — • with, 
competir {or rivalizar) con, 
hacer la concurrencia {or com- 
petencia) con. 

Competence, n., competencia (ap- 
titude) ; lo necesario, lo sufi- 
ciente, un buen pasar. 

Competent, a., competente, auto- 
rizado, capaz, apto, propio 
(a person) ; adecuado, bas- 
tante, suficiente (a thing). To 
be — (to do . . .), estar auto- 
rizado para (hacer . . .) ; ser 
idóneo para (hacer . . .). 

Competition, n., competencia, 
competición, concurrencia. To 
stand — , (poder) competir 

Competitive, a., de concurso, de 
concurrencia {or competencia). 

Competitor, n., competidor, con- 
currente, rival. 

Compilation, n., compilación, con- 

Compile, V., compilar. 

Compiler, n., compilador. 

Complacent, a., afable, cortés, 
tranquilo, obsequioso. 

Complain, v., quejarse, lamen- 
tarse. To — about (or of), 
quejarse de. Cause to — , 
motivo(s) para quejarse ; por- 
qué quejarse. 

Complaint, n., queja ; mal, enfer- 
medad (ailment). Cause (or 
ground) for — , motivo (s) de 





queja. To lodge a — , quejarse 
(de) ; presentar una demanda 
en justicia. 

Complement, n., complemento, 
colmo. — of hands, dotación 
de un buque, tripulación. 

Complete, a., completo, entero, 
cabal, perfecto, acabado. 

Complete, v., completar, concluir, 
acabar ; perfeccionar. To — 
the misfortune, para colmo de 
desgracia. To consider (an 
order) as — , dar por completado 
(un pedido). 

Completely, adv., completamente, 
por completo. 

Completion, n., complemento, 
cumplimiento, completo, colmo, 
resto, acabamiento ; termina- 
ción, liquidación. 

Complex, a., complexo, compli- 
cado, enredado. 

Complexion, n., tez, cutis (skin) ; 
aspecto, carácter (aspect or 
character) ; complexión (frame). 

Compliance, n., complacencia, 
consentimiento, sumisión, con- 
formidad. In — wáth, conforme 
con, de conformidad con. 

Compliant, a., atento, cortés, 

Complicate, v., complicar, enredar, 
embrollar, confundir, mezclar. 
— d, complicado, enredado, in- 
trincado, [enredo. 

Complication, n., complicación, 

Compliment, n., cumpHmiento, 
cumplido. — s, saludos, recuer- 
dos, memorias. My — s to Mr. 
J., mis saludos al Sr. J. ; salude 
Vd. en mi nombre al Sr. J. 
— s of the Season, deseo [or 
deseamos) a Vd.(s) todo género 
de feliciciades (durante el año 
que entra). 

Compliment, v., cumplimentar ; 
dar parabienes (por). 

Complimentary, a., cumplido, ha- 
lagüeño (pleasing), cumplimen- 
tero. — ticket, billete obse- 

Comply, v., cumplir, llenar. To — 
with, cumplir (con), llenar, 
acceder a, conformarse a, some- 
terse a, acomodarse a. To — 
with your wish, llenar [or cum- 
plir con) su deseo. 

Compose, v., componer ; ajusfar, 
concertar, reglar. To be — d of, 
componerse de. — d of, com- 
puesto de. 

Composite, a., compuesto, mixto. 

Composition, n., composición, 
compuesto ; convención, ave- 
nencia, acomodamiento ; (bank- 
rupt's — ) concordato ; arreglo, 
ajuste. A — of 5s. in the ¿, una 
composición de 25 por ciento. 

Compositive, a., componente. 

Compositor, n., compositor, ca- 
jista (printing). 

Composure, n., compostura, sere- 
nidad, tranquilidad. 

Compound, a., compuesto ; «., 
mezcla, compuesto. — interest, 
interés compuesto ; réditos de 
los réditos. 

Compound, v., componer ; compo- 
nerse, arreglarse, avenirse. 

Comprehend, v., comprender, con- 
tener, encerrar ; entender, ex- 

Comprehensible, a., comprensible, 

Comprehension, n., comprensión, 

Comprehensive, a., comprensivo, 
inclusivo ; (large) cuantioso. 

Comprehensiveness, n., extensión, 
comprensión, alcance, perspi- 

Compress, v., comprimir, apretar, 
condensar, prensar. — ed, com- 
primido, prensado. 

Compression, n., compresión. 

Comprise, v., comprender, conte- 
ner, incluir, encerrar. 

Compromise, n., compromiso, con- 
venio, arreglo. To make a — , 

Compromise, v., comprometer ; 
I comprometerse, allanarse ; (to 





expose to danger) arriesgar, 
exponer, comprometer ; (to 
give way) transigir, someterse 
a un compromiso. — ed, com- 

Compulsion, n., compulsión, co- 
acción. On — , por fuerza. 

Compulsory, a., compulsorio, obli- 
gatorio. — law, ley coactiva. 
— sale, venta forzosa. 

Compunction, n., compunción, 

Computation, n., computación, 
cómputo, cálculo. 

Compute, V., computar, contar, 
calcular, estimar. To be — d at, 
calcularse en. 

Con, adv., contra. Neither pro 
nor — , ni a favor ni en contra. 

Concave, a., cóncavo, hueco. 

Concavity, n., concavidad. 

Conceal, v., esconder, ocultar, 
callar, tapar, disimular. [dor. 

Concealer, n., ocultador, encubri- 

Concealing, n., escondimiento, 
ocultación ; disimulo ; encu- 
brimiento (of something stolen). 

Concealment, n., ocultación, encu- 
brimiento ; escondite. 

Concede, v., conceder, asentar, 
convenir, admitir ; rebajar. 

Conceit, n., vanidad, presunción ; 
concepto, imaginación. To be 
out of — with, perder el gusto 
por. To put one out of — with, 
disgustar(le) de. 

Conceited, a., afectado, vano, 

Conceivable, a., concebible. 

Conceive,!'., concebir, comprender, 
imaginar, pensar. 

Concentrate, v., concentrar ; limi- 
tarse (a). 

Concentration, n., concentración. 

Conception, n., concepción, idea, 
concepto ; conocimiento, com- 

Concern, n. 

negocio, ocupación, 
empresa, interés ; 
t inquietud, senti- 
miento, pesar. A going — ,'_un 

negocio en marcha. A paying 
— , un buen negocio. 

Concern, v., concerner, tocar, 
atañer, interesar. To — oneself 
about, interesarse en {or por). 
To be much — ed, estar muy 
interesado {or inquieto). To 
be — ed in, estar interesado [or 
comprometido) en. To be — ed 
about (or sorry), sentir. As far 
as I am — ed, yo por mi ; por 
mi parte ; en cuanto a mi ; por 
lo que toca a mí. The parties 
— ed, los interesados. On ac- 
count of whom it may — , por 
cuenta de quien corresponda. 

Concerning, a., tocante a, res- 
pecto a, (en lo) concerniente a, 
por lo que toca a, acerca de. 

Concert, n., concierto, convenio. 
In — with, de concierto {or 
inteligencia) con ; de man- 

Concert, v., concertar, acordar, 
ajusfar. — ed, de mancomún. 

Concertina, n., concertina. 

Concession, n., concesión, licencia, 
cesión, rebaja. — in the price, 
concesión [or rebaja) en el 

Concessionaire, n., concesionario. 

Conciliate, v., conciliar, granjear, 

Conciliation, n., conciliación. 

Conciliatory, a., reconciliatorio. 

Concise, a., conciso, breve. 

Concisely, adv., concisamente. 

Conciseness, n., concisión, breve- 

Conclude, v., concluir, terminar ; 
decidir, inferir ; resolverse (a) ; 
acabar, finalizar. 

Conclusion, n., conclusión, termi- 
nación, término, ñn, remate ; 
consecuencia. To bring to a — , 
concluir, terminar. To come to 
the — , sacar en limpio, resolver, 
resolverse (a). In — , en con- 

Conclusive, a., concluyente, deci- 
sivo, conclusivo, final. 





Concoct, v., inventar, trazar, pro- 
yectar, preparar. 

Concoction, n., invención, maqui- 
nación, trama ; mezcla. 

Concord, n., concordia, armonía. 

Concordance, n., concordancia, 
conformidad. In — with, en 
consonancia con. 

Concourse, n., concurso, concu- 
rrencia, junta. 

Concrete, a., concreto ; cuajado ; 
n., concreta. 

Concrete, v., cuajar, unirse, jun- 
tarse, concretar ; cubrir con 
cemento (or argamasa). 

Concur, v., concurrir, convenir, 
conformarse, estar de acuerdo, 
estar conforme, dar (su) con- 

Concurrence, n., concurrencia, 
combinación, auxilio ; asenti- 
miento, consentimiento, apro- 
bación, anuencia. 

Concurrent, a., concurrente, con- 

Concussion, «., concusión, con- 

Condemn, v., condenar, censurar, 
desaprobar, sentenciar. — ed 
as unseaworthy, condenado 
como inservible. 

Condemnation, n., condenación. 

Condemnatory, a., condenatorio. 

Condensation, n., condensación. 

Condense, v., condensar, compen- 
diar, comprimir ; abreviar. 
— d mük, leche condensada 
{or concentrada). 

Condensing, p. a., condensante. 
— engine, máquina de conden- 

Condescend, v., condescender, dig- 
narse, consentir. 

Condescension, n., condescenden- 

Condiment, n., condimento, ade- 
rezo, guiso, salsa. 

Condition, n., condición, estado, 
cualidad, situación, circunstan- 
cias. In bad — , mal acondi- 
Qionado, en mal estado. In 

good (or sound) — , bien aeon 
dicionado, en buen estado. On 
— that, con tal (de) que, bajo 
(or con) la condición de que. 
The — s (terms), las condiciones. 
— s of sale, condiciones de 

Conditional, a., condicional. 

Conditionally, adv., condicional- 

Condole, v., condolerse, dolerse, 
simpatizar con, dar el pésame. 

Condolence, n., condolencia, com- 
pasión, lástima, dolor, pésame. 
Letter of — , carta de pésame. 

Conduce, v., conducir. To — to, 
ser a propósito para, producir, 
servir (para), contribuir (a). 

Conducive, a., conducente, opor- 
tuno, útil, conveniente. — to, 
ventajoso para, en favor de. 
To be — to, convenir a. 

Conduct, M. (behaviour), conducta, 
proceder ; (of a business) ma- 
nejo, gestión, gobierno, con- 
ducción, sistema. 

Conduct, v., conducir, guiar, diri- 
gir, manejar, correr con, en- 
cargarse de. [director. 

Conductor, m., conductor, guía. 

Conduit, n., conducto ; encañado, 
caño, tubo, cañería, tubería. 

Cone, n., cono. — wheel, rueda 
cónica. — shaped, cónico, en 
forma de cono. 

Confection, n., confitura, confec- 
ción, dulce. 

Confectionery, n., confitura, con- 
fite, dulce ; confitería. 

Confer, v., confiar, conferir ; ha- 
blar. To — a favour, favorecer. 
To — (something upon some- 
body), conferir, otorgar. To — 
with, conferenciar (hablar or 
platicar) con, ponerse al habla 

Conference, n., conferencia, con- 
versación . 

Confess, v., confesar, reconocer. 

Confession, n., confesión, recono-: 





Confide, v., confiar, encomendar. 
To — in (a person) , fiarse de (una 
persona.) To — to (our) care, 
confiar (nos), poner entre (nues- 
tras) manos. 

Confidence, n., confianza, ánimo. 
In — , bajo reserva. In strict 
— , bajo {or con) la mayor 

Confident, a., cierto, seguro, con- 
fiado. — of, confiando en. To 
be — (that), tener {or abrigar) 
la confianza (seguridad or con- 
vicción) de que. 

Confidential, a., confidencial, de 
confianza, secreto, particular, 
reservado. Strictly — , bajo la 
mayor reserva. — clerk, apo- 
' Confidentially, adv., en confianza. 
To treat — , hacer el uso más 
discreto de. . . 

Confidently, adv., confidentemente, 
confiadamente. \Ve — hope, 
tenemos {or abrigamos) la con- 
fianza (de que). 

Confine, v., confinar, limitar ; 
restringir, estrechar, reducir ; 
encerrar. To — oneself to, 
limitarse {or concretarse) a. 
— d (for space), apretado. 

Confirm, v., confirmar, comprobar, 
corroborar, ratificar. — ed 

(inveterate), inveterado, con- 
sumado. To be — ed (a report, 
etc.), confirmarse, realizarse. 

Confirmation, n., confirmación, 
prueba, testimonio. 

Confirmatory, a., confirmativo, 

Confiscate, v., confiscar. 

Confiscation, n., confiscación, co- 

Conflagration, n., conflagración, 

Conflict, n., conflicto, combate, 
contienda. [dictorio. 

Conflict, v., luchar. — ing, contra- 

Coníorm, v., conformar, ajusfar, 
concordar ; conformarse, alla- 
narse, sujetarse, someterse. To 

— to, atenerse a, someterse {or 
sujetarse) a. To — with, 
conformarse con, estar conforme 

Conformable, a., conforme, seme- 
jante, conveniente ; sumiso. 

Conformably, adv., conforme- 

Conformity, n., conformidad, con- 
veniencia. In — , conforme. 
In — \vith, en conformidad con, 
conforme con. 

Confound, v., confundir, enredar, 

Confront, v., confrontar, afrontar, 
hacer frente a ; cotejar, com- 
parar. To — with, poner de- 

Confuse, v., confundir, desconcer- 
tar, turbar. — d, confundido, 

Confusion, n., confusión, desorden. 

Confutation, n., confutación, refu- 

Confute, V., confutar, impugnar, 

Congeal, v., congelar, helar, cua- 
jar ; congelarse, helarse, cua- 

Congealment, n., congelación. 

Congenial, a., congenial, análogo, 

Congest, v., acumular, amontonar, 
atascar. ■ — ed, apretado, api- 
ñado ; abrumado, abarrotado, 

Congestion,^ n., aglomeración, des- 
barajuste, abarrotamiento, atas- 
camiento, plétora de mercan- 

Conglomerate, v., conglomerar, 

Conglomeration, n., conglomera- 
ción, mezcla. 

Congratulate, v., congratular, feli- 

Congratulation, n., congratulación, 
fehcitación, enhorabuena. 

1 The Spanish word " congestión " 
is used in a medical sense, but it is also 
occasionally used in a commercial sense. 

IIA — (1696) 





Congratulatory, a., congratulato- 

Congregate, v., congregar, convo- 
car, reunir ; juntarse. 

Congregation, n., congregación, 
concurso, asamblea, agregado. 

Congress, n., congreso. 

Conical, a., cónico. [ción. 

Conjecture, n., conjetura, suposi- 

Conjecture, v., conjeturar, .sos- 
pechar, [pronosticar ; com- 

Conjoin, v., juntar, unir ; unirse, 

Conjoint, a., asociado. 

Conjointly, adv., unidamente, con- 
juntamente, de mancomún. 

Conjunction, n., conjunción, unión. 

Conjunctly, adv., juntamente. 

Conjuncture, n., conjuntura ; oca- 
sión, sazón, crisis. 

Connect, v., juntar, unir, atar, 
enlazar. To be — ed, unirse, 
juntarse, asociarse. To be — ed 
with, estar relacionado con, 
estar en relaciones con, relacio- 
narse con, tener relaciones con ; 
tener que ver con, tocar a. 
Well — ed, de buena familia. 

Connecting, p.a., de conexión, 
n., conexión, unión. — rod, 
biela, barra de conexión, biela 
motriz, manubrio de biela. — 
link, eslabón, enganche, co- 

Connection, n., conexión, corres- 
pondencia, enlace ; atadura, 
trabazón ; relación ; empalme 
(rail.) ; (of customers) rela- 
ciones, clientela; (of trains) 
enlace, empalme ; (of rela- 
tions or family) parentesco, 
familia. Business — s, rela- 
ciones mercantiles. In ■ — wth, 
tocante a, en relación a. To be 
in — \vith, tener relaciones con, 
relacionarse con. 
Connivance, n., connivencia, disi- 
Connive, v., permitir, disimular, 
hacer la vista gorda. 

Connoisseur, n., conocedor, perito, 

Conquer, v., conquistar, vencer, 
domar, superar. [tador. 

Conqueror, n., vencedor, conquis- 

Conquest, n., conquista. 

Conscience, n., conciencia. 

Conscientious, a., concienzudo. 

Conscientiously, adv., concienzu- 
damente, en conciencia. 

Conscious, a., consciente, conoce- 
dor, sabedor. To be — of, saber, 
conocer, estar convencido de. 

Consciously, adv., a sabiendas, 

Consciousness, n., conocimiento, 

Consecutive, a., consecutivo, con- 
siguiente, sucesivo, seguido. 

Consecutively, adv., consecutiva' 

Consent, n., consentimiento, apro- 
bación, acuerdo. By mutual ■ — •, 
de común acuerdo. 

Consent, v., consentir, asentir. To 
— to ... , consentir en, asentir 
a, acceder a ; permitir, con- 

Consequence, n., consecuencia, 
importancia. In — , de [or por) 
consiguiente ; en [or por) con- 
secuencia. In — of, debido a, 
en consecuencia de. Of — , 
considerable, importante, de 
importancia, de momento (en- 
tidad or peso) . To take the — s, 
atenerse a las consecuencias. 
The — is ... , resulta que. 

Consequent, a., consiguiente. 

Consequential, a., consecutivo, 
consiguiente, importante. 

Consequently, adv., por consi- 
guiente, en consecuencia, por 
(lo) tanto, de resultas. 
Conservation, n., conservación, 

Conservative, a., conservador. 
Conservatory, a., conservatorio; 
71., invernáculo, conservatorio. 
Conserve, v., conservar, cuidar, 





Consider, v., considerar, pensar, 
meditar, reflexionar ; creer ; 
mirar por (to look after) . To — 
it an honour, tener a honra. 
He is — ed a . . , es tenido por 
. . Without — ing . . , sin 
contar, sin tener en cuenta. 

Considerable, a., considerable, im- 
portante, notable, cuantioso ; 
de consideración. — sums, 
fuertes sumas, sumas crecidas 
{or considerables). 

Considerably, adv., considerable- 
mente, notablemente ; mucho, 

Considerate, a., considerado, mi- 
rado ; atento, discreto, mode- 

Considerately, adv., con considera- 
ción, consideradamente, pru- 

Consideration, «., consideración, 
reflexión, estudio, miramiento(s), 
importancia, valor, mérito ; 
compensación, recompensa ; res- 
peto, razón. To take into — , 
tomar en consideración, tener 
en cuenta, cuidar de. In — of, 
en vista de, en consideración 
de, en atención a, mediante. 
For your — , para que Vd. lo 
estudie (or examine) . Out of — 
for, por consideración a, por 
respeto a. Upon more mature 
— , después de reflexionarlo 
bien. On (or upon) no — . bajo 
ningún concepto. 

Considering, prep. & conj., en 
atención a, en consideración a, 
visto que, a causa de, en razón 
a, puesto que. 

Consign, v., consignar, enviar ; 
ceder, transferir, entregar. 

Consignation, n., consignación. 

Consignee, n., consignatario, co- 

Consigner, n., consignador, remi- 

Consignment, «., consignación, 
remesa, envío. On ■ — -, en con- 

Consist, v., consistir. To — of, 
consistir en, componerse {or 
constar) de, estar compuesto de. 

Consistency, n., consistencia, con- 

Consistent, a., consistente, con- 
veniente, conforme ; conse- 
cuente, sólido, compatible. To 
be — with, convenir a, confor- 
marse con, estar acorde {or de 
acuerdo) con. 

Consistently, adv., consecuente- 
mente, conformemente. 

Consol. See Consols. 

Consolation, n., consolación, con- 

Consolatory, a., consolador, con- 

Console, v., consolar, confortar, 

Consolidate, v., consolidar, fijar, 
capitalizar. — d debts, deuda 

Consols,, consolidados, papel 
del estaclo, deuda consolidada. 

Consonance, n., consonancia, con- 

Consonant, a., consonante, con- 
forme ; n., consonante. 

Consort, n., consorte, compañero, 
socio ; esposo, esposa. 

Consort, v., asociarse. 

Conspicuous, a., conspicuo, no- 
table, claro, aparente, eminente. 

Conspicuousness, n., claridad, 
fama, nombre. 

Conspiracy, n., conspiración, tra- 

Conspire, v., conspirar, maquinar, 

Constable, n., agente de policía, 
policía, guardia, comisario. 

Constancy, n., constancia, per- 
severancia, firmeza. 

Constant, a., constante, continuo, 

Constantly, adv., constantemente. 

Consternation, n., consternación. 

Constituent, n., elector, votante ; 
constituyente ; comitente ; a., 





Constitute, v., constituir, señalar, 

Constitution, n., constitución, 
complexión, temperamento. 

Constitutional, a., constitucional. 

Constrain, v., constreñir, obligar, 
restringir, impedir, apretar. 

Constraint, n., constreñimiento, 
apremio, compulsión ; incomo- 

Constrict, v., constreñir, apretar, 
ligar, estrechar, encoger. 

Constriction, n., contracción, en- 

Construct, v., construir, edificar, 

Construction, n., construcción ; 
interpretación, sentido. To put 
a \vrong — on ... , interpretar 

Constructive, a., constructivo. 

Constructor, n., constructor. 

Construe, v., construir ; explicar, 

Consul, «., cónsul. 

Consular, a., consular. — certifi- 
cate, certificado consular. — 
fees, derechos consulares. — 
invoice, factura consular. 

Consulate, Consulship, n., consu- 

Consult, v., consultar; aconsejarse 
con [or de), examinar ; (to 
consider) considerar, proteger. 
To — with, asesorarse con, 
aconsejarse con. 

Consultation, n., consulta, junta, 
deliberación. To have a — 
\vith, aconsejarse con. 

Consume, v., consumir, gastar, 
agotar, absorber. [prador. 

Consumer, n., consumidor, com- 

Consummate, a., consumado. 

Consummation, n., consumación, 

Consumption, n., consumo, con- 

Contact, n., contacto, relación. 
To come into — ^vith, tener 
(or estar en) relaciones con, 
rozarse con. 

Contagious, a., contagioso. 

Contain, v., contener, caber, com- 
prender, incluir, encerrar ; re- 
primir, refrenar. To be — ed in, 
caber. — ing, conteniendo. 

Contango, n., diferencia, reporte, 
report (Fr.). 

Contemplate, í;., contemplar, medi- 
tar ; intentar, formar intención, 

Contemplation, n., contemplación, 
estudio, consideración, pro- 
yecto, expectación. 

Contemporary, a. & n., contempo- 
ráneo, coetáneo. 

Contempt, n., desprecio, menos- 
precio, desdén. — of court, 
contumacia, rebeldía. 

Contemptible, a., despreciable. 

Contemptuous, a., desdeñoso, des- 
preciador, ofensivo. 

Contend, v. (to maintain), afirmar, 
pretender, sostener ; (to strug- 
gle) contender, disputar. To — 
for, concurrir a. To — with, 
luchar con, altercar. — ing 
parties, las partes contenciosas 
{or litigantes). 

Content, a., contento, satisfecho ; 
n., contento, contentamiento, 
satisfacción. To be ■ — with, 
contentarse con. [complacer. 

Content, v., contentar, satisfacer, 

Contented, a., contento, satisfecho. 
To be — with, contentarse con. 

Contention, n., contención, con- 
tienda, altercación, pretensión. 

Contentious, a., contencioso, liti- 

Contentment, n., contento, con- 

Contents, «., contenido, tabla de 
materias. Table of — , tabla de 
materias. — unknown, se 
ignora el contenido. 

Contest, n., contienda, disputa, 

Contest, V., contestar, disputar, 
litigar, contender, competir ; 
negar, oponerse a, poner en 
tela de juicio. 





Contestable, a., contestable, dis- 
putable, dudoso. 

Contestant, n., contestante, dispu- 
tador, litigante. 

Contestation, n., contestación. 

Context, n., contexto, contenido, 

Contiguity, n., contigüidad. 

Contiguous, a., contiguo, junto, 

Continent, n., continente. On the 
- — ■, en el continente. 

Continental, a., continental, del 

Contingency, n., contingencia, 
caso, casualidad, eventualidad. 

Contingent, a., contingente, ca- 
sual, accidental ; n., contin- 
gencia, casualidad ; contin- 
gente, cuota. To be — on, 
depender de. 

Continual, a., continuo, frecuente. 

Continually, adv., continuamente, 
de continuo, sin cesar. 

Continuance, n., continuación, 
duración, permanencia. 

Continuation, n., continuación, 
duración, serie.